The Young People – Ps John Bendixen

All these young people, all these young people here.

I want to tell you, now listen to me. I’m telling you now this is from the Spirit of God.

All of these young people, you are going to be a light to the world.

You are going to be a testimony to the world. 

The glory of God is going to rest upon you wherever you go, wherever you go, all the time.

It’s going to be like fire that’s going to be in your mouth.

It’s going to be the light of God that’s going to come out.

It’s going to raise a standard in the world’s system.

You are going to burn people with your love and your life. 

And already your life that you’ve come and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ is already burning.

It’s already making a statement. It’s already doing things in the Spirit realm, that is making

you an unstoppable force.