New Door Increase Opportunity – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

When you’ve sown your seed as a point of contact, it’s a symbol of the value of your time, skill and energy. You sow into the value of what that Word can bring into our life.

Kenneth Copeland’s 2020 Word (link).

The laws of God always need to be applied to get the results that God wants us to get. God is going to give us fresh revelation on how His laws work so that we can have this mighty increase. The church can prosper while the economy is floundering. We are going to come up with things that are going to make us money and are going to create promotional opportunities for us. I’ve experienced it, where God has creatively given me ideas in my spirit, that have increased and blessed us (both personally and in the ministry). When you are in God’s purpose, it attracts resources, favour and blessing that you can’t pay for.

Underlying faith is an inherent trust in God, a heart choosing to trust God and to believe God with your life (Matthew 17:20 TPT). Trusting yourself (or not trusting yourself) is sometimes a barrier to trust in God. In many areas you trust yourself to fail or to not live up to a standard more, than you trust yourself in God. You have difficulty in overcoming that barrier of trusting God, because you think that the same measurement that you have for yourself, is God’s measurement for you. All that God needs is for you to put Jesus first, for Him to have a vessel that supernatural increase can happen in.

If you can’t see in your mind that, by faith you have the authority, grace and the favor in God to move mountains, you’ll never move a mountain unless you can see. If you are used to giving preference to what is in your mind/soul, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to continuously live with enduring faith that sees the result happen.  You got to get doubt out of your mind, because your mind has nothing to do with your faith. Even if your mind is doubting, you have to make the Word of God come out of your heart/mouth. (1 Timothy 1:18, MSG).

Success to one person might be different to another person. (Psalm 118:25, AMPC). When the desire in your heart is His desire, then your plans become His plans. (Psalm 20:4-5, AMPC). The biggest challenge that we have as Christians, is submitting our hearts to God. The plans that you make, based on that un-submitted desire, are incompatible with what God’s will is for you. The more you put the Word of God into your heart and in your mouth; the more your desires change to live for God.

God is opening doors of opportunity (1 Corinthians 16:8-9,12 AMPC).

Be careful, not every opportunity that comes your way, is the Open Door. You need to be touching base with praying/faith/spiritual people, that can help you discern. If someone helps you to remove your filters (your emotions, human desires and worldview), you can have a better understanding of what the result/outcome might be.  How you go about and when you go about getting it done, is just as important as knowing that you have to get it done.

An opportunity is not just going to be comfortable, it’s always going to drag you out of your comfort zone in some way. The 2015 Tour of Good Hope was a door of opportunity that God opened for me. When I finished, Pastor Sharon said there was like a boom in the spirit, because it was a natural barrier and a spiritual barrier that I broke through. My projected discomfort, not even real discomfort, could have prevented me from maximizing the opportunity. If you let your discomfort (even your mental/emotional discomfort) dissuade you from stepping into new things, you will never know what it looks like.

You have sown a point of contact seed. Now is the time to be alert and to hold firmly to what you believe. Be mighty and full of courage; hang on to it; keep speaking it. Keep your blue prayer cloth around you the whole time and speak it out every day.  When you see someone in the household of faith, encourage their faith, don’t run it down, because they may be going through a New Door that they haven’t had opened before. Don’t say it’s not possible. (Galatians 6:10, AMPC, MSG).

If you can get a hold of it with your natural mind, then it’s not super. Part of experiencing the super, is to actually start doing something that is natural. You’ve got to start somewhere. Start with the Blood. Take the Blood and put it on the doorframe of your house, make sure and understand that the Power of the Blood stands for you (and that it is more powerful than any evil force, any doubt, or unbelief – anything). Then walk through that door with the covering of the Blood. From that point onwards, every step is a step of blessing taking you to freedom. Your freedom doesn’t come immediately, it comes one step at a time. It might not look asif you’re making that much progress, but if you don’t take the first six steps, you can’t get to the next six steps. You will come to a ‘Red Sea Point’ where the impossible of God needs to work. That’s the point when you need a very special something to hold on to – the Prophetic Word of God. Speak to the impossible barrier and watch God come to work. You can’t get there unless you walk there; you can’t walk there unless you go through the Blood sprinkled door. It’s a year of Supernatural Increase, a year of great change, a year of concepts and ideas, and all manner of miracles. This is the year!

Ephesians 5:15-17, 19-20  (AMPC)

If you’re looking carefully how you walk and you live with purpose and you live worthily and accurately, then you’re going to know what the will of the Lord is. The only reason a faith-walking, covenant-believing, Blood-understanding Christian will come to an insurmountable barrier, is so God can destroy it for you.

Colossians 4:3 (AMPC) is talking about an Open Door for assignment – a calling on your life, which is over and above what you are as a disciple. This is a foundation that you can begin to believe God for and say, “I’m staying alert, I’m walking purposefully, I’m looking for every opportunity”.

God is about to do for us what He did to the children in Israel. When you are in the transition of God’s blessing to take you to the promises that He has given you – don’t get caught up in the current state and project yourself to the past comfort state.

Rather look forward to the new covenant state. 

Say, “I am a son of God, and therefore I walk purposefully. I am alert. I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me. I will be bold. I will be courageous. I will be fearless, because I am a son of God. I move beyond comfort and move beyond current into covenant. I don’t just live comfortably but move into the covenant statues that God has for me”.