The Source and The Future Part 3 – Ps John WTB

Scripture References: Hebrew 11:1 (AMPC); I Corinthians 15:34-49 (AMPC); Genesis 12:2-20 (MSG); Genesis 9:24-25,27 (MSG); Proverbs 13:22 (NLT); Genesis 13:1-2 (MSG).

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. I thank you Father that we submit to the Holy Spirit today, because it is our desire to glorify the name of Jesus; for You Father to be worshiped as the Lord of all in the universe. Thank You Father, thank You Father, thank You for the presence of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord. Thank You Jesus. Thank You, hallelujah. Hallelujah, you may be seated.

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. How many of you know that God loves problem solvers? God loves problem solvers because He himself is a problem solver. Whenever there is a problem in life, God solves the problem. And so the biggest problem that He had was: man chose to sin and so because man chose to sin He had to solve the problem of separation. So the problem was separation because of sin, so He send His Son to solve the problem of separation so that we now no longer had to have separation, but we could have intimacy. So, God loves problem solvers. I really, I really am grateful to God that there are gifts in the body of Christ, that if you combine all the gifts together they can do some amazing things. And I love, I love to see and I love to hear the language, there’s a new word that has come out in the global, in the global language if you like, it’s called the word, the word is called interventions. So they particularly talk about interventions in times and places where there are times of war and people need relief or there are crisis events and there needs to be an intervention. I guess in the medical profession people have interventions every day. Because someone has an accident, someone has a crisis in their body and then the medical profession has a moment of intervention and the intervention solves a problem. Hallelujah.

So I really like, I like the language of intervention. I’ve also like another word the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about and it’s the word productivity or results. And so Jerry Savelle said it this way, long time ago he said it this way, he said, “Which would you rather have? Where would you rather live? Would you rather live in the miracles of God or would your whole life be living in the blessing of God?” See because most of the church wants to see the miracles of God, but a miracle requires actually it speaks of intervention. Because there is something that has happened in your life that is in disorder and in chaos or is in crisis or has some, something that is problematic. And the only way that you can solve that is for God to produce a miracle. That means He brings His life into your circumstances and changes it. And only He can do that. That’s why it’s called a miracle. So, I’m all for miracles because there are things that are unexpected that happen in life and the unexpected things sometimes require an intervention from God. But it’s far better to live in the productivity and the results of living in God because then you have the blessing of God. So let’s, the way he put it then and I put it to you again, “Would you rather need the healing power of God or would you rather live in the divine health and life of God?” So if you live in divine health and divine life you never need the miracles. So then some people will say my life is quite boring if that’s what you


want it to be, okay. So would you always need a financial miracle or would you need to live in the prosperity and the blessing of God? So I put it to you that living to have the next financial miracle may be very stressful. It might have a lot of tension and excitement in the negative connotation around it? You know, but it is better to live in the blessing of God because then you don’t need miracles. You just have continuous harvest and blessing So, I want to tell you today that one of the words that God has always been dealing with me about and continues to deal with me about is the word change. And so we’ve always got to be ready for change. Because God is a dynamic God and He’s always bringing change, Always. Hallelujah.

And so if you get to comfortable in a particular place you can be sure you have stopped pressing into God. Because God is going to be talking to you always to do something that is not comfortable for you. It’s out of your comfort zone because He wants to change you. Why does He want to change you? Because He wants you to live in the blessing zone and not in the miracle zone. And you might say I don’t need a miracle anywhere in my life right now, things could change tomorrow, unexpectedly. Hallelujah. So we need to be changing with God all the time.

I’ve been talking to you for the last couple of weeks on The Source and the Future this is part 3. I’ve read to you from the Amplified Bible Hebrews 11 verse 1 1“Now faith is the assurance of things we hope for, being the proof of things (we) do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses” (Hebrew 11:1 AMPC) So if we live in the senses then you cannot actually be living in faith because your senses will say, “I don’t see results”, but faith in your heart says, “I have already the results”. So that is where your hope comes from is what’s in your heart is that you have results.

This last week I woke up and on one of the mornings I woke up and as I was beginning to pray, words started to come out of my mouth by the Holy Spirit, and the words that began to come out of my mouth by the Holy Spirit was words that that I have been declaring, Pastor Sharon and I have been declaring together for some time about certain things in our lives. And when I woke up on that particular morning, I began to speak it out of my spirit, about God’s deliverance, God’s blessing, the breakthrough, the things that, and as it was coming out of my mouth, it was a level of substantial faith, that I recognize that when you put the Word in your heart, it needs time to grow.

So when you put the Word in your heart, it needs time to grow. Just like you plant a seed and I’ve been talking to you about that for weeks. When you plant a seed in your heart, immediately it doesn’t show much, because it’s got to die. But when it starts to grow up, you begin to see the beginnings of a harvest, and when it grows to maturity then, when that moment happens, that faith that comes out of your heart means the word that you have sown that you’ve protected that you’ve been looking after, has grown into maturity and faith has come to its fullest requirement. This is something that happens in your heart. Nothing may have changed in the natural, but it has already happened in your heart. When it happens in your heart there is a knowing by the Holy


Spirit that what you have been speaking will inevitably come to its fullest conclusion. There is nothing that can stop it anymore, hallelujah.
I remember when that happened to me, when we were in bad debt and the Lord gave me certain confessions and declarations to make and I began to speak that I’m debt- free through the miracle power of Jesus, you’ve heard me say this before. I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. He had me sow some financial seed. The only seed that I owned that didn’t belong to a bank, I sowed it and I kept declaring I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. And I’ll tell you, I didn’t say that only one time a day, I didn’t only say that 10 times a day, I probably said that 100, 200 times a day.

Whenever it came, when I had a moment, I declared it, I am debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. That word was going into my heart and I was protecting myself from all of the other circumstances that was coming, like phone calls from the bank: “When are you gonna pay your credit card, when are you gonna pay your over draft, when are you going to do all of that?”. And so I had voices coming at me, real-life circumstances that I had to manage, but in every situation I was careful to God what was coming out of my mouth. When I put the phone down I recognize that I have to make that payment, but I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. I recognized that I’m so many months behind but I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus, I’m debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. Debt was a mountain before me and in about three and a half years that mountain was completely moved out of the way and cast into the sea and it was brought to level, and there was no more debt in my life. I was completely debt-free through the miracle power of Jesus. The answer didn’t come when I was debt-free, the answer came when I knew I was debt-free in my heart and that activated the circumstances in the natural to change what was in my heart. Hallelujah.

And so prosperity comes the same way. Prosperity, if you need a job if you need things that you do that are required for your life. It comes the same way. Sharon and I did that in a time when I was working on commission only and I was earning a living trying to earn a living for my family and there was no money coming in, and we had empty cupboards, our rent was behind, we had nothing. I was all about 23 or 24 years old maybe 25 I don’t know, somewhere in that age group, and we would go and stand and open those cupboards in our house look at those cupboards and we’d speak to those empty cupboards and we said, “We call you full of groceries, we command you to be full of groceries, paid for, full of groceries that meets every need of our family. We command these cupboards to be full of groceries, and there was nothing in the cupboard and we were feeding each other by throwing hot water into old Marmite bottles, to make soup. People don’t believe us, now that we live like we do, that we actually had those moments of poverty in our lives and we had nothing in the house.


But it didn’t change our trust in Jesus and so we spoke to those cupboards to be full, and we spoke it, and we spoke it, and we spoke it, until one day somebody knocked on the door that we didn’t even know from the church, and they somehow heard about us, knew about us and knocked on the door. I was at work trying to make a living and they said, “The Lord told us to come and buy you groceries, so we’ve come to fetch you. Come get in our car we want to take you grocery shopping.” So you know, when you go grocery shopping sometimes, it’s, well how much groceries do you want to buy me? You know, so they became very emphatic, that you got to take one of those big trolleys and fill it to you can’t fill it anymore.

When I got home from work, Sharon said you won’t believe what happened today. And you know, in the natural realm it sounds unbelievable that someone you don’t even know knocks on your door and comes and fills your cupboard with groceries. But we knew there was a family down the road that was in the same situation as us, that was also Christian friends of ours, also believing God for food and rent, and we took half of our groceries and we went and gave it to them. And someone would say well, but you’ve been believing and your faith manifested, why would you give half of your groceries away? Understand that half of my groceries at that time was equal to half of my wealth, because I was working from a zero base you know, and so we took half of our groceries and we walked it down to the road and we gave it to the people that had nothing, because we knew this; the Word of God had grown up in our hearts to the point where we knew that if God could do it once, He can do it twice, and if He can do it twice, He can do it every time. And that was the last time we’ve ever had anybody needed to buy groceries for us. It was the last time we needed someone to pay rent for us, because our faith started to work. And as our faith started to work, God started to increase us and God started to prosper us and we got results.

We had an intervention by God, but now we learned from the intervention how to use it as a continuous result on productivity; on result; on productivity; on result; on productivity. Now we no longer need interventions. If God brings interventions into our lives, it’s part of the process of the results. Hallelujah.

I don’t know what is going on here [Trouble with microphone/sound]. Let’s see if that will work. Hallelujah.

So as I have said, faith is the power released by the Father to enforce the will of the Father expressed through His Words. I’m going to read you this passage of Scripture from 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 verse 45 45Thus it is written the first man; Adam became a living being (an individual personality); the last Adam (Christ) became a life-giving Spirit [restoring the dead to life]. But it is not the spiritual life which came first, but the physical and then the spiritual. The first man [was] from out of the earth, was out of the earth made of dust (earthly minded), the second Man [is] the Lord from out of heaven. Now those who are made out of the dust are like him who was first made of the dust the (earthly-minded] man; and as is [the Man] from heaven, so also [are those] who are of heaven or [heavenly-minded]. And just as


we have borne the image [of the man], of dust, and so shall we and so let us also bear the image [of the Man] of heaven.” (1 Corinthians 15:34-49 AMPC).

So, I have been speaking about this for quite some time, and I’m concluding today this part of it, because I really want to be talking to you about Jacob’s Constellation, but I realized that I’ve got to go back and explain to you, which I have done over the last couple of weeks, the difference between the fact that the man of clay was born, and the man of clay had the glory of God on Him and then things changed. I’ve produced a few slides. Well I had someone do it for me, but I produced a few slides, and they did a very good job of interpreting what I ask them to do, and to give you an idea visually of this process that we’re talking about, because it becomes very important when we talk about Jacob’s Constellation.

The very first thing that happens in Jacob’s Constellation is the father’s blessing, and everything we need to have in life starts with the father’s blessing. So, as a natural man who is heavenly minded we need the father’s blessing. As a natural person going forward you need the father’s blessing. There is a huge, huge attack in the modern day world against the image of fathers, from the church where some religions call their priests father, from those religions who have abused their position against kids for way to long, to fathers of natural born children that do not take responsibility or are absent from their children lives. There is a massive problem in the earth with the identity of:

1) With a male being a male
2. That same male being a father.
And I feel like part of what I’ve had to show and share is because we need the father’s blessings in our live. Before Jacob could go to the blessing of the future which came from the heavenly Father, God delegated the blessing of the father from his natural father, Isaac. So, when he had the blessing of the father, he had the blessing of the future and then he had the blessing of identity change. And so I needed to and finish this of so that I could get to that component of Jacob’s Constellation.

So the first slide will show you that and I’ve made these colors on purpose and I asked them to make these to make the slide like this.


You got God and you got man in the earth and you will see that they are all on purpose yellow, which I am presenting to you as the glory. So as God the Father was glorious and was covered in glory, which is just his life.

[Microphone problems] I’m going to need the hand-held mike. Is this on? Okay.

So you see that that the glory of God. God is covered in glory, so glory is as we have been learning, Lord, show me your glory, it’s His goodness, it’s His power, it’s His life. It’s who He is, you know. That’s who He is, everything that is life – is His glory. And who He was in all of His glory, His goodness, His power, the person that He is, the life force that He is, He put it into the earth and He made man out of clay to be covered in the same glory.

Do you see those little shining stars going between? That’s not there just for effect. Those shining little stars that go from God to man and man to God is the way that God made the earth. Life words, full of light, came out of His mouth, out of His glory and when He made it, He could do nothing but when He finished everything He said, “And it’s good.” Why did He say, “And it’s good” because His glory is His goodness? So He cannot make anything that doesn’t reflect what He is. So what He makes is always good. So He made man in His image and He made the environment of man in His image to be good.

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So, then what man did was made a decision, and his decision was not to receive and continue to live in the glory of God, but to make a decision that He could make the glory for himself, so that his own choices were his glory. The minute he said, “My choices become my glory,” he separated himself from the glory of God, and as I’ve been telling you over weeks, the ground became cursed, so that he had to work from the sweat of his brow, the ground became cursed and although God had fellowship with him, and you can still see the light words that came from God to man, the change in the glory of the man was forever. That’s why you and I being born today, into the earth, we do not have that same glory Adam had in our natural man. We live in the darkness of the DNA structure of the natural man. So there’s a separation.

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God as a problem solver says, “I’ve got to fix the problem that there is this separation between man and God.” So He sends a Glory Being, which is birthed out of Himself, being Jesus. He sends a Glory Being and the reason Jesus is orange there is, because Jesus was all God, but He was also all man. So He had the glory of God on Him, but He was also a man that was made from clay, hallelujah. So, on the earth, when He was on the earth, He came with Words from heaven. He came with God’s Words from heaven and the Words that He brought from heaven were Words that He brought into the earth. The words, as I have been telling you for weeks now where God said, “I cursed the ground.” When Cain killed Abel, his blood was spilt into the ground and God said, “The ground will no longer yield its strength.” Then after that happened the Bible says that the imaginations of men and the heart of men was exceedingly evil, all the days of his life. So God said, “I got to fix this problem.” So He started with an intervention, so that He can change the separation.

You know like I said to you, when I talk about business, or I talk about any problem in life really; the Lord gave me a way, a way of showing people that God’s problem was that He first, He had to realize that this problem wasn’t going away. So when He realized that, He decided to restructure His business, His plan, His relationship. I’ve told you this many times before, I remind you. You can’t live in faith if you’re not first in realization and honesty of what your circumstances are. Because you can’t think your circumstances are anything different than what is actually in front of you. You have to realize what’s going on. When you realize what’s going on, you can restructure your life. And so when you can restructure what you’re doing by the Word, then you can restore what was broken, praise the Lord.

So what God the Father did was, God put man on the earth, His divine plan was to have intimacy with this man and for this man to reflect His glory, eternally. So He came to a


realization, after man made the wrong choice that He has got to restructure what had happened. After the restructuring He began the restoring. So there are two parts of this restructuring; the first restructure was with Noah, when He wiped the earth clean and started it all over again, with Noah. The second restructuring happened with Jesus. So the restructure and the restore happened, until Jesus could come, that the final restructure and the final restoring could happen. Is this too much for you, or are you all with me?

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So when Jesus came to the earth, the thing that needed to happen was that Jesus had to die on the cross. The cross was planted in the earth; Jesus was a man of the earth that was nailed to the cross, planted in the earth. The Bible says, “Cursed is he that hangs on it on a tree.” So Jesus took all the curses that came from the earth that Jesus has now planted into the earth, as He is dying. God says, “My final judgment of separation is over.” Jesus expresses it out of Himself and He says, “It is finished.” When His spirit leaves His earth body; remember His spirit was perfect, His spirit was perfect never sinless, even to His last breath. His body was perfect and sinless even to His last breath. His soul, because of the spiritual choices was perfect, even to his last breath. And so when His physical body died, an illegal action took place. The illegal action was that as all men’s bodies die, they go into the bowels of the earth and they go to the place where they are forever separated from God, because in their bodies they sinned. That’s why God’s plan was, I can cover your sin with the offerings of animals, but I can never remove your sin. When Jesus came, an illegal act happened; this body that died, He could only die if He gave it willingly, because sin could not kill Him. He had to give up His body willingly to die; otherwise He would have lived forever. So when He was killed illegally, by other clay vessels and His body went into the earth; God could say,


“Let us examine the legal framework of why His body, and His soul, and His spirit has got to be separated from Me eternally.”

When God brought an examination of judgment to Jesus, there was no fault in Him. So when the enemy of God was holding God to His Word from Adam that said, “All men that sin in the clay vessel must come and live in my part of the world, separated from God’s part of the world, being heaven.” This is so important, because when this whole thing happened, God the Father said, “Let’s examine if you have any legal right, from eternity beginning to eternity present. Do you have any legal right, to keep Jesus separated from Me?” Three days and nights, Jesus was in the bowels of the earth, is what the Bible said.

That was the moment of examination for judgment. For three days in earth, there was a contest of eternal words and eternal actions and eternal behaviour of all mankind, of all the prophets of men, prophetic words that was spoken on behalf of God. All the laws of Moses, all the laws of God, they were all presented in front of everybody there and said, “Show Me a fault in Jesus, where He did not fulfil everything that has been spoken and everything that is a requirement of God.” So there could be no fault in Jesus, because He raised Him from the dead; body that died, but it was a resurrected body. The resurrected body, Mary Magdalene goes to try and touch Him and He says, “Don’t touch Me, I’ve got to go yet to be with My Father in heaven.” What happened from, why did He not yet seen His Father?

He was in transition from where He had been, on His way to where He must be and in between He touched the part of man that He was forever going to affect. He walked among the men of clay. As He’s walking among the men of clay He says, “Don’t touch Me, because I’ve got to go to My Father.” Why? Because there’s still a job I’ve got to do I’ve got to go and present My Blood on to the mercy seat that is in heaven, where sins have forever been covered. Now, My Blood must go be put on the mercy seat of heaven, so, that from ever and forever that there is never more an offering that can be made, a sacrifice well enough. My Blood has covered and forgiven and blotted out all of the sin of mankind.

So, Jesus comes back out of the clay, where the curse, was. Out of the clay where the curse of this earth, not yielding its strength. He comes through that, He goes to heaven and He goes to present, His case to the Father. He comes back down to earth and He begins to talk to disciples. He says, “I need you to wait, because there’s a promise that the Father has got still. There’s a fulfilment, yet to come, and that promise, is the promise of the Power of the Holy Spirit, because I told you, when I was still alive, that I have to go away, so that the Helper can come. Cause while I’m on the earth, the Helper has got to be with Me because, I am God on the earth, and the Helper cannot be, separated from Me, on the earth”.

So, I must go and be, so that the Helper can be everywhere on the earth. Now Jesus says, I’m going back to heaven, and the Father, when He gets to heaven, He says, Jesus, You come sit on My right hand and I, now trust You because in the clay man, You


were also, the heavenly man. Come on now, you’ve got to bear with me here. When He was the clay man, He was also the heavenly man. As the clay man, He fulfilled every obligation and as the heavenly man, He had, behaved exactly, as a heavenly man should behave. So, when He came back to the Father, the Father said, “You will come and sit at My right hand”. So, what’s, because God is a productive God, if anybody ever wants to ask me about work, whether the work is something that’s under the curse or not. I say, work is not under the curse, because work is in God and it was in the beginning. So, work, the expenditure of energy, to produce something, is not something that is under the curse. Work is something that is part of God’s order and life. He is energy, and energy in action, is work.

So, Jesus comes and sits at the right hand of the Father. What does the Scripture say that, what is Jesus doing for us, right now? He’s forever making intercession. What’s that? That’s work. He’s not having a retirement holiday plan. The plan was always, that He would sit, at the Father’s right hand, forever making intercession for clay vessels that are on their way to becoming heavenly men, while they are in clay. So, that’s why our job on earth is not to remain as clay, as we can be, you know, people want to say, as Christians, you’ve got to be a real Christian, which means you got to be a real person, and you got to be relevant and real, because if you’re not relevant and real, then you are a Christian that is too kind of freaky, out of the way. Let me tell you, the more Christian you are, the more real you become, because the real Christian, is a real heavenly man that has solutions and he’s a solutions-oriented person on the earth.

That’s why we have a Leadership Academy. Our Leadership Academy is about teaching you, how to take revelation knowledge of the Word of God and live it practically in the earth. It was one of the biggest challenges of my life when, I was in the corporate world, was to live with my faith and live with a faithless bunch of people. Clay minded people, while I’m trying to be heavenly minded in my walk. Clay minded people, touching me with their influence, while I’m trying to be more spiritual, clay, carnal, earthly minded people, all the time, giving me stuff, giving me stuff, trying to influence my life, and influence my decisions, while I’m trying to be spiritual.

So, when you are sitting in a management meeting, and you got your managing director there and you’re making a big decision, that requires resources in the company to be allocated to a job, you’re talking about money coming in, to pay salaries. You don’t get the business, you don’t get the money, and the salaries don’t get paid. He says to me, “So, John, are we going to get this business, or aren’t we?” I have to say to him, “In the natural, this does not look good, Sir. All the signs tell me, that our Competition has got the inside track. All my signs tell me, that the competition is going to win this business. All of the politics tell me, that we are second here, but I believe, we will get this business”.

“Why are you saying that?” In their language, “Well Sir, it’s just the hope of who I am”, because I have got to be a heavenly man, not a natural man. So, what happened was, the more heavenly I became, in my management meetings, when I stuck with my heavenly man, I became a solutions provider, that, that Managing Director had no idea,


how good a solutions provider I could be, because when he, you know the story. When he came to visit the company, he came away from, and he said, even my political power in the corporate world, which was significant, says we have lost this business. So, I went to be, go heavenly, and my heavenly person went to go and pray in my heavenly language and as my heavenly person was praying in the heavenly language, I got a vision from heaven. Literally, a man’s face came to me and I saw a man’s face and his name got spoken into my mind. I never knew this man, and I’d never met this man, and I went to investigate who he was and what he did in the company. When I began to unravel, what God showed me? I went back to my managing director and I said, “I need two weeks. Here’s, my plan. Will you work with me?” He said, “Sounds like a good plan, John. You’ve got two weeks”. After two weeks, it became evident that the plan was working. Six months later, I got the commission, the company got the business. We won! How real is that? How relevant is that, but you see, people say, Yeah, you got to, identify with people that are in crisis. I don’t. I’ve got to speak Words of life to you, in your crisis, because it’s the Words of life in your crisis that will change your crisis. I don’t need to identify with your crisis.

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Jesus, the man of the earth and the man of God, changed everything because He became the Man of Glory, the God of Glory, restored back to His place with the Father. Man on the earth has the Holy Spirit now, on the earth and He comes with His Glory, His goodness and His power, to rest upon you, earthly man. Now I’ve got work to do, what work is that, I got to work with my hands but more than work with my hands I got to work with my faith, because if I just work with my hands then I can only get results from my hands. That’s working in the curse system without recognizing my change to system. So as I’m working on the earthly things with my hands I begin to speak out of my heavenly man the things that must change, I thank You Lord that whatever I put my hands to will


prosper and it does prosper. I Thank You Lord that You guide my footsteps because Your Word says even in the Old Testament of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob You promised them that wherever they would go with their feet You will give it to them, You promised Your covenant children of Israel that You would give them blessings and You would prosper them and You would favour them and now Father I am more than that, because they were under the law. I am now free from that law because I am a heavenly man not just a natural man. Now my productivity escalates to the Word level of my working on my internal spiritual energy. It no longer is held back by what I can do with my natural energy, thirty, sixty and a hundredfold.

So, I remind you that when Noah, when He decided He realized things are not working with men and He started over with Noah He decided I must, I must restructure. So this is a good Biblical principle for business. You’ve got to take a good honest look at your business and realize what’s going on and if you need to restructure something then restructure it, but restructure it by faith. Don’t just restructure, restructure it with God’s wisdom and faith and then when you’ve restructured then you begin to believe God for restoration. Yeah, I got that from God and Noah. Praise the Lord.

And I remind you, He says and God pronounced the blessing upon Noah and his sons and said to them be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and the fear of you and the dread of terror of you shall be upon every beast of the land every bird of the air, all the creeps upon the ground, that’s every creep, and upon all the fish of the sea and delivered into your hands. Everything that lives shall be food for you and as I give you the green vegetables and plants, I give you everything and so then God put a rainbow in the sky and, and he had three sons, he had Shem, Ham and Japheth, these are the three sons of Noah from the whole earth was overspread and stocked with from them the Bible says the whole earth was overspread and stocked with inhabitants. So they became the original seed that we now live by. Praise the Lord.

I’ve got a few more scriptures to read you because this leads me into the part where I get to go to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I get to talk about Jacob’s Constellation. So, Noah is on the earth and because God enters a new covenant with man the strength of the earth can yield what it has. Remember what He said to Cain, “The Earth will no longer yield it strength”, now Noah is on the earth and it’s yielding its strength and so he’s planting and it everything’s growing and it’s all blessed. Amen. So he plants some grapes and so you know he plants some grapes, he harvests some grapes and they become wine. And he’s sampling the wine all kinds of wine and so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he had too many samples. You know, and so too many samples caused him to get drunk and so he drank of the wine and became drunk and he was uncovered and lay naked in his tent. 22And Ham, the father of Canaan, glanced at and saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers outside. 23So Shem and Japheth took a garment, laid it upon the shoulders of both, and went backward and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they did not see their father’s nakedness. 24When Noah awoke from his wine, and knew the thing which his youngest son had done to him (Genesis 9:22-24 AMPC). So I don’t want to get into that but there are different


connotations of what actually happened there. There’s more than just what he saw what his son had done to him. 25He exclaimed, Cursed be Canaan! (Genesis 9:25 AMPC). This is Noah, this is not God, this is a man on the earth and he speaks out of himself and he says cursed be Canaan. Why didn’t he curse Ham? Ham is the guy that saw him, Ham is the guy that did what he did but he didn’t curse Ham, he cursed Ham’s son. Huh. This is very interesting; cursed be Canaan, well it’s likely that Noah realized at this point that what was in Ham was in his son and what was in his son was not going to be good. So he speaks out of his mouth, but the words that you saw coming out of God is what everything is ordered by in the earth. So when it comes from the authority of the father figure head, the father, the source of life. When he pronounces a curse then so it is, so he curses Canaan. Listen to what he says about Canaan.

He says, he said, He shall be the servant of servant to his brethren! (Genesis 9:25 AMPC). The servant of servants, that means he’s relegated to a function, servant of servants to his brethren. And, 26He also said, Blessed be the Lord, the God of Shem! And blessed by the Lord my God be Shem! And let Canaan be his servant. (Genesis 9:26 AMPC). So now he said blessed is my firstborn son Shem and let Ham’s son, Canaan be the servant, but remember he pronounced that Canaan would be a servant of servants. So that means that if he’s going to serve Shem that Shem’s got to have servants that Canaan’s going to serve. And then he says, 27My God enlarge Japheth; and let him dwell in the tents of Shem, here is the other component, Shem is going to dwell with, Japheth is going to dwell with Shem, but Shem is the leader of what’s happening here. So although he’s not saying that you’re going to have a servant mentality or a servant, you are going to take your lead from Shem. So Canaan is going to serve Japheth and Japheth is going to take his lead from Shem. 27And let Canaan be his servant (Genesis 9:27 AMPC). And so Noah left and then he died.

And so I just want to put up the slide, that slide of the …



So this is the slide that I’ve shown you for the last couple of weeks already and you can see that from Adam and Eve were Canaan and Enoch and I talked about Enoch and Methuselah and Lamech who had Noah and who said that he’s going to save us from all of our, from all of our history and all of our problems in the earth – which is what the name Noah means. And then Noah had Shem, Ham and Japheth. And you can see that Ham comes down and the lineage of the Egyptians, the Africans and the Indians broadly speaking, that whole base of people come from Ham. Japheth you can see that European nations, Russians, Americans, they all come from Japheth, broadly speaking. From Abraham comes two groups of people, the Arabs and the Jews. Can you tell me what the war is today, that is happening, that is the center of everything that is happening in the world? Even Russia’s involvement with Syria, Iran’s demand for nuclear weapons because they want to target Israel, it’s all about the seed of Abraham and the seed of Ishmael. Because the seed of Abraham was Isaac and Jacob from which Jesus was going to come. But the seed that was an illegitimate seed although he was first born from Abraham’s loins, he recognized that there was a covenant between Sarah and Abraham and that was the covenant of his Deliverer, the Heavenly Man.

So if you think that it’s a good idea to solve your problems without seeking God ask Abraham whether it was a good idea. See Abraham thought, I’m so old, how am I going to have a kid? And Sarah she is so old, so couldn’t have a kid when she was twenty, she was barren. And so you know, how is this going to happen? Sharon sitting on the front row reminding me that it wasn’t Abraham’s idea, it was Sarah’s idea. I want to just, because I’ve got through talking about Ham and Japheth and the blessings that have


come, I want to show you how the cursing and the blessing works. In Proverbs chapter 13 verse 19 it says this, 19It is pleasant to see dreams come true, but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them (Proverbs 13:19 NLT). Are you getting this? It is pleasant to see dreams come true but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them. 20Walk with wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. 21Trouble chases sinners – trouble chases sinners – while blessings reward the righteous (Proverbs 13:20-21 NLT). Have you noticed that people that are in the habit of bad practices, bad habits, wrongdoings, it’s like chaos just follows them wherever they go. That’s because it follows them. The Bible says that trouble chases sinners. Verse 22, 22Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the sinner’s wealth passes to the godly (Proverbs 13:22 NLT). The other way the Scripture is written, the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just, that’s the King James Version. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. This version, the New Living Translation says, 22But the sinner’s wealth passes to the godly. 23A poor person’s farm may produce much food, but injustice sweeps it all away (Proverbs 13:22-23 NLT).

Come on now, I’m going back to the whole story here. And the whole story is that as a man of clay, that we were all born because of Adams choices, the earth was cursed and so if you want to work from the sweat of your brow to earn that money, in the end injustice will sweep it away. On the other hand, if you will live as a godly person, a Heavenly being that Jesus has now created for us, the wealth that is in the hands of those that don’t know how to work other than with their savvy, their wealth will pass to the godly.

I know this, I know this, because of confessions, declarations and things that have been, that Sharon and I have been speaking for many years and that we realize that God, the fullness of time has come. There is great wealth that is passing from those out there that are coming into the hands of us. And you don’t have to work with your hands to get it because your faith is going to pull it. That’s not to saying you must stop working with your hands, working with your hands goes with working with your faith. And the two will just, it’s like a magnet, it just pulls it out of their hands. And they give you contracts and they give you deals and they make things that you don’t even know how that came about and it will happen. I’m telling you things will change in your life if you live like this. Praise the Lord.

So my last Scripture that I want to show you how God uses this, with His Covenant words, I want to show you how this happens. Okay, because it leads me into Abraham, Isaac and Jacob next week. So here’s how God says, Genesis 12 verse 1, 1God told Abraham: “Leave your country, leave your family, and leave your father’s home for a land that I will show you (Genesis 12:1 MSG). So Abraham, remember I showed you the slide, Abraham came from Shem. So here’s Abraham, he’s in that direct lineage and if you need any reason to be part of a Church that’s got a legacy of spiritual legacy like we have, this should actually just confirm it all for you. This is what God says to Abraham 2I’ll make you a great nation and bless you. I’ll make you famous; you’ll be a blessing. 3I’ll bless those who bless you; those who curse you I’ll


curse. All the families of the Earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:2-3 MSG).

4So Abram left …what God said. What did God say you must leave? You must leave your country, you must leave your family, and you must leave your father’s home for that which I will show you. 4So Abram left just as God said, and Lot – his cousin – left with him. Abraham was seventy-five years old when he left Haran. 5Abram took his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot with him, – his nephew – along with all the possessions and people they had gotten in Haran, and set out for the land of Canaan. (Genesis 12:4-5 MSG). What land? They set out for which land? Canaan. Canaan. What? Abram’s going to the land of Canaan. Who lives in the land of South Africa? South Africans. Who lives in the land of Canaan? Canaanites. Where is God taking Abram? The land of Canaan. Why? Because Noah prophesied, that in Shem, Ham you, your son Canaan, will serve Shem. The land wasn’t about how much, how beautiful the land was. Because if God had to give Abram any kind of land that was really the most productive land, He should have given him the land of Egypt around the Nile. Right? It wasn’t about that. It was about Him fulfilling prophetically what He said, “You are going to go to a land of Canaan, and there’s going to be servants there for you.” Let me tell you, the land of Canaan is not what’s the best options in the world. It’s about where God wants you to be. Because when God wants you to be there, that’s where you are going to have all of this wealth that is in the hands of the ungodly, are going to come to you. Hallelujah. And so, 6Abraham passed through the country… and, at that time the Canaanites occupied the land. 7God appeared to Abram – verse seven – and said, “I will give this land to your children.” Abram built an altar at the place God had appeared to him. (Genesis 12:6-7 MSG). So now God is saying, “All the nations of the earth, in the earth are going to be blessed through you Abram. But you have no kids, but I’m making a prophecy that all the nations of the earth are going to be blessed through you, in this land I will give to your children.” Why is God prophesying it? Because Noah prophesied it.

Hey. Man. I got to just quickly tell you this. verse 8, 8He moved on from there – so God appears to Abraham and speaks to him and said, “This is your land, and I’m going to give it to your children”, and so Abraham kind of moves around in this land, in the proximity of it, and 8He moved on from there to the hill country east of Bethel – where was Bethel? – and pitched his tent between Bethel to the west and Ai to the east. He built an altar there and prayed to God. Genesis 12:8 MSG) Hey, come on. Prayer is part of this wealth transfer. Bethel, as you well know means, House of God. The word Ai means, Heap of Ruins. So Abram goes and pitches a tent between the Place of God and the Heap of Ruins. I want to tell you. This is not a season for you to pitch a tent between the Place of God and the Heap of Ruins. This is not a season to you to look at your old past life and say; it’s a heap of ruins. And you are in-between the Heap of Ruins and the Place of God. Don’t do that. Because what happened next is a famine hit the land. And he kept moving away from the land that God had given him. He kept moving south towards the Negev. 10Then a famine came to the land. Abraham went down to Egypt to live; it was a hard famine. 11As he drew near to Egypt, he said to his wife, Sarai, “Look. We both know that you’re a beautiful woman.


12When the Egyptians see you they’re going to say, ‘Aha! That’s his wife!’ and kill me. (Genesis 12:10-12 MSG). Where is his belief in God?

You see, in the Bible you got to see what is written as a statement of truth, or a statement of fact. So a statement of truth, or a true statement. So there is a difference between a statement of truth, and a true statement. Because a statement of truth is an unchangeable truth from God. A true statement is something that is just a fact. So this is not God’s plan for Abraham. Anyway, because of her, as Abraham said out of his mouth so it came to pass. Is that any surprise to you? As he said it out of his mouth, so it came to pass. And 14When Abraham arrived in Egypt the Egyptians took one look and saw that his wife was stunningly beautiful. As at seventy-five. 15Pharaoh’s princes raved over her to Pharaoh. She was taken to live with Pharaoh.

Sounds a bit like my wife, stunningly beautiful in this stage of her life. Stunningly beautiful. So she goes and lives in Pharaoh’s palace, away from her husband, in another man’s palace. 16Because of her, Abram got along very well: he accumulated sheep and cattle, male and female donkeys, men and woman servants, and camels. His wealth is exploding. He’s investing very well on the stock exchange here because of his wife. 17But God hit Pharaoh hard because of Abram’s wife – Hy’t hom geslaan (He hit him)- everybody in the palace got seriously sick. The whole palace just got sick. 18Pharaoh called for Abram, “What’s this you’ve done to me? Why didn’t you tell me that she’s your wife? 19Why did you say, ‘She’s my sister’ so that I’d take her as my wife? Here’s your wife back – take her and get out!” 20Pharaoh ordered his men to get Abram out of the country. They sent him and his wife and everything he owned on their way. (Genesis 12:18-20 MSG).

1So Abram left Egypt and went back to Negev, he and his wife and everything he owned, and Lot still with him. 2By now Abram was very rich, loaded with cattle and silver and gold (Genesis 13:1-2). And then he goes and built an altar. So if you hear me talk that I’m loaded, I’m just using Abram’s example. I’m loaded. I’m loaded, and it’s all because of my stunningly beautiful wife. I’m trying to show you here what happens when God’s Words are the Words that are spoken over your life that even though you make missteps and you go here and no and Abraham was saying I are they going to kill me because you’re so beautiful and whatever. God still poured out the wealth of the unrighteous. And He poured it into the hands of his covenant child. Because in his heart Abram believed God, read Romans it’ll tell you. He believed God. He was just frustrated with the circumstances. Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

Enough of frustration, because Abraham has such blessing on his life that he’s about to have a son and this son Isaac, is about to change the order of faith in God because he stays in the land of the Canaanites and that’s what I’m going to tell you next week; he doesn’t move out of the land of Canaan when famine comes. He stays in the land of Canaan because God promised that in Canaan I give it to your sons. So because he said, “This is my land that God has given me, even though there’s a famine I’m going to sow seed in this land and in this land I will receive a hundred-fold return in the same year.”


Watch this now, church. Remember we’re going to pick this up next week. I’ve been talking to you about this whole thing where the earth was cursed and it yielded and the sweat of the brow, but Isaac is the first one to show that there is a supernatural way of yielding out of the earth that is beyond human comprehension, that it’s based on the covenant words of God. It’s those covenant words of God that Jacob was after which is why he demanded the birth right; which is why he got the father’s blessing, is because he understood the power of his words. To yield from the earth. Wow. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I’ve done some very good teaching in recent years, in this year actually, I’ve done some, and the end of last year, some very good teachings on faith. But I’ll tell you that if you listen to those teachings on faith and you listen to what I’m teaching you now in Jacob’s Constellation, The Source and The Future, I’ll tell you, just like a puzzle that comes together it’s just fantastic. The way God gave it to me and the way He’s bringing it out of me for you. Hallelujah. And it’s all because of my stunningly beautiful wife. Hallelujah. Won’t you all stand with me please? Praise the Lord.

I feel like we should have had a glory weekend so that I could preach this all back to back, you know, in one day to get it all out because I’m in this teaching mode that God has given me, but anyway, we’re not going to miss a thing. We’re going to get it all. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I want you to make this declaration with me. Will you pray with me and make this declaration with me? And let’s say it together.

Say: Father we come to You in the name of Jesus and we declare because Jesus is our Saviour and saved us from all the weakness of our natural man that we can stand with You as our heavenly Father, as a heavenly man and we thank You, Father, that while we are on this earth we call all of the goodness, all of the power, all of Your glory, we call it into our lives now and we say it will grow up in our hearts and become a great harvest that will change our world. In the name of Jesus. So be it. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

And I declare that your week is blessed, that no weapon formed against you will prosper, that He gives his angels charge over you, wherever you go there’s an angel to take care of you. I pray that wisdom is in your heart, understanding is your portion, and as you work with your hands God shows you things and takes you places that you couldn’t imagine. A new season of blessing begins to overtake you and overwhelm you in Jesus’ name.

I remind you of a confession the Lord gave me and I tell that the wealth is coming back to Witbank. The wealth is back in Witbank. Why are you saying that, Pastor John? Because God told me when the wealth was leaving Witbank to tell you to be prepared. Now He’s telling me the wealth is coming back to Witbank and you need to get ready so


that you can have change and have ideas and do things that you couldn’t do before. Hallelujah. Glory to God!

I feel like I want to talk like Obi-wan Kenobi right now, you know.

Obey you must.
Words of God you must speak.
Feel alive to the Holy Spirit you must be.
Alert to His words you must always be.
Sleep on your watch you must not.
Hallelujah. Glory to God!
Psalms of the Spirit I have just spoken.
Coming out of my heart
they must be coming into your heart
so that they will grow, they do.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus!
No longer shall Witbank withhold its blessing from you.
The curse that was here because of immoral practices,
will no longer stand in your way, it won’t.
Hallelujah. Glory to God!
A new government shall come into play
and a blessing it shall be.
The money is released
in the way that God said it would be.
It’s just a matter of time and you will see the fruit of it
And so it is, in Jesus name.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to God!
Speak the way you have spoken about Witbank you must not. Speak death and destruction over your life is a no-no,
because if you do that then you will go-go.
And you must not go,
because God is coming here to show.
His glory will be seen upon us.
It has already been spoken by the prophet sent
(Dr. Jerry Savelle). New fruit and new glory we will see.
It’s just a matter of time and it will be.
So do not be impatient – because His glory you will see.
Stand steadfast and be patient!
Do not let the enemy come and steal it from you, you see.
Hallelujah. Glory to God! Glory to God! Hallelujah.
Unexpected this was for me,
but a blessing to you it is, you see.
Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus! Hallelujah!


Obi-wan Kenobi wishes he could prophesy like that. Hallelujah. Thank you for coming to church. Be blessed. God bless you