Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Go Big & Bold with Choices in Moments

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 13 December 2020
I am also having an opportunity here and now
The opportunity to go to the house of the Lord where I am planted
Or to go anywhere close by; because it is Sunday; because my car has a problem
My mind is planning to go to attend ‘a Church Service’ at Pastor that I know they
preach the message of Faith.
Will I decide to go where I want to go?
Will I take my supply of my Spirit and go there?
The reality here is that it’s Sunday and I will not be in the House of the Lord
The Truth is; I am planted at Heritage of Faith
I will enquire of the Lord
I will not take my family to go and here a different message today
The Lord led me to the message of Ps Christi (Elimelech – 29th November 2020)
The fact is that I am facing famine like Elimelech
There is a problem here; my car is broken I can’t go to my Church
Here is a good plan, to go to the Township to attend a one day Church Service
What’s wrong with that? Am I going to remain there? No
But NO, it is permissible to go there; BUT it is not beneficial to me. I call it
This is another Sunday that God is still calling the children
I am that child; I will not mix or dilute my inheritance with some message from another
I Praise God for preparing Ps John to record Messages
I will stay home and watch our Message on the Heritage App or You Tube
The same as you conform to the opportunity to leave your place for a famine
The same will be the result
The enemy will hold on to your rebellion and kill you spiritually
Spiritual death is the Truth
If I go to listen to different message today,
Will I be able to connect and follow the Message which is Planned by God for me?
Before Creation God blessed us with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus (Eph 1:3)
Remember- I am not coming to tick the box, I come to Jesus
Jesus pours out what He has for me from the mouth of the Pastors of Heritage of Faith
my Home
I will shut my own thoughts up and listen to the Lord, my creator who
My life style choices must align with God’s Plans for my life
It is not just a nice saying, God has planted me
A good choice is not God’s choice
I will not glean all over; I will glean in this field – Heritage of Faith, no matter what
I will glean from our field, our Message every week.

Yes I just saw that it may not be possible because of serious reason one day
Oh Lord! Thank You, I can have our God ordained Messages from home Hallelujah!!
I am a son in this house, I will continue to here from Ps John
Yes Ps John; God speaks through Ps John
I am a big little child that God is taking this season. By the help of Holy Spirit this can
be and is possible everyday

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