Put Your Foot in the Message: Put Your Foot in the Sound, the Song & the Praise – Ps Christi Grobler (JHB)

Scripture references: Jude 1:20 (AMPC); Isaiah 55:11; Isaiah 60:17 (NKJV); John 14:30 (NKJV); 2 Samuel 5:24 (NKJV); 2 Chronicles 20:20-22 (NLT);

Thank you, Pastor Melusi. I thought that’s what I would hear because I saw the light, and I thought, okay, it’s very delicate here in Jo’burg. Much more delicate than in Witbank. I saw the red light, thank you, Pastor Melusi.

Well, good afternoon, it is so great to see all of you. It is always such a privilege to be here with you, Pastor Lynn, Pastor Melusi and all of you. It’s always a privilege to be with you and to minister the Word of God. And I’ve met and I’ve greeted a few people, but still, I want to say; Happy New Year and happy new doors in the name of Jesus. Great to see all of you. And Pastor John phoned and he sends you all of his love, all of his love. Great to be here with you today.

There’s something on my heart because of the message that God wants me to bring today and there’s so many things that I’ve prepared since last week and over this weekend. And I knew it’s all very important concerning the message that I’m going to bring today but when it came to the message God said to me “You’re going to be very specific today”. So, if you open your Bibles in the book of Jude, that little book in the New Testament.

Just before I’m going to minister and really stay with what the Holy Spirit wants me to say today, you know Pastor John shared last week also what Brother Copeland prophesied, the Lord prophesied through Bother Copeland for 2020 about the changes that’s coming. And the Lord showed me the importance for us to understand change. And I said, “Lord, it’s quite a big part to add,” He said, “No, it will not be part of today, but it is coming”.

So, let me open my Bible first. Daniel, I did not put this one in, I’m just adding it right now by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Just where you are sitting right now; the title of my message this afternoon is; Put your foot in the message and put your foot in the sound.

I know some of you listened to the Witbank message. On our way here Pastor John phoned, and we were just talking a little bit and he said, “Can I say, put your foot in the sound of music?” I said, “Pastor John, I like that. I like that.”

But I want us now to pray in the Spirit so that we will hear the sound that we’ve got to here today, every single one of us. Let me just get out my glasses. We all know this verse so well, but I’m going to ask you as you sit there and I’m going to pray with you. 20But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], by praying in the Spirit (Jude 1:20 AMPC). So, Father, we come today even before I start to minister this message the way that You gave it to me, and Holy Spirit we just ask You that You’ll help us today to hear the sound, the sound that is in the heart of our Father, and everything that our Father already gave our Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit, we just hook up with you right now, fully. We’re in faith this afternoon, Lord. You find faith in this place. Father, this is a great moment for us to step into and up in Jesus, because Jesus is the new door, He has the new door. He is opening things for us, we are not kicking doors open. And Father, as we are going to pray now all of us together, we ask, we ask that You will reveal and say this afternoon exactly what You want to say, to reveal, to disclose, to transmit, Lord, and what the sound means. Lord, we will get it today, we’re in the message, we hear the sound in the song, and in the praise, Lord. And thank You for teaching us. So, we pray, Lord. [Pastor Christi and congregation praying in tongues].

Oh, Father, I thank You that I can yield my vessel to You fully, now in agreement with everyone here. Oh Father, we have ears to hear, eyes to see what you have for us. This is a very, very great time, Father, and we choose to humble ourselves before You Lord, and Your Word listening to Your Word. Father, thank You for Your teaching and Your revelation out of Your Word today, and there’s many things caught and not taught, Lord and we ask You for all of that today. Lord, we are here for the more. It’s time for the more, Lord. For the extraordinary, for the specialised things, Father. To live and to occupy the land flowing with milk and honey, and at the same time to disinherit the Canaanites, Father. You have it all for us and we come by faith and Holy Spirit, I’m hearing You and I will go exactly where you want me to go today. We praise You, Lord. We find and like we already declared, we will keep and continue to declare everything in victory. And we all say; Amen.

Praise the Lord. I’m going to stay in a very tight flow with the Holy Spirit. It is a wonderful thing. And because, even when I was sitting there, the Lord started to show me more. And I have to ask the Lord if I must go there. But the Lord wants me to keep it very simple this afternoon so that your ear can hear today.  Well, the last time I have ministered, and that is how this message came about; the last time I’ve ministered and by now we know it’s God’s will for us to put our foot in the messages because God is leading us, He is teaching us, He is training us, He is mentoring us with every message. Everything is in the message. We have heard Pastor Sharon say it over and over. She said you will find every answer, every explanation, every example, any and everything that you need right now for your life, for your process to progress is in the message. But then God showed me another important thing and He said to me, “Christi, put your foot in the sound.”  And just because of my wonderful conversation with Pastor John, here on our way to Jo’burg, I am going to add this to my notes; put your foot in the sound of music, praise and song. Hallelujah.

I really want to say this to you, it is so important, in this; you are going to hear the flow of what God wants me to bring to you today. This is not a new kind of a doctrine or to make it a doctrine.  When God leads a people, we’re in this place of finding out how God is leading us. When your relationship is getting closer to our Lord Jesus, your relationship is getting more strategic and this is what you are going to hear today. Many believers, and like I said, I am talking to myself; this is very, very important. I find myself sometimes in that place, I truly do, and I know you too. Some believers don’t want to hear this, but there are many believers who do not realise that God knows everything and they don’t. God knows how we should develop.  Do you realise this afternoon that it is not up to you and me how we should develop? How God will give everything to Pastor John and then to Pastor Sharon in order for how we have to develop. So God knows how to give us messages, and then God knows how to add things and how to begin to teach us about high praise. What you’ve seen here what Pastor Sharon is doing, we’re going to work with Daniel so that you see all those five minutes, sometimes eight minutes, it doesn’t matter, that you see all those teachings of Pastor Sharon before the church in Witbank starts. So many of you I know listen to the messages in the morning in Witbank and that is just wonderful. Faith comes by hearing and hearing.

So I am going to start right here and flow with the Lord, and hopefully it is not a very long Sunday afternoon, just because of what God wants to do here. The Lord showed me that many people in our congregation, that means Jo’burg and Witbank, that many did not hear what He had to say what is happening in the music ministry.

In September 2017, some of you and I think it is most of you, you are going to remember that Pastor Sharon received a Word from the Lord for Pastor Garth and she thought at that time, she even mentioned it right there in Witbank, she said maybe she thought this was for her to give it to him privately, but the Lord said, “I want you to make it public, Pastor Sharon.” Then just before I say and give you what the Lord gave Pastor Sharon, I want you to remember that Pastor John appointed Pastor Sharon as chief psalmist in the ministry.  Can you remember that?  That’s a while ago. So God added to Pastor Sharon’s portfolio new things in the ministry; very important for us today. Then the Lord said to Pastor Sharon, “I am holding you as the chief psalmist, I am holding you responsible for the spirituality of the music ministry in our ministry,” because there are many different compartments, but for the music ministry. The Lord said to Pastor Sharon, “Not the technicality, but the spirituality of the music ministry.”

Now, I quickly want to jump in here about the technicality of the music ministry. Pastor John has been believing for a long time and most of you know this, for a long time for the right people that God will send to be part of our music ministry. You saw many of the new people that came, gifted people and I am going to share it with you.  God had a Word to us about that, actually a warning for all of us. And one of them that most of you will remember is Denholm, he was there when we recorded the album and you saw him on the video again. So these are very skillful people, and they just recently, like I said, God gave this warning at a Prayer Connect in Witbank about a month ago. And this warning is for all of us in Heritage of Faith, not only for the music ministry. It’s for Bible School; it’s for all the different areas.  Listen to what the Lord said to Pastor Sharon; it is easy for Me, God, to give you my best, but you as the congregation must pass the test and not be impressed, only be blessed.  That’s massive, that’s massive. I am going to read it to you again. It is easy for Me, God, to give you the best, but you as a congregation must pass the test and not be impressed, only be blessed. And that goes for all the areas of our lives. And we will remember that. It’s our faith that reaches into the unseen realm to receive every good thing that God has for us. But it is not for us to say we’ve come such a far way and now we know a little bit more about prayer and look what’s happening in the Bible School with all of our students in Witbank and here in Jo’burg, or the music ministry. We are just simply blessed.  And we will remember that; very important.

Then the Lord said to Pastor Sharon, “I hold you personally responsible for the songs, the sounds and the words.” And after that God gave her another instruction. The Lord said, “Pastor Sharon, now you must work very closely with Pastor Garth on songs.” So Pastor Sharon did and she asked the Lord at one stage and she said it in Witbank, “Lord, why is it that I find myself with Pastor Garth all the time now, working on new songs?” And I really want your ears to hear now, and I know you are, “On new songs, sounds, and new words?” Because that is what God has for all of us. So let me get my place again. Then the Lord said to Pastor Sharon, “The reason this is happening is I want these sounds to come out now.” So, off course, Pastor Sharon answered, “Yes, Lord.” But why? Why is God bringing us this tremendous, well, supernatural increase to all of us?  And the answer is; and you will remember how powerful Pastor John ministered on this. There is no fences anymore now for Pastor John and for us, and for us as a congregation. God is expecting Pastor John and Sharon to go out into the realm of the Spirit now like never before. And they do, they are obedient to do it. So God said to Pastor Sharon, “You must work with Pastor Garth on these songs now.” Then the Lord said, “There is a sound I am giving Pastor Garth and I want it out.” God said, “I am pushing you, Pastor Sharon, and you are in charge of song and it’s your spiritual responsibility”. And of course how grateful are we for Pastor Sharon? A bulldog in the spirit to go after the things, I’m so grateful for that. And the way she comes to teach and train us, we would not be here today in this condition if it wasn’t for her, shoulder to shoulder next to Pastor John, jerking the slack out of us; every single time and we expect her to do it in the future all the time.

Now very important, these things will be available afterwards so that we can get the words. I’m going to minister this afternoon, from and how God gave it to me. But I want you to hear – your spirit man is hearing what God is saying this afternoon. So here is the prophecy that God gave to Pastor Sharon about Pastor Garth.

By divine assign, I put a sound in this one, at this time. No explanation you need only My Spirit you heed. This sound must resound in the hearts of everyone. Thus says the Lord today.

Now I want to tell you the day I’ve heard it and many of you I know you were in Witbank when it happened that’s very important. Listen what the Lord said; this sound. So Pastor Garth, a gift unto gifts, this sound must resound in all of our hearts. God made it very clear. And that day when that word came I sat in my own chair and I said, “I hear You, Lord, I hear You.” So why am I talking to you about putting your foot in the message and putting your foot in the sound of music, song and praise? The Lord said this to me, the Lord said to me, “It’s time to occupy the land flowing with milk and honey.” And I’m going to show it to you. Sorry for that. It’s time to disinherit Canaanites. I’m going to show you what the Bible says about sound, and song, and praise. How in one instance King David won a battle that he was waiting for 29 years to win, and he only did that when the sound of the Lord came for the day to move with his army.

You know about King Jehoshaphat and we’re going to talk about him today. So here’s the thing, God wants us to occupy the land flowing with milk and honey. And at the same time disinherit Canaanites, but there’s much more. Spirit, soul, body, our gifting, every area of our lives. God said this to me, He said, “Christi, that massive message of Pastor John”, now God says, “I’m redeeming everything in all areas of your life.” He’s redeeming our lives. Secondly, Pastor Sharon ministered the book of Revelations says; behold, I make all things new. And then, God is taking off our grave clothes, like Pastor Sharon said, just like Lazareth. But other people are going to help us with that. A gift in music is going to help us with that if we’re going to enter and be in the presence with the Lord with the message, the sound, the words, the songs as we should be. This is very strategic. God knows how to do it. God knows how to give us the message and how to bring the sounds that must resound in our own hearts.

Then Pastor Sharon started to pray in tongues and this word came from the Lord; Pastor Garth, from your mother’s womb I have called you with the sound that will now come forth. This is so important for all of us. With the sound that will now come forth and from this sound that will resound will come My new sound that I have placed in you from your mother’s womb with all other sound resound, listen to this, for this legacy transfer and in this ancestry, this line divine says the Lord. Amen.

How important do you think praise and worship, and why Pastor Sharon starts to teach us now along these lines? This is very, very important for us to receive everything in our legacy transfer. So the Lord showed me it’s very important to listen to these sounds, these songs that are coming from Pastor Garth.

I read all of these things to you today because some of you, you’ve heard a little bit here and a little bit there, I have just put the whole story together for you today. And I want you to see something here today, I’m giving it all to you in this package because it started and it’s all in order, it started first of all with Pastor John appointing Pastor Sharon as chief psalmist. After God did that, God instructed Pastor Sharon, to work with Pastor Garth. Because these sounds that God is giving Pastor Garth is God’s will that will be in our hearts now, every day. Very important for all of us. When God released this word on that day I immediately understood what God was saying. And I’m going to give you a recap again, I said to the Lord, “Lord, I’ve said this so many times,” and the Lord said to me, “You put it in there, right in there.”

I have shared with you many times twenty years ago God showed me who Pastor John is. So twenty years ago the Lord told me to sit down, and you will remember these words, but I have to say them today, you know many times I sit there with my message and then I want to take something out and the Lord said, “No, no, no, no, no you just keep it right there.” The Lord said to me twenty years ago, walking into that church in Witbank, the same as you came to Jo’burg. The Lord said to me, “Christi, sit down and shut up.” But that was not a rude ‘shut up’, I knew what God was saying to me, that shut up means, shut up about your own opinions. Shut up about your own philosophies because He showed me that even when I was busy with spiritual things at that time, I did not even know what I did not know. Like God knows right now how to develop us and take us with the message, these sounds, these words to praise like this, God is teaching us like never before how to take us right through the new door. God knows how to do that. So I knew that God would lead me, and this is very important, just in a nutshell. 20 years ago I knew that God would lead me with every message and everything that God would bring through Pastor John first. It was a revelation God gave me. Now God is bringing through Pastor John, because he appointed Pastor Sharon by the leading of the Lord, chief psalmist, Pastor Sharon got the instruction from the Lord to work with Pastor Garth, so I understand today, everything that comes through Pastor John, by God’s leading, is for my life. I just simply understand that. That’s why I wrote this down and I just want you to hear me here. Since that day I wait for Pastor John to say and declare, the Lord said to me, “You do not make a move if Pastor John did not say it.” So since that day I wait for Pastor John to minister on something, then I wait for Pastor Sharon to say concerning those things that Pastor John already released, fully knowing that these things are needed in my world and in my process to progress and it’s the same in yours. I just have to say it to you like that today because I’m going to get to the tough part, some of you who listened to the message in Witbank, you will understand in a few minutes. But here’s the thing; this is God’s heart today, like I said, the closer you are in fellowship with the Lord the more strategic the Lord will become and we have ears to hear.

Now why all of these things? Why is it so vitally important to understand the message, to understand what Pastor Sharon is now ministering on high praise, tehillah praises, why? The words in the message. The words in the song. God says in Isaiah 55 verse 11, all the words I give to you is to prosper and establish that very thing why I am sending those words to you. That’s why I’m saying God is going to take grave clothes off us with these sounds. He’s going to bring restoration. I’m going to read to you the very final part of what I have to share with you today – is what Pastor John declared by the Holy Spirit, about, well, the first album. You’re going to see that it’s touching your soul. It has everything to do of course with direction spiritually but it’s touching your soul, it’s touching your finances, it’s touching all the areas of your life and God wants us to be in this place because He knows what these words and these songs will do right now for where He is taking us.

So, that’s Isaiah 55 verse 11 just in short so that you all understand. So the Lord said to me, “Christi, when it comes to songs,” and here we come to the tough part. He really said that to me and I’m sharing from my life today because you’ve got choices to make for your own life. He said to me, “From now on, Christi, I only want you to listen to this album – Walking In the Light.” Listen, I know more is coming and you know more is coming. And He said to me, “I don’t want you to listen to any other gospel music and I don’t want you to listen to any other secular music.”

You can grab your chairs if you want to hold down, except if you have your takkies on today you may not run, you may not run. Why people? When we listen to the TV, even if you watch a programme when you listen to music, to sounds, what’s happening? All sounds enter, it enters you, that is what sound does. So I immediately knew what God was telling me and what He was, you know, giving me a revelation about. So God opened up for me something that I knew for years, for years as a believer truly getting to know what it means to walk by faith. This thing bothered me for a very long time, Grobbies knows it, Grobbies loves music. I mean I love music, but I mean he loves music. But God opened up something for me that I had a struggle with many, many years ago and why? I like the music – the pop music you like – but my problem was the words. My problem was the words – take Afrikaans music, take pop music, it doesn’t matter what kind of music. The words are a problem. It’s beautiful, you like the lyrics, you like the this, you like the that, stunning. But I had one problem; when you listen to it over and over again, faith comes by hearing and hearing. It’s just what it is. Most of those songs I would like the song and then I would say to Grobbies, “Listen to that ungodly conversation going on.”

So, people, this is not a doctrine this afternoon, we are in a place where God wants to take us somewhere. And I’m going to share with you what I decided to do with the Lord, to give Him my obedience with a clean slate to go in, in a condition so that I will be in that place full of His sounds, in the message and in song that He can do in me, restore in me, redeem in me, take grave clothes off me. I’m just going to give God the full opportunity to walk in me, that’s all. I’m not saying you’re never going to listen to any other music again. That’s not what I am saying and I’m not getting into a car with someone and the music is on and then all of a sudden I switch it off. No, I’m not talking about silly things here today, but where I’ve got a choice. But where I’ve got a choice what’s coming in my ear gates and what I am going to put in – that is my choice.

So because of living by faith, you should be sensitive to words in songs yourself. You should be that’s how it works. But then God showed me when, when, when Pastor John a while ago gave us Isaiah 60 and please go there in your Bibles, I don’t have a lot of scriptures this afternoon but one or two very important ones just for the message this afternoon.

When God gave us Isaiah 60, that’s been a part of my life for a very, very long time. As God is leading us as a people into the promised land; every obedience we are giving God, we are growing. God is showing us much more. He can take us much further and He is currently doing it with all of us, all of us, in Isaiah 60 verse 17, well the whole of Isaiah, but I want to focus on verse 17 this afternoon. 17Instead of bronze I will bring gold, Instead of iron I will bring silver, Instead of wood, bronze, And instead of stones, iron (Isaiah 60:17 NKJV).

So in the past we had to use what was available. Well, actually Brother Jerry said, “God had to use only what was available,” and let me explain it to you. There’s a lot of bronze in the Church all over this world, in the Church of the Lord Jesus. There’s more brass than gold, but Pastor John and Sharon and a people with them here, with our obedience’s, with being faithful, choosing to be planted, choosing like Pastor Melusi said when he prayed this afternoon; we choose to fear God and to put Him first. So we are growing, we are learning, we are becoming. So we are at a place where God is giving us the gold and He is replacing the brass. So let me explain this to you. So I fully understood why God is giving me this instruction not to listen to any other music because of what God wants to have in us. Because very simply when you begin to understand how to walk by faith, thanks guys, thanks so much. Ja, that side is not bad. When you understand how to walk by faith you begin to understand one very important principle; what you put in is what you’re going to get out. You can only receive later on the only things where and what you choose to make a deposit in your heart.

So Jesus said a very, very powerful thing towards the end just before His crucifixion and I am going to take you to John chapter 14 verse 30 this afternoon. And this one is in the Amplified. Thank you, Willie, it’s just that side. The wind is lovely but I think you guys are getting wet that side? You guys are safe here, no problem. Praise the Lord. Oh, the rain is wonderful and we are just grateful to the Lord. We just praise the Lord.

Well, please look at John 14 verse 30 and this is the Amplified. So people you must understand what, what comes into you, what enters you is what is going to come out of you. Satan understands this. So look at John 14, Jesus says in the Amplified, 30I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming. And he has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me; listen to this sentence, there is nothing in Me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me.] (John 14:30 AMPC). Very, very powerful verse.

So people, how many times did we warn young people about the dangers of music? Because of the words, because of the declarations and they listen to it over and over, but the Lord said to me, “The more mature music selection.” You know, we can talk to the youth, but what about us? But what about us? The Lord said it is as dangerous because something that is occupying that place that God wants in your life is now being occupied by something that you just like because it is so nice in the world. It is as dangerous. You are as out of it, you’re not in place. You’re not there where God has everything in you to the level and to the extent that He wants sound and His Word and praise in you. Because even when we know it’s not a bad song, even if it seems, you know, somehow a little bit good, it’s still not God. So even that we have to understand today.

But I want to ask you a question the way the Lord gave it to me when He gave me this revelation in Isaiah 60. This is very important, because it covers all areas of our lives, but think about what’s happening in the Church of the Lord Jesus. If I ask you a question today; what do you think if we take believers in general, let’s say we take a musician, we take a businessman, we take a teacher, we take an engineer and we take children growing up. There’s many believers in the Church of the Lord Jesus; different gifts. Now they sit in the Church. What do you think will happen if all these different gifts, if they are people who are planted, they are lawful, they’re living all in for God and not in self-worship, they’re putting their foot in the message that God is bringing to them, they’re fully submitted to God and their spiritual leaders; what do you think God can produce and bring forth through such a person? Gold, gold. And that’s what He said to me, He said to me, “Christi,” and I knew this for some time. Now, people, you must understand God can use any person anywhere when God wants to do that. We’re talking about believers choosing to develop, believers in the House of the Lord choosing to develop. I knew this about gospel music for some time. I said, “Lord, I recognise the gift, I recognise everything that’s going on here that there is tremendous skill, there’s a tremendous gift there, but Lord, are they planted? Are they lawful? What do they hear? What do they put their foot in?” So, because where you put your foot in any kind of message and any kind of thing, that’s what’s going to come out. God’s not impressed with a gift. If God gave you a gift to sing and to sing beautifully, you’re going to sing beautifully. If you can paint, you paint. But these musicians, under the name of gospel music, where do they put their foot, where do they feed? Okay, can you hear what I’m saying today?

So the question, on the other hand, is if you have then all the different gifts in the House of the Lord, in America, in Australia, in England, in South Africa where God wants them, and they feed on the Word of God and they don’t read other things, they don’t go all over the place, they don’t listen to other music, they listen to what God is bringing to them – the question is, what do you think they can produce? What can God bring forth? The answer is gold. So you get it what God is showing us here today? And that’s regarding all things, that’s regarding all things. Can you imagine God saw how much brass is in His Church for years? Why do you think He’s after leaders like Pastor John and Sharon that will sell out completely to God? A people that will sell out completely to God, to go all-in. That’s why, when Pastor John ministered on Isaiah 58 last week, when you really live all out for God, you cast your cares and your faith is working, God will let you soar high above the world system. It’s not business as usual for us, it’s not music, as usual, it’s not life as normal. We are touching – and this is why these things are so huge like Pastor Melusi said you must listen to what God said through Pastor John in Witbank this morning, he will, of course, say it here in Jo’burg. Yes, Holy Spirit, I want to say to all the Jo’burg people, you are not missing out on anything. Please, don’t think because the band is in Witbank you are missing out on anything. Thank you for being in your place. I want to say it to all of you here today. Do you remember the days in Kyalami, very early on? I’ve shared with some of the members here in Jo’burg – do you know how many people in Witbank asked me, I’m talking about years ago when the Witbank people had to drive through for special meetings on a Saturday, the Witbank people asked me this, they said to me, “Christi, are we the only ones that must go to Jo’burg?” I said to them, “Right now we are the ones.” And I told them by faith you are not missing out on anything, God requires you to stand where you are standing. I want to say it to all of the people in Jo’burg, your faith is working; your faith is so powerful with your gift in your calling around Pastor John. He needs you to stand strong, he’s doing things that side like he had to do things this side and next time he had to do things that side and next time he has to go that side, he needs all of us to stay strong where we are planted.

Yes, we’re going to see great change in this year, and get used to it. Get used to it and actually I want to say to all of you today develop a stomach, develop a stomach, because the Lord said to me, and that’s why He showed me a big portion about what we must understand about change. People, the moment we went from Pretoria to Witbank because the Lord said, “It’s the time and the place in Witbank.” Great change happened, but guess what? It was just the beginning. Then we had to interact with the Lord step-by-step through the messages so that God can lead us.

Again I want to say to all of you here in Jo’burg, thank you, thank you for being where you should be. If God is going to put you somewhere else or bring change this year, praise to the Lord. And if God choose you to stay right here, you stay here, you stay in faith, because you are not missing out on a thing, you are actually passing a test. Because if God can trust you here, like He had to trust the people in Witbank for years, for years they said to me, “All the fancy people in Jo’burg…” They felt so left out. I can only now in hindsight tell you this story. Masses on masses in Witbank, they would come to me and say to me, “Christi, everything is happening in Jo’burg.” And I said to them, “And so what? So what? That’s not changing anything. You’re getting the Word, you are developing right here where God has you in. He’s got all the plans and the purposes for you here and if He does make a change, then you work with God and there you go. And if He’s not doing that with you, you know everything is in this place where He has you.”

You know, thank You Holy Spirit, that story of the woman that went to Jesus to get deliverance for her daughter, and if we can now just use that word dispensation. She was in the wrong dispensation, because Jesus said to her, “It’s not good that you come to ask for something, I must first bring the message to the Jews.” Because He said to her and He was actually, He offended her, well; they knew the language of the day when He said that the crumbs, she said, “Well, the dogs can eat the crumbs.” But Jesus said, “I must first give the bread to the Jews.” You know what that woman did? It’s one of the most beautiful faith stories for me in the Bible.

I was with those people in Witbank, when we sat that side and all the big, wonderful things happened in Jo’burg. And that is not the only way I can use this story, I just want to bring it under your attention. Have faith; when you’re in faith, you can pull miracles. You can pull miracles that only belong in the next dispensation; you can pull them right into your world here where you are. You are not missing out on a thing. When you’re in faith, when you use your faith, when you have the Word of God, you have His mandate. And like Pastor John ministered, when you have the mandate through God’s Word, Heaven is backing you. God is changing the instinct of fish, like we talked the last time, and He’s propelling that fish right into your boat, only if He can find faith where you are.

We all, we are all called around Pastor John, wherever God wants us to be, wherever He wants us. So, that is just one of the things that the Holy Spirit started to show me that I must share with the Witbank people. So praise the Lord. And thank you, it is so wonderful to come here. It is so wonderful to see you guys in Witbank. We are one. We are all a people. But please don’t, you know, when we sang tonight, we sang it, Satan will come with his lies. Satan will come with his lies and tell you, “Look at the band, look at the fancy things that are happening now in Witbank.” It is for reasons why God needs it. That’s all. And maybe He’s going to move you there; and maybe He’s not going to move you there, then He needs you here. But your gifting, your supply of the spirit around this assignment is so vitally important. So, thank you for that.

Back in the Word. So, people, I know you can see very clearly today what God wants to show us; what He means by; now He can give us gold. You know, if I think about my lawless life, and maybe you can think a little bit about yours. God could not give me gold in those days. How could He? I was all over the place; I was in all messages; I was in all different songs. I was church hopping, if I was going to church. But you understand what I’m saying here today. It is wonderful to be obedient and to understand what church means so that God can bring us the gold. That’s what we are talking about here.

Now, people, I just want to say this very quickly, and I’ve already explained a little bit. I really smiled in Witbank; after I ministered this message in Witbank, it was that Monday, normally we have staff prayer on a Tuesday; maar die Afrikaanse woord is baie interessant; dit beteken gons. What would you say in English? It was buzzing, buzz. It was buzzing. So, they all would come to my office, one-by-one, just very discreetly, and saying to me, “Do I mind if I talk to them about the word of yesterday?” Because they cannot see how they can only listen to this music. And we had a two-hour wonderful conversation that of course we can’t talk about that but it came down to, I said to them, “Let me start with this,” and then we talked about wonderful things. I said, “Guys, from my side let me explain, I’m going to change to fit the legacy. And who does this? We do.” And then we started to talk about what will it take now in your life, just to absolutely give God a clean slate, be in the message; be in the sound; so that He can take you right through the new door.

The guy, some of you who’ve listened to this morning’s message; and I only smiled this morning, because Pastor John is going to talk to you all about, like he started to share with us, “Project Strike”, like 2 Kings 13 where you have to strike the ground for the things in your life; Pastor John is bringing to us “Project Conditioning” and “Project Celebration”. So, I was smiling, sitting in my chair this morning because what do you think Project Conditioning includes? Conditioning myself to what kind of music I’m listening to; how I’m giving God myself right now.

So, people, please, like I said, I know you hear me this afternoon; I’m not coming to make a doctrine of this thing, to say; you cannot do this, but I know your ear is hearing me. I’m giving God my all. I want the grave clothes off. God has promised me like He promised you, He is redeeming everything in my life; I’m going for full restoration. I’m just believing God. And you know it’s happening while we worship, while we praise God and while you’re worshipping and praising Him in your car. It is happening when you give yourself, when you put your foot in the message, and you put your foot in the sound of music; song & praise.

And then I want to share with you tonight what Pastor John said, I am going to go there. Oh this is the last thing, this is very important; it comes back to being planted. How you release and if you will release the sound, how you will be in the message and if you will get those things that God is telling you in the message. If you do that, God that will determine how quickly you go from one point to the next, straight to the promise land. I want to say this to you, I can only say it from my own experience, I have experienced this now in 20 years of being planted that’s why I am grateful for that revelation, to understand I must get the message that’s coming from the pulpit. People, if you are still going to be in other messages and other songs, just let me tell you this, I have no doubt about that, because the Lord showed me many times, He said to me “Christi, if you are obedient you go from one point to the other one straight and very quickly”. But we see the example of what happened in the Old Testament. If you do not, if you are not obedient, if you do not give God your response, you fight your spiritual leader; you don’t like the next thing is God is going to show you, very simple, you’re going to wander. You’re going to wander around. So how you give yourself to the message and put yourself into the song and the sound and the praise, will determine how quickly you move along. That’s just called obedience. God’s not withholding anything from us.

And then I also want to say to you how grateful I am today. No wonder Satan wanted to take Pastor Garth’s life the way he wanted to take him out. No wonder. He knew, He knew this great gift will be given to the Kingdom of God. And God says, “In this one, by divine assign, I will put a sound in him.” So, we are very, very grateful that Pastor Garth is so magnificent. He’s stepping up and into everything that God has for him. He’s a gift unto gifts. Very, very powerful, and we praise God.

Daniel, I’m going to ask you if we can put that word of Pastor John on the board. Thank you, I’ve got it here in my book.

Now, I know some of you know this word. Some of you may have missed it, that doesn’t matter, really doesn’t matter. God will always, we feed in this house, He will always see to it that you will get it again, that it will be available. This is the music prophecy that Pastor John released on 16 December 2018. When you listen to these words right now, you’re going to see that God says, “I’m going to take the cities, I’m going to take the nations.” But then very personally, that’s why the Lord said to me, He said to me “Christi, you must bring this to the people.” Why must it go to the city, and to the nations, if it’s not coming into your own heart?” God says, “Yes, I’m going to take the cities and I’m going to take nations, but this sound must resound in My people’s heart, in their hearts as well”. So when I’m going to read it to you right now I just want you to see it, number one, for yourself, and actually this week, in a meeting me, Pastor Garth, and Pastor Sharon, we had a wonderful meeting, and Pastor John said I must please share with you that just after Church this morning in Witbank he had a huge meeting with the music team ministry about how they’re going to move forward, what God is saying, and of course he’s going to come and share a lot of those things with you.

God says, “Yes, I’m going to take the cities, and I’m going to take nations, but this sound must resound in my people’s hearts, as well.” So when I’m going to read it to you right now, I just want you to see it – number one, for yourself and actually this week in a meeting, me, Pastor Garth and Pastor Sharon – we had a wonderful meeting – and Pastor John said I must please share with you, that just after church this morning in Witbank, he had a huge meeting with the music team ministry about how they are going to move forward; what God is saying and of course he is going to come share a lot of those things with you. But first of all, God has it to go into your heart, for you to respond and to have this. There’s something that I wanted to say and the Holy Spirit will remind me.

So, this is what Pastor John said. This is a word I’m taking for myself; it’s a word actually that I’m praying. I’m not reading it and just glancing at it now and then. This word is shaping my life very, very profoundly. Pastor John started to speak. He says;

Songs of Light, and immediately I want you to see those words, sounds of heaven. Father, I speak according to Your Holy Spirit right now and I command this music. I command the music that has come from this Heritage of Faith; the song and the sounds that are coming out of this Church. I command those words to go into the city. I command those words and the sounds to go into the Nation. I command the words and the sounds and the songs to go in all the Nations of the world. I command those sounds and songs and the words of this music, to begin to draw people right here in Witbank; to draw them to Jesus; to draw them into the intimacy of the Holy One. I command these words to do the job in the city right now. And I say, “Words, go forth in the Name of Jesus.” I command these words to break down strongholds in this Nation and in this city and in this region, Father. I command these words to be a sound, put your foot in the sound. I command these words to be a sound of heaven in this very city, Father, that the sound of heaven will be heard, the sound of heaven will be heard by the people – the people of the city, the people of Johannesburg, the people of Lenasia, the people of this country, the people of the Nations. The sounds will be heard.

God always leads His armies forth, His people forth with sounds. Prophecies, the written word is all words; it’s sound. Melodies, chords, notes are very important to our Lord. Then the Lord continues: And I will draw people to Jesus and those that have not yet met Jesus, Father, let this be part of that, what will draw them. That they will come to the sound, that they will hear in the atmosphere. There will be a sound that they will hear in their hearts, there will be a sound that they will hear in their ears, there will be a reaction to the music that will cause them to fall down and to repent and give their lives to Jesus, to turn from their old ways and come into the new ways of Jesus. Hallelujah.

I pray Father that the sound, the sound and the songs of this music would begin to permeate – and that means in our own hearts first. Permeate means to penetrate, to sink in. If you listen to other songs, they will permeate, they will sink in that’s just very plain for us as a people. It will begin to permeate the nations of the world, Father. And I declare Lord that many healings will take place. Can you see why I pay attention? Yes Lord, I pray for the city with all of you and for the Nation, but when it comes to healing and the rest that I’m going to read here, God says, “I’ve got this for my people.” Don’t let this go into the cities and it’s not entering into your own heart. And I declare, Lord that many healings will take place, many emotional changes. People will give up their old ways and come into the new. I know that I know that I know, to give yourself fully to the Lord in praise and worship, like Pastor Sharon said, and people, by now you know a little bit, I’m so glad this is not a competition, so then you can hear me sing as well. But why is it important? Because Pastor Sharon helped us to say, “You cannot take the old things through the new door.”

So do you understand when you worship God with these songs and these words, He is going to take things and show you things about yourself and then you will not allow that old thing to go through the new door – that’s what God is saying. People will give up their old ways and come into the new. It’s not just people who do not know the Lord, it’s us; it’s us too. Depression will leave. Oppression will leave. I declare Father, people will see Light and freedom in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. I declare these songs will be songs of Light that will go out into the world and penetrate the darkness of the human mind. It will penetrate the darkness of the soul that has turned against Jesus. Listen to this; it will penetrate the darkness of depression and oppression. It will penetrate the darkness of all kinds of manners and sickness and disease. And listen to this one; It will penetrate the darkness of poverty.

When we sang it, when you are truly joyful, when you praise the Lord, Satan cannot keep your stuff. Really, some people, their praises are weak, really. If we find ourselves giving ourselves like this to God, I want to tell you, it’s going to change your finances, it’s going to change your soul, your emotion. God’s got it for us. God’s got it for us. It will penetrate the darkness of religious spirits and all kinds of ways of men that have turned against God. It will go forth and accomplish that which You have sent out to do; Isaiah 55:11. Father, I declare, says Pastor John, this morning, under the inspiration, under the prophetic mantle of the Word of God, that will be so in Jesus Name, it will be so in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

So this word, if it’s not already available already on our website, of course it will be, but I know this afternoon your ear can hear. People can I tell you one thing, I enjoy my classic music, I have all kinds of music that I like. Since this CD came out and let me tell you one thing, I gave God my quick obedience. It’s a thing to switch off the other music. I’ve got only one CD in my car. Many times I’m just praying, many times I’m just praying. But when I’ve got a choice, I switch on those words and for the first time in my life, it’s only those words that is resounding in my heart.

So I want to encourage you today. You can only choose to do this. Two Scriptures, and that is it for today. Please go to 2 Samuel 5:24. Listen, there is so much to say about what we are talking here about. Honestly, I actually, I’ve got things that I’ve prepared. I said to the Lord that’s not even enough if I’ve got two to three hours to cover them but I know that will come. So, I just want you to understand that this is for you personally. This is not just nice because you will sing a song and you will learn how to praise God. As much as my faith is working, as much as I’m hearing God in every message, and I go through those messages with a fine tooth comb, just like Pastor Sharon says. If I miss anything there, I’m going to miss it. I needed to walk my process out. I need to hear the word of God, to proclaim it, to declare it in victory, to believe for things, to speak it into my environment. But let me tell you, Pastor John shared with us long time ago; it’s time to occupy. This is one of the ways we occupy. When I choose to put that CD on and worship God, I worship God because I love Him, I worship God because I am thankful. There are moments where I just worship God but other moments when I put that music on I put that sound and I am in the sound and I praise God because I’m occupying spaces and places. So 2 Samuel 5:24, 24And it shall be, when you hear the sound, listen that when you have to do warfare and win certain things in your life, a sound is important. When you hear the sound of the marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, the angels were ready to move, then you will advance quickly. For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines (2 Samuel 5:24 NKJV).  Now if you read what happened here, they waited 29 years for this particular victory. Many of us are waiting for very specific victories. It’s the message, absolutely the message, the Word of God how He is directing us. But God is adding to us to teach us about praise. He is going to take us back and I wanted to minister on that as well this afternoon because Pastor Sharon is starting to teach us what it means if God is willing to take us back to the tabernacle of David; to give us what God gave him. God is just simply giving us the gold. So we’re really going to in the sound press for what we want. And then you know this, 2 Chronicles 20:20 is the very well-known Scripture that you guys all know. The Bible says if you listen to what the prophets are saying you will prosper. So that is 2 Chronicles 20:20. Very important.

But many people did not understand what place, if you understand sound and song and praise, place, in taking victories and having victories. I’m going to read, verse 20 talks about believe what the prophets are saying. And what’s happening to us here today is supernatural increase because we listen to the prophet that God gives us through Doctor Jerry to say; new doors and supernatural increase. So all of this teaching coming from Pastor John and Pastor Sharon about praise and song and we will see to it that you get all those sessions that Pastor Sharon is doing. It is so important for our lives. Why? When they had to send out this army, when the moment came to fight this fight, look what happened; how they did it and how the fight was won.

Jehoshaphat listened to the people’s advice, then he chose men to be singers to the Lord, verse 21. They were to praise the Lord because He is holy and He is wonderful. Listen to this, 21they walk ahead of the army, singing to the Lord and praising him for his holy splendor (2 Chronicles 20:21 NLT). And then they said, the Bible said they said, “Thank you, Lord. His love continues forever.” Look at verse 22. What happens when you understand song, praise. Because if you understand the different kinds of prayer that you find that you learn in the Bible School first year and second year, the one right on top is the prayer of praise and worship. Because that shows you know Who you are worshipping; what He has said; and it’s actually faith in its highest development and operation when you praise God.

Look at verse 22, 22and they began to sing and praise God (2 Chronicles 20:22 NLT). They began to sing and praise God and the Lord set ambushes. They did not shoot, they did not hit, they did not kick. They began to praise God and sing to Him. Now there is a lot more to say about this today and I know you’ve got an ear to hear what will follow. But the thing that God wants to say to all of us today, “I know how to lead you. I know what is the next thing that I’m bringing you.” And, you can wander around but I know you will not. I’m not going to wander around. I’m going to, I said to Grobbies on my way here, I said, “Grobbies,” already in the car we started to pray what it will mean for us. Well, understand it is not like 4x4X40, but Project Strike is to still shoot your arrows. Project Conditioning and Celebration is now part of our lives. So I said to Grobbies, “So what do you think conditioning will be?” Conditioning in the sound that God is bringing us. And many other things: Physical conditioning, many, many, many other things. I just smiled this morning because this is what God has got for us. Praise the Lord. Let’s pray.

Father, we just want to say thank You. Thank You, thank You, thank You. We give You our tehillah praise already this morning, our high praises. We give You all of our hallelujahs. You know, Lord, and that’s why it’s such a wonderful thing to be in the House of the Lord and to feed on Your Word. You know what to give us when, Lord. Thank You, thank You for this magnificent gift that You’ve put in Pastor Garth; that You want to give us new songs because it’s for us as a people. It is to touch cities. It’s to touch nations, Lord. Thank You, Father. Because it’s in order, and by the release of You, Lord, through Pastor John. Even Pastor Garth called it this week the apostolic music ministry. Father, thank You. We have ears to hear. We just give You glory because Lord, this evening, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, we expect You to do all the marvels and the wonders, Lord. It is still happening. You are doing it all. Father, we ask You for wisdom as we go from this place. I know everyone here in Jo’burg is still going to hear the message of this morning that was ministered in Witbank. But Father, You’ve got new things for us. And we ask You today, Lord, give us the wisdom and the understanding. Help us in our own hearts, Father, to be willing to put our foot exactly where we’ve got to sit it. Thank You that You give us a clean slate.

You know how to take us through the new door, Father. Today, every single day of our lives until now we can recognise and see the supernatural increase. We thank You for it today, Lord. And Lord, facing this week, we will continue to declare everything in victory. Again Lord we say, thank You. Thank You for helping us to see the new doors that You have; not the doors that Satan is showing us – the doors that You are opening. Father, thank You for great wisdom. This is our day of deliverance. It has come. It is here. You find faith in our hearts for the increase and the evidence that must still come, what You have for us. Father, when the enemy comes in, like a flood You raise a standard. And You have ministered to Pastor John this standard that You are raising, in all areas it is the supernatural increase; spiritual; revelation; time spent with You; ability; more and more in Your presence, Lord. The ability to do all things because You’re strengthening us, Lord. In Christ Jesus we can Lord. We say thank You for this standard that You have raised that is in our lives and by faith we will apply it. We will appropriate it, Lord. It is supernatural increase and by faith we take it. We give You all the glory. We thank You for Your goodness, Lord. And thank You that I can bless everyone here today, Father. Thank You for the blood of Jesus Christ over all of us here, Father, because Your blood has the power to set everything right. We praise You Lord and we all say; Amen.

See you most definitely in Witbank, Saturday. Please, like Pastor Melusi said, “Don’t miss out. God’s got it for you.” See you Saturday in Witbank.