The Source and the Future Part 5 – Ps John (JHB)

Scripture Reference: . Genesis 12:1-4; Genesis 15:1; Genesis 24:32-33 (AMPC); Genesis 24:33-35; Genesis 24:50; Colossians 1:9-20; Colossians 1:15-23 (NKJV); Genesis 14:18; Genesis 25:23

Thank you, Father, that this afternoon we can praise the name of Jesus, we can flow with the direction of the Holy Spirit and we can give all glory and honour to the Father. And we follow your lead today Holy Spirit, in everything we say and do, we pray that You will have Your way. We thank you for it, Father. We thank you that our vessels are submitted to the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that we will receive everything You have for us today. We thank you for it Father, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah. Amen. You may be seated. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Praise the Lord.

Welcome. You glad to be at church this afternoon? Me too, I’m also glad to be here. Hallelujah. Praise the name of the Lord. I’ll tell you what, the Lord is good to me. I’m sure He’s good to you. Hallelujah. Whatever needs to be changed to make your life sweet and better, I got news for you: by faith it can all be made available to you. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Faith is a wonderful thing, it really is. I’m just blessed that I got introduced to what is called, The Message of Faith; actually it’s just real Christian living; not church based Christian living but real Christian living. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Welcome back Hanna and Herma from the US of A! Hallelujah. Praise Jesus, praise Jesus. We are beginning to see, certainly Pastor Sharon and I, and some of the things that we’ve been believing God for, we are beginning to see the manifestation of things that we have been believing God for, for years and years and they are beginning to manifest.  Hallelujah. Praise the Lord, that’s good news, yes, hallelujah.  If the Lord allows us to do it and if it’s the wisdom of God, you know, I’ll share some of it with you next week, but we’re seeking more ‘details’ about some of the things that have happened for us and once we have more details, we will, we will share it with you, but it’s good news. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I can hardly contain myself I want to share it with you. No no, I need more details, you know, it’s like one of those things but, praise the Lord. Hallelujah. I really understand that God’s….all of who God is, he’s supposed to be working in all of His fullness on the earth. It’s becoming more and more real to me that all of who God is, it’s supposed to be working on the earth and it’s supposed to be working through you and me. There is no one else that actually can, that God can demonstrate Himself

through on the earth, we are it. We are it, you know, and it kind of puts a responsibility on us but at the same time, it’s not so much a responsibility as it should be a joy –  we just got to bring ourselves to the place where it is a joy, not just a responsibility, you know. Praise the Lord, we’re headed in that direction; all of us – it’s your choice and my choice but we’re headed in that direction.

So faith is perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses, so when faith begins,…. when faith is become real in your heart, then you already ‘see’ as existing that which does not exist yet, in the natural – that’s what faith is. So that’s a powerful thing that you can speak and see and know as real fact, something that you know already exists; you just haven’t seen the evidence of it, yet, you know. That’s what faith is and actually, it’s the way God loves and it’s the way we ought to live all the time, so what that means really is, if you continue to live all the time with what you can see and what you can make happen for yourself, you are probably in a state where you’re not in faith, you’re just in the realm of the possibility because you can make possible what you can do and so actually, what we’re trying to do most of the time, is live in the realm of what we can make possible, rather than live in the realm of what God can make possible. That’s completely two different things. It’s a different way of living completely, where you constantly pressing into God for the so-called ‘impossible’ in the natural realm, to become possible. Amen.

This is,…. the title of the message today is: The Source and the Future and I’m getting into or very close to Jacob’s Constellation. In a couple of weekends, I believe it’s not next weekend but the weekend after, we are having a Glory Day and what I don’t get;  what I  don’t managed to get done this Sunday and next Sunday, I’m certain will get done by the glory weekend but I think, I think you’re beginning to get a grasp of how the Lord has been leading me to teach on this whole subject so that we can fully understand and comprehend what is ours, through the ancient relationships and the ancient men of God that brought faith to us. It’s a very powerful thing. It’s a very powerful thing and so I’m just going read to you, very briefly, I’m going to read to you, some of the blessings that were given to Abram, just to remind us and for me to have a contact point to start the message today. Genesis 12:1-4 1God told Abram: “Leave your country, your family, and your father’s home for a land that I will show you. 2-3 I’ll make you a great nation and bless you. I’ll make you famous;
 you’ll be a blessing.  I’ll bless those who bless you; those who curse you I’ll curse. All the families of the Earth will be blessed through you.” So Abram left just as God said, and Lot left with him.
(Genesis 12:1-4) 

Very important component of our lives, is that when God speaks we must obey, regardless of what it may appear to be in the natural. If we obey God, we are setting ourselves up for alignment of blessing; that’s it! End of story. Blessing comes to you if you are obeying God – that’s it. Hallelujah.

So, last time we talked about Melchizedek, the king of Salem and the priest of the Most High God, Genesis 14:18 and he said this to Abraham, he said: 19Blessed be Abram by God most high, Creator of heaven and earth. 20And blessed be God Most High, who has defeated your enemies for you”. (Genesis 14:18-20). And then Abram tithed.

It is one of blessings that we received with God, from God, is that our enemies are defeated. In our modern-day world we are not so much fighting enemies that have a sword in their hands, most of the enemies that we are fighting are enemies that are unseen. It’s the enemy of poverty, it’s called poverty; it’s the enemy of sickness and disease; it’s the enemy of protection against unexpected and surprise attacks. I would want to call them urban terrorists: people that come into your house or people that want to come and hijack your car, you know, urban terrorism. I think there should actually be a terminology like that, it’s not really theft and it’s not normal thievery and crime, it’s crime of a very underhanded nature, it’s terrorism, where they terrorize communities, you know, all over the place. It doesn’t matter what colour skin you have or where you live, they just terrorize communities for their own gain but you know, we have different enemies and the Word says according to what the promise  to Abram, who has defeated your enemies, for you, this is a promise you can live on today, Amen.

Genesis 15:1 1Sometime later the Lord spoke to Abram in a vision and said to him “Do not be afraid Abram for I will protect you and your reward will be great. (Genesis 15:1 NLT). Something I want to say here is that everything I’m reading this interaction between God and Abram. There is this communication that’s happening. Abram’s listening God’s talking, there is a time…. there are times when Abram talks back to God and God answers him. God has always wanted to have this kind of relationship with His people always, conversation, communion, you know, speaking to God. Sometimes we have, we get into this prayer mode and we even we, we ourselves who are a praying church need to be careful that we don’t get into a mode always where all our prayers are about how long we can pray in the Spirit and how much we can pray in the Spirit. We must do that but there is also time for communing with God, communing, you know. The Lord gave me the strategy so if you do if you watch the prayer videos that I do in the morning. The Lord gave me the strategy to minister the Word and then start to make declarations through the Word that the Lord would give me for you on Him on a morning, you know.  And then to end off the prayer by praying in the Spirit and then if you notice they fade me out as I’m praying in the Spirit and the whole idea is that you keep going, you know, so that you have your personal communion and you commune with the Lord. It’s just a facilitation tool to get you moving in that direction, you know. Praise the Lord.

2But, Abram replied, “O Sovereign Lord what good are all your blessings when I don’t even have a son since you’ve given me no children, Eliezer of Damascus a servant in my household will inherit all my wealth.”(Genesis 15:2)  Well, here’s this conversation that’s happening between Abram, Abram’s being blessed by God and Abram asks God, what’s the point of your blessing because it doesn’t matter how much you give me, if I die it’s got no place to keep living. Come on now.  So if you if you are a blessed person in this generation, there’s no point to the blessing unless it lives beyond your life. So there was no point to Jesus dying unless Jesus’ death continued to live beyond his death.  That’s where we come in as in his inheritance. We are a continuous living inheritance of Jesus that his death continued to live on. So, not only did he live on but so did every,…. the reason He died for, lives on. Hallelujah.

Genesis 22:15 This is now when Abram was about to kill Isaac…. 15 The angel of the Lord called to Abram from heaven a second time 16and said, “I have sworn by Myself says the Lord that since you have done this and have not withheld from me or begrudged giving me your son, your only son, in 17blessing, I will bless you, and in multiplying, I will multiply your descendants like the stars of the heaven and like the sand of the seashore and your seed will possess the gates of his enemies. 18In your seed, which is Christ, shall all the nations of the earth be blessed and by him bless themselves because you have heard and obeyed My voice” (Genesis 22:15-18). So I’m just giving you an idea of all the communication, not all, but a lot of the communication that God had with Abram, is that, “Abram I’m going bless you, I’m blessing you, I’m blessing you.” There is nowhere that I read of when God is talking to Abram where he has anything bad to say about Abram. Neither is there anything that He with holds from Abraham that is good. Everything that he speaks over Abram’s life is all good, it’s all blessed. So at the very least, that’s a promise we can stand on: that if there’s anything that comes into our lives it’s not good, then we can reject it because it’s not part of what God promised us. Abraham, Jesus, me and you same blessing, same blessing.

So, I start off my journey today with this comment on, just let me find it – let me find my place here. Where was Isaac? Where was Isaac when God spoke this blessing? And He said and your seed will possess the gate of his enemies (Genesis 22:17). Where was Isaac? Isaac was on the altar. So Isaac was listening to everything that God told Abraham. He was present. He was part of this equation. So there’s a lot of things that, because of time, I just, I can’t, you know, some of this stuff that I’m teaching you, I believe at some point, it might become part of a Bible School curriculum because there is so much about Isaac that I can talk about. That Isaac was a witness of many things that happened and Isaac was the direct beneficiary of many things that happened between God and Abraham. Isaac was the beneficiary.

It is an amazing thing, and I’ll just dwell on this for a moment, it must be an amazing thing to be the sacrifice. Right? When the realisation comes that my life is the sacrifice. So I am a witness, if I’m Isaac and if you just bear with me for a moment and help me just be in the third person here, or the first person if you were Isaac. Okay. And you say, “Okay, I’m Isaac, and I’m with my dad, and we get to the altar, and I realise at this point I’m the sacrifice.” Last time we talked about it, I spoke to parents and I said, “How would you like to be the one sacrificing your child, you know?” Now I would like you to consider for a moment if you’re Isaac and you realise, “I’m the sacrifice, you know. My life is still ahead of me, you know. I want to meet a girl, you know. I want to do some things – and I’m the sacrifice.”

There has got to be, Isaac has got to have this kind of relationship with his dad, who knows God, and he himself has a relationship with God through his dad that’s extremely relevant, that’s extremely real and full of trust. Because if he didn’t have that trusting relationship with God to his dad, then he wouldn’t let his dad take him to that point. “You’ve got an idea for what, dad?” “Well I think I might just have an idea to sacrifice you to appease the gods.” No. You understand what I’m saying? And Abram came from a land where many gods were served. You know, so even Isaac, although Isaac was never a part of that, you know, this wasn’t a good idea. He had to know that this was Abraham hearing from God.

Can you just imagine being the sacrifice, being part of this process, seeing the willingness of your father to serve God to such an extent that the seed that was his covenant seed of his old age, his older years, that he’s about to kill you because of his trust in God. You are a witness to something that no one else is going to witness. Right? You are a witness. And so, as you become aware that God is bringing about deliverance so that you don’t have to be the sacrifice, you hear this conversation that happens between God and your father. This becomes relevant later on for Isaac.

When Isaac feels like he is getting on in his years and he wants to bless the next generation, which he thinks is going to be Esau. So he understands that his life has been blessed through his father and his father obeying God. So when Isaac comes to the point where he’s going to bless his next birthright son, he knows that whatever he says and whatever blessing he gives – he’s the channel of the Most High God through his words  to bless his son. So this is a very real experience that Isaac heard God speak to his father. He heard, he saw what his father did to get him a wife etc etc. So when the time comes, this particular incident becomes important because he heard God speak. What did he hear God say? He will defeat the enemies for you. So when he comes to give his blessing to his son, he knows that God has already spoken certain words over the entire future of their lineage. He just has to get into agreement with what God says as he passes it on to his son. Hallelujah.

So he never spoke anything which ended up being Jacob. He  never spoke anything that he didn’t already know God had said to his father. And that’s why it’s important for us that we got to hear what our Heavenly Father has said to His Son, Jesus. And when we hear what the Heavenly Father said to His Son Jesus, we can receive it into our lives and pass it on. Hallelujah. I say this to you again, if I preach anything that’s not in the Word of God, do not listen to what I say. Don’t do it. If you have anything that you would prefer to debate with me on about it, then go and study it. Do me that favour of respect and study it. And if you’ve studied it and you get enough insight into it, then come with all your studies and then we’ll see what the Word says about it. Amen. Hallelujah.

So one of the blessings as we know, is that Abram went to go and look for a wife for his son and so he sends his most trusted servant to the lineage of his people so that he didn’t marry his son off to a servant of servants – in the Canaanites. And I remind you where I left off last week. So the man came and I’m reading from Genesis 24:32 where he comes to Rebecca’s household: 32So the man came into the house and Laban ungirded his camels and gave straw and provender for the camels and water to bathe his feet and the feet of the men who were with him. 33A meal was set before him, but he said, I will not eat until I have told of my errand. And Laban said, “Speak on.” Again, remember I said this was not Laban’s business to speak. He had to get his blessing from the father. 34 And he said, “I am Abraham’s servant. 35 And the Lord has blessed my master…” “The Lord has blessed…”

I got through reading, “I will bless you, I will bless you, I will bless you”. Now the servant comes to tell Laban and that family, “the Lord has blessed.” God already has delivered. God will always deliver on His Word. You can trust that. This is good news because if we ever want to have any doubt about whether God wants to bless us, we can just take this scripture: “35 And the Lord has blessed my master mightily, and he has become great…” Please say this with me, “I am becoming great.” Hallelujah. “He is blessing me mightily.” Say it. “He is blessing me mightily and I am becoming great.” Yes. Actually the fact is, we have already become that, we just have to live it out.

“…and He has given him flocks, herds, silver, gold, menservants, maidservants, camels, and asses.” Perhaps we shouldn’t focus too much on the asses but we should call them donkeys. Otherwise we might get a bit confused about whose asses we’re talking about (laughing). But you know maybe in modern day vernacular; modern-day terminology, I could speak to you and say this, “The Lord has blessed you mightily and you have become great in His eyes and He is given you multiple streams of income and productivity where great wealth and many material possessions have come into your hands, so that people talk about you; about how much wealth has been created for you and continues to be created for you, and not only that, people will talk about how many people work for you in making you great and mighty – men servants, maid servants and everything that comes with that.”

I’ll tell you, this is one of the great things that we have at our disposal, is to be mighty and to be great. I don’t want to get to side-tracked this afternoon but I want to tell you that Brother Copeland was, to my knowledge, and my knowledge is limited to what I would call the faith movement – okay? I’m not privileged to know about all the other Baptist ministries, and let me tell you, in America there are some very big ministries that are not faith ministries. If I can call them; they’re not part of the Hagin/Copeland clan, Oral Robert’s clan – okay? There’s big Churches, big ministries in America and there’s many, many preachers in America outside of our camp that have aeroplanes.

So I don’t want to speak 100% authoritatively on this, but to my knowledge, Kenneth Copeland was the first minister that believed God to buy a brand new jet , brand new. So, to my knowledge, ministries  in America, up until about ten years ago, most of the aeroplanes they bought, were second-hand aeroplanes. To my knowledge Kenneth Copeland was the first one to take delivery of a brand new jet, that cost, at that time it cost $15 million, and it’s about ten years ago now, and it was the Citation 10. So now he’s taken possession of a Gulfstream 5 and there are many ministries that are believing God for, or have taken possession of that level of jet or bigger.

If Jesse Duplantis, let’s rephrase that. When Jesse Duplantis gets his new plane, it will be the biggest, fastest plane that any of those men of faith are flying. So, here’s what you have to do if you want to become great and mighty, you have to be able to take the responsibility of what it means to be great and mighty. That is a very big transition to make from being, let’s say, it’s a big transition to make to becoming responsible for the great and mighty effect because with it comes a lot of persecution, as you saw; as I showed you on that video. You will always be persecuted for demonstrating the great and mightiness of God – always. Praise the Lord.

There was a minister in Johannesburg that was challenged by the SABC; I believe it was 30 years ago, more or less that time. He was challenged by the SABC because in his ministry, and he had a large church that was, maybe half the size of Rhema at the time, so he had maybe 10/12 thousand people in his church. Rhema had 20/24 thousand people. And he had a large church and he was experiencing healing miracles of God in his service. So the SABC challenged him to; for them to come in with their cameras and for him to do a healing miracle service and they were going to bring their own medical staff, and their own thing in there to verify the miracles. And so later, in years, I became friends with this minister. In fact, he sent me an invitation to join him in a particular set of services that he was holding, and on purpose, he titled the series of messages, ‘The Price of a Decisionand these set of messages was after God restored his ministry and brought him back to a place where he actually was a relevant, ‘so-called in man’s eyes,’ a relevant voice.

So his ministry went from having 12 to15 thousand people in it, to having less than 800 people in the service. That happened because of the SABC. So what happened was that, as he was preparing, …. as the invitation went out,  the Lord began to tell him, “Don’t do this, don’t do this.” And then, then you know, he felt well, okay I’ll do this but I’ll have my own medical staff there and at the last minute the SABC said, “We have to appoint the medical staff.” So, obviously if they appoint a doctor, their doctor doesn’t believe in miracles, so he’s going to do everything he can to refute a miracle, not to actually substantiate the miracle, so anyway, he went ahead and he had the services, miracle services and all of the people that so-called got healed, the doctors interviewed them and interviewed for their sickness and their disease and they did a whole thing and and everything that came out was: there’s no miracles happening here.

And so how many of you know that even though there might have been people that got healed, they only going to show the people that didn’t get healed because they have an agenda. So, you know, he actually repented before God because he disobeyed God and so that was his, you know, he invited me to a conference where he preached three sets of messages called, ‘The price of a Decision’ and how the price of a decision really affected him and his ministry and the toll that it took on his life, in many areas.

I’m telling you that, because if you going to step up to be what God calls you to be, many people think that the blessing of God is just, plain sailing. The Word of God says, “You will receive blessings with persecutions”. Hello, and I’ll tell you what, if you, if you just watch me drive around in a brand new Mercedes Benz, that may be, the equivalent of a million rand. I pull up here and they got….it gets known that Pastor John just bought a brand new Mercedes Benz, I wonder, what people will have to say about it. Not you all, but others. I mean, just as a starter, never mind an aeroplane, you know, Hallelujah.

Hey I’ll tell you, the Lord has been speaking to me this, in the last week, and he has been showing me just how, instantly, he can change things that look absolutely impossible in the natural. He can change things instantly. I mean really, how much power did it take God to open the Red Sea. It took no more power for God to open the Red Sea than it took for him to speak life into Mary’s womb. It took no more power to open the Red Sea than it took for him to change the water into wine. It took no more power than for him to multiply fishes and loaves of bread, and all of these things happened in an instant. Just God can change everything in an instant. Really. We can, we can obtain those things in an instant. Hallelujah.

I want to show you, that Genesis 24:50. So Laban is sitting with his dad called Bethuel, and they answered the man servant, the thing, this thing, this matter of union between Isaac and Rebecca, this matter that we’ve been talking about, this thing comes forth from the Lord. We cannot speak bad or good to you. Rebecca is before you, take her and go, and let her be the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord has said.

How many of you can see that there is a recognition that God, by them, that God is in this? Let me tell you what they didn’t do. They did not get them, make themselves in agreement with God. What they said was, “We cannot,  this thing before us, comes forth from the Lord. We cannot speak bad or good to you”. That’s what they cannot do, because they made a choice. That’s not because God was preventing them. What could they have spoken? They could have blessed the man servant, they could have said, “This matter that comes forth from the Lord, that we recognize that God’s in this. Because God’s in this, we give our daughter to you and we bless her and we speak fruitfulness over her womb and may all the things that happen between her and your master’s son, may it be fruitful and blessed”. They could have pronounced all manner of good things over those, but they chose to be, neutral.

So, let me tell you, if you’re going to be neutral about things in life, neutral is what you’re going to get. Let me tell you, this is not a position you want to take. It’s why Laban’s Syndrome comes into effect. Later on you will see, why this becomes important. That Laban can ‘see’ things, he can identify where God is present. He can actually understand that God is in this thing, but he does not take a position for God.

He knows he may not take a position against God, but he also never takes a position for God, and we’ll see that in Jacob’s Constellation, later on, that when….when God, does miracles, when he’s working for Laban, the reason he is even with Laban is because Laban is in a neutral position. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.But this is already an idea of Laban’s attitude towards the things of God. I know this is God and I cannot speak against it, but I’m not taking a position for it.

Those are two very different things. Let me tell you, there is nobody, there is nobody in the history of mankind, where they have stood up and they have made a decision and put themselves in a position to speak and say, “I stand with God. I’m in agreement with God.” That God will not take that thing and use it and bless that decision. If you take this decision: “I can’t speak against it but I’m not going to speak for it.” God says, “I will spit you out of my mouth.” In fact, some translations are even more graphic than that. They use the word ‘vomit’…. “I will vomit you out of my mouth” ….because you cannot take a position of being neutral. Either make position say, “I am against it” or “I am for it.” The neutral position is what God doesn’t – because the neutral position is an, is an interference. Hello.

Genesis 25:5 5And Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac…. 11After the death of Abraham, God blessed his son Isaac…. And then chapter 25 verse 21, 21And Isaac prayed much to the Lord for his wife because she was unable to bear children; and the Lord granted his prayer, and Rebekah his wife became pregnant.22 [Two] children struggled together within her; and she said, “If it is so [that the Lord has heard our prayer], why am I like this?” (Genesis 25:5, 11, 21-22)

Please, I want you to notice, that Isaac is having a meaningful communion with the God of his father, which has now become his God because he named a place – God sees me. So now Isaac has his own walk with God. Okay. This is important. He has a walk with God where him and his wife get into agreement about something that has got everything to do with the legacy and the generations to come. Okay? So I am wanting you to see that Isaac has a relationship with God but so does Rebekah have a relationship with God. And she is asking the Lord, “Why is this struggle in my womb?” So she went to inquire of the Lord. You know this is different. This inquiry is different to say, “Lord please will You just help me out here.” No, this is a serious faith full inquiry. 23 The Lord said to her, [The founders of] two nations are in your womb, and the separation of two peoples has begun in your body; the one people shall be stronger than the other, and the elder shall serve the younger. (Genesis 25:23) The Lord gave me this revelation. And so, it begins, the whole puzzle begins to fit together for us. If you remember, I started speaking about first Corinthians chapter 15 and I spoke about how the first is the man of clay that is born. And so, we cannot have any other relationship with God, except if you are born as a man of clay. So, which is the first that is born? The man of clay. So, who is the oldest of who you are? Is it not your man of clay? Down the line, the second one of you is born which is the younger of you, which is the spiritual man. God was already prophesying, in these two people, that even though you are born of clay, the time will come when the older will serve the younger. So, when you become born again, the ‘new you’ becomes the more powerful person because it must be that the older one must serve the younger one because God prophesied it in the two nations that were being born. Come on. Come on.

In fact, God actually reflects the future of all of human kind in the birth of these two children that are being born because they struggle even in the womb. And as Esau is being born the bible says, if you read it, the bible says that Jacob had his hand on the heel of Esau. And he came out straight out after Esau but he had his hand on the heel of Esau. In other words, they were so struggling for the first to be born that Jacob wasn’t going to just let this happen. Let me tell you, the struggle between the oldest born which is your clay vessel and is the stronger vessel that you have to live with until your spirit man grows up. So, when you spirit man becomes born again and recreated, then it becomes the younger of the ‘two beings’ but it has more power.  It has more strength. It has all the blessing. It receives all of everything that has ever been spoken of. Your man of clay cannot receive it, but your spirit man can. Which is contrary to everything that is the order of man – that the oldest will receive the blessing and God says right in the beginning, “I’m going to undo the order of what man says and I will bring my own order into the earth.”

And now, if you understand what I am saying here, then you understand that I had to preach the message of clay. That I had to preach the second Adam would be the Adam where we take all of our life from. And the second Adam which is Jesus Christ, the second born has all of the power in the universe. Hallelujah. I want to remind you that I preached Jacob’s Constellation. The first time I preached Jacob’s Constellation, was in 2010. It was the 12th of December 2010. On the 9th of May of 2010, I had a prophecy. And I had this prophetic word. I am going to read some of it to you:

“I know that God has got a shifting in the spirit that has begun to happen. I want to tell you I’m speaking by the Holy Spirit now, that as the world has experienced the financial shift that has happened and it began to have signs that something wasn’t right some eighteen months ago. There was a shifting and a shaking and the nations begun to take note and begun to shake. So, there is a shifting in the Spirit and it’s the early signs that there is a shifting in the Spirit. And you will see that the nations will begin to take note of what God is doing. Sure, it is a shifting for our church. Sure, we are seeing the signs of the move of God. The early signs of the rain of the Spirit that is happening in our church. But it is not just for our church. There is a shifting in the spirit for the body of Christ. There is a shifting of the Spirit of God in this nation and it is happening right now. It’s happening right now.

You need to be sensitive church. You need to be alert. You need to watch and pray and be flowing and be in touch and be in tune and in flow with the move of the Spirit. There is a shift for a victory that is about to take place. There is a shift that there are certain institutions, that are certain standards that have been set in the world and they are going to begin to crack and the church is going to begin to rise up and they are going to occupy and they are going to be dominating because they are going to have solutions. You must take note church. It’s the time of God. It’s the season of God. It is not the season of power politics of the world; You may see that, but it is the time of God.”

This was in 2010.  I’ll tell you, that the things that have changed in our government and in the leadership of our government, may look like it’s the power politics of the world that has been working, but it is the power shift of God that has been working behind the scenes. I was talking to people here recently and we were just saying how close we came as a nation to completely becoming a third world nation that actually would never attract investments and we would never be seen as a credible nation again. We would have become a Banana Republic. We came very close church, but it was God who intervened. It may seem like it was the power politics of men, but God is the one who influences hearts. The timing of God is sure.

“It is the season of God that He has orchestrated for His glory and His power to come and be seen in the world.”

Now, you know, there are many of us that can sit around and talk and say you have no proof that God was involved. The fact that it happened proved that God is involved. You know, people say if you have an argument with people about ‘prove to me that God exists’, ….you’re looking at the proof. I don’t have to prove anything more to you. The fact that I believe God is proof. “Well, I can’t see Him and it doesn’t show proof”. That’s your problem. You asked me for proof, I’m it. My own faith in God, is it. Hello.

“It will not manifest in the way the world thinks, because the world wants things to happen with spectacular fashion. They want things to happen in ways that they can identify as if they had something to do with it. It is the season of God. It is not the season of man. It is the season of God. There is no man that can stop Him. There is no government on this earth that can stop Him. There is no philosophy on this earth that can stop Him. There is no financial situation on this earth that can stop Him. It is the season of God. In the beginning of time, the time was begun because of the hovering of the Holy Spirit. The bible says that the Spirit of God covered the earth and so it will be in this time. The Holy Spirit is going to begin to move and shifts are going to take place and shifts are going to take place all over this globe. He’s going to be hovering and moving and orchestrating on behalf of the Father.”

There are many things that people might say about Donald Trump. I wish Donald Trump would stop tweeting and stop saying things that are really ridiculous things.  But there are many things that Donald Trump, just by his presence being in power, stopped the shift. So let me tell you what might have happened if Hillary Clinton got into power: For sure, what would have happened is that all of Obama’s agenda’s would have been completed. Let me tell you what would have happened if Hillary Clinton came into power, America would have been moving at a rapid pace of knots towards a socialist system. Let me tell you what would have happened if Hillary Clinton came into power, judges would have been appointed to the supreme court that were all liberal judges and those liberal judges would have promoted the liberal agenda which would have continued to make trans-gender decisions, for the whole of America. So if you say Donald Trump is a jerk as a President, that’s your opinion, and just because the way he goes about things is really ridiculous sometimes, that does not make him not God’s man. Because when he came into power, he has put he has put, I think,  three or four judges into the Supreme Court that are conservative judges whereas they would have been liberal judges.

If you don’t think that God is using America in the world, then you don’t know God. For one: the one nation that that has stood between Israel and annihilation, is America. If there is one reason God is always going to look after America is because they protect Israel. This is the truth. And so if people don’t agree with Donald Trump, let me tell you, Donald Trumps’ entrance into politics says: “I don’t care what the ‘political correctness’ is, I am going to move the embassy to Jerusalem.” Why is it important for Donald Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem? Because he is making a statement in the Spirit realm, that Jerusalem is a city that belongs to God’s people. If Donald Trump didn’t come into power for any other reason – even for just that one reason, he is still God’s man.

He may be really be making some mistakes in some big areas, you know. Listen, I know a few biblical characters that did the same thing. King David made a few horrible mistakes, did he not?  I mean, even to committing murder. I mean, Donald Trump, to my knowledge, hasn’t done that yet. I tell you what, when God gave me this prophecy, I didn’t see all of these things, but if I was one of those people that would speak on His behalf, that would talk about the shift, then I was a voice that God could use to speak in the earth, His will. And here we are eight years down the line and how many things have changed? How many things have shifted for us; our relationship with Brother Jerry, our effectiveness as a ministry into Africa in co-operation and partnership with Brother Jerry.  My integration with Brother Jerry in his ministry where he is calling me to himself in his life, where I get to go, on our behalf, and sow a seed that is irrational honour into his life. That means all the legacy and heritage blessing that was Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Savelle – all of that comes to us. That means when I stand up here and I minister this to you, I know what it means to have the blessing of the fathers come to my life. I have the revelation that Jacob’s Constellation is our constellation and it started with this prophecy in 2010. Well you know, we might say things haven’t turned out quite the way …. Listen, I didn’t see everything that was going to happen or not happen. 

I remember, I think it was 2013 when I took a bunch of guys with me to America, was it 2013? Andrew, was it 2014? 2014, that’s four years ago and I went to Brother Jerry and I said, “Brother Jerry, these sons are my sons; I present my sons to you as your sons” – we represented all of you. So he takes us into his private study and when I went to see, and I walked in just him and me, last year this April, it was just him and me in his study. So there was quite a lot of activity going on in the house downstairs so he took me by the hand and he said, “Come John, I want to take you into my private study, I want to show you something.” He had some things he wanted to show me and there, he still has on the piece of paper, where he wrote with his left hand, manifestations, visitations and demonstrations. And I spoke to him and said, “It’s still there.” and he said, “Yes, I keep it there because God spoke so clearly to me” – he keeps it on his desk. Well Brother Jerry is very much like that with visual things, he wants to be reminded of something. Well, as a result of that visit, I went into 4x4x40, as a result of that visit, God said, “You separate yourself and you go pray”. As a result of that, many things have happened to Brother Jerry, physically, that we had a part to save him. Let me tell you, when I prophesied that the shift was coming, it’s got nothing to do with anybody else – The Shift is coming. And it’s still coming, hallelujah. When I preached Jacob’s Constellation in December of 2012, I said this:

“Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are upon us through Jesus, if we will follow Jesus, it’s the constellation. It’s the assemblage of parts and elements and it’s a time frame when all these components are coming together, it’s a time frame when there is the season in the configuration of the earth where there is so much turmoil: Japan has had an earthquake and tsunami, there is all this unrest in the middle east, the world is trying to recover from economic distress and disorder and implosion, if you like, these are the things happening. So much turmoil in Africa: transitioning of power and authorities and governments, many things happening in the world around us. I want to tell you that none of those things intimidate me. None of those things make me afraid because my God says, “It’s Jacob’s Constellation – it’s time for us.” I’m not talking about one month, three months, six months – this is a thing that was activated, accelerated in Jacob’s life, it was something that moved him for the rest of his life. The Lord said to me, “It is Jacob’s Constellation for us”; it is time for the body of Christ, the people who are going to follow after God. Jacob’s Constellation has kicked in. The beginning of new things, new momentum, new developments in our lives, this is the time, this is the time. This is not a prophetic word I’m telling you, thus says the Lord, “Tomorrow you are going to open a business and by Friday it’s going to be successful”….This is a season we are going into that has got impact for decades.

So I didn’t say, “This is the Word of the Lord”, as in prophecy but I was speaking prophetically by the Holy Spirit in 2012. So that happened in December 2012, 2013, by the middle of the year in 2014, it was in my spirit to take sons of this house to Brother Jerry. That’s only eighteen months later because we had to financially plan for it and put a whole lot of plans in place for it. You understand that when God puts something in motion, if you obey it, it will begin to change but you’ve got to go one step and obey each step.

Pastor Sharon said in June 2012, I don’t know why she spoke about the Constellation at that time because I had already given the word about Jacob’s Constellation before that but she said, “The wars that you have had for twenty years, He will convert war into wealth in one year. He will give us peace over all our enemies in seven days.” She says more things but this is the only thing that I wanted to read to you today that’s relevant to today’s message. That sounds pretty much like what Brother Jerry began to speak over us this year and last year – that he said God is going to do in one year what would normally take ten years and in two years what would take twenty years. This sounds pretty much like what Pastor Sharon said in 2012 – the wars that you have had for twenty years, he will convert war into wealth in one year.

Come on, if you’re not jumping up and down in your seat inside right now then I don’t know what will move you because there’s a pattern that God is obviously showing and there’s a thread that He’s been speaking over us and speaking over us and speaking over us and part of the theme is that Jacob’s Constellation has come now. Hallelujah, hallelujah and you say, “But I haven’t seen any results of it”, well part of it is a Laban syndrome, where you stand neutral and you say, “I see God’s in this but I’m not going to make….I can’t speak against it but I’m just going to say nothing for it.” That’s a syndrome of spiritual lethargy, it just means: I’m not going to take this word and run with it and do what I need to do with it. You take it and you do with it what you want to do with it. That’s the Laban syndrome: Take the daughter, you take it and run with it and you do with her whatever you want to do. Let her be wife to  your master’s son, I recognize God’s in it: You take the word and run with it. Don’t let that be our attitude from this day going forward, church. Now you’ve got to stand up and say, “Hey, I’m going to bless, I’m not going to be one that’s going to be part of the curse factor or the neutral factor, I’m going to be one that’s in the blessing factor. I’m going to bless you with everything I’ve got.” Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

I’ll tell you when I woke up two weeks ago, I woke up and I knew in my spirit, my faith had grown up and I knew in my spirit that we’ve got deliverance, we have breakthrough, we have everything that we’ve been believing God for, it’s done – we are here. It’s happening right now, I know that it’s done. I can’t see it yet, I have to speak like Brother Jesse and many others, “I have that airplane, I just don’t own it yet but I have that airplane, you just can’t see it yet. I have that airplane; I haven’t got the title deed but I have it….” That’s how faith speaks: “I know I have it.” It’s the hope of things that you can’t see, the evidence of things that you haven’t yet seen, but it is evident already. To Who? To Me. Hallelujah.

I want to tell you that I have prayerfully made some decisions, already. I’ve prayerfully made some decisions, where the Lord said to me, “If you want total victory in this season of your life, you got to strike the ground.” So, I don’t want to go into all of that right now, because that’s a whole different message. But it has to do with the prophet, Elisha, who was prophesising over the king. And he said to the king, on his death bed, because actually the Bible says, after he gave the prophecy to the king, he died. So he’s about to die, but the king comes to the prophet and says to the prophet, “I’m at war with my enemies.” So he says, “Take your arrow and shoot it out of the window.” And as he shoots the arrow out of the window, he says to him, “As you shoot that arrow God has given you victory over your enemies.” He says, “Now take your arrows and strike the ground, because as you strike the ground, God is going to give you victory over your enemies.” He strikes the ground three times, and Elisha gets mad. And says to him, “Why didn’t you hit the ground more times?” …..because it was going to take more than three victories to beat his enemy forever. So I made a decision, that I’m going to strike the ground. According to Elisha, which he spoke over the king then, it needs to be six times, minimum. Right? That’s just the starting point for me. So what are my arrows that I can shoot today? Seed.

So I heard Brother Jerry preach a message about seed. I received something that he did in his early years, when he got a supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit, of Jesus, who showed up in his room, and Jesus spoke to him about Isaac sewing in famine. Yes? So Caroline Savelle, who was in the other bedroom, in the other room of the hotel, comes walking into the room, and she walks into the glory of the presence of God.  And she immediately says, “What’s happened here?” Let me tell you, even though there’s only a residue of the presence of God, you will know when the presence of God has been there. So she walks in and she says, “What’s happened here?” So Jerry tells Caroline what happened to him – that Jesus showed up and gave him the message of sowing in famine – the revelation. She says,  “Are you going to tell Brother Copeland?” He says, “No.” So they go to the service that night and Brother Copeland gets up, you’ve heard the story, he gets up to preach, and he’s standing in the pulpit, and as he’s standing in the pulpit, he can’t get to preach. He said, “Let’s turn to, let’s turn to…” and he can’t preach, he says, “Jerry! God visited you this afternoon, come and tell us what He said.” So Brother Jerry gets up and he begins to preach on the sower, sows a seed in famine, or sowing in famine.

So the strategy that Brother Jerry had by God at that time because he needed to go so far, so quickly, was that God showed him that he must take, I think it was a thousand dollars, out of each of his ministry accounts that he had. And he sowed that amount of money into Brother Copeland’s ministry. One thousand dollars. So we’re going back many, many years, when one thousand dollars was a lot of money.  Thank You, it’s still a lot of money. But then it was even worth a lot more money. You know, because inflation. And he sowed that money to Brother Copeland’s ministry. And the story goes how God gave him and aeroplane in so many months, and how God gave him supernatural….; people began to call him up and say, “Here’s a hundred thousand dollars and here’s a…. and here’s this,”….. and within that space of that one year, all of those seeds that he had sown, God had multiplied all of that seeds back into his ministry. That is my father.

I receive the blessing and the wealth of that revelation as my father into my life. I’m about to strike the ground. I’ve made this decision. I’m not asking you to do anything.  I’ve made this decision. My faith is working. I’m going to levels that are way above what we can see right now, and God is going to do it in a very short space of time. Because I’m going to strike the ground with everything I’ve got. Because what I’ve got is not enough to get the job done…. Praise the Lord.

I’m really trying to preach shorter time frames. I really am, but you know, I’ve got so much to say to you, and impart to you. And God didn’t call me to be an inspirational speaker, He called me to be a biblical teacher. There is a difference between being an inspirational speaker and a biblical teacher. If I teach you the Bible then the Bible becomes something that you can live for. If I inspire you, it might just be for a short time. I’m happy to inspire you, but I’d rather teach you. You know, it’s the same thing; give a man a fish and you give him life for today, teach a man to fish and you give him life for a lifetime. That’s what the Bible is like. Hallelujah.

I’m giving you my life and my soul here. I am. I told you this before, I love you enough to give you my best. I love you enough to seek God to give you everything I’ve got. Hallelujah. Can I just talk for 10 minutes about birthrights? Then I’ll be done for today, at least. Colossians 1:9, 9 for this reason we also since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. (Colossians 1:9-10). Please say, “Being fruitful in every good work.” (Congregation repeats, “Being fruitful in every good work”). That’s your portion – being fruitful in every good work, that’s your portion. Let me tell you what happens when you are fruitful in every good work – your knowledge of Him increases. You do not increase in knowledge of Him if you do not become fruitful in every good work. 11Strengthened with all might according to his glorious power for all patience and long-suffering with joy; 12giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in the light. (Colossians 1:11-12). Will you say with me, “I give you thanks Father, that you have qualified me to be a partaker, of the inheritance of the Saints, in the light.” (Congregation repeats with Pastor John.) Let me tell you something church, this is a powerful thing, you can use this scripture every day of the week because you are qualified. You qualify for inheritance ,huh, let me tell you, you qualify for all the inheritance. Oh Jesus. Jesus.

Let me tell you church, what do you think would have happened to us, if I had not obeyed God and separated myself for 40 days. And in that 40 days God began to speak to me: pray for Jerry, pray for Jerry, pray for Jerry….Why must I pray for Jerry – there’s enough people praying for Jerry; he’s a mighty man of God, everybody’s pray for Jerry? No John, I need you to pray for Jerry, you are a Son. I called you in divine covenant with Jerry, pray for Jerry. I don’t know Jerry’s about to have life-threatening things happening to him that our covenant relationship in prayer could change everything. Come on.

You know when I think about it, I was having this conversation with Pastor Sharon the other day, and I’ll talk about birthright as part of this example…. I was talking about this to Pastor Sharon the other day that went Brother Jerry asked me to be his director for JSMI Africa, when him and I were having this personal conversation, we were sitting in the corner, just Him and I in a corner on a private table because there were many people that were visiting from around Canada to come to this conference where Brother Jerry was speaking. So they were at the breakfast downstairs in the breakfast hotel and we sat in one corner. And I said to Sharon, I said, “You know Sharon, when I…. I’ve reflected about that time very deeply and I recognized in Brother Jerry a hesitancy, a hesitancy to ask me to be his director of his Missions in Africa.

So you know, Brother Jerry and Brother Joe, they brag about our church as one of the most spiritual churches that they ever,….that they know in the whole world. That’s us, they talk about us. People know us all around the world, because they talk about us. I got a message from one of you, I think, and I got a message from Empie and San-Marie, that’s said when you were hosted by Brother Jerry, people said, “We love your Pastor.” You know I’m not even there and when people visit from South Africa, they talk about us.

So, I’m going back to Brother Jerry being hesitant to ask me, because I know Brother Jerry already sensed the depth of our spiritual quality. What he’s asking me to do is presumably report to him, yet his respect for me says, “I can’t ask John to report to me, we are co-labourers.” He had to obey the Holy Spirit and he had to recognize something needed to shift between us in the relationship. Do you know who played a big part in it? The faithful servant, all the while Joe McCloskey saying, “Brother Jerry you must do this.” And he’s saying, “But what if I asked John and he says no?”“John will say “Yes,” Brother Jerry, John will say, “Yes,” Brother Jerry.” Because at his age,  he doesn’t want to ask somebody and they say, “No.” Come on now. The faithful servant was speaking to Brother Jerry and was saying, “Brother Jerry you hearing from God, this is God, you have to follow through with it. John is on the same wave length, he’s always been there as a covenant son, he always will be there as the covenant son. You, you can do this, you can trust this.”

I can’t even think that him and I would not have entered into that realignment of covenant for Africa. So that when I go and visit him – “Come John, let’s fly together on my jet. Oh by the way, this things happened, we going to fly on Brother Copeland’s jet. I receive that anointing. I receive that blessing that is on them. Come on. And now he’s going to visit a country that he’s never been before, he says, “John come, come stand with me and pray with me and together we are going into a new nation. We are going to take new nations for Jesus.” Birthright, blessing of the fathers, Jacob’s Constellation – it’s happening all right now.

Just watch out in weeks and months, there’s going to be things that you are going to visibly and physically see changes that God has placed in my spirit that are being birthed out into the natural. Some of those things we’re already receiving confirmation. Laws are being changed for us, government’s are coming into our favour.

13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and [a]conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, 14 in whom we have redemption ]through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. 15He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.16For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.17And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. 18And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the pre eminence. 19For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell, 20and by Him to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him, whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross. 21And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled. (Colossians 1: 15-21).

That is the first stronger man that was born. That you were born into, and now the second man that is born that came second, Jacob. You are born into the son of that love. Hallelujah. And, 22in the body of His flesh through death, to present you holy, and to present you blameless, and above reproach in His sight. Whose sight is it that matters? Now once else sight matters, only than Jesus’ sight. So, in His sight you are blameless. Come on church. In His sight you are blameless, you are holy, you have no reproach in His sight. That means you can walk in the full inheritance of everything that God has for you. 23If indeed you continue in the faith, grounded and steadfast, and are not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you heard, which was preached to every creature under heaven, of which I, Paul, became a minister. (Colossians 1:22-23). So, this is about the inheritance, this passage of scripture.

So, inheritance is something inherited or to be inherited. It’s a legacy. It’s ownership by virtue of birthright. The right to inherit. Heritage is property that is or can be inherited. Birthright is a right or rights that a person has because of being born in a certain family or nation. So, all that you have to do is be born into this family. You have the birthright. You have the birthright for what? Everything that was Abraham’s, I bless you, I bless you, I bless you. I bless you. All the nations of the earth will be blessed through you, and they will bless themselves. I bless you, I bless you, I bless you. I empower you to prosper. I bless you. There is nothing that can’t happen that shouldn’t happen for you. If anything tries to happen, I will be the one that stands in the gates of your enemies, and I will give you victory over your enemies even in their gates. Which means, where their strongholds are you, will have victory in that stronghold. Where the enemy of God have created a stronghold in you, He will give you deliverance over your enemies and create victory for you so that you are not defeated in a stronghold that the devil has tried to create in your own life. Why? Because He sees you blameless, He sees you as already walking in the fullness of that inheritance, because He doesn’t see you just for what you are, He sees who you are through Jesus. He sees who you are through Jacob, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He sees you through the whole lineage. Hallelujah.

I have a birthright. I have a birthright in Jesus, and I have a birthright on this earth that God called me to a group of people that have believe God. A group of people that have decided that they will live for God. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. I have a birthright. You have a birthright. How many people do you think there are in this world that would like to have a relationship with Brother Jerry Savelle that I have? How come I have it? Birthright. Birthright. It’s birthright. Hallelujah.

I will talk about this in time to come because birthright is a very, very important thing in Jacob’s Constellation because Esau comes to Jacob asking for food. Jacob says, “Give me your birthright.” And Esau says, “What use is my birthright if I’m dead?” So just follow my logic that he must have had at that time. “If I eat his food, I live but I live without birthright. I don’t eat his food, I think I’m going to die. I die with birthright. So, the minute I eat the food I live but, I live without birthright.” So, he must have thought: this birthright is unimportant, because…. anyway my father’s going to bless me cause I’m the firstborn. So, what I say to Jacob is irrelevant. Until,….if you don’t focus on how Jacob got the birthright, until you focus on the fact that Jacob got the blessing of the father. What was the one thing that the father could do to revoke the blessing, if he didn’t have the birthright? But Esau had to confirm that he had given him the birthright so he could keep the blessing. That’s what the devil is always after, he’s always trying to disinherit you to your birthright. So that he can steal your blessing. But you just hide behind your birthright and you say, “I belong to Jesus, that’s my birthright.” Then he cannot take your blessing. Doesn’t matter how bitterly or how competitively he goes after your birthright. Your blessing, he cannot take it because you have the birthright.

Did I preach and teach good tonight? And now you’re beginning to see that why God had me do all of this teaching over weeks, because it’s coming to birthright, words, who we are in Christ. Hallelujah. Won’t you stand with me, please. Please say this with me. “I’m blessed going in, and I’m blessed going out. I receive the protection of the Lord. No weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus’ name. I thank You Lord, that all of the blessings that You have blessed me with, I receive into my life, right now. I take it by faith, right now in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Before you go, just tell somebody that God’s love is the best in the universe. And then you can go.