Cooperation – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

God is a God of goodness and blessing; the ultimate Father. 

A father disciplines His children and gives them boundaries of life (not limitations) that are necessary for them to make progress safely and to know where to go. Any correction from a father to a child starts with a word.  

You must receive the fact that God has placed in this pulpit a messenger that is here by the will of God and that God is speaking through this messenger to the saints of Heritage of Faith, those who are faithful in Christ Jesus. Faithfulness is a premium requirement by God for His people – to be full of faith and your faith to be full (Ephesians 1:1-2 NKJV).

Because of the apostolic call, God has brought us as a church, at this point in time, to be well positioned to go to the maximum, the highest level attainable, to step up and into the things He has for us. The Invitation; The Abortion; and now Cooperation. Blessed is he who reads, hears, and does the words of the messenger that is sent by God (Revelations 1:3 NKJV).

The devil came to Adam and Eve to give up and substitute what they can be for what they can do. He is still trying to prove that he is more or equal to what God is, by making us compare, compete, and perform. The world has no power available to them other than human measurement and performance and therefore measures your future based on potential, talent, and skill – what you can do. What God birthed you to be is more important than what others think about your capabilities.  The biggest thing that you have in your life is not potential; it is faith. If you have the love of God and the spirit of Christ in you, there is nothing more powerful than the force of faith.

We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works (Ephesians 2:10 NKJV). God, being a good God, is constantly working with us to make sure that we are in a good position to have good things. God is asking for us to cooperate. If we cooperate, He has good works for us to walk in and He is the rewarder of us walking in those good things. The world only offers performance-based rewards that can be taken away very quickly.  

When you cooperate in self you cannot cooperate in Him.  There is however no point in going backward, rather take all of what you have achieved until now and all of what you can do and do it in Him (and see how far you can go in Him).

Say, I don’t want to operate in me, or what I can do, I want to cooperate with Him. I tap into the can-do of what He can do – His wisdom, His help – not what I can do.  The more I cooperate with Him, and not in self, the more I’m likely to fulfill His plan for me, His calling for me, and the reason He birthed me.

The enemy creates a syndrome of performance to measure you so that you always ask, “Am I good enough?” “Will I have what it takes?” Do I measure up?”. By default, the world compares to measure. God doesn’t care about comparison because faith cannot be compared. The world offers this impossible dream to the majority controlled by a few elite powerful rich people.

Say, I am not starstruck by sports people, famous people, or wealthy people. I am only starstruck by Jesus. I do not want to be like any other person, I only want to be like Jesus.

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20 NKJV).  God will not manage your future based on your human potential. You have limitless possibilities if you cooperate with God. There is nothing that you cannot do if you cooperate with God. Faith can do anything. There will be times when only God can intervene, and faith is the only thing that can work for you.

What has become of our world? We have no idea yet the implication of the charging train (of artificial intelligence) hurtling at the human race at the rate of knots. Consider the price paid by society for but one advancement: social media.

The system that you want to operate in is hurtling to you faster than you can maneuver. There are more things happening in it to undermine you even as you adapt. You cannot adapt fast enough. It doesn’t matter what generation you are born into; your best chance is to cooperate with the multi-generational God and not yourself.  We think we’ve got what it takes to maneuver ourselves in what’s coming. As the global church of the Lord Jesus, we are already so far behind the curve that we don’t even know what condition the church is in. The church, looking at the world system and flowing within the culture of the world system has become nothing more than another relevant organization.

God doesn’t want us to be relevant. God wants us to be spiritual. We are the ones that are to operate in revelation and redemption to create the revolution. Meet the revolution = MiXchange. How about we go with a revolution, and we choose to cooperate with what He says rather than keep measuring our future by what everybody else says is the thing to do? Someone’s got to be radical first. That is how Jesus changed everything. If you don’t make a choice, someone is going to make it for you.  Pastor Sharon and I have always been this radical. Whenever you see Christ working in our lives, follow that example, don’t follow our humanity.  

You’ve got to do what the Word of God says.

Things happen in the spirit when you cooperate with God. You need to be aware of both what God wants and what the enemy will try and stop. You must manage it by faith and not try and manage the natural world around you. God is wanting to do something significant with us. We must accept the revolution but we must not become so fixated on the revolution that the reason for the revolution is lost. Jesus is always our first love. 

It is my desire, by the Holy Spirit, that we learn to cooperate fully with Jesus, with the body of Christ, with each other, and that we will find ourselves in a place with such recognition of the times that we live in, and the power that we walk in, and how much we’ve got in faith, that we don’t have to depend on the world system to get anything done. We must depend on our walk with Him.

Say, I trust Jesus. I serve Jesus. He is my Lord and Saviour. I put Him first in my life. Wherever I’m weak, I trust He makes me strong. I will not self-operate. I will cooperate fully with Him.  The Word of God fills me with all joy. The Holy Spirit rests upon me. I wake up every day full of the joy of the Lord. I am strengthened with mighty power in the inner man. I am fully aware of all the good things that He wants for me in every moment of every day. I follow Him and cooperate with Him into the magnificence and the wonder of all the mighty power that so majestically works in me. I am able to respond to it and I cooperate with it for all the good works that He has called me to.