Pastor John and Pastor Sharon Bendixen have been on assignment, serving the Lord together for the past few decades. 

Growing up in a Christian home, Pastor John has loved the Lord his whole life. He has had countless encounters with God from the age of seven, throughout his army days and then his corporate years, and ongoing as he zealously pursues God’s will for his personal life, his marriage, and his ministry. 

His fervor for people compels him to continuously press into God to hear the next steps for this ministry. Beginning his ministry journey two years after being divinely connected with Dr. Jerry Savelle in 1996, God has expanded the scope of the ministry to touch people not only locally, but all throughout South Africa and across the globe.  

HOFMI is a reflection of his life lived with honor and integrity. His passion lies in teaching people the order of God and the power of Ecclesia, equipping them to become true disciples of the Word. Under Pastor John’s teaching, believers deepen their relationship with God, enhance their relationships with those around them, learn to practically apply living in faith in their daily lives, and discover the power of the local church. 



Heritage of Faith Ministries International comes from a spiritual legacy of not only faith, but also prayer giants. From those already passed on, to our living example of Pastor John, this local church believes in the power of prayer – personally and corporately.

In a time of seeking and inquiring of the Lord for the direction that this local church must take in 2008, the Lord spoke directly to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon and said, “Prayer is to be organised and established to increase and intensify in the church!” Since that time, we, as a local church, have been intentional about our personal and corporate prayer lives, knowing that much power is made available when righteous people pray.

Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing.


Psalm 92:13