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Earlier today, Brynn, Joe and I were having a cup of tea after I’d had some time with the Lord and prayed, so we just gathered in the kitchen there and had a cup of tea and just discussing several things. I told them, I said, “I’ve sensed in my spirit all day, the Lord saying, new waves of glory.” New waves of glory, new waves of glory, new waves of glory! Hallelujah.

It brought to my mind a Scripture that talks about and it’s symbolic of the glory, it talked about, we’ve been in ankle deep, knee deep, loin deep and now God is ready to take us to the next level. Well that means, it’s going to cover us up, hallelujah. Can you say, Amen? Hallelujah. God said in His Word that, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, shall fill the earth, as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14); the knowledge of it. The glory will fill the earth, but also the knowledge of it. So that means, people are talking about it, all over the world. That means, so many wonderful signs and wonders and miracles are taking place that people are talking about it all over the world. Amen.

It reminded me of many years ago, when the O.J. Simpson trial began and I was in Toronto, when that first broke, when the scene with the Bronco going down the interstate and him in it and then eventually, they arrested him and so forth, then the trial was set. In America, it was on television every day, you actually saw the coverage of that trial, every day and it was quite a lengthy trial.

Then when it was over, well it wasn’t quite over yet, I had to leave and go to Kenya and I am in the bush of Kenya, I am talking about, in a remote area, where there’s no running water, no electricity, mud huts and I’m teaching a group of ministers, nationals. I would teach them about five to six times a day; we would take a break, and then we would come back and have another session, take a break, have another session. During one of the breaks; now these are people that live in the bush, no electricity, no running water, certainly no television set and we were sitting there, having a cup of tea, one morning. One of them asked me, they called me “Doctori Savelli”, and they said, “Doctori, Savelli, how is the O.J. Simpson trial going?” How in the world did you hear about that out here in the bush? Where no electricity, no running water, mud huts; where did you hear about this?

The knowledge of the O.J. Simpson trial was covering the earth, people knew about it all over the world; even if they didn’t have electricity, even if they didn’t have a television set. The Lord reminded me of that incident, He said, “When I said the knowledge of My glory will cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea. People are going to be hearing about it, no matter where they live, no matter how remote their village is, the glory of the Lord is going to reach that place.” Praise God. I don’t have any problem with it beginning right here. Hallelujah, how about you? Glory to God. Amen.

Then as I was praying about that, in fact we had a little time of prayer together regarding the meeting tonight; I said to them that I kept sensing in my spirit all day, I just kept hearing the phrase; new waves of glory. When I went back to my room, I just prayed in the Spirit a little more, this came up, “New waves of glory are on the horizon and they will continue to intensify as My people ask for it, hunger for it and expect it. The earth will be filled with the knowledge of My glory, this you can be assured of, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Continue to cry out: Show me Your glory and I will not disappoint you”.

So, lift your hands and praise the God, who is the faithful God, for bringing it to pass. So, lift your hands right now and praise God, the faithful God, that fully intends to bring it to pass, hallelujah! Somebody shout, show me Your glory! Again, show me your glory! If you believe, you receive. Give the Lord your best shout. Glory to God, I am confident that He is not going to disappoint us. Amen. Take your seat, shake hands with somebody on your way down and tell them, I’m really honored to sit next to you. Hallelujah! Praise God!

Open your Bibles to Exodus chapter 33, Exodus chapter 33. I felt led by the Spirit of God to share with you, as a title, Pursuing the manifesting presence of God; pursuing the manifested presence of God. Exodus 33:15, Moses speaking; 15 And he said unto Him, “If Thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence (Exodus 33:15). If You do not intend to manifest Your presence to me and to this people then this is as far as I’m going, that’s what Moses is saying.

Notice how vital and important the presence of God was to this man. He knew without it, there was absolutely no way he could be successful in the mission that God had given him. We ought to feel that way today, that without the manifested presence of God, all we’re doing is playing church. Without the manifested presence of God, we cannot fulfil our mission. God is counting on this generation, more so than I believe, any previous generation, because we are quite possibly the generation that will usher in, King Jesus. Can you say, Amen? I really don’t expect to die before the appearing of the Lord, now if I do, praise God, you know that’s a win situation too; to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. But I just really sense in my spirit that I’m going live to see the appearing of the Lord, I’m part of that generation.

All you got to do is, and don’t do it very long, just turn on CNN for a little bit, don’t watch it very long and just the things that are happening around the world, right now are prophetic. Darkness is covering the earth; darkness here represents sin and perversion and wickedness. Darkness is covering the earth and gross darkness, the people. Of course I’m 71 years old, I’ve been around a little while, I’ve never seen it, in the days that I’ve lived; I’ve never seen sin running so rampant, as it is today and nothing is hidden, it’s right out in the open.

In our nation back home, in the U.S. you know, politicians are fighting for the rights to be more perverted and for people in our nation, to be more perverted, you know. It’s easier to protect the white owl, than it is a baby that hadn’t been born; that’s been conceived and not born yet. They just soon protect a white owl or some other something, before they stop and consider that there’s a life here. It’s getting more and more perverted, but the Bible says in Isaiah chapter 60 when you see these things then rise and shine. Rise then shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. 1Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee (Isaiah 60:1). That tells me that as the world gets darker and darker the church is going to get brighter and brighter. Hallelujah.

It doesn’t look like it right now; you know in many churches, there is almost as much darkness, in those four walls, as there is outside the four walls. I asked my crusade coordinator, she’d been with me thirty-five years, she just retired, just a few days ago and I began to ask her, “Am I going to have to send out a questionnaire, a background check, on pastors that are inviting me to come now, because I’ve never seen so many pastors in sin?” Oh, you don’t travel much huh? I have never seen so many pastors that are in sin.

I was invited to a church and I won’t mention the city, in California, Southern California. I flew out there and the pastor came to pick me up at the airport and I haven’t, I’ve never spoken in his church before, it’s the first time. On the way out there, on the way, what I thought was to the hotel, he said, “I’m going to take you to a house, where there’s a planned meal for you” And I said, “Fine”. It was, it was, I got there around lunchtime or so. So we went to this house, this beautiful neighbourhood and a woman came to the door when he knocked on the door; it was a member of his church. She had prepared this very

nice meal. She welcomed us into the house and as we’re sitting, we’re having this meal, Pastor looked at me and he said, “Now, Brother Savelle, this is where you’ll be staying, while you’re here.”
Well he’d already told me that this was a widow woman, not a little woman; a widow woman. I just wanted to make sure you’re listening, she wasn’t a little woman and she was a widow woman, okay? Her husband had passed away and she’d been, you know a widow for a time. I said, “Well, Pastor who else will be here?” He said, “Just you and her.” I said, “No Sir, that’s not going to happen.” He said, “Why not? All of our guest speakers stay here; she considers her home, as the prophet’s chamber.” I said; “Well this prophet ain’t staying in her chamber, you understand?”

He said, “Well why not?” I said, “The first thing I learned, when I accepted the Lord and accepted the call to preach. An old apostle of God stood in front of me and said he’d been praying for me, for a long time. When he knew I was called to preach. I was running from it and when he heard that I had finally accepted the call of God, he lived up in Delco Idaho, he drove all the way to Shreveport Louisiana and make this presentation to me”. He said, “Jerry, do you plan to be in the ministry for a long time?” I said, “Yes Sir”. I said, “I’ve been running from God for a long time, but I’m not running anymore at all and this is what I’m called to do and I’m going to stick with it for the rest of my life”.

He said, “Do you intend to have longevity?” I said, “Yes Sir, this is what I’m called to do, I don’t have any thoughts about being anything else, other than a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ”. He said, “Would you like some advice from an old apostle?” Now he was the age, I am now, at that time I was 23. So, he was an old apostle, don’t you call me an old apostle. And so he was a precious man, precious man. He said, “Well I’d like to give you some advice, from an old apostle who’s been living this way, for a long time.” He said, “Are you willing to accept my advice?” I said; “Yes Sir.”

I said, “Wait just a minute, let me go get a notebook and a pen, so I could write all this down”. I’ve got my notebook, my pen; got my Bible, laid it out there and I don’t know where one scripture is from another at this point, I’m so green, you know. So I said, “All right, Brother Spivey, go ahead.” And here’s what he said, “Shun the very appearance of evil.” I wrote that down, he said, “All right, I’m going home now.” I said, “Wait a minute, I thought you were going to give me some advice.” He said, “I just did, shun the very appearance of evil. If you practice that, if you keep that as a principle in your life, you will have longevity, you won’t disappoint God and God will use you to touch many lives; goodbye.” And he left. I made that, that day and I’ve lived by it now for 49 years; shun the very appearance of evil.

Well, me standing in that widow woman’s home alone was not shunning the very appearance of evil. What will the neighbours think? I’m not her husband and they know it. What will church people think, if they found out I’m staying with the widow woman’s house? No, that’s not shunning the very appearance of evil. He got, he got mad at me, and he got upset at me. He said, “Aren’t you being a little old-fashioned?” I said, “Well, if you call this old-fashioned, leave me alone, because it’s working and I’ll just stay old-fashioned, because it’s kept me in good stead. Amen. Not only that, I made a commitment to Carolyn Creech, before she became Carolyn Savelle. When I stood in front of that person that was officiating that ceremony, when I said. I’d do, I did and I mean it and I’ve stuck to it and I’m not changing. So the only woman I’m staying with alone is Carolyn Savelle.” Amen.

Well he got so mad at me, oh he got so mad at me. I said, “Well Sir, if you are insistent that I stay here, then you just take me back to the airport, I’m not preaching in your church tonight.” I called my pilot, so I said, “Get it fired up, let’s get out of here”. Oh he was so hot, he made ugly remarks about me to other pastors, but it wasn’t long, it wasn’t long. I mean just a matter of months that it came out, that he’s been having an affair with this woman. Other men in his church had been having an affair with this woman and even some of the

guest speakers had had an affair with this woman. Well I’m glad I listened to the Holy Ghost. Amen. Then eventually, he wound up losing his church, losing his family. He began sleeping with prostitutes and even started a church in a prostitute’s house. Now as Brother Hagin would say, that’s ignorance, gone to seed. Amen. Then it wasn’t long after that, he passed away.

Sin doesn’t work! Amen. Sin doesn’t work you know. This is not our favourite scripture in the Bible, but it’s still in the Bible. The wages of sin is death, Amen. I’ll say this, with regret, that, I have to say it though, some churches that will never experience the glory of God, until they make some major changes, Amen. I said to my coordinator, “Oh we’re going to have to start sending out a questionnaire and having them give us a background check, before we agree to go”. Because if I go to a church where the pastor is in sin, then it’s like an endorsement.

I’m not going there and I’ve turned down some of the largest churches in the world, because I know sin exists in the leadership and I’m not going. I want to see His glory; I said, I want to see His glory. Beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before and living in sin and participating in sin and covering sin, is not going to get you in a place where you would experience the greater glory. So I’m, if you want to see His glory, then do what you know to do, where sin is concerned, Amen. It keeps you in good stead, to practice; shun their very appearance of evil, Amen.

I was at another church in Tennessee and the pastor said, “Brother Jerry, I’ll pick you up, at about twenty minutes, till service time.” Well I’m always on time, I’m an early ‘arriver’, you know. So, I’m standing out in front of the hotel at 18:30, he said, he’d be there 18:40 (twenty to). I’m standing there waiting; you don’t have to wait on me and so it got to be 18:40, no Pastor; 18:45, no Pastor; ten-to-seven, no Pastor; seven o’clock, no Pastor; ten-after-seven, no Pastor; 19:15 this car come around the corner there and pulled right up in front of the hotel, where I was standing.

This woman in the car lowered the window and she said, “Brother Jerry, I’m here to pick you up.” I said, “No ma’am, you’re not.” She said, “I’m the pastor’s secretary. I said, “Fine, where’s Pastor?” She said, “Well something came up and he had to take care of it, he asked me to come get you.” I said, “Well you go back to the church and tell the pastor, I’m not riding along with you. It’s a twenty minute ride to the church. I’m on television in your city, people might recognize me and they will know that you’re not my wife; you don’t look anything like her. So, you go back to the church, tell the pastor send a man.” “Well that’s going to take another twenty minutes”. I said, “Fine, they’ll probably be singing when I get there. So just go back and get a man.” That pastor got so upset with me. “Why Brother Jerry, were you so insistent, on having a man pick you up, instead of a woman?” I said, “Well, I learned a long time ago, shun the very appearance of evil.” Do you know that man is not in the ministry today either, because of sin, Amen.

People keep crying out; show us Your glory, pastors keep crying out; show us Your glory, men and women of God have cried out; we want to go to the next level – but you got to deal with the basics, before God will take you there. Are you still here? Amen. I’m speaking as an apostle tonight, Amen. I’m not a novice in this, I’ve been around the world a few times; preached a few sermons and I’m interested in the body of Christ, growing up, so we can go up. How about you? Be careful, when you say, show me Your glory; make sure things are right between you and God. You’re now a candidate, to experience it. Can you say, Amen? Now, we all have shortcomings; I’m not perfect, you know, there’s just a couple of things, only a couple of things I’m working on. When I used to preach for John Osteen, when John Osteen would introduce me, he’d say, “Brother Savelle and me are the only two perfect preachers in the world.” And he said, “I got my doubts about him.” Well none of us are perfect, but we’re working on it, Amen. We’re working on it, praise God. So let’s get back to the lesson that was just, that was important, praise God. It has everything to do with seeing greater glory, can you say, Amen?

Notice, Moses is fully aware of how important the manifested presence of God is in his life; in his ministry. And his attitude is, if you don’t intend or plan to manifest Your presence, Your presence going with me, then count me out. This is as far as I’m going, because I know, without Your presence, I cannot accomplish the task that You’ve given me. Can you say, Amen! The Message translation says; 15 Moses said, “If your presence doesn’t take the lead here, call this trip off right now. How else will it be known that you’re with me in this, with me and your people? (Exodus 33:15 MSG) So in other words, he’s saying, “Lord I know how vital and how important your manifested presence is and I’m not taking another step without it.”

More preachers ought to have that attitude, that without Your presence, I’m not going to go over there and just make up something. I’m not going to go over there and just preach something that I read out of the book, about an hour before the service. If You don’t intend to manifest Your glory, then I’ll wait until you do. That was one of Oral Robert’s, principles. During those early tent crusades, Brother Roberts would not fellowship or go anywhere or sightsee or anything like that, not past 3 o’clock in the afternoon. That was his time to dedicate fellowship with the Lord and he always said, “The last voice that I want to hear, when I walk out of that room, is the voice of God.” If you worked with him, you didn’t speak to him, you didn’t talk to him, didn’t talk to him about world events; you didn’t talk to him about what’s going on with a Super Bowl or something else, or the latest soccer match, you did. The quickest way for you to lose your job, is talk to Oral Roberts after 3 o’clock. Because he said, “The last voice I want to hear is the voice of God”. And he also had this principle: if he didn’t sense the anointing before it was time to leave his room, he wouldn’t leave the room.

Bob Deweese, his associate, which was a great man of God. I knew Bob; I served on Brother Roberts’ Board with him, precious man of God. He could have had his own great ministry, on his own, but he chose to serve Oral Roberts and he was a dedicated man. Bob Deweese told me at one time that he knocked on Brother Roberts’ door at the appropriate time and he got no answer. He knocked again and he got no answer and he knocked again. He said, “I know he’s in here, because he doesn’t go anywhere after 3 o’clock.” And he got no answer. So he finally decided to just stand there and thinking maybe Brother Roberts is putting on his coat, or straightening his tie, or getting his Bible ready, or something. He said, “I stood there and I stood there and I stood there”. He said, “This is unlike Oral Roberts, because he was a stickler for being on time”. He stood there and stood there and finally about thirty minutes past, Brother Roberts open the door. He said, “We can go now. And Bob said, “Brother Roberts was there anything wrong, did I need to take care of anything?” He said, “No, I just didn’t sense the anointing, again we can go now, it’s here.” Hallelujah. He would not go to that big tent, if he didn’t sense the anointing, before he left that room. That’s dedication, that’s wanting to see the glory, hallelujah and boy did he? Hallelujah. Amen.

Lift your hands right now, I just sense a, how shall I say it? There’s a preciousness; there’s the best word I can come up with, in the atmosphere right now, oh hallelujah. Just lift your hands and just quietly, not loud, just quietly bless the Lord and praise the Lord, the way you know how, but just do it quietly. Just reverence His presence. That’s what we’re talking about, pursuing the manifested presence of God. Hallelujah, glory to God, glory to God. Is anybody sensing what I’m sensing? I don’t like to use the word feel, because I’m not moved by what I feel, but I’m feeling real good, right now, praise God and I sense and for the lack of a better word, I feel His presence. Hallelujah, glory to God, glory to God.

Lord we welcome Your presence and we invite You to do, whatever You desire to do. Lord, this meeting is not about me, it’s about You. I don’t have to preach, I don’t have to do one thing, I’d be happy to go take a seat and You just take charge and do whatever You want to do. But Lord, if You want to use me, I’m available and I welcome it and I welcome Your presence. Interrupt me at any time to do whatever You’d like to do, because, when we

leave here tonight, we want to leave here with, we didn’t just have a service; we had an encounter with God, hallelujah. Is that the way all of you feel? Praise God. An encounter with God, that’s what I’m expecting.

Once again, here Moses knew that, without the manifested presence of God, what God had called him to do, was unachievable. There’s no way that he could achieve it, without the manifested presence of God. That’s when the Bible shows; oftentimes Moses was required to pull aside and to seek God’s presence. He went up on the mountain, to seek God’s presence. There are times, when God will call you aside, to get away from the fashions of this world, you know. I’m a man and God’s first place in my life; preaching the gospel is my favourite thing to do, it’s my passion. Serving Him is what I live for, but every once while, you know, I like to watch a John Wayne movie. I like a shoot them up you.

John Wayne’s always been my favourite cowboy, you know and sometimes, when I get home, off of meetings like this and I’m sitting in my study, I keep my TV on, I very seldom watch it, but when I do get a chance to watch it, I keep my TV on the Western Channel. So, I turned it on, sure enough John Wayne movie was coming on, in fact my favourite John Wayne movie, is called “The Searchers”. I’ve watched it, no less than a hundred times in my lifetime. I know every line; dare ask me, pilgrim, and when that movie came on, I mean it was just coming on, I love the opening scene.

I put pause on my player there and I went to the kitchen, I got me a, picked the biggest coke I could get out of the refrigerator, made some popcorn and I come back and I’m ready to watch, John Wayne. I sat down in my recliner, turned it back on and all of a sudden, I heard this, “How will they know it’s My glory?” I said, “Not now Lord, John Wayne’s on.” I knew it was God, it wasn’t an audible voice, I knew it, in here. I said, “Later God, John Wayne’s on.” Don’t look so holy, you know you’ve ignored, you’ve ignored God before. I said, “Not now Lord, John Wayne’s on.” And I heard it again, “How will they know it’s My glory?” I said, “Lord, I know what you’re referencing to, it’s in Isaiah chapter 60, I’ll study it later, after John Wayne is done.” “How will they know it’s My glory?” I said, “Okay.” I turned the TV off, went over to my study, to my desk, open my Bible, Isaiah 60 and here’s what it says; I quoted it earlier 1 Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. 2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people; but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. 3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Isaiah 60:1-3).

They’ll see the glory on thee and gentiles represents non-believers. Now half the church, doesn’t understand the glory, how could a sinner know, it’s the glory? The carnal man does not comprehend the things of God, but He’s saying; sinners will see the glory on us. The Lord asked me, how will they know it’s the glory? He said, “Most of My people, don’t know the glory, they wouldn’t know the glory, if He’d walked in the room, in a red cape. How will sinners know the glory?” He said, “It’ll be seen and they’ll be drawn to it”. So what is the glory? It is the manifested, presence manifested, power and manifested goodness of God.

Sinners may not understand the manifested presence of God; they may not understand fully the manifested power of God, but even a sinner knows goodness. And our God is good and He doeth good, the Bible says. When they start seeing on our lives, the good things that God’s bringing to pass, in our lives and they know in the natural that there’s no way we could have made it happen; they will be attracted to it, they’ll see it as the glory, even though they won’t refer to it as the glory. They’ll know it as the goodness of God and it’ll be one of our greatest soul-winning tools, when sinners start seeing the good things that God is doing in the lives of His people; when the rest of the world is falling apart, we’re prospering and arising and favours being bestowed upon us.

That will get the attention of sinners, in fact I’ve won a lot of sinners to the Lord that I haven’t preached one word to; they just watched my lifestyle and eventually; we want to know how are you doing this? Where are you getting this? All I have to do is, it’s the God I serve, it’s His blessing on my life, it’s His favour on my life; would you like to know my God? Yes, Sir – and I won a lot of people that way, Amen.
So you know, even though I like to do, human things, but I never allow it to interfere, with my time with God. That’s important, if we want to see His glory. Moses had to set himself aside sometimes, you have to get away from people. The Apostle Paul made the statement one time, giving his testimony, to Felix I believe it was and he said, when he had this appearance of the Lord on the road to Damascus, he said, “The Lord said to him, I’m delivering you of people”. Sometimes you have to get delivered of people. Are you still here, did you go home?

Sometimes, people can be your greatest distraction. If you all don’t respond better I’m going down the road find a place to preach. I’m just teasing you, but sometimes truly your worst distraction could be people and well-meaning people. I mean, they wouldn’t dare be an instrument of the devil to distract you, but sometimes they do it unconsciously. You got up one morning and said, “Lord, I’m going to spend the next couple of hours with You in prayer and in fellowship”. And somebody call and said, “Hey, you want to go to lunch?” “Yeah!” What happened to that prayer and fellowship, huh? We want the glory, I said; do we want the glory? Sometimes it demands a discipline that goes beyond what you’ve ever been willing to do before, Amen. Praise God. So, let’s get past this, have I made my point?

So, once again Moses was required by God to pull aside and to seek His presence in order to fulfil the test that God had given him. I believe the coming days, the time in which we live, is going to require us to do the same. Amen. Church will not be as normal soon. It’s going to require more time with God. If you study every past revival, every past awakening, every past move of God. Every one of them came on the wings of prayer, came on the wings of hunger, hunger for the presence of God, hunger for the demonstration of His power and they prayed it in. But every one of them ceased after a short time, because people no longer saw the need to spend quality time with God. You know, we tend, that’s kind of a natural human behaviour pattern, that we were desperate for something, when we get it, we don’t keep doing what we did when we were desperate. Amen.

So the days ahead is going to require you and I, and even if you’re not a preacher, even if you’re not a minister of the gospel, you’re a believer – God plans to use you. Amen. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, signs and wonders will follow you. Praise God. This is not just for preachers in the fivefold ministry, it’s for the body of Christ. Hallelujah. And it’s going to require you to be willing to set some things aside, pull away, make some quality decisions and don’t let anybody distract you, don’t let anybody interfere with those decisions.

When I left Brother Copeland’s ministry and launched out into this ministry, now started preaching what Brother Copeland, began doing all of his morning services before I actually left his organization. And we began traveling all over the United States first of all. And back in those days my daughters were both very young. This is 1973, when I launched out into, when I left Brother Copeland’s organization. And let’s say my daughters were born in 1969 and 1970. So they’re, you know, three or four years old and they went everywhere with us. Carolyn and I travelled all over the country and our daughters went with us.
And back in those days, you know, we were believing God for everything. We didn’t have enough money to get two hotel rooms. One for my wife and my daughters and one for me where I could be in fellowship with the Lord and prepare. But my wife taught my daughters, “Girls, your daddy is with God, your daddy is praying, your daddy is listening to the Holy Spirit, be quiet now.” Sometimes she’d take them outside and play with them,

sometimes they’d all sitting in the room and I’d be over there in the corner somewhere at the desk and praying and seeking God and studying and then when I felt I had what God wanted me to preach, then I’d get upandIwhenIpray,Igottowalk.AndI’dgetupandI started walking the length of that room, and I start praying in the Spirit and I just make a circle in there, just pray in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit and I’d do that no less than an hour before the service. I spent at least one hour praying in the Holy Ghost. And in a little while, I just happened to turn around and my daughters they were just following me like little ducks, you know, and they just praying in the Holy Ghost, just praying in the Holy Ghost. And then after the service, every time after service, I got through praying for people, they say, “Daddy let us touch your hands, they’re always hot when you get through praying for people.” They saw, they sensed the anointing, they respected that. They grew up respecting it. Amen. They still do to this day. They don’t interfere. When they know Daddy has set time aside, they don’t interfere, they don’t interrupt. I don’t care what their problem is, they know that problem can be solved a little later, don’t interfere with Dad’s time with the Lord. Hallelujah. And I so appreciate that. Amen.

But this is not just for preachers. Praise God. In fact there are preachers that are going to take some credit for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, that they don’t again have any credit coming – it’s the intercessors at home that prayed it in. Praise God. It’s the people in the pews that prayed it in. So you have a calling on your life. Amen. God wants to show you His glory, just like He wants to show me His glory. Come on, give the Lord a shout, if you believe it. Praise God. Amen.

There are some things that we will not be able to accomplish without the manifestations of the presence of God in our lives. And the truth is God will honour our desire. Amen. God’s not looking for ways to withhold, He is waiting for the opportunity to release. Hallelujah. He is more interested in releasing His glory than most Christians are in experiencing His glory. Amen.

Revelation 3:20 go there with me. Man I’m fired up. Praise God! Revelation 3:20. Hallelujah, show us Your presence Lord. Look at verse 20, I know most of you are all familiar with it. 20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with Me (Revelation 3:20). Now notice here, behold I stand at the door and knock. All of my young life, all of my young Christian life, I was always told that’s the verse we use for soul-winning. Jesus is standing at the door of your heart knocking, and if you will open He’ll come in. And it has nothing to do with sinners, He is talking to the church, isn’t it amazing? God is having to say, my own people would you please open the door? I’m knocking if you don’t believe that, look at Revelation 2:7, 7He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Amen. He is talking to Christian people and He is saying “I am standing at the door and I have been knocking and if anyone will hear and open the door and let Me in, I will sup with them and they with Me.” (Revelation 2:7) The word “sup” there means, I will I be involved in intimate fellowship and communion with them.

There’s nothing more intimate, than breaking bread together with a friend, when people invite you to come and eat. And in particularly Old Testament days – that was covenant; when you invited somebody to come and share a meal with you, sup with you that was covenant. And God is saying, “I’m knocking on the door and if any man will hear and open that door then I’ll come in and I will have intimate fellowship and communion with anyone who dares obey.” Can you say, Amen? How many of you would like to have intimate fellowship and communion with God and what about on a daily basis? Well it’s not going to happen watching your television all day. It’s not going to happen running all over the city all day. It’s not going to happen, if only time you give God time, is a little bit on Sunday. Is it too hard? If it is, after I leave, Pastor John can straighten it out. Praise God.

I am interested in His glory, I am not playing church. I am interested in seeing the glory of God beyond anything I’ve ever seen before and I believe you are to. Praise God. Like

Brother Copeland used to say, “If I step on your toes just sit there, God will heal them!” Amen.
So, once again, God’s knocking, but is anyone hearing? And then this take it a step further, are they hearing and then are they opening the door? Are they inviting Him in? Are they allowing Him to have intimate fellowship and communion with them? Can you say Amen? So, this is God’s invitation, to open the door to our hearts. He is knocking, but are we listening? He is knocking, but do we let Him in? This shows that God is willing to oblige us, if we will just endeavour to pursue Him. What are we talking about? Pursuing the manifested presence of God. And once again “I will sup” implies intimate fellowship. Amen.
Did you know the Bible says, God speaking Himself, “I do nothing in the earth.” Please say “I do nothing.” Would that cover everything? I do nothing in the earth except I first reveal it to My servants, the prophets. Well, now that’s Old Testament, of course you don’t have to be a prophet today for God to speak to you, but in those days the prophet was His mouthpiece, and He said, “I don’t do anything in the earth.” Wow and some people go around saying, “God can do anything, He is God.” According to Him, He can’t do anything until He reveals it to someone, that’s listening.

You go to Isaiah 42 and Isaiah 43, God says that He is ready to do a new thing and He says the only problem I have is, My prophets are not listening, they’re not sensitive to My voice. And He says as a result the people are taken captive. In other words, when men and women that love God, not just prophets and pastors, but men and women that love God, if they’re not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit then the result is they remain captive. If I or Pastor John or any other man or woman of God that’s operating in the fivefold ministry; if I’m not sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit; consequently and if I’m not hearing what God wants to do, consequently, the people stay in prison, they are bound, Satan holds them captive. So it is a must, you’re not going to hear the voice of God running all over the country playing church. You’re going to have to set time aside, uninterrupted time, just you and God. Hallelujah. And He will see to it, the glory will come down. Hallelujah! Come on, give the Lord you’re best shout. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah.

James 4:8, Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. (James 4:8) I hear people saying, but He don’t speak to me like He speaks to you. Well, you just call Jesus a liar. He said, “(My people), My sheep (rather He said), hear my voice and the voice if a stranger they will not follow”. Are you one if God’s people? Are you one of God’s sheep? Then quit going around saying, He don’t speak to me, He don’t reveal things to me. Yes, He does; He is speaking, you’re not listening. In fact at one place He said this is a people whose ears have waxed gross and they are hard of hearing. That means God’s speaking; He is speaking all the time; He is speaking right now, but the question is – are we listening? I dare say, man, I didn’t know I was going in this direction, and I dare say, I’m just following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, if it makes you mad, don’t invite me to come back, but I’m coming anyway. Hallelujah. Amen.
It makes me wonder how many Christians truly know how to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit? Led by the Spirit; most Christians are still led by their flesh. That’s got to change, if we expect God to show us His glory. Can you say Amen? Walk in the Spirit, the apostle Paul says. That’s not difficult, it takes training, it takes practice, it takes consistency. But you can get to the place where you recognize the voice of God more than you recognize any other voice on the planet. Hallelujah. Amen.

I love being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. My wife says, “I don’t want you to drive today.” I say, “Why not?” She said, “You’re distracted.” She said, “You’re always listening to the Holy Spirit and you are not watching where you’re going.” I said, “Well, that’s not bad and in fact just go ahead and drive, I’ll just sit here and listen to the Holy Ghost, Praise God, and He just told me to tell you, slow down.” Amen.

So draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you (James 4:8).The Amplified Bible says, Come close to God, and He will come close to you (James 4:8). So, notice it’s not God that’s holding out, it’s us. Like somebody said one time, “I have discovered the enemy and it’s me”. Sometimes we’re our worst own enemy.

Desperate people take desperate measures. Write that down. Desperate people take desperate measures. Go with me to Psalm 63 for a moment. Psalm 63. Are you receiving? Look at verse 5. 5My soul wait thou only on God, for my expectation is from Him (Psalm 63:5). My soul, and I want you, you have to tell your soul, which is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions. You have to take control over your mind, will and emotions and tell your soul, you’re going to seek God today. You’re going to fellowship with God today, and don’t give me any feedback. Just take authority over your mind, your will, your emotions, because if you’ll take authority over it, it will take authority over you. Can you say, Amen?

David once said, “O God, thou art my God, early will I seek thee. My soul thirsteth for thee to see thy power and thy glory” (Psalm 63:1-2). Amen. Early will I seek thee. Why? Because I am desperate to see Your glory. In other words he is saying, this will be the first part of my day, that I will spend quality time seeking You, because I am desperate to see Your glory, and he goes on to say as I have seen it in Your sanctuary. In other words he is experienced the glory of God before, but once you experience it, you are not satisfied till you see it again, and then when you see it again you are not satisfied till you see it again, and you are satisfied till you see it again, Praise God. Can you say Amen?

So desperate people take desperate measures. Well I can’t get up early. Well what time do you have available? God would like to get on your schedule. Now, I’m an early riser. I love, I’ve always been an early riser, and that’s the first part of my day, is dedicated my time with God. Amen. And I’m also, I go to bed late. Seems like between one and three I’m most creative. That’s when I get most of my sermons, that’s when I get most of my instructions from the Holy Spirit as to what to do next in our ministry and so forth, or insight, or wisdom on how to handle certain situations, between one and three. You see I’m trying to be as much like God as I can. He never sleeps nor slumbers, so since He’s going to be up all night, I know, I got an audience. Amen. Now I’m not telling you, you need to be up all night, you need to be up at three to get with God. I’m not telling you that at all, but what are you willing to do? How hungry are you for the manifested presence of God? You are looking at one hungry man. Look at somebody and say, “You are looking at one hungry person, as well”. Let’s say it again: Lord show me Your glory. Hallelujah.
So David says here: I’ve seen Your glory and I have seen Your power in days past, but I’m not satisfied. I want to see it again and if getting up early is what is required, then count me in. That’s what he said, I’m desperate. So, once again, I’m not saying you have to get up early. I’m not saying you have to stay up late, but you find the time. You know when God created all of this and He put 24 hours in a day, then He’s assuming that He did good, and for you to come up and say, I don’t have time. Well, God thought you did, because He’s the one that gave you the time, and surely in 24 hours you can find a few minutes for Him. And if you can’t you are way too busy, and if you’re that busy, then don’t count on God to get you out of every mess you get into, when you don’t give Him any time at all. It’s not His fault.

My goodness, I’m saying things I didn’t intend to say. It’s your fault. It’s your fault. Your pulling it out of me. Praise God. I’m really a nice person. Praise God. I’m a nice person. To know me is to love me. So, what have we learned about the glory? It’s the manifested presence, power and goodness of God and notice once again, David’s sense of desperation. Early will I seek thee. Indicating that this was a priority in his life and that he would start his day perusing God’s presence before he pursued anything else. Is this that important to you? Amen. Is seeing His glory that important to you?

I wrote this down in my notes today and I underlined it twice, because I believe it is that important. We should be a generation of believers that demonstrate a desperation for God’s presence like no other generation, ever, ever has, including David’s generation. I’ll say it again. We should be a generation of believers that demonstrate a desperation for God’s presence like no other generation ever has. Amen. It’s going to require that, if we are to be used by God to bring His presence into the earth.

The Bible declares in 1John1:5. As I said earlier this world is getting darker and the minds of men are getting darker and their only hope is God. The presence of God. That’s it. 1 John 1:5 says, God is light and in Him is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). Only light can dispel darkness. Amen. I don’t care how dark it is, Brynn was driving us back last night. He said, “If I was to turn the lights out right now, can you imagine how dark it would be?” And Jesse Duplantis every time he comes to Africa, when he gets back home he says, “Africa” if he gets back home he says you know, “It’s getting dark” and we’ll always say to him, “How dark is it getting Jesse?” “Africa dark, Africa dark.” That mean really dark. And the only hope that this world has is God; He is light; in Him is no darkness. We are called children of light. Hallelujah. So we’re the instruments that God plans to use to turn the light on in this dark world; through the manifestation of His power, His presence and His goodness. Can you say Amen? We need it more than we’ve needed it ever before in our Christian lives. I ask you once again, how desperate are you for it?

After years of walking with God, David gave this expression of his heart. He had been walking with God for years when he wrote this. One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to behold the beauty of the Lord and to enquire in His temple (Psalm 27:4). Now once again, this is not a novice. This is a man that’s been walking with God for a long, long time. But His heart’s desire is, one thing have I desired above everything else, that I will seek after. In other words: I’m going to pursue this with everything that is in me.

You know I have noticed in my life and even before I got saved. Anything that I pursued with everything that was in me, I got. I mean even before I was a believer. Anything I pursued with all my heart, I obtained it. How much more now am I seeking after Godly things. Praise God. He says, this one thing I desire and I will seek after and he’s implying with all of my heart, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever. The house of the Lord is representative of being in the presence of God. And he said this is the one thing I desire above everything else, I want to be in His presence, and listen, all the days of my life. Is that your desire, tonight? Praise God. I’m telling you, the presence of God, the power of God and the goodness of God manifesting in your life will solve every problem you’ll ever go through in your entire life. Hallelujah. Can you give Him a shout for that? Praise God. Hallelujah.

What I’m seeing Him say is this, what you truly desire you will pursue, and what you truly pursue you will obtain. Amen. Whatever you truly desire you will pursue, and what you truly pursue, you will acquire or you will obtain. The Amplified Bible says, that will I seek and inquire for [insistently]. Another word for insistently would be the word persistently. In other words with all your heart. It means never seizing, becoming relentless, determined, unyielding and you’ll have opportunities for that. You know, as well as I do, the devil is not just going to sit by and allow you to reach another level spiritually without a fight. Amen. I mean you’re already a handful for him, now. What do you think you’ll be in the presence of God, experiencing the power of God, and the goodness of God? Amen. You’re his worst nightmare, now. Amen.

So, we’ll be foolish to think that, “Oh, I’m ready to go to the next level of my pursuit of God and everything is to be good and everything’s going to be fine and lovely, tip toeing through the tulips and the devil waiting on the other side of the tulip. There is thorns in the shrubs, you know. Amen. He is not just going to sit by and allow it to happen without a fight. So you’ve got to be persistent. Amen. Somebody said to Brother Hagin one time,

“Brother Hagin you’re such a positive man, I’ve never heard you say anything negative. You probably have something to say that is positive about the devil.” He said, “Well, he is persistent.” Amen. He is persistent, but you got to determine that you’re going to be even more persistent in your pursuit of the manifested presence of God. Amen.

May we capture David’s passion. May we get to the place in our walk with God that we’ll literally feel as though His presence is hovering over us every day of our lives. Hallelujah.

Once again, I’m not moved by what I feel, but Praise God, there is nothing greater then feeling the presence of God; sensing the presence of God. Hallelujah. Praise God. Praise God. Praise God. Let’s lift our hands and bless Him once again. Let’s bless Him once again. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
Now I’m just about done with the lesson. I got a little more here to say to you. The degree of the manifested presence of God that you will experience in your life hinges on the level that you hunger for it. Say that again. The degree of the manifested presence of God that you will experience in your life hinges on the level that you hunger for it. Some people are just a little more hungry than others. Amen. And some people are starving, starving for the presence of God in their life. Amen. So, how many of you truly want to see a mighty move of God, a great revival taking place in the church and that is what revival is for, not sinners, the church. You can’t revive something that have never been revived to start with. If you get the church revived then they’ll go to winning sinners. Praise God. They’ll get their fire back. They’ll return to their first love. Can you say Amen?

So how desperate are we for a mighty move of God in our church and how desperate are we for revival? I don’t need reviving, Brother Jerry. Well we can all stand to go to another level, believing in this, just to up a little bit. I’m going to include myself. I’m ready to go to another level and I consider myself to be a spiritual man, but there is always room for more. Can you say Amen? Say, I am ready for more. (Congregation, I’m ready for more).

I read a statement one time that said this revival or a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit is a profound encounter with God that requires disciplined preparation. Well that’s a powerful statement. I’m not taking credit for it. And don’t remember who said it, but if I did I’ll let you know. I’ll say it again, revival or a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost is a profound encounter with God that requires disciplined preparation and we talked about that last night. Hunger, prayer and expectation. Amen. Hunger, prayer and expectation. Didn’t I say Jesus said, if you believe, you will see the glory of God – that’s an expectation. So, there are things that create the climate for heaven to come down, days of heaven on earth. Hallelujah. Praise God.

So, if we truly want demonstrations of the presence of God, that we read about in the book of Acts, and if we truly want demonstrations of the presence of God and the power of God, that we read about in the past revivals and awakenings and outpourings then wouldn’t you think just naturally, wouldn’t you think we would be required to do what they did that brought it on? To think we are going to have a mighty move of God, without prayer, is foolish. To think that we’re going to have a mighty move of God, without a hungry for it, is foolish. To think we’re going to have a mighty move of God, without expecting it, is foolish. That’s what the early church did. In fact let me give you a couple of scriptures here showing what they were willing to do to bring on the outpouring of the Spirit of God and a mighty move of God. Acts 1:14, They all continued with one accord in prayer. (Acts 1:14) Acts 2:42, And they continued steadfastly in prayer. (Acts 2:42) Acts 6:4, We will give ourselves continually to prayer. (Acts 6:4) Look at the place that prayer played in bringing on a move of God. Hallelujah. It’s not going to happen without prayer. Hallelujah.

You know when I first went to work for Brother Copeland, one of my jobs was after I set up the auditorium and got, you know, ready for him to preach. Then I go back to my room

and he paid me to pray. He expected me to pray. Amen. And once in a while Gloria would say, “Jerry I need for you to take me to the mall.” I’ll say, “Ms Gloria, I’ll do anything you want me to do, but your husband thinks I’m praying. I can’t do that.” She said, “Well I’ll cover for you.” And I did one time, I’ll never forget it, Charlotte, North Carolina. I took Ms Gloria to the mall and we got back and Brother Copeland came down the elevator when we opened the lobby and looked at me with this, I thought you have been praying look and I pointed to his wife. “It’s that woman that God gave us thou.” I was paid to pray. He expected me to pray and in those early days you know 1970, 71, 72 man we had some powerful meetings. I mean we saw miracles all the time. Brother Copeland had trained under Oral Roberts. There was a portion of that anointing of Brother Roberts that was on him and we had all the time and sometimes Brother Copeland would do things that caught me totally off guard. I wouldn’t know what in the world he’s going to do next. And, he was so bold, dear Lord he was bold and that’s what I liked about him. I thought he was John Wayne in the pulpit. Hallelujah.

And sometimes when he would call people up to pray and they were cancer victims and all kinds of terminal diseases. Boy he got those piercing eyes focus right on them, you know, and he get ready to pray and the next thing I knew, bam, he would hit him right in the stomach and the guy’s got cancer and he screams and falls out, the crowd screams. I scream. Ah, dear God, they’re going to put us in jail. He killed him. And the guy gets up screaming, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” And ran around in the building, four or five times and I’ll say praise God. We knew it was going to happen. Oh ye, of little faith. You know that was me, and I got determined he was never going to catch me off guard again. So I prayed and I got into the Spirit, before every service, and then I’m walking that building, I knew what he’s going to do next, because the Lord would show me in the Spirit and He never caught me off guard any more. Not only that, but sometimes he’ll say, “Jerry take over.” And I knew exactly where he would have headed and I took it and went where he would have gone.

And one time he called this women up and she was dying of some kind of disease that she was so feeble and she just barely got out there and he is standing in front of her and I saw in the Spirit what he was going to do. I said, “Not so, Lord. Not so, don’t let him hit that woman like he hit that man the other day.” And boy I could see it working in him. He’s looking at her and she didn’t have a clue, if she had a clue what he is about to do, she would have said, “I don’t need prayer anymore.” Boy, I saw him, he’s getting ready and I’m over there praying in the Spirit. And all of a sudden he said, “Jerry come here.” I thought, “Dear God, what’s he want me to do?” He said, “Hit her.” I knew that’s what he’s going to do. He said, “Hit her.When you get ready to release your faith, hit her!” Man, I kept saying, “Feet won’t you get moving.” He said, “I said hit her.” And I looked at this woman with pity on my face, you know, and I was going to go like, you know, he said, “No, that’s not hitting her.” And then all of a sudden it sounded like Niagara Falls. “Hit her!” Bam, I hit her before I realized what I’d done. She screamed. The crowd screamed. I held my breath and she got up screaming that, “I’m healed. Praise God. I’m healed. I’m healed!” Anyone need prayer tonight. I’ll be willing to hit you. I don’t hit everybody I pray for, just some.
There was a woman in my meeting one time. She had lost it. She screamed and screamed and screamed. And her husband was standing there. She just lost it. It’s the evil spirit that took over, and her husband was so embarrassed and she’s screaming at the top of her voice, and I just stopped preaching and I walked up in front of her and I heard from the Spirit of God say, now, you may not believe this, but I heard the Spirit of God say, “Slap her and cast that devil out of her!” Man I reared back and slap her across her face, cast that devil out of her. She fell on the ground, began to speak in tongues and her husband looked at me, with this big smile like, I wish I could have done that, and I know what he was thinking and I said, “Only under the anointing, Sir, only under the anointing.”

Joe remembers this. One night the Lord said, “Call up everybody with severe back pain.” There was about fifteen people coming up. I said, and I’m just listening to the Lord, I didn’t

know what I was going to do until I heard the next instruction. He said, “Call them up.” And then He said, “Tell them to lay down face down on the floor.” I said, “Everybody lay down face down on the floor.” God said, “Take your shoes off.” I took my shoes off. He said, “Run across their backs.” Wooh. “Couldn’t we just lay hands on them, Lord? We’ve been getting results this way.” Have you been watching? He said; “Run across their backs.” And I started at this end and they didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. If they had a clue what I was going to do, they’d all got up and walked off, and I ran across their backs. And when I got to the other side every one of them jumped and screamed, “I’m healed, I’m healed.” And they started bending over and doing things they couldn’t do before. In fact, is here someone with back pain? No, He didn’t tell me to do it tonight.

One time in Riverside, California I got through preaching, and the Lord said there’s, this blind man that came up, He’d been blind from birth. They laid him up there. He was in the prayer line. When I got in front of him the Lord said, “Spit on your finger, and put it in his eyes and command that blind spirit to depart.” I’ve never done that before. I don’t want to spit on my finger and put it in someone’s eye, and the Lord said, “I did.” And He reminded me of spitting on the ground and making that spittle of clay and putting it on the blind man’s eyes. I said, “Yes, Jesus, but that was You, but I’m Jerry”. I know our names start with the same letter J, Jerry, Jesus, Jerry – but why don’t I just lay my hands on and He said this, “I thought you said you wanted to increase in the anointing?” I said, “I did”. Now, the blind person don’t know what’s going on. My own team that worked with me in the prayer line, they don’t even know. This is spirit to Spirit, me and the Lord. I’m just standing there and I’m conversing with the Lord about this, you know, if there be any other way let this come pass from me you know, and He said, “I thought you said you wanted to increase in the anointing”. I said, “I did” “Then it’ll take obedience; quickly and quietly.” So I looked at my fingers like this and the guys they don’t, either side of me that worked for me, they don’t know what I’m going to do, I’ve never done this before. My mouth got so dry I couldn’t work up a spit, I know this is gross but I’m telling you what happened. And I thought, well once I do this you’re going to have to work fast so it don’t fall in the floor, you know. I reared back, spit on my finger and threw it my fingers in those eyes, both eyes and he screamed. “My God I can see, I can see, I can see.” And we were in this large auditorium and I saw a man up in the balcony I said, “Sir, stand up. You right on the corner of the top row stand up.” and I said “Sir, if you can see, describe that man’s tie.” And he looked up there and described the fine detail. In that he saw things that I couldn’t even see.
I thought praise God – next. But He’d never had me to do it again, He’d never had me to do it again, but tonight may be the night. That was just a point of contact, why to go to the extreme is probably more for me than them – obedience. Amen. Hallelujah.

So notice how important prayer was and bringing about this great move of God. Notice the words continued in prayer, steadfastly in prayer, those words imply being resolute, firm and purposed and characterized by determination. Amen. That’s how the glory comes. That’s how we see greater manifestations of the glory. Amen. So this is being, this should be how that we pursue the manifested presence of God; hunger, prayer and expectation. And did you notice the results of all this prayer? Did you notice the results of this resolute determined, determination to pray to seek God.
Acts 4:33, 33and with great power gave the Apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. (Acts 4:33)
Acts 5:16, 16There came also multitudes out of the cities roundabout into Jerusalem bringing sick folks and then which were vexed with unclean spirits and they were healed everyone. (Acts 5:16)
Acts 8:7, 7for unclean spirits came unclean spirits crying with loud voice came out of many that were possessed with them and many taken with Posey’s and that were lame were healed. (Acts 8:7)
Notice miracles, signs, wonders, manifestations of the Glory came of the wings of dedicated prayer. Can you say, Amen? How dedicated are we today? Praise God.

Hallelujah. Stand to your feet and let’s worship the Lord for a moment. Hallelujah. Thank You Father. We bless You Jesus. Will the praise and worship team come and just minister unto the Lord for a few moments here. Hallelujah.

Let me share this with you before I begin to minister as the Lord directs. The Bible clearly states that there are other great benefits when we hunger, when we pray and we expect to see His Glory. Listen to this Psalm 9:3, 3when my enemies are turned back they shall fall and perish at thy presence. (Psalm 9:3) Notice the enemy falls back, the enemy perishes in other words, in the presence of God, every assignment against you is broken. Hallelujah. In the presence of God every assignment of the devil against you is broken. Hallelujah. Your enemy will turn back, he cannot function in the presence of God. Hallelujah. That’s another great reason why we need to pray it in, why we need to hunger for it and expect it. Satan, nor any of his cohorts, can stand in the manifested presence of God. And once again every assignment on your life will be broken and they’ll not be able to carry out their plots and their schemes against you.

Psalm 16:11 says 11in the presence in that presence is fullness of joy at the right hand there are pleasures for every forevermore. (Psalm 16:11) What I get out of that verse is simply this; fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore means total victory. Amen. Total victory begin living in total victory and in Psalm 97:5, 5 the hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord. The Message translation says the mountains take one look at God and they melt. (Psalm 97:5) Hallelujah. That means every mountain in your life, this is speaking of literal mountains, but it’s also applies to figuratively speaking mountains, which represents challenges and problems and impossible looking situations – one look at God and they melt in His presence.

Come on, give the Lord a shout and thank Him for it. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You Father. And then one more thing I want to mention is Acts 3:19, 19 times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. (Acts 3:19) Times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. Times of refreshing represents experiencing new spiritual vitality, it represents an energizing of your spirit, causing you to become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

I mean if you could use a refreshing tonight, it comes in the presence of God to you. Do you not agree with me that after hearing all these things that pursuing the presence of God is certainly worth it, our effort, the discipline that we place on ourselves? Wouldn’t you agree that you need the presence of God in your life more than you have ever before? And God will oblige you in doing it, if you’ll seek it, if you’ll hunger for it, if you’ll expect it, He’s willing and He’s ready. Hallelujah. Come on, Praise God tonight. Praise God tonight, come on, lift your voices and praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


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