At a very strategic time of God, Jesus’ disciples fell asleep. In a very critical time, on God’s timeline, when something very momentous, something very epic, something very monumental and cataclysmic was happening, His disciples fell asleep. When you think you’re awake, you could be fast asleep. This is a spiritual alertness and an awakeness that God requires from us, Heritage of Faith Church at this time. He doesn’t want one person to get left out of what He is doing right now. There is a spiritual crossover, transformation, and multiplication happening now on God’s timetable for us.

To be asleep, to not take hold to see, to not pray for this time your part, to continue to play. To be spiritually dull, giving so much of your time to the natural realm. To not be spiritual, speaking natural words, thinking natural thoughts, busy with natural activities, and giving so much attention to yourself, what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to say, just not changing. Still the same you, when there’s all this new. When He is here to take us in, to cross over, to transform us for this, His time in history.

38 …tarry here and watch with me (Matthew 26:38 KJV).
We could be asleep at a very critical time in God’s History. Jesus is saying to the Heritage of Faith church, be awake, be alert, be spiritual, and watch with Me now because I have activated this in this Ecclesia. We are being formed by the Word of God and the messages that are coming to us. We are now going through the veil of the Blood. We are going through it completely, and we are going to stay in the Light now. Satan hates even the very idea of Ecclesia, that there can be an order and a pattern of God so that the glory of God will fall, so that there will be a people that will not be lawless, but a people that will walk in the order and the ways of God that will rule and reign with Him in this specific time.

Matthew 26:41-45 (KJV) & Luke 24:1-8 (KJV)
Jesus was doing His own praying and His own being awake with the Father, completely connected in that moment. When it comes to the actual crunch time of the timeline of God, that’s when awakeness really counts. That’s why the gathering and the assembling of the saints are so crucial and vital because we stay awake together. God has a purpose and a plan with the people, not just Pastor John and Sharon. The disciples slept for sorrow instead of being awake for joy, they didn’t get it that Jesus was fulfilling the purpose of the Father.

Because Jesus was tempted in all ways like we are, He can run to the aid of and assist those who are being tempted (Luke 22:39-43 KJV).

God spoke to the people of this church, getting revelation, instruction, and correction from this Crossover message of the 1st of October. In eternity to come, if you did not cross over you will not be able to say ever to the Lord you did not know, because you know. We must let God speak to us and tell us what He wants to say to us, not what we want Him to say to us. This time of crossover, transformation of a people becoming, is so big to God.

Matthew 25:1-2 (KJV)
Oil is the type of the Holy Spirit who lives with you every day: a strong fortified personal relationship one-on-one with the Holy Spirit. In the order of God, in His Ecclesia, we are hearing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church through messengers. We are having a relationship with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to do everything that Jesus said He would be to us, leading us, guiding us, strengthening us all the time, standing by us, being the One we pray with consistently, the One bringing us revelation. And not being totally occupied with natural things going about what we want to when we want to. There is a cry and a call to cross over and transform. Let the Holy Spirit, the oil, do its work in you completely, give yourself to Him to take you.

1 Corinthians 2:9-16 (KJV)
The Holy Spirit is all the oil. You cannot know anything spiritual without the Holy Spirit. Everything spiritual is of the Holy Spirit and from the Holy Spirit. He is the One who reveals things. Take the message that came by the Spirit of God to this church for the revelation of the Holy Spirit to come to you. When you receive revelation from the Holy Spirit, you become free. We have not received the spirit of the world, and yet God’s people are flowing with the spirit of the world. When giving yourself to natural things all the time you cannot receive the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. Mental assent to the messages is just agreeing and not revelation. You have the mind of Christ when you are in that place of relationship with the Holy Spirit who is revealing things to you.

Matthew 25:7-12 (KJV)
His precious, Holy, written Word, but also the word that comes to us from Pastor John by the Holy Spirit must be in our minds and our hearts for us as a people. You’re not planted because you attend church, you are not going to have anything growing in you until it becomes revelation to you, and you apply it for a transformation of the Word in your life and heart. Make notes and go through the message throughout the week. Train yourself to get oil. Your everything is with the Holy Spirit, listening to Him, obeying Him, honoring Him, regarding Him, Him living in you. The hour has come and in the Book of Revelation, there are people with Him in the moment and in the timeline, spiritually ready.

Jesus is not saying, “I don’t know you” but rather. “I am not in an intimate knowing relationship with you”. Those in an intimate knowing relationship with Him come in with Him because they see it and know things He has revealed to them. When He comes at a strategic time, you hear the call, the cry, His voice, because you’ve got oil, and you are going with Him. Watch, therefore.

Ephesians 5:14-16 (TPT)
You may have been asleep before, but the cry has come, the call has been made. God called it. Consider how you are living your life, is it for His purposes or your own? The temptation for us as a people is to not fully build the bridges or completely cross over to transform. We are in the exact time of temptation. God initiated, God activated and there have been amazing responses to the Lord in this congregation. Some have long reached the point of no return. God is obliterating the systems – educational, financial, church-system. The Crossover: transforming as a people into something that has never been before. Many have overcome, many have been tempted and yielded, and many are in a cycle of temptation right now having justifications, excuses, and reasons.
How do I have this with the Holy Spirit? How do I get the oil?
It’s so important to learn to wait before the Lord and pray out the mystery of God’s plan for our lives. One way of doing that is to pray in other tongues. The things that should have happened but didn’t are a result of our failing to pray out God’s plan. You see, God has planned many things for us in the future and as we pray in the Spirit, we will be praying out ahead of time. We can pray in the Spirit both in tongues and in our native language when we pray by the unction of the Spirit. What is happening in your life in the present is a result of what you have or have not prayed out in days gone by.

We have treated the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as insignificant in our lives and with disregard and disrespect by not praying in the Holy Ghost. If you don’t pray out, you don’t believe the Bible that says when you pray in tongues you are speaking out God’s divine mysteries for your life. Christians and the body of Christ at large have a casual approach to praying in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost gives us utterance, He gives us apothegomai: a language of light, of luminousness, or radiance, a language to speak out appropriate words. He came on that day to fill all men with Himself. Build yourself up in your most holy faith praying with the Holy Spirit keeping yourself with that in the Love of God.

Along with the message that God brings where you are planted and praying in the Holy Ghost is where your oil is. There is all the oil you need. Your flesh does not want to do it. God is helping you to not be asleep and to not pray out for this time your part. Make time to sit somewhere with God and pray out your part in this Crossover. Your mind might be asking what it is doing. It is not about what you feel while you are doing it, it is about what you believe and why you are doing it.

Say, Holy Spirit help us as a people to wake up properly and to be wide awake. Lord, we give ourselves to You completely. Thank You, Holy Spirit, You are our helper, You are our everything.