The Kingdom At Hand Part 1 – Br Bill Horn (WTB)

Everything about the Kingdom of God, everything is for the harvest. Everything in the church is for one purpose; it’s for the harvest. For God so loved the world that He sent His Son, Jesus. He loved us so much that He sent Him to save the world and whosoever believeth in Him would not perish.(John 3:16) He didn’t want anyone to perish, everybody counts, and He’s counting on you to reach everybody. We are well equipped; we are fully equipped, and we will go into the world and change the world cause that’s what He meant for every one of us to do.

Say: Thank You Lord that I am well equipped to do Your Kingdom Work!

God has more and that’s what we’re here for. The more, there’s always more, always more with Him and to access that more we need to spend more time with Him. Get more of Him on the inside of us. If we are not doing Kingdom business then we are not walking in the Kingdom. Separate the two kingdoms and you walk in His. Many times we have to understand exactly what the Kingdom is that you don’t see because you see a kingdom right here which you do see. You can’t mix them; it doesn’t work. Because the Holy Spirit, He requires all, everything. If you want everything, and you want everything, then it’s time now to take everything to the world. All you’ve got to do is start.

Say: I want more, I am walking in the Kingdom. I am giving God everything so I can give everything to the world. Today I start. This is my starting point. 

God, when He gives you a word, He always confirms His word. The hand of God, amplified! It’s time for every person to use every platform, no matter what it is. No matter if you’re happy, no matter if you’re unhappy, no matter if you don’t like it, or you do like it, if you’ll use it for the glory of God, He’ll promote you to the next place in your life. He’ll take you to the next place in your life, if you use it for His glory. If He made us in His image, and His character, so His voice should be coming out of you. His Word. Don’t add anything to it because that’s your idea. Just present the simple Word. If you share, you just take this and you share His Word with someone and you smile, and you’re happy and you’re joyful because of a relationship that you have with Him because you can’t give something to someone you don’t have. You’ve got to get everything else out of your heart, nothing but Him in your heart. Our job is to be like John the Baptist, crying out pointing them to Him. 

Say: Thank You Lord that You confirm Your word and that I am just the deliverer. It is Your voice that is coming out of me today.  Use me today. Send me to someone or send someone to me. 

Practical points for spirit winning: 

Tell others; telling others about Jesus is the greatest thing you can do for someone while you’re on the earth. Time is the shortest part of your eternity, but it’s the most important part of your eternity. What you do with the time we’ve been given on the earth, is the most important part. 

Cut out criticism; cut it all out. The Holy Ghost can’t move with that. Encouraging someone. Speaking good into someone’s life. Sometimes it takes just one word. 

Ask God what He wants you to do; when you do what He says to do, He’s going to bring supernatural increase every single time and prosper. Every time.

Give people the Word of God; this is what faith is. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. The Word of God always works. Your ideas and opinions don’t matter, But God’s Word is based on proven fact and it always works. If the Word of God goes forth then life is coming forth into someone’s life. Whether they were saved then or later, the light, the Word of life, and that Word always works.

Show them God’s love; God’s love never fails. Your relationship with God has to be real, that’s how you can show them God’s love. It comes out of you, the Love of God. Smile, be happy. Everything you do is a witness for the Lord.

Everybody counts; Nobody is different. God’s number one passion is people. Have a passion for the lost, the hurting, the dying world because that’s where He said go. Never taking anything from anybody for granted.

Just believe; when God tells you something just believe it and do it.  Have faith, stretch your faith with application and practice. It’s not up to us. We’re just the delivery. We just deliver the Word. We’re the presenter of the Word. He’s the performer of the Word.

Be real, but be righteous; Don’t let your realness go over to unrighteousness. People want to see a real God, and they’re looking for a righteous God. They’ve seen enough wrong. Always be honest. 

If you never set a goal, you’ll never win a soul; a goal is nothing more than a mark, pressing for the mark of the high calling. Our high calling is telling people about Jesus every day. He’s our mark. He’s our standard.

Use the prayer of petition; What’s a prayer of petition? The word of God, asking God for everything you want.

Give God all the Glory; All the glory, everything God does, He gets all the glory in everything. He’ll keep using you as long as you give Him all the glory to God.

It is not about performance; It’s about Him performing what He said He would do and what you’re believing He said He would do.

You don’t have to reconcile them; You’re supposed to tell them that they have already been reconciled. They have already been set free. The Kingdom of God has come. Everything is here. It’s available for you. There’s healing here for you. There is salvation for you. There is deliverance for you. It’s already here. It’s available for you here. We are the presenter. He is the Performer. That takes it all off of you.

Pray for someone; Faith is now. You don’t have to wait on it. Keep in Him and ask Him, if you do more healings and miracles will manifest. You’ve got to be manifest-minded.

The most important thing is to make sure that they’re going to heaven; locate where the person you are ministering to is spiritually and work from there. Find out if they have Jesus in their heart.