Read 1 Corinthians 15: 23-26 – NLT / MSG

This scripture is telling us that there will be a time coming when the Kingdom is going to be given to His Father, because every enemy has been totally crushed and the last enemy to be crushed is death. This is the mandate to the church that we have to live in a continuous perfect state of being on the earth so that this can be a reflection of us as an exact image of the way it is in Heaven. When this happens, everything will be under His feet, and then the last will come. The church has got to do its job.

We were born into natural laws, you must breathe, you need food, water etc. So, our bodies are not born in a perfect state of being, it is born in an imperfect state of being, we have sickness and disease in our bodies because our bodies are in an imperfect state because of sin that is in it. Sin has contaminated the earth’s environment so that what God had said it was to be, the original glorious state of the earth, is no longer, it’s contaminated by sin.

God had to take Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden because there is consequence in the natural order due to the spiritual disorder. And so now when we realise that we are living in an imperfect natural order and our continuously perfect state of being spiritual order comes into contact with the imperfect order, we have to make a choice. Are we going to make a choice for the imperfect order or are we going to make a choice for the perfect order that’s inside of us?

So, the devil came to test Jesus? When Jesus was hungry and he came out of a fast the devil told Jesus to turn the stones into bread, so he tested Jesus’ continuous perfect state of being with a choice that’s about the natural body and he wanted to see which is more powerful, the source of keeping your life or the Source of your eternal life?   

When Jesus said that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out the mouth of God, He was saying, we are in that continuous perfect state of being, because Jesus is continuously perfect, everything that is temporary on this earth is under His control and under His command. Otherwise the devil wouldn’t have tempted Him to turn the stones into bread. How did the devil know that? He recognised Jesus from eternity.

Jesus on the boat with the disciples and being woken up by them asked, “Where’s your faith guys? Where’s your faith?” Speaks to the storm, “Shhh” and the wind goes down and waves stop. All the disciples looked at Him and say,” What kind of Man is this?” They saw a man living in a natural body, commanding things that human beings are not supposed to be able to command. Jesus was in his natural body but he was completely in sync with the perfect continuous state of being. How awesome would it be if we all can have and live in the perfect continuous state of being

We can have this journey of discovering just how powerful we are as the continuous perfect state of being that is in us. If we get our minds and our bodies to obey our spirit, we are limitless.