Many of us are busy experiencing a spiritual crossover with the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We are already having a Holy Vigil in our hearts. It is an event that God ordained for this time, for this people. God is giving us all equal opportunity. You can come across completely – it is a choice. The temptation that you will face right now in this church, because of the time that you are in, is to not come with all of these messages and to not cross over.

God is building with His specific plan tailor-made for every local church. Pastor John and Sharon hear His voice and know what to say at this time. Let us understand how God works in a church, that He delegates in His Ecclesia and that there is an order here to receive from the Lord through His messengers. These messages are coming to us to make us new. What we are stepping into and crossing over is the new. When these messages come, do not be tempted to disregard them, to dishonour and to dis them.

Mark 5:15 (AMPC)
We have trust in: the Holy written Word of God; the public spoken messages, the prophetic word and His personal words to us (in that order). Jesus is warning us that Satan immediately comes and snatchers away by force the Word which has been sown. To be forewarned is to be fore-armed and we want to take the warning seriously.

The great temptation that will come to all of us at this time is to not take seriously or believe His messages to us right now as a people, just like the people in the wilderness. We must be on our guard, awake, vigilant and sober for this enemy coming against our mind to get us off the straight path that God has got us on as a people. Many are already going through temptation without even recognizing it. If you are thinking something different than the messages that are being preached here, you are deceived. God wants you to come out of deception and to be part of what He is doing here. He wants everyone to participate and partake of the wonderful heavenly things He has for us right now. We are coming together to be vigilant, awake, active and to hear what He is saying together. If you are isolated you are not awake.

This time of Crossover is a landmark, a milestone, a milepost. It is for us to remember and have a memorial for generation after generation. This will be recorded and we as a people will be accountable before God for what we did with this time of this Crossover. So massive is it in the heart of God. The great temptation that will come to all of us at this time is to not believe His messages. The enemy is seeking where he has access in our minds to devour and steal your part in this end-time work of God.

Pastor John and Sharon’s creed, anchor and true north for decades has been, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain (Psalm 127:1 KJV). They have fought, sowed, ploughed and laboured in this vineyard and God is saying it is harvesting time now – for them and those who are with them. It is His vineyard and everybody that is labouring in this vineyard is going to get the same pay (Matthew 12:1-16). It is already manifesting itself in such greatness.

Multiplication, multitudes, crossing over, miracles (healing & financially) – we cannot ignore and set aside all these words coming to us. They are what God wants us to take cognisance of now. Have an expectation now. God instructed us to get our mouths ready and to speak and expect these things to happen. It is what God wants to happen right now.

James 5:7 (AMPC)
God has been patient for this harvest. Jesus is manifesting Himself with us right now in our hearts in the Crossover. We must keep up our steadfast, consistent vigil over this harvest that must come now (consistent, insistent, and persistent). There is a real devil who will come to try, and is busy right now stealing your part in it from you, and you are letting him. You must know by now how to, by the Blood, deal with feelings of unworthiness and how to make right with God if you have messed up.

Have full recognition of the time Pastor John and Sharon find themselves and see what they see and get what they get. It’s the showing up of us together, us knowing each other after the Spirit.

2 Timothy 2:6 (AMPC)
God must, and will, have the fruit of this labour and the husbandman, the hard-working farmer (Pastor John and Sharon), must be the first partaker of the harvest.

The planting of the seed is a crucial, vital job that is the responsibility of the farmer himself. Pastor John and Sharon’s function and ministry gifts are to get the seed into the field and to soak the seed with declaration and prayer. They have been working to the point of sweat and tears, getting out there to do the job, because God had called them. It has been a combat zone on many levels for many different kinds of people, heart conditions, attitudes, stubbornness, disobedience, disregard and dishonour.

The more orderly the field, the easier the harvest. Pastor John and Sharon’s planting has been orderly. They have been sowing the Word God gives them by listening to the Master Builder Who has been giving ordered, planned and detailed messages in succession for the last 23 years. It was Pastor John and Sharon’s responsibility to take care of this vineyard.

While the farmer is personally responsible for sowing the seed into the soil, it is impossible for him to bring in the harvest single-handedly. The farmer and his family take great joy in reaping the first fruits. If it looks like a bumper crop year (maximum) the smart farmer has already trained and prepared other workers who come to assist him in the joy of reaping.

If you don’t see as God sees, you are not looking and you are asleep. Recognise that a harvest is coming, it is on its way and the labourers are ready in His vineyard. Give God a moment of acknowledgement of what He is doing now, here. The harvest is white and many workers are required to bring in this harvest. It is time to be in a seed-sowing frenzy with Pastor John because the banks of the river are overflowing, the waters are already parting, and we are overlapping in many things. God will bring in the labourers. If you are not going to do it, someone will come in your place.

At the time of harvest, Satan is at his most deadly. He will send a swarm of locusts to come and voraciously see if they can eat up the harvest of God’s word and God’s plans. Locusts hate Holy Ghost fire and Holy Ghost smoke – the Shekinah Glory of God. God is expecting and requiring it of us at this time – to secure His presence at once.