God’s Jealous of His Children – Ps John Bendixen

Let me tell you something; if you are a lover of God, and you choose God and you desire God, you can express a pure desire in your heart and God will answer it. And no man can stop it because He will make a way to intervene and get it done for you. Hallelujah.

I feel right at this moment led to say this; parents, if God’s calling your children and you and your plan stands in their way, God’s going to get them on His plan, no matter what you say. No matter what you pay and no matter what you say, God is going to get them on His way. Hallelujah. This is a prophetic word spoken to all the parents here today that think that their say is better than God’s way for their children. I’m telling you now God has spoken prophetically this morning; you watch it. God is going to get your children. If you stand in the way, He’s going to move you out of the way or He will move them around what your way is because He’s jealous of His children.

Those people who went disobedient against God around every corner in the wilderness, He said, “Alright, you stay in the wilderness and your carcasses can fall and die in the wilderness. I will take the next generation because they won’t have so much to say about it. They won’t second guess the pastor all the time. They won’t have something to say about the voice of God and about the ways of God and murmur against the water and murmur against the quails and murmur against the bread of God. They have always got something to say, the older generation because they’re all full of themselves. The younger generation says, ‘I’ll go with God, give me a chance, I’ll go with God.’” You know, the only thing the younger generation said to Joshua when they’re about to go into the Promised Land, “You hear from God and we will follow.” That is all they said. “Just you hear from God and we will follow.” They had no murmurs about anything. It is not about food, it is not about water, it’s not about this, it is not about that, who is going to be the bigger clan and the lesser clan and who’s going to be the gold stars and who’s going to be whatever. It is just, “You follow God and you hear from God and we will follow.”

God is looking for a spirit and looking for the younger generation that grew up in faith churches. He is jealous for these children. He is jealous for these children. Let me tell you; the devil is equally after the children, the seed of faith parents. The devil is wanting to keep you in the Babylon system He is wanting to keep you locked up following all of your plans where you go and you follow a plan. You go to this university, you meet those people and those people you meet and then they become your friends and then you go with them to that church and then you go with them to that place and you end up meeting somebody there that you shouldn’t be meeting there and maybe even marry someone you shouldn’t have married when you met them there because you were just following your plans and you weren’t following God’s plan. Then all kinds of things happen in your life and you don’t understand why.