The Kingdom At Hand Part 2 – Br Bill Horn (WTB)

Scripture reference:  Matthew 10:7-8 (TPT);  Luke 9:2,8 (TPT); Luke 10:9 (TPT); Matthew 4:23 (TPT); Matthew 6:9-12 (TPT); Isaiah 55:11; John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10; Acts 2:21; John 5:24; Luke 10:27.

Pastor John 

Praise the Lord. Friday night.  You know, I was riding over here,  first of all I was sitting in my lounge, just waiting for Pastor Sharon to come down so that we could head out and then coming over here, seeing the beautiful sun setting.  I was thinking, if you didn’t have Jesus, what would you be doing with your Friday night? 

So, you know, the one thing is for sure, is that you would be doing something that would make you feel happy. If you could not feel happy, you would probably end up taking some substance that would make you try and feel happy. Or you would plan to eat substances that would try and make you feel happy. And then you would probably end up watching something disgusting like, you know, I don’t know, like (congregation member says rugby), like rugby. (Laughter. Pastor John pointing to someone).  That was him, that wasn’t me. He just insulted half the people; you know what I mean – it’s like … (laughter). I said, half the people (laughter).  

All the men stand up, the other half can stay seated, no, no, no, no (laughter). But praise the Lord that we have an eternal presence with us all the time. That our happiness is not something that we get from some external source that makes us feel good on a time that we feel like we’re entitled, or we reward ourselves for a week. Or the world anyway thinks they can reward themselves for a week of work and so they go party on a Friday night. 

We have an eternal source, and we enjoy to be in His presence all the time, and He in turn brings us together to enjoy each other and to enjoy the Word together. Amen, glory to God. 

Well, I don’t have to introduce Brother Bill Horn to you anymore, you already know him well by now. He is on fire; you better be ready to catch flames tonight. (Ps John makes a sound – replicating flames). That is why I started (Pastor John makes a wrap-kind-of sound). Flame thrower. Are you ready? (Congregation says yes). Come on Brother Bill.

Brother Bill 

Glory to God. Glory to God. I said, glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We’re going to have a party, Friday night. Hallelujah! Here’s party, amen. The greatest party is when people come into the kingdom. All heaven rejoices. All heaven rejoices. Let’s just holler just one time, hallelujah! (Congregation repeats) Glory! (Congregation repeats).  That’s what they’re doing, that’s what they’re doing when somebody comes into the kingdom. Hallelujah! (Congregation repeats) Glory! (Congregation repeats).  Go, go, go, go! Hallelujah. Well, I hear we are loud here tonight, but we need to be loud every day! Amen. Wherever you go, you take the life of Christ with you. 

You know, revival I believe is not for the church, it’s for the church to take to the lost. They’re the ones that needs reviving. We’re the ones that is already alive, praise the Lord Jesus. Amen, glory! Think about it. Everybody is looking for a great revival to come, it’s already here! Glory to God. It is on the inside of us. So, anyway, we’re going to get going here, and I am excited. Praise the Lord. You need to be excited. Hallelujah. Are you excited? (Congregation says yes!) Ok, let me see it from your faces that you’re excited. Praise the Lord.  Hallelujah. 

You know, the thing about God, there is always more, you can never get enough. Hallelujah. I am going to share the Word, and then I am going to go on and continue with what I said I would do last night, emphase simple things that cause us to be a witness in everyday life; natural things, simple things, turned into wise things, turns into great things and it turns into God things and that’s called supernatural things. So, just right things, or righteous things. Amen. 

So, God is pouring out of His hand in these days a double portion, the double anointing. Why do you need one? For yourself, you have heard me say this before and the other is for everybody else. It’s for you, the body of Christ, so that we can go reach everybody for Him. The last days’ anointing is an unending anointing. It’s an anointing that will not stop. And the anointing is the presence of God in your life, on your life, all the time for everything. Everything people, Amen. Glory to God. Glory to God, Hallelujah.

The Hand of God is the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the earth. His hand is upon us for one reason: the harvest of people for the kingdom. The number one opportunity Jesus gave us; He gave us an opportunity. The number one opportunity He gave us as His followers, was to tell people that the kingdom has arrived. Matthew 10:7,8 the Passion Translation says 7And as you go, preach the message. Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch. 8You must continually, that’s everyday, you must continually bring healing to the lepers and to those who are sick and make it your habit to break all the demonic presence from people and raise the dead back to life. That’s revival, reviving the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the kingdom, so freely release it to others (Matthew 10:7-8 TPT). Glory to God. 

Luke 9:2 the Passion Translation said, 2Then He commissioned them to proclaim God’s kingdom and to heal the sick to demonstrate that the kingdom had arrived. As He sent them out, He gave them these instructions (Luke 9:2 TPT). And these are in my words that I believe are Holy Ghost words, according to the scripture in verse three. He said, take nothing extra with you, just go as you are. Because we don’t need any other devices, He gave us the greatest One. The greatest device is Him, the Holy Spirit in us and on us. We don’t take anything else, that is our way. When we take Him, it’s His way. Glory to God.

I just want you to trust Me in this, is what He is saying. People will receive you and they will reject you. They will, they did Jesus, they will you.  It didn’t bother Jesus. He was on a mission to save the world. Glory to God. But I will always be with you, that’s what He said, I’ll always be with you whether they receive you or reject you. I will be with you all the way through. 8And the apostles departed and went into the villages with the wonderful news of God’s kingdom, and they healed diseases wherever they went (Luke 9:8 TPT). Luke 10:9 says, 9Heal the sick, and tell them all God’s kingdom has arrived. How much? All God’s kingdom has arrived (Luke 10:9 TPT).

I want to tell you today, set your faith at the highest level and expect the most every time you go. That’s Him, He wants the best and He has the best, and it’s the most. It’s the uttermost, the Heavenly Host.  Matthew 4:23, 23Jesus ministered from place to place Oh, what shall we do?  Go place to place. throughout all the province of Galilee. He taught in the synagogues, preaching the wonderful news of the kingdom and healing every kind of sickness and disease among the people (Matthew 4:23 TPT).  In Acts on the day of Pentecost the church begins in full power. Jesus sent us the full measure and the number one message. The goodness of God’s kingdom has arrived, and we will demonstrate, and it will be demonstrated with evidence and power, evidence and power. We’re not passive, we’re passionate, we’re passionate.   

The disciples were transformed with power from the Holy Spirit. Jesus became a part of them. It was the kingdom and the message confirmed by the Name that saved, healed, delivered, and set free when the Holy Spirit came upon them. Glory to God. 

How would you explain the kingdom of heaven? It’s a total, it’s a complete work, it’s salvation, it’s for everyone; no-one is excluded. The kingdom is not about works, it’s about acceptance. Its work is completed and has everything we need or want, is available to us. It’s eternal salvation, it’s forever, it’s healing, it’s help, it’s soundness of mind, it’s wholeness of body. There is no sickness in the kingdom. Everyone is delivered, everyone has a sound mind, and everyone has a loving heart. 

In God’s kingdom, His will is done. Hallelujah!  In God’s kingdom, His will is done. Because of His name, but it’s not just His name, it is everything that is in His name:  the power that comes from His name. The heaven’s realm is released on the earth. He gives us the sustaining bread of life each and every day. 

Everything in earth’s kingdom is temporary, it comes to an end. It will not last. Everything in the world’s kingdom is opposite, it’s completely opposite of the kingdom of heaven. God’s kingdom will last forever, it’s everlasting. 

Matthew 6:9 says, Our Beloved Father, this is the Father’s prayer that He said for us to pray. Listen to this and I know there’s a song been written about that here. But it is so powerful. He said, pray this way. 9Our Beloved Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms, may the glory of your name be the center on which our lives turn. Glory to God. 10Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause Your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is in heaven. 11We acknowledge You as our Provider of all we need each day. 

This goes every day. If you are here today, then you are here for a purpose today. When I wake up every day, I say, Lord, I am here today, we must have a purpose today. And that day is for me to go and for You to just use me today wherever You want me to, along the way. And then we just add to that, that’s a number one prayer. This is God’s prayer for us. Lord, use me, give us that daily bread, your Word of Life to give to people every day. Every single day, every day, I gotta have it, I got to have more, I got to have more. How?  If you want more of Him, then you take Him to all the world every day, every day. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Glory to God. Oh, Jesus. 

12Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves release forgiveness to those who have wronged us. And that’s what we’re to do, we’re to go and release forgiveness to them that they’ve already been forgiven. Hallelujah. That’s what we’re to do every day of our life. 13Rescue us every time we face tribulation and set us free from evil. For You are the King who rules with power and glory forever (Matthew 6:9-12 TPT).  So, we will let Your will be done. So let it be done. Glory to God.

All right. There’s my message. The Word’s come forth. Praise the Lord. You want to go home, you want to go more? Let’s go more. I mean, I’m staying here. So hallelujah, glory to God. So today, you know, was a great day. And we had time with the MiXchangers. And I don’t know if they had a good time. I had a good time. It was wonderful. I appreciate you watching me have a good time. So praise the Lord. Anytime you get to share the Gospel and the love of God, you have a good time. So if you’re not having a good time, just watch me. I’m having a great time. Praise the Lord. 

So anyway, we want to talk about simple things, natural things, just practical things that we’ll call supernatural things. Remember, you know, prepare yourself, you know, you’re already doing that, you’re prepared. But you know, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, being baptised with the Holy Spirit. It isn’t a one-time thing. It is an everyday thing. It’s an everyday thing. It’s everything, every day, all day long, everything. 

You know what, I’m baptised in the Holy Spirit. Well, the baptism of the Holy Spirit came on us for one purpose. To go into the world and reach the lost, to get people saved, to get people healed. It says that in His Word, He’s the one that came to empower us with power. You know, I’ve been talking about this, and the Lord, He’s put this in my heart. It’s been over the last several months. The kingdom is the message. He said, preach and He said, go and heal them and trust Him. And don’t take anything else with. Don’t do it your way. Do it My way. Trust Me, trust Me, trust Me. 

So, I know you’re trusting Him. And I asked Him one time I said, I asked the Lord, I said, “Will You trust me?” He said, “Sure, will you trust Me?”  Yeah, praise the Lord. Hallelujah. So the more we trust Him, the more He will entrust us with His Word, His power, His goodness, His mercy, His grace. Because He depends on us to take this message to the world, to a hurt and lost world. 

So, as you’ve heard us say, when the Lord gave us the Hand of God, it changed who we were, it changed everything. We didn’t know till later that, you know, when we started doubling, and that that was this anointing, and He’s confirmed that. I’m not going in all that, I’ve already went into it, and He’s got another plan for tonight. And so we’re going to talk about these practical things. 

And so one example that He gave me was, that along each day as you go and I’ve never liked the drive-through mentality in America. You know, everything’s quick, let’s get it done. You know, just to get a drive-through, let’s get something, let’s go. And I never liked the drive-through mentality. And as I just kept doing this and I thought about, you know, sometimes you know, you might just meet one person for one moment for the rest of your life. You may never see him again. I call that the drive-through mentality.

Now we talked about the drive-through mentality more today with you. You know, the short times and you know, the things that you do and so there’s a drive-through mentality and then there’s another time, I call it the, you have a five-course meal. You know, and those are people that you may see every day of your life. But the Lord told me He said, “Yeah the five-course meal is good”. He said, “Don’t say you don’t like that anymore”. He said, “The drive-through mentality is good.” He said, “Even if you get a little snack, it is good.” He said, “The thing how it is, you’re going there to get something to eat”. That’s the whole purpose for going to these places whether it is fine dining, or it’s just short through, your purpose is to go.

And Jesus said, He said in John, He said, “I get my nourishment by doing the will of God.” By doing the will of God, and this is where we get our nourishment – by doing the will of God. He said, “I’ve got a food that you can’t replace.” This is where I get my nourishment. Amen. Glory to God. 

So, just simple and practical things. You know, the Lord said, the first thing He said, “The Hand of God”. The next thing He said, He said, “When you stretch forth your hand, and they give you their hand.” He said, “I’ll put My hand upon them.” That’s all He said. And so we just did that. And at that time, He put His hand upon 1300, 31 people came to the Lord.

The next outreach we went to, 3300 people came to the Lord. That same year 5000 people came to the Lord, next year 10,000 You heard me say this? I’m gonna keep saying it, because it keeps reminding me what He’s done. Yes. And just increase, increase, increase something’s happening. Yeah. 

You know, if you want to judge something, He said, “Judge them by the fruit.” You know, the heaven’s fruit is people. Heaven’s currency is people. You know, if people are coming into the kingdom something is happening good. That pleases God. And if you’ll go after people, God will super abundantly supply everything that you can imagine, if you go after people. I don’t have to say this here. But I think we’re live, so I’m going to say it out there. The church who doesn’t seek the lost, has lost its purpose, it’s lost its purpose.

And so we are the church, we are His people and we’re going after the lost at any cost,  every day. He already paid the price. He paid the cost, amen. Glory to God. Thank You, Jesus. Are you all right? Are you excited?. Okay. All right. Hallelujah. So when He said that to me, then He started giving us other things to do. That was just how it started. 

But it’s basically being friendly. So I’m just gonna go over a few friendly things. You know, how you look is one thing. You know, how you present yourself. You know, I think if God looks good, and we know He looks good, then I think we need to look good for Him. It’s not any old way. That’s the way the world looks, any old way. Anything matters, right? So I think we need to look good for Him, because we’re representing Him. He lives on the inside of us, you know, so we don’t transform to the ways of the world to reach the world. You can’t reach the world if you transform to the way of the world. You’ll just join in with them. That’s what you will do. 

So you know, you make a difference by that One that’s the different One that’s inside of you. So one of the first things that we’ve said is: smile, be happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Amen. Always, always, there is the key. You’re not going to give a good God if you’re not being good, if you’re not happy. Amen. So smile. Let that be your initial conversation with someone, “Hey, how are you doing today?” You know. “What’s your name? Where are you from?” Those simple words, you know, and then, you know, these are basic, basic things to just reach out to someone for, I call it a drive-through. 

But you know, the Word of God says that His Word is powerful, it’s sharp, it’s quick, quicker, than any two edged sword. It’s quicker, right? So quick. So that might be a drive-through. But they might just need one Word to change their life. I’ve shared some of those stories, just one Word. So many times, one Word has changed somebody’s life. Hallelujah.

So the next thing the Lord spoke to us, He gave me Isaiah 55:11, So shall My Word be that goes forth out of our mouth,  that it will not return to Me void, it will accomplish in the things that I sent it. And then the next thing the Lord gave me was, and I’m moving right along, because I got a lot to do tonight. And so the next thing He gave me was the Love of God, the Word of God, and the Love of God. 

So the Word of God has to be spoken. It has to be spoken. You know, I love what, I guess Brother Hagin, that’s the one I heard saying it, he said, “Christianity is the great confession”. You have to speak the Word of God for it to come to pass.  But the Love of God and this is what I believe is supernatural acceleration in these last days. Is the Love of God, connecting with the Word of God. Because I believe what the Lord has shown us when we got this Love between each other, we do and we take this to the world, we take His Word to the world, and this Love is there. 

Then the Love is the water of the Word. It’s the water of the Word. When that comes in, then that Word, a seed. The sower sows the Word, right. The Sower sows the Word that’s what we sow, and then that seed has to have water. I believe the Love is the water that can bring an instant harvest. I believe that because it said, the time will be sped up and these last days for our sake and for their sake. So there has to be a quick harvest. There has to be a quick harvest. 

But besides that, there’s people that’s laboured before us that we’re going to bring in harvest that we didn’t work for, we’re just going to be able to bring it in. So we have to know how to bring it in. So you have to know what to say, and how to say things, you know. So I’ve always said the two biggest things, because I heard different people say all the time, I heard people say, well, we do it this way, or this way, this is the best way. And I just look, I said, look we would never have a problem. You and me will never have a problem as long as you share the Love of God, with the Word of God. When you share those two things with people, because that’s two of His greatest aspects of Who He is. I can’t say that enough. The Word of God and the Love of God is what’s going to compel people to come to Him. That’s the power source, amen. He’s equipped us with every, every everything. Glory to God. 

So anyway, you know, we talked about our approach today. And we went over several different things today. You know, when we use this little card, and I’m gonna, we’re gonna take this to another level tonight, these little cards. You know, I told you that, you know, Norvell Hayes, one of his statistics was that 95% of Christians have never shared the Gospel with the lost. We’re not a part of those 95%. Well, he also said that 80% of those that did get saved through those, 5% got saved by a piece of literature or a tract. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that. But I’m not seeing a thing about a tract in the Bible. I’ve seen it by His people being filled with His Word, being filled with His Holy Spirit, going forth and proclaiming the kingdom is here, going forth, and laying hands on the sick, getting people healed and getting people filled, glory to God, glory to God, glory to God. 

So anyway, but these practical things, if you’ll just start, they will, they will become supernatural things. You know, so one thing that I’ll do, if I’m ministering to someone, we shared today, you know, I’ll locate them, you know, by something they may have on or whatever, or just, you know, we make eye contact, you know.  

If somebody’s really in a big hurry walking by, and they don’t look at you, and you can just tell they’re on a mission, you probably are not going to, you might want to catch him on the way back. You know what I’m saying, you know, you don’t force yourself, it’s not a forceful thing. You know, it’s the force in you that causes you to be sensitive. So, He’s sensitive to people’s needs, and that’s why we have to be sensitive, it’s not such a performance thing where we have to do this, we just get to do it by the power of this on the inside of us.

And if you hear me talking like this, you know, it’s just because I’m excited about it, I love it because this is what gives me life, to share this, and what He’s been able to do through our lives, to be able to share it with you now, it’s just powerful because we’ve experienced this, this isn’t anything that we haven’t seen or felt, you know, or just heard, we’ve experienced His love, we’ve experienced His goodness, we’ve seen these things, Glory to God. 

So anyway, making eye contact with people, we talked about that today, making eye contact. Your eyes speak, everything you do speaks to people. I mean, you can frown, and people tell that, you know, I don’t want to talk to them, they can see your whole mental attitude when you walk into a place, how you’re portraying yourself. Mostly, oh, man, what’s wrong with them? You don’t have to say anything, they just pick it up. So, it’s not like in the kingdom, shouldn’t be like that in here, shouldn’t be like that with us, anywhere we go, every day, practical things. 

If God is in your life, then He should be coming out of your life, in every area of your life, every aspect of your life, everything you do is a witness for Him, everything. It’s not just what you say, is what you portray. 

So, a lot of times when I’m witnessing practical things, you know, for different reasons, and I’m just being practical here, you know, some people don’t have a pleasant breath. Okay, this is practical. So, you know, it’s good thing that we make sure we take care of our hygiene. It may not be, it may be something in their chemistry, you know, so, you know, when I go out, I make sure I have something pleasant, you know, in my mouth, because I don’t want somebody to go out under the power of Bill. You know, what I’m saying? 

You got to be a witness in everything, everything needs to be pleasant. You know, and, you know, we’re okay. There was a guy that, we used to see this all the time in church, and every time that we came in, you know, it was just something in his chemistry of his body. And but, I mean, you couldn’t get really near him, you know, and it wasn’t pleasant. And so, most of the time, you know, because we want to, I mean, I didn’t, you know, I didn’t want to tell him. So, I just went to sit the other side. But I’m just saying this because it’s so important that we conduct ourselves before the world, that it will be pleasant to people. 

This is simple, it’s simple. It’s just simple stuff. You know, so we go tomorrow, wherever we go, you know, you know, I make sure I have a mint or something, you know, after I minister whatever, because I’m talking, you know, it’s coming out, you know, out you know, like I said, you don’t want to go out under the .. me, you want to Him, you want to be ministering, you don’t what it to be like oh, man, that’s good Word, whoo. (Bill mimics drawing back from a bad odour). It’s just simple stuff, it really is. But it’s powerful. Because you know, how you look and how you portray means everything. 

Again, looking into someone’s eyes, you know, you could read who they are, what they are, by looking in their eyes. You know when you’re praying for somebody out in, during the day, and I said this today, you know, there’s nothing wrong with bowing your head and closing your eyes, nothing wrong with that. But you don’t want to really do that in the world. Now, I do it out of reverence and honour here, wherever, out of respect, but in the world, when you go, you don’t want to do that. You want to look him in the eye, look him in the eye. 

You know, the mouth speaks, the body speaks, you speak, your eyes speak. You know, you can see, you know, if somebody’s nervous, you can see if somebody’s confident, you see if they know what they’re talking about, if they don’t know what they are talking about.  You can tell if they’re telling you the truth, you can tell if they’re lying. We’re presenters of truth. We have the truth in us, and they should see that truth on the inside of us. Amen. Let me go back over here. Praise the Lord. I’ll remember trying to stay, trying to stay (referring to the pulpit). Praise the Lord. 

So anyway, so those are different things. So, we would, this is a drafter, we’d go “Hey, how are you doing?” You know, there are certain words, words are life and words are death. So, we give words of life to people. So it’s God’s Word and it’s good words. And you know, I want to say this, I feel this by the Holy Spirit. Everybody knows what irony is, right? It’s kidding but cutting in a good way, you know, it’s like, and I mean, you know, people do it all the time, they grow up that way, that’s the way they feel good and secure, they’re kidding. They say they’re kidding but they’re really cutting; they are hurting. Words hurt. You can’t kid and hurt somebody at the same time. You can’t, you can’t degrade them and say, I’m just kidding. 

Now a spiritual world, we talked about today, you know, we’re not soul winners, we’re spirit winners. The spirit takes every word you say and uses it everywhere. They don’t kid, they don’t know what kidding is. So, when we speak words, they need to be true, they need to be love, and they need to be life. 

And I mean, I’ve had people tell me this stuff and speak something into me like that, and, you know, I know because it’s like those words – why did they say that to me? Why did they do that? You know, it tries to bring hurt on you, it tries to make you feel insecure, there’s no insecurity in heaven. We shouldn’t make others feel, there’s no condemnation in us and so we shouldn’t give condemnation to others. I don’t know, I thought I’ll just throw that in. Praise the Lord, it’s good, and we need to know it. 

I mean, you know, we’re all growing. And some people do it out of kidding, but it’s no kidding. There’s no kidding like this. It is rightful kidding, righteous kidding. You know, loving, all the way, never degrading. The enemy will use that to stop the anointing on your life or someone else’s life. The anointing is meant to go and is meant to flow. 

You know, I believe it said the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts. I believe that’s the Holy Spirit, the Love of God and the Word of God. If it is shed abroad in our heart, the depths, the length, the breadth, the width, all of it, then that’s Him. There’s no room for nothing else, and that’s when He comes out and comes out, comes up and comes out. 

Now you’re baptized with the Holy Spirit, right? Everybody in here? If you’re not let’s just take care of it right now. Anybody? Alright, Praise the Lord. Anybody need Jesus tonight? Praise the Lord. We all need Jesus every night. But it’s a continuous thing, praying in the Holy Spirit, praying in the Holy Ghost, building up your most holy faith, amen. So, this is, you got to prepare yourself to go. When we go tomorrow, you’re being prepared here, we’re going. But be ready, be prayed up, be ready. Take what? Your most holy faith with you. 

So, we asked this person say, “Hey, what’s your name? Where are you from?” Anybody want to be an example for me tonight? Just give me somebody. How about you? Okay, thank you. Hallelujah. “Hey, man, how you doing today? Awesome. What’s your name? “Kaenan.” “Awesome. My name is Bill. So where are you from? You’re from here? Right here in Witbank? Yeah, well I’m from the US, man, I came over here just to enjoy myself and I’m really enjoying myself. So, what do you do man?” “Exchanging.” “You’re exchanging your life. What’s that about?” “So, I’m giving what I had planned for the plans of God.” “Oh, really? That’s so wonderful man. So what? Tell me a little bit about that, what you, so you know God then yes? You know God. So how do you know God?” “He lives in me. I spend time in His Word. He guides me, He leads me.” “Yeah. Can I ask you a quick question? You said He, who is He?” “Jesus.” “Jesus! Praise the Lord.” 

Praise the Lord – you see that’s the answer you’re always looking for – the location. There’s only one true God, there’s only one living God, but there’s many gods in the world, you know, self-made gods. There’s Buddha, I don’t know all, I only want to know one. So, it’s better to locate people. That’s one thing about what we do. No matter where we are in our conversation, you know, and I say, if it’s a call in, for lack of other terms, if it’s a quick, if it’s a drive-through or something like that, then you know, I kind of find out, locate where they are, you know, so, “So you have Jesus in your heart?”  “Yes.” “That’s so awesome, man.” 

Well, you know, to me, and this is something that I always say, you know, because there’s religion, and there’s a relationship. Religion is from man, relationship is from God. Amen. So, it’s about a relationship, it’s not about religion, that’s so powerful. I mean, especially where we live, everywhere there’s so much religion. So those words are powerful. They are. And I let people know that, because when I tell him, I’m a minister of the Gospel first response (Bill steps back) like that. Really, really. 

So, we’re relating here, but I’m also demonstrating here and explaining why we’re doing it. So, you have a relationship with Jesus. Okay? Well, if we can measure that relationship, and we can, so and we’re using the Hands of God, this is just practical things. You don’t have to do this, but I’ll just tell you the little thing that Lord gave me. 

“So, if you can measure that relationship with Him, say, because we just met, you know, if we got to spend time with one another, we would, we would be up here, about a five or so. But if you can measure it on a scale from one to five as five’s high, one’s low, three’s in the middle of the road, where would you be today?” “Four going on five.” “Oh, praise the Lord.” 

Well, four, he just, you know what that means? That means that you want more, and that’s the thing the Lord gave me. Five – you can be a little bit more alive. Four – you can use a little more. Three – oh me. Two – what are you going to do? One – hmm? 

Okay. No matter what it is, you can always have more. So, no matter if you’re five, you know, the apostle Paul said, he said, I pray more, I know more, but here’s the one thing I want, is more, more, more, more. 

“So, I want to pray for you for that more increase today, in your life.” That’s a key word, more, and the more and increase, that increase.  In the world, when you go out in the world, rededicate is really not a word that you would use in the world, it’s in the church. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s more of our lingo in the church, nothing wrong with it. But it is, it doesn’t work well in the world. How you know, Bill? Because I did it three times in a row.

And the guy, I said, we got right there, we got right there just sharing about the Lord, right there, and I said, “Would you like to rededicate your life?” This was years ago. He said, “No” and left. And I thought it was going pretty good. The next one came up, same thing. You’d think I’d have learned? (Pastor John to Brother Bill: You did eventually.) Praise the Lord. So, the next one, you know, “Would you like to rededicate?” “No”. Huh, I don’t know, I did it again. Three times John. Three times Pastor John. Then, the next one I saw, I finally said, “Lord, what did I do wrong?” He said, “It’s your words, Bill”. He said, “You know, actually, when somebody’s coming back to the Lord, or, you know, wanting, they’re there.” He is always there. He never left them, but they want more of that relationship, then they’re wanting that increase in their life – that increase in that relationship, because it’s about relationship. So that’s what I did, was start speaking relationship. 

And then another thing that I said today, but I didn’t go over today was, I call it the PPD: plan, purpose and destiny. And what that basically is, is the first level of prophecy. Because He said that we all prophesy and speak into other people’s life. So, you start here, and then you go there, Amen. So that prophecy then, is plan, purpose and destiny. You speak that. God’s plan, God’s purpose and God’s destiny. If you just start doing that, then what the Holy Spirit usually does with me, when I start speaking that, then He gives me more for them, because I ask Him. I ask Him. I’m going to jump ahead, and then I’m coming back. 

I want you to study, study, if you want to see things manifest, because the Lord spoke that the other day. Be manifest-minded. Be manifest-minded. What manifest? The Word of God manifests Himself. The Holy Spirit manifests Himself. So, if you want to see more manifestations, and you’ll be manifest-minded, you know and it’ll be as His will.  But what is your will I’m asking you. Is your will to see more God move on people’s life, for His glory than it is? 

Then you study 1 Corinthians, chapter… you study the power gifts, you covet the power gifts, and you stay with the power gifts. You know, I’ve seen when I thought about this the other day, when I study them, and I talk them, and I pray for them. You know, because I was reading it the other day and it said to another this one’s given, to another this is given. I said, “Lord, let me be the other, let me be the another, let me be that, let it be as You will.” But when you speak them out, when you speak them out, and you start desiring those gifts, God is going to give you those desires. So, I’ve noticed when I stopped doing it at times, because of other things, that I didn’t see those manifestations as much. 

So, does that make sense? Simple, practical, the Word of God will give you everything you need. But this is what He says desire more than anything. If our ministry is a ministry of power, and demonstration, then we have to use every gift that He’s given us, and desire it more, and more, and more. And the key to those are, is always, He will do it. He will do it. He will do it. But the key is to give Him glory for everything that He does. And everything you do, give Him glory for it. That’s a major key. You want to write that down 100 times at least. Amen, amen. 

So anyway, where are we? Where are we at? “So, you’re a four. Right? So, you can use some more.” So, what I’m going to do is just pray with him. “I’m sorry, give me your name again. Okay? Kaenan. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. So, Father, I thank You, Lord, for my brother, Kaenan. He’s Your son, Father, I thank You, Lord, for his relationship with You. I thank You, Lord, that You’re on the inside of him. Lord, and You’re turning things and doing things inside of him that You’ve never done before. And there’s greater things coming. But Lord, he spoke that he has a great relationship with You, and he wants more. He wants more. And I thank You, Lord, that that more is here, it’s coming every day. And He said, the more that you seek Me, the more that you’ll find Me, every day, all day. So, Lord, I thank You for the special plans, I thank You for the special purposes. I thank You, Lord, for the destiny that You’ve created for him. But Lord, the destiny You’ve created for him, is for others, it’s for everyone. I thank You, Lord, the people are going to come to him, they’re going to come to him.  The fire of God is going to burn on him, and he’s going to share their love with them, and they’re going to be saved. They’re going to be healed because of these hands. These are the hands of God in the earth. And God’s going to use these hands to save people, heal people and set them free. Glory to God. Do you receive that Kaenan? You receive that? (Kaenan nods and replies yes) Yes, I can see it.” I see it in his eyes. You see it? Look at him. Hallelujah. “Did you feel that in your heart? You did? You’re not just telling me that because we’re up here. Right? Amen.”

This is another thing the Lord’s told me to do. And, I want you to know, He said, “Ask ‘em, ask them. Ask them if they felt that. Ask them.” And I’ll say nine out of ten people. Because I mean it, the Holy Spirit, the One that’s in me, the Greater One that’s in me will come into them and touch them. He will. That’s it. He will. Again, thank you (to Kaenan), thank you, bless you. 

So, we’re not soul winners, we’re spirit winners. It’s the spirit of the man that gets saved. It is the spirit that we’re talking to. So, you’re not moved by who you see, or what you see in the people you see. Oh, man, you know, I don’t know if I want to talk to them. It’s the spirit in them that gets saved. And so, when we speak to them, the Lord had me do that for this purpose. Because when the Word goes forth, it said the enemy comes immediately to steal, kill, and destroy. What? The Word. 

So, as he comes for that, this is a way of evidence, I believe, that reminds them… this is what my next thing would be, “Don’t forget that this is the day, whatever time it is, on October, the seventh, and this is the day…” I said, “You felt that? Well, that’s the, that was God’s Spirit. That was the Holy Spirit touching your spirit. And that was Him because He’s a Spirit, and He just touched your spirit, and He’s going to make this happen in your life, whether it’s healing or anything. You know, He leads. His healing comes in many, many ways. I like for Him to be right now, because I’m a right-now guy. You know, I really do. That’s where I set my faith. I want it right now. Faith is right now. But it’s not up to me. Sometimes it’s up to the people. Most of the time it’s up to God. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 

Now, um, yeah, I’m not going to share that story. But I’ll just say I’ve seen people totally healed with miraculous wonderworking wonderful power, totally healed, totally healed, totally healed, instantly, because of God’s anointing. And then all of a sudden, a month, two months, three months later, they lost their whole healing, it was gone. And I actually did that myself. I told you about my ribs. About breaking my ribs. I lost my healing, because I didn’t do what the Lord said, do. And then most people, they talk themselves out of it, or they let, they let somebody else talk them out of it. Or, you know, they start listening. But to me, when these things happen, that should be a mark on your life. And you should always rejoice and thank God. And when those things comes, you just say no, I’m not listening to that. I’m healed now. I’m free now. And it ain’t coming back on me. And if it comes back, it’s because we let it come back. That’s the only reason. It is. It is. But He’s the Healer. 

And, well, there was another gentleman. I said we’ve seen him instantly healed. We had our landscape business. I’d go to a nursery and pick up our plants at a nursery. And I walked in one day, and the guy was sitting there, you know, the guy that writes up the bill, and that takes the order. And I said, “Hey, how you doing today?” “Fine”. Well, he said, “I’ve kind of been hurting Bill, I’ve been hurting in my back”. And I’m sitting there, and that Unction Guy, you know, the unction. He was on me. You know, He said, “Are you going to do anything, you have the power to do something”. And I just went over there, and I said, and I just reached over there, and I put my hand up on his back and I said, “Well, I just speak, I just… the Word says to lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” I said, “Father, I just thank You for my brother. I speak to his back and I command pain to leave his back in the name of Jesus. And I thank You, Lord, for Your love for him. And I thank You that he’s healed and pain has to go in Jesus’ name. Jesus.” That’s all I did. I walked away, got my plants, left. I’d come back time and time again. Time and time again. You know, I didn’t say anything. I just got my, he didn’t say anything. Three years later, three years later, he said, “Oh, yeah, Bill.” He said, “I forgot to tell you.” He said, you remember that day you’ve prayed for me three years ago?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Well, what you didn’t know, I’ve had chronic pain in my back for my whole life.” And he said, “But that day you prayed for me, and it didn’t happen right then.” He said, “But that day, the pain left my body. And I have not had back pain since.” And that was three years later. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. You know, and I said, “Well, why didn’t you tell me before now?” You know, you know. “It doesn’t matter. Sorry. It doesn’t matter.” What matters is the Word went forth, the man got healed. Praise the Lord. God gets the glory for that, for everything. 

So anyway, we located Kaenan here. Kaenan, he said, you know, he knew the Lord, that’s wonderful. So, it was an opportunity to pray. Always look for an opportunity to pray for people, everybody, anybody. I was sharing this with Pastor John today, you know, don’t take anything for granted, anywhere, anytime, from anybody. And so, you know, there’s different denominations, you know, that, you know, that actually there’s denominations, Christians that never ask Jesus to come into their heart. And so, you know, there’s a lot that, there’s some that are, and some that don’t, but I don’t take anything for granted. 

And so, there is a certain denomination, I’m just not going to call it out, don’t have to, don’t need to. But there’s certain denominations, they don’t ask Jesus to come into their heart. They’re, as they’re a child, they’re confirmed, and all this, you know. And so, but I don’t take anything for granted, but I know what they do, and most of them do. And I just asked them, I just say, you know, “Do you know Jesus?” And a lot of people know Jesus, but they don’t have Jesus in their heart. They know who is it. And so I said, and here’s another, it was another interesting, “Well, I just want to bless you. I just want to bless you.” So, I got their hands. And I just started blessing, to say a blessing over their lives. You know, Psalms 91 is a great blessing. You know, that prayer of protection, or whatever it is. And then I said, Yeah, this is one if, I just started praying, I said, “Now I want you to say this prayer with me. Say this, say Jesus, come into my heart, and be the Lord of all of my life. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for choosing me. Thank You for using me for Your glory. Amen. Amen.” 

Because you know, the Word says to confess, call on the name of the Lord, Christianity is confession. And it’s so important that we get people to say His name. I mean, I had people that they didn’t want to, they didn’t want to, but they started crying when they said that name. So, this is very important. It’s not deceiving anybody, you’re not.  The Word says that they shall confess, and call on the name of the Lord and believe. 

And that was another thing. Believing doesn’t always come up front, it doesn’t. How many times have you heard the Word of God before you believe? How many times? Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. There’s been a few times I’ve heard and I, “hmm!” Then I heard it again, “Hmm, hmm. All right, I like it.” The more it comes, the more faith you have. And then you can believe. Amen. 

So, the key is, is to get them in, call on the name of the Lord, that’s the seed of life. Jesus, He’s the seed of life. And what I believe, and I tell you this testimony, it’s very important. Very important. This guy, I met him years ago, at a, at a rally. And we helped him, and these were our vendors and I built relationships with these guys. This guy came in, and it was pouring, pouring, pouring down rain, and they told him he was late. And he said, if we don’t get set, if I don’t get set up, he said, they’re not gonna let me set up. He came all the way from California to South Carolina. And I said, “Okay”, I said so I went, got three of our guys that are Chariots, and I said, we’re going to help you set up. 

Just helped him in pouring down rain, monsoon. So, we’re over there and afterwards, we got through, now he says, “I just can’t thank you guys enough.” And I said, well, and we’re in his trailer and his trailer there, it wasn’t raining in his trailer. And I said, his name was Peter. “So, Peter, well let me ask you something,” then I started sharing with them love God. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That’s okay. All right. That’s fine. I just want you to know, God loves you. We went on. We’ve been vendors and friends, you know, for years and all this. 

And then one day, another time we met, you know, just always helping, always friendly, always friendly with, if he needed anything, we helped him. So, this was, this was a five-course meal, I believe for us. So, you know, just time and time and time. And he was from China. And he, he was a lawyer a couple times over, a very smart man, had a lot of Muslim friends, a lot of different friends. But he didn’t believe in Jesus and believing, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I said, “Okay. All right.” 

So, one day, we was in Sturgis, and we went to South Dakota, and he was there right beside us, I was set up. And he was there. And this guy walked up to me. And he gave me a tract that was Chinese, written in Chinese. And, you know, I know, I know, Peter spoke English. And I didn’t speak Chinese. And I didn’t read Chinese. But I took that I gave me that tract. And I took it over. And I said, “Hey, Peter,” I said, “Is this, is this Chinese?” And he said, “Yeah, it is.” I said, I said “Here.” I said, “Would you read it to me out loud so I can see what it says?”. And he said, “Yeah,” he sits there and read the whole thing. Now, the prayer of salvation, I said, “Praise the Lord Peter.” I said, that’s been what I’ve been wanting to say to you. Yes, it is, you got saved.”  He said, “No, I don’t believe it.” I said, “Too late.” I said, “The Word of God went forth.” I said, “The Word of God went forth.”  He said, he said.  It went forth, it went forth you spoke it. You confessed. I said, “You’re saved, Peter.” He said, “No, I’m not. I don’t believe it”. “It don’t matter. You. It’s working. It’s working on inside of you right now. You know, we just be friends.” So, it’s “I don’t believe it”. “Is too late Peter, too late”. I knew what the Word of God could do. I knew what it was going to do. He confessed it. 

So, the next day, we’re out there sharing the love of God. Peter’s over there doing his thing. And all of a sudden, he’s just watching and watching, watching us. And I’m gonna tell you the Love of God, and the Word of God is an increased supernatural seed that brings harvest. And so, all of a sudden, we’re not doing anything at that time. He’s not doing, that he goes, he starts asking me questions about, about Jesus. And then I gave him few answers and the next day, go over and he starts asking me a few more questions. I said, “Peter”, I said, “What are you asking me all these questions for about something you don’t believe?” That seed of life was already working in his heart. The seed of life is working in his heart. He didn’t even know it. He didn’t even know it. 

So later on, and this is; this is a wonderful, wonderful story. But this is how people should know you. We was in an outreach in Florida or somewhere, Panama City or somewhere. And there was another outreach going on by other chariots in California, at Hollister, California was another biker event. And some of our Chariots; Peter was there because he was from California. And they walked into his tent, and he’d seen their Chariots vests. And Peter looked up. And you might think he’s kidding here. But he wasn’t. He said, “Hey, how y’all doing?” He said, “Where’s Jesus?” And one of our guys said, “Well, He’s, He’s here. He’s with us.” He said “No, where’s Jesus?” He said, “Well, He’s here with us”. He said, “No. Where’s Bill?” See, that’s who people need to see. They need to see Jesus. And when they see Jesus, they’re gonna call your name, because that’s how they got introduced to Jesus. Amen. So, see the life. So, you can’t tell me that it doesn’t work? Because it works. Because His Word works every time, all the time. 

So, we had another give me someone else real quick. Someone else real quick. Come on. All right. So, wait, so he knew the Lord. And he knew the Lord. And so we prayed into his life anyway. So, this time, I want you to say, no you don’t know the Lord. Okay? 

“Hey, how you doing today?” “Good and yourself?” “Hey, what’s your name?”  “Caleb” “Caleb”. “Yes”. “Awesome we’ve got a Kaenan and a Caleb. It’s good to meet you. So where are you from?” “I am from Port Elizabeth.” “Okay, awesome. Awesome. Well, again, I’m here. We’re from the USA, we’re here visiting and just having a wonderful time. Caleb, I just want to just let, ask you a quick question. Do you know God loves you?” “No.” “You don’t, you don’t? Well, I want to, I want to, I want to share something with you. He loves you so much.” 

And I’m going to use, I’m going to use the tool here, okay, I’m gonna use the tool. Because this is what we have if you’re not used to sharing. So, this is something else that we’re going to take this to another level tonight on these. Because these are because people have smartphones a lot. So, you can actually put these on your smartphone, and use it from your smartphone if you like. Instead of using these, you can put every bit of this on your smartphone. You can even give people a Bible from your smartphone, through the Bible App. Now that’s very part I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

“So, so well, I just wanted to let you know. So, you don’t, you don’t know, you don’t know that you’re going to heaven?” “No.” “You don’t know?” “No.” “Well, I just want you to know that God loves you so much, and that He sent His Son for you. And He died, He died for you. He died for everyone. And when, when He, when He did that He not only died, but He lives now. He’s a One true God. But I want to share this with you this Word. This is the Word that we have. Just right here, John 3:16. It says, For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ, and whoever believes in Him should not perish but we have eternal life. Romans 10:10 says here, With the heart man believes into righteousness, but with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Acts 2:21 says, Whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus and believes in Him, trust in Him shall be saved. John 5:24 says, He that hears my word and believes will have eternal life.  Ain’t that awesome, aint that awesome?” 

“Yeah, I can just tell just reading that Word, it’s affected you right now. That’s what His Word does, because it brings life to us. So, you know, this prayer right here we put on here is basically a prayer that comes from this Word right here. And you know, He loves you so much. And all we have to do, this is for everybody, nobody’s excluded. It  says all we had to do is ask Him to come into our heart and He will give us eternal life. 

Say this prayer with me today Brother say this way and say: (Caleb repeating after Bill) Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. Your word says that whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. If I confess with my mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved. I confess that Jesus is Lord, I believe in my heart, that You raised Him from the dead. Thank You for forgiving me. I want to commit myself to Your ways for my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit to guide me in all You have for me to do. Thank You for loving me. I know now for sure that I’m on my way to heaven.

“If anybody ever asks you again, if you know God, or if you’re going to heaven, what are you going to tell them?” Yes.” And why you could tell them that?” “Because Jesus is in my heart.” Because Jesus in your heart. It is great to meeting you today. I want to give you something else that I carry with me a lot and I like to give to people. I believe this is from Him, to me, and that’s for you. So, you always remember that that’s what He did for you. He died on that (cross), but now He lives for you. And He’s got a great plan for you for the rest of your life. Amen. God bless you, Brother. Thank you.” 

So, so one knew Him, he got prayed for, he didn’t know Him, he got prayed for, he got into the kingdom. Now another one, I’m just going to move forward a little bit to help you. Because we got more things to cover real quick. So, this other person he doesn’t want anything to do with the Lord, doesn’t know the Lord, doesn’t want anything to do with the Lord, these are really great for that. 

So I would, I would give him one and said, “You know, I understand you don’t want to pray here out of honor and respect. You know, you don’t want to pray here. Would you do me a favor?” You know, when you speak to someone, and they answer you, they’re either going to be accountable or not accountable by what they say. So, you don’t have to be saved to be accountable. So, I’d say, you know, “Would you take this and understand you don’t want to read this. But would you do me a favor? Would you, would you take this? And would you read this to yourself later when you’re by yourself? And you know what I found out? When I read things out loud, it just means so much more to me. Would you read it out loud to yourself later? Would you do that? You would? Praise God. Thank you, man. Hey, it’s great meeting you today. God bless you.” 

Works. How do you know that works, Bill? I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen people take it walk away and read it while they are walking away and come back with tears in their eyes. The Word of God works. It works. So, I’m not going to give you something that don’t work. It says in my method, it is His message. 

So, the last thing, real quick. There’s so much more. These are just hot points. The last thing, you know. They don’t know the Lord, they don’t want anything, they don’t really want to talk to you. You know, just say no. You know, I understand. Everything you respect people, you love people. No matter even what their religion is, you honour them, you give them honour and respect. You know, you’re excited about them being there talking to you, always excitement. “So, would you do me a favour? I know you don’t want to say the prayer. Would you take this later and read it for me? Would you do that? You will? Okay. Well man, I just want you to know it’s been a pleasure. I appreciate you stopping and talking to me today. And I just want you to know how much God loves you. And you know His Word says there is only One Way to Him and His name is Jesus. And He said to call on His name and you shall be saved. So, whenever it is, tonight, tomorrow, just do it before you leave this place. Call on the name of the Lord, His name is Jesus. You’ll be saved. God bless you Brother, God bless you.” 

See? You give them directions, you take them there, you tell them how to get there. You give them that or just tell them. You’ve been 100% successful in sharing the Gospel. Those are simple ways, easy ways. There is a lot other ways, through healing, through whatever, just doing what the Holy Spirit says do. You know the guy that got his kneecap fixed that day, he was doing this (touching knee and limping). It was a sign, you know, it was a sign. You know, somebody, pray for them. God is the healer, let Him do the healing. Glory. 

So, we’re going to move on to the other side of this (the card). This is what we use, this is salvation, this is what we use for discipleship. Discipleship as far as I am concerned has got to do with 100% relationship. Has to be. So, discipleship is relationship. And this is what we do. What I would like to recommend, and I already talked to Pastor John about this, I think you already do it. But anytime you go out, I have a little pad, and you know sometimes we do things, and we forget about them. But anyway. I have a little pad that I carry in my pocket most of the time with me. And I’ll mark down people that I pray with, and I write down those things. Because sometimes it is more that one a day, it could be quite a few. 

Specially when we go out tomorrow, you know any other time as a team, a corporate effort, then you write that down. You know, that was a salvation, that was a, we can write it down as a rededication, but we can call it as, what I call a rededication is someone that was a 3 or below, you know that was in the middle, that would be that increase of that relationship. You can write that down. And then I got others I call it SRO, the others is where it can be for healing, it could be for just safety, increase. And you know we usually write down where the people are from. If we’re in a place like, when we were in Sturgis or Daytona, we’ll minister to 60 countries there. So, we will write down every country that is not of our country. So, we’d minister to as many as, many as 65 countries in one place. Praise the Lord. Amen.

So, anyway the other part is where I call not just a drive-through, but this is more you don’t have a lot of time to do this, on the drive-through. You don’t always, but if you do have time, do it. And so this is, I wrote this down here, so I am going to read it from here. But so, this is the standard’s on the back of this. I know I said that I would have this for everybody to have one. But this is completely about discipleship. 

So, the first thing I’ll do is ask somebody, do they have a Bible, you know if they got saved, “Do you have a Bible?” And if they say no, I say, well do you have a smartphone? So, this is the best way to give a free Bible. Then you can go and download the Bible App for them. And so the next thing is, I say, well you just received Jesus into your life, so now, let me pull it up here. So now you have become a new creature, in the heaven, in the heavens. So, you have a new nature. So, I say, and our new nature, right here at the top of this here [points at card] and I apologize for not having one for everybody. 

But your new nature is to love. That’s God, God loves. So, your new nature is to love, to love others and to love yourself. And I got a scripture, and it is in Luke 10:27, glory to God. So, glory, thanks Father. So, that says if you love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and your strength and you love others as yourself. I say, that’s the command He gave us, to love each other. And the one is the same, we have two commands, is to love God and to love other. So, that becomes our new nature.

So, the next thing I would tell them, and I would, and you can lead this on to being filled with the Holy Spirit. I said, you know Jesus died for you, and then He lives for you, and now He’s come into your heart, but now He’s empowered you. And I said, Jesus He said, and I’ll read the scriptures to him, I’ll sit down and read the scriptures to him, I have them here, I’m just not going to do it for the lack of time. But I give the scriptures, they are on here and you know I tell them about this. And then I say this, about the Holy Spirit. And I say you can receive Him into your life right now, because Jesus is in heaven, He’s in your heart, but now He has given you the ability to have the Empowered from on high. He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and to work inside of you and to be with you. And so, I would read those scriptures out to him. So, you can write these scriptures down and put them on your phone. You can actually do that there and do them then. You don’t have to have the card. I would suggest that you do that, in that way. Because people are going to relate more to you in the time we live now, with your phone than they are a card, right? 

So, you can use both, they both work because they are the Word of God. So, I’ll tell them that about the new nature, and I said, now, serve God and serve others, I said that is our job. It is serving Him, loving Him. You know, I say in the world it is all about relationship, everything we tell him is about relationship. Serving God and serving others. I said, you know, in the world it is all about self, but in God’s kingdom it is always about others. So, I’m just getting relationship into them. You know, this may seem simple, it is simple. I’ve said this to people, and I went through this whole thing, and you know what they said? Quite a few, I’ve never seen it that way before. And that is what you are trying to do in a quick amount of time. Whatever amount of time you have is get them to see in a way they haven’t seen before. 

So, the next thing I would do is, is I say, that Bible we just loaded down, and you can suggests what ministers to your heart, and what I used to say, is I say, you know, these three translations I really like. I like the Message and I like the Amplified, it amplifies the message for me. And I like those, and you know that kind of relates as well, it’s relationship. So, I will do that and I say, you can look at them and read them yourself, but here’s what I would like for you to do. You start reading the Bible and you start in the Gospels, and you start reading about Jesus and what He’s done for you and you find out all that you can do that He’s done for you, that’s what we do. And  then, from that you go on into the Epistles and you learn what you’re supposed to do. You know go through the book of Acts, read through the Gospels two or three times to find out everything that Jesus did for you. Start there in the New Testament. 

You know for some people they start in the Old Testament, that’s not a good place to start if you are a new creature in Christ. Amen. That’s a good place to compare the promises and all, but it is not a good place for them to start. So, they need to start in the new, they’ve become a new creature, this is a new covenant that we have. Very important, so I said, now you need to read that Bible. It is a relationship, be with Him everyday. And I said, the next thing would be to pray. I said, and this is the other thing, you know how to pray? Well no. I said, it’s just like I’m talking to you right now. That’s how the Father, He want to talk to you in, you know. I said, it’s, it’s, and I say these little words to relate. I say, it is not about the Thee’s and the Thou’s for me, it’s about the Wow’s with Him, Amen. 

You know, so relate. Just talk to Him. You know, it is not just praying, it’s just saying. Jesus went about preaching and saying the Word of God, He just spoke the Word, He just spoke the Word. He didn’t say, He come to somebody, you’re saved, bow your head, do this and Jesus saying, He didn’t do that. He just spoke the Word. So just speak to Him, speak to Him. But I said, then you start speaking to Him as you get His nature. You get His nature on the inside of you and find out what He wants you to do and exactly what He wants you to do. He will start showing you everything to do. 

So. I said the other thing you have to do is share your faith with others, about Jesus Christ. Because that is what He has told us to do. And I said, that’s why you need this one up here [pointing to card] the Holy Spirit. You need Him to be a witness. And a lot of times I will just take this as a witness and just start sharing the Word with them about the Witness and Who the Witness is. And the Passage Translation, the Amplified to me have great examples of the Holy Spirit coming into your life and on your life. And for the sake of time tonight I am not going to read those, if that is alright? 

And so this is just, point, point, point, things that we could do. This works. And then I usually save a couple of big ones for last. And one of them, and I don’t know, people in the world probably have a problem with it, and I think there is other people that is in the church that probably has a problem with it. But one is giving, giving, giving. And I said this is very important. I said, because I get the nature of giving in them in a short time. 

And it goes out, it talks about giving and I said, you know God is a giver. For God so loved the world, He loved, and He gave everything to us. So, His nature is to give. Now your nature is to give. And so I don’t always talk, I hardly ever talk about money, because that is usually what they talk about. And God doesn’t really care about that. He wants you to give your life. He wants you to give your life. And I said, you know, so why don’t you pray, read the Word and get in here and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to do. And He might want you to go over and see brother Joe today and help him. Or sister such and such and go over and help them. Give your life to someone. But just always continue, Lord, how much more do You want me to give today? Where can I go and help somebody and give Your Life to them today? What do You want me to give today? Every day God gives, every day you should be a giver. Amen. 

Then I throw it in there, I said, you know it might be monitored. I said, you know, the Word does say that every seed reproduces after its own kind. And I said, you know, don’t do it because you have to, we get to. And I said, but if there is anything in the Word of God you need you sow that seed, and that seed will come back to you. But you know, 30, 60, and a 100-fold, but I’m a part of the 100-fold, I think it’ll come back to me 100 times; in many different ways, many different ways. So, if you sow that seed for this, God’s going to multiply that back to you. That’s because He’s a giver, what you give He gives back to you. He said, “Prove Me in this.” It’s one of the things He said in the Word, “Prove Me.” So, I get that into people’s lives; get that nature, God’s nature, into them. 

So, the last thing, I got it pretty big right here, was the church. Okay. You know, a lot of people have had a problem with the church. I don’t know why. But anyway. So, I say, now you know, you need to be in a church. Now I don’t, I hardly ever talk about church with people in the streets, because we’re the church; it’s right here on the inside of you. But this is what I tell them, the Word says, that you don’t need to forsake the assembling of yourself, that you need to be around like-minded believers. So, you need to find, and this is the last thing I talk to them about; you need to find a good church, where you can go and be a help to them. Did you hear what I said? I didn’t say where you can go and be helped. I said, where you can go and be a help to them. I say then, when you go and serve and help them, then God will help you in every place of that church. Now I said, Do you know, you know how to find that church? (Pastor Sharon, “The Holy Spirit”). That’s right. Praise the Lord. She knows. Hallelujah. 

I said, first of all, I’ll take him back up here. I said, you get in this Word, you love God, you love others, you ask the Holy Spirit to show you. And you say, when you go into that church, you start visiting that church around your neighbourhood. And I say if you feel the presence of God there, you feel that anointing there. Then you ask God that question, “Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is this where I’m supposed to come and help?” I said, He will show you where you’re supposed to be. Glory to God. Glory to God. And so that’s the seed of Life that we give people; to tell people because they do, they need to be in a good church. But you know, I know where a wonderful church is. I know where one of the greatest churches in Witbank is. It’s right here.

So, we need to be telling these people. This was the thing I said earlier, to Pastor John, I think y’all have already got this. But when we go out all the time, we need to have contact information for people. Don’t just give them, this is another thing, don’t just give them your contact information. What I found out over the years; they won’t contact you. Your job is to contact them, get their contact, especially if you have an encounter with someone. You know, it’s not going to be everybody, it’s not going to be this (boom sound).  But there’s going to be certain ones, you know, that I’ve got to; I got to take another step here, I got to do something else, get their information. Well, I don’t have a way, go get them, bring them here, get their information, and then give them information about this church, to get people here, in this church. You get them saved, you get them healed, get them filled, and then bring them on here, get them filled some more and send them back again. Praise the Lord. 

So, it’s very important, very important, the body of believers that you’re with. This is the Body, we’re never on our own. Praise the Lord. So, I was going to read all this stuff. Praise the Lord. But I’m not. It’s good. Because it’s the Word. But there’s so, so, so many things. You just got to get the ‘just’ and then start. Just start. Just start. Praise the Lord, glory to God. Hallelujah. 

Does anybody have any questions about anything at all? That you’d like to ask? Anything that I said that you’d like, “No, I’m not sure about that Bill.” Okay, great. Yep.

Congregation member, I was just wondering, if you ask a person about God and you know, how much God loves them and you just start talking to them about God. And you ask them, “What God?” And then they respond with something other than Jesus. How would you suggest, practically, to go after that conversation?

Well, what you’d want to do is share, just basically what I did right there. I’d like to share the scriptures with you. And I just want to tell you how much God loves you. You know, I believe in, you tell them the story of Jesus, that He came, He died, He rose again. He’s the only God that’s still alive today. He lives, it’s not that He died for us, He lives for us. And you just start sharing this Word with them and showing them that He is the way because He is the only way to heaven. You share that and get that seed of Life into them, of relationship. 

But a lot of times it’s not, when somebody says they believe in God, then you want to make sure that it’s Jesus that they know and if it’s not, then you just start sharing that scripture with John 3:16, Acts 2:21. All those different ones, Romans 10:9&10, share the Word, that’s what brings Life. Always the Word and the Love of God. And so that’s what always penetrates their heart. And, you know, but this the most important thing is to share Jesus with them and tell them how to get there. Any other questions? Oh, y’all got it? Praise the Lord. Amen. Amen. You have one. Okay.

Congregation member, I was wondering, when you’re talking to the person, and your conversation starts to get a little bit confrontational? How would you almost calm them down? How would you go into the conversation, well almost get out of the conversation without driving them away from Jesus and leaving them with a negative impression of Jesus?

Thank you for bringing that up, as a matter of fact I went over that earlier today at the first part. You know, when we’re out ministering, a lot of times that people stop ministering the Gospel in the streets, because they have people that are confrontational. You know, so again, we’re talking to the person’s spirit.  Number one, you never argue with them. You never get in a debate with them. You just share the Love of God and the Word of God with them. That’s it. You know, if they want the confrontation, you don’t enter, you don’t engage; you don’t engage. You know, if you have that, because what they’ll do, the spirit on that person, unfortunately, will try to get on you, to stop you from sharing the Gospel. It’ll try to bring discouragement, you know, it’ll bring it on your group or whatever. 

So I always say we have to speak to the spirit realm. You know, and I call it the antichrist spirit. You know because they’re against Christ, they’re against this, they’re against religion. You know? I’m against religion, but I’m not against Christ, but I call it a religious spirit. And so when you do get away from them, or whatever, just don’t.  Say, “Well, I just want you to know God loves you, it was great talking to you, have a nice day.” 

Now there have been times that I’ve had to escort people away, because, you know, they wanted to stay and have more confrontation. But because of our people there, I said, “Look, man, just come with me, let’s just me and you.” I got him away and I get over and talk to him. “That’s okay, if you don’t believe, man we’re just here to share the Love of God with people and you and let you know how much He loves you. But if you don’t want to talk about that, then have a wonderful day.” You know, so you were still nice to him. Don’t let it bother you. But when they do walk away, I will say it either to myself, or I’ll speak it out very lightly. You know, I don’t point at them. And I don’t holler at them. But I’ll just say, “Lord, I just thank You, Lord, I bind those mind blinding spirits off of their life, that’s blinded their minds. Holy Spirit, I just thank You, I know that You love them, Lord, and I just speak Your Life into them. And I just thank You Father, that their minds will be open up so that their hearts can receive You. And I just thank You, Lord, that Your Word went forth today. And the next, next place they go that there’ll be somebody that will water that seed that went in their life today.” 

So that’s one of the things that we do. Then also, this is very important that you speak to that spirit that’s come. Because we hit on this a little bit, this is very, very important. And you know, you have to be in an attitude of prayer most, all the time anyway, and be ready to pray. You know, pray without ceasing. You can’t do that, you can’t pray all the time, but you can be ready to, even be ready to speak, to speak to the spiritual realm. If a spirit man say, then speak to the spiritual realm. 

So, what I do, I break that spirit off of them, because the spirits are subject to you. But if you don’t speak to them, then they won’t leave. They’ll hang out. That’s a spiritual thing. So, you have authority, so you have to use your authority. So, people become frustrated. Because if Jesus is there, then there’s peace there. Right? There’s righteousness there, the Fruit of the Spirit there. So, if you’re not feeling that, that means the enemy is there. It doesn’t mean that you beware, it means that you need to speak to him and tell him to go. Now this happens every single time. If you don’t recognize him. How do you recognize him? There is not peace there, there’s not peace on you. Because that spirit will try to come on you. So, I break it off of them when they walk away. Then I break it off of me and the group there, that it can’t stay here. It has to go right now. And as soon as I do that, peace comes right back. Now, how do you know? Because we do it. We’ve done it. We’ve been frustrated. Then we found out how and then we did it. And they left. They have to go, they have to do it. Yes, they have to. Because you speak, you have the authority in the spirit realm. 

People, their spirit gets saved. Now, how about the soul? We talked about that today. When a, when a man gets saved, his soul is not saved. That’s up to you. You have a new creation on the inside of you, that will help walk out your salvation every day. It’s why you walk out your salvation. You live the life of Christ, that your soul is saved. And then your body. You know, that’s up to us. We take care of our body. I’m learning to take care of my body better. Amen. Amen. 

But our spirit man should be in control of our soul, and our body because that’s what’s saved. We are going to get a new one, one day, but we got to take care of the one we got down here. God’s got many ways to do that for us and I’m excited about it. So, thank you. Thank you for bringing that up. Does that answer your question? Yes. Because we don’t want anybody to be frustrated. We want you to keep going and I mean, I’ve been out there, and I’ve seen the hardcore. I’ve seen them, say everything and everything and I mean, we’ve prayed with witches and warlocks and everything, you know, but it didn’t stop us. We just kept moving in, but you find the one that gets healed and it just takes all that other stuff away. It does. It’s like, hmm, wow and we just keep pressing in for the one that will, for the one that will, and we pray for the ones that don’t. That don’t mean they won’t. If the Love of God and the Word of God goes forth, I believe it will, it may be the last day on earth and they cried out, that’s what happened to that man on the cross. He made it. Praise the Lord. That’s not up to us. We’re the presenter, He’s the performer. 

Any more questions? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. That’s good. I mean, anything, you had a question about, anything? Thank you.

Congregation member, Brother Bill, how would you approach speaking to a child? 

Well, how little child? Pretty much the same way that I would anyone else, you know, I just, I love, I’m like, God, I love the little children. He said, “Come to Me as little children.” Their hearts are so tender and you know, so open, and most time, the first thing I do is, I give them one of these (cross) and tell them how much God loves them, you know, and most time their parents or if they’re with him, or whatever, you know, it just depends on the age here, you know, but if you’re with them, always check, you know, with a parent to make sure it’s okay. You know, you don’t want to just barge in, you know, that’s, that’s their child. So, you know, most of the time if there’s a child there, I’ll say, “Hey, how are you doing?” You know. “Is it okay if I give this to your child?” You know, and then I’ll ask them their name. And then I’ll say, “Do you know how much God loves you?” You know, and that, that opens up the door right there. 

And but, you know, a lot of times, most of them, not all of them. I mean, we’ve got whole family saved that didn’t know the Lord. I mean, we have people that lived up in the mountains and never came out of the mountains, they didn’t even know the name of Jesus, in our country, in our country. Nobody, they never even heard the name of Jesus. But all seven of them got saved before they left, because they heard the name of Jesus, but we just tell them how much God loves them and, you know, ask them, it’s really easy to ask them. You know, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?” you know, things like that, you know, they’re tender. So, I’m just tender, you’re tender with everybody. But, you know, it’s just, they’re so easy. They’re really easy to talk to. They’re probably some of the easiest to talk to, is the little children. Praise the Lord. So, they’re just full of love. Praise the Lord. 

Now, there are some, there are some, there was one little kid that was, that I’ve seen that was demon possessed. I mean demon possessed and so you know, every time he would come by, you know, I just, I would try to get a hold of him to stop it and I just spoke the Word. I just spoke the Word. But I felt, you know, the demonic spirit on him and I spoke to it as well and then it came from his family in that neighbourhood and we finally, we just cast that whole thing out and that family left. Remember that? (Bill asking Ginger).

Anymore? Okay. Is this all right?

Congregation member, Brother Bill, how would you approach speaking to a group?

Group? Oh, wow, man, we’ve got a guy, who I love, I love the way he does it. You know, I mean, he does it, well, I’m just saying, when we first started seeing groups. Well, one thing we asked for, we asked for groups. You know, if we’re asked for groups of people, when you see them, just go over to them and if they’re walking or whatever a lot of times, you know, we’re just kind of walk over to them. And, you know, if they’re walking, you know, if they’re approachable, in other words, and there’s just so many, all the circumstances are so different. But a lot of times we get in front of them and say, “Hey, how are y’all doing”, you know, just shake each one of them’s hand. And I mean, we’ve done this with outlaw groups and all type of groups, you know, but just, the Spirit of the Lord, it’s just the same. 

You know, you’re basically, what I would do most of the time, usually a group has a leader and so I was always, this is by the Holy Spirit, I was always would go toward the leader. And that’s where, you know, that you’re going to gain interest from the other people. And I’m going to take this to another place, but I mean, whether they’re families or, I mean, this was outlaws, but I didn’t even know who they were but when I went to them, the Holy Spirit led me there. They was always the leaders, the outlaw bikers and stuff, they was the leader. I go straight to him. And everybody said, “Don’t touch them. Don’t talk to them. You can’t get in there.” But God took me straight to them. Because they were the ones that was given all the other one’s authority to do something. But they respected me, because I’d come to him. It was, it was friendly. It was loving, you know, and just talk to each one, you can have around there. 

But I will say this, and you don’t have to do this. But we had a guy named Jeff, if you’re watching Jeff, praise the Lord, but we, he had this stance and he was just so excited. It would be a group or something, and he’d go out there. He’s, “Hey, how are you doing?” (impersonation). And that was just him. That was just him. But it was so, it was the anointing that God put on him. It really was and it worked and I’m not telling you to do that. 

I mean, we had another guy that took all these little crosses, he would come up and he put his crosses and he’d sit there and he had had a stroke. And he said, he said, “I don’t know, I don’t have much” he had trouble with his speech. He couldn’t get around. He said, “I don’t have much longer.” He said, “I’ve got to give everything I got.” He bought him a motorhome, a trailer, a motorcycle. He followed us everywhere we went, he’s in heaven now but he would take this (cross) and he would, he would come over there and he would put these, these, these on and line them up. And he’d take him a little stool and sit over there, at the end of the tent. His name was Flashlight, they called him Flashlight. And he got so bright, we call him LED and then he got so bright, we call him Laser. And then after that he passed on and went to be with the Lord. But he had an anointing on him. And God, you know, He put that anointing, he’d sit there, and these girls would come up and everybody just come up to him, he wouldn’t have to go up to them. And he’d just sit there, just so gentle as could be and next thing, you know, you’d be looking around, they’d be just crying, weeping. You know, it’s just amazing, you know, and everybody else started seeing that and then they started putting crosses on their finger, you know. But anyway, so there’s different anointings, you know, that God puts on different people for different things. 

But to answer your question, you approach the group, pretty much the way you do one, just what you do is, I always try to go to the leader, if it’s, if it’s a family, you know, I will reach out to the dad, the mom, first, you know, then the children around, talk to them. Share the Love of God with them, ask them the question, you know, see if everybody knows Jesus, I go around to see if they all did? And there’d be some say, “Yes, yes.” And then there’ll be one over here said, “No.” Well, immediately. I mean, I wouldn’t stop these guys, but I kind of drag my attention to the one that didn’t know Him. So, you would direct yourself to that.

We had an incident that happened to a young man, they were outlaw bikers, and we had, in a parking lot, they were getting on their bike, there was a 23-year-old boy, and 20-23 year old young man and he was the one that didn’t want to hear it, he didn’t want to hear the message. I wasn’t the one that did it, but there was one of our Chariots that were there, it was a husband and wife team and they, you know, he’s, “No, I don’t want anything to do.” And the lady went over said, “Well, you’re the one that God sent me here to talk to you today.” He received the Lord, received the Lord that day and two weeks later, he was in an accident in the wrong place, and he died, he died. 

Now, how do we know that? You know, we were in Arkansas, how do we know that? We know that because we got a call from them a couple of months later and they said that they went out to, his mother had called that he died and said. We went out to the site, the crash site, and everything had been cleaned up. But we was at the crash site and being there, she was standing at the road where he had wrecked and got killed and said she seen something sparkle in her eye and she went over there and everything had been cleaned up and gone. And so there was still a little piece of the motorcycle laying there and they had this cross on it and he was the same boy that we recognize and that whole group of outlaw bikers, it changed their life because of that. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 

So, you know, we, yes. Oh, yes. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Glory. It’s just the same, but you know, when you’re talking to one, I usually go in toward the leader towards a family or whatever it is and then you focus on each one. You know, some will pay attention, there’ll be some that walk away. They will, but zero in on the ones that stay, you know, and just, just keep ministering and don’t let it stop you. You know, we’ve had four or five walk away that was in a group and one stayed and got saved. Praise the Lord. So don’t take anything for granted. 

Anymore? Yes, Sir. Got that microphone?


Congregation member, Bill, I just want to know, how do you deal with a person that’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they approach you?


Yeah, you know, I guess it depends on how far they are, but, you know, we just speak to their spirit. You know, I’ve seen people sober up, I’ve seen people pass out. I really have. I’ve seen both and the people that pass out, we would take them over to the side and wait for them to wake up and then we would minister the Love of God to them. But we, but I’ve seen people, the Word of God never, never fails. You know, so we speak to them the same way. You know, I don’t, I don’t compromise the Word of God for any. You know, it’s still the Word of God, the Love of God that always works. There’s people that well, there’s people that have been passed out, and we spoke to their spirit because the spirit can hear. So that’s why I say, when you are praying for people, you know, it speak into their spirit, speak life in their spirit. That’s why I say that people that are unconscious, you know, watch what you say around them, because a lot of them can hear you. Ain’t that, right? Their spirit man hears. I don’t think the spirit sleeps. Does that help you? Anymore? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Okay, thank you, Pastor John.

Pastor John

Praise the Lord. Well, I’ll tell you what this does for me is, the Word says, freely you have received, freely you have received. So now it’s up to us to freely give. And I appreciate so much what Bill and Ginger, Brother Bill and Ginger have done by dedicating their lives to going everywhere, and preaching and teaching, and doing this kind of stuff. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. 

And so, you know, we have the Good News inside of us. And that Good News is changing us. And I’m wanting you to get out of here now. So, I’m not going to be preaching. But what’s happening with us is that God is de-institutionalising us. Because what we’ve done is, we’ve said, the fortunate blessing of God that’s in our lives, we take that for granted. And so, we want everything good to happen to us. And we will be limited in the way that we touch others. But God’s got to break a mindset in us that actually we are the light, we are everything. And we have got to let it freely shine out of us. And you got to keep giving, keep giving, keep giving, keep giving, keep giving. Because if you stop giving, then the receiving part of what you’ve got begins to dry up. Because there’s got to be a constant flow. It’s what keeps rivers clean. That’s what keeps rivers moving, is that there’s a source and it keeps flowing. And so, if you’re lacking in the source component of it, and you find that it’s difficult to be in the giving component of it. So, praise God. 

God has been dealing with the source in our lives, so that we can keep flowing, and we can keep giving. And these are really practical things that Bill shown us and thank God, is not the last time that he’s with us. He’s going to be with us all day tomorrow, and so on. Encourage all of the people that are coming, you know, again, be sensitive, exercise what you’ve learned. If you feel like you need some help, ask somebody. But be bold, like we talked earlier today. Go in twos and threes if you need to. Take someone with you who’s maybe practiced at it. Just stand at a distance and watch how Bill, what Bill did tonight is what he does all the time. It’s just the person and the leading of the Holy Spirit that allows him to adapt to individual needs and the uniqueness in individual circumstances. And that’s the leading of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Yeah. Yeah, of course, Bill.

Brother Bill

Can I just say this? I think that’s very important because, you know, is talking and locating people just talking and showing that interest. But what I found out when you take this interest in people, that they pretty much will open up, you know, you know. Especially if people you know, like that even, you know, “How are you doing or what’s going on?” I found out so many people just open up and tell you everything that’s going on. And so that’s where it’s very important that we listen to what they’re saying, and when you listen to what they’re saying, then I’m sitting here just listening. Okay? 

And I’m thinking, because the Holy Spirit’s listening and He’s thinking, and I’m thinking, “Holy Spirit, what is it You’re wanting to do here?” You know, because if they talk about, and I’ll ask them, so, you know, at some point, I want to pray, want to pray, I’m going to pray for you, you know, a lot of times I don’t really, don’t take this wrong, but if you give them a choice, then they can say no. “I want to pray for you. There’s something going on in your life today. How’s your health? How’s your family? Anything we can pray at all for you?” 

And man, we just, people just start opening up? Just like at Milly’s. When that guy came up, started talking to us, you know, and, you know, somebody comes up and starts talking to you, that’s a sign. You know, this guy, God? He’s talking to you. So the whole time we were talking, you know? And then, so I asked him the question, and he come out with four or five things. That’s okay. And we pray for them all. I had to stop and ask him again what some of them were. That’s okay. It’s not messing up a prayer. I’m bringing things to my remembrance. But ask the Holy Spirit during these times, you know, just inside of you. “What do You want to do here?” Or, if you’re not hearing anything, then do what the Word says do there. And this is the one I love. I said, if you’re not hearing anything, then just do what the Word says do. Word says, “Believers lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” So that’s just something you can do naturally. Naturally, and it becomes supernatural. Had that done to me today. Hallelujah.

Pastor John 

Amen. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. I’m going to finish off by just sharing this with you that I shared with the interns this morning. When Bill was ministering, he was addressing the word ‘performance’. And I got to meditate about the word ‘performance’. And I began to realise it because of something he said, We’re the presenter, God’s the performer. And the Holy Spirit just said, “Earmark that, John, for meditation.” And so, I did earmark that for meditation. And I began to just let the Holy Spirit reveal that to me. 

And He said, when the devil, who was in the presence of God, he always watched God perform His will, through His words. When He was separated from God, He could no longer perform anything. So, the only way that he could get any performance was to get mankind to perform to his words, through giving up their will. So, here’s what happens, he can’t, he can’t get anybody to do anything unless he influences them to perform to his will. So that’s why everything in the world is about performance. Because it’s the only way the devil can get anything done, is through men performing. The minute you are freed from that you can let God do the performing. We are just the presenters of our gift. 

I mean, really, those words went off inside of me and it answered some questions for me. Because, you know, a lot of things have been about the performance. And actually, when I began to see that this is all, all of mankind living based on performance, is based on the institutionalised life of the enemy that has come into men that he doesn’t have to actually even persuade you to do anything. Culture of performance just is alive in you. 

From when you’re a little kid, you go into your, into, someone comes into your house, or you go into someone’s house, and you teach them to perform to the standard of making you feel good, or making sure that you don’t look bad in your parents’ home. And the performance starts there. And he’s already got you institutionalised to performance. So that’s why, do you think any of these young people, if they had not had an encounter with God, would not be chasing performance? They would be giving their lives for performance. What have they MiXchange their life for? They’ve exchanged their life to say, “We will stop performing to the way the world says we must perform. And we are going to just present ourselves to God and let Him change us so that we can do what God says we should do.” Everything becomes about His plan, His purpose and His destiny for their lives, which is why they came. That’s why we prepared, we are prepared to go and share the Good News with people. Because we now, as a ministry, as a people, we are beginning to understand that performance actually is not from heaven. He says, “I send My Word to do the perform, not you.”

Brother Bill

That’s right. Takes all the pressure off.

Pastor John

“I send My Word to perform. My Word does all the performing. My Word does all the performing.” I’m just the presenting of the Word that does the performing. Come on, I got that because of something he said that the Holy Spirit’s revealed in me. Praise Jesus. 

So, when we go out tomorrow, that is really – it’s sparked something inside of me. When I go and minister with somebody tomorrow. You just have to have this understanding. I’m presenting, I’m not performing. I’m presenting the Word of God. I’m presenting the Good News. And whatever they’ve got to say, whatever they do, I’m just presenting it. I don’t have to get them saved. That’s the job of the Word. The job of the Holy Spirit. I’ll lead them to salvation. But it’s Jesus Who does the saving. 

Did I get that right, Bill? Yes.  Amen. Glory. Won’t you all stand with us, please. We’ll see you here at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. May your evening be blessed, may you be rested. And may you be refreshed in all of your night’s sleep, and rest and all of your thinking. And may you come back tomorrow morning ready, on fire, with the glory of God to come and do something for Jesus. Amen. Goodnight, everybody. Thank you, Bill. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.