Point of Contact Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Luke 5:3-10 (NLT); Phillippians 1:7 (AMPC); Numbers 27:18-20 (AMPC); Deuteronomy 34:9 (AMPC); Matthew 17:20 (AMPC); Matthew 17:20 (TPT); Romans 12:3 (KJV); James 2:17, 21-22 (AMPC)

Praise You, Jesus. Praise You, Lord. Praise You. Hallelujah. All I want to declare this morning, Lord, is have Your way that is the entirety of my prayer for this service this morning is; have Your way, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Hallelujah.

Before you sit down I want you to just make a declaration to someone around you and tell them that I’m ready to get everything I need from God today. The children may be released and go to children’s church. Thank you.

I have my notes from Brother Jerry here on the pulpit with me. Hallelujah. What I also have with me is I have the handkerchief that Brother Jerry laid hands-on together with me and Brother Joe and Eric. Sharon just marked it with a bit of red nail polish to make sure that we don’t lose it somewhere, you know. But we have a number of prayer cloths in the front here, in this box, and I’m going to be placing this handkerchief over these prayer cloths for the duration of my ministry and the ministry of the Lord Jesus this morning. Amen. Praise the Lord. 

This morning a great fear and trembling came upon me. It’s unusual for me, people who are in the back with me and help me get in and out of the ministry, they will tell you that it is unusual for me to go and be very quiet all on my own before a service starts. I’m quite comfortable with the time that I’ve already prepared before the Lord and I’m quite comfortable just mingling with the people that help me get the microphones on and do all the stuff like that. But such is the fear of God on me this morning and the anointing that has come upon me that I’ve asked to go into my private study and just be alone for a few minutes. And the Lord sent me an angel. He sent me my wife and she came walking into the room and I said to her, “Come pray with me just for a minute, darling, come pray with me.” And so we prayed together because I feel the weightiness of what God is wanting to do today. 

And so I start, I have brother Jerry’s message that he wrote out for me and part of the message that he preached in Crowley when he did this with his people but I felt by the Holy Spirit that I should start this morning because of what’s on me. I felt I should start with Luke chapter 5 and I’m going to read from verse 4 and I’m reading from the New Living Translation and it goes like this, 4When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, so you know let me go one verse back. Verse 3, He asked Simon to use his boat. 3Stepping into one of the boats Jesus asked Simon, its owner, to push it out into the water. So he sat in the boat and taught the crowds from there. 4When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.” 5“Master,” Simon replied, “We worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.” 6And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear! 7A shout for help brought their partners in the other boat, and soon both boats were filled with fish and on the verge of sinking (Luke 5:3-7 NLT).

I think that is supernatural increase. That is not just a natural fishing experience. That is supernatural increase. Do you not agree? 8When Simon Peter realized what had happened, he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, “Oh, Lord, please leave me – I’m such a sinful man.” 9For he was awestruck by the number of fish they had caught, as were the others with him. 10His partners, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, were also amazed. (Luke 5:8-10 NLT) Hallelujah. 

I felt I needed to start with that passage of Scripture this morning because as I stand before you to minister the message and as I received for hours and hours listening and watching Brother Jerry’s message, over and over again in places that he’s preached it, and some of the notes that I have received from him, as hours and hours I have been allowing this to enter my heart and my soul and allowing it to minister to me I’ve realised just how important this year is and how important this moment is. So it is with great fear and trembling before the Lord Jesus. I consider this to be a holy moment that is almost in my own natural man overwhelming to me to be able to deliver this message to you today. Hallelujah. 

And I feel it so strongly that I feel like Peter felt when Jesus said, “Can I use your boat?” and he said, “By all means.” The boat was important but the real thing happened when Jesus said, “Now take your boat and cast it out and go out and cast your nets on the other side,” because what happened was a word of faith was spoken. Understand at this point in time there’d been no revelation by Peter that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. To them He is family, not only is He family from the village around, you know, they understand that He’s maybe got a prophetic voice. He’s a good teacher but there is something going on with Jesus but they don’t know exactly what it is. And so Jesus says, “Take your boats and push it out and then cast your nets on the other side.” 

And He responds completely naturally and his natural response is, “You’re not the fisherman here, I am.” Can I rephrase that and say, “You’re not the businessman here, I am. You’re not the one married to this person, I am. You’re not the one that’s having trouble with all manner of sickness and disease in my life or whatever the case might be, I am.” There are many things that you could respond to Jesus based on your knowledge of your circumstances and your skill and ability in life. And Peter had exactly that response. And his response was, “I am the fisherman and I’ve been fishing all night which is the time to catch fish and now You’re telling me to catch fish at the wrong time which shows You’re not a fisherman.” Huh? So he’s upfront placing a whole lot of arguments to Jesus about why he shouldn’t do what Jesus just told him to do. Then he gets some sense. The sense is; nevertheless, at Your words, at Your command. What have I got to lose? What have I got to lose? If You are someone whose words are as weighty as I’ve just heard You speak and if You are someone that can command fish, then I’ve got nothing to lose. This is where the important thing comes; he immediately takes those words and acts on those words and he pushes the boat out and he takes, but now, he’s still not got complete faith in those words so he only takes one net because in his mind; if I only catch one full net of fish, that’s better than I caught the whole night. Right? So he has no idea how much increase this obedience is going to make.

So, he pushes the boat out with one net and he gets into the boat and they cast on the other side and suddenly all these fish are wriggling into the nets. “Hey, boys, catch it, catch it, catch it.” And the fish keep coming and the fish keep coming. And they haul this whole net into the boat and the fish are still there. And he calls all his mates; “Hey, bring your boat. Bring your net. Come on. Come on.” And they bring their boat and they bring so much fish into their boat it starts to sink. “Come on, boys.” And they bring up fish and they bring it and they fill that boat and that boat nearly sinks. 

Peter has never seen anything like this in his entire life because it was not about how good he was fishing, it was about the command of God that he obeyed. Hello? I’m here to tell you under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the prophetic word that was given to Brother Jerry for 2020 that this is a year of a new door that’s going to open for you and you are going to have a supernatural increase come into your life because of this new door. Hallelujah. We are already in 2020. Brother Jerry did say at one point in time and that’s the point of contact; if you think you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to hold onto your point of contact. Hallelujah.

As it was with Peter, he saw immediate results. Sometimes other people saw results take a little bit longer. But I want you to see what happened to Peter is that Peter immediately fell on his knees and he began to worship God. He began to worship God because he realised, actually, what God had just done was so beyond the natural that the supernatural was so evident and Jesus was the point of contact for the supernatural to be manifest in his life which so touched his future with wealth that was beyond his wildest dreams, in a simple thing like fishing.

What did Peter do? When they came back to the shore, Peter jumps out of the boat and he goes immediately before Jesus and he kneels before Jesus and he says. “Depart from me. I am a sinner. What have I done to deserve this that You could just use my boat and then bless me with this amount of wealth and I didn’t even believe You? I doubted You. I argued against You. I’m such a sinner. Depart from me.” But his immediate posture was to worship. And when you immediately begin to worship, you go to your knees because you understand that your knees are a place of submission. Your knees are a place of; I’m leaving my strength behind and I’m going to worship You because there is nothing I can do to do this. It’s all about my obedience to Your Word. 

I’ll tell you something, Church; God is. It doesn’t matter what you think about God and any of your experiences that you have had, good or bad experiences in your life, God is. God is. I felt in my heart to just make this statement to you today; the people that are not here because they choose not to serve God, their very choice not to believe in God or not to go to church and not to serve God is the very evidence that God exists because if God didn’t exist, they would have no choice to make. The fact that people choose to ridicule and go against Christians and go against God is the very evidence that God, that Jesus exists.

The presence of a counterfeit dollar does not mean that it’s real but it does authenticate the fact that there are real dollars otherwise there would never be a counterfeit. I’ll tell you, in this world system the credit system, credit cards, overdrafts, all of these things are a real evidence that God wants to bless the Christians so much with such overwhelming things if they’ll believe Him that that is the counterfeit system of blessing because they’re saying; buy your stuff now and pay it later. God says; no, believe Me for your stuff now and you don’t have to pay later. That’s what the blessing of God does. God is. We must just believe He is. He is. He is. He’s real. 

If you don’t believe the God of prosperity, that’s your problem. Don’t worry, you won’t prosper. If you don’t believe the God of healing, don’t worry, you won’t get healed. Most of the time. Sometimes God just intervenes anyway and says, “I don’t care what you think, you’re going to get healed anyway,” you know. Most often it’s because He wants to lead someone to salvation, you know. But if you don’t believe that God can repair relationships and fix relationships, then don’t worry, it won’t happen. If you don’t believe that God can heal you from mental disorders, mental oppression, mental depression, emotional dysfunction, don’t worry; God can’t do it for you. It doesn’t matter that He is. You have to believe that He is. You have to believe that He is strong enough, powerful enough, mighty enough to come into your world and touch your world and fix those things that you need fixed. Hallelujah.

I come under the blessing of the prophetic word that Brother Jerry has spoken over us, I come under that mantle, I come with his authority, I come with his command and minister to you today. He gave and he wrote on these pieces of paper. He wrote; Philippians chapter 1 verse 7; 7It is right and appropriate for me to have this confidence and feel this way about you all, because you have me in your heart and I hold you in my heart as partakers and sharers, one and all with me, of grace, (Phillippians 1:7 AMPC) and so what he spoke about that word grace its meaning; the same divine favour, the same blessing and the same anointing if we are partakers of His grace. 

So, when he prayed with me and we had the video up earlier this week when he laid hands on me and Joe and Eric, he said, “You are the partakers of my grace and you go in the same authority of the Prophetic as I go. The same authority of the Apostolic as I go.” Amen. I stand under that. 

In Numbers chapter 27 verse 18. 18The Lord said to Moses, Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand upon him; 19And set him before Eleazar the priest and all the congregation and give him a charge in their sight. 20And put some of your honour and authority upon him, that all the congregation of the Israelites may obey him (Numbers 27:18-20 AMPC). This is a direct reference that when there is a laying on of hands and an impartation of something, it’s a God-ordained transfer. It’s got nothing to do with skin. It’s got to do with a God transfer. In this case, honour implies grace and power, grace and favour. We walk and teach today under that mantle and that banner. 

Deuteronomy chapter 34 verse 9, 9And Joshua son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands upon him; so the Israelites listened to him and did as the Lord commanded Moses (Deuteronomy 34:9 AMPC.) There was a direct transfer from a leader that was, to a leader that is. I’ll tell you, you can’t stop my faith from working, and I’ll tell you when Brother Jerry, you know, I had a picture in my mind, Brother Joe and Eric will tell me, that he said he wants to pray with us so that when we come to you that he has charged us, he has commissioned us. When we went into his room I said, “Brother Jerry,” you know, he was getting ready to stand up to pray, I said, “No, Brother Jerry, I have an image in my mind, please work with me.” I asked him to sit on the couch because I wanted to sit on the chair before him, almost in a position of kneeling. Do you understand? I wanted him to lay his hands on me, and bless me. Now here’s the thing. Although it’s for these set of circumstances, you can’t stop my faith from working that what he charged me with for this, is what he charged me with forever. Does that mean after this year is over the mantel just gets taken away? No, it’s just another increase of what God wants me to have. That’s the way I take it. Hallelujah. 

It takes faith to get this. It takes the using of your faith to get this. I’m going to read you Matthew 17 verse 20. 20He said to them, in the Amplified, Because of the littleness of your faith [that is, your lack of firmly relying, trust]. For truly I say to you, if you have faith [that is living] like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to yonder place, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you (Matthew 17:20 AMPC). This becomes important, because as we are going to have a point of contact, you are going to face some issues, and you are going to face some circumstances that are going to try and undermine your point of contact, which is why the Holy Spirit gave me the wisdom that in Brother Jerry’s services, he laid hands on them. In what God has given me the wisdom to do, is because he’s not here, is to take the cloth that he laid hands on and put it on all of these cloths and bless these cloths so that you can put it in your wallet, you can carry it in your pocket, you can have it on you every day because you will face some times when it doesn’t look like this thing’s coming through for you. Then you’re going to have something you can hold on to that’s going to be your point of contact for your faith. Hallelujah. The Passion Translation says, 20He told him it’s because of your lack of faith, I promise you, if you have faith inside of you no bigger than the size of a small mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move away from here and go over there,’ and you will see it move! There is nothing you can’t do! (Matthew 17:20 TPT).

Put your hand on your heart like this. Say, “I’m a son of God, I have the faith of God, and there is nothing I can’t do.” Hallelujah. This has to do with supernatural increase, especially if your mind can’t let you see it or agree with it. Don’t try and figure out how God will do this that you’re believing God for. If you can try and figure it out, then you would have the answer for it. The whole point of supernatural increase, and a new door that God’s going to open, is that it is Him that is going to do it. It is just, you got to have the faith to walk through it. 

Your mind has got nothing to do with this, and you got to be strong enough, and bold enough to say, “Doubt get out!” Will every one of you say this? “Doubt get out.” Ja, whenever you feel like, how is this going to happen? You say, “Doubt get out. Faith move in.” We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, so obviously, the more you hear the Word of God in this matter, the stronger your faith is going to become. Brother Jerry learnt this principle of the point of contact from Oral Roberts. He was the first to coin the phrase, ‘Point of contact,’ Oral Roberts.

This whole message, in fact, that Brother Jerry spoke, was led by the Holy Spirit to bring to us. He learned many, many years ago from Oral Roberts, the point of contact. So many times the healing line, and the people that got miracles happened to them, the point of contact was him laying his hands on them. Sometimes it was a prayer cloth, but most of the time it was him laying his hands on it. He had these services where their faith would increase, and their faith would increase, and so the point of contact would be. He would say, “Now when I lay my hands on you, when I lay my hands on you, you receive your healing.” 

Why? Because the point of contact of, when I lay my hands on you, make that your point of contact that you are healed. It’s a way of releasing, channelling your faith, to that point of contact, and that when that point of contact comes, I get healed. So you have enough faith, because Romans chapter 12 verse 3, it says, that God has given every man the same measure of faith. It says, 3according to as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith (Romans 12:3 KJV). Romans 12 verse 3. It is faith that makes things happen. Words are the primary way in which faith is released, but without action, it just remains words. That is why when Brother Jerry said, “I feel led by the Holy Spirit that you got to sow a seed as a point of contact for this new season, for a new door, and for a supernatural increase,” he was giving you a point of contact. 

Oral Roberts said this, “The point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God, it also shows God that you truly trust Him.” I’m going to say that again. Oral Roberts said, “The point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God.” When you receive your prayer cloth, every time you make this your point of contact it’s a means for you to direct your faith towards God. It’s got nothing to do with the cloth. This is about the whole spiritual process that has happened, and I’m directing my faith towards God. 

If you have any sense you would keep it in your pocket and just touch it all the time and just say, “My faith is out, my faith is working, I’m ready. I receive supernatural increase. I receive the new open door; I receive the new door and I walk through the new door. I receive it, I receive it.” Put it back in your pocket. Why? Because your words are aligning with the spiritual process and the prophetic Word that God has spoken. Hallelujah.

In James 2:17(AMPC), 17So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead) James 2:17 (AMPC). So, you know, most of you have heard me preach this message for a long time. Faith is not a formula for success. It is God’s pattern for victory. You see because a formula is something that you can do the same thing over and over again and get the same result. Repeat, result; repeat, result. God is not that way, because He is; faith is actually your divine connection with Him. The way He meets your needs today is a different way He will meet your needs tomorrow. Faith is about a living relationship with Jesus, it’s about a living relationship with the Word of God.

I’ve seen this, many people say if I just confess the Word because the Bible says faith comes by hearing the Word. They will speak the words, but it becomes just a rote of speaking. It just becomes words that are being spoken. I’m going to speak them often enough, then I will get results. No, that means it’s a formula; repeat, result, repeat, result. God’s faith doesn’t work that way. Faith means I’m connected to the Person of God. I’m the presence of God, the Holy One of God. I have a relationship with Him and the Words are deeply embedded in me. As I’m living with these, with this embedded Word, it comes out, it comes out.

Sometimes the faith inside of you will react to some words that people have said to you. I mean Pastor Sharon and I have learned to do this very well with each other. Even in the last two or three days we would be talking and one of us would say something about a circumstance, and then I’d be quiet, or she’d be quiet. Then we would realise actually the way I’ve said that I can’t get into agreement with it, or she can’t get into agreement with it. If I agree with it, then the words that she spoke are going to affect me on the inside. We have been, we have an understanding with each other; when she’s quiet, or I’m quiet we don’t push each other. “Why are you so quiet? What’s going on?” “I don’t want to tell you, but I can’t agree with your words. I just can’t agree with your words.”

Well, I’m grateful when she says that to me or I say it to her because I don’t want the establishment of our agreement to become our future. When the devil is bringing doubt to my mind or the devil’s bringing some kind of emotional response that I must have; I don’t want to get into agreement with her, or her with me, but then we help each other. What should we say about this? Then we go back to the Word of God and we find the Word that says; let’s rather say this. Now we’ve got a point of agreement. Now we have this dynamic relationship of faith that’s working between us. It’s a living relationship, faith. It’s not just to repeat words, results. That’s how faith is destitute of power if it’s just repeating of words. It’s what it says in James chapter 2 verse 17.

Brother Jerry used an example of how point of contact works. He used the example of flipping a light switch. You know, when you walk into a home, or a house, or a room, or someplace and you flick a light switch on, you know that all the mechanisms are at work for you to get the light switched on. There is the presence of electricity, there is light, there is an infrastructure in place to get the light switch on.

Now, you can stand and talk to that light switch for an hour, “I command the light to get switched on. I command the lights to get switched on. Lights work. Let it be light. Let there be light.” You can speak to it all you like; the simple thing is you got to act on your faith that everything is there; switch the light on. You’ve got to make the point of contact to the switch. When you make a contact with the switch the thing works.

That’s why your seed is a point of contact and your seed that you have sown is now being replaced by this cloth, that you can say, “I have sown my seed as a spiritual principle and now I’m going to continue to speak with my Word speak, but I’m not just going to do it as a formula, I’m going to have a living relationship with these words that are coming out of my mouth because I have a point of contact. I’m flipping the switch every time I touch this. Supernatural increase, new doors season, new door.” Where is that new door? If you touch this you say, “Where’s the new door, I’m looking? I’m looking Lord, show me the new door. Show me the new, show me what step I have to take to walk into the new door.” Hallelujah.

He used another example of getting into your motorcar. You can have your key, even if you’ve got a keyless motorcar that you’re driving. If you’ve got a key, you put the key in the thing and you can sit there and tell the car to start all it likes; it needs something different. It needs a point of contact, even if it is a keyless one, you still got to press a button. Who would have thought I would have had an example like this that you have to press a button to start the car? But now we’re there, you know. The point of contact is what starts the whole process going. That’s why the seed that you’ve sown is so important, it’s what gets the process going and now this (the prayer cloth) is part of the process. It’s your daily point of contact for the seed that you have sown.

He gave another example; you can’t walk into the kitchen and say to the kitchen tap, “I want water please.” I mean, you can even put this on a spiritual thing, and you say, “I command the water to flow. Flow water flow.” You can be in faith that there is water that it has got the pipes that it will flow and it’s all looking at you with no water because what you’ve got to do is turn the tap, then you get the water. Faith needs you to turn the tap. Faith needs you to hit the switch or turn the key, that’s what faith needs, that needs action. 

In the book of James if refers to Abraham who had the same opportunity that God gave him. James 2:21-22 (AMPC), 21Was not our forefather Abraham [shown to be] justified (made acceptable to God) by [his] works when he brought to the altar as an offering his [own] son Isaac? 22You see that [his] faith was cooperating with his works, and [his] faith was completed and reached its supreme expression [when he implemented it] by [good] works (James 2:21-22 AMPC). So good works and faith, they’ve got to go hand in hand. In fact, it’s when you have faith and you have works that they reach a supreme expression. Supreme expression, supreme expression. I’ll tell you when you get this into your hand, this point of contact cloth, when you have it in your hand, every day and you begin to speak the Word of God, you can say, I’ve sown my seed, I believe the Word of God and I’m expecting a new door and supernatural increase to be revealed to me and to come my way. This is my point of contact; I’m flicking the switch. I have flicked the switch and I’m walking into the light, I’m walking through the open door, I’m walking through the new door, I’m walking into supernatural increase.” Hallelujah. 

Now, I want to just make something clear to you because most of you know me by now that I have a very cautious approach towards preaching on money. I certainly preach on prosperity and I certainly preach on faith to get prosperity. But I’m very cautious when it comes to money. I almost never in the twenty years that I’ve been a pastor, I have almost never ever asked people for money. I almost never ever even ask people to say, I have done it once or twice by the leading of the Holy Spirit, but as a general rule, I don’t even ask people to sow towards a project. 

I put my faith out there, I give my, and people say, sometimes people come up to me and they say, “Have you got a project going that I can sow money to?”, and I say, “Yeah, we’ve got one of these”, and then they find out and they sow some money. We’ve got a glory board out there that shows what we’re believing in God for and if people want to sow money towards that, they can. But I’m careful to not make my ministry about money because my ministry, what God has called us to do, is much more than about money. God has called us to be strong about getting strong. It’s strong about getting strong in the Word because when you become a strong word person, then you know how to get money. When you become a strong person, you know how to get healing. You know how to get healthy relationships. Hallelujah.

So, when Brother Jerry came with this contact seed, I received it because he said it and I embrace it fully. But I’m just saying to you this is not something that I did so that we could all collect as much money as we want. No, I’m just making sure, you know, that the devil hears that and that some sceptical people that might get to hear about this, might all say, “Well, that’s all very well for you to do a point of contact seed”, and so you don’t know how much money Sharon and I have given anyway. Ja, nê. 

Brother Jerry got to speak about the way he obeyed God, and there was a church in California that he had previously paid a significant amount of money towards paying their bond off. The amount that he speaks of is a hundred-and-twenty thousand US dollars. It was the first payment he made, and then when God gave him this point of contact seed message, he said, “Now I’m going to go pay off the rest of their bond, their mortgage”; which is a significant amount of money. 

The next thing, he came home, and he was told by his wife, Miss Carolyn, that she has taken an amount of money and helped people buy a house. So on the day of the contact seed, he’s saying now, “Although I’ve sown this money on behalf of the ministry, I’m also personally sowing money into the ministry.” Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. 

Well, I’ve learned this from Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin; I will never ask you to do something that Sharon and I don’t do personally. I will never ask you to live in a spiritual principle, without living it myself. And if I ask you to fast, you know, I can’t say, “Let’s go on a fast”, and then I’m eating myself stukkend. I mean that’s just, you know, that’s hypocrisy. And what that does is that puts me in a very bad state spiritually, that if I ask you to do something and I’m not prepared to do it, then we have got nowhere to go because we’re just stuck. 

So I believe that after this weekend’s giving, our faith is going to reach supreme expression. Our faith is going to reach supreme expression. Abraham’s faith could not reach supreme expression without putting his son on the altar. Moses raised his rod over the Red Sea as a point of contact believing God would split it. Let me tell you; his rod did not have the power to split the water. But it was his contact between him and God, it was his point of contact, that rod. For, Abraham it was, “Son, you’re going to the altar. “I’ve got a knife in my hand and I’m ready to kill you, and I’ll do it because if God said through you I’m going to raise generations, I’m about to see a miracle; where if I kill you, God’s going to raise you from the dead”. That’s how much he believed God. His point of contact was his knife and the altar. Hallelujah.

David’s point of contact was a sling. It wasn’t enough for him to say to Goliath, “I’m going to feed your body to the birds.” It wasn’t enough for him to speak words. He spoke words that he believed in, was going to happen, right? I mean when he said to him, “You’ve got no chance, I come in the Name of the covenant God of Israel. You can’t, you’ve got no chance against me.” He still had to have a sling, and he still had to swing that sling. Hallelujah. And if you’ve got to pull out your point of contact and say, “I’m swinging my sling,” you know, “I’m opening my tap, I’m flicking my switch. I’m casting in my net.” Whatever you want to say, you say it; day after day. 

I’ll tell you the way I got dept free was I didn’t have a point of contact cloth. But I read a book about a man who said, who taught me how to get debt-free; his name was John Avanzini. He wrote a book War on Debt. And you know, his whole principle at that time was; if you find one thing that you own and give it away or sell it and give the money away and then begin to have this confession, “I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus”. At that time I was in so much debt, there was nothing I owned, the Bank owned everything. And the only thing I did own, that I paid cash for, was a camera, and cameras are notoriously poor at re-sale value. So I said, I said to Sharon, “This is the only thing I’ve got.” 

So, understand what happened to me was; when I read those, that book and I had those words; those words came into my heart. I received them by faith. God sent me a messenger with a message. I received that message from the messenger in my heart. When I received the message, I began to speak out the message and I began to look for the wisdom and how to get debt-free. The wisdom turned out to be this camera. And so I found someone who wanted to buy the camera, he offered me a ridiculously low price for the camera. It was like a tenth of what I paid for it. But that wasn’t the problem; I just needed seed to sow that didn’t belong to the Bank that was mine, you know. So I took that camera and I sold it and I took the money and I gave it to the ministry. Oh, and I had one other thing. I had a computer that was paid for. And I took the computer and I walked it over to the Bible School and I said, “Do you need a computer?” They said, “Yes, this will work very nice”, and I said, “Well, here’s your computer, take it”. I gave the computer to them. From that moment onwards I had a point of contact. I had sown my seed and I began to speak out of my mouth, “I am debt free through the miracle power of Jesus; I am debt free through the miracle power of Jesus”, and my wife is one of the only few people that will know it, my sons were around at that time, but I would walk up and down in my house, I would walk up and down at work, in my car I drove and I kept saying, “I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus”.

I want you to know this wasn’t just repeating of words, this was real in my heart. I knew, I knew that what I had done had created my freedom. I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. You couldn’t tell me anything else. I just knew I was debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. I was debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. I did not know how God was going to get rid of all my debt. It was so big, I didn’t know how I was going to get free of it.

I did the typical young adult thing that starts to make money, buy cars, buy houses, buy, you know, everything you need, and before you know it you bought everything on credit and now you can’t pay it back. Well, I got promoted and I lost half my commission and so now I could not pay it back, you know. Anyway, God, I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. And so they gave me a target for six months and part of my target in that business was to fire three people who were underperforming and still reach a budget that was almost impossible, but I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, but I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. I’m using my faith and I said, “Money,” and I say, “Business because I’m the blessed of the Lord whatever my hands touch must prosper.” So the one guy that I needed to let go, I found him a job at another company, and he became a very close ally in my business work because I found him a job, I just didn’t let him go because of underperforming. Another guy I turned him around he became the second-best salesman in the country. The third guy, unfortunately, had an alcohol problem, I had to let him go. That was the wisdom of God for me at that time. 

So now I’ve got five months left to the end of the financial year and this unachievable target. They said, “If you achieve half of this target, you are going to do well,” because I’m new in this position. Well, came the end of the six months cycle, I hit two hundred and thirty-seven percent of my target. They didn’t even imagine beyond their wildest dreams that I could do that. Nobody did. Understand, companies don’t part with too much commission unless they have to, I mean, they will do everything they can not to part with too much commission. Right? If they knew how much I was going to make, they would have changed it, but they didn’t because I had words working for me. I had faith working for me. 

In the last two or three weeks, we closed an invoice so much business they came and asked me, “Please, stop it and roll it over to the next year.” I said to them, “Why would I want to do that?” They said, “Well, you’ve got to set yourself up for a good year next year. I said, “If I could do it this year, I can do it next year.” I did, it is exactly what I told them, but I realised they were looking how many noughts they were going to have to pay me. So when they paid me this big cheque, I said, “Lord, if You can do this once, You can do this again.” So we paid our tithe of 10%, and we took another 10% on the gross of what I earned, big cheques, write them out, give them into the offering. So in a sense, we double tithed but I’m just being accurate to say we tithed ten and we doubled that amount and put it into the offering. Guess what happened the next year? They gave me this big target now because now they paid me so much money they didn’t want to pay me the same kind of money again. So they gave me this big target because now I have got new salespeople, and I have sorted out in my district, this is all their stories, you know. I said, “Okay, bring it on, let’s go.” So then when they were talking, ‘na-na-na,’ I don’t know, I think I hit a hundred and eighty-five percent of target or something. It was impossible and yet there it was and so they had another year of writing out big cheques with big noughts. I had three years like that and in three years, I was completely debt-free, completely debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. 

I earned so much money as a salesperson they could not afford to keep, as a sales manager, they couldn’t afford to keep me there, they promoted me, they made me a shareholder because they thought they are paying me too much commission. So then when I became a share-holder, God blessed the whole company so much because I was a shareholder, they had to pay me much more. Now they did it in such a way, they did a share swap and I didn’t have to pay tax and I earned a lot more money. Now I was not just debt-free, I was living in abundant harvest. 

It started with a point of contact where I heard a message and I sowed a seed to that point of contact and that point of contact stayed in my mouth and stayed in my heart until the full completion of it three years later. It started in the first year but for it to happen it took three years. I’ll tell you what; if He can do it for me, He can do it for you. God is no respecter of person. I was not the pastor of the church then, just in case you think it only happens to pastors because they’ve got the platform to tell the story. No, I am telling the story because God did it when I wasn’t a pastor. Now I have my own stories as a pastor where I still use my faith and God does supernatural things for me, supernatural things for me. You can either get in on the action or not, it’s your business, but you want in on it. Right? 

Oral Roberts said this, God will honour the point of contact for you. God will honour your point of contact. You know the story and this woman had the issue of blood for 12 years. She went to many doctors, you know the story. She just knew if I could get to Jesus and touch His garment, I will be healed. So you understand what happened was that she heard the stories, it had built her faith. She heard He was in town, so she took a great risk of going into the crowds because people knew her and she was all bent over but she just had one thing in mind; I have got to get a point of contact with this Man and it doesn’t matter if it is the smallest point of contact if I can just get to touch His cloth and that anointing that is upon Him will heal me. And so she touched the hem of His garment. Well, as a Hebrew lady, you know, she would have known that the anointing flows from the head down to the hem of the garment. She was looking for that place of anointing but it could also be just that her own posture had been so affected by disease that the way that she was not trying to be seen by anybody was to reach down to the very lowest point to get something from Jesus. Either way, she touched His anointing and Jesus through all the crowd says, “Who touched Me?” That will tell you, church, that when you touch the spirit realm with your faith, a faith person will know the touch has happened. Hallelujah. Because that’s not just the same as bumping into somebody and of course you know, this only happened because this man, Jairus, whose daughter was dying had come to Jesus and said, “Jesus, will You come to my house and will you pray for my daughter?” He said, “All you’ve got to do is pray for her.” He said, “Okay, I’ll come.” He said, “No, You don’t have to come to my house, just pray for her.” Jesus said, “No, I’ll come,” you know. By the time He got there she was dead and all the way people were saying, “Don’t bother the Master, she’s already died. Don’t bother.” Jesus said to Jairus, “Watch your words,” paraphrase, “Watch your words, just keep strong.” And so she got healed. It just takes a point of contact. It’s never over until God says it’s over. God is. 

The point of contact puts focus on God, it sets the time to release your faith. So today is the time you release your faith. So Brother Jerry said something that I am going to suggest you do. If you have a phone, if you have a book, if you have a thing, when you receive this prayer cloth today, this becomes your moment for a point of contact. Okay? This day on the 9th of February 2020 and it will be around about 10:50, 10:55, you write it down when you receive the prayer cloth. Your point of contact, your faith works on the point of contact; it is the switch that is going on. 

Oral Roberts says; your point of contact focuses your attention on God. He also said; the point of contact sets the time to release your faith. If you are in that point where you can reach your faith you can always say, “That time God answered my need. God answered what I was believing for. That time is when it happened.” Lastly, I am going to close with this and then tonight we are going to minister on how to stay strong when the enemy tries to get at you so that you let go of your point of contact. Hallelujah.

An example Brother Jerry used, he again got it from Oral Roberts was this; if I say to my son, Brynn, if I say, “Let’s have lunch.” And he says, “Okay.” “Alright, I’ll see you later, bye.” I mean how are we going to have lunch? He doesn’t know what time, he doesn’t know where. I mean there are some things that have got to happen before we can have lunch. Right? So if I say, “Let’s have lunch in Witbank,” okay, well then you sort of narrow down the geographic location. If I say,”‘Let’s have lunch at the golf course at Primi,” now he knows where it is going to happen. He certainly doesn’t want to sit there all day. “Let’s have lunch at Primi at 12 o’clock,” now we have a point of contact. Now everything has been established, now we have a point of contact but without all of those things being in place you can’t have a point of contact.

You need a message and the message is; 2020 God is going to open a new door and you will experience supernatural increase like never before. You have a message, you have the Word of God that gives you faith to stand in that message. Now you have sown your seed towards that message. Now you are going to have a prayer cloth that is going to be the final point of contact. You have all the elements in place where you can meet with God and say, “I expect supernatural increase. I have an expectation and my faith is out for supernatural increase.” Hallelujah.Glory to God.

I am pretty much done with the message this morning. I just want to say to you that I am grateful and I am thankful that this message came to us because one of the examples that Brother Jerry wrote down it the example of Naaman the leper. When you have leprosy in those days there was no cure for the disease and this high status, high born man is told by the prophet to go and dip himself in a dirty river, seven times. He doesn’t even come out to greet him. This man gets all uptight and upset, you know. He says, “If you had given me a clean river to go in it. Why didn’t he come and meet me? He sends his servant to come and tell me.” He is offended by many things. His servant then says a good word to him, “Listen, what have you got to lose? If he told you to do something outrageous, wouldn’t you have done it to get free from leprosy?” He says, “Yes.” So he said, “Go and dip yourself in the river seven times and be free.”

Well, I feel in my spirit that there is a leprosy, a cancer that has been building in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The leprosy is a leprosy of almost challenging God that He doesn’t answer prayer anymore. Challenging God that He doesn’t intervene supernaturally in finances anymore that there is a challenge out to God, “I dare You to actually show Yourself great for me.” It is like a sneaky cancer. It is a sneaky thing, you know. It just sneaks up on you because you find out; I’d rather take a Panado than believe God for my healing. Come on now, because I believe the Panado will take the symptoms away but if I have to believe God for my healing I am not sure I am going to get healed. 

It is as simple as that. There is this thing and then it just gets to a much bigger point to say, “Why should I tithe? Why should I go to church or do anything because God doesn’t answer me.” Then that is like Naaman the leper, “If he had given me a bigger, better instruction or a place to go to that was more beautiful I would have done it.” We always find the justification why we don’t believe God. Then he had a servant who was sensible enough to speak into his life and say, “Hey, just get down and dirty and get healed.” 

I am very grateful to God that Brother Jerry had this word. Sow a seed as a point of contact and get down and dirty if you like. Get into the river and the stream of God’s Word and His life. Let’s get ourselves free of this cancer that presets us that God can’t and won’t intervene in us and won’t heal everything that needs to be healed. Let’s use this and get into a new door. Let’s have supernatural increase this year. Let’s have supernatural increase this year. Let’s have supernatural increase this year. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Brother Joe, I think there is a microphone here somewhere. There it is. 

Brother Joe McCroskey:

Thank you, Lord. You know we’ve seen point of contact even greater than a prayer cloth. Anything that is a point of contact. One of the probably most exciting ones I have ever seen was we were in the nation on Kenya, in a village. I didn’t have prayer cloths but I heard the Lord say, “Point of contact.” We’ve done this for years and years and years because of Oral Roberts teachings to us. I said, “Whatever you have as a point of contact, you bring it up and you lay it at the altar.” They brought it and they lay it at the altar. One lady brought up her phone, a cellphone and she laid it at the altar. We prayed over them just like we are going to over these; it is a point of contact. It is a point of contact for whatever you are believing for, that point of contact is going to create an atmosphere that it has to come in.

John, the fish story, I really see it this way; they went in the boat, they knew the location they were going to but then the Lord said, “Cast on that side.” They maybe knew the best fishing was on this side but the Lord said, “Fish, you go to that side.” There might not have been any fish there, does not make a bit of a difference. He said, “You go to that side. Fish, you jump in their nets.” Peter would have had no idea about that. 

I said one time, I believe you can in the cement, oil can pop-up and be a gusher and make you very prosperous overnight. That lady laid that cellphone out and we have no idea what is her point of contact, what is she believing for, you don’t know but we agreed that that was a point of contact for whatever she is believing for. I came back the next year and she came up and she said, “You remember when you prayed over the phone?” The phone was something totally kind of out, I wondered why. She said, “My son is on it all the time and I wanted it as a point of contact that it could change his life.” He was saved, spirit-filled, in the church and working with her, that was her point of contact, was the phone.

It is not the cloth, it is the point of contact that God is doing. On behalf of Doctor Savelle, amen, I am his servant, okay, just like on the leper. I know what he is saying and when I looked at supernatural increase, it is going to be above anything you can imagine. Don’t just look at supernatural increase as money, it is spirit, soul and body. It is healing, it is kids getting turned on to the Word. It is anything that will glorify God. Sitting there in praise and worship, thank you group, we were singing and the Lord said, “I am going to take all of them, the supernatural increases to such a high level that they’ve never known of it or seen it and it will glorify Me to the uttermost.” And that is what it is all about.

Father, as we lay our hands on these, (Brother Joe praying in the Spirit), I can hardly do it in English. (Brother Joe praying in the Spirit) O my gosh, thank You, Lord. (Brother Joe praying in the Spirit) Thank You, Lord. As you receive these prayer cloths, you say it as soon as you get it, “I receive it.” “You are not receiving the prayer cloth, you are receiving Me into your heart of faith with your seed sown and therefore I’ll go forth and do things that you have no idea of.” (Brother Joe praying in the Spirit) “As you pray in the Holy Spirit I will give you that interpretation. I’ll tell you what your part is and then that will come for in a mighty way that people all around you will see it and say, ‘What have you tapped into?’” “I’ve tapped into the supernatural increase of God because I have faith in my heart and I had seed in my hand.” (Brother Joe praying in the Spirit) The only thing I am hearing right now, John, is; go forth and do what it is called to do. Go forth, do what it is called to do. 

Pastor John Bendixen:

Again I want to say; I stand in fear and trembling before God. Literally my legs are trembling before God. Are yours to Sharon? I stand in fear and trembling because there are many of you that have sown seeds. There are many of you that have been faithful. There are many of you that are wanting to do more for God. There are many of you that are standing on the crossroads of assignment. There are many of you that are wanting to press into Jesus. There are many of you that have got all kinds of things that held you back and kept you down, kept you on the sidelines and I say in the Name of Jesus that this point of contact seed is going to set you free from all of that in Jesus’ Name. There is a time now for you to walk into a new door, a new freedom, a new assignment, a new power, a new strength, a new anointing, a new joy, in the Name of Jesus. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus (Pastor John praying in the Spirit) I know that this is not over that tonight’s service is a major part of what God wants to do because He doesn’t want to leave you hanging out there and you find yourself confronted with something and you don’t know how to deal with it. Tonight we are just going to give you ammunition to stand strong. Hallelujah. Because you need to be strong now. You need to be strong now. God is giving you strength now. God is creating a future for you now. Hallelujah.

Brother Joe McCroskey:

Joyce and myself prayed before we went to the Sunday service, just like we are having here. The Lord said, “You write out your prayer petition and you make a copy of that cheque and you put them together. When you go by Brother Jerry and he lays his hands on you that activates the legal courts, the legal courts of Heaven to come in on your behalf for whatever you don’t even know what it is going to do.” So we wrote out our prayer petition, the things that we knew, John and then we said, “Lord, and anything else You’ve got for us, we are open and we are ready.” Amen. The legal courts of Heaven has declared it, they made the difference.

Pastor John:

So in this church, those things that you are striking the ground for, you write those things down, then you put your prayer cloth on top of it and you say, “This is my petition. It is done in Jesus’ Name.” And if there is something else you’ve done besides striking the ground, any other way, that is how you do it that is what Brother Joe has just declared to us today. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Praise Jesus.

We are going to leave this up tonight as well. If you want to do something this afternoon and you want to come back and fetch a cloth after the service this evening, you can do that as well. There is enough, believe me but just take one, please. Right? Praise the Lord.

This is in my heart to do this, this is in my heart to do this. I am going to leave this here that you just need to get up out of your chair, just hold on a minute. Get up out of your chair and come and fetch it. I am going to do something first; I want the music team to come up first and I am going to give you a prayer cloth because this is the way the Lord had me, because of what I said and declared prophetically last night. I just want you to walk past me and I am going to give you a prayer cloth because this is the way the Lord, after my message last night, this is your prayer cloth. Hallelujah. Because there was a special word spoken over you for special increase in your life. Hallelujah. Increase, supernatural increase and new doors. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise Jesus. Glory to God. Praise the Lord.

So now we don’t need a stampede. We need order. Let’s start with this side of the church, there is enough here. I promise. We’ve got 700 prayer cloths here. There is enough. Okay, so we will start on this side. You just come up and walk, one line, don’t slow it down, just keep coming, pick it up and go for it. Quentin, will you help? Charles, will you help? Willie, will you help? Just make sure the flow keeps going and I am going to ask you guys to sing whatever you are going to sing. Do whatever you need to do. Hallelujah. I have been wanting him to sing this song for a long time in the church, now it is his chance. 

(Congregation collect their prayer cloths)

Pastor John:

Do you feel, do you sense the holiness of this moment? Do you recognise that God is doing something extraordinary here, supernatural here? Tonight we are going to minister on how to hold on to that and not let doubt and unbelief and anything that the devil will bring against you, try and defeat you in this process. Hallelujah. Today we are going to start as we close this service, I want you to stand, please. They are just going to play as they have been playing and I want you to just raise your hands and begin to praise Jesus. 

(Congregation praising)

Pastor John:

Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Praises Jesus. Praise Jesus. Today we walk into a new door. Today we walk in supernatural increase. Today is a day at 11 o’clock on this Sunday morning we have begun to walk in supernatural, the supernatural, the supernatural increase of God, in Jesus’ Name. In Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name. Hallelujah. 

Well, I know I don’t have to do much more other than to say; you are blessed coming in and you are blessed going out. May the peace of God rest upon you and may you rest this afternoon. One more thing? Come up, Brother Joe. If God is not finished, then we aren’t finished. 

Brother Joe McCroskey:

Oh no, this is a shout for victory. I know South Africans know how to shout for victory. 

(Congregation gives a shout for victory)

Brother Joe McCroskey:

Hold it, hold it, hold it. This is going to be the supernatural increase shout of victory. It will leave this building and it will go into the streets. I remember the only movie where I remember a shout I’d like to hear was Braveheart. They shouted and let the enemy know; I am coming through. I am coming through. John, you know how to lead in that shout. I want to hear the rooftops, I don’t want this new baffling to come down but I do want it to go all over this whole city and the whole nation. Lead us in a shout, John.

Pastor John:

Come on, raise your hands. We begin to shout as a shout of victory. We are breaking through, we are victorious. Praise You, Lord.

(Congregations give a shout of victory)

Pastor John:

Well, I’ll tell you what; if you can’t get free from that then I don’t know what can get you free. Thank you for coming to church. We will see you tonight at 6 o’clock. Amen God bless you.