The Church And Healing – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Every creature uniquely has an environment for him to live in. God created angels in the heavenly realm to obey His commands and to be able to function in His presence. There is no sickness or disease in God’s presence. The devil’s absence from the presence of God and the corruption in the world causes sickness and disease. The devil’s presence in our lives corrupts the things that are in our lives. The Bible says we are corrupted in our flesh, but in the Spirit of Christ there is no corruption – His Word is incorruptible.

Genesis 2:7,15,25; 3:7 (AMPC)

We live in a corruptible environment because man choose to give access to a corrupted being who brought his corruption into the environment. The enemy came into the garden to deceive man to give up their right of their will and they choose to obey the will of another that is corrupted.

When we do not enter into the presence of God and choose to follow our own course of life, our own desires and our own ways of life, our eyes are opened to the possibilities that are presented to us. If you do not obey the Word and the will of God, you will find that there are always other options and other possibilities. When you pursue those options and possibilities your eyes get more opened to more options and more possibilities and more things that you can do. The more you sin, the more you see options, the more your nakedness is exposed, and everybody can see your nakedness and you see theirs. The absence of the presence of God exposes everything you are doing, and you try to cover it up and you try to run form it and hide from it, but you can’t.  As long as the church is in the earth, no one can hide from their sin. Everybody is trying to undo and trying to minimise what the church is in the world today, because if they can remove God out of society, it gives them more options and they become naked and ashamed together. When options are exercised (having an opinion, criticising, judging) eyes are opened and nakedness and shame are revealed.

Galatians 3:26-27 (AMPC)

When you have put on and clothed yourself with Christ, your nakedness is not seen.

We are all born into corruption because of Adam’s choice. The minute we are born we start to die. The medical profession becomes more and more needful. The more needful, they become, the more the church is not useful. The more the church becomes useful and powerful, the less the medical profession is needful.

Although your natural man is still corrupted (and dying) the answer is to put on Christ and live in the environment with a different creature in your spirit, loving God and serving Him with everything. The knowledge of the new creature is what protects you from your environment. If you’re truly born into Christ, then you are a son of God and you will always be.

Everything in parents’ domain is for children to explore. As a child grows up, they become aware of other options of other domains (other than mom and dad). Your corrupted self is destined to choose the sin option.  Later in life you become aware that it’s your choice to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. The choice is much easier in a Christian home where parents do their best to make options less and offer their option to serve God more.  When you clothe yourself with Christ and have union with him, the new Christ in you, the new creature inspires you to do the God option. If you make a choice that is anti-God your born again conscience will speak to you and tell you what to do by the Holy Spirit. The spirit man inside of you will tell you when faced with all the options that everybody else has chosen in the world, “Don’t make those choices, there is no future there”.

As a natural being living in a natural environment, we have yet to discover how powerful our recreated spirit man is when we have enough of the Word in us, and we explore with God, the knowledge of God, together with a body of Christ. We have yet to see how much power we have. In normal day life the power we have is the same that Jesus walked in.

Healing power of God is not the only option for your health. Your health is as much about your choices, of what you eat, what you don’t eat, and how you behave in the natural world. Because we live in a culture and an environment where the human option/choices have continued to make more stuff available, convenient, and lifestyle oriented to us, we make the choices (to eat it). Today is a good day to start being more careful about what you eat.

There are many ways that corruption turns into sickness and disease in our bodies:

– The food that we eat.

– Lifestyle of accumulating wealth and achieving things (fear, ambition, anxiety, stress).

– Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol (to relieve pressure or give pleasure).

– Gossiping and being critical, judgemental, and opinionated (it eats into your soul).

– Sexual deviance and sexual vices (sinning against your own body).

– TV and movies (violence, death, stealing, killing, shooting, raping).

There are many things that are in our environment that are corrupting our bodies and it’s become normal behaviour in our society. We can either go to the doctor and have a medical aid to help us get over these things or we can start to use the Word of God and access what God has given us as new creatures. We can put on Christ, and He can guide, lead and train us.

What are you engaged with in your life and what is it causing?

You might get healed today, but you might have it back tomorrow, because the cause of the corruption of it is still in your life.

Sin is a result of what you do to your body and what you are choosing in your body. We have turned away, everyone, to his own way. As sheep we have gone astray into all the environments we shouldn’t have.

The secret to healthy living: Isaiah 53:4-10 (NKJV); 1 Peter 2:21-25 (NKJV)

The answer to us living a life of health and wellbeing, is that we give ourselves over to the Shepherd of our soul, because as we choose Him in our soul and we put on Christ, then we make choices by the new creature that pushes sickness and disease away from us. Prosperity and health go together. Return to the Shepherd and overseer of your soul, give it over to Him and not the things of the world and the environment around you.

Everybody wants a healing miracle when sick, but the best option is to live in divine health.

To live in divine health, your soul must prosper. For it to prosper, you must give your soul over to the Overseer, the Great Shepherd of your soul. He wants to feed you with the Word, He wants to feed you by the Holy Spirit so that when you are in the environment, as a creature, all the other environmental things those other creatures are choosing you say no to because your soul is being watched over by the Shepherd. So, when they say, yes, to all kinds of ways of eating, you say, no.

Go with God with whatever you are living with. When God is overseeing your soul and you have Him in your life, He will speak to you personally (regarding diet, lifestyle, conditioning).

Rather than having to have to believe God for a financial miracle, rather live in divine prosperity. Divine prosperity is not the abundance of cash in your bank account. Divine prosperity is a knowledge that you have, that by the Overseer of your soul, you can meet any one of your needs at any given time. You never have to have a need; God always meets your need.

Only the overseer of your soul can tell you what words you should be speaking so that whatever caused you to get sick or be in lack, you don’t have that cause in your life anymore. Those words will create a harvest of living life in a way that will cause you to have divine health and divine prosperity.

1 Corinthians 12:1-11 (NKJV); John 14:23 (NKJV)

I have asked the Holy Spirit, that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be present today as I lay hands on you. I am only a vessel, and as I am a point of contact with hands, that the Holy Spirit does the work, because we do this action by faith. He wills for these things to be in operation. Get into agreement with me, for whatever it is that you are believing God for today. I declare that as I lay hands on you today that you are delivered, set free, healed and restored from whatever sickness and disease, habit, bad eating, lack of exercise what ever thing that has caused your body to be in this condition (even that which you don’t know and is yet to be manifested).

I will lay hands on you as many times as I need to lay hands on you, so that the fullness of your wholeness of every wellbeing of your body comes into play. And today, we begin a process in this church, we begin to count on and rely on the Holy Spirit, to show us the things we’ve got to change in our lives so we can live healthier, but also that we are free from sickness and disease in our lives. The Word of God has done its job here today. The Healing Power of God is already present here today. We’re going to exercise our faith together that the healing power of God is working.