2020 Prayer Activation – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Jeremiah 29:7 (ERV); Jeremiah 29:7 (NLT)

Declare everything in victory: (This is Our Day of Deliverance doc). It’s time now to declare everything in victory. I see now how to strike the ground for myself, personally too. It is our inheritance; our legacy transfer that is happening. “I burst into my day today with Holy Ghost energy, I am invigorated, infused completely by You Holy Spirit – such is my exuberance for my day today.” Whatever it is that I am striking the ground for, I am in this condition of declaring my victory (health, healing, supernatural increase…). I approach, speak to and work with the Holy Spirit to strike the ground for my personal life this year. God has declared victory to Pastor John, Pastor Sharon, to this people and He declares victory to me. There is a note of victory in my prayers. I say “This is my day of deliverance. I’m declaring everything in victory. Whatever I am desiring victory in, the Holy Spirit helps me to highlight what I need to strike the ground in declaring victory for.

Don’t get familiar – prophetic word: I don’t get so familiar with the prophetic word that I don’t get intense serious and focused about it with my faith.

Instruction: The Lord wanted to be very clear with me and was instructing me, “Sharon, you tell the people”, “this year you declare everything in victory.” Declare means I make known by words, state explicitly, announce, communicate plainly by words; make a declaration, make known explicitly some determination. It’s to announce officially that something is true or happening as when war is declared. When I declare victory, I am ending a war by saying I have won. I declare something to be, then I strike the ground with prayer until the evidence is there.


Make declarations: You have to have your declarations… Free from sickness: I declare in the Name of Jesus that my body is free from sickness and disease. I declare that every part of my body functions to the perfection to which God has created it to function. Blessed memory: I declare that my memory is blessed, that all of my cognitive faculties are functioning according to the perfection; my long-term memory, my short-term memory, my senses, all my abilities, and all my cognitive abilities function properly. I just strike the ground for it. Faith is growing exceedingly: I declare that this year my faith will grow exceedingly. This year, I will not be light, loose or lazy spiritually. I declare that I am drawn more to prayer and more to Your Word. Habit: I declare this habit in my life to be over right now, in Jesus Name Financial increase: I declare my financial increase, victories and breakthroughs. Zeal of the Lord and first place: I declare the zeal of the Lord to be. I declare that You are my first love. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me and He will help me. There’s nothing that you won’t find in God’s Word that you can’t declare.

I declare, I pray and I praise: I declare everything in victory, I pray for the evidence (in the Spirit) and I praise continuously. I’m going to believe that this document (This is our day of Deliverance) came out of Pastor John’s spirit by the Holy Spirit for me and that’s it. I’m not going to allow my mind to think anything else. It would have been as if Jesus Himself had spoken to me and told me to take it.

Fervent: I’m going to allow it (the prophetic word) to be alive every time again it comes out of my mouth. That’s how Pastor John and I live. I have to pull myself towards myself to be fervent with the word that God gives me. I don’t just let it go. In 2 Kings 13, the king struck three times and then he stopped, so he didn’t get the full victory. (I’m not going to be like that king).

Where is my new door and supernatural increase: I wake up every morning and I say, “It’s not my life as usual. Where is the new door? Where is my supernatural increase? I’m looking for it. My eyes are seeing it, Lord. I’m praising and I’m rejoicing.” I wake up every morning saying, “Show me, Lord. I’m seeing it, Lord. This is not my life as usual. Where is my moment of supernatural increase today, Lord? Where is my moment? I want to seize the moment. Where is my moment of supernatural increase today? Glory to God. I’m looking for it. I’m speaking it”.

20/20 vision: 2020 will be a year of 20/20 vision. I thank you, Father, that I see clearly with You. Great changes will come to me because of insights, ideas and concepts that come directly from Jesus to me by Your mighty Holy Spirit. Glorious concepts. It’s here, it’s now. (Kenneth Copeland).

Instruction for PCG – nation: (2020 PCG Fresh Focus Doc) 1) You pray for the government, 2) you go into the prayer for the opposition party and 3) pray for the peace and the welfare of our city, Johannesburg (Jeremiah 29:7 ERV / NLT). We are going to take the declarations of Pastor John this year like we’ve never taken them before. That’s the instruction that the Lord gave me. You are not using all the declarations, every prayer connect, but you get declarations before you go into prayer and intercession. You speak the declarations (facilitators and members). “I’m in these declarations from Pastor John and I don’t get familiar with them. I’m striking the ground with them because they were declared through Pastor John under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They are still in trajectory. I keep it active and activate it with my faith, with my prayers and my praise until I see the full manifestation”. Don’t declare everything that everybody wants or the whole document. Keep it short, alive, sharp and punchy – declare, pray and praise. Less is more unless there’s an evident, strong flow of the Holy Spirit in a direction otherwise we do the PCG and we do our job with faith.

Led by the Holy Spirit: Prayer connect facilitators and you, are going to be led by the Holy Spirit. You are going to have supernatural increase, 20/20 vision and there’s going to be supernatural increase in the faith and in the expression and in the demonstration in the Prayer Connect Groups. God promised that He will increase and intensify prayer. We expect it every time we meet for PCG. It will be alive with the life of God and the breath of the Holy Spirit every time. Sometimes, if I’m not feeling that alive in the Spirit, I will rather get somebody else, (like Christi) to do something because there is nothing like someone doing a prayer meeting that’s half dead, that is a sure way to kill a prayer meeting by doing it without intensity. Smith Wigglesworth used to say; “Wherever the anointing is, let that flow”.

Prayer and praise: Praying in the Spirit – God knows how to answer my pure, powerful, living heavenly voice, perfect, powerful words. He knows what I’m saying immediately. When my prayer connect facilitator says, “Let’s praise”, then I respond wholeheartedly with praise. I flip and switch right into the fourth-dimensional realm of the spirit of praise. I step right in and do it so my prayer facilitator is not kept hanging, and I let God take that act of obedience to declare. When we’re praying in the Holy Ghost, God’s is using our spirit to make declarations for Him.

Striking personally: “How big a victory do you want is going to depend on how many times you strike the ground.” Now that’s going to help you and me in our personal strike,

Praying for Pastor John: (Prayer for Pastor John in 2020 Doc). Here are the six areas that I sowed my seed into. You’ll see on your document, prayer facilitators and prayer connect people: 1) churches, 2) education, 3) missions, 4) transportation and aviation, 5) media ministry, 6) evangelism / Chariots of Light / outreaches. We’re not expecting you to pray for all of these, every time you meet, e.g. Start off with the churches, praying for Pastor John, for the supernatural increase with it, use the prophetic word for this, Pastor John’s supernatural increase in the churches for the arrow that he struck. The churches – that means the helps ministry, people that are present, people that are still coming, the music ministry, the house of prayer, Sunday morning revelations that must come to us, everything that happens in the churches and the prayer that must increase and intensify. Everything Pastor John has got to step up and step out into. There’s no familiarity now anymore, we are not going to be stonewalling the anointing in this house, Lord. He can do here mighty works. We pray for everything that must be in the churches, Father, both spiritual and temporal. You know, God will just bring it out of you. Holy Spirit is going to use everybody’s voices for something specific that needs to be addressed every Tuesday night. Now we pray for the education… (then other areas) You know how to break up your time so we can get through most of the things every time. Media ministry – TBN, that’s such a big thing to be praying for Pastor John now – for concepts. Pastor John has concepts, strategies and insights, everything he’s got to see here in churches, missions, education, digital media, everything, Lord.


Brother Jerry: Now we’re going to pray for Brother Jerry in the light of supernatural increase in marvels and wonders. Pastor John said in 2020 we continue to pray for Brother Jerry 1) personally, 2) his excellent health, 3) his family life and 4) the direction of his ministry, 5) his coming to us and 6) all he is to do with Pastor John in 2020. Pastor John has said  Kenneth Copeland is going to lay his hands and Brother Jerry really wants it to happen at the Minister’s Conference. That would be a wonderful thing to pray for Brother Jerry on Tuesday night when you meet again.

Heritage of Faith People: I pray for the Heritage people that are presently here with us, and those still to come, because God is adding to Heritage of Faith Church daily such as should be.  I pray that the messages and the prophetic word for 2020 will take root and bear fruit in every life – men, women, boys and girls,  marvels and wonders,  crossing the threshold to go through the new open door to experience supernatural increase in every way, that they will be strong to grasp the hope set before them.  I pray for them to recognise the time that we are walking together in Project Strike, Project Conditioning, Project Celebration, throughout this year that we will all make all the progress we’re supposed to make.  All of them; boys, girls, men and women, that they will be strong to apprehend the prophetic word. That they will rise up because I’m praying for them, Lord, that there will be a rising up in them that they’ll find themselves able to take hold of the prophetic word like never before – that not one get left out or left behind.

Pray for those that never had: (Psalm for Prayer doc) You might find from time to time, you may not get there every PCG group but you might find that sometimes you’ll pray for the people that have no father, no mother, no brother, no friend. This helps me with not being selfish. I move outside of myself. It helps me in selflessness. It helps me stir up some compassion for people I don’t even know. I don’t even know their face, but God sees their face, and He takes my prayer, and He does something wonderful. Eg: I pray for someone that’s never been prayed for before. And so, it would be the end. Father, tonight I release compassion for people I don’t even know. It might be a teenager somewhere, some husband, they’ve come to the end of it, they have never had prayer, I pray for those. My prayers are preventative. My prayers prepare things, my prayers restrain things and restrict things and then release things. And I ask the Lord to send labourers to them, messengers to them, someone that will be awake spiritually, that You will alert them to intervene, Father, that You would intervene on their behalf because I pray – people without hope, Lord.