Brother Jerry:
We have been talking about the glory of God all week. I have been talking about it for a long time, but especially emphasising it coming into this New Year. One of my instructions was, from the Lord, that everywhere I preached this year, regardless of where it is – US or abroad, that I was to challenge people to keep on their lips and keep in their prayers, every day – “Show me Your glory”. Show me Your glory. Say it with me, “Show me Your glory”. And we have already gone over this but I just want to briefly remind you that when you talk about the glory of God, then you are talking about the manifested presence of God, the manifested power of God, and the manifested goodness of God. So today; this morning in this service I am led of the Spirit of God to emphasize the goodness of God. Say it again, “Show me Your glory Lord”. So what you just asked the Lord to do was to show you His goodness. Amen. And I believe that you and I are the generation that God has been waiting for. There is goodness in reserve; we will find in the Word here in a moment. There is goodness that has been in reserve. There is a reservoir of goodness that we have never tapped into. Hallelujah.

Now in my natural man that is hard to conceive because – oh yeah, today, February the 11th is my anniversary. I accepted the call to preach February the 11th 1969, Amen. So from that point until now, 49 years later, I have experienced the goodness of God in ways that many people could only dream of. But God’s no respecter of persons. Amen. He would no do it for me and not you. Now I have been maybe, perhaps, just possibly, a little bit more serious about it than some of you have, Amen? When I surrendered my life to the Lord I was not; I had no intentions to play Church. I had no intentions to be like other Christians that I came in contact with. Many of them were just existing. Seemed like to me the only joy they had was about 15 minutes on Sunday morning during the praise and worship service. Some of them did not even have joy then. Amen. I thought there has got to be more to it than what I have seen, and once I got into the Word of God, and with the help of men like Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, TL Osborne. They introduced me to my covenant with God and I could not get enough. It became a quest with me to find out everything I could possibly find out about that covenant; how to function in it. How to get it to work for you, and that has been my pursuit all these years and as a result of it, God honours hunger. God honours diligence. God honours faithfulness. I have experienced the goodness of God big time. I give Him all the praise for it. Praise God. Amen.

But if what He’s saying is true, and we know it is because it’s His Word, then regardless of how much of the goodness of God we’ve experienced up to now, God is saying, you have not seen anything yet, hallelujah. There is more. Look at your neighbour and say, “there is so much more”. And if you are determined to tap into it lift your hands and say, “that is me you’re talking about; I am determined to tap into it”, Praise God. If anybody is going to experience it, Jerry Savelle is. Why don’t you come on and go with me, Praise God. Amen. Praise God.

Now I want you to look in your Bible first of all this morning to Psalm 34 – a very familiar scripture. So we are talking about God showing us His goodness, or God showing us His glory in the form of His goodness. Now I got that from Exodus 33 where Moses said, “show me Your glory,” and immediately in response to Moses request, God said, “I will cause all My goodness to pass before thee.” So in the mind of God when you are talking about the glory, you are talking about including the goodness of God. It is also the presence of God, the power of God but it also includes the goodness of God. So when we say, “God show us Your glory,” we are asking for the manifested presence, the manifested power, and the manifested goodness of God. Can you say Amen? I think I want to say it one more time,

“show me Your glory.” I get up with that on my lips. I go to bed with it on my lips. I sayit several times throughout the day. I’ve noticed, you know, riding over here Brynn is saying, “show me Your glory.” Joe is saying, “show me Your glory”. I hope, Praise God, that this gets so deep on the inside of you that you say it without even thinking about it. Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak. Hallelujah. And I am convinced, the more you say it, and the more you expect it, then the more you will experience it. Amen. Look at your neighbour and say, “why don’t you keep saying, show me Your glory?” And tell your other neighbour, “you’ll begin to see more of it than you have ever imagined before.” Amen.

So once again, Psalm 34 – very familiar verse – verse 8: 8 O taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. (Psalm 34:8) Taste and see that the Lord is good. Everybody understands taste. There are certain things you love to eat; specialities, favourites. You know the first time I came to South Africa, and I believe it is about 1980 or ‘81, I was introduced to baby Kingklip, oh my, my, my, dear Lord, I can not get enough of it now. I love it; it is a great fish. I love the texture. We do not have baby Kingklip in Texas so I have to come to South Africa to get in. Amen. It is a great fish, and there are times at home I wake up in the middle of the night, tasting it – that is baby kingklip. Hallelujah.

Now I love Italian food, Oh when we get to heaven the chefs are going to be Italian. Hallelujah. I love Italian food man. When I go to Italy, I just finished the latter part of last year, a tour of Italy and we went to several Cities. Pastor John was with us – we went to several cities and preached in all these cities and even went down to Sicily. And you know, northern Italy, southern Italy, and Sicily – all the food tastes different, but they are all great! And boy did they ever put on a feast for us. I came home and weeks later I was tasting it – hmm – Hallelujah.

But then one of my most favourite foods is Cajun food. Down there were Jesse Duplantis lives. He is a Cajun. Man them people know how to cook and you think that they invent sauces to put on this stuff. You would think when you taste something, it could not get any better than this, and then you ask for something else, and it tops that. In fact, when I know I am going to spend a few days with Jesse, I do not eat for two weeks. I am going to load up when I get down there with Jesse. And Jesse, being Cajun, he knows all that stuff and sometimes he will ask for certain thing, it may not even be on the menu and he says, tell the chef to make us this. “Well we do not serve that.” He said, “bring the chef out here, I will tell him how, you know, and I am telling you Carolyn and I, we get… we taste it weeks and even months afterwards. If I do not shut up, I am going to leave and go to New Orleans right now. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Well, I have enjoyed Cajun food, I have enjoyed South African food, I have enjoyed food all over the world, but there is nothing that satisfies my life more than God. Hallelujah. There are times when I go to a place in the Lord impress upon me, do not eat while you are here, just fast. And knowing that all that good food is out there, you know, and I am going to miss out on that, naturally speaking, but I do not miss out on anything in the presence of God. Nothing tastes better than being in His presence, and then when you see the results of it. Oh Hallelujah. Amen.

So notice He said, taste and see that the Lord is good – period. There is nothing bad about God. There is no bad in Him. He is good. Amen. Everybody shout, “The Lord is good”. Now you are going to find that throughout the Bible: the Lord is good, and He is inviting us to experience His goodness for ourselves. I have experienced it; most of you have experienced it. But if you have not, God is saying, “come on, I invite you to experience My goodness.” In fact, there is no other God like our God. You will not find any little god on the planet or in the universe that is quite like our God. Hallelujah. Amen. He doeth all things well. He will bless you beyond what you can ask or think. All you have got to do is delight yourself in Him and he will even give you the desires of your heart. Hallelujah.

My wife has told me and we’ve been married 51/52 years and we have known each other since I was 11 and she was 9, so you know, I can not even imagine life without Carolyn,

because she has been in my life most of my life – the majority of my life, and she knows me extremely well, and she tells me all the time, “Jerry, I have never met anyone like you, in my life.” I said, “is it because I am God’s favourite, or what?” She said, “I can not think of one thing that you have ever told me that you would like to do, or you have dreamed of doing, or you would like to have, or you have dreamed of having, that God has not brought it to pass and even better than you thought it or dreamed it.” I said, “that is exactly right.” Amen. I overheard her telling a pastor and his wife in Virginia, where we were, I was talking to one of the associate pastors and I overheard my wife saying, “if my husband just thinks it, God does it for him.” I said,

“I will agree with that.” Hallelujah. God has been good to me, but I am totally convinced that that is His nature, that He never has one thought evil about me, and He never has one thought that is evil about you. Now the Bible says in Psalm 115:12, “the Lord hath been mindful of us.” (Psalm 115:12)

Now most Christians believe that God thinks about them, but many times it is what they think He is thinking that is wrong. God does not think, “how can I break them, how can I take from them, how can I put them down, how can I…” No! He does not have any evil thoughts about you. Every thought is good. Every thought is peaceful. Every thought is in regard to you having a wonderful, blessed future. Hallelujah. Can you say Amen? That is what He is thinking right now, Praise God, “How can I bless them? How can I make their life better? How can I show them that they are the object of My affection?” Amen. I saw that in a translation other than the King James one time, that we are the object of His affection. I thought, wow; I am the object of God’s affection.

I never will forget the first time I heard Brother Copeland make this statement, and I was young in the Lord, and I did not know the scripture well, and he is teaching, and he made the statement, folks do you understand that God loves you just as much as He loves Jesus. I thought, man that could not be true. How in the world could God love me as much as He loves Jesus? But then in the Book of John He said, “as Thou hast loved Me, so love them”. Amen. Can you imagine, you being that special to God that He loves you as much as He loves His own Son, Jesus. Amen. That is love, praise God. And yet you know there are still so many Christians that don’t believe that, they can’t accept that, they still have a sin consciousness. Amen. They want to be “an old sinner saved by grace”. They want to be “there’s none righteous, no not one”. That’s Old Testament folks. Go over to the New Testament – “He who knew no sin was made to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God”. He paid the price for me so that I would no longer be an old sinner, and I would not be unrighteous, Praise God. He has given me the right to have right standing with God. Hallelujah. Amen. You know these things, but it is good to stir them up on the inside from time to time. Amen.

So taste and see that the Lord is good. Well Brother Jerry, I’ve tasted and I didn’t know that He was so good. Well you haven’t spent enough time at the table. Amen. Now I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that I’ve tasted that I don’t like at all, and one of them is liver – that stuff’s under the curse and I’m redeemed. My mama told me, when I was a little boy, she would make us have liver at least once every two weeks. She said it’s good for us; makes you healthy. A little boy and I didn’t know what she was cooking. She would put it on the plate there. I was hungry and I took the first bite – man, I wanted to spit it out. I wasn’t allowed to do that and I swallowed that stuff. I said mama, this is of the devil, it’s deceiving. It looks good but it’s not. She said, it’s healthy, it’s good for you, eat it. And the rule was, in our house, you couldn’t leave the table – you finished everything on your plate. And sometimes they’d be gone, watching television, outside playing – I’m still sitting there looking at that liver and when they weren’t looking; when they finally went down to the bedroom; I’d sit there sometimes a couple of hours looking at that liver because I couldn’t get up until they finished everything on my plate. Sometimes she would say Jerry Junior, you eat that – there are starving kids in China. I’d say, mama, send it to them. And when they get up and leave I’d get up and look around look around the table, make sure they are gone and I would go open the door and let my dog in, and I

would cut it up and I would try to feed it to my dog. This dog that I had, he smelled it and he turned around and walked to the door. I said, “I thought you were my best friend? If they ever let me get up from this table, I am going to kill you, you understand – get a new dog.” You know, so there is some things I have tasted that I do not like. I do not want to taste again. Do not make me taste it, amen, but that is not the case where God is concerned. Man, when I tasted God, hallelujah – what a wonderful experience and I can’t get enough of Him, hallelujah. So I just hang around at God’s table all the time, praise God. So if you do not feel that way, if you do not have that same attitude about God, then I would just say you just have not spent enough time with Him, amen. 8 Now taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). Everybody shout, “the Lord is good”.

Now go to Psalm 84 for a moment. Psalm 84, we are talking about the glory. Show us the glory and what we are asking is show us Your goodness. Look at verse 11, 11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory… The Lord will give grace and glory – that reveals to us that He is not holding out, amen. You do not have to beg God for it. He’s willing to give it, but all He is asking for is your desire for it. Show Him some desire for it, show some hunger for it, amen. And it says 11 … the Lord will give grace and glory. Then it goes on to say and …no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11), hallelujah. No good thing, amen. God is not against you having good things.

You know, Brother Copeland and I started, well we both started (he is 10 years older than me) but when he was a young boy, teenage boy, he got his first motorcycle – a 1957 Triumph Bonneville. No, I am taking it back. A triumph – yeah, that doesn’t matter anyway, it was a Triumph. He started riding motorcycles and he loved it as a young boy. I started riding motorcycles, I started out – you could get a motorcycle license at 14 when I was a kid. So I got my first one at 14 and I rode them you know, and had several different motorcycles by the time Carolyn and I married. I remember shortly after we were married, we came back from our honeymoon. I said, “I am going to go ride my motorcycle.” I said, “won’t you go with me?” And she got on the back of it and tapped me on the shoulder about 20 minutes and said, “take me home”. I said, “we just started”. She said, “I hate this, take me home.” So I turn around and I am beginning to wonder if I married the right woman, you know. She don’t like motorcycles? What is the matter with you woman? So I turned around, took her home and she got off and she said, “I hate this, I do not want you riding them and I am going to pray that God will take it out of your life.” I said, “do not pay any attention to her God.” Because she could pray heaven and earth together, you know. She said, “I am going to pray that He will take this out of your life.” Well, I did not quit riding because of what she said, but when I finally surrendered my life to the Lord, on my own, I gave them up. I gave my race cars away, I gave my hot rods away, I walked away from all that – not because God told me to and not because God did not want me to have it, but I wanted to show God that now He was number one in my life. Those things had been number one, okay, and on my own, I got rid of it.

Then, when I met Brother Copeland, in particular when I moved to Fort Worth and went to work with him, the Lord had someone to bless me with a motorcycle and when they told me they were going blessed me with a motorcycle, they said, “Brother Jerry, you have been such a great inspiration to our lives. We got saved under your ministry, we got filled with the Holy Spirit our whole family is serving God now and we asked the Lord if there was something special we could do for you.” And I said, “well that is not necessary, that is my calling.” “No, no, no, we want to. We are partners with your ministry, but we want to do something for you personally.” And once again, I told them, I said, “that is not necessary”. They said, “well, we prayed and the Lord told us to buy you a new motorcycle.” I said, “well sir that is very kind of you and I appreciate that, but I have not asked God for a motorcycle. I gave up motorcycles several years ago. So thank you, but I am not sure you heard from God.” He looked at me and he said, “you are the one who taught me how to pray, you are the one who taught me how to get in the presence of God, maybe you are not hearing God?” I said, “I apologise sir, I did not mean to insinuate that you do not hear God. You are

right – maybe it is me that is not hearing God.” I said, “excuse me, I will be right back.” I just went off, you know, in the corner. I said, “Lord, did You tell that man to buy me that motorcycle?” He said, “I did”. I said, “why?” He said, “Number one, because I now know that it will not come between Me and you. I can trust you with it.” He said, “Number two, I know it will bring joy to your life and if it brings joy to you, it will bring joy to Me.” I had never heard that before in my life. I grew up thinking anything that brought me joy, God was against, you know. He said, “if it brings joy to you, it will bring joy to Me.” “Then thirdly..,” He said, “…you take what once was your passion and turn it into a tool for evangelism.” I went back to that man I said, “you have heard God – bring me my motorcycle.”

So Brother Copeland and I started riding together. We would come, you know, we may not see each other for two or three, four weeks and we would call and say, “let us go and ride motorcycles today, let us go to lunch and ride our motorcycles to lunch.” And so, we just enjoyed it, as a way of fellowship. Get out together and when Brother Copeland and I are together, it is preaching, you know. It is: who has got the latest revelation? Most of time, I do not get to talk much and I enjoy receiving, praise God. So we were out riding one day and we rode about, I do not know, maybe an hour’s ride outside of Fort Worth. We got off the bikes and went into a little café and we walked in there. We sat down and some people said, “Hey Brother Copeland, hey Brother Jerry.” They recognised us and we waved back at them and then after we had finished eating, we walked outside to get back on our bikes and go home. Well, they walked out about the same time and when they walked by us and saw what we were on, you would have thought we had just committed the unpardonable sin: “You boys ride motorcycles?” “Yes!” “Are you backslidden?” They asked us that – “are you backslidden?” “No!” Oh, I think we lost some supporters right then, because they thought we were living in sin because we were riding a motorcycle. They did not know that eventually riding motorcycles would become one of my greatest soul winning tools and last year alone we won over 60 000 people by the use of motorcycles. We have led over 200 000 people in just the last ten years, amen. Men and women that would never come into a church to hear a word I had to say, but when I pulled up on a motorcycle as cool as theirs, they wanted to hear what I had to say, praise God. It has become one of our greatest tools, amen. The Lord gave it to me. Now some Christians find that hard to believe that God would give you a motorcycle; or that God would give you, you know, an airplane; or that God would give you, you know, a nice car, but God is good. I said God isgoodandthatisnotwhatIaminthisfor–Iaminittoserve Him, but a faithful man, as I said earlier, will abound in blessings and folks, if God did not mean that, why did He say it? Amen. Why did He say it? Abounding in blessings is far greater than just having something good happen to you occasionally – maybe once every 10 years. Abounding: you are overflowing, it is happening all the time. In fact, to such a level you can not consume it all on yourself, so you have to be a blessing and share it with others, hallelujah. Can you say amen? Give the Lord a shout if you believe the Lord is good, amen, amen.

Now do not misunderstand me – I am not talking about, you know, becoming materialistic, but at the same time God promises that no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly, for them that love Him, hallelujah. What – is a nice automobile a good thing? Is a nice home a good thing? Is having a little money in the bank a good thing? Is your kids taken care of a good thing? Are you being able to bless your kids a good thing? Well, God is into good things, hallelujah. The Bible says every gift, every perfect gift comes down from above, hallelujah. He is the Author, He is the Source of good gifts. Can you say amen? So God is not good sometimes – He is good all the time, amen.

I have never caught God in a bad mood. He is good all the time. I have caught me in a bad mood, but I have never caught God in a bad mood. I have never gone before the throne of God and say, “God I have need of this…” and He’s “do not bother Me right now, I’m in a bad mood.” It is like Jesse Duplantis’ daughter – she had gone to the beauty shop and she had

somewhere special she needed to go and so she went to get her hair done and they did not do it right – and she was upset about it. She was going home, going to comb it all out and start all over doing it herself. On the way home she was speeding – and the patrolman stopped her. She rolled down her window as he walked up there and he said, “young lady, you were speeding”. She said, “I’m having a bad hair day, hurry up and give me a ticket.” Amen. Well God never has a bad hair day. God is never in a bad mood, amen. God never says, “Don’t bother Me today, don’t you understand I need a break? Do you understand how many prayers I hear in 24 hours? Give me a break – Billy Graham was up here this morning, you cannot imagine what he wanted. Then Oral Roberts showed up you, cannot imagine what he wanted. I am tired, give me a break, the angels are worn out.” Never, never, never, hallelujah. Never, never, never, hallelujah. God is good all the time, hallelujah.

He wants to manifest His goodness to you, praise God. Can you say amen? All He’s asking is: just serving Him, be faithful to Him, delight yourself in Him and He’ll give you the very desires of your heart, amen. So once again He’s inviting us to experience his goodness. God wants the best for our lives and that begins by seeing it in His word and then knowing that He’s already planned it for you. You know, you don’t ask for one thing and all of a sudden Heaven has to get busy and make it. It’s already been prepared way ahead of time glory to God, hallelujah. Already prepared way ahead of time He didn’t have to invent it when you ask for it, it’s already prepared amen. So he’s already planned this good life Jeremiah 29:11 you know what it says, for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you and expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11) Notice no thoughts of evil, no evil thoughts, no bad thoughts only good thoughts that he thinks about you – to give you an expected end. The Message translation says, I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future that you hope for (Jeremiah 29:11 MSG). Hallelujah, praise God. That’s God, that’s our God. “Does that sound like a mean God to you?” No it sounds like a loving God, a God that’s more interested in your life than even you are hallelujah. He’s got plans to give you the future that you hope for, praise God. I think you got to lift your hands right now and just praise Him, just bless Him, hallelujah.

Jesus declared in the tenth chapter of John the tenth verse you’re well aware of it, I’ve come that they might have life have it more abundantly. (John 10:10) The Message translation says, I came so they can have real and better life than they’ve ever dreamed of (John 10:10 MSG) better life. “Are there any dreamers in here this morning?” Amen. I’m a dreamer, praise God. The more I hang out with God for the lack of a better phrase, the more I spend quality time with Him my dreams get bigger, amen. He says that He came that we might have life better than we ever dreamed of. The Amplified Bible regarding Jeremiah 29:11 says this, plans of well-being and not disaster; plans of well-being and not disaster. (Jeremiah 29:11) So God in no way ever has a thought that is evil regarding you and me. That’s simply because he’s a good God. Somebody say “He’s a good God, who else do you know that cares that much about your life?” When you begin to receive revelation of the true nature of God then you’ll never again doubt that he wants the best for you. Psalm 119:68, thou art good and doest good, (Psalm 119:68) that’s the true nature of God. That’s one of the greatest revelations you could ever receive. He is good and He only does good things amen. Let that sink in this morning, my God is good and He only wants to do good things for me in my behalf.

From the very beginning of the book of Genesis – the Bible reveals to us that everything God was involved in was good, amen. The Bible says in Genesis 1:14 when He began to create the heaven and the earth and it says and it was good. Same thing in Genesis 1:10 and it was good. Same thing in Genesis 1:12 and it was good, read it for yourself. Genesis 1:18 and it was good. Genesis 1:21 and it was good. Genesis 1:25 and it was good. Genesis 1:31 and it was good, everything God set His hand to it was good.

He put Adam and Eve in a garden that was good. Read it in Genesis chapter 2 verses 7-12 He even made the garden so luxuriously they never would have had a need or a want in

their entire existence. Not only that He put gold there, praise God, amen. It was a wonderful place, a beautiful place it was a carbon copy of heaven. God wanted His man and His woman to live the best hallelujah. That didn’t cease until they sinned they committed high treason against God. Then they – not God – they brought the curse into the earth as a result of their disobedience. The curse was not God’s plan that’s not what He wanted for mankind, but he’d already told them what to do and what not to do and they disobeyed and they brought the curse into the earth. Can you say amen?

But the curse was not God’s best for man, in fact later He introduces Himself to a man by the name of Abram and the first thing he says to him I will bless thee, I will bless thee, amen. You remember that’s the first thing He said to Adam, after He created Adam, I will bless thee. So notice even though Adam and Eve had sinned, they blew it, God’s plan never changed – He just found somebody else – He went to Noah after Adam and Eve and the first thing He told Noah was I’ll bless you. Then when he introduced himself to Abram, later change his name to Abraham, first thing He told him I’ll bless you. Notice it’s been God’s intention from day one that earth was created to bless humanity on the earth, hallelujah, amen. It was never his will for us to live under a curse. It was never His will for us to be lorded over by a spiritual outlaw named Satan. It was His will that we live blessed, that we live highly favoured, praise God, amen.

But when the curse came there was no way to enjoy the kind of life that God had intended and so He established a covenant. That covenant acted as an umbrella of protection from that curse. It was still there, but if you were in covenant with God and at this time it was only God’s people – the Israelites and they were under this umbrella of protection. He gave them a list of what they were to be obedient in and if you obey – then this will happen, and if you obey – then this will happen: you’ll be blessed coming in going out, you’ll be blessed in the seed and in the field as long as they stayed under the umbrella of protection, which was that Abrahamic covenant, then they lived good lives. Not quite the way Adam and Eve lived but that was later to come.

When Jesus went to the cross He paid the price so that you and I could be restored to the kind of life that Adam and Eve once enjoyed. Hallelujah, can you say amen? Say “my God is a good God and He does only good things.” So you can the heart of God – He’s watching from Heaven men suffering under fear, under sickness, under disease, under poverty. That’s not God’s best but you can see this loving nature of a Father and the Covenant that He established with Abraham was a result of that love. He just couldn’t stand it so to speak to see His creation suffer and He establish the Covenant. Once again the first thing He said to Abraham was I will bless you. The word bless here in Genesis 12:2 means: to pronounce happiness, to make successful, to cause to prosper and to show favour, hallelujah. That’s what God wanted to do and it didn’t end with Abraham. He said and I’ll also do this to your seed your seed after you in their generation. So this was to include not only Abraham and his seed but his seed in their generation.

Galatians chapter 3 from the writings of the Apostle Paul this was a great revelation that Paul received from Jesus and he said, 13“Christ has redeemed us from the curse, for it is written cursed is every man that hangeth on a tree, 14that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles.” (Galatians 3:13-14) That’s Galatians 3:13. Then Galatians 3:29 it says, 29“and if you’d be Christ if Christ is in you and you’re in Christ then you are an heir according to the promise, (Galatians 3:29). Hallelujah, amen. So the same promise that God made to Abraham that: I’ll bless you, I’ll pronounce happiness on you, I’ll pronounced prosperity on you, I’ll pronounce favour on you – that’s now on us hallelujah, glory to God. The day you said Jesus be my Lord – He pronounced on you the blessing hallelujah – so that you could be happy, so that you could prosper, so that you could excel, so that you could succeed and if anybody asked you how you was doing it – you and testified it’s the God I serve hallelujah. He’s good and He only does good things. Come on give him a shout of praise this morning. He wants only the best, amen. Galatians chapter 3 you read it for yourself we are the seed of Abraham amen.

Now once you learn those things – as I said it earlier – the first step is to see it in the word and then it becomes a revelation to you. See it in the word and then once you see it in the word and you recognize God’s plan for your life – that he: wants you to live a good life, He wants you to prosper, He wants you to be in health, He wants you to succeed and to excel and whatever endeavour that you believe that He wants you to fulfil. Then once you see that it’s in the Word – then you have to develop a vision for it, a vision for it –seeing yourself living the way you see Him saying it in the Word. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, without a vision, without a vision the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18) I say it this way, I mean, I believe it’s not taking from or adding to the word, I say it this way I tell people everywhere – “without a vision then you failed to experience God’s best, amen.” Where does vision come from – the Word, the literal Hebrew for this scripture Proverbs 29:18 it says without…

Amen, and where does vision come from, the word. The literal Hebrew for this scripture, Proverbs 29:18 it says 18without a prophetic Oracle from God the people wander aimlessly. (Proverbs 29:18) Without a prophetic Oracle from God, without a prophetic word from God. And that’s what we’re reading – prophetic words. Of how God wants us to live and without those prophetic words then you’re just going to wander aimlessly. You might have some success, but never reach the level that God wants you to. So you must have a vision, turn to your neighbour and say you must have a vision. Can you see yourself prospering, can you see yourself excelling, can you see yourself successful, can you see yourself with your needs met and being able to help others get their needs met, can you see that happening to you if you can’t then you need more time with God. More time in His Word, now if you’ve never lived that before, live that way before you know you’re going, you’re going have to battle your mind. Cast down imaginations and every high thing that attempts to exalt itself against the knowledge of God. When I first began to hear these things my mind couldn’t conceive it because I’ve never lived that way and I didn’t know the word but once I got into the Word and I spent quality time in the Word. The Bible says that God told Joshua that in order for him to be successful and prosperous he would need to meditate in the word day and night. Observed to do all this written therein and then you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success. I read that one day in the early stages of my walk with God and I said that’s the key. If I want what God says I could have, if I want to be what God says I can be, if I want to do what God says I can do then it will require. It’s not an option – it will require spending quality time in His Word and then what I see determine that I will do it. Be a doer of it. Praise God. Amen, and you know what God honoured what he said. Success started coming into my life, prosperity started coming into my life. Hallelujah, and God will honour that with anybody who will do it can you say Amen. I’ll drink to that, by the way that’s lemon juice and honey, okay. Just so you would know I was drinking, thank God it’s drinking something I shouldn’t be drinking it’s good for my throat. Praise God. Amen.

So get a vision of God wanting you to live a good life. Are you still with me, so the children of Israel were to set their eyes on the land of Canaan which represented God’s best for them at that time. Genesis chapter 17 verse 8 God says; 8And I will give unto thee and thy see all the land of Canaan, (Genesis 17:8) and you remember He described it as they land that flows with milk and honey. Representing abundance, but He told them that they’re going to set their eyes on that where they were at the present time they weren’t living like He promised they could live when they got to Canaan. What they’re seeing around them right now didn’t line up with what He was saying about the land of Canaan. So they had to set their eyes on it, what does it mean – vision. They had to see it on the inside they couldn’t see Canaan from where they were physically but they could see it spiritually, if they had a vision for it. Amen, and He said you set your eyes on the land of Canaan and as long as they kept that vision before them they kept marching toward it. Sometimes slowly, sometimes it seemed like an inch at a time, sometimes they’d have some setbacks, distractions. But as long as they kept going forward, kept going forward, kept going forward eventually they reach the land of Canaan and it was exactly the way God had said it would be. Where God is leading you will be exactly the way God said it

would be. Hallelujah. Amen. So you got to keep your eyes on God’s promises for the good life. Satan will create distractions for you just like he did for them but, that’s the reason the Bible says let your eyes look right on. Don’t look to the right nor to the left stay with your vision. Amen, and if that vision gets a little blurry from time to time that means you need to get back and fellowship with God, fellowship with His Word. Amen. Hallelujah.

I have encouraged people to do this you know, what you’re believing God for. That represents the good life that He has already arranged. Do things that help you create the vision point. I told you one of the earlier services that God told me when I went in the ministry 69. He said you will not be able to full fill what I’ve called you to do without airplanes in you ministry. And when he said that owning an airplane was the most impossible thing I’d ever heard and then He said and I don’t want you ever flying airplanes with debt on them. Oh it’s already impossible now double impossible.

How do you get an airplane without debt. I struggled getting a car without debt, how do you get an airplane. Airplane wrote the book on expensive and even if you own them debt free you know it is not over yet. Amen. I just spent half a million dollars on upgrading my avionics in the airplane I’m flying down, half a million dollars and when I spend half a million dollars I want them to bring it in an 18-wheeler truck and I want ten men to be able to have to carry it off. They would carried it under their arms, I said that is not right, that is not right. Airplanes are expensive and I didn’t start out on the level that I’m at now. My first airplane we’re just a little single-engine airplane but it was an airplane. Hallelujah.

It was debt-free it took us a long time to get anywhere but we had an airplane. Thank God there weren’t any stop signs up there, weren’t any red lights up there you know. It did get me a little faster than an automobile but then well that out when I outgrew that I gave it I sewed it into another ministry and it met their need. I’m believing for the next one now got a twin-engine. Praise God twin-engine, Cessna 310. Glory to God. And then when I outgrew that I sewed it and I began to believing for the next level and the next level was a Cessna 421 golden eagle pressurized cabin. As we say in the South, we in high cotton now. Praise God. And I’m tooling along there and then Cessna 421 and I thought it couldn’t get any better than this. And then the Lord sent me to Wichita Kansas and a man in my meeting was an executive with Cessna and he invited me to go to the Cessna plant. And he said did you know Sisseton L builds a jet I said I’ve heard about it I’ve read about it but I’ve never seen one. He said well number one and number two are in the hangar right now, I’d like to go over and take you take you over and show it to you and we walked in that hangar and he opened those doors. That was the most beautiful airplane I’ve ever seen in my life. I just stood there speechless and the Lord said some day you’ll fly one of those. He said come on with me let’s go sit in it and he took me up there we got it he said sit in the pilot’s seat. Take a look at the avionics and he said go sit in the back see how comfortable it is back there. Then he said can you see yourself flying in this going to your meetings. I said, oh yes now wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I was not nearly ready for something like that. But I got the vision point and then when we got ready to walk out of that hangar when I step out of that airplane I got about 10 feet from that airplane and the Lord said, and I thought this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you remember Willie Taylor’s mother, I just stopped, now this man that was with me he don’t have a clue what’s going on this is spirit to spirit me and God. Do you remember Willie Taylor’s mother, your best friends mother when you were a little boy? I said yes Lord, I remember Willie Taylor’s mother, I’ll never forget Willie Taylor’s mother.

Willie Taylor’s mother was about four foot eight, tiny woman but she could shout as we say in the South, holler louder than anybody I’d ever heard and when Willie and I were playing off in the woods or fishing somewhere – we lived in the country – and the rule was at Willie’s house, his mother would stand on the back porch, cup her hands like this and should do this…WILLIE (loud). And the back end of that name, Lee, it would travel through the woods. I don’t care how far we are in the woods, you could hear it coming and when Willie heard that, the rule in his house was he better come running, he better be in sight

before she has to say it again or he got a whipping. I remember us being up in trees you know and shooting squirrels and “Willie….” And we’d throw the rifles down and run for the house. Sometimes we were out at the pond and when we got tired of fishing, we’d go swimming and we didn’t have swimsuits, we just got naked and jumped in the pond. And one time “Willie…” and he run off down and out of the pond headed toward the house and he’s naked, I’m running behind him trying to get his pants on. We called it skinny dipping. And I wondered, what’s this about – I hadn’t seen Willie since I was a little boy, I thought what did the Lord bring up with his mama and I remembered all that. I was just stuck in my tracks and this man who’s a executive there, he’s just looking at me not having a clue what’s going on and then the Lord said, “you call that airplane into your ministry like Willie’s mama called him!” And there’s employees in here, there’s workers in here, I said…just like Willie’s mama? He said, exactly! Call things that be not as though they were. He said, My Word says My voice is like thunder – this man still don’t have a clue what I’m doing – and then the Lord said, and you call that airplane Willie. When it comes into your possession, you name it Willie. I turned around there, I cupped my hands up around my mouth, I said, In the Name of Jesus, you belong to me and from this day forward, your name will be called Willie….Willie come on home! I said, we can go now. We walked out of there and he didn’t say a word to me, and you should have seen all them guys working in there, they were like, we have seen strange things today. He didn’t say a word to me till we got into his car and he started to turn on the ignition, he said, do you mind if I ask what that was all about? I said not at all and I told him the story and he said, man I set myself in agreement with you. He said every time I go in there I’m going to call that thing Willie.

Now 20 years went by and in the process I owned a lot of different airplanes but then it got to the place where I can now handle a jet, we can now financially handle a jet and the first jet that God brought into my ministry-I didn’t know it at the time but when the man told me, he said, Jerry you gonna love this airplane because you’re a classy guy, you like classic cars, classic motor cycles. He said, this is number one, the first citation that was built, it was exactly the citation that I was sitting in that day when I turned and said, Willie come home! When he told me that, I just shouted, I just screamed-Willie you came home! And I told Brother Copeland, I said Brother Copeland, do you know what this is-he said, what? I said do you remember me telling the story about being at the Cessna dealership and calling that plane in, that citation and I named it Willie, he said oh yeah. I said, Brother Copeland – that’s Willie! And Brother Copeland said, that’s number one! My God that is Willie, Willie come home, Willie come home! And I flew Willie for 12 years. The Smithsonian Institute wanted me to donate it to them because it’s the very first Cessna jet built. Now here’s something very unique about it. Usually their first jet or first airplane is a prototype and they take it to shows to show it drumming up business and then after a period of time they bring it back and the disassemble it and it doesn’t exist anymore. But God had them reserve Willie for me! Hallelujah, is my God not a Good God? Hallelujah, your God is a good God hallelujah and that was three jets ago, Praise God, four jets ago, hallelujah. God is good! I got a vision for it – I could see Canaan land even though I was still in Egypt but I could see Canaan land, not with these eyes but with the eyes of my faith, the eyes of my spirit. Can you see today you living the kind of good life that God has already planned for you? Can you see yourself prospering, can you see yourself succeeding, can you see yourself excelling, can you see yourself being a blessing-your needs are met and you’ve got enough left over to help other people get their needs met, can you see it? Well if you can see it, stick with God cos its even bigger than what you can see right now. Come on, give Him a shout, Praise God, hallelujah, hallelujah, stand to your feet, praise God, hallelujah! Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, glory be to God forevermore. Show us Your Glory Lord, show us Your Glory Lord.

I don’t know when I’ll get to come back, perhaps next year, I’m not sure at this point but I’m fully expecting between now and whenever that I’m going to be getting testimonies from this meeting of some new levels God has been taking you to-hallelujah! I’m on my way Lord! Lift your hands and just bless Him right now, bless Him right now! Thank you Father, Glory to God. Now the only instructions I received this morning from the Holy Spirit

before I turn you back to Pastor John, you remember in the book of John and I believe it’s chapter 9 where Jesus and the disciples came upon a young man that was blind and the disciples asked Him the question: who did sin, was it his father or his mother that this man was born blind and He said neither. Then He went on to say that the works of God might be shown and manifested. He didn’t say that he was born blind so God would get glory. The punctuation is in the wrong place in that verse, neither his father or mother sinned. Period! But that the words of God might be manifest. See the Greek does have punctuation and the translators at their discretion put it in and sometimes they put it in the wrong place. So to the religious mind it looks like: Oh he was born blind for the glory of God. No, God doesn’t get glory out of blindness, He gets glory out of being recovered from blindness hallelujah but notice the question – where did they come up with a kind of question like that? Who did sin-this man’s father or his mother? In this case Jesus said, neither but the fact that they asked the question apparently that was either in their tradition or it was in teachings that they heard. Could it be they were referring to a generational curse, there is such a thing. And this morning when I was praying the Lord said to take authority over generational curses. You can reach a level but not the fullness of it if there are things in your life brought on by your parents, your grandparents or even further back, and you have to take authority over that. So I just was lead of the Lord to do that this morning.

…referring to a generational curse? There is such a thing, and this morning when I was praying the Lord said, take authority over generational curses.

You can reach a level, but not the fullness of it, if there’s things that are in your life, brought on by your parents, your grandparents, or even further back, and you have to take authority over that. So I was just lead by the Lord to do that this morning. I don’t know how many of you are aware, or if even come to your attention, that perhaps there might be a generational curse on my life. but if that’s ever come up in you, I’m instructed by the Lord to join with you in my faith, your faith, and let us break it this morning so you can move on, you go on to the next level.

See there was spirit of poverty in my family, going back to my father’s parents and further back than that. My dad’s mother, her folks lived in Tennessee, and it was rural area, really poor, when my grandmother was born, and even up to when my dad was born, and they lived in poverty. We have been too, you know, I mean I was an adult, a young man and they were still living in poverty. If I would go back there they were living like they lived a hundred years before.

But I’ve got the Word of God and God changed my life, brought me out. I never lived in the severe poverty that they did, but it was still there, in our family, and I got a hold of the Word and I found out what to do and I broke that curse, praise God, hallelujah.

So God doesn’t want any hindrances in your life. That’s what this is all about, no hindrances. So if it’s ever come up in your spirit, perhaps there could possibly be a generational curse on my life, come up here right now. Hallelujah.

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