Recognize God’s Pattern – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: Colossians 1:28-29 (AMPC)

You may be seated. Glory to God. I really enjoyed to… This is just who I am with the Lord and how He uses me with people. When I’m in church, I’m just very informal, because you’re family and I’m family and we have to talk. You know, about things and we have to flow together in things and I always have the sense when I’m with people, God’s people, we’re just in God’s lounge. You know what I mean? God is with us. We are just at home with God and with one another. It’s wonderful.

Alright, I just have to get this stuff out of my ears… So that I can… These are for my music ears. I know this is live, but you know, it really doesn’t matter to me, it never has and it never will. Glory to God. I know it doesn’t matter to the viewers either.

Pastor John and the Johannesburg church were part of live, I think, they were live, part of what we just did now in the Johannesburg church was live-streamed and now Pastor John will be ministering in our Johannesburg church. Many of them, a lot of them, were here last week with us. Pastor John told me on Friday morning that I would be ministering here. I’m so glad that I’m ever ready. I’m always prepared. The Lord has given me a wonderful direction to go in this morning.

We’ve been bringing messages to Heritage of Faith people, and I’m speaking to Heritage of Faith people in particular because it is the time of the local church. I am going to read to you something about the local church. This was a prophecy by Kenneth Copeland, that 2021 is The Year of the Local Church.

I said to the Lord, “You know, Lord, the word ‘church’ is a very weighty word to me personally, because I’ve done intensive study, You’ve led me on a journey to understand that when Jesus said, “I will build My Church”, He was saying, “I will build My Ecclesia.” It’s a Greek word ecclesia, which means God’s legitimate, legislative assembly. That’s a mouthful, hey, God’s legitimate, legislative assembly.

The word that Jesus used there, at that time, was quite shocking to the people that were using synagogue. Jesus said, “I will build My Ecclesia” and every Greek knew what ecclesia was. Because even in the Greek culture there was… Ecclesia were those that were called out among the other people to rule and to reign and to govern. When Jesus was saying, “I will build My Church”, that is a teaching on its own, that has filled my life for many years. That I understand why there has to be an order and governance in God’s Church. Why must there be lawful people?

For us to be able to rule and reign and to be God’s legislative assembly, we’ve got to be legal. We have to be lawful. You can’t be in authority, to rule and to reign as a king in life, which we are all destined to do as sons of God if you’re not under God’s legitimate, legislative authority and in the order of God’s governance. The order of God’s governance is the local church. He makes it very clear throughout scripture, but particularly in the book of Revelations, He makes it very clear. When He writes to the church at Smyrna, He writes to the church at Ephesus, He writes to the church at Pergamum, He writes to the church at Thyatira, He writes to the church at Laodicea. He writes to the churches. He writes to seven different local churches, assemblies. Every letter to them, written on the heart of the messengers, is different. Every letter is different. Every legitimate local assembly is different. God has different things that He wants to write on the heart of Pastor John and then after that, on my heart, to bring to the Local Church.

Jesus is the One who holds the messages of the churches in His right hand, in the book of Revelation, He holds the messages and the lamp stands right there by Him which are the churches, all the churches and all the people in the churches.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are not busy with anything else in the universe, except Their people and Their Church and the Church. It’s not as if the Trinity is doing something else and every now and again they pop in to look to see what’s happening in the Local Church. They are completely, totally, 100 per cent, 24/7 giving Their attention to the local Churches. In every letter that Jesus writes to the churches, and He still writes to churches today if He may; if He will find a messenger of a church who will seek Him to have the Holy Spirit write on his heart with the finger of the Holy Spirit dipped in the Blood of Jesus, the message to the church, to bring the message as a messenger to the church, the local church.

He has been bringing messages and writing them on the tablets of Pastor John’s heart and on the tablets of my heart for 20 years now, bringing it, keep bringing it, the messages of Jesus keep coming and keep coming. Some listen and don’t hear. Some listen and hear and obey and become. Because it’s the ever ongoing living Word of God that causes us to change. Our yielding to it, our listening to it, our yielding to it, our obeying it and then we become. That is the only way that you will ever mature as a believer because it is the pattern of God. The local church is the pattern of God. It’s the order of God, with the messenger in the local church that will listen to God, allow the Holy Spirit to write on the tablets of his heart, and then come and bring what Jesus has written, come and bring it by the Holy Spirit to the people for the people to hear.

That is why in every letter that the Lord Jesus wrote to those churches at that time, He ends every letter by saying, “He who has ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches.” He who has ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. He who has ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches. Glory to God. It’s God’s pattern and it’s God’s order, it’s God’s design, it’s God’s plan from the very beginning that when the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ was going to be birthed, He was going to give apostles and prophets and pastors and teachers and evangelists for the nurturing and for the full coming to the maturity of His sons, of the saints of God.

Your maturity, your development, your deliverance; everything happens in the local church where God has planted you. You are to be planted by God into a local church. Planted by God. Not attending church. A plant grows roots down and grows fruits up. Your roots are to go deep into the Word of God and your fruit of the Word is supposed to come up and be tasted and seen by all, but especially the Father. I have called you that you may bear fruit and that your fruit may remain. It’s the fruit of the Word of God that comes from a messenger to the people in the local church. That’s how it works for every single one of His sons. It doesn’t work some other way that you’re going to grow and become mature and develop some other way. You may receive revelation knowledge, you may even – you will receive revelation knowledge anytime you listen to anything anywhere because your spirit, your recreated spirit was tailor-made and born again to receive the Word of God. You can go and listen to another place, where you’re not planted, to their messages and receive revelation knowledge and think that that’s okay.

But meantime, your spirit was recreated to receive revelation knowledge anyway. But it’s not the revelation knowledge that God is writing to this church. That’s where the deception comes in. A recreated spirit man is recreated to receive revelation knowledge, it will never get shut off. God will never shut that ability in you to get off, He would have to un-recreate you. You have to become unborn again.

A born again spirit is created, recreated to receive revelation knowledge. You can sit for months and months and months and never go to a local church and watch TBN and receive revelation knowledge and think, “This is my church, I’m okay. Because I do receive revelation knowledge.” That is a deception. That is a deception. Because their spirit man was recreated to receive revelation knowledge, if it’s true revelation knowledge anywhere, everywhere, all the time. If it’s the truth of His Word that’s being preached, you will receive it. That’s not God’s pattern. God’s pattern is for you to be planted. It’s for you to be planted in a local church by the Spirit of God. To get set in.

The scripture in Corinthians says that God sets into the body as He sees fit. Not as you see fit. As He sees fit. He sets you into the body. That word ‘sets’ is such a beautiful word. It has the whole idea of He carries you in His arms, and He lays you deep down into green pastures in running living waters. He lays you down into a local church. Hallelujah, glory to God. There He will feed you and there He will lead you and there He will give you a shepherd after your own heart. He will not plant you in a place where there are not Shepherd’s to His own heart. He will plant you in a place where you can be led and fed. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Glory to God.

Can you eat anywhere? Yes, you can go to any restaurant. You can taste that food and it will be good. But God has designed for you to be in a place, positioned. I’m going to read to you what I said to the Lord. I said to Him, “Lord, the time of the local church Lord, it’s so weighty to me, ‘church’, the word church, because of all my studies. But local? I’m not liking that word ‘local’, because of what I think it is and what it could mean actually to everybody else.” I said, “Holy Spirit, you need to help me here because I need to be able to combine local and church with the same weight. For me, just for me, I need to understand what You are saying about the local church.”

I looked up the word local in many, many; many probably all of the dictionaries you can find on One Look, and this is what local means. Local, according to the dictionaries, because I could not find the word local in the Bible, otherwise I would have looked up the Hebrew or the Greek, but I found local in Webster’s dictionary 19 or 1828 or, you know. Listen to what local means, to be positioned and placed and confined to a particular part of the body. How weighty is that? To be positioned, placed – dare I say planted? Confined, appointed to a particular part of the body.

Sho. Local is a 14th-century word means, pertaining to position. Pertaining to a place that comes from the Latin word localis, pertaining to a place and appointed place. You are not called everywhere to everything. You are called to be confined, to be appointed, to be placed and to be positioned to a particular part of the Body. There God has prepared for you, the way that He has made you. He has prepared for you a spiritual leader and He has prepared messages for you that will come to you for the way He made you so that you can fully mature and you can fulfil your assignment in the earth.

If you are in the wrong place, you will be hearing the wrong messages because you are not ‘wired’ by God like that for that place, even though you receive revelation. You see, the five-fold ministry, God is very particular about that, about the five-fold ministry. We are going to go to the scripture that Pastor John brought. He brought, it’s been part of our word, that Pastor John brought for 2021. Right. It’s Ephesians 4, 7 to 8 and 11 to 13 from the Passion Translation. He brought it to us.

7And he has generously given each one of us supernatural grace, according to the size of the gift of Christ. I’m here to tell you, He has given you a gift, you a gift. He has given us all gifts. We are all, as sons of God, gifted with specific callings, anointings, giftings. As sons of God, we are all gifted, but then He appoints people. 8This is why he says (Verse 8): “He ascends into the heavenly heights taking his many captured ones with him, and gifts were given to men.” (Ephesians 4:7-8 TPT). Here are the gifts. The gifts are to you, who are already gifted. You see that? In the first verse. He has given us all gifts. Now He gives gifts to the already gifted. You don’t know what they are and God is not going to give it to you independently of these gifts. You are not going to know what gifting you are and how you are supposed to flow in your purpose and your assignment of earth with God, without these other gifts. It’s not possible, because His Word is truth. Right?

11He has appointed some with grace to be apostles, and some with grace to be prophets, and some with grace to be evangelists, and some with grace to be pastors, and some with grace to be teachers. 12And their calling is to nurture and prepare all the holy believers to do their own works of ministry, and as they do this they will enlarge and build up the body of Christ. 13These grace ministries will function until we all attain oneness into the faith until we all experience the fullness of what it means to know the Son of God, and finally, we become one into a perfect man with the full dimensions of spiritual maturity, spiritual maturity, spiritual maturity. The full dimensions of spiritual maturity. You and I will not experience the dimensions the fullness of spiritual maturity without the gifts that God gave to you, for you, for your life. The full dimensions of spiritual maturity, and fully developed into the abundance of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13 TPT). Glory to God. Hallelujah.

I just want to speak to you a little bit this morning about what it is that God has actually called us to do; Pastor John and I. That’s why He’s been giving us these messages, I Will Take the Children has been massive to God. He wrote to this church, He wrote a book to this church about I Will Take the Children. He wrote letter after letter, after chapter, after chapter, after chapter, how many months Pastor Christi? Three, four months, in Johannesburg and in Witbank, bringing writing on my heart, writing on Pastor John’s heart. Coming to bring the message. Some heard, some repented, some turned, some have moved, some have come to a fuller spiritual maturity, some have changed completely. Others did not hear, others did not hear. Others did not fear. Right? God knows who they are. God knows who they are. Our responsibility is to hear from heaven and come and bring a message. Come and bring a message and your response is between you and God.

Recently He’s brought us a big block that like, I Will Take the Children was a big book. Now He’s been speaking to us about What is your more for? What is your more for? Right? He’s been speaking to us about kingdom wealth, about possessions, about money. He’s been speaking to us and talking to us to come out of the Babylonian system and to come into the Kingdom system. I don’t believe He’s done yet. Pastor John and I are checking with each other and with the Lord all the time. This morning, I felt I needed to establish some things here of how God works in the local church, right with messages.

I think we’re going to go to Acts 22 verse 14. Let’s go there. Was I going to read something else now? Okay, let’s go here. Let’s go to Acts 22, 14 to 15, Amplified Bible. You see, this is what we are called to do Pastor John and I. It’s our calling that God holds us responsible for all the time. Right?

14And he said, this is written to Pastor John and I, this was written to Apostle Paul, this is written to Pastor John and I, today still. The God of our forefathers has destined and appointed you, Pastor John and Sharon, to come progressively to know his will, [to perceive, to recognise more strongly and clearly, to become better and more intimately acquainted with His will], and to see the Righteous One (Jesus Christ, the Messiah), and to hear a voice from His [own] mouth and a message from His own lips; and then be a witness about it (Acts 22:14-15 AMPC).

So it’s our responsibility that we see Jesus when we’re in His presence, we see Him in the realm of the Spirit, we see His face, we seek His face, we’re with Him in His presence. God requires Pastor John and I to be in His presence continually. Then to hear a voice from His mouth and a message from His lips. Can you see that? Look at that, look at that, to hear a voice from His own mouth. Not some message we heard somewhere that is true, and it will be good to bring it to you. We are constantly before God to bring you the current Word that God is writing to our church, to our people. God speaks directly to you when He comes to speak on a Sunday, or any other time Pastor John brings a message. He speaks directly to you, to you that are here listening, directly He speaks to you.

If you sit to listen to the messages with this idea that you might have had for a long time in you, “Oh, it’s a nice message. And it’s so lovely. It’s for everybody else.” If you listen like that, you’re not going to hear and obey. You need to come to hear what He’s saying directly to you every Sunday. “What are you saying to me here, Lord?” Right. Because that’s how your spiritual maturity is going to come. It’s because you listen, you obey, and you grow like that.

I’d like to go to Colossians, 1, 28 and 29. The Lord is imploring you this morning, Heritage of Faith people, to understand what the local church is all about, what it’s for. It’s for you to grow into a mature son of God. You have to let old filters of local church life disintegrate. Every old filter that you’ve ever heard of the local church, you have to allow it, you’ve got to let it disintegrate. You’ve got to allow the Holy Spirit to help you, for it all to go. You got to come into the new era with a new way of listening and a new way of understanding and a new understanding. That’s what the Lord wanted me to speak to you about this morning; that He’s building this church.

He’s building the local church, and it’s for all of His sons to come to maturity, because the whole of creation is groaning for the manifestation of the mature sons of God creations, not groaning for Christians. Creation is groaning for the mature sons of God. The only way your maturity comes, child of God, son of God, is because you allow yourself to be planted in your roots to go deep into the Word of God, hallelujah. For you to be in the messages and listening to the messages and receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit for you personally, and then yielding to that, and repenting into that, and changing and coming into maturity.

God is giving you such rich revelation and messages to this church; it is more than enough for you to mature and come into your spiritual maturity of fullness. It’s already, it’s too much. But it is more than enough. In this house, it’s too much, but it’s definitely more than enough for you to come into your spiritual maturity; as a son of God, for which creation is groaning to see the full mature sons of God. Spiritual maturity, spiritual maturity. That is our call. The Lord called Pastor John and I. What is the point of being a Christian? It’s to be spiritual. You will be spiritual like this. This is God’s way for you to be spiritual.

There’s not some other sneaky way there. “Well, I’m maturing like this. You know because I watch TBN and I go to that church, and that church, and that church. And I go to that conference and that conference and that conference, and there and there…” And you think you’re maturing? You will only mature in the pattern and the order of God of the local church.

Look at what God puts in our hearts for you, Colossians 1, 28 and 29, Amplified, 28Him we preach… Pastor John and I …we preach him and proclaim, warning and admonishing everyone all the time, don’t we? That’s what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to proclaim Him, we are supposed to warn you. Warnings from Him that He gives us to warn you. Not our warning you. Him, saying: “Warn them about this…” warning and admonishing everyone and instructing everyone in all wisdom, Why? That we, Pastor John and I, may present every person mature (full-grown, fully initiated, complete, and perfect) in Christ (the Anointed One). 29For this, Pastor John and I, labour [unto weariness] (Colossians 1:28-29, AMPC).

You have to know that this is our ministry motive, you’ve got to see with your eyes today, Pastor John and I’s ministry motive; this is our ministry motive. That we may present every one of you mature, fully grown. We are not building some building. We are not building some big magnificent, with songs and all of this. God told us, I will give you My best. But don’t be impressed. Just be blessed. You must pass this test. I’m going to give you My best. In this time of this new era, I’m going to give you My best. Don’t be impressed. Just be blessed. As a congregation, you have to pass this test.

People boast in their congregations; boast in the church that they come to because of the music that’s in their church. People boast of their buildings that they come to because it’s nice, people boast in such things. You must know that Pastor John and I do not boast in such things. We have no boast in our hearts about such things. Our ministry motive is right here, and God knows, I speak in His presence this morning. God knows that this is true in Pastor John and I’s heart even if people don’t think so. God knows that this is what happens in our hearts all the time. That we may present all of you mature, full-grown, fully initiated; complete and perfect in Christ. For this, Pastor John and I, labour unto weariness. We do labour unto weariness for this to present you mature, striving with all the superhuman energy, which He so mightily enkindles and works within us.

Is my time up now Pastor Christi? It is, hey, it’s up.

This has been a good Word, hasn’t it? It’s been a good Word. We are called by the Lord to preach and teach like Jesus did when He was on earth. I will see when I can pick it up again. We are called, Pastor John and I, to make disciples. We are called to make disciples. We are not called to pander to Christians that have itching ears, we are called to bring the messages from heaven to God’s people so that they can become mature, they can have the opportunity. They can have opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity to be able to mature, should they so choose.

God, in this house and in this local church, is giving everybody every opportunity to become a full-grown, full-fledged Son of God. Yes, it is a new era. The Lord’s been speaking to us and telling us who then is the greatest… Oh, let me go back to what He said to me. I’m going to give you My best and don’t be impressed. Just be blessed. You must pass this test as a congregation. This morning I read in the Psalms about; the Lord will deliver the humble congregation. Just be blessed by whatever is happening. Don’t be impressed. We must, as a congregation, pass this test. Don’t speak in boastful terms of anything that God is going to do because God is going to pick it up, people. This is a warning to us. God is going to pick up His plans and purposes when it comes to Pastor John and He’s raising Pastor John up.

The temptation as a congregation. There we go. The temptation as a congregation is to think that we can boast about it. “You must see our nice building. You must hear our music.” God hears it. He’s not pleased. He is not pleased. His ministry, God’s ministry motive is to have it a worthy platform so that He can present you mature. God’s ministry motive for any method that He may use is to have the preaching that can come to you so that you can give all your obedience to it and be blessed. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

We guard our hearts as a congregation, God is watching our collective greatness. He is listening to what we are talking about among each other, conversations we are having. He knows what rises up out of a congregation. He hears what rises up out of a congregation and if we will remain humble, not comparing ourselves to anybody ever, ever. We just be blessed and pass the test. He’s going to continue to give us His best, His best, His best, His best, His best, His best, His best. He’s best, He’s best. He’s going to keep giving us His best. If we pass the test, if we pass the test and just be blessed and not be impressed, He’s going to keep giving us His best, His best.

After all, what is His best? It’s Himself. It’s Himself. It’s Himself. What do we have in this church? What will we have in the future in this local church that He hasn’t given us? It’s only Himself that we want. It’s only Him that we want? Hallelujah. Glory to God. It is the time. It is a new era, a new time period has begun. Jesus is come. He is here. It’s an increase of revelation light from His messages. I Will Take the Children, He spoke big and boldly to us in all these messages. He gave us scriptures, scriptures, instructions, correction, reproof, there was a dedication, there was a consecration, a great recognition of what the Lord was saying, the defining moment and marvellous timely repentance and now with these messages of What is your more for?

If we were sleepwalking, before these messages that came loud and clear, they came big and bold from God, we are awakening. We are awakening. Hallelujah. And at this time, He said, My scriptures will speak, wow, there was so much I wanted to get to this morning. There will be time, there will be time, so much. The scriptures, He said to me, will be speaking this. You need to be coming to church, listening to the messages, listening to the key points, and then taking the scriptures and meditating on them, during the week because God wants His scriptures to speak to you, not just on a Sunday morning to go into one ear and out the other ear, in your heart and out of your heart. He’s wanting you to meditate on the scriptures that He brings, the scriptures. He said, “My scriptures will speak at this time.”

All right, Lord, thank You. I just want to read how He gave it to me. It is the time of My Words, the time when scripture will speak in this era. The time My sword unsheathed, My words will go forth. I’m writing My time with words, Mine. My church will speak. I will perform. Preaching and teaching, My scriptures speaking, My spirit reaching, awakening the hearts of my people, touching, teaching, training, My people ruling, reigning, legacy, transferring, Kingdom inheritance conferring. These are Words of God.

I’m going to read these again and then I’m going to finish with it. And then we’re going to sing, “This is the time of God.” The time of the living God. In this era, it’s the time of My words, the time when scripture will speak. Scripture will speak. So when you come now to church, you go “Scripture, speak to my heart. Scriptures speak to my heart” because that Scripture says that all scripture is God-breathed. And when He’s giving Pastor John scriptures, and He’s giving me scriptures, He’s breathing those scriptures into our hearts so that we can breathe them out to you so that you can take them and have them breathe in your heart. That’s what scriptures are for. Every time God says, “Bring this scripture now, bring this scripture now.” You let the scriptures breathe, in your heart, even if it offends you. You fall on that scripture if that scripture offends you. You fall on it. You let it fall on you because He says, “My Word is like a hammer that can break in pieces the rock of most stubborn resistance in you.” (Jeremiah 23:39).

If you find in yourself a stubborn resistance to the Word of God and the Scriptures that are coming, say, “I fall on You, fall on me, fall on me, I fall on You, I’m not going to allow this resistance to keep happening and keep going on, I refuse to resist, I refuse to resist, I refuse to resist Your Word, I refuse to resist Your Word.” Say it. Say it. Say it. Say it, so that your spirit man can hear it and your soul can keep quiet and your flesh can keep quiet. “I refuse to resist, I will yield, I will yield, Father I will yield to Your scriptures, I will yield Lord, I refuse to resist, I refuse to resist.”

That will help you. You have to speak to your soul that wants to resist. You have to tell your soul like David had to tell his soul, “What’s this that you’re doing, my soul. Who’s speaking? Me, spirit man. What’s this that’s happening to you, oh my soul? You will not resist, soul.” Because it’s your mind and your emotions that resist, it’s not your recreated spirit man. Your recreated spirit man wants to be a mature Son of God, wants to be spiritual, wants to be just like Jesus. Your soul, your mind and your emotions is what is resisting.

Glory. Hallelujah. No more will you resist, my soul. No more will you resist the scriptures that come on a Sunday, no more, you will yield and you will become mature now. Hallelujah. I thank you, Father. Come, worship group, let’s come. We are going to just in reverence now, Father I -let me just –Ya, I’ll pray for you at the end of the song.

How was that? Did you receive that? Did that help you this morning? Can you see how your soul can resist? Your spirit cries out and your soul resists. You have to speak to your soul. You have to speak. Yes. This is a time now for you to yield. It’s the time of God, it’s a new era and God doesn’t want one of you not maturing spiritually. He wants every one of you to grow up.

I’m telling you, you can ask a mother and a father when they have a little baby, they’re expecting, “When are you going to sit? When are you going to make your first sound? When are you going to crawl? When are you going to walk? When are you going to run? Are you running yet? Are you crawling yet?” God is a Heavenly Father, when you got born-again you got born again as a baby with everything perfectly intact, now He’s got your spiritual maturity and your development, all the time, it’s in Him. It would be like if you were a mother and your child was 10 and not crawling yet, there would be great distress, you would’ve had that child to doctors, many doctors. “What’s wrong with my child? He ought to be walking by now.”

That’s how God comes with scripture, “You ought to be teaching by now and I still got to feed you with milk.” Let me tell you, when I speak like this, when The Lord speaks to me, through me like this, He speaks to me too. He always speaks to me first. Hallelujah. In this time of the Living God, let us declare, don’t you want to just all stand with me, please. Let us declare. Just in our hearts,

The Holy Spirit will help you, to not resist Him anymore. To not resist scripture, to not resist spiritual things. He will help you. You can’t resist in your own strength. I mean, you know resist the resistance in your own strength. You got to say;

[Pastor Sharon Singing]

Holy Spirit, You must help me here. Into my life, there must come some holy fear. I need some assist with this resist. Thank you for helping me, Holy Spirit. I can’t do this in my own strength. Must be by Your Holy Spirit.

This is a time when I will yield. I will yield. I will yield to You. I will yield. It’s the yielding time for me and you. I’m listening to Your voice. It’s my first and foremost choice. I’m listening to yield. I’m listening to yield, in this time of Yours, when You’re moving in power. Moving, power in me, in me. Moving power in me. Oh, You’re my helper, Holy Spirit. You’re my helper, Holy Spirit. I put the past behind me. Put it all, I put it all behind me. And I’m moving ahead with You. I’m flowing only with You. Thank You Holy Spirit for helping me. Jesus.

Something you want to sing here Garth? About this? About what I’m singing? Thank You for helping me.

[Pastor Garth singing]
You’re my wonderful Shepherd
Where You lead me it’s good.
Everything You say to my heart, It’s wonderful to me.
Everything You say it’s for my good.
Even though it may not seem that way, initially.
Everything You say is for my good because You’re my good Shepherd.
Even Your love and correction is good for me.
It’s good for me.
Because You’re making me more like You. More like You and that’s what You created me to be. To be just like You, in every thought, in every word, in every deed, that’s Your plan for me.
So I follow, You, my good Shepherd.
Wonderful shepherd.
I follow the voice of the good Shepherd through my spiritual leaders.
Because it’s good for me.
It’s good for me.
It’s good for me.

I’m going to pray for you now because I’ve kept you with God. I’ve kept you with God. I’m going to pray for you. When you sing the song, you can’t have a – I don’t know if existentialism kind of is the right word, but you can’t have an experience with a song that puts you outside of the song. You have to know that when He’s moving in the time of men, it means He’s moving in you.

You’ve got to understand that when you sing it and that His glory shall be seen, it’s going to be seen in you. This song is all about us, together, in the time of God. Hallelujah. He is moving in the time of men. In my time, I’m a man. He’s moving in my time, moving in my heart by His Spirit.

Father, I thank You for your wonderful presence here with us today. I thank You, Lord. I thank You. I thank You. I thank You for a yieldedness that is coming to Your people by Your Spirit. A yieldedness Lord, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Yieldedness. A yieldedness is coming to Your people by Your Spirit, Lord. It’s coming into our hearts, Lord. You’re going to help us, Lord.

You’re helping us, Lord. A yieldedness is coming. A yieldedness Father more than ever before, hallelujah. We thank You for that now Father that it begins to work. It begins to work Father and we recognise the yieldedness that will work even today and even tomorrow in this week. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

I thank You that the Word and the blood of Jesus surrounds and protects every single person here, every single man, woman, every child. The Word and the Blood of Jesus surrounds and protects everything about everyone in Heritage of Faith in Jesus’ name. We all say, Amen.

Have a wonderful day today. A wonderful day. In Jesus’ name.