The Kingdom At Hand Part 3 – Br Bill Horn (WTB)

Scripture reference: Acts 1:6-8 (TPT), John 14:10-13 (TPT) , 

Pastor John Bendixen: You know it’s not often we have Bill and Ginger here, perhaps they will come more often. I don’t want to take any more time the Holy Spirit has done a marvellous work this morning, but won’t you welcome Brother Bill to the platform today, please? Come, Brother Bill, Yes come on.

Brother Bill: Yes, hallelujah, thank you, thank you, glory to God, thank you, glory to God, all glory to God, hallelujah. Well, you can see I don’t have my vest on today, but I do have my best on today, amen, glory to God. Today is a day of celebration. I was so weeping yesterday just, it brought the remembrance of things that years ago when we were believing for the double. We went from 240 to people coming to the Lord and it took years to get there, it took years, years. The increase and acceleration is speeded up for us tremendously and if you just stay in the spirit, time will always accelerate, always, staying in the spirit. As a matter of fact, man is more mindful of time than any other thing and the church has been mindful of time, and we can’t always wait for it to end, or you know put limits on time. Men have always put limits on time, but I’m going to tell you of one time the church is up, is when Jesus comes back, and we have precious time until that time and it’s only a short time. It’s only a short time so get all the time that you can while you’re here for the glory of God. 

I mean just going over there yesterday in the car it was a couple of hours or more, but we prayed we pressed in, and we prayed in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was bringing things up land we were there in no time. And I don’t even know how long we were there, how long we were out ministering the Gospel, two hours. Yeah, at the most, and 500 people were ministered the Gospel to and it’s just amazing and 300 and some people gave their life to the Lord. But everyone’s life was touched not only the ones that were spoken to but the ones that saw and heard, you know. Those people were ministered to too. The seed was going forth, there was a lot of fallen ground, hard ground, rough ground, rocky ground. There were thorns out there, but the seed always has value, always has value wherever it’s put. It’s always going to come up and the seed of God always brings life. 

But it just blessed me so much; I couldn’t stop crying and I remember we led those 552 people to the Lord. 551 People were ministered to yesterday in just a few hours. It took us a whole ten days to get 552 to come to the Lord. And then that was when the spirit of the double, I call it the double anointing that came on us and the ministry it comes on all of us. It’s available for all of us. 

So anyway, I’m going to stay on target here and I’m just going to obey the Lord and He woke me up this morning and He told me some things. I wept all morning long you know. When you’re in the presence of the Lord you should weep cause, you know, that bringing yourself down so that He can come in and up and on top of you, you know. The humility is one of the greatest things that will carry you into the great things of God. Because if you don’t humble yourself, He can’t do what He wants to do inside of you, glory to God. 

Today is a celebration of what happened yesterday. I’ve always said this is what the church is meant to do. It’s meant to go, Jesus said, “Go.” And He said, “When you go, you tell them, you tell them the Kingdom is here, you go out and heal the sick.” And this is exactly what happened yesterday, and you should come in to celebrate what God did all through the week, on Monday. These testimonies are wonderful, and you can see there’s many more here that can tell you the same thing. Their life was changed yesterday. Why was your life changed? Because somebody else’s life was changed, and God used you to change their life. Glory to God, glory to God. 

God’s wonderful works were on display and that’s what happened on the day of Pentecost. You know when they started, everybody thought that they come, and they think about the tongs. But they were speaking in languages that people could understand. That’s what they did because they heard, and what they heard was the wonderful works of God. And people came to the Lord and people got saved, praise the Lord. That’s what it’s all about and as I said this before, the greatest thing you can do for anybody is lead them to Jesus. Tell them about Jesus because He’s their saviour He’s all of our Saviour, He came for everyone, amen. 

The evidence, how many people like evidence, the evidence comes when people take the message to the world. Jesus said, “You would not only do the works that I do, but greater works you shall do.” I thought, “Wow, wow, wow.” I was wondering, that’s wonderful, “Wow.” I mean, you know, we think about the greater works, but how about just doing the works that He did? And so again we’re spirit-winners, not soul-winners, right? God’s a spirit; your spirit gets saved and we walk out our salvation our soul, living our life for Him. This is what, why is because we are not just one, like He was, but we are many that have become one. That’s why the works are great. He was one, but we are many who become one. Why? Because Jesus’s short ministry, He only had a short amount of time. His ministry only lasted for three and a half years. John the Baptist did not have a very long ministry at all but look what’s accomplished in a short amount of time, that they had. Look what was accomplished in a short amount of time, yesterday, glory to God. 

Glory to God, how much time, time is not to be wasted, time is meant for the glory of God for men on the earth. And what you do in this time is the most important time of your eternity. You’re living in eternity now because you’ve been birthed, you were created, you were thought of and made before the foundations of the world. But you were born into this place because you are God’s favourite. He prizes you above all possessions and He put His image in us He put His character in us to take it to the world to save a hurt and dying world. We’re Jesus to the world. So, everyone, that’s the greater works, everyone has become like Jesus, everyone has become like Him, glory to God, glory to God, glory to God. 

Because Jesus’s short ministry was mighty but only three and a half years. Most of us have many more years to reach, many more people, not just how many years and time He has given us. Our time is short, and we are losing time every day, glory to God. 

We are not losing time, we are advancing time, we’re accelerating time, we’re bringing people into the Kingdom every day. That’s what time is for, that’s what time is for. Glory to God. Glory to God, just say it. You know what happened here today, what happened here today. You know what happened here today?

The Holy Spirit came in, and what we thought should happen at the end, what man thought should happen at the end, happened at the beginning. It happened at the beginning. Let God happen. Let’s let Him do; just receive what He wants to do. “Don’t think”, that’s what He told me, He said, “Just don’t think, just act.” The book of Acts, “Just do.” He said, “Be a doer of the Word.” If you think about something you’ll talk yourself out of, well, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. No, that’s man’s plan. 

God said, “No, this is the way it’s going to be. Just jump in.” Hallelujah. Glory to God. For, I like that word, glory to God. Hallelujah. Jesus’ short time of ministry was another great example of what God can do and accomplish in a short amount of time. John the Baptist was another example of so many coming to Christ in a short amount of time, even though he had no miracles in his ministry. 

You think about that, no miracles in a ministry. Now, the greatest miracle of all; in John’s life, it said, “No miracle”, but he did have one. The greatest miracle of all, was the One who was now here. That’s what his message was. He’s here, the kingdom of God is here. He’s available. He’s right here. You know, that was his message. And people heard his message. And then they came. And then they came, because they believed. Amen. 

Are you getting ready to see His wonderful works? The way we manage time is with eternity of others. That’s how we manage time. Glory to God. Everybody turn to Acts chapter 29. Okay, wait, wait, let me, let; everybody stand up just a minute, please.

There is no Acts 29. You’re standing in Acts 29. We’re in Acts 29. We’re the church of Acts 29. In Acts 30, He’ll come back and get us. We have a job. Everything has been written for us, all these people has come before us, but now is to take this time in Acts 29 and be His people to this world. The book in our lives is being written right now for heaven. For heaven, you’re in Acts 29, you’re standing in it, you’re in it; you were created for Acts 29. Now you can be seated, praise the Lord just for a short time, because we have to go.

Glory to God. Acts 1:6-8, Every time they were gathered together, they asked Jesus, “Lord, is it now the time for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?” He answered, “The Father is the one who sets the fixed dates and the times of their fulfillment. You are not permitted to know the timing of all that he has prepared by his own authority. But I promise you—. You see, Jesus was telling them not to be concerned about the time of what’s going on here. You’re thinking about things that doesn’t concern you. But now I’m going to tell you what concerns you, what time was created for. 7 He answered, “The Father … He said, Jesus said, 8… I promise you this—the Holy Spirit … this is a promise. This is what He said. He said, “I’m sending one to you that’s going to be just like Me; to everyone. 

And there is no limit as to whether Jesus was given full measure. So were you, so we’re we, this God, the Holy Spirit. If He’s just like you, then He has everything He does, and He lives on the inside of us. There is no shortage of Jesus, there is no shortage of the Holy Spirit, but there is a shortage of time. Glory to God.

But I promise you this—the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and you will be seized with power. You will be my messengers to Jerusalem, throughout Judea, the distant provinces—even to the remotest places on earth!” (Acts 1:8 TPT) John 14:10, the Passion Translation, ¹ Don’t you believe that the Father is living in me and that I am living in the Father? Even my words are not my own but come from my Father, for he lives in me and performs his miracles of power through me. (John 14:10 TPT) This is where He come, through us. This is where He place all of these, is through us. 

Now I’m going to tell you, what you’ve begun is just the beginning of what He’s getting ready to do in you, in this church, in this country, in this place. And I mean, God has confirmed that in me so much, good Lord Jesus, I like it. But anyway, so believe. Verse 12 says, ¹² I’ll tell you this timeless truth, timeless, it’s eternity. He said, ¹² “I tell you this timeless truth: The person who follows me in faith, believing in me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do- even greater miracles than these because I go to be with my Father! (John 14:12 TPT)

We have heaven and earth, we have everything available to us. Everything is available to us. Glory to God. Everything. I mean, Jesus brought it, but we have it all. We have Him, we have the Holy Ghost, we’ve got heaven. The doors are open, we have the angels coming down. What are we doing? We’re taking it to the world, all of God, everything that He has for the world. All of it. Nothing’s excluded. 

“Why did you choose me?” He said, “Because you, you’ve always wanted everything. You’ve always gave it all.” You know, you just went into it wide open, then sometimes you found out later, “I just want it all, I didn’t want just one pair of shoes, I wanted two pairs of shoes, I wanted all they had.” And God wants the people that want all that they have. “I want it, I want it all.”  Why, because you’ve got to give it all. And they’re going to see Jesus on the earth. Glory to God. Glory to God. Praise the Lord. 

Verse 13, ¹³For I will do whatever you ask me to do when you ask me in my name, it’s not just the Name, it’s everything that’s in the name. Everything that the Kingdom offers is in His name, everything. That’s why we have to get the Kingdom mind inside of us. You know, there is an order. And there is an order in this world, and they’re trying to take this world in a one world order. Well, you’ve been given a one world order, and it said, “Go into the world and give them the Kingdom of God.”

That’s the kingdom we live in. We have an order, and we’ve been given orders from the King. And He said, “Go and tell them about Me. Go and set them free.” Glory to God. There’s something coming on you today, when hands were laid onto you, Pastor Sharon said, there was an impartation that came into you, and it was just the beginning. I remembered when that impartation came into me, oh my gosh, you know what, you know what was told to me at that time? “There are things coming out. There are things coming in, there’s things coming out, there’s things coming in”, there must have been a lot. There’s, there’s things coming out. There are things coming in. 

We had to make the decision to get everything out so we can be filled with Him. Glory to God. That’s your decision. And that’s our decision. And we should help each other make that decision for each other. That’s how we love one another, we help each other. We encourage each other, we go together. 

How about the power that was with you yesterday, whoa, nothing like it. There is nothing like it. There is nothing like it. You want to experience the things of God, you go to the world, and you preach the Kingdom of God, you love these people, and God will come on you. Nobody can take that from you. Nobody, you just rub the old devil in the ground. He doesn’t even come around most of the time. He knows what’s going to happen. He doesn’t like it. When time runs out, that’s bad for him. It’s bad for him. 

We’re in charge of the time and God’s the redeemer of time. But we’re in charge of the time. I was sharing this with Pastor Garth and the Lord gave me a vision when we were going to be in heaven when Acts 29 was going to make it. And you know, we were going to see everybody you know, but we’re in charge on the earth, of the sounds of Heaven. The doors wide open, so they can hear us. They’re out there cheering us on. Every time somebody comes to Christ. Every time somebody comes to Christ, the Hall of Heaven rejoices. All of heaven. So, if all of Heaven rejoices, we may be in charge of all the sounds in heaven concerning salvation. A man. God loves man. Think about it.

And on the day, the day that Jesus comes back, we’re in charge of that too. This is when we are all the bride, the bride anointing. This is when we’ve all come together to do the works every day. And there are so many people getting saved, that heaven is being permeated. It’s so loud. It happened on the day of Pentecost. It’s going to happen on the last day. Let’s say it happened from the sounds of heaven to the earth. Now it’s the sounds of earth to the heaven and when it gets so loud that day. The Father says, “I believe they’re ready Son, yes go get them.” Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Why don’t you get excited? I’m excited, just be happy that I’m excited. Glory to God. Glory to God. Praise you Jesus. 

I know you’re alright. So, I’m not going to ask you if you’re alright. You’re awesome. Praise the Lord. You’re taking this, you’re getting this and you’re going to take it to them. Praise the Lord. This place will never be the same. 14Ask me anything in my name, and I will do it for you!” (John 14:14 TPT) I’ll do it for your Pastor John. I’ll do it. The more we seek the Father, and the more we ask the Father, the more the Father will do for you. Glory to God. Glory. I’ve written that down and I have to say it. ‘What do you want today? What do you want? What do you want? Are you going to ask the Father for today again?’ For something else, are you going to ask him for all? I want all. And then all you have to do is to go into all the world, everywhere. It’s every day. You know what it was the one, you know. I’m just walking in what the Lord said, “Do”. And it was one, and then another one, and another one. And then there was the help others get one. It’s what we’re all supposed to do. 

You know, the platform is a person. And all these people came because of everyone reaching one. And I believe that’s when the Lord gave me, well, I don’t know what it is here. I know in the States, and I’m from America, we have what they call a GED. It’s a General Education Diploma. It’s where people don’t finish school and they get to go back to night school or whatever school they go to, to get their diploma. Is that called the same thing here? Anyway, do you have it? Most people finish school. Praise the Lord. So anyway, that, so that phrase, so anyway, with that when God called me it was a God Encounter Daily, a God encounter daily. So, you put this in your heart, you put it you know, I’m up today, I’m going out today, I’m going to minister Your Gospel today to someone along the way. And then the other thing that covers everybody is, Lord, I’ll go to them, or you send them to me. So that covers everybody. And so, when that happens along the way, you don’t know when it’s going to happen. It’s just going to happen because you’ve asked God, He said, He’ll give you whatever you ask. Right? So, if you ask Him, then you shall have it. 

The first time I asked God about sending somebody to me, I was actually riding my motorcycle. Praise the Lord. That’s a good thing to do. I have to get there. I park my motorcycle, this guy, I couldn’t even get off my bike. I just had asked Him before I got on my bike. But I couldn’t even get off my bike. This guy came walking up to me. Okay, thank You, Lord and I ministered the Gospel to him. Whatever you ask Him, in Him, and you’re in Him, He’s in the Father. The Father’s in Him, as He’s in us, and we’re in Him. He’s in us. We asked Him that He’s going to give you whatever you ask. And all you do you have to follow up. When he does what he says. You speak to these people. Glory. Glory to God. 

Yes, 500,000 people will have come to Christ this year. You’re a part of this. You see this? It may be one, but now you’re a part of something. We’re already half a million people’s come to Christ. Glory to God. But we’re not stopping because we want more. We’re believing God for millions and millions and millions. And He said, even billions if you want it. I’m going to ask you today. Do you want it? I do. We do. I’ve always said, It’s all of us together. It’s Jesus. We’re even in His name, us, Jesus, that’s us. We’re part of Him. And when we get to heaven, when we fulfil the call of Acts 29 in our lives. When we get to heaven, we’re going to see all the great saints and all the family and everyone that’s gone before us. And we’re going to say, wow, wow, there’s the Apostle Paul, there’s Moses, there’s, oh, there’s Mom, Dad. Look. Oh, look, there’s King David. Oh, there’s King Jesus. But they’re going to kind of turn around, they’re going to say, wow, because they couldn’t tell us apart. We didn’t have one name. We had, all of us were one. In Him. The name of Jesus, we carried that they’re the ones. They’re the ones. They’re the ones that raised up for the last day. They’re the ones that went forth, that didn’t have vise against them. They didn’t have turmoil against them that I mean, it came against them, but it could affect them. The love of God was in them so strong, nothing stopped them. Nothing stopped them. They took it all the way to the end. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, you see that? 

When we go across and we get in, we’re going to be the ones, the ones that brought Jesus back. Glory to God. Everyone, everyone reaching one. Glory to God. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about that. Listen, I understand, you know, discovering new journeys, journeys to new discovery. And we’ve been on a journey for quite a while. And it’s been wonderful to be here. And we have discovered a lot of new things along the way every day. I’ve just discovered a lot of new things while we were here.

But I just believe that all the things that we’ve seen over the years, the journey that we’ve had the privilege to see. I go back and look from the beginning, from the 1, and the Lord reminded me this morning, you know, I’ve seen a paralyzed man who was completely paralyzed walk in North Carolina, where we’re from. I’ve seen a blind man see in Kansas. I’ve seen these miracles. I’ve seen bones that were restored, kneecaps are restored and recreated in New Mexico. And this is just a few. You know, these are just, this is why it’s so important to write these things down to bring back to remembrance to these things. You know, when I was just going back through a few things this morning, injuries instantly been healed. 

A young man in Sturgis, his hand, a young man, we walked over, he fell off the top of his tent, he fell down. And I didn’t know he fell down, but I’ve seen his arm and hand all wrapped up. And he was limping. He had it all wrapped up. And I just, I was drawn over to him. And I just walked over to him. And I said, “Hey, I said, how are you doing?” And he grabbed my hand. I didn’t say anything else, “Hey, how you doing?” But I had an expectancy in my heart. I was drawn to him. And he goes, he grabs my hand. And he goes and then he goes down. [Brother Bill open and closes his hand] And he goes down and God had touched him, and I didn’t say anything. “How are you doing?” Well, you know, “What happened?” And then grabbed his hand. And then he did this, [moving his hand and leg] And then he goes, he takes off running. And then comes back. You know what I said, “Glory to God, Glory to God.” Now, I’m not just making this up. This is what we do, this is what He does. This is what we do, this is what He does. 

I don’t want to set these appointed times, I just go and He shows. We present the gospel, we do what He says, He performs the gospel. He’s the greatest performer in heavens in the universe. Glory to God. Takes all the pressure off of you. Glory to God. Glory to God. So, after that his friend was sitting there watching, and then he’s like, wow, wow. And he knew what had happened to him. And so, you know, we left, we just told him it was the Lord. And I said, you know, I asked him if he knew the Lord. And he said, “No.” And I said, “Well, He’s the One that just touched you and healed you.” And he received the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 

After that, we left, and we came back the next day to see how they were doing. The guy, he was off somewhere else, you know, and his neighbour was there. And they had another tent beside ours selling merchandise. And he said, “Here, here, take anything you want. Take anything you want.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Oh, you healed my friend. You heal my friend.” He said, “Take anything you want.” He said, “It’s great. Awesome.” I said, “No.” I said, “I didn’t heal your friend. The Father, Jesus, He healed your friend.” I said, “I was just here, and He was here with me, and He healed your friend.” Praise the Lord. Glory to God. He’s the healer. But He wants to use you, to be the presenter. Glory to God. You just got to keep going, no stop. He just said, “Go.” Praise the Lord. 

From there, I mean, just so many come up, broken ribs. I mean, even my own broken ribs. You know, I cried out to God, He healed them that day. And then y’all heard me say, I did something else I wasn’t supposed to do, and the pain came back and asked Him again and He healed them completely in two days. Praise the Lord. So, I believe, you just got to believe, and trust God, trust God. 

Now I know, I know there’s lots of ways of healings, there’s miracles, and there’s healings, and I appreciate all of them. I really do. I don’t try to figure out how they are, but I always believe for the best, always believe for the most first. First. First. I mean, we had a lady through a corporate anointing. I mean, God touched her, man, I mean the anointing come on her group. And the Lord gave us instructions. I mean, she had a disease inside of her that they didn’t even have a name for. It was so bad. And the spirit of Lord touched her, and changed her and healed her totally and completely, instantly, right there, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. I mean, we’ve seen this happen. So, we’ve experienced these types of things, but I want to see more. I want to see more. 

And as I said, I believe COVID was a direct attack against the Hand of God, and against the man and women of God, because he tried to put us in a state of dormancy. But we’re no longer in a state of dormancy, and COVID is no excuse, because we’re the answer for COVID or any other disease in the earth or on the earth. That’s the truth. That’s what the Word says. Doesn’t it? So, we just got to have that compromise, daring spirit, and I just have it.

I thank God for man’s help in everything. I’m not denying healing in any other way. I’ve already received it in a natural way here. I feel wonderful. I feel great, but I’m still standing for a total, complete in my life. It’s not stopping me from standing. I’ll never turn for the natural means for the supernatural one. Glory to God. Hallelujah. But so many; a man’s deaf ears were opened up in Daytona, my own back, my own ribs were healed. Those lungs I was telling you about. Torn ligaments in a knee, was torn, wrapped up, God instantly healed him. They threw down their crutches, I got their crutches at home, hanging on the wall, it’s going to stay there. They gave it to me. Cancers, tumours, we’ve seen all that. Praise the Lord, you can see the same! All you got to do is go. Keep going, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Don’t let anybody talk you out of it. Don’t ever say you can’t. There’s no can in there. It’s just, you can. Amen.

And then the Lord, and I’m going to hit this really quick because, you know, we don’t have much time because we got to go, out there, to the world. Amen. So, we get a little and we give them a lot. He said, The miracles and healings we’ve seen and experienced in our journey, and we’re looking for many, many, many more. And that’s why we’re here. We’ve seen a church that’s been well prepared. We’ve seen a church that desires the Kingdom, that wants the Kingdom. We’ve seen a church that has it. We don’t see that everywhere we go; we see a church that already wants it all. But you know, so, but you’ve got to know the ones again, we’ve spoken about the ones that came before us, the ones that are here, and we’re here, but where God wants to take us next. 

And I want, people, there will be discouragement because you’re going into the world, there will be persecution, because you’re going into the world. But there’s been persecution in the church that needs to get out of the church. Because if we don’t get it out of the church, we can’t take it to the world. So that’s the number one place, you know, so we haven’t been able to get over our own persecution. So how you going? If you can’t get over your own, you’re not going to take it to the world. I wasn’t planning on saying that, but I did. So, I think somebody needed it. I need it. Don’t you? Just like that taxi driver.

You know, the Word says to pray for those that persecute you, doesn’t it? Huh? Don’t talk about loving the people as much as you love your enemies – love your enemies. Think about that. It’s easy to love someone. Sometimes, for us, it’s not even easy to love somebody we love. Okay, I’ll move on, Lord. Thank you.

The giant of the Church – that’s you. The enemy sees you as a big threat. We’re the giant. The giant. You have to see yourself, but it’s not one giant. It’s all of us that makes the giant collectively. We’re all the giant. But we have giant angels that are with us. There are people that have seen them. I have seen the evidence, but I haven’t had the privilege to see them yet. So, if you see them up here, let me know. I know they’re here. Hallelujah.

It’s the body of believers that awake and is now moving – that is awake. We’re looking for a Great Awakening, I’m not. I’ve been awake. That’s why we have seen in just a few short years, basically, 11 or 12 years, half a million people come to Christ. Somebody’s awake. But the more people we can get awake and get out of, or just using your platforms, and I know you are. I’m preaching to the choir, right? Yes. Go ahead, sing for me. Praise the Lord. [Bill laughs] We have to remind ourselves. We do, we do. That’s what He said; renew our mind, renew our mind. We have to because I’ll be honest with you, can I be honest with you? You know, I’ve seen the Lord do these things, He’s confirmed all these things, that’s why I shared this with you, but if we’re not continuing in these things… we have to get to the place where we don’t care – that we cast our care to the Father – on what maybe somebody may say.

You know, I think, well, why isn’t this person excited? They have Jesus on the inside of them. But a lot of people who aren’t excited is because they have a little bit more of the world on the inside of them. I know we have different personalities, but God’s personality is excited. He wants to come out in different ways. So, we should be happy about these things. Most of the people that’s got too much of the world in here and not too much of Him in here, then they’re not going to receive this message. They just can’t wait until I get done so they can go and do whatever they were doing to feed this part. You know, we’ve just got to get to a place where we eliminate this part. 

I’m just going to be honest with you, I received, and I shouldn’t have, but I’m a man and you know, when God started showing me some of this stuff and I was telling people because I’m excited, I’d like to tell people, He said to go tell them and so I told them. And then it’s like, “Bill’s crazy. He’s nuts.” I said, “Yeah, you’re right, I’m crazy about God and I’m nuts about God and whatever about God. I’m in all of it.” But those words and things, you know, “What’s happened to Bill?” Well, actually, for me it wasn’t Bill anymore, it became God. And I just got excited about it and I started telling everybody.

Did I do everything right? Probably not, because I’m only partially God. Will I do everything right? Probably not, because I’m still partially God. If I keep seeking God, the more I get from God, then the more I’ll be like God. So, I’m trying to empty out everything in here so that it will be just all Him in here. That’s what I want. That’s what He said. “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Well, that’s not what the Bible says. He thinks of us that way. And He said any man that can control this [Bill points to his mouth] is a perfect man. So, that’s only one thing that you’ve got to do. Hmm. Hmm-mm. Hmm-mm-mm-mm. [Bill laughs] So, if I don’t say anything I’m all right. Wrong! Wrong, because He said go tell them. Amen.

So, real shortly, here. We are the giant and I’m just going to tell you this to confirm this because the last time I came here in 2019, you know about this book right? Now, this book the Lord told me to buy and I found out our heritage, through this book, in South Africa and all the people that God had connected with us. I don’t have time to go into that. There is so many things in this book. Now, this is the actual book, right here. I’ve been through it. I mean, it’s falling apart. I’ve been through it and the vision of Tommy Hicks, just real lightly I’m telling you, because the vision he had and what happened, most of the stuff, most of the things happen here, you know, started in Africa. If you’ll read in here, most of the stuff is in here, but this book is called The Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy and the Greatest Revival of All Time.

So, the first thing I said was; if it’s the greatest revival of all time, it must be the last one because God’s always greater. If it gets any greater then that must be the end of it, right? So, it’s actually his vision and I spent five days disecting this by the Holy Spirit, the vision of Tommy Hicks, and just going through there. The Lord was just, the Holy Spirit was just showing me so many things. But what really caught my attention in here was all the things that the Lord spoke to me about this vision – I mean, about what we had walked through, that’s in the vision. We’d already walked through it. So, when you walk through something and it’s in a vision that God gave a man… you know, I don’t follow the vision, I call it; follow His vision through the Word. 

But the Lord told me to get up and read. I read this whole vision this moring. The whole time, the whole time, all I could do was just weep and cry and the Holy Spirit come on me. Ginger, she said, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yes, I am okay. Believe me. Believe me.” And if I had the time, I would go through the whole thing with you, but there are just a couple of things I want to tell you, in here, that’s so important because this vision that God gave Tommy Hicks was the vision of the last days’  movement in the earth and on the earth that comes on everyone. But it’s not everyone, it’s those that gave it all. This anointing, this last-days-anointing, comes on all those that want that. The unfortunate thing is; not everybody wants it and there will be those that back away. 

But the first thing that has… (Bill asks Pastor John: Tanganyika, is that the right word? Thank you.) Tanganyika, this is where it all started in the vision. There was an evangelist that went up there and there was… y’all know the story? Everybody knows the story? If you don’t… anyway, there was a disease that wiped out the place. It says that they went in there and they stretched forth their hand – stretch forth their hand, that’s what the Lord told me, right? “Stretch forth your hand.” And it said, immediately these two heathen people rose up from the dead after being dead three days. They rose up from the dead. Why would anybody need to rise up from the dead? It said they were heathens. They rose up and got saved immediately saying glory to God. Glory to God. They got saved. 

And he said he believed with all his heart, and I’m pressing forward, that this was the beginning of the last days’ movement on the earth. And then he talked about the anointing and the great giant and everything. The giant that was asleep in the earth and he talked about the giant being just asleep. And said, But finally, when the giant got up, they said he raised his hand. He raised up one hand. There was the hand. Man, you’re talking about the hand I just come alive because the hand of God; were seated in heavenly places at the right hand of the Father, and on the earth the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus, He comes in us so He’s the hands on the earth. He’s in us, so we’re the handiwork on the earth, to bring in the harvest. The hands are what brings in the harvest. He needs all hands-on deck. Praise the Lord. 

He said that hallelujah. Let me move fast forward here. We will be to the place where time, all of our time will be consumed in God’s glory and will be in a place where it’ll be reaching in helping someone. I think I said that about when we went to the thing yesterday on the way back. We weren’t doing that, we were rejoicing, but it seemed like it took forever to get back. Because we were in the spirit on the way over it was like, wow, stay in the spirit. Praise the Lord. 

One part here, just a few minutes here. He said, “We did not realize what God was trying to do here.” Oh, yeah. All over, all over the world. Men and women like these native workers who were in Tanganyika, they cannot even read or write, but they had someone else to read their Bible for them, but they knew the Lord Jesus Christ. People did not always understand what you say, but they can feel what you have.” I didn’t know that. When the Lord told me to ask people could they feel it? I don’t know that. Everybody should be able to feel what you have. They should be able to feel the Spirit of God touching them. It’s only the feelings of the world and you don’t want to feel, amen. 

There are so many things, but he talks about this giant, you know, where he was asleep, and all the debris on it and stuff like that. But one thing he said, when he finally got up, he got one hand in the heavens, and then the other hand in the heavens, and then he got his head in the heavens. I said, you always keep your hands in the heavens and your head in the heavens that way you’re thinking like Kingdom on the earth. It is, it is. And then they said there was silver lining up. That’s heaven. That’s it, you should be bringing all of that here on the earth, amen. 

So anyway, there was another thing He said to me this morning, about when it said the giant all of a sudden stood up and all this debris that was on him, the giant. All this debris was started falling off when he got his hands and his head in heaven. And so when he did, they said that all of a sudden, that he started melting, melting into the earth, the giant, that’s us. The melting into the earth, all over the earth. And the Lord told me, I said, “What was that melting?” He said it was humility. Humility. Humility. Melted into the earth, all over the earth, for the earth. That melting part was humility. That’s what the Lord told me this morning. This is where we need to be. This is where we need to stay. And God will use you forever, every day, humbling ourselves before Him. Because when these things start happening to us, we get this bright idea that we’re the ones, but He’s always the One. 

I’m going to move forward real quick. Praise the Lord. Page 125 Bill, just to jump in here in the middle. But said, I’m just going to read. It takes if you read this, and it takes you 20, 20 depends on how fast you read. I like to read and get it. So anyway, takes you 22 minutes to read it, read it, just read it. But I dissected it and came through it. But he said this, he said, this is Tommy Hicks talking. He said, “At the very moment, there came a great thunder that seemed to roar from the heavens, a voice like that of a lion that roared.” I thought, where does lions live? Anyway, “I turned my eyes towards the heavens.” Keep your eyes on the heavens. “And suddenly I saw a figure in white and glistening white, the most glorious thing that I’ve ever seen in all my life. I did not see the face, but somehow, I knew that it was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Somehow, I knew it was Jesus. And He stretched forth His hand.” I said, “Oh, wow.” That’s what he said. That’s what He told me. And as He did, this was anointing that He was putting on us. And it was His hand, the hand of God. I believe with all my heart His mighty hand is upon us. It’s His anointing. It’s the Holy Spirit. He said, “He stretched forth His hand upon the peoples, on the nations of the world, men and women. As He pointed towards them, this liquid light seemed to flow from His hand into that person. And a mighty anointing of God came upon him and her, and those people begin to go forth in the name of the Lord. I do not know how long I watched it, it seemed it went into days, weeks, and months.

And as I beheld this Christ, He continued, He continue to stretch for His hand. But there was a tragedy, there were many people, as He stretched forth His hand, who refused the anointing of God, and the call of God. I saw many women I knew, people who I felt certain would receive the call of God. But as He stretched for His hand, to this one, and that one, they simply would bow their heads and began to back away. And to each of those who seem to bow down and back away, he or she was seen to go into the darkness. The blackness seemed to swallow them up everywhere. I was bewildered as I watched it but these people, He did anoint the ones that grabbed your hand, he anointed them, hundreds of 1000s of people all over the world.” The first place he said was “in Africa. In Russia, in China.” Then he included us. “In America. All over the world, this anointing of God was upon these people, and they went forth in the name of the Lord. And I saw these men and women as they went forth, they were ditch diggers, they were washmen.” Every, everybody, everyone. No matter, everyone, everything you do is used for the glory of God. “They went forth. They were washmen, they were rich men, they were poor men. I saw people who were bound with paralysis, sickness, and blindness. The Lord stretched forth His hand to give them this anointing. They became well, they became healed, and they went forth. And the miracle of this, this is the glorious miracle of this, those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did. And they stretched forth their hand and said, ‘According to My Word, thy be made whole.’” 

I mean, what do we talk about? Give them the Word of God. That’s what we say, give them the Word of God. Give them the love of God. That is the water of the Word that brings supernatural increase into people’s lives. The love of God is the water the Word. He is the performer. What is He to perform? His Word. Through whom? Through you, the presenter of His Word, glory to God. Glory to God. I got more, but I am an obedient man. Glory to God. I can’t stop. I never stop. I’m never going to stop. I might just stop here for a minute, but I’m never going to stop. Praise the Lord. Because He said go. 

His anointing is here, in this place. You have already seen what He can do. You have already experienced it. But I got to have more. That impartation to everyone that come up. And if you didn’t come up, that’s okay. Because He is going to give it to you now just sitting there. Nobody is excluded. Everyone is called, everyone is going to do it. Don’t back away. into the world. There is an eternal darkness and damnation. And we are not going there. Nobody in here is going there, and nobody out there is going there. As long as we are here. We are the one that help them make the choice. You make your choice. Give God everything. There is still more to give. There is still more for me to give. There is, aren’t it John, Pastor John? Every day there is more to give. We continue. Every day. 

So, Father, will you all stretch your hands out to me. Will everyone stretch their hand out to me. Would you do that? Thank you. Thank you. Well, you are stretching your hand out to the Father today. The Father is speaking through a vessel today. That is how He does it on the earth. And so today, Father, I thank You Lord, for Your mighty, mighty powerful anointing. I thank You for Your hand. I thank You Lord, everyone is so precious. Your handywork in so many special… we are all so special Father God because You created us that way. The many parts to become one, one-part functioning, Lord, no viruses, no sickness, no disease, Father God, just a strong, strong body that is always lifting up and helping one another. 

I thank You, Lord, the anointing is upon them for each other, and because it is for each other, it is for the world. And Lord, today, I thank You Lord, there will be creative things inside of them because You are the Creator. And these people are so creative because You have made them that way. Then Lord, and now You are going to be able to put the gifting of the new creation in them like never before. And there is going to be the greatest miracles that has ever going to happen. And when someone comes be born again, they become a brand-new creature. And so, Lord, I thank you that this anointing is so strong, is so impactful Father God, that they will feel it, they will receive it. And it is an anointing, the last days’ anointing that will not stop, it will last always to the end, all the way till we get in. It’s a no-quit anointing. Lord, I thank you that this anointing is here, it rests on all of us here, and Lord we are going to march as the bride, as this anointing in these last days, and we call you, Father, we love you. And we thank you. And we receive this anointing stronger every day of our life. In the name of Jesus. I speak blessing over you, I speak health over you. I speak God’s love over you, and Ginger and I love you so much. Pastor John? 

Pastor John Bendixen: Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Ginger, won’t you come up here please, and join Bill? Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. 

Well, God allowed us to share in the ministry of the Lord Jesus together. He brought us together, and so we walk together. And so, in the timing of God, they made a plan to come and be with us, because of what God put in my heart in terms of the timing of God. And so I say, thank you Bill, thank you Ginger, for responding to God. Really, really. depending on how the Holy Spirit leads us, who knows how many times God will bring them back. Maybe they will come and come, and then just never leave, and just stay. Well, that will be up to God, not up to us, you know. But I want you just to stand if you will, and let’s just stretch out our hands to Bill and Ginger. Because you all won’t see them again until they come again. This is the last service they are having with us. But I want us to just bless them for what they are and what they’ve done for the whole body of Christ. For all of the people that have got saved that are going to heaven because they encountered somebody who would tell them the truth. But for us, where they came and they told us the truth, they gave what God has given to them. They shared it with us willingly, freely. And I say thank You Lord, for sending us a great gift. Sharon, do you want to come up here and join me in prayer, please, Baby? Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 

Father we thank you, so stretch out your hand. We thank You, Father, for bringing them to us. And we bless them. We bless them in all of what their future has for them. We bless them in their lives, we bless them in their health, we bless them in their finances. We bless them in all the things that give them joy in their lives, that they will experience great joy. We ask You to bless them in an abundance and increase of all that You have already put in them, that it would abound to them much more, because it is in their heart to press for it. We know they have given everything, and so now we are asking You to give them everything that they desire. Hallelujah. Glory to God. We ask this as a whole congregation. We stand in agreement that they will have what their heart desires. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. We thank You for it, Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen. Glory to God. We love you. We love you, a lot.

Brother Bill: Love you too. Thank you so much. Love you, Sir. I appreciate you, and we love you all so much. [Blowing a kiss to the congregation] I love you. And I’ll tell you, if there’s somewhere that the Lord told me to live, I hope He would say South Africa, but right now He said, “Go, to all the world, but we love this world.”

Ginger Horn: Aren’t we all blessed with more? More. I wanted to read this scripture to you. Second Corinthians 4 in the Amplified, says, 13 Yet we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, I have believed, and therefore have I spoken. We too believe, and therefore we speak, 14 Assured that He Who raised up the Lord Jesus will raise us up also with Jesus and bring us [along] with you into His presence. 15 For all [these] things are [taking place] for your sake, so that the more grace (divine favor and spiritual blessing) extends to more and more people and multiplies through the many, the more thanksgiving may increase [and redound] to the glory of God (2 Corinthians 4:13-15 AMPC).

Isn’t that amazing? God is so good, more and more people, and we’re giving more and more thanksgiving to God and how much more is He being glorified, in and through us all. Thank God for more, more, we all want more and we’re so thankful for you guys for allowing us to experience more. Thank you, praise God.

Pastor John Bendixen: Thank you. Thank you. Amen. Hallelujah. 

Well, this has been a marker moment for all of us. And I want to just take this moment, you know, he may or may not watch or hear this part of the service, but it doesn’t matter to me whether he does, or he doesn’t. I want to thank Brother Jerry Savelle, first of all, for recognizing who Bill and Ginger are, calling them into the ministry with him. I thank God that we are connected, supernaturally and divinely God connected us and that through the divine connection, He provides all things that we need. 

He would tell you this, before I tell you this, his divine connection is Jesus but then He uses people to get the job done on the earth. Hallelujah, and God has called us to people, and He’s called us with people and so we thank God for that. It’s been arranged that in just a couple of weeks, I am going to go to the USA to be with Brother Jerry and I’ll get to see Bill and Ginger again. And so, it’s an amazing thing. I’m going to Brother Jerry’s ministers conference but praise the Lord. Praise the Lord for that. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. It was unexpected but now it is. Praise Jesus. But I’m grateful and thankful that in being obedient, to be connected to the people that God calls you to, that you have everything that you’ll ever need. 

You don’t have to go and look for other connections, you just know that there’s a divine connection and when it’s divine, then you stay connected to the divine. And it’s like Brother Jerry has been divinely connected to Brother Copeland for 53 years or 54 years. Because there was a divine connection, it didn’t have to be another connection, and that’s the same that we have. It’s a divine connection and so there doesn’t have to be another one. I mean, that’s the divine connection that God made. Hallelujah. And through that we have everything that we need. Praise the Lord. Glory to God. 

I want to say thank you to all of you for being responsive and I know during the week some of us went to Mary Pebbles. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only this time last week that we were kind of heading out there, you know, but praise the Lord it’s been an amazing time. We shared a lot of things around the fire, you know, just sitting in a casual camping place. And then we’ve had amazing times of sharing the Word here where Brother Bill has shared very practically how to lead people to the Lord, give healing and restoration and impartation to us and us to them and well praise the Lord. We just had a marvellous time. We’ve had a marvellous time.

I just want to close the service by praying for you please, would you just, you know the deal, actually, let’s just put our hand on our heart. And let’s just all say this; say, Jesus, thank You that You live in me. I am Your child and I love You. I give my life to You, and I will follow You. I thank You, Lord, that I’m Yours. And You are mine. In Jesus name. Hallelujah. Glory to God. 

I pray, I pray that, and I’m in agreement with Brother Bill, that has already prayed this over you, but I declare that the peace of God is upon you. There is nothing missing, nothing broken in your lives. The Word of God and the blood of Jesus surrounds you and protects you and He carries you and blesses you as you go wherever you go. Hallelujah. And no weapon formed against you will prosper. You’ll go out of your house, and you’ll be blessed and whatever you touch your hand with, will prosper. Wherever your feet go, there the blessing of God goes, and you’ll come back into your house and there’ll be nothing missing and there’ll be nothing broken, and wherever your hand touches will prosper. Wherever your feet are, that’s where the blessing of God is. Hallelujah.

And I pray that you will experience the peace of God and the rest of God that will come upon you this whole week in Jesus name. And now we go into all the world and take the same Good News and tell everybody else about it. Hallelujah. Every day someone comes to me, and I go to someone. Hallelujah. In Jesus name. Amen. 

Thank you for coming. God bless you.