Scripture reference: Ephesians 1:13-19 (AMPC); Galatians 1:3-4 (KJV); Romans 5:17 (KJV)


Pastor John:

Goeiemôre mense! How are you doing? [Congregation shouts and celebrates] Ja, thank you, thank you. It’s good to see you too. [Congregation member: Uiteindelik!] Uiteindelik! Ek stem saam, Conrad. Uiteindelik. Ja. You know, I’ll tell you, you can go to lots of places in the world, but there’s no place like home. I have to say, and I will say it again tomorrow morning in church, I have to say that you are one of the best bunch of Christians anywhere on the planet. Truly. I have a greater appreciation of why Brother Jerry and Joe and the guys that travel around the world and go to many churches, why they think so highly of you. Really. Because you guys are amazing. You love the Lord and you want to do what God wants you to do and you are true disciples.


You know, what I’ve always said is, that a pastor or a fivefold calling minister is not the highest office that any of us can aspire to. The highest office that any of us aspire to live is the life of a disciple because first, we have to be disciples before we can be anything else. And if you’re something else and you’re not a disciple, then whatever that ‘else’ is, is going to be watered down until you become a disciple. And you guys are wonderful disciples of the Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 


So, praise the Lord. Today’s a good day. Amen. I’m expecting wonderful things from the Lord, today. I’m expecting that you are going to have a greater understanding of the wonderful machine that God has given you to live in – your body. And what God has intended for us to have in our body. 


So, I’m just going to read you a scripture before we start and I’m going to have you come into agreement with me on this scripture. It’s in Ephesians chapter 1 and I’m going to read from verse 13. I’m reading from the Amplified Classic. 13 In Him you also who have heard the Word of Truth, the glad tidings (Gospel) of your salvation, and have believed in and adhered to and relied on Him, were stamped with the seal of the long-promised Holy Spirit. 14 That [Spirit] is the guarantee of our inheritance [the firstfruits, the pledge and foretaste, the down payment on our heritage], in anticipation of its full redemption and our acquiring [complete] possession of it—to the praise of His glory. 15 For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints (the people of God), And here this scripture applies to you; 16 I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers. 17 [For I always pray to] the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom… (Ephesians 1:13-17 AMPC)


Will you agree with me, that today, He grants 17 you a spirit of wisdom and revelation the Amplified Bible says [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him. 18 By having the eyes of your heart will you agree with me that the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones),


When you get this revelation, you will have, 19 And [so that you can know and understand] what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe, as demonstrated in the working of His mighty strength. (Ephesians 1:16-19 AMPC)


So, I’m trusting that your eyes will be opened you will have revelation, you will have understanding. And as you get that, you will unlock the greatness of the power of God that He brings to your life. And in these particular sessions, we’re talking about your physical body and how you may treat your body in a better way. Will you agree with me that all of your past ideas, all of your preconceptions, misconceptions, and all of your cultural eating things that you are willing and prepared to recognize as possibilities to change? Even it may even though it might sound uncomfortable, you will be willing to change If you have to, I think we all have to. Yeah. Amen.


So, it’s my privilege today to have, Doctor Gerrie Lindeque and his wife Estelle Lindeque with us and, thank you, Doctor Gerrie. Of course, Doctor Gerrie has treated my overall well-being for many years since the early 2000s, and I thank God for the revelation that he walks in and the kind of approach that he has towards medicine. And I thank God for people who were willing to go against convention and rather hear what God has for us. And so, his mission is to help us to do better with our bodies. Estelle, thank you for coming with and for being part of our day today. Doctor Gerrie, the pulpit is yours. Won’t you welcome Doctor Gerrie, please?


Doctor Gerrie:

Hallelujah, Praise God! It’s a privilege to be here if you’re all today. Yeah, I’m so thankful, to have this opportunity, and it’s my privilege it’s really in my heart to be here today to share a few things that might make an impact in your life, you know. 


Because, like Pastor John just said, we need light. We need light in our spiritual lives, but we must apply the light to our daily lives as well. If you’re willing to open an area of your life to the Lord, then He will show you stuff. But if you’re not willing to open the area, then He will just stand there and wait for you to open the area, you know? So, let’s determine to open up our lives, open up our hearts, and look past me. Look at the Lord. Look at the Holy Spirit. Pray for me. I’ll pray for you. It’s not about the person here, it’s about what He wants for your life, and it’s about obedience, you know. 


The first thing that you ever received from the Lord, who can tell me what the first thing was? Earthly thing, that you ever received from the Lord? It’s your body. Yeah. You came out of your mother, you didn’t even have clothes on. You had nothing, but you had your body. So, your body was the first thing that God gave you. So, do you think that the way you treat the first thing God gave you might have an impact on your finances or on anything else in your life? Because you’re a steward of this thing that He gave you, this body. Okay? You see, and religion always wants to tell us, that people like what we call ‘No-fault religion.’ You know? “Whatever happens, it’s God’s will.” I hope there’s nobody in this church that believes that. You know? I feel I’m in a good church here. Because, you know, when I lived in Canada, they had this vehicle insurance called ‘No-fault insurance.’ I mean, “You can be the guilty party, but it doesn’t matter who’s guilty. We pay everybody.” You know? But in reality, it doesn’t work that way. You have a responsibility that God gives you, and if you take up the responsibility and you start doing things according to what He wants you to do, you’ll reap rewards.


So we have to get away from this false concept that, you know – “Whatever happens to my body, you know, it’s just the will of God.” God’s will is good. If bad stuff happens to your body, it’s not God’s will. And, Sometimes bad stuff can happen, it’s beyond your control but we have faith, and we can fight back. But many times, bad stuff happens, and it’s entirely in our control. And for me, it was a long journey. I’m a medical doctor. I used to work in emergency units in Canada. I’m also a pastor, I have a church. So, when I’m in front of a pulpit, I’m not sure what direction I should go. Should I preach now, or should I talk about health? You know? So, you have to have your faith out for me, and I’m also a farmer. I have a farm, and we farm with grains and cattle and we have vegetable gardens and fruit trees and stuff like that. So, it’s a… And in all of this, for me, it’s about getting God’s wisdom. It’s about getting God’s wisdom because He knows. You know? Even if I don’t know the answer to something, God knows the answer. And that’s been my conviction. Even as a medical student, I would, I would be with a patient, and I would see it that they’re giving up on this patient. And I would sit with the guy, because I knew, you know, God knows the answer, you know? There is an answer.


I remember when on the first day when I arrived at Jerry Savelle’s Bible School in 2, in 1998, I went to JSMI in the United States. And there was… Then you know, there was this, first day when they were introducing us and had some of the previous class come to speak to us.


And the one guy that came to speak to us was a neurosurgeon. This guy was a professor in neurosurgery. I mean, that’s pretty pretty medical, you know? And he just completed JSMI. And, he told us his whole life story and his testimony and stuff, but what struck me the most was he said that when he started discovering, the power of God, the power of faith. He would start preaching, he would start praying for sick people in the hospital that previously, He would just close their eyes and sign the death certificate. I mean, that that was his, I mean, neurosurgery, you know? It’s like…


And he would start praying for this 85-year-old man, you know? And as he prayed for him, the power of God started flowing, and he could see from his feet upwards, and the guy was revived. It’s amazing, you know? So, we have to understand we’re more than just a body. We are not a body. We are a spirit, and we live in a body, and we have a soul.


But the body is the vessel. That’s your earth suit. Okay? You need this thing to be here, and God has a purpose for your life. He has a plan for your life that He wants to fulfil. But if you are going to be disobedient in certain areas, your life might be shorter than it should have been, And you might not entirely fulfil what He wanted to do.


And I remember, in my life, it came a long way. I was overweight as a child. I remember I was in primary school and my mother would take me to Weight Watchers, you know? You know, it was… They have to weigh your food. And there were weird and wonderful diets that came and went.


I remember this one diet that my aunt bought the book, The Beverly Hills Diet, for my mother. And in The Beverly Hills Diet, you would eat papaya for 3 days. That’s the only food for 3 days. And the night of the third day, you could eat steak as much as you like, and then it comes pineapple for 3 days. You know? And you’re so tired, you just lie there. You get knocked out. You know? Anything to lose some weight, you know?


But you see, you need God’s wisdom. You need to ask God to help you, you know, because He has the wisdom, He made this body, He understands this body. Your goal has to be to please Him in whatever you do. 


I remember when I was a houseman, we lived in flats outside of Pretoria West where all the houseman’s lived and I was so out of shape, I would buy the groceries… Now, I would get the grocery packets, there were two flights of stairs, and when I got to the top, I was out of breath and I realised something was wrong. I’m young, you know. I’m in my mid-20s. What’s going on here? And I realised that I would start this exercise program and then I would stop again or I would injure myself, or whatever, you know. 


It all goes back to the Fruit of the Spirit. The 9 Fruit of the Spirit are actually the 9 forces. I call them the forces of the Spirit. In Proverbs chapter 4, it says, guard your heart more than anything because out of it flow the forces of life. Now, those forces are the 9 forces; love, joy, peace… those are life forces. And one of them is self-control. Another one is faithfulness. 


So, I decided, okay, I’m going to… I was listening to the Word, you know, and I was listening to Brother Copeland and he had this thing about a decision of quality. And I knew I needed to do this because I was drinking coffee. It just frustrated me to use a normal cup. I mean, you have to walk all the… I would get that 500ml thing there, you know, and I would click these Candarel things in there and I would drink coffee until it comes out of your pores and you can smell it after a while, you know. Because with medical studies, you have to go through the nights and stuff and you would use the caffeine to get you going. And I realised, okay, this is wrong. This is definitely, I mean, you don’t need a PhD to know is not doing your body any good.


So, I was listening to Brother Copeland and said, okay, I’m going to do this now. I took the coffee and I did what he did; I said, “As long as I live with the Holy Spirit as my Helper and the angels as my servants, I will not drink another cup of coffee.” This is not for everybody, but I knew, for me, I had to do something radical. Because it was totally addicted and, you know, it was a big problem and I couldn’t just go halfway with this. So, I did it and it worked. It was a breakthrough. You know, sugar and coffee was the big thing for me that I had to cut off first. 


Then, I said, okay, I have to exercise, but I have to be faithful in my program. It doesn’t help me to exercise like crazy for 2 weeks and then stop again, you know. I wanted to commit, but I wanted to make a commitment that I could keep. So, I committed to the Lord that I would do my exercise bike for 5 minutes every day. I thought, okay, 5 minutes sounds like I can handle 5 minutes. I would actually put on my tracksuit, my tekkies, everything, get on the bike for 5 minutes – get off. I did what I said I was going to do. For me, it was more about the Fruit of the Spirit, the faithfulness, and sticking to my commitment, than how much exercise I was getting. Because my problem was not the amount of exercise, it was my lack of commitment and my vacillating all the time.


And then gradually what I did then because it was so boring on the exercise bike and, of course, I know out of a word point of view what to do; I put on my headphones, and I had a word of faith teaching for 5 minutes while I was pedalling. Then gradually because I liked the teaching, I would pedal longer on the bike. And still, my commitment was only 5 minutes so I mean, I went to 10 and 15 not that it went into an hour, you know, but I started losing weight, becoming fit. 


And then I started asking the Lord about my diet, and it was just one little thing, one little thing, He didn’t take me beyond what I was willing to do or capable, able of doing, but I remember seeing, that I was praying about what I had to do with my diet, and I just saw this vision of a salad. And I knew my problem was with the evenings because the evenings, you know, you sit there and the fridge calls you, you know?


So, I knew I had to eat something more healthy in the evenings because during the day, it wasn’t that big of a problem; you had a routine, you know, you would eat your food and go on, but the evenings you know? And that’s food that you eat right before you go to bed. I mean, you’re not expanding the energy. You’re just bunking it. 


So, I saw this vision of the salad, and I was obedient and I immediately went down to the grocery store and bought everything I saw in my vision. I’m going to make this salad. Every night from then on, we started making this salad, this big salad. And I started eating this big salad every night. Just little things like that, you know, I’m not telling you to do the same thing. I’m just telling you I had a journey where I had to be obedient step by step, in order to get different results in my body. And over the years, I mean, God taught me more things and more things and more things as time went by, but it all started with these small things; with little seeds of obedience, of building faithfulness to a program, building self-control because that was my problem. 


It’s a spiritual problem if you’re lacking self-control. It’s a spiritual problem if you’re lacking faithfulness. It’s a spiritual problem, and it’s a word problem if you’re ignorant. I mean, you have to know God’s will. Faith begins where the will of God is known and the wonderful thing is God’s will is amazing. His will is good. Don’t let religious people talk you out of God’s will. 


I mean, Galatians chapter 1 verses 3 and 4. It’s one of my favorites, I want to read you some scripture before, there’s enough time to get into the technical stuff, but I want to just give you some scripture here to put down this basis because the big question always is, “Why?” “Why do I have to do this?” “Why can’t I just eat anything that lies still?” Okay? We have to be open. Once the ‘why’ is there, then the motivation is there.


So, Galatians 1 verse 3 and 4 says, 3 grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, 4 who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father (Galatians 1:3-4 KJV). Hallelujah. 


You see, that is the will of God that you be delivered from this present evil world. If there’s something evil in this world, it’s disease. Disease is one of the evils in this world. It comes to steal. It comes to kill. It comes to destroy. So, people say, “Why doesn’t God do something?” Primarily because He’s already done something. The question is not why is God not doing something. The question is why are you not receiving it? You see, it’s the direction that you point the finger in. You know?


Romans 5 verse 17, and this is the thing that the Lord is dealing with me at the moment and for quite a while. It says, Romans 5:17, 17 For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive, circle the word receive, abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign – who shall reign? (Romans 5:17 KJV). They that receive, not all Christians, they that receive. It’s your ability to receive – that’s the bottom line. 


You know what God’s will is. You see, the devil wants to stop you from receiving. Your own flesh wants to stop you from receiving. We have to develop the art of receiving. In order to receive, there are a lot of things that come into play. I cannot have a conscience, a sin consciousness, and receive. That’s why the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 10; if a sacrifice could be found that was a good enough sacrifice, then we only need one of those sacrifices. And if a sacrifice could be found, that was a good enough sacrifice, we would have no more consciousness of sins. No more sin consciousness. Who knows we have found such a sacrifice that was good enough so that you don’t need to have any sin consciousness? You stand perfect before God so you can receive.


You see, all of those things have been built into your spiritman. Another thing, is to get out of the curse into the blessing you need joy. It says in Isaiah 55; you shall go out with joy. Out of what? The context is out of the curse. So, you have to get joy. You have to get love, you have to get peace. All of these things are in the whole art of receiving because many times I’m confronted with people. People sit in front of me who have cancer or some kind of disease that’s very serious and the medical establishment told them there’s nothing to be done. And they are Christians, and they say, “I’m believing. I’m not sure why God is not doing something.” You know? So, this is the answer. You have to be able to receive. The receiver, we have to work on the receiver. There’s nothing wrong with the sender. The sender is perfect. 


The sender is sending, I mean, that’s exactly that scripture that pastor John quoted this morning in Ephesians 1, he said, enlighten the eyes of my mind that I may know the power that flows toward those that believe. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead. It’s available. It says in Ephesians 1, that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is available, and it flows towards those that believe. It flows towards the receiver. If you make yourself a receiver, you don’t have a problem. Amen. You don’t have a problem. Just become a receiver. 


But in order to be a receiver, I have to have joy. I have to have love. The more love I have, the more joy I have, the more peace I have, the more self-control I have, the more faithfulness I have, the better receiver I become. That’s why I have to work on these things. You know? 


So, the same thing with my body. I mean, I have to receive God’s wisdom, and I have to react. If the Holy Spirit tells you, “Don’t drink that particular soft drink anymore,” and you say, “I’m not going listen, that’s the devil.” You’re going to confuse yourself, and He won’t tell you another thing. He will not tell you another thing because He’s already told you one thing, and you are disobedient. So, why would He tell you a second thing? 10 years later, He would still be waiting for you to obey that one thing.


He says you have to be obedient, and, fortunately, He’s very gracious. In my life, like, for us, it was simple things. The one thing He told me in the beginning, He told us to stop eating so much canned food because we were students and everything was canned. Everything was canned, you know, it was just convenient. But it’s sort of dead in a certain sense, you know. And we had to just buy more fresh fruits. So that was a simple thing, we started obeying that.


Then my favourite restaurant in Canada was the Red Lobster. Bottomless, whatever, shellfish. And then the Lord said, “No, it’s not your favourite restaurant anymore.” I said, “Lord, I don’t like the Red Lobster anymore,” now I go to another place. See, but I was obedient because shellfish are full of contaminants. I mean, it’s like little filters in the ocean, one shellfish will filter 200 litres of seawater, and all, heavy metals and stuff that’s been wasted in that area will get into the shellfish first. So, it’s a very contaminated thing to eat, you know. 


Now I’m not making laws out of this. I mean, if you get invited to somebody and they have prawns in front of you, you know, I would pray and then eat it. But I will not go and actually buy it for us, it’s not on my menu list because I realised this is not a very healthy food. 


And there are many misconceptions about what is healthy. Sometimes people sit in front of me and say, “Doc, I’m really healthy, my diet.” I say, “You are, are you? Now let’s hear what you have to say.” And then his idea or her idea of what’s healthy and my idea is totally different. But I’m not criticizing because I used to have the same misconceptions. And it was step by step by step that the Lord took me through this. And I was open to learn, open to hear and then open to be obedient to what He told me to do.


And it is such a blessing. It is an amazing blessing to feel good inside of your body and to have a good brain that can concentrate and remember, to have energy, to have strength and that’s God’s will. We have to work towards that, you know. Ja, Amen. Hallelujah.


So, ja, one of the people who influenced me a lot – I want to give you this testimony. There was this man called Dr Carey Reams. He was a biochemist, a very brilliant man that did…. and I got hold of his stuff concerning agriculture, and he was into growing vegetables and growing fruits and stuff. And this man was amazing, he could grow vegetables and fruit like in the garden of Eden. I mean, it’s just amazing – the insight God gave this man.


And the genetic potential in vegetables and fruit is way, way beyond what we even think. I mean, we used to maybe have corn that has a protein content of maybe 8 percent – maybe 10 percent if you lucky. He grew corn with a protein content of nearly 20 percent – double. One of the ways that you can measure nutrition is what we call a Brix count. So, we have a little instrument that is often used by winemakers. They take a drop of juice of whatever fruit or vegetable you have, you put it on the slide and then it measure light refraction. So, you can look through the peephole and get a reading. And he made a chart, Dr Reams that shows you all vegetables, whether tomatoes or eggplant or whatever – poor, average, good excellent, and that is according to the Brix count. And the Brix count reflects mineral sugars. Now, again, we really have to have faith now, because pre-conceived ideas we have to get out of the way. 


What about sugar? Why do we like sugar? We were actually made to like sugar because sugar can be extremely healthy. But, sugar can also be extremely unhealthy. So, in nature, If I look at nature, what is the predominant colour in plants? It’s green. Green is beautiful in nature. And what is the green colour? It is chlorophyll, and what is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a sugar factory – that is what chlorophyll is. So, would God make nature a sugar factory if sugar was so bad? No. 


You see, it is what we make out of sugar and the way we change it that makes it bad. So, the chlorophyll takes sunlight, and it takes carbon dioxide which is what you exhale and it makes a sugar molecule – six carbons in a row. Then it binds that sugar molecule to minerals; it starts by this binding process in the plant. First, it binds to phosphate, then comes calcium, then comes up to sixty-six trace elements – phosphate makes the sugar mobile in the plant and it starts moving up and down in the sap of the plant, and it gathers trace elements, trace elements, trace elements.


So, that’s what we call a mineral sugar. It’s a mineral sugar. So, if you look at longevity zones where people live the longest in the world, there’s this Netflix series called The Blue Zones. Don’t know if you’ve seen that on National Geographic. So, the Blue Zones were just 5 areas in the world where people were, identified to live very long and healthy.


Dan Butner wrote a book on the blue zones. And, when you go to these blue zones, what you find, is they have a strong tradition of growing their own food, of how they live, and it’s very tasty food. I remember I was at a cancer conference in Venice nearly 10 years ago, and there was this market by the Grand Canal. And, there were vegetables, fruit, amazing, and there was a little melon, and I could smell the melon from about there. I thought this melon, I’m gonna buy today. €2, I don’t care. I’m gonna buy this melon because it looks delicious. So, I bought the melon, and it was the sweetest melon I ever had. Just amazing. It had a wax seal and a number, and it was from a blue zone. The people live a very long time. So, the sweetest fruit was the healthiest one. See the paradox? Because it delivers the most mineral energy to the body. The body needs mineral energy.


Now if you take sugar that’s refined, how much mineral does that deliver to your body? Zero. So, that’s deceitful meat. So, they deceive you because deceitful meat – they would take sugar and put it into anything, and it tastes good to your brain Because your brain was wired to recognize these mineral sugars that deliver energy and mineral energy. And now the brain likes sweets, it will eat all the sweets, but there are no minerals.


In fact, because there are no minerals being delivered, it comes to strip minerals out of your body. So, we know that with soft drinks, not only does the sugar strip the mineral, they like to add phosphoric acid. You should read labels sometimes. Phosphoric acid is added. They found that in one study done in the United States that teenage girls who drink 4 or 5 soft drinks a day have a hugely increased risk of breaking a bone when they fall versus ones who did not take the soft drinks because not only does the sugar strip mineral, the phosphoric acid will take calcium out as well.


And you’re being sold this, you know, because the media… They will have ads you know, advertisements and stuff, and work of your brain, your mind, it’s, oh, this is cool. I must drink more of the soft drink. But gradually it just demineralizes your body, demineralizes the body. You know? You don’t want that.


So, in nature, it’s about mineral sugars. So, sweet is not bad, but it must come from real fruit, real vegetables that were grown properly, and to be eaten in the right combinations in the right way, they’re very important. So, we were in the Ikaria, which is in the blue zone, a few weeks ago. Then we attended some of the cooking classes and all the stuff they had there. It’s just amazing to see, how strong and healthy these people are and what they do.


They have a lot of vegetables. I mean, they ate a wide variety of vegetables. And the interesting thing is that your body has something called a microbiome. So, the microbiome would be the good germs in your body, and these good germs are very important to keep your body healthy. And the wider your variety of vegetables, the wider the spectrum of good germs in your body becomes, and it really protects you against bad germs.


So, they would eat a wide variety of vegetables – that’s one thing they would do, but they would cook it very nicely. The problem with some of the vegetables; we buy poor quality vegetables that have a low Brix, it’s low. They don’t have flavour, they don’t have sweetness, they have nothing, they have grown the wrong way. And, like, in my case, my dad had high blood pressure at a young age, due to some problem, and the doctor told my mother, “No salt in the diet.” So, my mother would not put any salt into any of the vegetables. So, it was this purely watery, no salt vegetables. So, we didn’t really like it, you know?


But now, if I go to Ikaria and I see the way they cook their vegetables, it’s amazing, the flavour. Now, I have grown some of my own vegetables. I’ve grown asparagus with a Brix that’s three or four times higher than the ones you buy at the store. It tastes completely different. You can’t imagine the difference in taste. If you get a tomato, like, if you check the Brix of a tomato that you buy in the store, it’s oftentimes about four or six. Reams grew it, a tomato of Brix of 20°Bx. That would be four times more sugar. Imagine the effect on the flavour in that tomato. It’s a completely different food, and what they found was, as they kept doing the agricultural methods that he recommended over and over, there would be a sudden change in the plants, And the genetic potential would come out that they didn’t know existed in the plant. The one guy grew, wheat, and he did this process over and over and over, and suddenly, the wheat seeds… his harvest doubled in one season, because they became twins, there was like a genetic thing that came out in the wheat. The protein content skyrocketed. The nutrient value skyrocketed. The flavour was amazing. People actually enjoyed eating it, and it would fill you where you feel satisfied. You see?


So, that’s, just thinking about food, that’s the bottom line. That’s the thing that we are being deceived in, in the fact that we’re eating factory food, that’s poorly grown, it doesn’t satisfy you. We realise something is missing. We need sugar, because they’re low Brix, and then we eat sugar, and that just upsets our blood sugar. And there’s this whole imbalance that’s happening, and it’s killing people, you know? You see the darkness there? And you have to realise this darkness and then get through that, get to the other side where healthy food is, where a healthy lifestyle is, but it starts with myself. I can’t blame the system. I can’t blame anybody else. I have to be open. I have to be open to hear and to to apply these things. Amen. 


So, Doctor Reams eventually, put together this equation for perfect health after his studies in Biochemistry and Physiology and stuff. And he tested people… urine, the saliva, all things that he, you know, he that he experimented with until he found this this this perfect equation and a test that he can do to see where somebody’s at. And so, I learned the system from Doctor Sandy Beta from California that worked on the Reams, and I started applying it.


And I was amazed because now I had knowledge about medicine. I had knowledge about also integrative medicine where I would look at people’s, blood tests in a little bit different light, looking what functionality not just pathology. And, also, I had this knowledge that Reams have gained, and then I could put the puzzle together and see why somebody is suffering from the disease they are suffering. So, the number one reason for heart attacks and stroke, and that’s very common today. The number one reason is dehydration, not cholesterol, okay it’s lack of water. And what happens is that your body produces salts internally, we call it biochemical salts. There are 48 different biochemical salts produced in my body as part of the normal turnover, of cells.


And if my body produces more salt than average because of some conditions, the salt level will rise. And if I don’t drink enough water, the salts will remain high in my serum, in my plasma, and in my blood, and it’ll start gradually burning the lining of the arteries. Now, cholesterol will go and sit there to sort of soothe the problem. But to say that cholesterol is causing it is very much like saying, house fires are caused by red trucks. That’s the kind of science we have today. We did a very thorough double-blind study. It’s published in several, prestigious journals that house fires are caused by red trucks because every single house fire we were at mostly had a red truck standing there. It’s obvious – don’t ignore the science. This is the science that doctors believe.


The original studies on cholesterol were done in the early 1900s. They actually took lab animals, And they gave them lots of cholesterol, and they started getting heart attacks. But what they didn’t take into account was the cholesterol they gave them was in open jars on the counter, and it was being oxidized. So, it was not, it was oxidized damaged cholesterol that they were feeding the animals. So, a lot of things that are so-called ‘scientific’ are not as scientific as we think. You have to get God’s wisdom. 


So, the number one reason for getting a heart attack, you’ll notice that more heart attacks occur in summer when people are more dehydrated. So, by drinking water according to my weight and my needs, I can lower my conductivity reading, and I take the stress off my arteries. They’re not burning anymore from the high salts. Also, the high conductivity, if I’m not drinking enough water, it’s a bit like amps. It will damage your nervous system too and you can find that your small nerves are affected first. You start itching and twitching. People get twitches and they get itches, you know, and that’s because of the small nerves being damaged by the high conductivity reading. Again, they need water, just water. You can drink too much water. You can’t just say, drink 6 glasses a day because you get a 50-kilogram woman, lady, and a 150-kilogram man. They can’t drink the same amount of water. 


So, Ream’s Formula is based on Americans, you have to go back and forth between pounds and kilograms. He said you take the weight in pounds divided by 2, and that’s the amount of ounces a day. So, if you’re 100 kilograms, that’s 220 pounds, it’s a 110 ounces a day, an ounce is nearly 30 millilitres. It’s easy to calculate. It’s about 3 litres a day that a 100-kilogram person needs. But a 50-kilogram person between 1.5 litres a day. Now we check connectivity readings in the urine, and if it’s very high, we add 20% or we subtract a little bit. But you can calculate exactly how much water somebody needs in a day and have them drink that. And, of course, you have to replace losses. The losses you suffer are not calculated in there. If you’re gonna cycle for an hour, you might lose a litre of water, and you have to replace that, and that’s not part of the calculation. 


So, first of all, water. You can prevent heart attacks. You can prevent strokes by drinking water. And don’t play around with the water, either do it or don’t do it, you know, but don’t go halfway. You know, when I realized how important this is, I decided, okay I must do the water. But you know how it goes. It’s now what we do, we divide it, like in 20. So, it’s on half an hourly dose. So, I had to drink, like, say, half a glass every half an hour or a glass on an hour. And you forget, you know, and you get busy, and all kinds of stuff happen. So, I realized again, that this is my subconscious mind. I have to, I can’t make, I can’t play around with this and I would forget the water. I’m on my way to the farm. I’m 3 or 4 kilometres out of town, and I forgot the water. So, what do I do? I stop the vehicle, I turn around, I go and get it. And I hate being late, you know? But do that twice, and you won’t forget again. You can’t let an exception occur.


I remember Peter Daniels. He… You know Peter Daniels? He was… he’s the, you know him? He’s the biggest donor behind Billy Graham, and he was an illiterate bricklayer. But he became… the Lord called him to a ministry of finances, and he became a billionaire. But, he told his wife once, “I’m through with throwing my clothes on the ground and just leaving them for you to pick up.” He first made her sit down. He said, “I’m gonna apologize to you, and never again are you gonna pick up behind me.” That was his words. So, at that time he lived an hour away. I mean, his work office where he did his real estate business was an hour away from home. And a few weeks later, as he touched the door of his real estate office, he remembered… “My pyjama pants are still on the bathroom floor.” What did he do? He turned around, drove back an hour, picked it up, put it in the basket, and drove back. He had to reschedule all of his appointments for the day. His wife said, “Honey, you could have just called me.” He said, “No. I wouldn’t have any accountability.”


See, that’s your will, and that’s the secret, one of the secrets he discovered that made him a billionaire, and that’s one of the secrets you have to use if you wanna drink water regularly. If it’s just the little thing you gotta try, you might as well not start. Same with the exercise. You must make the commitment and then not let an exception occur. See, then it comes out of the spirit man, and he, the flesh is not in control anymore but the flesh just has to listen. The flesh doesn’t know what is good for it. The flesh will do stuff that ‘ll kill itself. But the spirit has life. It’ll get this flesh into line, and the flesh just has to obey. And the flesh will thrive as a result because it has discipline.


The second reason for heart attacks and strokes is rancid damaged oils. So, you walk through the food court, and you smell them. Those guys don’t use extra virgin olive oil in those deep fry pans, I promise you. My dad farmed with cattle, and then he had to, you know, the farmers are always sort of economical. They wanna save money. You know? So, he would buy this pour-on-deadline stuff. But it was expensive, you can’t throw that neat on a cow. You have to dilute it with something. So, he would go to the corner store, fish and chips, and he would get the old oil that they discarded. And I looked at the stuff and I told him, there’s no need to add deadline. Throw it straight, it’ll kill all the ticks. That’s the stuff they made those deep-fried chips in. It’s rancid. It’s damaged oils. You know? No anti-oxygen, nothing will save your arteries from that, if you’re eating that kind of stuff.


And, I mean, there was actually and I’m gonna quote that directly from a study. It was a huge study done in England called the Framington Heart Study. So, I know I’m on thin ice, but I’m gonna just quote directly from the study. At the conclusion of this Framingham heart study, the researcher said the following words, “When you see the golden arches, you are close to the pearly gates.” Enough said.


That was his official conclusion, “When you see the golden arches, you are close to the pearly gates.” After studying thousands of people with heart attacks. So, I think those are the 2 most important causes today for clogging up your arteries. And if you have, I mean, in a large sense today, you are as old as your arteries. If you can keep your arteries open, you will live for a very long time.


So, drink your water. Avoid trans fatty acids, damaged fats. Rather think about the people in Ikaria, in Sardinia, the longevity guys. They use only extra virgin olive oil. That’s what they use, undamaged oils. And, it’s not that oils are bad for us. Such misconceptions. “Fat is bad. Oil is bad.” It’s wrong. It’s not bad. God didn’t say he would eat the fat of the land because he wanted to kill you. No. The land of milk and honey. Some people think that’s a terrible idea. “Shouldn’t be milk and honey. They are both bad.” They’re not bad. It depends on how you use them. It depends on the quality of them. So, that is important.


Now if somebody gets a stroke or a heart attack. How to treat it? Let’s start with a stroke. Mostly a stroke would be what we call embolic. It’ll be a clot. A tiny clot could come from the heart, or it could come from anywhere along the blood vessels going to the brain, and suddenly that clot would break loose. It’ll occlude a blood vessel, and the person would have weakness on the one side. Face, the arm would fall. You know?


So, what I’ve done, I’ve used Oxygen therapies to great advantage. I had a lady call me, well, the husband called me. She had a stroke at the lunch table in our town. I said, “Bring her right away.” So, they wheeled her in, with the wheelchair. I gave her a peroxide drip, and she got off the bed an hour later and walked perfectly normal with zero side effects. Just amazing. So, you can use oxygen therapies. You can use peroxide, ozone, and hyperbaric oxygen. They all work pretty well the same. Hyperbaric oxygen, all of those can in the early stages, you can reverse, completely, a stroke. If nothing else works, you can basically- like, I had a call from a colleague the other day, and his mother is in Europe, and she suffered a stroke while under surgery, and asked what to do. And I said, well, take a glass with distilled water with 10 drops of 3% peroxide in there, and give it to her, the drink on an empty stomach. Very cheap, very easy. And that’ll immediately have the same effect as hyperbaric oxygen. It’ll up the oxygen tension, and it can make a difference.


My own dad did a stroke years ago, and, he was basically his arm was hanging like this. [Dr. Gerrie indicating how his arm was paralyzed] So, I gave him his 1st peroxide drip halfway through the drip his arm got up, and he started moving again. And we got him to the point where he actually functioned again, where you couldn’t see that he had a stroke.


I had patients who had a stroke 14 months or more than a year before I saw them with total paralysis on the one side, and I would give them peroxide drips and they would basically – a few days later have a huge improvement with maybe some – so what happens there, even though that is a stroke, there’s a central area that’s now dead. You know. But there is an area around that called the ischemic penumbra where the cells still live, but they can’t function. And this upping, you can either use the hyperbaric-oxygen or whatever method to get the oxygenation up and the cells start functioning again. So, it is interesting.


Another way to eat blood clots is with enzymes. Even conventional medicine uses enzymes. When I used to work in the emergency unit, we would get a patient with a heart attack – a classic heart attack. I had this one case, I must tell you, I was working in Canada, and I was – we were two doctors at this central hospital and I was on-call. So, the patient comes in, a French-Canadian guy, a classic heart attack. So, I gave him what we call the clot-buster. It’s like an enzyme that eats the clot. Now, the risk you running is that the moment the clots digested, there is a pool of blood that’s now – that didn’t circulate, behind that clot that suddenly comes into circulation. And that clot – that blood is full of waste products and that will throw the rhythm of the heart out, and that happened to this guy. The next moment he just fell with a cardiac-arrest. Okay, so I remember now, that’s one way if you meditate the Word.


You know, when somebody has a cardiac-arrest, there is no time to go to your handbook, page 58. What should we do again? No. You have to know what to do immediately. You know. And that’s the same in the Word of God. You have to meditate the Word because if something happens, you can’t so what – what am I supposed to say again? Just, you have to already – it must be in here. [Dr Gerrie, indicating to his heart] So, in any case, I went to this guy and fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. I shocked him. And when I shocked him, he was back and we stabilised him, and I sent him off to the big city where the cardiologist took care of him. 


Then he came back later and then he wanted to talk to me. And I said, “Come”, and he said, “Doctor, I wanna share something with you”, I said, “Share”. He said, “I saw you”, I said, “What do you mean you saw me?” He said, “From above, when you shocked me.” He said, “I was – I was looking down on my body, and I saw how you shocked me.” Yeah. “And the moment you shocked me, it was a light, and I was back in my body.” I said – he wasn’t born again – I said, “Listen here pell – you had a chance. I wanna tell you about Jesus.” You know. And I prayed with him., you know. But he had a chance.


But in any case, now, there was this doctor in Germany, Doctor Hans Nieper. The famous doctor. He was actually a brilliant man. There was a – there was a book written about his life, The Curious Man, The Life of Hans A. Nieper. He was into cancer research – he was into cardiology research, all kinds of stuff. At one time, the Head of the FDA in the United States prohibited his stuff in the United States.


They prohibited people from getting it, because he was treating cancer patients and stuff, they didn’t like that. Then his mother, the head of the FDA’s mother, got cancer, so he immediately legalized the stuff again. It recently came to bear that, Ronald Reagan, when he was sitting president, got colon cancer, but nobody knew this, it was top secret. Guess what they did with Ronald Reagan? They flew him to Germany to see Hans A. Nieper. It became available on the Protection Information Act that this had to be made known.


In any case, Nieper had another, system that he used for treating heart attacks. They would use oral enzymes, and they would protect the cardiac muscle by giving a mixture of enzymes that are fibrinolytic enzymes. It’s enzymes that’ll eat clots. So, they would actually, you can use this preventative.


So, when I get a patient that’s very high risk, I think okay, this guy hasn’t drank the water for many years. He likely has some plaque sitting there, and he’s getting some borderline chest pains, and I’m a little bit concerned about whether he’s going to get a sudden cardiac event. I would give him the oral enzymes by Hans A. Nieper, which will be… there are enzymes, like Bromelion out of pineapple, and there are enzymes like Nattokinase out of fermented soy. There’s Verbenzyme, which is a German enzyme. So, you take these enzymes on an empty stomach, and they get into the bloodstream, and they will not thin your blood. That’s the nice thing.


They don’t thin the blood, so you don’t get a bleeding problem. But if any clot wants to form, it just eats it. There are other enzymes. There’s an enzyme that was discovered by Nieper, called Seraflazime or Serapeptidase. So, they looked at the silkworm. The silkworm moth would wet the side of the cocoon and then get out, which is actually amazing if you think about it because silk is one of the strongest materials known to man. Obviously, there’s an enzyme produced that digests the silk. But the question is, why doesn’t the enzyme digest the wings of the moth? Because these wings are extremely delicate. So, the wings will be soaked in the enzyme. It doesn’t digest, but the silk digests.


They found that there is a bacterium that lives in the silkworm moth called Serrascia bacteria that makes this enzyme. It’s specific for dead tissue. It doesn’t do anything to living tissue. So, Nieper took people who had occlusion of the coronary of the carotid arteries. So, they would have this; you have these four arteries that go up to your brain. These front ones get occluded, maybe, in some people.


Some of the guys were so bad they had, like, 90% occlusion. The guy would sit in his vehicle, and he would he would look to back out of the driveway and pass out every time because just the turning of his head would occlude his neck permanently. So, Nieper gave them Serraflazyme orally. After 18 months, it was completely open. Now isn’t that safer than going for surgery? That has a 25% chance of leaving you with a stroke afterwards. I mean, you’re gambling, you know?


So, they did another study where they took people that went into the emergency in Germany with a cardiac–with a heart attack. Half of them, they’re allowed into the hospital to be treated. In the other half, they gave certain enzymes. The outcome was; that of the ones that got the enzymes, 90% recovered, and the ones that went in the hospital, 60% recovered. So, interesting.


But for me, I use the enzyme therapy when I have somebody who’s already high risk. Maybe they’ve, you know, had this problem for years. You know, there’s already some blockage taking place, but you can actually reverse this. And I had patients that actually took me up on the offer and they went for a 3D scan, showing the cholesterol plaques, and then they did the therapy for 18 months, and it showed the resolution of the plaques on the subsequent scan. So, you can actually digest the plaque, get it out of the body that way. But that’s not what modern medicine wants. It’s not what makes money in the hospitals. Okay? So, we have to pray. We have to really pray because the devil doesn’t want you well, and he will darken people’s understanding and it’ll be good people sometimes, but they have darkened understanding. They just believe conventional and that’s it. You know? 


They’re trying with all these regulations to, to block this kind of natural therapies, but let’s be open. Let’s see what actually works and what doesn’t work. I mean, it’s about the results, isn’t it? Not about patents and about what makes the most money, you know? But they will be so subtle, that they say, “Well, there’s no proof. There’s no study.” I remember I was with a bunch of doctors in Arizona, and we were addressed by a lady of the NIH because we had a cancer therapy that we wanted to boost because we thought it’s a good therapy. And she said the following; she said, “You, as doctors, have to do a study that shows it works.” So, one of the docs asked a few questions, he said, “Who is to fund the study?” She said, “You have to.” “How much will it cost?” “A billion dollars.” So, we looked around, there was nobody with a billion extra. So, then, then we asked her the following question; “what would be the positive outcome result of the study? Survival?” She said, “No, shrinkage.”


So, according to the study that succeeds in their eyes; it’s not about how long you live. It’s about whether you can shrink or not, the cancer. Even if the guy lives three times longer, it’s a failure. If the cancer didn’t shrink. Even if the guy dies promptly after the shrinkage, it’s a success.


So, you know, yeah. We need prayer, you know because there is so much more out there that can help people and save their lives, but there are other interests that we have to pray and then ask the Lord for breakthroughs, you know? Where we have freedom to do it… There are many people who have amazing therapies that just don’t have the freedom to do them or to make it widely known because they will be clamped down on. You know if they make it widely known. In the meantime people are dying, you know. Okay, so that is a little bit about the most common heart attack, strokes. So, many people, we have dads, we have mothers we have grandads that get a stroke or heart attack and in the meantime it is unnecessary. Something could have been done to prevent it. Something could have been done to treat it you know. We have to have this knowledge. 


Cancer. The most common cancers we see today are breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Those kind of cancers. Again entirely preventable cancers. So, you start with breast cancer, maybe the most common one I see. And sometimes I see woman in their twenties with breast cancer. It is amazing. So, it is actually very simple. There are two reasons. One basic reason, you can use it for the following. There are contaminants in the environment, and the contaminants come from chemicals like soft plastics that they wrap food in. Pesticides, insecticides all those kind of things that is in the food chain and this blocks the detoxification pathways in the body.


So, you have an imbalance between the two main female hormones. The one is called estrogen and the other is called progesterone. And people accept what is not normal as normal. I always tell the ladies that the normal cycle is 28 days. No PMS allowed. No breast tenderness allowed. If you have any PMS or any breast tenderness, it is abnormal and you have to treat it. Most of them will tell you. “No, I have PMS, I had breast tenderness. I bleed for a week.” I say, “It is not normal.” The primary reason that happens is because of a relative lack of progesterone in the second half of the cycle. It could be that both hormones are deficient or both hormones are out. 


You can very simply give a little bit of natural progesterone in the last ten days of the cycle and all the PMS goes away and the breast tenderness disappears. Immediately you have reduced the risk for breast cancer. The other thing that causes breast cancer is the lack of iodine. Iodine is a trace element. Okinawa Japan has sixty thousand people older than a hundred. So, imagine Ellis Park is two-thirds full of hundred-year-olds. They are not lying on beds, they are running around in parks. This one lady was 102 and they had an interview with her and she said, “Well the next phase of my life is now approaching, I am going to learn English and tour the world.” Yeah, at a hundred and two. I mean, that is the way to go.


So, they have virtually zero breast cancer, but the average intake of iodine is 50 milligrams per day. For 50,000 micrograms per day, it’s huge. I have seen that you can shrink cysts in the breast with iodine within a month. And, if you do a mammogram and they say, “Look at cystic breasts,” with lumps, usually, we give the iodine for about 18 months, and we repeat it. It will be gone. Completely gone, all the cysts. 


The problem is conventional medicine doesn’t do something like that. They would just say, “Well, you’d better come for a yearly mammogram.” And they don’t realize that 1 mammogram has the same radiation exposure than a 1000 chest X-rays. So, the question is why you maybe you’re getting what you’re searching for. I mean, they even there are studies showing that women of scoliosis get more breast cancer because they get X-rays all the time. X-ray, X-ray, X-ray. So, this 1 radiologist in Canada developed a led bra that’s open in the middle so they could do the scoliosis X-rays without exposing the breast over and over and over to radiation. 


So, you can you can cure, that polycystic with, iodine and the correct hormonal treatment, and you can have it perfect. Each organ in the body has what we call a lodestone element. There’s a specific mineral that’ll be the centre of each particular organ in your body. So, for instance, the thyroid needs iodine and glands in general need iodine. That’s why women need more iodine because they have breasts. If you have a lack of iodine, you will have problems sweating. If you’re unable to sweat, you have a problem. You have a higher cancer risk because you are iodine deficient. So, you can use iodine but iodine is the lowest element for the thyroid. The lowest element in the brain is potassium.


The lowest element for the ovaries is manganese. Manganese. So, why do we see ovarian cancer? Because of a manganese deficiency. All seedless fruits are seedless because they are manganese deficient. The reason they are seedless is because the food has been bred not to allow manganese inside of it. So, that’s why we see sperm accounts down 400%. Because of the manganese deficiency. Doctor Ream said, “It’s impossible for somebody to get prostate or, I mean, testicular or ovarian cancer if there’s enough manganese in the diet.” But now everything’s seedless this, seedless that, seedless that, and then you’re manganese deficient. So, where do you get manganese in the diet? You get it in seeds. You get it in bee pollen. It’s very high in manganese because it comes from the ovaries of flowers. 


Royal jelly, they feeds the queen bee manganese. Certain nuts, like pecan nuts, are very high in manganese, flax seeds, and then cucumber and cranberries and brown rice, very high in manganese. My wife once made a wonderful Christmas salad with brown rice, wild rice, pecan nuts, and cranberries. I told her this was a manganese bomb. This is manganese, everything in here is sort of manganese, you know. So, manganese, not magnesium, manganese is the element of life. It’s the lodestone element for seed production. 


So, many times when I see somebody with hormonal imbalance, outside of giving the natural hormones to just immediately rectify the balance, I would start feeding them zinc and manganese, and see which trace elements are deficient, and we would give those trace elements. Eventually, they wouldn’t need my support anymore because now everything kicks in. The male hormone goes up, the female hormones go up, and they’re all working the way they should be working, you know, naturally. That’s always the first prize. So, manganese is a very important thing to know about and to get into your diet.


So, obviously, if you’re going to have a junk food diet, you’ll have none of these things. You’re like a sitting duck. Don’t be a sitting duck, you know. The other thing that I want to mention, that you see a lot in the diet of people with low disease risks is colour. Colour. Polyphenols, like the green colour in olive oil, is a polyphenols that are anticancers. 


In Okinawa, where they have the 60,000 old people, they have purple sweet potatoes. They’re famous for their purple sweet potatoes. Again, polyphenols. The Hoppy Indians in Arizona have the lowest cancer risk in the world, 1 in 3,000 gets cancer. This is 1 in 4 in the rest of the United States. Their staple is a blue corn called the hoppy blue. It has 6 polyphenols. Blueberries are what I like to add to my snacks nowadays, you get wild blueberry powder, organic, freeze-dried. Organic freeze-dried berry powder and I add that to my snack, and I up the polyphenol content. 


You want to up colour to your diet. If everything is white – my wife went away once for a few weeks with my daughter for a horse riding competition in the United States, and I was alone. First time in my life, I had to cook again. So, I looked at this plate after a while because I had fish there, but everything was white. It was not very appetising. It was like a white plate. I really appreciated it when my wife came back because I didn’t think about the colour. You need colour. I mean, orange, like you get carrots but sweet potatoes, but the orange one is the better one. It has colour. There’s all the vitamins, butternut, you know. All the berries., they’re very healthy. There’s a berry that’s grown in Oregon in the United States called the black raspberry. You don’t get it in South Africa. It’s not a blackberry, it’s a black raspberry, and it’s grown particularly for its anti-cancer benefit. It has the highest polyphenol content. It’s the reverse these studies have shown that polyphenols will suppress the formation of new blood vessels in cancer cells. Black raspberry – very high in colour. 


So, in nature, we can have the sugar, we can have the colour. They, try to deceive us – they give artificial sugar, artificial colour. So, you have this purple cool drink with a lot of sugar in it. It’s not the same. Okay? You are deceived. You are eating deceitful meals, okay? But you can have the colour, you can have the sugar, you can have everything – if it’s the way God made it. And not only God make it, God’s wisdom.


Remember that the nature out there is not like God made it. You can’t just… “Well, I’m eating a lot of vegetables.” That’s not the way God made them the way they are now. You have to step in there and make them again like God made them. Don’t be deceived. Nature, the way it’s out there is very far from the way God made it. This is not the way the Garden of Eden was. That doesn’t taste the same. It doesn’t do the same. Even though it’s basically the same thing, it’s a descendant. You know? 


But the way you treat that soil, the way you do that foliar feeding, you can skyrocket the nutrients 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 times higher. That’s approaching the Garden of Eden. That’s what we’re after, and it’s quite attainable. Ream showed us. He actually grew watermelons. With the Brix reading was so high, the watermelon… he would let it sit there and dry out like a raisin, and it didn’t go off. The sugar content was too high. It’s amazing. You have never tasted the watermelon like that in your life. We can, we can break a few minutes here. Thank you.


Pastor John:

You know… But no. All, all, all the young people that I’ve been trying to say for a long time, “Let’s eat better.” I think it’s becoming more obvious. We can deal with potential and God’s plan for your life and your assignment for life – every day, every week, we can have focus on your gifts, your callings, your assignment, your potential. We can do all of that. But if we don’t treat this properly, [Pastor John referring to his body] you can cut it short like that. Amen. 


So, I think God’s Giving us a good message. Yes. Yes. Let’s take a 15, 20-minute break, and then we’ll come back. If you have any specific questions for Doctor Gerrie, please give your questions to Miranda. Sorry, Miranda. Please give your questions to Miranda. Send it to her via e-text or whatever, WhatsApp or something. Send her a question, and then we’ll give it to Doctor Gerrie, and we’ll address it in a public forum, you know, he might answer your questions as a holistic answer for many questions. We’ll see how we go. What do you all think? Yes? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Let’s take a break. Thank you.