In The Light of The Ecclesia Part 1 – Ps Christi Grobler (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 1:19 (NKJV); Revelation 2:1, 7 (NKJV); Romans 12:1-2 (MSG); Luke 5:4,6 (NKJV); Exodus 12:35 (NKJV); Deuteronomy 8:18 (NKJV); 2 Corinthians 8:9 (NKJV); Romans 4:13 (AMPC); Exodus 15:16 (AMPC); Joshua 2:9-10 (AMPC); Psalm 18:13-15 (AMPC); Isaiah 9:7 (NKJV); Matthew 4:23 (NKJV)

Hallelujah. We run to You, Lord Jesus, the Rock of our salvation and we love You. We run to Your Word, Lord. We love You, we love You, we praise You, we praise You this afternoon, Lord. Father, our hearts are full of praise because You are so great and so wonderful. Lord, You truly give us life with meaning. You give us life with very, very great purpose and eternal life. Jesus, the Rock of our salvation, we say thank You. We say thank You. And Lord, as we come to hear Your Word this afternoon, we want to say to You that we choose in our hearts to submit to You. We submit our lives; we submit our gifts and callings. And now, Father, we all say this, we can only say this individually in our hearts but we want to say to You that our hearts are ready to receive and our ears are ready to hear, in the Name of Jesus. Very personally, Lord. Very personally. 

Lord, it’s a privilege to be in this collective greatness here together. Thank You, for the Spirit of life of God, the true Bread of Life, the Word of God this afternoon. And we thank You, Lord, and we declare this because we come up in faith. We come up in our authority. We come up, Lord, and we say, in the Name of Jesus, there will be no interference in anybody’s life to hear Your Word and this message this afternoon. Thank You, Father, for Your angels right now, serving all of us and protecting us in the Name of Jesus. And we say; Amen. 

You may be seated. And a big, big welcome. It’s wonderful and a great privilege, Pastor Lynn, once again to be here with you and all the wonderful people. Of course, and thank you to all of you who were here yesterday to bless and send off Pastor John and Pastor Sharon with the interns and the whole team with them. Expedition 2021- Footsteps to Destiny. God’s adventure tour for them. Will you, we did it this morning in Witbank, will you stretch out your hands and we all say; we bless you. Hallelujah. 

Well, I’m just, Holy Spirit, hooking up with You this morning. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your anointing on every word in the flow. I was not able to finish the message this morning but thank You, Holy Spirit, that Your words and Your flow will be the exact one for here in Joburg this afternoon. Will you open your Bibles in the book of Isaiah chapter one verse 19, please. I’ve said this morning that the Holy Spirit started to show me where we have to go with these messages in the light of the Ecclesia. And if it’s God’s will I see where I have to go this afternoon, where I went this morning. But if it’s God’s will next week, I’m going to share more with you about the blood of Jesus, and taking up your cross and a lot about repentance what God showed me. 

So, Isaiah 1:19. I’m going there this morning because I’ve shared a little bit with the interns in what I’m going to share with you today. I want to show you again what happened to us in these past three weekends with Pastor John and Sharon around the campfire. What was this again all about? So, Isaiah 1:19 in the New King James says, 19If, if we are willing and obedient. Now that word ‘if’ means choices. We have to make choices every day in our lives. When the Word of God comes, when His plan is coming to our lives we have to decide if we are going to obey. 19If you are willing and obedient You will eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19 NKJV). And this is a time and a season we hear a lot about that, that it’s now time for us to enter into the Promised Land. God is bringing us into the Promised Land because God has good things ready for all of us. Hallelujah. 

One thing that is very important and this is where God shifted me. He showed me where to start. And in my preparation it was just a wonderful thing how the Holy Spirit started to shift me and to say to me, “You will go here first.” So, that’s why I say wonderful things are coming. So, God has everything ready and planned for you and me to receive all the goodness of the land in terms of – well everything. Everything – opportunities, business, things for you and me; things for the children; purpose and assignment. God has all these things ready in the new era. But now, we have to start here, this is very important. 

The Lord said to me, “Christi, the first thing that you need to come and explain to them is…” – we have to always embrace this principle of God. It doesn’t matter which season, it doesn’t matter which time of our life. And the principle is, recognition is the foundation of revelation. Recognition is the foundation of revelation. Remember what Pastor John shared in part one of Blowing Your Mind? All revelation is intended to replace your current reality with redemption and recognition. Those are two big statements to meditate upon. In other words, it comes down to this; you will not see if you are not looking. Me and you, we will not see if we are not looking or hearing. The Word says, if you seek, you will find. 

So, if we are not recognising what God is doing, if you are not seeing it, we will not get the things that God has for us in the new era. So, if you do not see, if you do not hear, then you do not put yourself in a place to receive current reality from God. And that is very, very important. The Lord, I made a side note here, if we do not see what God is doing, the Lord said to me. So we all understand this but we’ve got to say it, God, with His revelations, wants to change our current reality. If we don’t position ourselves to hear what God is doing, the Lord said to me, “Covid and whatever the enemy is bringing will definitely, most definitely come with an attack trying to keep on changing our current reality.” So, it’s either God or the world system. But we must and we need to understand this. 

Now, number one, if you do not come to church you will not hear. The first thing that me and you have to recognise – we must go to church to receive the things from God. Now I know, I’ve said it in Witbank this morning, we all already have a very magnificent understanding about this but God wants us to come up and He wants us to come and receive everything that He has for us. Why come to church? Because number one, here and only here we are receiving the will of God where He is taking us in the collective greatness. Number two, when you come to church, God will give us revelation through the messenger, Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, right there with her. We understand this but I want to show it again to you today – faith comes by hearing and hearing. 

So, please go to Revelation chapter two, the book of Revelation. We are going to read verse one to two. But then also I want you to mark verse seven. Revelation chapter two verse one because God is going to bring His message and His will to us through the senior pastor with Pastor Sharon to where we must go into our lives. Pastor Sharon did a magnificent job to teach us what Jesus, the Head of the Church, is saying to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. So, I want to remind you again – every single church has its specific redemptive purpose. Not one church is the same as the other one. So, let’s read verse one. The Word of God says to the angel… But now I just want to make a quick stop, Pastor Sharon showed us this, that Greek word should actually be messenger – the pastor of the church. To the Messenger, Pastor John, of the church of Heritage of Faith. And here in chapter two, we see the Lord is speaking to the church in Ephesus. And look at the next words, 1These things, says God (Revelation 2:1 NKJV). These things, He says, not other things, these things, God is saying. Now we talk about recognition which is the foundation of revelation to change our current reality. 

Now look at verse seven. 7He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to Pastor John (Revelation 2:7 NKJV). So, this is very important for us to understand and I’m going to show you the things that God showed me in the way He took me. So, 7He who has an ear, let him hear (Revelation 2:7 NKJV). Recognition is the foundation to revelation. You will not know what God has for you if you do not hear and look. So, the last three months around the campfire that we had with Pastor John and Sharon, what really happened there? Not just that Pastor John wanted us to get back to church. No, Pastor John wanted to tell us about the surges that’s coming from the Holy Spirit. Those surges are the will of God. This is what God wants to do and His will for all of us right now. Praise the Lord. So, we have to come to church. 

If you have the Message Bible here, you can go to Romans 12 so long. I know for most of you, the Message Bible is on your phone or on your iPad. When you do come to church, then you put yourself into a position to seek and to hear. So, I want your ears to hear that today. Because in this preparation God shifted me into a very serious thing and I’ve said it again in Joburg – I did not want to go there. I did not want to go there but the Holy Spirit said to me, “You’ve got to go there.” So, we’ve got to put ourselves into a position. But, and I need to say that to many of you again, if you are not looking and hearing to hear what God is saying, to look, to see what He is doing, then you must understand you are not going to enter into the things that God has for you. 

One of the interns, right now on this trip, the Lord said to her she has to specifically work through the messages of I will take the children. She came back to me, she said, “I did not know what I was doing in church previously.” That was massive. She said to me, she is now absolutely flourishing in what God has for her. But she said to me, “I came to church but I did not look. I came to church but I did not really hear from the messenger the message,” that God has for her. She said to me, “I don’t know what I was doing in church all this time.” I said, “We know what you were doing, like most of the people sometimes. They just come to tick off the box.” Now, she is absolutely flourishing because she’s looking at every message. She’s hearing what God is saying. And she could have missed it. She said to me, “I so nearly missed it.” I said, “But you were willing to come, to see and to look.” Hallelujah. So, recognition is the foundation of revelation so that God can change our reality. Hallelujah. 

Now, the very, very next thing that you and I need to know right now for our lives going forward into the new era with what God is saying to Pastor John, and that He has for us in the colleEverything. And so, I want to say this today, everything that I’m sharing with you today, it’s not something that I made up. I received it this from Pastor John many, many, many years ago. God’s words that is still leading me and you today. Everything that you need is already in your life. Now we must only recognise it and we have to look to see. Many believers and this is another point that I want to just lay the foundation for us to go where God wants to go with us. This is really a pity but many believers, many Christians really think that some divine intervention from God will mysteriously come into their lives some way that they don’t really have an understanding about. They just really want what God has for their lives but they think it is going to come in a mysterious way into their life that they don’t really understand but it is from God. God does not work like that. He does not. Even if many people, really, many spiritual babies and also not such spiritual babies sometimes just wish that which God has for them can just happen to them – no. God has the Word of God for us and He is writing in this Bible about the Ecclesia. So the way that the Word of God comes to our lives is through His order and His pattern of the church, and this is who we are; the New Testament believers. So that is very important for us today.

Before I go to Romans chapter 12, I have got so many notes here today. So, ja, let me, this is very important. The Holy Spirit caused me to make this side note. The things of God that will change my and your current reality will not come or happen in a mysterious way. It will happen through God’s pattern by God sending His messenger to tell us what we must engage in and what we have to be part of. Then the Lord very quickly said to me, “Think about Moses, think about Noah, think about Nehemiah and now Pastor John.” What happened in the days of Moses? Moses came as the messenger of God and he started to give the Word and the direction, the direction to the people. The people engaged with Moses the messenger and God brought them out and this is what I am going to share with you today in more depth and also through the messenger God said, “Take the gold and the silver.”

But this is what I want your ear to hear. God sent the messenger, they engaged with the message that was coming from God and they were part of that. Noah, God said, “Build the ark.” Noah spoke to the people, they did not want to hear and they died. There was no future. No future. Nehemiah, Pastor Sharon has so beautifully been teaching us in the Morning Moments about Nehemiah. Nehemiah came with the Word of God, this is the time, we’ve got to rebuild the walls but the people started to partake, and they started to engage. 

Pastor John the Lord said to me, He is saying Heritage of Faith when Pastor John is showing us the surges the things that God is showing him what we have got to do. Number one, it is time to build. It is time to build the auditorium in Witbank and now that was a great day. I want to say it to all of you here in Joburg. When Pastor John said the Holy Spirit says the building must start in North Riding. Everything about the interns, this is what God is doing, taking the children, taking the next generation. The next album that will come right now but also all the others after that. Witbank needs a new roof, Witbank needs a new roof. We can’t come with our excuses anymore to say,”Pastor John, my job is keeping me so busy in Babylon that I can’t be part of what God is telling you we have to engage in.” No more. We can’t do that. We can’t do that.

So what were these weekends, Witbank and Joburg? What was that all about? Pastor John wanted to bring to us the vision and we are going to see it today but I do not want to jump ahead. But in all the messages there are the things for our lives, the details but also the direction. God gave Moses the direction, God gave Noah the direction, God gave Nehemiah. We see it right through the Bible and now God is giving Pastor John the direction. Pastor Sharon said these words and this is so important; God came barreling into our lives with the messages I will take the children and What is your more for. After the twenty years God came barreling into our lives with those two messages. We are not in a time where you can be part of just a little bit in what God is leading Pastor John to be. That time is actually over. 

I remember with our recordings, me and Pastor Sharon, I think it was after the first recording when we were done, we were so in the anointing, so in the anointing while we were still sitting there and we spoke about a few things and I turned to Pastor Sharon and I said, “Pastor Sharon, actually when it comes to the Ecclesia and to the church we are all in forced discipline. Great grace, exceedingly great grace in the beginning. Great grace, marginal grace, forced discipline. Not what you like about the church or the Ecclesia anymore. What God says.”

So it is time to go all in. This is what God is saying here and doing here. God is looking for the ten, God is looking for the ten righteous in His church, the Ecclesia, in our cities and in the season. Not halfway in, all in. Everyone in the Old Testament and the New Testament had to go all in with God in the time and in the season of their lives.

So let us look at Romans 12 verse one. Especially like Pastor John is bringing the message to us at this time. While we are truly, truly with every Scripture blowing up our minds, blowing up wrong thoughts. So is God really saying that we have got to be a part and fully engaged? Let’s read it, verse one, 1So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: God helping each and everyone of us. Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering (Romans 12:1 MSG). Sounds like place a little bit of it? No, we know it, and I know you know it. But God is just saying to us faith comes by hearing that we can keep on going in because that is why God said, “You have got to start there, Christi. You are going into the Promised Land and I have got good things for you ready.” God says “Put it as an offering before God.” Look at the next four words. Embracing what God does… (Romans 12:1 MSG). Does that say embracing what you want? It is saying embracing what God does. God gives it to Pastor John. Pastor John gives it to us and God says, “Be fully engaged, be fully engaged. I am after the ten in the Ecclesia, the righteous ones right now that will listen to My voice, listen to the messages, come all in.” God has that requirement of His church right now.

But still in Romans 12, I want to highlight a few other things. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him and for yourself. 2Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, look at those words, fix your attention on God (Romans 12:2 MSG). Once again the Lord said to me, “This is what you are hearing, this is the Scriptures that I am speaking to you, fix your attention to what Pastor John is bringing to us.” 

God is not giving us something else. He is not giving us something else. Those are the surges by the Holy Spirit and I am going to explain by the Holy Spirit what God wants us to hear today why we have to go that way. Fix your attention on God, you will be changed from the inside out. The Lord said to me, “People need to hear today, the lives of your children, your business, things in your life will be changed from the inside out when you position yourself to look and to hear what God is saying.” Very, very important. 

The Lord pressed it on my heart to say this in Witbank and Joburg that there are some of you who still think it is okay to just be a little involved in what God is doing. You have to be all in, all involved. This is not something as the gifts that Pastor John and Sharon are to us that God is going to, they are going to go in. God wants all of us to go in with them. This is really very important, this is not because we are hearing these messages again. You will see where God took me from right here, right here in this message from where He started to take me. God wants us to fix our attention to what He is doing and not what Babylon and how Babylon is keeping us busy. In all the messages there are the answers for our lives and remember this; when you really put your foot in the message and you listen every Sunday you receive the messages. It is such an easy thing to self correct and that is why the Lord showed me many things about repentance, repentance and what Pastor John said in Get the reward: blow up your mind. What it really means to take up your cross because some people just think it is just to suffer. I am going to show you from the Word of God what that really means. But the detail is there for our lives. We can self correct when the Scriptures are talking to us and we have to come up, we have to come up where God is leading and bringing us into these messages. The detail is in there because when you come to be part of what God is doing, the moment you come that way God causes a momentum shift in your own life to receive what He actually has for you. When Israel listened to Moses, did that cause a momentum shift? They went out and the second part of the momentum shift was, “Take the gold and the silver.” Did they get that momentum shift all by themselves? That’s why the Lord said to me, “If we have ears to hear and we understand not only in our church but of course all the places all over the world in the body of Christ, where God is speaking to the messenger of the church, “This you do good, this is very good, change that. I am leading you this way.” When we engage and are part of what God is saying, the momentum shift for our own lives to come into exactly what it must be. That is the very thing believers desire – it will open up your purpose, your gifts will come into play but if you stay on the outside you will not come in fully and you will not receive those things. This is very, very important for all of us. In every direction. 

I had a conversation the other day with Pastor Sharon. I said, “Pastor Sharon, it is on my heart when the interns are back we will continue five o’clock on a Sunday afternoon.” Then we do the session with them Put your foot in the message and we talk about the previous Sunday’s message then. I said to Pastor Sharon, “They are doing so well, they are doing so well but I see they only see one or two things still in the message. They don’t get the full picture yet.” One of those full pictures are when you have the message and God and what is coming from God to Pastor John to us, then you find the very direction for your life. You are not going to determine the direction for your life all by yourself. That is very important. So all these things are in the message. 

I want to remind you and some of you will remember Brother Dennis Peacock that was here a few years ago. He said this, “You can’t follow your spiritual leader’s from a far. You can’t and you should not.” And can I say this today – thank You Holy Spirit –

I hope this is a wake up call for most of us, for all of us here today. Why? He said, when your spiritual leader, when Pastor John and Sharron are receiving the words from God, when they throw the ball at you, you must be close enough to catch the ball and to come along. Pastor John and Sharon can’t look and wonder where you are – they can’t. This is not what God has for us. So we have to change. Then, this is in my spirit for a long time, for a very long time. Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Now we know that Jesus decided to use people. It’s His five-fold and also gifts in the church – gifts to other gifts. But the Holy Spirit reminded me in my preparation, He said to me, “Christi, that’s why I have said to you, if you want to be a disciple of Mine and then of course now I am going back to My heavenly Father,” and before He went back He gave the five-fold. He gave the apostle, [Pastor Christi counting and showing the five-fold on one her fingers], the prophet, the long finger, the evangelist to get the people in, the ring finger, the pastor to stay with the people, and the little pinky, the teacher, to open the ears of the people. That is a beautiful picture. Listen, that is not in the Bible, it’s just an example. But then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Christi, My people need to understand I said; follow.” And do you know what follow means? Go after. Pastor John and Sharon are not the ones that are following us, we imitate them. We have to go after God’s plan, what God is saying. And the Lord said to me, “Say to Heritage of Faith, if you want to be a disciple; follow. Follow very quickly. Come in completely and follow.” I said, “Lord Jesus.” This is Jesus, the Head of the church. If we say we follow Him – this is what God showed me 20 years ago – if I say I follow Jesus, then here’s the gifts right in front of me. What do you say Pastor John? I hear Pastor Sharon. I come fully to be part of it and I come fully to engage. 

So when you do recognise what God is doing, and you get on in it, then God can bring His desired momentum shift into your life because the God opportunities always, always bring a momentum shift in your life. I just gave you and I am going to go there in detail today – that is the beautiful example of Moses and the people. Everything step by step happened to them because the messenger from God came and they did it one step after the other. One step at a time. Please, go to Luke chapter 5 in your Bibles. I am going to read from the New King James, Luke chapter 5 verse 4. I want to just give you this example out of the New Testament. Moses with the people is the example in the Old Testament and I want you to hear this. God wants right now, I have said it a couple of times, around about four years ago, I have said it to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon at different occasions. The joy in my heart is so big because if we really see a church planted, we are not going to see one or two people in the pulpit and think that is what the church is. The Lord said to me, all the gifts, all the gifts are coming up. All the gifts are finding their place and you know it as much as I know it, we see it in Heritage of Faith. How beautiful, how do we praise God when we listen to one after the other to hear all those testimonies.What’s happening there? What’s happening there? The gifts are finding their place. Why? Because we listen to what God says, and we come fully. You are not going to hear other people testify when they don’t come that way. Look at Tarryn and Simon. Look at Matt and Kate, Miranda, all the powerful, powerful testimonies. This is what we are talking about. A momentum shift and the gifts will come up and they will take their place and we will see the glorious church, the Ecclesia. Not one or two, all the gifts in the Name of Jesus. 

Here’s the New Testament. Just one example, where Jesus says, come and listen to what I am saying. What I want you to keep in mind in your heart is the momentum shift that must come for you because you are part of what God is doing. 4Jesus, when He stopped speaking He said to Simon – here is the words coming from the Lord Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch. Verse 6, 6And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking (Luke 5:4,6 NKJV). Hearing what Jesus was saying caused the momentum shift in Peter’s business because of the God-opportunity because of what he was doing in the world system did not pay off. And I am going to go deeper now. This is what God is saying to us. The way we are going to enter into the Promised Land and the good things that God has for us, is not going to come through some mysterious way or just another bargain or a good deal in the world system. We already have everything. To be part of what God is doing is unlocking the very things that God has for us personally. The next thing for your business and I am going to show you why that is so important. So also, when Israel listened to Moses, I am talking about us coming to church to receive from God, then God is going to show the messenger and we have a very important choice to make if we are going to come in. 

So, I want to show you Exodus chapter 12 verse 35. This is here where I was, I said to the Lord, “Lord, I know that You want me to focus on the blood of Jesus Christ and taking up your cross and those things that You have already showed me that we have to talk about out of the messages of Blow your mind,” but the Lord was insistent and persistent and I said, “Lord, here we go.” So I want to show you how huge this example is of what I am talking about and why God wants us to talk about it today. Exodus chapter 12 verse 35 in the NKJV. 35Now the children of Israel had done according to the word of Moses. So, the children and the people of Heritage of Faith will do according to the word of Pastor John. Now I want you to see the second part. Immediately God took me there. 35 ow the children of Israel had done according to the word of Moses, they did not do their own thing. They fully engaged, they took part, they listened completely, they gave their energy and their everything to be part of what God said to Moses, and they had asked from the Egyptians articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing (Exodus 12:35 NKJV). Massive momentum shift for them, very personally because they are obedient to what God is saying. God says, “This is what is happening right now, you come all in with all the projects.” And I am going to show you why it is so important to be all in with all the surges, all the surges. Thank you to all of you who don’t even have an intern that came yesterday to send them off with a blessing. Why? This is not Pastor John building the auditorium or going to build here. And then, what must I do with the interns? I don’t have a child there. No, this is what God is saying, we are all part of that. And if you are not coming fully in, in what God is doing here, then there are things that are not going to be unlocked for you. It is not about if business is going to fall into your lap – I am going to show you today – it is if you come God’s way. What He is busy doing will unlock everything for you and me personally – it is the Scripture from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Praise the Lord. 

35Now the children of Israel had done according to the word of Moses (Exodus 12:35 NKJV), not according to their own personal plans. So I have to say this to you today; God is showing me now things and so many things that my mouth is hanging open about Kingdom economics right now. That’s why I was fighting God really a little bit. I said, “Lord, I want to talk about those things that Pastor John brought in these last messages.” When the Holy Spirit gave me the Scripture for today, the words, … done according to the words of Moses… – Heritage of Faith will do according to the words of Pastor John, it stayed with me. I have said it in Joburg, because the Lord reminded me. Most of us know the saying, most of us know the saying; the golden rule is those who have the gold will rule. Immediately when God took me here, it came up in my spirit, I said, “Yes Lord, I know the saying.”

So I want to take you to Deuteronomy chapter 8 verse 18, please. Now God is looking for at least the ten righteous. Why will we use that language now? Because they will know that God can bless me and what is my more for. So of course to be righteous and we we are all righteous in Christ Jesus, but it is not to say that we all choose to live that way. We are all Christians, but not all Christians live and do and make choices the same way. Deuteronomy 8 verse, New King James, 18And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers (Deuteronomy 8:18 NKJV). I want to say this very quickly and the Lord said to me, “You’ve got to go there.” God did not say that He was going to give you and me wealth. He did not say that. That’s why some Christians think mysteriously something is going to come to them in some kind of a way. This is not what God is saying. God says He will give us the power to get wealth. That means, when you come and you hear what He is saying, you come to be part of where He has planted you, the way He is taking you, Jesus is the way. He actually understands the way to lead every pastor and their congregation members. He is the way. So when you come and you put Him first, He is going to put you first. The moment you come and we come to be fully engaged in what God is giving Pastor John, it’s going to cause that momentum shift in my and your life where God says, “They’re fully engaged. I need to give them the power to get wealth.” Then things will start to open up for us the same way that Moses says, “Now you go and you ask them for the gold and the silver.” 

Why is that? I want to show you what the Word says. God does not say, so that you can just be rich, so we can talk about money like most people unfortunately do speak and talk about money in the Kingdom of God. He says, “That I may establish My Covenant, that I may establish My Covenant.” There is not time for me to go there today, but if it is God’s will about speaking about the Blood and taking up your cross next Sunday. Pastor John spoke about the Covenant of God in such wonderful detail. When it is next Sunday, or the Sunday after that, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will look at that. 

So, now I want to take you to 2 Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9, also New King James. Because, I’ve said it in Witbank, I don’t think there are people here right now with us, but you never know where you are in your heart with things in just growing in understanding what the Word of God says. Maybe people that are still struggling with a poverty mentality and if someone here among us do not really understand what is this thing about a lot of money or what do you call prosperity. And of course, Pastor John and Sharon ministered on this many, many times, but I want to show you this today; 2 Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9. 9For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9 NKJV). So the Word of God is very clear, very, very clear. And later on, we will talk about that in a bit more detail. But, we are talking about people and we’re talking to the Heritage of Faith people here and we know what our more is for. God is working in all of our hearts on that matter. So, part of our Covenant is – this is Covenant we are talking about – part of our Covenant is that Jesus took poverty on Himself so that we can become rich. The word for rich in Greek, and again if I do pronounce it correctly, is plousios which means to increase. You increase. That is the word in Genesis 26 when God said to Isaac,”Isaac, dwell in this land.” He sowed in that land and then he increased. Again, God’s not going to put and dump wealth on us. He will give us power to increase, to become wealthy, and He will show us how to do that. So that’s what this word says here. God’s going to bless you in what you’re supposed to be doing, and we will start to increase. That way God is going to bring the good things to us. He gives us the power to get wealth, the power to increase – and that is a very, very important thing. 

I’ve said it this morning in Witbank, and I still feel the Holy Spirit just wants me to say this; that Scripture was for me personally, exactly 20 years ago, is a very big thing in my life because that was the very Scripture, after God said to me it’s a time and a place in Witbank, which means for you it’s a time and a place in Joburg. It’s where God is planting you. Brother Copeland says that is your laughing and wealthy place. Exactly at the time when me and Grobbies had those magnificent opportunities to go to America and Germany, God gave me that word. And for me, I mean I understood it with the help of the Holy Spirit, but the fight was on. Because it is about, still 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 1 year ago where we are today; will we be part? Will we choose to be willing and obedient? Will we come? That choice is never going to go away. It’s an everyday living thing if you are willing and obedient, then the things that I’ve got for you will start to break loose for your life.

When the Israelites listened to Moses, when we listen to Pastor John, and this is very crucial. So I have to say this to you today, like the Holy Spirit gave it to me. Let your ears hear today. Let your ears hear today. When the Israelites listened to Moses, when we listen to Pastor John, when they came forth from Egypt, that’s what the Bible says. What’s currently happening to us? Come out of Babylon. God spoke to us, we have that word; so when we come forth out of Babylon, then God, and we must understand that’s how God works: His judgment is in His house first. But when the Israelites obeyed what God said to Moses, and when we hear what God is saying to Pastor John in all of these surges, and we come forth from Babylon, then God is going to… His judgment will come and will start to be on the land. This is what the Lord said to me; He said, “You’re there. You are right there right now. I brought you the word; come out of Babylon. Come out of Babylon”. I said, “Yes Sir, yes, You did. This is exactly where we are. This is exactly where we are.” “Come out of her My people,” God is saying to the interns, “Don’t go that way. Don’t go that way. Come with this great exchange to be part of what I am doing. Come out, come forth from Babylon. Come out of her.” 

All we had, and all they had, is the Blood. That’s why God is talking to me about the Blood of Jesus. All who had the blood in Egypt; that is what is making us in the New Testament God’s Covenant people. Moses commanded the people to ask the Egyptians for all their stuff. Listen to this, have ears to hear this today. The Egyptians actually gave it to them; they were so ready for them to leave, they gave them what they wanted. These are very, very important words for us to hear. Why? That’s why I brought my file here today. You know, I’ve said it in Witbank, Pastor Sharon I know she does that as well a lot. Listen, every single year I’ve got all the messages, and I put my foot in the message, and I listen. And every now and then the Holy Spirit will come and He will say to me, “Christi, you have to go back there, and you have to go back there.” So then I go and I take those messages out, and God did that with me again. When He took me into this direction, He said to me, “The Egyptians were ready to give them everything.” They were ready because God said it’s time to leave.”

So, I’m going to say a few things here out of one of the messages of Pastor Sharon, called The time of authority and the Blood. So what I am going to share with you right now, and your ear is going to hear, because God says come out of Babylon. We are hearing what God is saying to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon. Will we fully engage? The world is ready to give us everything. We are with God right here, right here. So, the first thing Pastor Sharon and I said to the people; I will highlight these messages on the web where the Holy Spirit took me, because it’s quite a few messages from Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, where the Holy Spirit said to me, “You remember that?” I said, “Yes, Lord”. He said, “You go back there and go and look at it.” The first thing that Pastor Sharon said is; God needs critical obediences. So, I said to the Lord, I said, “You really want me to start what You taught me many years ago? That recognition is the foundation of revelation?” He said, “Yes, because I need to change your current reality. Covid is trying too.” But God says, “I’ve got My plan. I already spoke to you; so if you will listen to Me and what I’m saying to the messenger, I will take you with the greatest of ease the way I took the Israelites.” And we see the pattern of God all over in His Word. But the first thing is, you have to come all in; you can’t be ‘a little part’ of what Pastor John is doing and what God is telling him. You are all in, or you are not all in, and this is not for Pastor John; it’s with Jesus, the Head of the church. It was God that sent Moses to say, “Me, God, I am leading my people out.” It’s God that’s saying these things to us. So, critical obediences are needed for us personally and corporately. Then Pastor Sharon ministered on this powerfully; I’m giving you the world. Come out of the system of Babylon, but now I’m giving you the world. 

So please go to Romans chapter 4 verse 13 and I’m going to, I think, jump to the Amplified for a few verses here. God says in Romans 4:13, 13For the promise to Abraham or his posterity, that he should inherit the world, did not come through [observing the commands of] the Law but through the righteousness of faith (Romans 4:13 AMPC). Now I can’t go too deep into that right now, but God is looking for the righteous ones living and obeying what God is saying and what God is doing. He’s looking for that ten, but I believe in my heart He’s going to get the whole Heritage of Faith. I believe it. I absolutely believe it that He’s going to have all of our hearts that way. God is giving us the world. God is giving us the world. The known world of the day was Egypt, so God brought it down, like Babylon is falling, but God gave the Israelites everything when they left. That time has come. Why? Because I say so – Pastor John and Sharon brought the Word of God. Here it is, here it is and we come to partake of what God is showing us. 

Now the vehicle to do that is the surges and the things that God is telling Pastor John. I’m starting with these things that I’m showing you, but go big and bold. Go big and bold. So God is giving us the world. We have to wake up. We have to rule now. We need to take charge and be responsible. The weightiness of our authority is because of the weightiness of the Blood. 

So, Pastor Sharon said, “There’s a financial inversion taking place”. How many times… after the church I spoke to a person this morning in Witbank. How many times did you hear of the wealth transfer? Lots. There’s many things, of course, that we have been hearing for years, but the Lord said, “You have to come this way. You’ve got to be planted. You have got to learn to be the church, the Ecclesia in unity.” To come, to come like God taught us in these 20 years. There’s so many Scriptures, and here’s Pastor Lynn today, and what a privilege always to listen to him teaching the 4th years hermeneutics. There’s many things that you can’t just take in the Word, because you want to take a Scripture. This financial inversion that’s now going to take place, really the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just is for those Ecclesias that are hearing the Word coming from God to the messenger of the church. We are one of those that God says, “Come out of her.” Like Moses brought Egypt out and when it’s the time to come out the judgement comes on the land. This is very, very powerful for us to hear. 

And I’m going to now just – what God showed me from the messages that Pastor John – share with you how and I’ve always said this, what a privilege to be planted, because it’s so easy. I just have to come and feed. There’s the prophetic word. There’s the will of God to Pastor John and Sharon. I just have to come and follow. It’s so wonderful, a blessing to know what it means to be planted. So I want to take you to Exodus chapter 15 verse 16 because I want to show you a little bit of what you must do next. So I’m giving you now, and listen, this word of Pastor Sharon already came in 2018. So I have these declarations and I decree these things because I receive the Word. You receive the Word. So because the question is, “What’s next?” Let me show you why it is so important to listen to the message, put your foot in the message, see the surges that God is busy with because if you are busy with that, everything will be unlocked. So Exodus 15 verse 16 Amplified. Everything that I’m still sharing with you is coming straight from these messages that Pastor Sharon brought. 16Terror and dread fall upon them; because of the greatness of Your arm they are as still as a stone—till Heritage of Faith the people pass by and into the Promised Land, O Lord, till the people pass by whom You have purchased (Exodus 15:16 AMPC). I’m highlighting this because the Egyptians actually gave it to them. Why? The Word came to us and I’m saying it every day, 16Terror and dread is falling on my enemies. Right now because of the Word and where we are with Pastor John and Sharon. I have nothing else but to declare and decree what’s in the messages. But how do you think we’re going to get there? If we are part of what God is saying to us. So I say this, everything; Lord, thank You for Your terror and dread that is falling upon my enemies. How God will do it, what God will do about it, that’s God. But God’s got my faith. God’s got my faith. Like you, we participate and we come with God. So I want your ears to hear this. They were so ready for them to leave, Exodus 15 says, because of the Blood… because of the Blood, terror fell upon Egypt and of course, Babylon in our day, Egypt, Babylon, the world system, it’s all the same thing. It’s all the same thing. Because how much more of a better covenant today shall dread and terror fall on our enemies right now. Right now. Right now. 

Then I want to take you to Joshua chapter 2 verse 9 to 10 please, because this is exactly the same thing that happened at that time. Like exactly the same thing is happening here. Exactly the same thing. This is Rahab speaking. And now I’m even going to go a bit further, even a little bit further. Rahab is speaking, 9And she said to the men, I know that the Lord has given you the land… This morning, the worship team was live in Witbank, some of you I know watched, so next Sunday, we will praise the Lord by using those sounds and songs of this morning, but we sang again this morning; I’m a Believer, I’m going into my Promised Land. We’re singing it, and you’re going to now hear what Rahab said. They are hearing the sound. They are hearing the sound – the dread and the terror is falling on them in the Name of Jesus. Rahab said to them, I know the Lord has given you the land and that your terror, your terror, is fallen upon us and I want you to see Scripture today and that all the inhabitants of Babylon, all the inhabitants of Babylon are faint-hearted because of you (Joshua 2:9 AMPC). This is currently what is happening because of Heritage of Faith right here. The God-part He will show us how to do it, but this is what is happening. 

Look at verse 10, Rahab said, 10because we have heard (Joshua 2:10 AMPC), we have heard. What is Babylon hearing? And I’m going to go there in a little while and I don’t have time to go into it today, Revelations 12 that says that we overcome by the power of the Blood, the word of our testimony. Now of course that’s part of your personal victory but it’s what God is saying today. Our testimonies are what’s coming from the messages, so we overcome Babylon by the Blood – that’s why God is talking to me about the Blood – the word of our testimony and not loving our lives, laying down our lives. That’s what it means to take up the cross and they are hearing. What else are they hearing? Sound and song. They are hearing it. So, verse 9 says, 9… terror is fallen upon us … (Joshua 2:9 AMPC), our enemies. Verse 10 says, our enemies are hearing. Rahab said, “They have heard.” Babylon currently is hearing. They are hearing sounds resounding and reverberating in the realm of the Spirit. Our enemies are being scattered because we are rising to this occasion. The blood of Jesus paid for our authority and the blood of Christ that was shed for us is giving us the victory right now. So, why do you think the enemy came against Pastor Garth and his family in such a way? He’s got to prevent the sounds because we’ve got the messages, we hear what God is saying and we decree, we declare, we are coming and dred is falling upon them. 

I’m going to show you the next scripture that Pastor Sharon is bringing us, our enemies will come cringing before us. Egypt was ready for them to leave. What they’ve asked, they got. I just praise God for His work. Every step of the way, every step of the way God is leading us. Look at Psalm 81 verse 13, please, in the Amplified. While you are going there in your Bibles the side note that I made here that God gave me because this is very important for us. The people are hearing, the people are hearing. They are hearing the sound and the song. Do you think the Holy Spirit just prophesied that every song that’s coming for Pastor Sharon and Pastor Garth, the Lord said is piercing and penetrating? They are hearing, they are hearing. But the Lord said this to me, “What else are they hearing when Heritage of Faith speaks, when we come this way?” They hear obedience to be planted, they hear that. They hear irrational honour of the gifts of God serving us. They hear about a people laying down their lives to walk in unity so that there is not four or five heads because then you have a monster. We are in unity – what’s coming from Jesus to the messenger. I’ve said to the interns the other day, I had a wonderful session with them. I said when you learn to pray, you learn to pray with Pastor John and Sharon are praying. You do not dilute or pollute what’s coming from the head. 

The enemy is hearing unity. The enemy hears the sounds of every song that we are singing. We are becoming like that army, our footsteps are like an army because the enemy is running. So, the Holy Spirit said to me He’s hearing. You’ve got to be with our Lord Jesus. Come on, hear what He’s saying, put it in your mouth, sing it. And that’s why of course Satan wanted to prevent this album from coming out and of course all the others that Pastor Sharon and Pastor Garth already have ready.

Psalm 81 verse 13 to 15 and I’m just going to close with showing you what God says about what’s happening to us here. So, Psalm 81, just looks at verse 13 how it starts. 13Oh, that My people would listen to Me, oh, that My people would listen to Me. What does that mean? When I speak to the messenger of the church; oh that My people will listen to Me and not do church the way they want to do church. I know, I know we have a greater understanding, but faith comes by hearing and hearing. 13Oh, that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! 14Speedily then I would subdue their enemies and turn My hand against their adversaries. Listen to verse 15, 15[Had Israel, and if Heritage of Faith will listen to Me, … those who hated the Lord would have come cringing before them (Psalm 18:13-15 AMPC). And again, you will do it, we have these messages. I’m declaring that, that’s all I have to give the next step with. I’m not trying to do God’s part here. You’re not trying to do God’s part here. We’ve got His Word. Terror and dread are falling on my and your enemies and they are now, says God’s Word, coming cringing to us. We’re coming out of Babylon and He said to father Abraham, our father Abraham because we are his children in our generation, “I am now giving you the world.” Praise the Lord. 

I’m not – just for time’s sake – going to read Revelation two, if it’s God’s will, we will go there next week. I have to say this today, really, I’m not trying to give you a ‘wow’ layout about Kingdom finances. I’m not. The Holy Spirit took me here. He said to me, “This is what I’m giving to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon. I’m speaking to Heritage of Faith. I’m giving the words that should be their testimony. I’m speaking to you about the Blood and taking up your cross. I am doing this. I am doing this.” I’m trying to tell you; listen to what God is giving Pastor John to give to us. Pastor John shared in Joburg and this is very important – I think it was the second Sunday meeting around the campfire. He talked about, if I can say Reverend or Pastor Jack Hayford. You can remember he used that example because people came to him after many years of seeing that he is successful in the Lord. Pastor John said they asked him, “Tell us about God’s wisdom and how did God lead you to be so strategic?” Pastor John said that Brother Jack Hayford said, “Don’t ask me now and think that I’m very smart to be so strategic.” He said, “Way in the beginning,” and here’s Pastor John, “Way in the beginning the only thing I did was to give the first step and then when God talks again the second step.” All these things started for us when we started to obey the Word of God to be planted. Then the next messages came and then we could give the next step. But we can give this step right now. 

So, one step at a time to build the auditorium. It is for Pastor Sharon and Pastor Garth one step at a time, one song at a time. One intern at a time. One message at a time, one quality decision at a time. This is of course what Brother Jerry shared with us when Pastor John had that little clip for us to listen to. This is our walk with God and it’s personally what it should be for my and your gift. Then, of course, the collective greatness what the church must be in the Ecclesia rising. 

So, just to finish off today with God establishing His Covenant. Please go to Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 7. I know in some way I’m laying a foundation here just for our ears. Why? Pastor Johan and Sharon already brought these messages. But if we want to flow in God’s revelation that can and will of course change our current reality, God says, “This is My way. This is My way.” Isaiah 9 verse 7, New King James, 7Of the increase of His government and peace. There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice. From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this (Isaiah 9:7 NKJV). Since the days that Jesus came into the earth announcing the Kingdom, the government of God, God’s rule in the earth has been increasing. Praise the Lord. 

As a believer everything is better because Jesus came. In the midst of a fallen world the government and rule of God continues to enlarge and impact the lives of people. It’s happening with us, the Kingdom of God. When Jesus entered into the earth, He declared the Kingdom of God has come. Now I just want to and you can go there in your Bible but I want you to look at Matthew chapter 4 this afternoon. Matthew chapter 4 verse 23, 23And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people (Matthew 4:23 NKJV). I’ve said it in Witbank, why would I use this Scripture? We talked about that God wants us to increase so that we can do for the Kingdom of God with what we’ve got. What do we see here? People were healed and lives restored. Healing is a physical reality of the rule of God coming into people’s lives. The rule and government of God was now in the midst and is in the midst of His people. So, also prosperity and riches, wealth is another manifestation and reality that the government of God has come. It has come. I want to take you back to Deuteronomy eight verse eighteen, it’s going to be on the board again. 18 and you shall remember the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 8:18 NKJV). I’ve said it because the word came to us; we can’t be impressed with a gift. We can only be blessed. So, God says, remember the Lord your God. That’s why we know what our more is for. There is not a fancy musician or fancy businessman – that’s what Babylon does to say we put this gift a bit higher than that one, that’s not. We remember God that is giving Pastor John and Pastor Sharon gifts unto gifts and then all these gifts unto gifts. We will still talk what Pastor John and share more about, to receive a righteous man. But we can’t be impressed, we are only blessed. If you’ll remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth, then He can establish His covenant. This is what God is saying to us. God is telling us He needs a wealthy people to accomplish His purposes in the earth. 

The purpose is to increase His government and rule. The increase of the government of God can’t happen except through wealthy people. God is looking for those who He can bless, that they will not be impressed but just be blessed and that they will know what their more is for. He’s not looking for others. He will not be able to use the others. He will not be able to use the others. Wealth is necessary for the purposes of God. Deuteronomy 8:18is very and can’t be more clear that without wealth the intent and the desire of God will be frustrated and even forfeited in the earth if we do not arise as the Ecclesia in this way. Do you think this trip with the interns there’s no cost involved? What God wants to build here. But He is looking f

I want to really end with this and I’m not done by a far shot but that doesn’t matter. I believe that God wanted to just say that here today what He said in Witbank as well. You know, what a privilege to be around Pastor John and Pastor Sharon in the office and sitting in those meetings in more detail of course to hear what the Holy Spirit is impressing on Pastor John’s heart. Currently the impact of what God is doing with us as a people is so massive in my heart and in my life and I know it’s the same with you. Why? Because first of all we have a solid understanding that we believe God for more so that we can reach souls. There’s a lot of people that need our help that really one on one are struggling but there is a component that God is showing me now because of the Ecclesia. I’ve always been aware of it, you are aware of it but like never before. The culture around us, cultures are being controlled by those who have money. And if we are going to contend for the culture, then we need to have the resources. This is one of the things that actually in our meetings Pastor John is busy a lot with – to occupy media spaces. The church needs to arise that we can dominate the culture. For too long we’ve not been there but we … and I really want to close with this. This is what it means for us to be obedient and next Sunday if it’s God’s will, because I want to take us back to the 2010 word. The moment you become part – let’s say we take what God is doing with the interns and you don’t have a child there but you come and you pray, you come and you take part of everything that God is doing here, saving the next generation. Of course, that goes for the building project and you come fully. Then what’s going to happen? A momentum shift is going to happen in your life. If you can pray, pray. If you have got a seed to sow, sow. If there is something else that you can do, do it. Why? Because through God, the solution is going to come through you and me. You see, because you become the solution and pray, because you become the solution to sow the seed, it’s the exact thing that’s going to open up what must come into your life. This is what’s happening here, this is what’s happening here. We come and then the church is rising. Here it is. What did God say? There is a shifting in the Spirit for the Body of Christ. So the shifting will come about because God gives the message to the messengers but then the momentum shift in the people must happen – to go and get personally, whatever God will tell you to go and get. Maybe you will go and get all the answers for education. Those people will go after those things. That’s the part of the Holy Spirit how He is going to give us the world. 

Then the Lord said in 2010, through Pastor John, “We will be flowing and be in touch and in tune with the flow and the move of the Holy Spirit. There are certain standards that have been set in this world and they are cracking.” Oh boy, we can see what Covid is doing, but listen to this, “The Church, the Ecclesia, the different members will now rise up, they will occupy, they will dominate because they personally and in the collective greatness, will have the solutions.”

So, Heine and Daniel, I am going to ask you, in closing, I did this in Witbank and let me just, here’s my notes. So I just want to say this to you here today, I know this is a very simple illustration but that’s what happened in my heart, I mean, right through church, 20 years ago, and still with these meetings around the campfire with Pastor John. And I know you did the same. We didn’t come just to say, “Oh well, we haven’t seen one another for a while.” We come to hear what Jesus is saying. I want to take this example of God that wants to build here. The Lord said to me and when I was sitting in my chair in Witbank and coming to Witbank, every time I saw all the slides of the surges that God is giving Pastor John, on the inside I went, “Yes Lord, yes Lord.” Kenneth Copeland said many years ago, “When God brings you a revelation of an understanding, you don’t always have the answer from A-Z, but your first step is to say, ‘Yes Lord.’” When you fully come in the first step, then He gives you the second step, then He gives you the third one and He gives you the fourth one and after a lifetime, people are going to ask you, “How could you be so strategic?” 

Thank you, if you will put on the first one. So what I want to show you here, what God did with me. The Lord said to me, “Please tell the people what I’m giving Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, I’m giving it in messages. I am shouting it out in every possible way.” So if you don’t know what God is doing right now, He is saying, “We are going big and bold, we have got building plans that’s now happening.” This is Jesus leading Pastor John. Do we think there must be a smarter way how God will get us involved with His plan and then get the goods to us? That is like the Israelites that says, “Well Lord, I don’t like you leading us this way out of Egypt.” We have to check that thing in our hearts. We can’t come to church and “Well, Pastor John, thank you after a period of time that we did not see one another, we so glad that you filled us in.” God says, “I’m speaking, I’m speaking,” and when you sit in your chair, we are supposed to go, “Yes, Lord – Big and Bold – here we go. Yes, Lord. Of course, we pray in our collective greatness in the Prayer Connects. I’m going to pray personally, Father. And yes, building, I see what You are going and I’m fully there with you.”

The second page, please. The Lord said to me, just like Pastor Sharon preached with Pastor John when they had those sessions together, God says, “Babylon can’t keep you that busy that you can’t understand God says, ‘Now is the time.’” Like in the lives and the time of Haggai, where the people said, “No, it’s not time to build the house of the Lord.” God says, “It is the time to build the house of the Lord.” So this is what the Lord said to me, “I’m giving it in the messages, I’m giving it in every surge that I’m giving it to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, that it can come to you, that it can come to you, that you can fully partake, that I can bring the shift of momentum for you too.” Now is the time to go Big and Bold. Now is the time for me personally, you personally, with Jesus, with Pastor John to do this. 

The next one, thank you. And when I saw this, I said, “Lord, praise the Lord, a Johannesburg campus.” All I can say in this step is, “Yes Lord, amen, let it be, let it be.” But He needs that testimony to come out of our mouths. He needs that. That’s all where we are with God. “Do it, Lord. Do it, Lord. You find faith in our hearts.” 

The next one, thank you. Now is the time for breakthroughs. When I saw that, the Lord spoke to me in my chair. He said to me, “Not one of us are going to stand before Him one day and say, “Lord, in my personal life, do you know how I waited for the breakthroughs to come?” And God is going to say to you, “Do you know how I put it in the messages? Do you know how I put it on the screen to say, ‘Come for My breakthrough because when you engage you are going to have your breakthrough.’” The Lord said He is going to remind us that this came up to say, in our hearts, “Yes Lord, all the breakthroughs, let’s do this, Lord.” And if I don’t have to sow that much, I will bring what I’ve got and I’m praying and I’m doing my part that all the different parts,” and I’ve said this to you in the past, we all are a solution in our gifts and where God will use us in all of this. 

The next one. Ah, this one, look at this. Exactly, exactly in time, exactly in order, exactly in place and in progress we are, not a little bit. Exactly. We have God’s Word, we are saying it and we are going to do it. Thank you, Daniel. Abundant overflow. If you don’t know God says this is the only thing for this year, then He is shouting this to us again. He is shouting once again and we say, “Yes Sir.”

Thank you, the next one. Investing in eternity. So the Lord said to me this is what Pastor John is saying, you think your plans and my own plans and running with Babylon is going to cause us to invest in eternity? It’s not going to count. Jesus is going to say to you, “I don’t know you because you have no part in the way I was building. I have said to Pastor John to do this thing. I have planted you there. You were not next to Pastor John, you did not come when Pastor John and Sharon are looking, they don’t see you. You don’t follow Me, Jesus. You don’t follow your spiritual leaders and you don’t follow what I am telling you.” This is the only way to build what God has for us and to get the rewards of eternity. Oh, praise the Lord. 

The next one and we are almost there. The Vision. That’s why I have said to the interns, please understand, God has already given you the direction of your life. You don’t have to wonder where to go with your business. Be part of what God is doing and it will unfold for your business. Full stop, that’s what it means to be planted but most people is working Babylon and then they try to figure out what is the next thing and I did not get it today. If we do not partake of what God is saying to Pastor John, the Israelites listened to Moses, then God says, “You have to understand, it is being said, it’s man made what you are now doing, it is self-made, it’s man made.” Because if you do not come this way, then you come the wrong way, you come the wrong way. There’s the vision, it means direction. 

And the next one as well. Big auditorium plus execution is our portion. How will execution be our portion? Message after message after message. Next one, again – look at that. And we say, “Yes Lord, the vision, the direction,” and I think we’re almost done. State of the art auditorium. When I read that, I said, “Yes Sir, let it be, all of that, all of that Lord. What can I give Holy Spirit?” We pray, we press, we contend and I will still talk to you about that because God says it’s time to contend for all of these things but the way that God is leading us. High tech teaching facilities. New education programmes. The thing that God is doing with Pastor John and us as a people around him in education is glorious, is glorious. Like the business men in this church, all of us in unity – Witbank, Lenasia, all of us. Education, the gifts are here. The business gifts are here. All the gifts are here and the time has come, the time has come. 

A new carpark. Praise the Lord. I think that’s maybe the last one. New fencing solutions. Someone is going to be the solution because someone is going to rise up and take their place and dominate by being that solution. Others are going to be the solution in finances. The other ones are going to be the solution in education, in working with the children. All of it that we understand the gifts of God are all about but we have got to come this way. Praise the Lord. And then all the goodness that God has for us. We say, “Let it be, let it be, Father. Terror and dread is falling on our enemies.” They are coming cringing before us, that when Pastor John calls for the next step, we are going to be in place because God gives us the power to get wealth. We just have it. Everything that we need, we already have it, in the name of Jesus. 

Let’s pray. Let’s pray. Father, we give you glory and we want to say to you today that you are so great. Oh Lord, your Word is very, very powerful, Your principles, Your ways, Lord. O, we thank You for that today, Lord. And thank You, thank You that we say today we have ears to hear. Lord, may those decisions be made in the heart, Lord, to come the right way. After every message, like Pastor John and Sharon said, Lord, it’s one of our Covenant priviledges to fall on the Blood and to repent, Lord, to come the right way but we want to say to You with great joy, great joy in our hearts, we submit, we submit our very lives to You to follow You, Lord Jesus, but to do it the way the Word says to do it. 

We submit with our giftings and our calling, the annointings on each and every beautiful gift that you are planting here. Thank You for that Lord. We give You glory. Father, just like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon spoke over the people before they left, we are blessed, we are blessed. We are empowered to prosper today, we are empowered to prosper this week, Lord. Thank You, going into the new era and Father, thank You for the Blood. Hebrews 12 verse 24 says, Jesus is the mediator of this new Covenant. And now Father, Your Word says the Blood of sprinkling that speaks, the Blood speaks, Lord, it speaks to silent the voice of the accuser that wants to accuse us day and night before God but it speaks of the better things. It speaks of the New Testament exodus, it speaks of what You have for us, Lord. It speaks and we thank You for that today. Thank You that execution is our portion. Thank You that You are giving us the power to get wealth and how to do it. Thank You, Lord. We are grateful, Father that the enemy is hearing our sound and that terror and dread is falling on them right now. 

Step by step, we thank You for Your leading, the sureness, the confidence that we have as a people. Thank You, Lord. And Lord, we will just keep on coming as the messages come, Father. We will keep on repenting. It’s a privilege in our Covenant rights, Lord, to get things in order, get things in order so that we can move forward with You. Father, thank You for Your blessing on us as a people, Father. You are so wonderful. You are so faithful, Lord and we this afternoon, we rejoice. Our delight is truly in You and we all say; Amen.

Have a blessed afternoon, a most blessed week empowered to prosper and if it’s God’s will, I’ll see you next Sunday again.