Temptation: the act of enticing someone to sin, an experience of being tempted; to lure someone from God’s truth; to lure someone from God’s Word, to provoke and defy God; enticement by arguments by flattery or by the offer of some real apparent good; that which is presented to the mind.

When we are tempted, there is a tempter and then there is our carnal nature. The tempter, Satan, hates all mankind, he hates God and he hates the church. His army is marching specifically against the church. The whole world is deceived by the devil.

God wants an entire church that believes, that knows how to recognize temptation, knows how to deal with temptation, so that we can overcome, we can tap that overcoming temptation anointing that is in us. This anointing is the Holy Spirit among us and within us.

In this church, many are in a time of temptation because of the word we are receiving. The four types of word we are receiving are: the word God speaks personally to us, the precious, Holy written Word, the public Word that comes to us and it’s the prophetic Word that we receive.

Almost an entire people were tempted in the wilderness by the devil and their flesh to not believe God’s blueprint for them; they didn’t even believe that He had one.They were tempted because these ancient spirits, that tempt today, were still there then, they’re the same spirits.
But God had a reason for taking them through the wilderness. It was to be a time of tenderness. A time of God tenderly speaking to His people, where they had been in bondage for so long. It was His whole motive to draw them with chords of love. It’s all about the love of God. It is time we trust His love for us.

God wants you to know that you will have times of temptation. You will be tempted to do things that will draw you away from God, that will not be you loving God. But there is an advancement and a maturity and a development that God wants to have happen in you now. He wants you to become a grownup, mature son of God. He wants us to grow root. (Luke 8:13) You will only grow root from the Word of God that you keep coming to hear and that you receive.

There’s help that He can give you if you make a pull on Him and you run to Him for help in a time of temptation. You can overcome temptation because Jesus did and you’re born again and you’re created in the image of God. You can overcome.
God has given us everything we need to overcome. He has given us the church, He has given us His Word, He has given us the Holy Spirit within, He has given us each other, His love.

Say: God, I’m being tempted, I’m acknowledging the temptation, I’m being tempted. I’ve come to You for help. I am so weak, Lord. Thank You that You have a way out for me. You’ve got to have the Word handy for that with which you’re being tempted with.
Your armor has got to be on. You’ve been born into a war. You’ve been born to fight the good fight of faith. You’ve been born to win. So, don’t make this life of ease an ideal that you want to live by, rather be a grown-up son.

Say: I resist temptation. I overcome. I fight the good fight of faith. I’m winning because I’m actively at war here with all these things coming to my mind. I’m actively subjugating and putting them under, because I can, so I am.

Why would you want to resist temptation?
Because you love Him. Jesus resisted temptation because He loved the Father. He loved the Father and because of the love, He came to do the will of the Father. He was tempted in the garden but because He loved the Father, it kept Him being obedient.

Say: I want to resist temptation, anything that the devil wants to throw at me to lure me and to entice me away from living the high life that God has called me to live because I love Him. I love Him because He died for me so that I can live this life for victory.