Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

The Power of the Scarlet Thread

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 31 December 2020
The Power of the Scarlet Thread
A token of the Blood that was shed
A mark I display every morning as I pray
A command I shout out – my whole family, to the enemy – out of bounds
Off limits, you may not come near
Saved from destruction
All for the blood, my prayers you hear
With the Blood, I come bold
To the enemies plans here in my home – I will not fold
I display the Blood for all to see
Like Rahab’s family, we will all go free
Free from destruction, free from death
Free from the world’s ways
Under the Blood, we pass the test
The Blood now speaks hanging from my window frame
The Saviour sees the thread – all the victory, I can now claim
Like the Israelites crossing through the Red Sea
You lead us, assured by the Blood, to Promised Land victory
The Blood shouts out “The price has been paid”
To take every member – no one’s Fire to fade
My Fire to burn red hot once again
Because of My deep red Blood – in your mouth, will fan the flame
Make a demand for your loved ones
Make a demand on the Blood
Salvation comes to your whole household
It rushes in like a flood
No one can stop it as hard as they try
Lift your voice like a trumpet
Shout out to Me with a cry
You have My Word, the Precious Spirit and the Blood
A combination, I assure you, to lift you right out of the mud
A sure place in Me for your family to stand
A place of firm and solid ground
Because you chose to not let go of My hand
Like Rahab who held onto the Blood
The ones that were with her received grace
She was lead and guided on her Ancient Path
To live out her life in her Promised Land Place

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