Preparation Prayer – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 (TPT)

The Joburg people are in Witbank. You got the what? The live link. Sjoeh! I also got the live link. I’m very much linked and I’m alive. Glory! Praise Jesus. Well, you know, here I am and there you are. We’re all linked together and I mean that you are alive tonight, on this Friday evening. So, welcome to prayer. Hallelujah! So, you know, we’ve had quite a couple of busy days and lots of stuff, running here, running there, doing this, doing that, writing articles, writing stuff for America, writing stuff, planning, preparing. You know, I’m not even back a month and then I’m going to go and be with Brother Jerry at his president’s cabinet meeting. And so we’ve had to book air tickets now because otherwise, you don’t get the dates that you need, and then so, you know there’s just a lot of stuff on the go. Genugtig! And so then I decided that you know I feel like I’m under a baobab tree tonight. I mean we’ve been planting in the garden and doing stuff, and making decisions about to aloe tree or not to aloe tree. [Pastor John laughs]. To vetplant or not to vetplant. You know, some people prefer to plant vet everywhere, not just on a plant, you know what I mean? But we’re planting vette or vetplante.

So, I feel like I am under a baobab tree tonight, or an acacia tree or you know walking amongst the aloes, not the hello’s the aloes. So because I felt that way, I thought I’d come in shorts, so you just have to deal with my bare legs here tonight. So, but if you imagine me under the baobab trees or acacia trees and the aloes or not to aloes, you know, then we can say, aloha! Aloha, julle mense! Praise Jesus! Wat gaan aan met julle? You’re imagining the baobab tree? Yeah, me too. Check it’s all lit behind me. Glory to God!

Praise Jesus! Well, I won’t keep you long tonight because here I am and there you are. For all those, those that are far away, they are also there. Ja ons is standvastig in ons biduur vanaand. So let’s see if we can get you out here whenever the Lord sees fit because there He is and here we are. You know? [Loutjie speaks to Pastor John]. 

So praise the Lord! You see, when I was in America the last time, I decided, you know, maybe I should have a leather bible, I should have a paper bible. So then I went and I bought this, this passion translation, and I bought this leather bible. Check it out, it looks cool hey? Ja né. So I thought I’d read from it, I bought it so I thought I’d read from it. I didn’t want it to be there and I’m here. So I thought we’d better come together and then I could read out of it because we’d be together, you know. I have a Passion Translation on my iPad but my iPad is feeling like I’m overusing it, so here we are. Hi, babe! Hi, to all the people in Joburg, and Lenasia, and Diepsloot and anywhere else where you’re joining in prayer. Welcome to prayer meeting! I know this doesn’t feel like prayer meeting but we’ll get there don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry.

Praise the Lord! I’m going to just read to you from this scripture from the passion translation, it’s 1 Corinthians 1, and it says… You know the verses are not so well set out here, but I think it’s verse 4 in the Passion Translation. 4 I am always thanking my God for you because he has given you such free and open access to his grace through your union with Jesus, the Messiah (1 Corinthians 1:4 TPT). He and we can give thanks to God that we have such free access, such amazing union with the Lord, Jesus through His grace. This is an amazing gift that God has given us, really. You know, I’ve been a bit light-hearted in the beginning here, but you know in many years gone by, it really was like this; God’s there and we’re here and there wasn’t much energy happening between God and man. Mainly because man didn’t know how to connect with God. But when we understood the power of His grace, and the power of who He is and we are in Him and Him in us. Now we have this amazing union and this amazing freedom that we can all come together and have a wonderful joy amongst us. Right?

He goes on to say: 5 You have been endowed with a wealth of inspired utterance, inspired utterance, and the riches that come from your intimate knowledge of him (1 Corinthians 1:5 TPT). Come on, inspired utterance, that’s what we were praying the other night. We were praying about the help of the Holy Spirit, that we can always ask the Holy Spirit for help, whatever we’re doing, we can ask the Holy Spirit for help. So, here in 1 Corinthians, he’s talking about inspired utterance. Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to have inspired utterance all the time, don’t you? Don’t you want to have inspired utterance? I mean, if I’m going to talk then I’d rather be inspired, rather than be uninspired, yeah?

Rather than be uninspired. Ja? Because anybody can talk uninspired talk, but we want to talk under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Whatever we ask the Father; whatever we declare in the spirit, we are inspired. With utterance, so that means that you got to utter stuff. Utter, ? So let’s just, let’s just increase our level of inspiration by uttering. Let’s mutter and utter. Uh? Ja, we can utter and mutter. And if someone asks you what you are doing you say, “I am muttering for uttering.” It sounds a little bit, you know as if it is off but it is not it is all good it is all kosher don’t worry. You know, mutter to utter and utter to mutter. You know? And you probably won’t forget about the muttering and the uttering tonight. [Pastor John laughs] So, come on let’s utter with inspiration. You mutter in the spirit, right? You mutter and meditate and pray.

[Pastor John and congregation pray in the spirit] We increase our faith. We increase our inspiration. We lift up ourselves in the Holy Spirit. Because You have given us inspiration and we pray and inspire our faith through the inspired utterance of the Holy Spirit. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Well, I’ve got some things on my heart that I want to say to you and pray with you tonight. We will just see how the Holy Spirit leads us. If we finish before the hour is done, I have things on my heart as I was preparing this afternoon, just preparing my spirit. Preparing myself in the Word to come here for an inspired utterance. I felt led by the Holy Spirit as I am inspired to share with you some things, that I trust even as we go into next week and we do lunchtime praying God will use this as a springboard into next week.

So, you know for many years I’ve had such a… And in some circles, this is such a bad word, but I would say that I have had such a fundamental relationship with Jesus. In other words, my whole life was founded on the fundamental fact that Jesus is my Lord. He’s, my Lord. He’s my Saviour. He lives in me. That is a foundation, a fundamental foundation, that has guided my life. That has been everything what my walk has been about. It’s me and Him.

So, I always used to get this idea, I used to get it completely, from when I was a teenager, I fully understood that why the church needs to come together. Because the Bible is clear that we together make up the body. And that me singularly cannot represent the whole body. So I knew all of that. What I found in the church a lot of the time is that the church loves to have events. You know, conferences, special events, things that go on all the time. And as a teenager being in the church, having a pastor as a father and growing up as a preacher’s kid, events to me were always like a waste of time. Really. They were, because I don’t need an event for my walk with God to be real and powerful.

On the contrary, it was like I had such a wonderful walk with God as a teenager, I was having these wonderful moments with God all the time that I didn’t actually see why people wanted to have an event. You know? And then there used to be this big deal about, and I grew up in a church, and if you grew up in a church kind of Pentecostal and charismatic type of churches like the AFM they Assemblies of God, number of churches like that. You know, Easter was a big time when they used to have big conferences. Easter conferences. I remember that the AFM used to book out like the Maranatha Parks here down here in Boksburg. And it used to be, I mean talking many years ago, but they used to have these use amounts of people show up for Easter conferences. You know, and they had a ground out there near Gordan’s Bay somewhere, they used to have in the Western Cape for a similar event. You know? And I never, I never really fully understood it and I didn’t really get it. Because it, although I mean there was a collective anointing and I certainly felt that, it didn’t meaningfully change my choice to live with God every day. 

Come on. Right? You all with me on this? And so as a teenager, young adult, I was kind of, I did not really get why this is so important. You know? And uh, then when I began to get a little older I began to touch the giftings and the callings of God, apostolic gifts prophetic gifts, I began to get a broader understanding a deeper knowledge base, if you like, of true apostolic gifts or true prophetic gifts or true teaching gifts. So, the conferences I attend would normally be just like a collection of pastors that encourage their people to come and the pastors would kind of get their turn to all have a speak. And that is what I didn’t get about it. So we could do this in our own church, on our own and now I have to come and listen to all these other pastors speak. And they are just more pastors speaking. You know? And you sit hours and hours and hours. Listening to other pastors speak. You know? But I didn’t have an understanding of the gifts that were operating or could operate in power in a much greater measure.

It was only when I began to get exposed to someone like Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland, I began to get exposed and started to get the knowledge of the power of these gifts. Not that I didn’t know what the Bible said about it, but I didn’t see the manifestation of those gifts. So, if I have to liken it to you this way. If you read Romans chapter 12 and you see the gifts that are in the body of Christ and I am going to talk about that gifts, that you can prophesy and you can teach. So, you have a gift that you can prophesy and you have a gift that you can teach, but that is not a fivefold calling prophet and it is not a fivefold calling teacher. So, you might be hearing those in a conference and then you come in, get in touch with the real teacher and a real prophet. That has got that fivefold anointing on him or her and you say, “Wow, I am beginning to understand things I didn’t understand before.” You know? “It’s like so many things opened up to me.” Then I got it. That’s why those guys come to events and they bring their gifts and then because you have an anointed expectation together with an anointed calling and anointed gifting there is a whole lot more of revealing that happens.

And because you have an anointed expectation together with an anointed calling and anointed gifting there’s a whole lot more of revealing that happened, Amen and so that’s why now when we have an event like brother Jerrys coming on an event you know you can tap into a Youtube thing or you can tap into a digital thing of brother Jerry preaching a message just about anywhere in the world, so why bring him here? Because he’s not coming here with the same anointing that he goes somewhere else in the world he’s coming here with the anointing that our expectations releases in him for us-for us. Other people will listen and to whatever level we create an expectation is the level that God can multiply the gift that we bring to the rest of the body. Amen. So, I know I know that we are recognised, we are recognized in America through some of the ministries that are connected to brother Jerry and people that brother Joe is connected to, we are recognized as having a special capability for prayer we have had people come here and hear our sound and song now and they want that, this that we have they want in their churches. The quality of relationship we have in this ministry, they want that in their ministry and so they ask how can we get that, well it takes years, you don’t just organize a program for it, it takes years. So how are they going to get what we have got? Those people can only get what we have got if we create an expectation to release the anointing that comes to us for us then when it comes and works in us and through us and around us it can be a fragrance that is released to everybody.

So I want to just share this with you, starting with this one thing first I’m starting with an event that is in the New Testament and an event is someone who had this encounter with Jesus. Where in Him you have been made extravagantly rich in every way and you haven’t had been in doubt with the wealth of inspired utterance and the riches that come from your intimate knowledge for Him, intimate knowledge of Him. So, that thing that comes with intimate knowledge of Him, that whole thing, that free grace. There was a woman that received that and she received that with such awesome wonderment that she took something that had been saved for a whole year’s worth of money, and it was in the form of a fragrance. She brought it to the feet of Jesus and she came and broke it over His feet now I want you to understand what’s happened here, she had a one on one intimate relationship with Jesus. There was no one else at His feet. There was no one else with perfume in their hands, there was no one else that rubbed it with her hair into His feet. This was her moment but when she created an expectation and she brought her gift and her love and her intimate knowledge of Him, that He had saved her from a certain future that was dewed to great failure. When she brought it, that fragrance spread into the room and it made everything confront whats happening. For the most part people obviously enjoyed the fragrance but some people began to say: “Why this is a waste.” Some people actually ended up choosing to betray Jesus because of the extravagance of the intimate knowledge of Him.

So if you and I come with, it’s me and Jesus and we are coming one on one. You have got to come one on one first, you have got to come with this idea, for those people watching and listening you have to come with the idea that I’m coming one on one. I’m coming, me and Jesus we’re coming, we’re coming and we’re bringing our perfume we’re bringing our gift and we are going to lay it at the feet of our gathering. Because this was an event that’s taking place of people gathering together. Right? And then when you do that you release a fragrance that everybody can experience and then when we all experience it, it’s a fragrance that goes across digital channels. Well, how does that fragrance happen across digital channels? Because there He is and here we are because it doesn’t matter where He is, He’s everywhere where we are, where they are. He is everywhere, the fragrance of Him goes everywhere. Hallelujah! So, when we bring inspired utterance then that’s what we bring now let’s pray for that right now shall we. That there will be a fragrance, there will be this wonderful aroma that comes from our coming to Him our kneeling, our bringing and offering our coming with our gifting and recognizing that this is a moment and no other moment could be the same is this moment it might never happen again. Who knows. Certainly, that woman never knew whether she would ever have a moment with Jesus again. But in her desire to have that initial moment with Jesus and show Him the thankfulness of her heart, she brought an offering of herself. Yes, it was her stuff too but it was herself. She had to come willing to kneel at His feet and break open that perfume and pay the price of it and humble herself at His feet. Come on! Hallelujah!

Jesus said, you had known nothing, this woman will be remembered until the end. Wherever the Gospel is preached she will be talked about. That’s the power of intimacy that you can bring into a collective forum your fragrance can be powerful. Hallelujah! So we pray Father, we come with inspired utterance tonight we come with an inspired utterance that we will all have an encounter. We determine and we purpose in our heart encounter, intimate encounter with the Holy One, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, with the Father, we come with our determined purpose that we are going to enter in we are not just going to be participating, we are going to enter in and then when we enter in, our fragrance will touch other people with our fragrance, and their fragrance will touch us as well. Then it will go broader and wider and everywhere across the planted, wherever this is watched, the fragrance of our Lord, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father will be felt and smelt everywhere. Glorious aroma of the glories of God will go across the planet. Let’s have an inspired utterance to bring this about. Put your faith in this now! Will you? [Congregation speaks in tongues]

I tell you what I just feel this in my heart that we’ve got to just do a physical act about this tonight. So if you can, if you’re physically capable I would ask you maybe just kneel next to your chair or kneel at your chair, just kneel as a sign of commitment to it. If you can’t kneel please stand, do something different. Just do something different so this is a sign for us that this is what we’re expecting from the Lord on this particular event. [Speaking in tongues] Now let’s just have an inspired utterance. You see what happens is you have an intimate moment this is between you and God but it’s collective. [Speaking in tongues] We are showing you as an act of faith, we kneel before you as we come before you, as we present ourselves as living sacrifices to you Father. That we come not only tonight but as a representation of everything that is going to happen in the week ahead as we go into the conference as we hear your Word as we come together there will be a fragrance, a sweet aroma coming before the very nostrils of the Father. You will pour out Your Spirit amongst us cause we please you, with the sacrifice of our praise and our thanksgiving Lord. Hallelujah, praise You, Jesus. [Speaking in tongues] If you’re watching on television, just kneel in your homes, just pray in your home, just have a moment alone in your home even if you are collectively together. [Speaking in tongues]

Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, praise the Lord. You guys can all stand up again and take your normal seats, thank you. Praise the Lord sometimes you just have to act out what you see in the spirit is happening praise the Lord. Sometimes you have a need for a breakthrough so you just have to dance at home. And you don’t feel like dancing at home but you feel like a little bit weird. You know because it’s me myself and I, you know but hey it has a great power, it has a great power, praise the Lord. Throughout the old testament, and this is what I had in my heart this afternoon that, you know there was an event that happened in the old testament. The event was that God, He gave dimensions for a tabernacle to be made to go with the people in the wilderness. And He said that there will be a palace in that tabernacle that will be the holy place, and there I will rest with My presence in that holiest place. And you know there was only the high priest that could go into that place you know and if he wasn’t pure before God they would have to drag him out dead. I mean that was a real thing, you know. He had to go with a cord tied around his foot so that if he dropped dead because of an impurity of heart that they would have to drag him about. And then to fast forward there was a time the tabernacle or the ark of the covenant was lost and David’s desperate to get it back and so he brings it back and ultimately the ark of the covenant rested with Israel. 

What the Lord wanted me to share with you was that in the transition of getting it back to Israel, it stayed at a covenant Israelites’ home. And just the very mere presence of the arch of the covenant on his land caused his whole land to prosper, it did, you can read it in the Bible. It caused, he started to get blessed and everything started to prosper around him. Just because the arch of the covenant was on his property. If that’s not evidence that the presence of God changes everything then I don’t know, Hallelujah. So there’s an event coming and the presence of God is with us here now but because we’re coming with a greater expectation there’s going to be an elevation, because of expectation. Huh? 

So, then we will receive a manifestation because He’s going to give us a visitation. Hallelujah, glory to God, praise Jesus. Because of our expectation. Because of our expectation. Because of our expectation. Because of our expectation. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, glory to Jesus. And this is our utterance Lord, that we have a great expectation, we have a great expectation, we have a great expectation. Hallelujah. And then you know David because he was a man of war, the Bible says because he was a man of war he wanted to, he wanted to build a temple for God. He was saying “how is it possible Lord that u could live in such a beautiful home, in such a beautiful palace and You are just in a tent? Your presence is just in a tent?” You know. And the Lord said: “No, no David your hands are stained with blood so you can’t build my temple but the one that comes after you, your son will build a temple.” It was Solomon’s temple as it became known later, it was a temple to the glory of God, the presence of God that was so extravagant and so magnificent that it’s beyond thinkable. God permitted an event to occur to build a temple. 

But is was a temple made with hands and then God said but there will come a time and He prophesied there will come a time that the temple that is made with hands there will not be one stone left on top of another of that glorious temple, because I will break it down and in three days I will raise it up because it won’t be a temple that’s made of hands. It will be a temple that’s God’s body Himself. And that temple is still here today, you and we are the temple. We are the temple. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that there was an event for that to happen. The event was that Jesus had to die on the cross, it was an event. And so sometimes an event is necessary to bring about cataclysmic change, a spiritual transition from one form to another. Sometimes you need an event to make that switch and that change. Certainly in the case of God breaking down the temple of Solomon that could never ever exist through eternity because it was a temple made with man’s hands and He wanted an eternal temple where His presence would rest for eternity. That became you and me. And the only way He could achieve that is an event. 

So this is not just an event happening. This is an event because of our expectation because there’s a time thing happening here. There’s a God-glory thing happening here. There’s a God ordained time thing that is happening here. That Brother Jerry’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming with his gifts, he’s coming with his calling, he’s coming in a time, he’s coming because of the order of God. He is coming for us and because of our expectation we are never going to be the same again, never never. We are going to be transformed. We are going to transition. It’s going to be a glorious, dramatic, cataclysmic change that is gonna happen around us, in us, amongst us, with us, for us, to us. Hallelujah. Both personally and corporately. Glory to Jesus. That is my expectation. Hallelujah. I expect and we all expect, Father, a great manifestation and a great visitation. Hallelujah. And we will just be here. We will come and we will be and we will bring our great expectation. Glory to Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. 

So, you know there’s a lot of details that happen in an event like this. There’s a lot of preparing that’s happening in an event like this and even when God allowed David to build the temple, he said okay I can’t build the temple but I will prepare everything that is needed to build the temple. So the preparing started in a previous generation. And it was fulfilled by the next generation. And so that temple was at least two generations, but then when God came and broke it down it became a forever generation. And we are the forever generation. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We praise You, Jesus. We praise You, Lord. We give You thanks. We give You glory. We give You honor. We give You praise. We praise You, we praise You, we praise You. We praise You, Lord. We praise You, Jesus. We praise You, Jesus. We praise You, Lord. Hallelujah. We give You glory. We give You honor. We bless Your Holy Name, Your Holy Name, Your Great Name. Hallelujah. We will declare the name that is above every other name. We declare His name to be the Great Name, the wonderful name, that name that we love, that name that we adore, that name that is everything in our lives, the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah. 

An event is about to unfold. The rest of the scripture goes on to say: 6 For the reality of the truth of Christ is seen among you and strengthened through your experience of Him (1 Corinthians 1:6 TPT). Come on, we are about to be strengthened through our experience of Him. That is why when this is over we are going to have greater strength. We’re going to have greater strength. Ja né. Hallelujah. We’re not going to get weaker, we’re going to get stronger. Greater strength. 7 So now you aren’t lacking any spiritual gift as you eagerly await the unveiling of the Lord Jesus the anointed one (1 Corinthians 1:7 TPT). Well, we are not lacking in any spiritual gift now, but we are going to see the more unveiling of the anointed one in this event that He has ordained. So although we are doing a lot of detail and we’re spending energy and we’re spending stuff to make this a better experience, none of this is lost. It’s a reflection of our expectation. Come on. Ah you know people might say, “Ah Pastor John you know, all these people are spending or giving money, they’re spending energy, we are exploring so many different ways of improving the experience of the event. You know, why only do this when Brother Jerry comes? Why don’t we do this all the time?” Well, we do, but it’s a reflection of our expectation that we give it more of a sincere effort. Hallelujah. 

Okay, so, 8 He will keep you steady and strong to the very end, making your character strong and mature so that you will be found innocent on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God is forever faithful and can be trusted to do this in you for He has invited you to co-share the life of His Son Jesus, the anointed one, our King. (1 Corinthians 1:8-9 TPT) He has invited us to co-share. We have been invited. We have been invited on a lifelong journey but for right now He is inviting us, creating an opportunity for us to come and co-share in this great experience, this great experience. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise Jesus. Glory to God. 

And so Brother Jerry isn’t the only one who is going to do some speaking. Hallelujah. There are others that are going to speak. They come with gifts and callings. And uh, how can I say it, you know. When that anointing of perfume was brought into the room, it was a confrontation because of the people that were there. I would like to in the closing of our prayer meeting tonight. I would like to share this with you.

She probably would not have had an encounter of that level of intimate nature with Jesus if there weren’t others there to witness it. It was because of the witnesses that that became so powerful. Because the witness of the fragrance was an experience for everybody that was there. They were all challenged by it. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. 

Will you agree with me that the way that the Lord has ministered to us in this meeting tonight will be the way that the Holy Spirit will minister to us collectively in everything that happens as we go into this time with God. Huh? Will you agree with me? That this will be both very, very personal but also very public. Personal, and public and powerful. Hallelujah! Change. The Lord said to me today, cataclysmic change. Actually, He showed me a shifting, a shifting of like tectonic plates under the earth, you know. Cataclysmic. A shift is going to happen, it’s going to change everything. It’s going to change everything. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you, Lord.

Okay, I am released by the Lord to share one more thing with you. I didn’t know if I was going to get it tonight because I had an idea we’d finish ahead of time tonight. But Jesus had one more event that happened. I’m going to just share with you. There was lots the Lord showed me today but He had an event that I must share with you. And it’s all about worship, you know, this event is all about worship, that happened to Jesus. They’re just walking along and they’re in this place called Samaritans and actually the Jews and the Samaritans were kind of at war with each other, not that bad but the Jews looked down on the Samaritans as second-class citizens. They arrive at this well and Jesus sends His disciples into town to go and get food, and here’s this woman at the well. Jesus does something that breaks all the rules. He talks to a Samaritan woman, no Jewish man talks to a Samaritan woman. Not in public, nevermind not in private. One-on-one. It just doesn’t happen. It’s against the rules and Jesus breaks the rules. He says: “Give me some water.” She says: “You don’t have a container, how am I going to give you water?” I’m paraphrasing, I’m telling you the story my way. Okay? And the end of the story is that Jesus wasn’t after a physical drink, He was after her drinking. He wanted her to drink but He just used the natural water and the well as a contact point so that she could drink. So that she could understand worship. Because He used a natural thing to introduce a spiritual thing. So great was her drinking that she ran into the town and called everybody and broke more rules. So great was how she had been impacted that the whole town comes out to see this one, this person, this prophet. Who’s this prophet that tells someone all about their lives?

The whole end of the story is, or the punchline of the story is that it’s never going to be about; you worship here or you worship there or which is the most authentic venue or event. It’s all about you! But Jesus used an event to teach them all about, it’s all about you. And her life changes, and everybody’s life changes, and we are still living in that change. Because Jesus ends up making one of the most profound statements of the New Testament, and He says: “He that drinks of this water will never thirst again.” And He makes this statement and He said: “You will worship Me in spirit and in truth.” He said all that to a Samaritan woman? Because God orchestrated an event that turned out to be personal, then it became public and it was very powerful. Personal, public and powerful! That’s my expectation. Personal, public and powerful! 

Yes, and it is because of an event. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. How many of you are, right now, you can just sense the Holy Spirit’s anointing, you can just sense, even now, here, tonight in our prayer meeting it’s like there’s a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit here. It’s like He’s already, He’s already just encouraging us, and He’s verifying that He’s in this event. He’s confirming it. The sign of it, the wonderment of it is that it’s in your heart, it’s in you. You know, you just know it, you know it, you know it. You feel it, you know it. It’s not about feelings, this is about a deep knowing of the Spirit of God is here. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus.

I want to tell you, there’s going to be many people that have been crying out for a long time, they’ve been crying out for something with God, some new thing with God, something… Lord I want to leave the past behind, I want to leave that stuff behind, I want to step into a new phase – Now it happens! You can have it, if you have an expectation for it. Do you have an expectation for it? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Come on, I want you to open your mouth and say this: “I have an expectation for the move of God, personal, public, powerful.” Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. [Pastor John exclaims] Can you feel that energy? Can you witness by your spirit the energy of the Holy Ghost? The power of the Holy Spirit that is confirming to us that He is present, His anointing is one this whole thing. He’s bringing His giftings, He’s bringing His callings, He’s raising up the Body, He’s making it happen. Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Ahhhh! Jesus! Whooo! Glory! Hallelujah! Sjoh! Praise Jesus. 

You think this is something? Wait! Just wait. It’s going to just build and build, and I’m telling you God is going to show something awesome! Awesome. Joh! Glory to Jesus. And now, I’m done. The Holy Spirit told me we would be ahead of the time tonight and I shouldn’t try and push it. He gave me this direct instruction today: “Don’t push it, John. You’re going to finish before time and let it be.” And I’ve been kind of alluding to that since the beginning. And so now I’m done. The Lord has said: “It’s enough. You’ve done enough. It’s over for tonight.” Be blessed in your sleep, be blessed in your going out again, and in your coming in, and be blessed in this weekend. And Sunday morning, I have an expectation, I’m telling you, God is going to show up in our church, and He’s already going to show up in ways that are going to show us. He’s going to show up to show us! Hallelujah! Glory! Bye, and bye to all those people on, wherever. Bye!