The Source and the Future Part 12 – Ps John Bendixen WTB

Scripture Reference:  Genesis 31:19-20 (AMPC); Genesis 31:26-32 (MSG)

Glory. Hallelujah. Thank you all for coming and stand at the front here. Thank you for praising the Lord with all your heart, for giving Him words, for giving Him energy, showing Jesus that you love Him.  Amen. Hallelujah. You may be seated.

Praise the Lord. So this week I go to be in America. So if the air conditioning is not fixed by next Sunday, I’m not to blame. Hallelujah. It just seems like it’s a pattern always when God gets to moving in your life and doing stuff, the enemy will do anything and everything he can to distract you and to do stuff that will try and knock you off the rails as it were.  And we’ve had quite a lot of multiple attempts of break in here and they destroyed our air conditioners to steal a bit of copper that they could get out of it, but praise God we’re at a place now where we are going to do everything we can in the natural, so that it doesn’t happen again. Amen. So it is a challenge that at the back here of the church you know, once people are there, they can’t be seen by anybody, so it has been a challenge, so we are now going to put beams and possibly cameras and whatever we can around the building so that the control centre and the security guys can pick up movement here and they can come and have a look and see. And so in the meantime, we do have a safe room here in the ministry that is very secure and so we’ve put all our valuables and stuff in there. But you know its minor things that they break the windows; they steal the air conditioners and break them and do just silly stuff. Makes us feel a little bit uncomfortable on a day like today, but praise God. Amen. Hallelujah.

Praise the Lord. I’m going to just get straight into the rest of Laban syndrome if you’re ready for the Word? Hallelujah. So you know where I left off at the end of last session, Laban had, his sons had accused Jacob of stealing their father’s wealth and their father’s inheritance and his honour and their inheritance. But when God starts to move for you and on your behalf you know there is a, there is very little the enemy can do to stop it. So as a Christian believer, again Pastor Sharon and I’ve been talking about this and we’ve had our real wonderful moments this week, that the enemy – if you are a Christian and Christ is living in your heart, then you understand that you are a new creation; you are a new creature. If you really get a revelation of this, you will really understand that your life has completely changed forever. Because you are a new creation you are a new creature on the inside. And so actually the power of that new creation inside of you is the power of Jesus Christ. It is the power of Jesus Christ. So you have every right to live like Jesus Christ on the earth because the power of Jesus Christ is in you. Wow!

So, if we just understand this for a moment, because when I get to talk through the table that I have prepared for you, that the Lord just through the week, the Lord was working on my heart and He was giving me some of these things through the course of this week. If I’m living in this natural world and again this is not totally new revelation to you or me, because for a long time I’ve been ministering and you have been aware of this clay vessel that we live in that lives in a world that‘s full of reality, relevance and reason. And so the only thing the enemy has got on you to not live in redemption and revelation with a spiritual revolution, the only thing he’s got on you is to keep pulling you back into reason. Because if he can get you to live in reason, your reason will always cause you to live in relevance to your reality.

So, what I was talking about previously is, if you train your soul to connect with something, then whatever you train your soul into find its base of reality, you’re going to keep looking back to that reality to feel relevant and you’re going to have your reason not satisfied until you are touching that reality because you don’t feel grounded you feel distinctly uncomfortable when you’re not looking back at that soul capacity that you have created where your relevance and your reality is.

And so that’s why, when people begin to feel uncomfortable when God starts to move on them, and they start to feel uncomfortable and they start to obey God, they often don’t feel like they have peace, so they don’t feel like they have peace but you can’t mistake the lack of, inverted commas, “no peace” for a lack of being out of your comfort zone. So often you’re out of your comfort zone because you are stepping away from your soul, reality and relevance and reason and you’re stepping into revelation and redemption. And so the gap between the two is quite significant, so you feel uncomfortable. And so because you feel uncomfortable, you want to, you want to squirm out of this discomfort and you want to keep looking back to where my comfort zone is. And the minute you go back to your comfort zone, you’re back into that bondage of reality. My reason feels comfortable, I can figure this thing out, I can live in this natural world, I can make a plan here, and can work the system.

Come on now. So like I’ve said before you know, there is a period where you learn to let the Christ in you dominate every situation. And the way that you learn that, is as you walk into circumstances you speak what God says about it. You speak what God says about it, you speak what God says about it, you speak what God says about it. And as you speak what God says about it, you will begin to find that your desires and your will and everything begins to change in line with what you are speaking to. And then as that begins to happen, you begin to suddenly have many different kinds of thoughts about that, and that’s why the Bible says, that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Because, while you’re in this transition process of moving from reason and reality to being in redemption and revelation, this transition will make you feel like you are unstable, you know, because one day you’ve really into your mental thought process and the next day you really into the revelations and the redemption of God, and then the next moment you feel like yes, but all I can think of is this real world that’s hitting me square in the face. Yes?

And so you have to learn that when the real world is hitting you square in the face, you can’t quit on what you’re doing by faith, because that’s the only way you’re going to learn, and that’s the only way you’re going to really make the breakthrough from living in that natural world to living as a spiritual being. And let me tell you there’s no shortcuts. Everybody’s got to do the same thing every time God ask them to live by faith. And God is always going to take you to live by faith somewhere along the line at a new level, another level, a higher level, a different level. He is never going to leave you to be in a comfort zone, because the moment that you’re in a comfort zone, then you’re living by your natural world, you’re not living by faith. And so it doesn’t matter how mature you get in Christ, it doesn’t matter how much you know about Christ and the Father, He is always going to be challenging you to move, He is always going to challenge you for something higher.

Brother Jerry found himself in that place you know.  I don’t have to tell you what he has, I mean, he has already told you, you know. He found himself in that place after forty-five years, forty-seven years in the ministry, where he said, “Well I’ve done my bit now Lord, I think I’ll take it easy for a little while and I’ll stop believing You for the next airplane, and I’ll stop believing You for the next thing”.  And so you know, then the enemy attacked his health and he had some problems and so he was kind of ready to slow down. And then the Lord said to him, “So Jerry when did I tell you to stop?” You know, “And when did I tell you, you should stop believing Me for the tools that you need to do fulfil your ministry?” And so he was like, “I’m 47 years I think, I can’t take a break?” “No, you can’t take a break, because your time on the earth is short Jerry, now is your most impactful time that you’ve ever had before.  If you think you’ve been able to impact now. No, no, Jerry, now you can really impact because although your body’s slowing down, marginally, even though your body’s getting a bit older, your spirit man is in the most mature place it can be, and you can live by faith and levels now, that you couldn’t before.” That’s why there’s no retirement in Christ, there’s no retirement in the Kingdom of God, there’s no retirement from growing in faith. You’ve got to keep going and you’ve got to keep growing.

And when Kenneth Hagin was 75, I think, somewhere around there, the Lord said to him, “It’s time for you to start having Holy Ghost meetings.” What? Why at 75? “Well you are My servant; you’re a vessel on the earth. Now do what I tell you.” “Well I’m a bit tired now Lord.” “I’ll supernaturally strengthen you. Don’t worry about your physical strength.” And so then, I think he was 72 when the Lord spoke to him, I think it was 72, then he did nothing about it until he was 75 and he nearly died because he had disobeyed God and so the enemy attacked his health.

You know, you see when you get more mature in Christ, then you can’t make those little mistakes that you do when you’re a baby. You know I watch my granddaughters, they’re running around and they can fall and they can knock themselves and they get bruises and they, you know, but they’d like three years old and two years old and four years old, and they recover from bruises very quickly. They’re designed like that, you know, when they’re that age. Recover from bruising is path of the course. It is, you know, but when you’re 50 or 60 years old recovering from bruising is not so easy anymore, in the natural, right? In the Spirit realm, if you’ve been living and growing by faith all those years, then you too will get to a point you can’t just fall over and make a mistake and think you’re going to recover from a bruise, because now you are a spiritually mature being. And the implications and the consequences can often be much higher, much more severe when you are a grown up believer. Amen. Praise the Lord.

So, Jacob is leaving Laban, and his wives agree with him, and they make a break for it and pick a strategic time, and it is one of the things I’ve got on the slide. Whenever you’re dealing with the Laban syndrome, and I will share them with you in a few minutes, but whenever you’re dealing with the Laban syndrome, you have to hear from God and you’ve got to watch the natural flow of things and you’ve got to be able to pick the moments when you’ve got to do things in the Spirit. You’ve got to hear and be led by the Spirit of God because what Jacob did was; he had reached a certain level of wealth. Now the reason I’m telling you this is because Jacob could have been tempted to keep living in the moment where God was going to supernaturally conceive on his behalf, divine conception. So how long do I have to stay in this place because if I keep staying here my wealth can just keep growing. No, Laban is after you. His eyes of envy are on you. His sons’ dishonour and disrespect is about to boil over. It’s time to move. I will grow your wealth somewhere else. I’ve done what I can to restore your years with Laban. So that’s the thing with God, He is always going to restore the years that Laban takes. If you will obey him, if you obey God and you stay in a place of covenant with God, He will always restore the years that Laban takes from you, and He will multiply your wealth where Laban cannot. Praise the Lord for that.

And you can make this a part of your declaration and your confession and you can say, “I thank you Father that I’ve had my eyes closed and I’ve been seduced and subdued by Laban, the Laban syndrome in my life. And so now I am declaring that I am free from Laban syndrome.”  And you can use what I’ve got on that chart, on that table and you can use it to continue to remind yourself and identify the characteristics of Laban and the Laban syndrome. And you can make declarations of your freedom from the Laban syndrome. Make your own confessions when you see the table. I did good for you with this table. Moenie worry nie, hoor (Don’t worry). It’s just a quick reference guide, that you can immediately see what a Laban syndrome looks like and how and there are things that you can do and say, “No, no, no, I’m not going to be a part of the Laban syndrome. Here’s my lifestyle that I choose. Here’s the preferences that I’m going after. This is my choice for God.” Don’t you want that? Amen.

So you know he comes with, so he chose the moment. What was Laban doing? Laban was shearing his sheep. So, you know when you’re in the process of sheering sheep, it’s like that’s what you got to do. You can’t take a break from that. The sheep are coming. You’ve got everybody working. It’s a process you’re doing the sheep. So, Laban, so Jacob realized Laban’s busy sheering his sheep, it’s time for me to go. So, they were gone three days before Laban realized they were gone. So, then they, he got all of his people, all of his mates and all of his friends around him and he said, “Come let’s go chase these guys down.” So they chase them hard. So after I think it was seven or ten days or something they caught up, seven days they caught up with them.

Let me read. So then verse 17, 17Then Jacob rose and set his sons and his wives upon the camels; 18and he drove away all of his livestock and all his gain which he had gotten, the livestock that he obtained and accumulated in Padan-aram, to go to Isaac his father in the land of Canaan. 19 Now Laban had gone to shear his sheep [possibly to the feast of sheep shearing], and Rachel stole her father’s household gods (Genesis 31:17-19 AMPC).

Well that’s a very interesting thing, what was she doing to her father? She was actually; she identified that her father’s own conviction was not in the God of Abraham; her father’s own conviction was in idols. So she said, I’m going to steal your idols so you have no strength to turn to, you know and so you’re going to feel completely – what’s the word I’m looking for – abandoned. You’re going to feel abandoned by your gods and I’m going to prove to you that your gods have got no power, because I, your daughter, I’m going to steal them. So, if your gods had any power, they would have no power at all, or they would have the power to stop me from stealing them. So, she had her own little journey, Rachel did, where she was making a point to her father and to herself that her father’s gods had no power at all, and she was taking all of his belief and power that he had in his gods away from him. So before you judge Rachel too harshly, okay.

20 And Jacob outwitted Laban the Syrian [Aramean] in that he did not tell him that he [intended] to flee and slip away secretly (Genesis 31:20 AMPC). Chapter 31verse 26, Laban catches up with him, 26” What do you mean,” said Laban, “by keeping me in the dark and sneaking off, hauling my daughters off like prisoners of war?” Well, you see where his mind-set is, hey. “Why did you run off like a thief in the night? Why didn’t you tell me? Why, I would have sent you off with a great celebration—music, timbrels, flutes! But you wouldn’t permit me so much as a kiss for my daughters and grandchildren. It was a stupid thing for you to do. If I had a mind to, I could destroy you right now” (Genesis 31:26 MSG). That’s the syndrome of Laban through and through. Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to get free from me? Why do you think you’ve got an alternative lifestyle? Why do you think that your God is greater than this world system and money? Why do you think that you’ve got it in you to break free? Why, why, why? Prove it to me. Why? What do you think all those questions, why? Where do they put you, why?

They put you in your mind, because now they’re making your mind work to come up with the right answer, for them to be satisfied, because, why? I could destroy you right now; don’t you know I could take your job from you? I could retrench you, I could fire you, I could steal your pension fund, why? Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t destroy you right now? Power, manipulation; you think you have got that one over me, I’ll show you.

Remember what I said about the Laban spirit, becomes vengeful and it even will revert to violence if it can. And if it thinks violence, physical violence will work, it will work, but it certainly is very forceful, it is very demanding and it’s very full, it’s full of vengeance, and it’s full of aggression, and harsh words. If it can’t get its way with all that kind of aggression and why, reason, to try and make your reality and everything that you believe to seem insignificant, when it can’t do that, then it will try another course of action and say, “I would have just like to celebrate with you to say goodbye. I would just like to kiss you and to give a party with you and I would just like to, and we’ve been together for all these 20 years and you won’t even leave so much as with a kissy-kissy and a party-party.” And then you just, “Yeah and I would have blessed you.” Jy lieg jy, jy verneuk my weer, (you are lying and deceiving me again) you know. You bring deceit all over again, this time you just got nothing to hold on to, because me and God, and my covenant is broken free from you. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Hey Melusi, I’m preaching well hey? Then if he can’t get away with that, then he says, “It was a stupid thing for you to do.” Listen, what is it that Jacob arrived with? Inferiority, deception. What is Laban playing on all over again? Twenty years ago, deception, inferiority, running away from your past. Laban comes after all of those things straight away. Hey, the enemy wants to make you be afraid, because as a believer you have been given victory by Jesus. You are the victorious. You actually have to make a choice to allow yourself to be intimidated by that spirit, in order for him to control your future. If you don’t let him, then he can’t control your future; only you can. I don’t know if you know what I’m telling you?

Huh? If you don’t let that devil get you with fear, get you with intimidation, get you with aggressive insults and try and tell you, you are stupid in your mind. How can you even think that God is greater than what this earth system has got to offer you? How can you even think that faith is a more powerful system than fear?  How can you think that to believe in God and His system of sowing and reaping is more powerful than just putting in the hard work and working your contacts in the natural world? How can you think it?  It’s stupid for you to think like that man. Stupid, just stupid. Jy moenie stupid wees nie man.  Come on, listen, I am just doing this for 30 seconds, when you are alone in your car, in your bed, in your moments, that he’s telling you, you’re stupid, you’re stupid, you’re stupid, you’re stupid, all the time, he is telling you, you’re stupid. He is just not doing it with a loud voice like I am doing it, but he’s doing it with a very subtle, deceitful thing in your mind – you are stupid. In your mind, he is telling you, you can’t win. You’ve never been a winner; you can’t use faith to win. Prove to me where your faith has ever overcome the world and where it’s not been your own hands and your own intellect that hasn’t got you the advantage. And he will try and twist God’s Covenant back on you.

I’m exposing this Laban syndrome spirit totally today. Because this is a spirit that wants to control your future. It’s after you so that you do not have, you will not meet your assignment and you will not live in your destiny. You will not live in the will of God; you won’t live in the plan of God, because you’re always worried about where your future is going to be taken care of. And his greatest control over you is where are you going to get the money for tomorrow? Where are you going to get help tomorrow when you run out? Where is God going to come through for you if you can’t get it done? It is all designed for you to go back to your reason and your reality and the relevance of what you’ve done in your past, because he doesn’t want you to live in your revelation of redemption.

Let me tell you, you will doubt. Doubt does not mean you have no faith because doubt is in the realm of reason. Doubt is not in the realm of where your faith lives. Doubt is your intellect telling you, does faith really work? Is this going to come through in time? Doubt is all about here (pointing to head). Faith is in your spirit. Don’t listen to your intellect; listen to your spirit because if you are walking by faith, then you are feeding your spirit man the Words of Jesus. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So you are filling your spirit with Words of Jesus and your spirit man will be alive with faith. You got to listen to your spirit, not your doubt of your head.

Hey, Pastor John aren’t you giving people false hope? I hope not, because this hope is not false. This hope is the real deal; this is the real deal. God’s Word is truth. God’s Word has stood the test of all, everything. There is no other word in the universe, except the Word of God. There is no other truth but the truth of God. Jesus came, and He died to prove that His Father was the only One that is the Will that exists in the universe. The Father raised Him up from the dead to prove that He’s got the power to raise Him from the dead and He still stands forever making intercession, so our faith will not fail us. Hallelujah. Glory to God. It’s time for us to break free of Laban syndrome; it’s time for us to have a Jacobs’s constellation, because we have the blessing of our father’s. We have the blessing of the future and we can have blessing of identity change just because we are obeying God all the time. As a Christian you have identity change because of Jesus, but there is the written will of God where you can have identity change and then there’s the revealed will of God where you can have identity change. And the greatest identity change you can have is after you’ve been walking in the written will of God, you can get the revealed will of God for your life.

So, that’s where I’m walking right now. If you ask me, Pastor John, what are you doing, where are you going? I don’t have to live in the written will of God. No, let me say this; I have continued and do, continue to live in the written will of God, so because I have continued to live in the written will of God, which is to love my wife as Christ loves the church, it’s become such an on-going, automatic life force for me. I don’t live on automatic. Sharon will tell you this, that even in this last week, she will tell you, that in our moments of prayer together, there have been moments where God has come up on me, for me to come into her space and pray for her and bless her and speak words of life to her, spirit to spirit. That’s not because I’m on automatic, that’s because I was led by the Holy Spirit in our prayer time, to let the life of God flow through this vessel to her, that right my babe? (to Ps Sharon). So this becomes, this becomes, because I am living in the written will of God, the revealed will of God becomes known. What most Christians want is the revealed will of God, because somehow they think that there’s going to be an extra of dimension of power that comes with the revealed will of God for your life and so they don’t want to do the written will of God for your life, but the real power is living the written will of God and then He gives you the revealed will because then the power works on the power. It’s a double power release. So now when I go to America to go and follow the revealed will of God for me, the power of my obedience to the written will of God in my marriage goes with me. I don’t leave her behind, the power of her spirit goes with me, the power of her prayers goes with me, the power of the Word of God in her goes with me. So even though I may not be there in, she may not be there in body, she is there with me in spirit and me with her.  Hallelujah.

26-32If I had a mind to I could destroy you right now, but the God of your father spoke to me last night, ‘Be careful what you do to Jacob, whether good or bad.’ I understand. You left because you were homesick. But why did you steal my household gods? Jacob answered Laban, he was being honest here, “I was afraid. I thought you would take your daughters away from me by brute force. (Genesis 31:26-32 MSG). So you know the way here he left, he’s still revealing, his frailties as a man. Come on now, bear with me for a minute. Your frailties as a human should not stop you from obeying God and living in covenant. The enemy of God will always attack your frailties as a human, because he has nothing he can take with you on your spirit man, because Christ lives in your spirit. So your spirit is renewed, reborn, recreated, there is nothing he can take your spirit man with. So he comes to your human side and he attacks your frailties in your humanity. So he will attack your mind and he will attack your instincts. Hello? Will attack your mind and will attack your instincts. And he will cause, he will try to get those two to agree with each other. So when those two agree with each other it nullifies the power of your spirit, but if you control your mind to agree with your spirit, then your soul and your spirit will nullify your instincts.

And so even though his natural man was vulnerable in his humanity, he believed the Covenant of God with him enough that he was set free and he broke free of Laban. He broke free of Laban. And from this point onwards the story of Laban and Jacob is ended, because they get into an oath with each other that they will not go to war with each other and that Jacob would look after his daughters and his grandchildren. But there is no evidence anywhere in the Bible that Jacob ever had any other contact with Laban ever again. Didn’t matter how many of his children he had and his grandchildren, you know, there is no evidence that there was any ever contact again. Well, that’s not a surprise to me because Laban didn’t believe in the same God as Jacob. He could but he didn’t. And that’s the story about Laban. He’s always going to say why, why, why? Because no understanding, he has no understanding other than to go against the God of Jacob, the God of his father. And he could only ask questions ‘why’ because he knew this would not be good for Laban, this would not be good for Laban to go against the Living God.

Let me tell you, if God’s got to show up to an unbelieving heathen in a dream or in some kind, some kind of favour for you that is inexplicable – to them or to you – it could just be God. Sounds like God to me, because Laban did not believe in the God of Jacob, he had other gods he served, but God spoke to him in the night and God addressed him not as a believer. He addressed him in his state of neutrality but He made very clear that, “I am the God of Jacob, you better not do anything for his good or for his disadvantage.” So why would God do that? Why would God not say, “Do something good for Jacob”? Because if he did something good for Jacob, God would have had to bless Laban and Laban had caused Jacob to live under a curse for twenty years. So He said, “You better not do anything against him because then I’ll have to take it out on you and you have at least provided him protection for twenty years, for that I won’t hurt you. But I don’t want you blessing him, because you have no right to any of the blessing and favour that is on his life going forward.” That’s why Laban doesn’t want to let go of you, because once God wrestles you away from Laban or delivers you from Laban that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. When you see the hand of God in your life, you need to observe the moment and be led by the Spirit and make peace with your enemy. That is what happened with Laban. Praise the Lord. Praise Jesus.

So let’s put up that slide if we can. All right, you’re going to get a copy later, a hard copy. So, if you want it on email, just send an email or we’ll even email it to you, so it’s a PDF. The way I sent it to them is a PDF, so you can get it. I’m not trying to hold it from you, I promise, you can get it. This is for your benefit. Hallelujah. So here on the left we’ve got Laban syndrome and this is the way that Laban works. He works with credentials, achievements and the main source of influence, his main source of influence. So you’ve heard this from me, loves money, riches and wealth. Status, honour is used as tools for promotion. He’s opportunity sensitive, savvy and street smart. Collects and depends on information. Skilful and practiced in the art of collection. Provides as little value as possible in return to you. Is neutral towards God while appearing devout and totally committed to your God. Sees favour on you for personal advantage. Language is used to flatter, dominate or manipulate you. Opportunity early warning systems – note, they don’t tithe and they will only appear to be benevolent givers as it suits the opportunity to make them look good, so they can get further advantage. Which is why the liberals of the world are so big in creating charity, donation kind of systems, because they want to they want to live in their wealth and not feel guilty. And they want to present a face that says, we’re helping the poor, but don’t touch my wealth.

Even Bill Gates from Microsoft he says, “I’m going to become the greatest philanthropist in the world and I’m going to give away 50 billion dollars to the poor.” How much have you got left Bill?  Well don’t ask me that too hard because it’s about 40 billion? Well, why don’t you give away another 40 billion and then tell me if you’re still so great? You feeling me? I’m ok to give away 50 billion, as long as I can keep 40 billion, because 40 billion will become another 50 very quickly, because I know how to work the system. And in fact, the more I work the system through my philanthropy, the more the money’s going to come back to me, because I’m proving that I have the credentials.


Hey, so here’s what you do, this is how you live if you want to defeat Laban syndrome in your life. You have to match him or the system with integrity, truth and the works of the blessing and favour. Don’t back away from him; you’ve got to match him. Come on. Go back to Jacob and you can see what Jacob said, “All these years I’ve worked for you. You have never had to worry about your sheep or your goats. If any wild beasts came and stole anything, I paid it out of my wages.” Yes, go read it. For all the years that he worked for Laban, he never ever put a burden on Laban. He matched him with integrity, he matched him with truth, he matched him with covenant favour and with blessing. Come on now. We don’t have to be intimidated by Laban system. We just have to live with integrity and truth and match him with the works of our blessing. So what is it that, why did Laban not want to let Jacob go? Because he could see the works of blessing on him. So he loved money, riches and wealth. We must use money and wisdom for assignment and purpose. So you got to be a talking tither and you’ve got to tithe the talk and talk the tithe. And you’ve got to talk your assignment with your wealth. Why is this important? Because around Laban, if you don’t talk like that, he’s going to think he owns you. But you mustn’t confront him with your talk, you’re just matching him. Come on. You’ve got to give glory to God and honour his Word and His ways, because He promotes you, whereas Laban is opportunity sensitive, status and honour is used for his own promotion. The Bible says promotion comes from the Lord, so if you walk in the ways of God you are going to get promoted.

My example of my life before we quit for lunch is a testimony of that. I got promoted even before I went into the deal. I hadn’t even started there yet and they promoted me. That was nothing because they thought I was that smart, I had favour glasses on because of my ways with God. So they promoted me even though they didn’t understand why. In their minds it was an opportunity for them and I was in the right place at the right time and that’s the way the Laban syndrome talks. You were just in the right place at the right time. I was in the right place at the right time because my talk got me there; my tithe-talk got me there.


So opportunity sensitive and savvy and street-smart. Prayer and mighty power in the inner man reveal God moments and God wisdom, because you must be smart too. Don’t think you can’t be as smart as they are because you have Christ in you and you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are strengthened with mighty power in the inner man. You have to release that mighty power in the inner man so you can be just as smart. They will call it street smart; I call it Holy Ghost smart.

So I’m just going to read this part of the table here.  Be led by the Holy Spirit, make God’s purpose and assignment your main goal. Don’t talk real talk in the name of opportunity and friendship or covenant; lead the conversation to assignment and purpose.  So I got to say this is the way Laban works. He’ll get you into a situation where he can talk to you and he can get information from you and he can, you know get to know you, and talk about where’s your network, here’s my network, here’s what I know, here’s what you know.   So when it comes about what do you know, how do I know and so they want to have the system working the whole time because they’re looking for leverage. So what’s your job? Your job is to listen to what they have to say and then start talking to them about what you can provide as a service, because you’ll see the next, just on there; you have to be an enduring disciple. What you compromise to keep you will eventually lose. I’ll go on a little bit further down and I say, engaging transactions that are necessary, be professional, be ready to change it and walk away if the transaction or relationship is compromised.   So if you’re in this, in the state where you understand Laban is working you.   

Now remember this, when God showed Jacob it’s time to be free, where did Jacob find himself the next day?  So he found himself the next day back at the sheep watering trough. Whose sheep did he have?  Laban’s sheep. Whose goats did he have?  Laban’s goats.   Not only did he find himself back at Laban’s water trough with Laban’s goats and Laban’s sheep, he found him there where Laban had connived him, deceived him and taken all the speckled, spotted and mottled ones away from him. And he stood there at the watering trough with nothing had changed. In fact, in the natural everything had gotten worse overnight. So Laban will count on that emotional impact on you, to try and stop you from still talking the dream, talking the covenant talk. So what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to not say, “I hate Laban and I’m going to destroy him and take him out as soon as I get a chance. And I’m going release the God of vengeance on him. And I’m going to burn him up with fire of my own personality and everything I’ve got. I’m going to destroy him.” Huh?  No, no, you’ve got to say, “Laban, I’m back at work tomorrow but here’s the thing my China, the covenant God is working through these hands to bless me now not you.” So when they can create these environments for you to want to, they want to get to know you, you got to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, where you’ve got to have your wits about you and what you got to do is to say, “I’m prepared to sit at your water trough just long enough.” Are you getting me? I’m prepared to sit at your water trough and keep sitting at your water trough long enough, but you’re not getting anything extra from me that’s going be to your advantage. So just a question for you? Did Jacob tell Laban what he dreamed? No chance. Did Jacob tell Laban what God had showed him? He told him the first time what God had told him. Now he’s telling him nothing. You understand the difference? You live in the Laban syndrome but you’re not part of the Laban syndrome. You’re in this world but you’re not of this world. The Father, Jesus prayed to the Father, He said, “Father I ask you that You protect him from the evil one not that You take them from this world but You protect him from the evil one.

So, as far as Christians are concerned we want to live in this comfortable emotional, comfort zone of our lives. It’s a dangerous place to be when you’re living in emotional comfort, because if you’re living in emotional comfort then you’re not living by spiritual power. It’s okay to live in emotional comfort as long as the emotional comfort is supporting your spiritual life. If your emotional comfort is preventing you from walking in spirit life, then you’ve got to deal with your emotional comfort.

Come on, this is some of the best, richest teaching you’re ever going to get. You know, I believe with all my heart that as Christians we are designed to have emotions and we are designed to experience joy and peace and love and kindness and all of those emotions. They are not things that we have to switch off as Christians, they are powerful forces that we can use as Christians. But your emotions have got to be in line with what your spirit man’s telling you. They mustn’t dominate your spirit man because if your emotions agree with your instincts, then your instincts and your emotions will dominate your spirit.

Be an enduring disciple. What you compromise to keep you will eventually lose. Engage in transactions that are necessary I’ve read that one already. Language controls the culture, use the words of God to control your culture and your world around you. Don’t permit early opportunity impression to move you from wisdom. God’s system of making rich adds no sorrow – don’t be duped. The biggest problem I found with Christians is that they’re believing God for breakthrough, financial increase, hundredfold harvest in the year of famine and so then an opportunity gets presented to themselves and they throw all wisdom out the door because here is my opportunity for my 100-fold return. Don’t throw your wisdom away, you must be smart now, use all the wisdom of God, use all of the power of the mighty Name, use all of the Church body of Christ around you. Don’t be duped.

Because Laban did that with Jacob first time round, let’s have a party after seven years of working for a woman and then when he woke up in the morning he’d been duped, because now he slept next to Leah. Now he’s got to work another seven years. So Laban was smart, he said, “Look I tell you what, let’s have another agreement, give me another seven years and you can have Rachel right now.” Go read it for yourself. He said, “Okay, Rachel, I’ll have Rachel, my Rachel. I’ll give you another seven years, no problem.” Don’t be intimidated and defensive. Stick to integrity, truth, assignment, proven covenant relationships based on the Word – not how long you’ve been friends or colleagues. If you use how long you’ve been together as your yard stick, the   chances are that Laban will work through your long-time friends and colleagues to actually get you to compromise. Because after all, what’s more important than long-term relationships than God? Come on now, because if I lose my long-term relationships then where is my network with my support base? So you’ve just made a decision that actually God’s not as powerful as your friends. Your friends are the ones that are going to get you through. It’s good stuff. It’s a bit quiet in here but anyway, stay steady, be strong and very courageous, remain in love, power and a sound mind. If you do these things you will be free from Laban syndrome.

Over here I’ve put my final questions about the Laban syndrome. Are you ignorant of Laban’s work in your life? Do you want to be free? That’s a serious question and it’s a serious question that I’ve put there that you should think about because not everybody wants to be free. They like their network and they don’t mind what their network brings to them. Do you accept Laban as an employer because you don’t have other choices? So I don’t have any other choice I’ve got to work for a salary, so I’m just going to accept this. And by the way, the next point; do you accept Laban’s system because you don’t really want to take responsibility for the confrontation and the acts of vengeance and fear factor that’s going to come your way? To some people this is going to happen; I don’t want it. I’d rather go to work every day and work for Laban every day and I’ll sit at his water troughs and I’ll make him rich and I’ll make him fat and I’ll make him all that kind of stuff because I don’t want to have to be confrontational in the Spirit. And when the fear factor comes and all of those pressure points start to come my way, I don’t want responsibility for that, so I’m just going to stay with Laban. This is a serious question. Because there’s a lot of people that don’t want to deal with this. The reason I’m asking it there and I’m actually making this public, is because when you find yourself in this situation you must know what you’re choosing.

Do you love money? Do you tithe? Do you give offerings? Do you develop your faith? Because if you don’t then you’ve already chosen what you are and where you serve. Then don’t look at all my teachings of Laban and say, “Well, hmm, nice teaching. I want to be free of him but…”

Okay, on the other side; depending on how you answer those questions, he whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He has come to give life and give it more abundantly. He has given us the Holy Spirit as Helper. Your purpose, gifts, callings and assignment will help you gain strength for freedom. I see my spelling is a bit off there. Anyway, it’s ‘help’ not ‘hep’. You didn’t even notice that! Yesterday. Word wakker julle mense. Amper het julle geduped geword, hey (Wake up people, you’ve almost been duped). God sends messengers with a message, anointed for your deliverance. The body of Christ is your place for help, spiritual people and understanding. God does have an alternative system to this world system. And He is expecting us to live, and I conclude with this; our Father, which art in Heaven, glory to Your Name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And Father, thank You that You give us the strength that we do not lead and we are not led into temptation but we are delivered from all evil. For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Glory. Be blessed. Hereth endeth the lesson of Laban syndrome. Finally, and completely. Hallelujah. I declare, I declare that Jacob’s constellation is ours.  We are free from Laban and all of those things that try come upon our lives. Tomorrow morning I’m going to talk about how to be victorious in your Christian walk and in particular I’m moving on from here, because this is the way the Lord has led me, has been guiding me, if you remember, this has been in my heart ever since Brother Jerry came. When Brother Jerry came I felt I needed to, if he wasn’t going to do it, I felt I was going to preach on finance and prosperity. And it’s been on me ever since then. And then he preached such a great message I said, “I’ve got nothing more to say”, because he preached the best message on prosperity that you could have. And I would say go back and listen to that message a thousand times and let it get in your spirit, because that was a God inspired seed to us about prosperity.

But tomorrow I’m going to talk about victory and when you feel like you’re on the edge of defeat your victory is just around the corner. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Thank you for coming today. May you be blessed and may your sleep be sweet. And may all the blessings of God rest upon you and the favour of God be upon you tonight. And I will see you in the morning. Goeie naand, totsiens and bless you. Do you want me to read, actually there is a word from Brother Jerry that is available to you? We’ve copied that also. You can get it with your Laban syndrome copy. On September the 8th he prophesied in Canada and he said this: The Lord said He wants to show His power and He wants people to believe for signs of His power in a consistent basis in their lives. If you dare to believe then you will see My power is coming to set you free, free from all bondage pain and care free from all worry and free from fear. It’s time to arise and take your place and experience new dimensions of My favour and grace. Higher and higher is My plan for you that’s where you’re headed. Just wait and see that it is true. So don’t give up and don’t give in, victory after victory is about to begin. Keep on declaring Lord show me Your glory and that’s what I’ll do and it’s all because of My great love for you. That was September 8.

September 11:  In the secret place of the Most High, there is not only protection, divine intervention, divine insight and revelation but also supernatural power and so much of it has been rarely tapped but nonetheless, it’s still available to those who hunger for it and will pursue it with all their heart and will lay aside all the things that are non-essential and will seek it as a very special treasure. Yes, I will honour their sincerity and their hunger and will see to it that they will receive it and walk in it beyond their highest expectations.

Fresh from the throne room of God from Brother Jerry. Get your copy as you leave. Okay, bye now.