He Gave Men to Us – Ps Melusi Ngcobo (WTB)

I grew up listening to Kenneth Hagin, Brother Copeland, Jerry Savelle and have lived in Pastor John and Sharon’s message. When it comes to the seed that is in me for you, you can trust that God has the very best coming out of me.

God wants us to be clothed and filled with His glory. The purpose of being spiritual is so that God can clothe us in His glory (from the inside out). We were never created to be self-conscious or conscious of need. The only thing we will ever need, is to be clothed with the glory of God (which is designed to create everything that we ever needed). God sent His Son, Jesus to die so we could be reunited with God and have that intimacy, fellowship, closeness with God that was originally in the Garden.

Adam and Eve had no self-awareness or self-consciousness. When they looked at themselves they saw the glory of God. But when they sinned they saw self. Shame, fear and insecurity came into man, their language changed forever and they withdrew from God. Throughout history God has been reassuring man of His presence being with them, and restoring the blessing or the glory to man saying, “I am with you”. The Lord is saying, “I really desire for My people to actually believe that I am actually with you.

We find ourselves with Pastor John and Pastor Sharon an apostle and a prophet, laying the foundations of the church, building the most powerful and most attractive force in the universe. The church is meant to display the ‘no sense of distance’, the ‘no withdrawal from God’, but coming to Him, running to Him, being in closeness and in union with God.

The Lord is using me this morning to advocate on behalf of Pastor John and Sharon. To lay the case before you, so that you can decide, choose, and believe that what is happening in this church is real and it is authentic.

Pastor John and Sharon’s message to the church is one of order, church governance and who we are created to be. They are all about God’s order. Why? So that you can have Him and then we can have/experience Him together. The Lord is showing us (through Pastor John and Sharon) how we can have Him (how to create an environment that He can come). As God’s messengers, Pastor John and Sharon’s mandate is to make ready for the Lord a people.

We are all here because we want Him. We want, we prepare, He comes. The Lord wanted me to keep saying this, “He is coming, He is coming, He is coming” and it brings all of Who He is (God in His fullness, His glory, full of splendour, filled with His goodness).  When He comes, there will be fullness of joy.

1 Thessalonians 2:13 (AMPC).  We were all created and designed to receive the Word/Christ. The issue is the believing. The Lord wants us all to be more like children: receiving; immediately believing; with no doubt; knowing, “If Dad said it, it is coming”; filled with thanksgiving and tehillah praise. When you believe; it changes you; it begins to fill your heart with God’s glory; it draws you closer to the Father, it changes your image to begin to look more and more like Jesus. Your conversation, your expressions, your confidence in God and your desire to activate spiritual conversation changes. 

Jesus Christ is the Word, the message of God, which is Christ (John 1:14 AMPC). When we receive/believe, the Word/Message/Christ in us becomes flesh and lives a while in us and then we actually see His glory, His honour, His majesty. The Word of God in our hearts, reveals His glory.

We keep asking, “Show me Your glory” and the Lord has been saying, “I’m not withholding My glory from you, I want to flood the earth (your world) with My glory.”  The issue is how we see. Which eyes are we seeing through. Our natural eyes and the eyes of our heart, spiritual eyes, eyes of glory. God is changing how we see (the way we see Pastor John, Pastor Sharon, ourselves, our marriage partner, our children, business, this Nation, the Church – everything). He is doing it through the Message, which is Christ. We only see His glory through the eyes of glory.

Why is Pastor Sharon experiencing levels of anointing and closeness and intimacy with God and we’re not having the same experience? What is the difference? She is seeing differently to how we’re seeing. Her closeness, her intimacy, her fellowship with the Father is face to face, it’s close. That is what we are after.

Ephesians 1:21-22 (AMPC) is a prayer that gets prayed for the people of Heritage of Faith daily. The eyes of your heart to be flooded with light. Insight into mysteries comes through knowing Him. God wants to show you the hope to which He has called you to, and then the glorious inheritance that is in every one of us. 

His headship, His rule, His authority is being exercised, through the church – you and I – His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. He’s going to fill the earth with His glory through us and it is vital that the eyes of our hearts are flooded with light. There is a flood of light in this house. We are very privileged, honoured and blessed in this house. God is crying out to every one of us to step up and to step out (and He wants us to do it together). People in this church are gold. We are: a House of Prayer, we are a House of Faith, we are a House of Praise – that is who we are. If you’re coming to this church and you keep coming, then that is who you are, that is your identity. We want, we prepare, He comes.

The Lord wants to change the way that you see corporate prayer. Prayer is talking to God (communion & fellowship). Prayer is exercising the headship of Christ.  To not pray or to feel self-conscious means that you’re seeing through your natural eyes, that have been corrupted by the world system. If you don’t pray, you’ll never cross that bridge of knowing how to pray unless you don’t start to pray. You cannot reason, intellectualize the process of prayer. Prayer is something that you have in your heart. Prayer doesn’t make sense naturally (especially when praying in a heavenly language). There’s a part about living by faith that is fake. It’s like a farmer planting a seed in the earth already banking on that seed to grow with no evidence of a harvest yet. That’s the same thing with faith/prayer. When you start praying it feels weird, it feels fake, until that little seed begins to grow.

Read Isaiah 60:1-2 (AMPC) as an encouragement. This is who we are. The glory of God shall be seen on us. I’m looking forward to the day when we look at each other and we don’t see flesh (self-consciousness, insecurity, fear, shame), but we see the glory of God.  The light has come. The glory of God has risen upon us. There is a flood of light in this house.