Prophecy – 2024 Year of Progressing, Advancing, Promotion Jerry Savelle

2024 Prophecy – Jerry Savelle 

2024 The Year of Progressing, Advancing, Experiencing Promotion, and Seeing Your Highest Expectations Fulfilled. 

Going into 2024 

it is vital, 

it is important, 

it is mandatory that we 

stay in faith, 

stay focused on the promises of God 

and do not allow anything that’s happening around you in the world to distract you. 

If they’ll follow these instructions then their 2024 will be 

a year of progression, 

a year of advancement, 

a year of promotion, 

a year in which their highest expectations will be fulfilled. 

More and more of His maximum in 2024. 

Progressing, Advancing, Experiencing Promotion, Highest Expectations Fulfilled

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