Big and Bold Part 1 – Ps John & Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: 2 Timothy 1:5-6 (AMPC), Amos 3:7 (AMPC), 1 Thessalonians 5:20 (AMPC), 1 Timothy 1:18 (CJB), 1 Timothy 1:18 (NIRV),1 Timothy 1:18 (NIV), Isaiah 48:3 (AMPC), Isaiah 48:6-7 (AMPC), 2 Peter 1:19 (AMPC), Joshua 1:8 (AMPC), Romans 10:8 (Weymouth)

Morning everybody. Welcome to Sunday service with Pastor John and Pastor Sharon. We would really love to be with you in person, but because of circumstances in the world, we are unable to do so today. We come to you from digital church, Heritage of Faith TV. Thank you for joining us in church this morning. We are going to be talking together and sharing the Word together, as the Lord has laid some things on our hearts and well, praise the Lord. I trust you’ve enjoyed praise and worship and will enjoy some more at the end of the service and I’m looking forward to sharing the Word, Sharon. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes, Looking forward to it

Pastor John: Praise the Lord. Amen. Let’s jump straight in and I’m going to start off by reading from 2 Timothy, chapter 1. I’m going to read to you what happened to Timothy and then Pastor Sharon is going to talk to you about the prophecies over Timothy’s life.

Timothy, the Apostle Paul is writing to Timothy, and he says in verse 5 5I am calling up memories of your sincere and unqualified faith, (2 Timothy 1:5 AMPC) in other words he was remembering that Timothy had sincere unqualified faith, Sharon. You know that is because, and the Amplified says that (the leaning of your entire personality on God in Christ in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness.) Whatever we are talking about today, whether we are talking about living in the Word of God, or living by the Prophetic Word of God, and both are necessary, we have to remember that we have a sincere faith. We have a faith that is given to us by God. Therefore we don’t need to qualify for it or do anything special to get it, we have faith. The only responsibility we have, is to grow our faith and you do that by the Word of God. 

I just want to emphasize it, that unqualifying faith is the leaning of your entire personality on God in Christ in absolute trust. (2 Timothy 1:5 AMPC) That means, you got to trust the Word of God, you got to have confidence in the Word of God, and you’ve got to trust the messengers or the Word that the messengers bring. If you doubt the Word that I’m bringing to you today, or that we have prophetically spoken by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At any given time, if you doubt it, that can be your difference between receiving or not receiving the end result. Leaning of your entire personality on God in Christ in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness), and so in verse 6 he says, 6That is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, (2 Timothy 1:6 AMPC)

You know, Sharon, it’s something that we have to do all the time. We’ve got to keep stirring it up, every day. It’s not like we have faith, and we do have faith, but if you let that, like any fire, if you don’t feed wood to the fire, eventually, it just dies. If you stir up the embers of your faith and your entire leading of personality on Him, then that’s where you have a consistent, steady result of the faith that you live in. Pastor Sharon has got some scriptures that she wants to share about the Prophetic Word, as well as the written Word that we will talk about later.  

Pastor Sharon: Well, I am so grateful to God, I’ve been saying that a lot to the Lord recently. I’m so grateful for Your Word, thank You for Your Word because when I look back on my life, every progress that I’ve been able to make, has been because of the messages and because of the Word of God. 

Here we are, again, with these messages and the Word of God, and as Pastor John has said, both the written, precious, holy, written Word of God and the Prophetic Word of God. It’s both and, that’s how we actually live victoriously, is by both the Words. We’re going to be sharing some of the Words for 2021 with you today. We’re laying a little bit of a foundation here because Amos, chapter three, verse seven says this, 7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7 AMPC). 

That’s just God’s way. He reveals His secrets, the mysteries, the new things, the new revelations, to His servants, the prophets, and that’s why we get prophecies that come to us. That’s why we get messages that come to us and one Thessalonians chapter five, verse 20, and 21, from the Amplified Bible, the Word is quite clear here to you and I, 20Do not spurn the gifts and utterances of the prophets, the Amplified says, [do not depreciate prophetic revelations nor despise inspired instruction or exhortation or warning] (1 Thessalonians 5:20 AMPC). In all of these words that Pastor John is bringing on Big and Bold and that Brother Jerry is bringing, and Brother Copeland is bringing, God is sharing with the prophets and we are not to depreciate them because they give us inspired instruction. They exhort us and they warn us. 

Pastor John: Yes, and that’s important from that scripture, Sharon, to deduce the fact that there is the messenger. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes. 

Pastor John: And if you look at the human vessel and say, “Well, I disregard the message.” 

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: Because of the messenger. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: Well, that means you have a bias against the messenger. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: And actually, the messenger is just a conduit. It’s just a vehicle. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: So if you look at the message, and you say, “Well, I’m not receiving the message, because I don’t like the way the messenger brought the message.” That’s something that you got to look past. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes 

Pastor John: You’ve got to say, God does speak through people. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: And He has people that he chooses to work through. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: And even in your own life, He will choose, He has chosen you to speak words, prophecies, declarations, outcomes, results, for your own self. If you distrust this messenger, the likelihood of you trusting yourself as a messenger is unlikely. That’s why it’s important, right, Sharon?

Pastor Sharon: It’s important.

Pastor John: It’s important to receive it that way.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right because there’s that very powerful scripture, too, where God says, believe His prophets and prosper, and you will prosper. “Believe God’s Word and you will be established, believe God’s prophets and you will prosper.” 2 Chronicles 20:20 God is very clear in His Word that He sends messengers with a message. 

Pastor John: That scripture that you just quoted, Sharon; “Believe His Word and you will be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper,” and so that’s the two parts that we have to live. We have to establish our lives on the Word and the Prophetic Word causes us to prosper because it’s more directive. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right. It’s God’s surge for the time. It’s His emphasis that He is wanting to place on something, for the year, or for the time or for the season.

Pastor John: Yes. You got some more things to read there?

Pastor Sharon: Well, and then of course, I want to encourage you that the Prophetic Word and the Written Word of God, is so that we may fight the good fight because 1 Timothy 1:18, the Apostle Paul is writing to Timothy and saying, 18 This charge, son Timothy, I put to you, in keeping with the prophecies already made about you, so that by these prophecies you may fight the good fight (1 Timothy 1:18 CJB). The NIV says, 18 My son Timothy, I am giving you this command. It is in keeping with the prophecies once made about you. By remembering them, you can fight the battle well. (1 Timothy 1:18 NIRV). Another translation says, 18 …the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well (1 Timothy 1:18 NIV).

That is how we fight. That’s how we fight the good fight of faith because faith comes by hearing the Word, hearing the Prophetic Word and hearing the Written Word of God about our lives and so we fight the good fight of faith and we win. We overcome. We get great victories. 

Pastor John: That’s a great point, Sharon. Jesus already paid the price for every battle that we are going to face, that we can win.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: The battles are still there and the fight is not a fight to win against the world, it’s the good fight of our faith, to keep our faith working because if your faith keeps working, it does defeat the world.

Pastor Sharon: It overcomes the world. Absolutely.

Pastor John: There’s no other alternative, no other outcome. If you’ve got faith, it just beats the world – everything.

Pastor Sharon: It just does overcome the world.

Pastor John: That’s why that scripture says fight the good fight of faith. Don’t fight the world. We’re not supposed to fight the world, we’re supposed to just keep our faith strong.

Pastor Sharon: Faith strong and bold and big, yes.

Pastor John: And fight against those things that want to undermine our faith. That’s what the Prophetic Word helps us with; to keep our faith strong, to keep our faith focussed.

Pastor Sharon: Because when circumstances come against us, then we go to what God has said… no, no, no. It is written. Here it is written in God’s Written Word and here it is written in the Prophetic Word what the prophets have said. Praise the Lord.

Pastor John: Amen. Wow. So, you want to share something else, Sharon, about the good things in the Church?

Pastor Sharon: Well, you know.

Pastor John: And then I’ll go and talk about boldness.

Pastor Sharon: You know, it’s so important for us to take the Prophetic Word and say it.

Pastor John: Yes.

Pastor Sharon: Isaiah 48, verse 3, in the Amplified Bible. This is how God does things in His Church. He did it in the Old Testament and He does it still in the New Testament in His Church. He says this in Isaiah 48, verse 3, 3 I have declared from the beginning the former things [which happened in times past to Israel]; they went forth from My mouth and I made them known; then suddenly I did them, and they came to pass [says the Lord] (Isaiah 48:3). That’s how God works. He will send prophecy, it will come forth from His mouth, to the mouth of His prophets, and then it must come to our mouth and out of our mouth, and then it happens suddenly, and He does it.

Isaiah 48, verses 6 and 7, in the Amplified, God says here, 6 You have heard [these things foretold], now you see this fulfillment. And will you not bear witness to it? I show you specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve] which you have not known. Here’s the verse seven, 7 They are created now [called into being by the prophetic word] (Isaiah 48:6-7).

Pastor John: Yes. That’s our calling.

Pastor Sharon: We call things into being by the Prophetic Word.

Pastor John: And so, underneath all of that, is the assumption that there is a messenger.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: And so, the messenger brings a message from the Lord and God has ordained this in the earth.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right. That’s right.

Pastor John: That will choose men, and He will choose to put His Spirit in men. Those men and women, I speak generically, that those people will actually speak forth what God wants in the earth.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right,

Pastor John: You know, and so He can do that for you personally, and He can do that for us corporately, and He can do that for nations, and He can do that to shift times and momentums and things on the earth. The Old Testament is full of that, where He had prophets prophesy, that change the course and the directions of nations.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: It also had a direct outcome of God’s covenant people. Sometimes, it was telling them of things to come – if you don’t repent, this is what’s going to happen to you. Sometimes, it was – if you will turn to the Lord, this good thing will happen to you.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: You know, so, it’s always, we have to understand that the messengers are important in this process.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right because he had messengers come to his people in the Old Covenant. He has messages coming to his people in the New Covenant. He sets into the Church.

Pastor John: Yes.

Pastor Sharon: He sets into the Church; apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, pastors. He sets them into the body, they are messengers, and He gives them messages to bring 

Pastor John: Yes. To bring

Pastor Sharon: Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Pastor John: Praise the Lord. Well, the Word of the Lord that came to me, at the end of last year, and He’s been giving me some insight into it, over the December period, is that in 2021, we must live big, and we must live bold. Both of those words are, are about your walk with God. This is not about, just be big and bold in your personality. This is not about be big and bold, just because you can do radical things or you have the confidence to do, can I call it this, radically stupid things. It’s not about that in your natural world, it’s about having a deep meaningful walk with God and then the foundation of that walk, that faith, that trust, says that you must be big and bold.

It is interesting that the Lord gave me that word, Brother Jerry had a word and his word is Abundant Overflow, there’s a lot more to it that Pastor Sharon will go through in a minute, but the headline of it is, Abundant Overflow for 2021. Brother Copeland has spoken about that, This Year is Going to be the Year of the Local Church. If we put those three words together and Pastor Sharon’s going to talk about them now, but if we put those three words together; It’s Big and Bold, it’s Abundant Overflow and it’s The Year of the Local Church. I know Brother Copeland said more things and you will say what he said, regarding divine prosperity and divine healing and various good things that are going to happen, but it’s going to happen in the context of the local church.

Now, Pastor Sharon and I have always believed that the local church is the established order of God for the earth. It’s where He ministers to families, it’s where He ministers to individuals, it’s where He can minister to different peoples in different environments, cultures. Yes, there are messengers that bring messages that are for the whole body of Christ, but His order that He’s going to actually work in is always going to be the local church.

Pastor Sharon: Scripture is clear about that.

Pastor John: Scripture is clear about that, but for a prophet of God, that’s a General of God, in the body of Christ, to come out and say 2021 is going to be a Year of the Local Church, that means that if you take Big and Bold, Abundant Overflow and Divine Prosperity and Healing and then you say; This is all happening in the local Church…

Pastor Sharon: Yes, the local church underpins everything else.

 Pastor John: That’s where it all flows in, that’s where it all flows through and that’s where the glory of God is going to be revealed. These prophetic words are going to happen in the local church. If it’s the local church then it means local people. Local church, local people, that means you and me. If God is speaking Big and Bold, Abundant Overflow, it’s to us. Let’s go for it, let’s go for it by faith, let’s go and get it, let’s get it done.

So, you want to do something about those words Pastor Sharon, you want to read?

Pastor Sharon: Before I read this, I would just like to say that His Words are light. His Words from His Written Word and His Words of Prophecy are a light, right? Because second Peter 1 verse 9 in the Amplified Bible says; 9 We have the prophetic word. You will do well to pay close attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day breaks through and the Morning Star rises and comes into being in your hearts. (2 Peter 1:19 AMPC).

The Prophetic Word is firm and we will do well to pay close attention to it until we get the full light in our hearts. Until the full light of the Prophetic Word and the messages that are going to come to us this year, rises in our hearts. Hallelujah. Because His messages are coming from Jesus. John, they’re coming from Jesus.

Pastor John: What you’re saying is so important because actually, if you don’t have a revelation, a light of these messages for you, then please engage in the corporate revelation of what we are going to do collectively. There is also a message for you, and so I’m going to talk about this a little bit later, but it didn’t take the whole boat of disciples to get out of the boat and walk on the water. Peter was the only one who had a revelation; he asked the question, “Is it, You Lord, then call to me to come?” and Jesus said, “Come.” He was the only one that got a revelation. He had a boldness and a confidence to get out of the boat and walk on the water. There were lots of other disciples, but they were more concerned about what they were seeing whereas Peter was more concerned, “If it’s You Lord tell me to come.” 

Pastor Sharon: But as a born-again, recreated spirit being you have the capacity to receive as much light as you want to, because your spirit receives the light. If you expose your spirit to it and you expose the eyes of your heart here, because His Words are light. He will give you the right sight. They will give you the right sight. The eyes of your heart can be flooded with light. The eyes of your heart can be flooded with light. The entrance of His Words can give you light, but that does not happen without your personal involvements. Your personal participation with His Words, but only we can choose to believe this and receive this as you have been saying, John. We can let the light in or not. We can let the Words, enter in. We let our eyes see the Word. The eyes of our hearts see the Word, we let our mouths speak the Words, we let our hearts believe His Words. This is how it works with God. He brings a message and then it’s up to us to hear, to see, and to receive it in our hearts. 

Joshua 1:8 says, 8 This Book of the Law or this prophetic word, or the messages that are going to come to you this year, shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night. Meditating. That you may observe and do. You see your eyes and your mouth are involved here. For then you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success. (Joshua 1:8 AMPC). Because Romans 10:8 says; The message is close to you. The Weymouth translation. The message is close to you, in your mouth, and in your heart. (Romans 10:8 Weymouth) That is the message which we are publishing to you today. That is what Pastor John and I are speaking to you today, but it is up to you to let it in. To let it enter in, and for your eyes to see it and you to be meditating on it.

Pastor John: It’s something that Brother Jerry and Brother Copeland and I’ve had conversations with them, and been around them, where they have talked very strongly about, they received revelation about healing, they’ve received revelation about favour, in Brother Jerry’s case, very strongly about favour. Brother Copeland very strongly in his life ministry about prosperity. They’ve often talked about the fact that there were a lot of people that received the same revelation, at the same time that they did, but the light that they chose to walk in was measured. They became the judge of the messengers and the message. They said, “We receive it,” but when persecution came and when other messengers came, with other messages, they chose to let go of those messages. So, the result is that Brother Copeland, Brother Jerry, grew in stature, they grew by the Word of God that they’ve received and it continues to direct and guide their lives.

That’s the same as what happened to you and I, Sharon. In the early years of our lives, where we received that Word, we received it with light. We didn’t just hear it and do nothing about it, we immediately began to speak it, we immediately began to make it part of our lives. As our lives have grown and gone on, it got stronger and stronger and stronger in us. You become more sure about the way that you have to walk and the light gives you life and life and light goes together and it lights up your path and you can see where you need to go. That’s the power of what you were saying.

Pastor Sharon: That’s right and the light gets brighter and brighter because you don’t lose the light that you walked in and that you continue to walk in. The light gets brighter and brighter because you allow the Words to flood your heart. You allow the light to flood your heart.

This is a very powerful word that Pastor John is bringing to us, to Go Big and to Go Bold. In one of his recent messages he said, we are going to go big in prayer, we are going to go big in the Word, we’re going to go big in sound and song. We’re going, big, spiritually people. Hallelujah. We’re going to be bold. We’re not going back. Hallelujah.

That’s a primary Word to us and then 2021 Brother Copeland prophesied. He received this word; that It’s the Year of the Local Church, 2019, the 1st of December. He didn’t receive it in 2020. He received it in 2019 and he held it and he shared it with Brother George Pearson’s. So, isn’t that amazing that before Corona, the Lord had already placed, in Brother Copeland’s heart, 2021 will be the Year of the Local Church. The most powerful move of God will take place in the local church.

Pastor John: That’s you and me. That’s us. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s us, planted ones.

Pastor John: Planted ones.

Pastor Sharon: Planted in the local church, we will flourish. Hallelujah. 

Pastor John: Local Church. Hallelujah.

Pastor Sharon: The most powerful move of God will take place in the local church. The glory of God will fall in the churches that are teaching and preaching, healing and going strong in the Word of Faith. 2021 a year of divine healing. That sounds like supernatural increase is continuing.

Pastor John: Amen

Pastor Sharon: Because I’m going through the New Open Door with all of this.

Pastor John: Absolutely.

Pastor Sharon: And I know you are too. 

Pastor John: Yes

Pastor Sharon: Divine health, divine prosperity, divine recovery, all in the order of the local church. Jesus is shouting to recover. Recovery of the healing ministry, recovery of health, recovery of prosperity, all underpinned by the local church.

Brother, Jerry’s word. Would you like me to share that now? 

Pastor John: Yes. Please read it, Sharon. 

Pastor Sharon: Pastor John, and I shared with you that the word 20 means a perfect cycle completed, and a perfect period of waiting is over. A new perfect period and a new cycle awaits us. In the light of that, when Brother Jerry had this Word, he says, A new era has begun. It’s saying the same thing, and more and more signs and wonders will be seen in 2021. For those who will heed My voice, and obey My Words. They will experience My goodness, and My power, as never seen or heard. They’ll see the fruit of their faithfulness, come bursting forth. They’ll prosper and flourish like never before.

Pastor John: That’s those who heed and hear, Sharon.

Pastor Sharon: Yes and that’s the scripture planted in the house of the Lord, you will flourish. Yes, that’s the local church. Abundance and Overflow. That’s what they’ll see. I’ll bring it to pass because of their love and obedience to Me. No longer will their enemy have the upper hand, for My spirit is moving in an outpouring of My power is coming upon the land. Well, Brother Copeland says, in the local church. Many triumphant victories will mark this new era. It’s what I’ve planned, so rest in Me. Miracle after miracle. That’s what I’ll do, decree it and receive it and know that it’s true. We’ve been speaking that in the month of December, to each other.

Pastor John: Yes

Pastor Sharon: He’s doing miracles, John. He is doing miracles.

Pastor John: Miracles.

Pastor Sharon: He is a miracle working God.

Refuse to be swayed by what’s said in the news. With Me on your side, how can you lose? So stay with My Word, it’s faithful and true. I’ll bring it to pass and great things I will do. Yes, a new era is here. It’s already begun and I’ve planned marvelous things for you in 2021. Abundant Overflow is the order of the day. So, rest assured, it’s on its way. Today. 

Pastor John: It is on its way

Pastor Sharon: Hallelujah. Your adversary can’t stop

Pastor John: No…

Pastor Sharon: …what I’ve already decreed. So, stay in faith and get ready to receive. Allow no one to discourage you by what they say. Keep looking, to Me and I’ll have My way.

Pastor John: And so, I mean, this is a wonderful word. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes

Pastor John: Because it says, it doesn’t matter what the enemy is whether the enemy might seem… a COVID virus, it might seem like there are restrictions in place, it might seem like there’s not enough jobs. It might seem like… a lot of things, but God who created the universe can make something out of nothing. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes. 

Pastor John: So, that’s where God’s economy supersedes the human economy.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: Because if you really trust God, He can make things happen for you out of nothing. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes,

Pastor John: Where there is no job, someone can make a job and say, “Hey, I need someone” and they don’t even know why they are actually doing it. They can just make a job, and you’re the perfect person for it. 

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: You know. 

Pastor Sharon: Because you speak it.

Pastor John: Because you speak it, because your heart is in it. You are planted.

Pastor Sharon: You speak light, in the midst of darkness and chaos, just like God.

Pastor John: Yes.  

Pastor John: Exactly.

Pastor Sharon: That was that message you brought to us last year. 

Pasto John: Yes. 

Pastor Sharon: …John, about God, there was chaos and there was darkness, and God said, “Let there be”. 

Pastor John: Yeah. 

Pastor Sharon: And so we imitate our Father, as dear children. And so God did that, so that He could show us, this is who you are. Call it, speak it forth. 

Pastor John: Yes. 

Pastor Sharon As we speak forth the prophetic Word. As we speak forth these promises, we create. 

Pastor John: Yes.

Pastor Sharon: We create.

Pastor John: We create.

Pastor Sharon: We create.

Pastor John: We create, because we take His Word, we take the word that the messengers have brought from Him.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: And those words are designed to create our future…

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: To create momentum. And of course, the adversary – and that’s implicit in what that scripture, in the Word… the adversary will come against it.

Pastor Sharon: Yes.

Pastor John: …So, don’t for one minute think you are not… everything is just going to not be contested, it will be contested. Because that’s where this… that’s why you got to be planted. That’s why you got to take heed and hear. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: That’s why you’ve got to do, and be faithful because it will be contested.

Pastor Sharon: It will be contested,

Pastor John: Yes,

Pastor Sharon: You will face opposition, 

Pastor John: But then that Word says that he won’t be able to stand against you. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right,

Pastor John: Because God’s already won the battle for us. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: Yes.

Pastor Sharon: That’s what Brother Jerry says in this next part of the prophecy on another day, a few days after that. Tell my people, they’ll need to remain strong, and stay close to Me. So, they’ll not be deceived by their enemy. Wow. Praise the Lord. Stay strong, 

Pastor John: Yes. 

Pastor Sharon: And close to Him. 

Pastor John: Because that’s the only tool that the devil has really got to work against us

Pastor Sharon: Yes,

Pastor John: And that is to deceive you,

Pastor Sharon: That’s right,

Pastor John: Is to deceive you to be silent. It’s to deceive you to lie, internally minded, and to think and then to speak about no opportunities, about no victories, about nothing. If you stay silent, and you don’t speak victory, and you don’t speak what this Word is saying, if you stay silent, you create nothing. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right,  

Pastor John: You know,

Pastor Sharon: That’s right, 

Pastor John: And so when there is nothing space for you to walk in, then the enemy fills that space with his ways of making you walk

Pastor Sharon: Exactly. 

Pastor John: So you will walk, but you will walk in the things that the world system creates for you. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: Whereas God wants us to walk in line with His system. So, we have to speak it.

Pastor Sharon: You have to speak it.

Pastor John: There is more to be said there, Sharon?

Pastor Sharon: Tell My people they will need to remain strong and stay close to Me so they will not be deceived by the enemy. His attacks will intensify.

Pastor John: Yah.

Pastor Sharon: See, here is a warning.

Pastor John: There is a warning.

Pastor Sharon: The prophecy is bringing us instruction and warning. His attacks will intensify and will try to prevail, but My power is greater and it shall not fail. Fear not. Very important thing for us, to not fear.

Pastor John: Yes, yes.

Pastor Sharon: To deal with fear.

Pastor John: That’s huge.

Pastor Sharon: Fear not, nor be fretful over whatever shall come. The battle is mine and I’ve already won. Contrary to what you’ll see and what you’ll hear. That’s your natural eyes and your natural ears. 2021 Will be a great year.

Pastor John: Amen.

Pastor Sharon: A Year of Abundance and Overflow, that’s My plan and it shall be so.

Pastor John: It shall be so. If we heed and we hear and we do and we speak it, it will be so.

Pastor Sharon: We speak these words. We create with this Prophetic Word. We create our entire environment this year, with the Prophetic Word.

Pastor John: Yes, with the Prophetic Word.

Pastor Sharon: We speak light. Where there is chaos and darkness, just like our Father God, “Let there be light, let there be abundant overflow, let there be…” Amen.

Pastor John: Amen. We are going to conclude now, and I just want to conclude with what God has given me. I just want to say that here is what the Lord began to say to me, He said: “We must be bold in defense” and as times go by, I will speak more about this. We must be bold in our defense. Like Brother Jerry’s Word says, “The attack of the enemy will come.” We must be bold in our defense, and I will talk more about this. It’s like when Jesus came out of saying, in Luke chapter 4, In this day, this prophecy is fulfilled in your ears. They got all mad at Jesus and wanted to shove Him off a cliff, but with all of that crowd, He walked right through them. Because His boldness and His confidence in God was His defence.

We must be bold in our protection. The Lord said to me, just like Pilate said to Jesus, “Don’t you know I have the power to take your life?” and He said, “No, you don’t have the power. I am in the will of the Father and I am the one that has the power to lay it down”.

Pastor Sharon: Yes

Pastor John: Paul, you know, he was on a boat that was none of his doing. He was a prisoner, and he told the guy, “We should not sail,” but the guy said, “No, we must sail.” He had a warning by the Holy Spirit that there was going to be a shipwreck, but because Paul was in the will of God, even though there was a shipwreck, he was saved and ultimately had led to some wealth and prosperity for Paul.

Then He said to me, “You must be bold in offence.” In other words; attack. He said to me, just like in Jericho, when the children of Israel, there was no way that they could break down the walls of Jericho. In the natural, they were an army too weak. In the natural, they never had enough strength, but in the Spirit, God said, “It’s time to attack.”

Not attack the way normal conventional warfare happens. It was just, walk around your space that you want to occupy and praise and praise and praise. Then God said, “Your praise did the job in the heavenly’s.” I can imagine angels standing ready with heavenly crowbars, and as their last time came, they just stuffed the crowbars under the foundations of the Earth, of Jericho and it just all collapsed on each other.

He said, We must be bold in our offense and we must be bold in our new directions. What the Lord gave me was, the Apostle Paul was on his way to a city in Asia. Then he had a dream, and the man from Macedonia was calling to him. Even though he was heading in one direction, it became clear that the Holy Spirit was leading him to Philippi and of course the Philippian church became a very, very powerful partner with the Apostle Paul. His obedience led him to really great and wonderful things.

Then also, we must be bold in our established faith. So, You know, that scripture that you read, that we quoted, receive the Word of God and be established. We must be established in our faith, because the Word of God is exactly what establishes us, you know, and it’s on that Word that Peter heard from Jesus, he said, “If it’s You, Lord, tell me to come.” It was one word ‘come’ and that established his ability to walk on the water.

Pastor Sharon: He was bold.

Pastor John: He was bold.

Pastor Sharon: Because he had the Word.

Pastor John: Because he had the Word.

Pastor Sharon: Because Jesus said “Come.”

Pastor John: Come The word established it. 

Pastor Sharon: And this whole prophetic word is saying, come.

Pastor John: Come. And so then he said, “You must be bold, in sowing your God given gifting.” If you’re called to serve, if you’re called to teach, if you’re called to, to be involved in compassion and mercy ministries, whatever your calling is, the Lord says, “You must be bold.” How does that work? Well, in 2021, you might find, well COVID has got restrictions, my time is trying to recover. But if you’re bold and say, “I’m going to give my gift.” God will use that as a platform to bring good things to your life, and we must be bold. He told me to be bold in obtaining a great harvest.

Pastor Sharon: Yes. 

Pastor John: We must go, and this is what this word is, Abundant Overflow. 

Pastor Sharon: That’s right.

Pastor John: It’s a time of supernatural and divine healing, divine prosperity.

Pastor Sharon: Divine prosperity, yes

Pastor John: And all for us locals.

Pastor Sharon: Local, for us in the local church. For us planted ones.

Pastor John: He said to me, “Be bold in going after a great harvest.” He said, “Great harvest” to me, because it’s big.

Pastor Sharon: Big.

Pastor John: You must go after the big harvest. And so just finally, I say how big, how big do you go? How big do we go? I say it this way. How big is your praise? How big is your thanksgiving? How big is your mouth?

Pastor Sharon: Yes, I have a big mouth this year.

Pastor John: What do you say? How big is your mouth? Call me Big Mouth John Bendixen.

Pastor Sharon: This year.

Pastor John: Call me Big Mouth John, you know, because how big is your mouth. In other words, fill your mouth with God’s Words, fill your mouth with His will and His plan for your life. Fill your world, your mouth with His assignment and purposes for you.

Big mouth. How big is your mouth? How much praising are you going to do? How much thanksgiving are you going to do? And this will lead to, and be determined by the faith that grows from the Word of God, and grows from the God given faith that you have.

I just want to remind you of what God said to me, a long time ago. He said:

You must live in the mind of God’s possibilities, not what seems possible in the world, and You must live in the knowledge of God’s probabilities. His possibilities. His probabilities. You must live in the essence of His presence, You must live in the function of God’s pattern, which is to fill your mouth with words, praise and thanksgiving. You must live in this substance of God’s unseen power.

Let me tell you, people are living in the substance of the unseen power of Coronavirus. Yeah, because you can’t see the Coronavirus, and yet it’s affecting everybody everywhere, and people are behaving in accordance with its power.

Now, let me tell you, you might not be able to see God’s power, but you got to behave and act like God’s power has the same impact on your world, even though you can’t see it. Great stuff. You must always live in the moment of God’s protection. Even if you walk into a space where there’s a virus, or where there’s something going on, and there’s something happening, this is God’s moment of protection for you. And finally, live in the expectation of God’s provision.

That’s a revelation, a teaching that God gave me a long time ago. It’s no more relevant then, and now, it’s the same relevance, if not more now than then, because it’s an eternal principle, living in the expectation of God’s provision. 

Pastor Sharon: Pastor John, I’m just bursting to say one more thing. When you were reading that, how big is your Praise? How big is your Thanksgiving? The Lord said to me, how big is your giving?

Pastor John: How big is your giving?

Pastor Sharon: How big is your generosity? Because that’s one of the definitions of the word big: it is to be generous, liberal, openhanded, liberal and generous.  How big is your giving?

Pastor John: You refer to a big man because of his giving.

Pastor Sharon: Big harvest needs big giving.

Pastor John: Yes

Pastor Sharon: Hallelujah.

Pastor John: Hallelujah. Amen.

Pastor Sharon: Big giving. I’m a big giver this year. Generous.

Pastor John: I’m a big giver. I’m a big praiser.

Pastor Sharon: I’m a big thanks-giver and a giver.

Pastor John: And I’m a big mouth.

Pastor Sharon: And I’m a big mouth.

Pastor John: Yes, hallelujah. Well, hey, I mean, we’ve had so much fun sharing the Word with you. Before you know it so much time has gone by, but we’re not sorry. We’re very glad, we’re very happy and blessed that we were able to share the Word with you. We wait to hear from the President and what he has to say on the 15th of January. And so please watch out for messages on your phones or on emails or on Facebook and Instagram, please, so that we can communicate with you about how and when and what our next service is going to look like. In the meanwhile, from Pastor Sharon and from me, from your pastors in the church. God bless you.

Pastor Sharon: We love you.

Pastor John: We love you. We love you and we hope to see you soon. In Jesus name. Bye-bye, everybody.