Beloved Part 8 In Bed Or In Red – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;”

(Deuteronomy 30:19 NKJV)

He has clearly given Himself to us and that He’s given us life and death. And it’s a choice. It’s not an emotion. It’s not a habit that you have to undo to become something. A habit is just something you’re unwilling to give up because you like what you do. If you have a habit in your life, that means that habit is much more important to you than the life that God offers. It’s not about whether you are overcome with a habit that you can’t get rid of, or you can’t change your ways because you’ve been in your ways for so long that it’s going to take you that long to get out of your ways. Repentance is an instant choice. A life in God, choosing life is an instant, daily instant choice. You have to choose life in the moment. Every moment, whenever there is a pressure on your mind, a pressure on your soul, a pressure on the life that you live, you have to choose life.

If you are choosing to focus on your mind and your body instead of the spirit, which is the real you, your spirit man has no growth. When you do this, you will easily be controlled by the world and the circumstances around you.  Would you not rather be the one who understands as I grow in revelation? I have authority over my mind and over my body, so that my spirit, that’s the real me, can take me where I need to go. With the spirit you, you contact God. Even though we raise our hands to worship God, you worship Him in spirit and in truth. You’re not worshipping Him with the expression of your body, you’re worshipping Him from your spirit with truth. Focus on building the spirit life inside you so that if you want to dance around your house, and you want to praise and shout and scream, you do it from the spirit you, not because you’re just having an emotion.

If you continue to make choices that satisfy every desire of your body, every desire of your soul, and you develop your intellectual capacity to be the thing that runs your life, and you don’t feed your spirit man, there is no question about it that your life cannot be blessed by God. Unless there is someone in your life that is interceding for you. An intercessor will then by default create an environment where God must respond to the prayers and the standing in between. God must act on that because of the sacrifice of the in between person. Because if you have an intercessor that is standing in the gap for you, the very act of that intercession is a justice before God; brings that and demands justice from God to the circumstance or the situation or the person or the peoples.

We have an intercessor, His name is Jesus and He sits at the right hand of the Father, forever making intercession on our behalf. We have a Helper with the Intercessor. He’s the Holy Spirit who gives us power to overcome habits. He gives us power to overcome the wrong choices you’ve made in the past. He gives you the power to do things that bring you into a new order of God in your life.

Say: Thank You Lord Jesus, that You are my intercessor. Holy Spirit, thank You that You give me the power to overcome habits and poor choices. I am making different choices. I make a life choice. I make a God choice. I’m making a choice by the real spirit me; the spirit that has the power over my choice.

Five steps of relationships:

Touch- to affect emotionally, be relevant to your focus on and be in direct physical contact with or have an effect upon.

Most of the time people want to live their lives in the realm of touch because it’s all about the  senses. You can touch people with your intellect and arguments.

Integration of ways- uniting, it’s combining. It’s an occurrence that results in things being united, the act of combining things to form something new. I make whole. I begin again. 

I make whole my decision making and my lifestyle so that I live in Him. This is a lifelong journey. You’ve got to start somewhere. You have to start with a choice. If you integrate your ways with God, then God will show you what you need to do.

Strategic intentions-  you see God at work, your integration becomes stronger. Divine can happen when you have strategic intentions. 

Productivity- productivity is to bring forth, or to yield, to cause to happen. It talks about efficiency of production. Inputs and outputs.

When you have divine productivity, it means you get a yield that is beyond what the input is. Because it’s not a natural input-output scenario, it’s a divine input-output. Give Me your ways, obey My voice, and I’ll show you what I can do with you.

Covenant- sometimes God will bring a relationship to a place of covenant, where He will ask you to do something in the natural world that He would demand of someone – that He, Himself, needs to get done, but He needs someone to do something significant. That is a covenant relationship. 

You can take this framework and you can apply it to anything. 

Most Christians don’t want to know about integration of ways, they just want to go from touch to strategic intentions and or divine productivity. They want to keep going to churches where there’s the gift of prophecy, or the gifts of the Holy Spirit operating because they want to hear the will of God, and they want to hear the strategic intentions of what God has for their lives. But they are not willing to integrate their ways. But it is the power of integration of ways that allows you to understand the strategic intentions of God. They want the covenant promises of God. But they haven’t integrated their ways; so they live confused lives because they don’t integrate ways with God.  This is not a moment in our life for us to look backwards all that we were. This is a time for us to look forwards and to embrace sonship so that we can become something much more than we have been before.

As we have this framework of relationship that we touch, we integrate ways, and we understand the strategic intentions of God, that He will make Himself known to us, and we will be able to operate in a level that is much higher than we are currently functioning in. 

God is going to restore relationships. If you will embrace what God is doing through the restoration of relationships over these next few weeks, you will find yourself on a springboard, a diving board that will allow you to take a leaping dive into the future. And it will catapult you and make up time that has been lost. What has taken ten years will be restored in one. What has taken twenty years will be restored in two. You can’t give up on this message and you can’t give up on your walk with God because circumstances still look bad. You have got to keep walking with God. You’ve got to keep having this relationship with Jesus. The relationship with Jesus is the most real thing that you can have because you are a spirit man, and your spirit man calls to the deep of the Spirit that is Christ, that is God the Father. Spirit to spirit you have mouth to mouth. Spirit to spirit you stand face to face. Spirit to spirit you have the impartation of life. Spirit to spirit you have power that overcomes the weakness of your humanity.

Say: Now I’m going to spend time with God. I’m going to listen to a message. I’m going to spend time with God. I’m going to take this and sow it as a seed into an integration that I’m not yet able to achieve. I am a son of God. I receive the Spirit of God as a son of God. I am an adopted son and I have full status as Jesus. I have a personal relationship with God, my heavenly Father because I am a son. I receive my full inheritance as a son in Jesus’ Name.