Beloved Part 5 Present For The Future – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

MESSAGE HIGHLIGHT: DOWNLOAD God is always dealing  with our spirits. He’s never going to deal with our minds or bodies.  What He deals with you, in the spirit man,  will change the way you think, and it will change the way you behave. If you try and get rid of your weaknesses so that you […]

Beloved Part 5: Present for the Future – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Back to Transcriptions DOWNLOAD Scripture references: John 3:5-8 (NKJV); Hebrews 12:9 (NKJV); 2 Peter 1:1-4 (NKJV); 1 John 3:1-3 (NKJV); 1 John 2:8-21 (NKJV) Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. What a wonderful song that was written based on the messages that I’m busy ministering, and I’m glad to say that I am God’s beloved, and He […]