Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration Part 9 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 14; Isaiah 48:6; Proverbs 29:18 TPT; Joel 2:25 AMPC; Isaiah 61:8, 42:22 AMPC; Luke 18:13 AMPC; 1 Timothy 6:17 AMPC; 1 Timothy 6:9-10 TPT; 1 Timothy 6:17-19 TPT; Psalm 52:7 AMPC; Psalm 62:10 AMPC; Proverbs 11:28 AMPC; Matthew 6:24 AMPC

Praise You, praise You. We bless You Lord. Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory Lord. Hallelujah. Glory, glory. Bless You Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory. Praise You. You’re wonderful Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah. We bless You Lord. Hallelujah, yes Lord. Hallelujah. None like You, we bless You Lord. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

You may be seated.

I apologise for cutting the worship a bit short, but I’ve got lots of things that I have to get through. I know there were quite a… there were some of you who watched this morning’s message. Well, I didn’t get through everything, everything as the Lord gave it to me, but I do want to share one thing with you – I want to share with you about the spirit and intimacy of song. This is something that I did share with the people this morning before we went into the ministry of music to minister to the Lord. Even this morning in the worship there, it’s evident to me, because it’s a spiritual knowing, that there’s been enough people that have taken heed to Pastor Christi’s message of Putting your foot in the sound, this sound from this house, to know, to recognise that there’s been an increase of the anointing – and even just with us singing this song this morning, there’s a critical mass of people here that have obeyed the Lord to let that sound resound, that already there’s a pick up, there’s a pick up and it’s in the spirit and it’s going to happen as well when Brother Jerry’s here, because we’ve obeyed God, we’ve obeyed God, hallelujah. It’s wonderful to see you all.

So, I want to speak to you about the spirit and intimacy of song. I just wanted to read this to you. So, this is just something the Lord showed me many years ago, but I’ve never really shared it in the way that I’m sharing now about ministering to you on song. The Lord shows me that singing to the Lord takes intimacy with Him deeper. To talk to someone is something we do anyway with each other, to sing to someone is not as common, it is more rare and precious and normally reserved for someone very dear and close and for a special occasion to convey a particular message. Isn’t that beautiful? You know, I was just sharing with the Witbank Church this morning, it’s our song, you know, and there’s just sometimes, I’ll just sing to Pastor John, just, I don’t know when it started, probably about 30 years ago – we’ve been married for 39 years – maybe even longer than that, it’s just a, a song, sometimes I’ll just sing it to him, just because when I start off, he knows it’s coming and then he’s happy, he’s like, “Sing it to me baby” you know? And it’s, I’m dating myself, but it’s;

Me and you and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

The only one for me is you, and you for me

So happy together

I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you

For all my life

When you’re with me, baby the skies will be blue

For all my life

So, you know, he just loves it. It’s like, you know. And so I could say to him, “Me and you and you and me. No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.” Okay, but when you sing, when you sing to someone, there really is an intimacy and so, I’m going to read that again, The Lord shows me – the Lord shows us all this afternoon – that singing to the Lord takes intimacy with Him deeper. To talk to someone is something we do anyway with each other, to sing to someone is not as common, it is more rare and precious and normally reserved for someone very dear and close and for a special occasion to convey a particular message. And then I wrote this down too at that time – talking and speaking is something we all do every day, all of our lives. We speak to many people about many things. Mostly we talk, we speak, but song from the heart cultivates intimacy, takes our hearts away from the every day of talk, the norm of speaking and lifts us up to a level of intimacy with the one to whom we are singing. Isn’t that beautiful? Hallelujah, glory, glory, glory to God.

I mean, I remember when Garth and Marcelle got married. You know, Garth and Marcelle, and that’s not what it’s about, about having a magnificent voice. She had a friend of her stand behind her who has got a great voice, because she wanted to sing this song to her husband at the wedding, you know. And the friend was standing behind her just to keep her in tune, you know, because some of us do keep a tune better than others and so, she got help to keep the tune better, because she wanted to sing that to her husband. And it’s very precious, it’s lovely, and so that is how it is, it’s just like that, when I sing, just like when I sometimes sing it to Pastor John, and he’s like…

I mean that’s just how it is for God. When we sing from our heart to God, He’s like… He knows all that about Himself, He knows all that about Himself. He knows He’s the only true and living God, He knows He’s great, He knows He’s good, He knows He’s awesome, He knows, He knows. But you know what He loves, He just loves that, that you would sing it. And we do say it too, to Him, don’t we? When we’re spending our time with God and say, “Lord, I love You. I love You. You are wonderful to me.” But then we can just say, (Pastor Sharon singing) Lord I love You, You are wonderful to me. Lord I love You. Just when you’re on your own you know – and He loves it. You’re wonderful, You’re precious to me Jesus. There’s none like You, there’s none like You. You are wonderful to me. Who is there like You? You can just go and sing. Just see and watch the Holy Spirit help you give you words, you know, you just start. You are wonderful, You are wonderful, You are wonderful – sing that with me – You are wonderful, You are wonderful, You’re wonderful, You’re wonderful Lord, Jesus You’re wonderful Lord. Hallelujah Lord, You’re wonderful, You’re wonderful. And then we can let our spirit sing and say (Pastor Sharon singing in the Spirit). It’s so precious, so personal, so intimate (Singing in the Spirit). We love You Lord (Singing in the Spirit).

It’s 1 Corinthians 14. What will I do? I will pray with my understanding, but I’ll also pray in the Spirit. I will sing with my understanding, but I will also sing in the Spirit. Glory to God.

That’s just that fourth dimensional thing, He’s given us these. You know, He has given us our heavenly language, just fourth dimensional. You know, God is a fourth dimensional God, He is a Spirit and that’s why you can only contact Him, spiritually. You can’t contact Him with your intellect. God says, “I am a spirit and those who worship me or those who contact me, connect with me, must contact me in spirit. With your spirit – hallelujah. With your heart. He is called the Father of Spirits. He is the father of your spirit. You can’t, as a third dimensional person, contact and connect with a fourth dimensional God. You can’t work Him out. You have to reach for Him with your spirit. When you speak the Word of God, that’s fourth dimensional – all of His Scriptures, all of His words are fourth dimensional. You know what I mean? When I speak, when I declare God’s words to Him. Father, I just thank You that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed. It’s a fourth dimensional statement I’m making there. I contact Him. He contacts – He connects with me – I connect with Him because my heart is filled with faith. Yes Lord, I thank You for that Father. When I draw near to You, Your Word says, You draw near to me. I’m speaking Scripture. Philippians, …yes Lord, You draw near, you know. And so, when we speak God’s Word to Him, it’s fourth dimensional, when we pray, when we speak to Him with our spirit, in our heavenly language, it’s fourth dimensional. When we pray in the Holy Spirit, when we sing in the Holy Spirit, hallelujah, we connect with God.

So, did that minister to you? Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that wonderful? Glory to God.

I do have quite a few things that I must get through tonight because God gave me this message about four weeks ago, maybe even five, and I have a book just especially for when God gives me something that He tells me. He will tell me, this is for a message. This is when you preach next, which is, I don’t know when it is but He will… you know, and He especially did this with me with this message about four or five weeks ago. He said, “This is for when you minister again to the people.” And so, He gave me very clear points and so my message is: Preparation, Celebration, just as Pastor John’s, Separation for Integration Part 9. I am very privileged to be able to put my part 9 in there with Pastor John’s series. It has so ministered to me. Hallelujah.

So, we all need to remember and understand where we come from. Have we got those slides, Daniel? Wonderful, thank you. Okay. So we come from. Who we are. Because some of you may have joined us after we have shared these things with you but we need to understand, together. I think that’s probably more the case in our Witbank church than in the Johannesburg church- that if you have recently joined us, we want you to know who we are – Heritage of Faith – and where we come from. Glory.

So, this is our legacy. We have Smith Wigglesworth. Glory to God. We have Smith Wigglesworth. He is one of our spiritual fathers. “Pastor Sharon, why would you put up a picture there of a man that’s dead and gone?” Well, he has gone to heaven. He is very much alive in heaven. He is very much a part of the great cloud of witnesses watching us as we run our spiritual race and very much, when they buried Elisha, they threw a dead man onto his corpse and it says, when that dead body hit Elisha’s bones, he was raised from the dead. When I touch the bones of my forefathers, their words are still in the earth. Their work is still in the earth because somebody got it from them that continued it and still got the seed of it in them. Hallelujah. And God’s looking for the fruit of that seed, He is looking for the fruit of that seed. He wants the full harvest of the fruit of that seed. So Smith Wigglesworth, Pastor John’s father, was dedicated to the Lord by Smith Wigglesworth. The one time he came to South Africa, I believe it was in the 1930’s or something like that, the Lord arranged it – that this would be part of our legacy and part of our heritage, all of us together, and so.

And then our next spiritual forefather, this is where we come from, is John G Lake. And you know the story of Pastor John’s father, as a very little boy, he sat in the lounge of  his grandmother who had John G Lake, God sent John G Lake to South Africa, to start the Apostolic Faith Mission, Die Apostoliese Geloofsending – John G Lake started it, in the early 1900’s and time just will not permit me to what he brought to this country and the seeds and the price he paid, he paid a price here, he paid a terrible price here in South Africa. He suffered persecution from people in Johannesburg, he had persecution from the Body of Christ. He paid a price to obey God to come here. And my father was a pastor, I grew up in the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission). My father, my mother were in the full time ministry of the Apostolic Faith Mission, which is the English part of the Apostoliese Geloofsending, okay, and so I grew up a AFM girl, so it’s in our legacy.

And so then the next spiritual father that we come from is Oral Roberts. Right? He was the spiritual father of Kenneth Copeland. He came to South Africa. You remember Pastor John’s story: That his father, Reg Bendixen, gave half of his inheritance to Oral Roberts at a crusade; at a healing crusade and that seed still speaks today. It is why Bendixens are part of that legacy, is because he sowed a seed that still speaks today and you are here because that seed still speaks today. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

And so, then, the next one of our spiritual fathers where we come from, is from Kenneth Copeland. Hallelujah. And you know, he is Jerry Savelle’s spiritual father and he is still very much alive on earth today and then our next father is Brother Jerry, Brother Jerry. Glory to God, who is coming this week, he is coming this week to us. He is coming to family people. He is coming to us as family with all of his ‘new’, all of the things that God has been speaking over him. He is coming to us – very different this time. He is coming to us through a new door. He has not been to us before through a new door. He is coming to us through the new door. What is that going to look like? We are going to be like little children, we are going to be in awe and we are going to receive and we are going to look and we are going to listen and we are going to love. We are going to look and we are going to listen and we are going to love. Hallelujah. And we are going to believe and we are going to receive. Glory to God.

And so, then we have, Pastor John in the legacy, in the Heritage of Faith. Glory to God. And then all of us with Pastor John. The Lord gave me in 2008, I believe it was: I have a family, I have a pedigree, I have a family tree, if you don’t have one, come with me. Cause we have it, we have it. We honour it. Pastor John and I have always had a deep honour for where we come from; when we began to discover what’s in our lineage and where my mom and dad come from the AFM and where his dad. When we began to discover that; we had a deep reverence and an honour and a gratitude to God that we have this in our legacy. Glory to God.

So, our journey. I’m going to go quickly, our journey. The Lord wanted me to remind you about our journey. It’s the Time of God Church and that is the prophecy that came from Pastor John. It’s the Time of God Church – that’s my marker, that’s my marker, that’s my marker.

It will always be my marker, even in another 20 years’ time it will be my marker. God said in 2010, It’s a time of God church. It’s the time that He has orchestrated – for His power and His glory to come and to be seen upon the earth. It’s a season of God church. It’s a shift, it’s a shift for victory. Not just for our church but for the body of Christ. It is a shift for this nation. It’s a shift for the church. It’s a shift. Be awake church. Be alert. Be watching, be praying. Be in step. Be in sink. Be in tune with God. Hallelujah. Glory to God. That will always be our marker – that word that came then.

And so then, 2011 was explosive for me when I heard Brother Jerry say, Our exodus has begun. We are leaving hostile circumstances and unfavourable conditions. Our exodus has begun. I heard Jesus, I did not even hear Brother Jerry. I heard Jesus. And I knew from that time, the Lord started to put words in my mouth – we are going in together. We are going in together. We are going in together. We are going in together. And we were so far from going anywhere together at that time. My head would just tilt. It would tilt every time I said it. And I would look out across the people and I would think, “Dear Lord, dear Lord.” But he who controls the language controls the culture. And God put those words in my mouth and they can’t go out because we are going together. We are more together now than we’ve ever been before. Hallelujah. We are going in together. Hallelujah.

And then in 2012 Brother Jerry came in March of that year and he handed over the baton to Pastor John and he said, “You are going to have to take the baton and go because I’m slowing down.” Those were his words, in Witbank he came for one night. He said, “I’m slowing down. I’ve been at this a long time.” And you heard his story. The Lord said to him, “I didn’t tell you to slow down. Who told you, why are you doing this?” “Well Lord, I’ve been at this a long time, you know.” And the Lord told him, “No, now is your time.” And he rose up and he’s up and he’s going, more stronger, stronger now than even before when he was younger. He is stronger now than he was before. Just like Joshua. I mean, just like Caleb and Joshua. There’s some mountains that Brother Jerry has got to take and we’re with him. So Brother Jerry came in March.

More and more this new season will bring for the God of Glory is doing a new thing – 2013.

2014 – Pastor John went to Brother Jerry with representatives. It was a personal meeting between Pastor John and Brother Jerry. Things were said, things were settled and things were sealed in the Spirit.

2015 – Manifestations, demonstrations and visitations. The Lord gives Pastor John a prophetic word about identity change and execution – 4x4x40. Pastor John separates; we begin to pray in earnest for Brother Jerry.

2016 – The entire year we prepared for Brother Jerry to come. We prepared his seed for him because he was coming in October. We prepared. End of September/ October he was coming, in 2016. But he cancelled and we took the seed. Irrational honour. When Brother Jerry made the announcement to us and we made the announcement to you all, all the Heritage of Faith people – Brother Jerry’s not coming. The honorarium, honour seed that we already had been getting together for him since the beginning of the year, tripled. It tripled. It tripled. It was going up, even while we were in the aeroplane to go to Brother Jerry. And we got to him the day before he went in to his operation to put that seed in his hand and he began to speak words and said, “Now you tell them, when I come there. When I come. You tell them, when I come.” Not if I’m coming, even though what he was experiencing in his physical body was life threatening. Satan was after his very life. This is not even, I have no drama in this even when I say it. It’s a fact, it’s a fact. Satan was after his very life. And so he said, “When I come.” So God had him speak those words out the day before he went into surgery. “Now when I come, you tell them. You tell them that the realm of the miraculous is opened unto them and they are like the Shunammite woman. And when I come there.” 

And so then he came in 2017. He came in March. And the Lord spoke to Him, he came for three days, to come back the next year and stay till he tells him. The faithful will flourish was in 2017. And then that year the Lord spoke clearly to us about legacy transfer.

2018 February – Brother Jerry came. Bag of seeds, bag of seeds. You remember how often I came to you with this? You remember how often I came to you with this? Because I was almost in a state of panic with the Lord. I know he brought something very important here, I know his coming was very significant. I know but “Lord we’ve got eight messages. But Lord, but Lord, but Lord.” He said to me, “Trust me Sharon. Trust me that the power of what he spoke, that not one seed will fall into the ground. Not one seed will fall to the ground without producing.” 

That’s what this word is capable of. And then He had me and Pastor Christi, out of His great love for us, He had us go through every message which we had transcribed fully. I believe we weren’t transcribing, we didn’t have a transcribing team at that time yet. Did we? Well, every message was transcribed and He said, “You go through it with a fine tooth comb and you get the best seed out of it.” What is seed? Words. Words – Mark 4. The sower sows the Word. Seeds fall on all different kinds of ground – hard, hard, hard ground. All kinds of doubt, unbelieving ground, but then words fall on soft ground too. The book would give them the best seed out of all the messages that you would choose for yourself, Sharon. That you would want to, the choicest seeds, put them together here in a book and give it to everybody so that they can sow it. So they can weave, they can weave the words of Brother Jerry into their hearts. Okay. Here’s 4x4x40 that we had. God went to a lot of trouble with us all to have us do all of this. Bag of seeds, glory book, holy weave, Show me Your glory. 2018. 

2019 – Marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God.

2020 and beyond – Marvels and wonders beyond. And a new open door and supernatural increase.

So this is your confidence before God. I’m not going to  have that Scripture go up, I’m going to just tell you because there’s other things that I’ve got to get to in this message. I’m just going to tell you that you qualify because of the blood of Jesus. You qualify to go through the open door. Your family, you’re a child of God. If you are born again you qualify because of the blood of Jesus. But there are requirements for you. God is giving us specific requirements for you to experience it. So we all qualify. We all qualify. But He is giving us specific instructions so that we can be focused on it and we can experience it. What is that – Project Strike, Project Conditioning, Project Celebration. Right so. This is going to be a very personal thing between you and Him. Personal with Him and Him with you.

Isaiah 48:6 in the Amplified Bible. Isaiah 48:6, 6You have heard [these things foretold], (what things – 2020 New open door. Marvels, wonders, okay. Supernatural increase) now you see this fulfillment. And will you not bear witness to it? I show you (personally, each one of you) specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve] which you have not known. (Isaiah 48:6) Brother Jerry said when he opened up to his congregation he said, “You’re going to need to ask the Holy Spirit yourself about the new door and supernatural increase and what that means for you. Hallelujah. He doesn’t want us all over the place with this very precious word He has given us.

Pastor John last week brought all of these Scriptures, where there is no vision the people perish. But he who keeps the law, blessed is he. (Proverbs 29:18) Then the Passion Translation, where there is no clear prophetic vision. (Proverbs 29:18 TPT) Do we have a clear prophetic vision? Do we have a clear from The time of God, from The exodus has begun – have we had clear prophetic vision?

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. How blessed are we, how blessed are we, to have clear prophetic vision. How blessed are we, how blessed are we. Glory, Glory to God. Where there is no clear prophetic vision people quickly wonder astray, but when you follow the revelation of the Word, heavens bliss fills your soul, does heavens bliss not fill your soul? We are not people that are familiar and say, just another word just another word, no, it comes from Jesus through His vessel, through His messenger, to ours, to our hearts, He wants our hearts to go wow Lord, wow thank You Lord, praise You, He wants us to be like little children that the Father would come and say, “You know what, I’ve got a brand new open door for you this year and you know Mari, you are going to get super natural increase in every area of your life, through this open door.” 

Yes, thank You Lord, thank You Lord, we are like little children, we not like I’ve been in church all my life and ja hmm, nothing has ever worked for me before, you know, so what is the difference, now, that’s the sin of familiarity, that’s the sin, it’s twisted and it will cost you, it will cost you, because God wants you, to go, like a little child through the new open door, hallelujah. 

I love what Pastor John said in one of his messages, he said, “It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, I am going now”. It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, I’m going now, so, then the Message Bible says if people can’t see what God is doing, we always see what God is doing, we always see what God is doing. If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves but when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed. So we must attend to what He has revealed, okay. Then the New Living, when people do not accept Divine guidance, they run wild. 

So, all over the place means this, this is a phrase that Pastor Christie brought to us. Remember, God doesn’t want us all over the place, He wants our foot in the message, He doesn’t want us all over the place with everything, He wants our foot in the sound. You know. He doesn’t want us all over the place. I looked up what this means, all over the place means this, lacking in clear pattern, in multiple directions spread over a very large area in a disorganized way, confused, unable to think clearly, scatter shot and random, I am just hit and miss. Whatever. You know what I mean, case serah serah, whatever will be will be, yay yay, twenty twenty, supernatural increase, new open door, what? You know what I mean. 

God is helping us to not be all over the place. This is what a project is. He is helping us with project strike so that we can keep focused this year to make the progress we are supposed to make, because we so easily get distracted with the busy-ness and business of this life. He is helping us saying I want you to experience the supernatural increase, I’m helping you here, I’m giving you an execution, I’m giving it to Pastor John to give it to you and we can all do it together. Like four by four by forty. 

So, this is what a project is. So it’s ‘Project Strike’, ‘Project Conditioning’ and ‘Project Celebration’. This is what a project is: it’s an undertaking requiring special concentrated effort, it’s not just, ag alright, I’ll just have these areas, you know, that’s what Brother Jerry said, enquire of the Holy Spirit, you know what I mean, ask Him. I want to make a heart connection to my every strike, I want my heart to be connected to this, I’m taking my time with this, you know and I’m making good progress. Before I started my fast I only had one strike that my heart could connect to, you know, and I’ve sowed my personal seed now, and Pastor John said this, “Once you have sown your point of contact seed, then you can know, when you are listening to the Holy Spirit, He’s going to give you, how about this strike, strike for this, strike for that.” Because what is it Pastor John said, “It’s the progress you want to make in an area. The areas where you are wanting supernatural increase.” 

That’s my strike, and so after I had sowed my seed, I sowed my seed  on Saturday morning, I woke up, I woke up actually this morning and I’ve got six strikes that my heart is connected to, and it’s so exciting to have my heart connected. Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Let your heart be connected to your point of contact seed, let your heart be connected to your point of contact seed, don’t just throw, don’t just give any old point of contact seed, no, don’t don’t, let it be of value to you. If it moves you, let it move you your point of contact seed, if it moves you it moves God. Hallelujah, glory to God, and I wasn’t satisfied because I went to Pastor John and I said okay now there’s some things for me personally, so you know, and he said okay catch, you know and I couldn’t connect, I couldn’t connect properly. I said, “Lord, I’ve got to connect with this, I need my heart to connect with it, it seems too easy.” You know what I mean.

I feel like blasé, I need a heart connection here, and then the Holy Spirit said okay now this and this and that, is what your point of contact seed will be, and my heart connected to it. Now my heart is connected and now it’s connected to the strikes because the Holy Spirit is helping me and that’s what Pastor John said, “We’re not giving you books this time, this is you and God, personally because you should already have been experiencing an identity change because you were obedient to God in your four by four by forty.” 

And if you’ve come in and you’ve joined us after four by four by forty, well you just hold on, you just continue to grow and mature and you jump in boots and all with this project and it will work for you. So a project is a specific piece of planned work that involves collecting detailed information from the Holy Spirit, from the Word, from the messages. I was searching all of Pastor John’s speaking about, I’m going to put that on the website for you, I’ve got extracts from all seven or eight of his messages that are preparation from the time that he first started to speak about project strike conditioning, I’ve taken it and put it all on one document, you want it? I’m going to put it, because it is for me, what did he say, what did he say in the first message, what did he say about project strike and conditioning, what did he say, what did he say, Holy Spirit gives everything I needed in the message, everything I need is in the message, everything I need for project strike, project conditioning is in the messages. Hallelujah. 

So, alright, so I like this, a project is an individual and or collaborative enterprise, that  is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim, that’s what God wants, He wants us to approach this with gratitude and reverence, you know, because collective, collaborative, collaborative, and individually, it’s very personal, but we’re all doing it together so it’s collaborative and so that comes from 2 Kings 13 from verse 14 was when Elisha said, and you know the story, strike, strike the ground, why did you only strike the ground three times, why didn’t you strike until you consumed your enemy completely, why don’t you strike, why don’t you strike Sharon until you totally put him under your feet and get all of your supernatural increase that I promised you, why don’t you keep on striking, strike, strike, strike, this year you are going to strike. And it says here to strike is to hit with a missile, to take, to take forcibly, to cause to sound to notify by sound to occupy. To strike means to deliver a blow with an instrument. My mouth is my instrument, I release missiles from my mouth when I declare what the Word says about my strike, I declare it comes out my mouth and then it’s prayer for the evidence of it, it comes out of my mouth. Then it’s praise and rejoicing for it in faith, it comes out my mouth, and so He said to me, restoration, I am here now with this people talking about Heritage of Faith people, this was after He said this to me now, this is what you are going to tell them when you minister next, He said to me restoration, I am here now with this people, as they listen and obey and go with me to restore all the years, all the years, all the years, and this is all inclusive for all young and old none is excluded even the stranger among you, if among us has ears to hear, even if you’ve just arrived, you’ve just arrived. Hallelujah, through this new, through this new open door, everything that has gone before, I make all things new. Tell them I hate robbery and wrong. I hate it when the devil robs them of things. I hate it when they are wronged, I hate it and so that is. 

Tell them I am restoring all the years. So all the years is Joel 2:23, I will restore, verse 25 actually. Joel 2:25. 25 And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten—the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust. Another version says that I will compensate you for the years, compensate, compensate, compensate. I will replace for you the years. I will make up the losses that ate your crop. I will repay. (Joel 2:25)

And then, Isaiah 61:8. 8 For I the Lord love justice; I hate robbery and wrong. He wanted me to tell you, He hates it when you are robbed, robbed of your, of anything. Robbed. Just robbed of your rights in Christ Jesus. He hates it, He hates it. (Isaiah 61:8)

And then, Isaiah 42:22. He says this. He’s speaking here. 22 But this is a people robbed and plundered; they are all of them snared in holes and hidden in houses of bondage. They have become a prey, with no one to deliver them, a spoil, with no one to say, Restore them! (Isaiah 42:22) Restore them! God wants you to say, “Restore me”. Restore, He wants it to come out of your mouth. Restore. Restore, Lord. Restore us, Lord. Restore. Okay.

So I have to quickly. I said to the Lord, “Why us, Lord, why now? He said, “I choose you now for this, you people. You must believe and move confidently, corporately, personally and it doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, go now. And it doesn’t happen, what didn’t happen before, go now”. Hallelujah. This takes great humility to believe, Sharon, this is your little child response to me. This is your little child response to me. Yes, yes, yes, Dad. Yes, my Father God, yes. This is my little child response to You. It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before. I’m going now, I’m going now.

So, He asked me to share with you what, what He had me do, 2003, we went to a conference in Brother Jerry’s place and he ministered a very powerful message, and the Spirit of God, knowing what would be coming, arrested me during that message, so arrested me and said to me, “This is a message that will never leave your life” and I was like, “Okay, okay, Lord”. That even when I got home, He said, “Write it out, write it out”. Little did I know that we’re going to have the enemy come against us at the end of 2004 in such a devastating way, just absolute devastation and destruction, where we just about, you know, the devil had said to us you’ve lost everything forever and so we were kind of in this time warp and trying to kind of pull ourselves together, 2005, 6, 7, you know what I mean? Just in that, “Praise You, Praise You, Jesus”. You’ve heard Pastor John and I story. We just, “Praise You, Praise You, Praise You, Jesus”, “Praise You, Praise You,” with tears running down our cheeks but then in the beginning of 2008, the Lord said, “Get that Word out now. Get that Word out now that I told you”. Okay?

And cutting a very long story short, this is what Brother Jerry said in that message, “The Lord says, ‘you are letting your adversary get away with too much. You’re not making him pay for what he has put you through. You’re letting him get off too lightly. Loose me on your behalf. Give Me an order’”. This was after much teaching now really. Okay? Understand? Much teaching. “Give me a mandate to carry out for you. Give me the opportunity to bring judgement on your adversary and blessing on you. Do this particularly when you, when it looks impossible. Don’t just pray for Me to bring deliverance from the attacks but commission me to bring judgement on the one who attacked you and declare this”.

I remember at the time saying that, “Father, a lot of this could have just been our, all our own fault. We could have done something better there, we could’ve and maybe we shouldn’t have, could have, should’ve” and He just shut me up. I’m telling you, He shut me down, He shut me up, he said, “Especially, especially, especially. You wrestle not, you wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and they came at you and you were not strong and you yielded. I want you to stand and strike the ground”. That was when that revelation first came to me about Strike The Ground.

I want you to strike the ground for restoration and recompense and I began in 2008. I am giving you an example. God said to me, “Share this with the people, share this with the people.” And then He said this, okay, “Now God and declare this, ‘Declare, declare, declare this’ “Now God, stretch forth Your hand against him. Loose me, give me an assignment. Don’t limit me by not doing this. I’ll be your legal representative in this case. I’ll pass judgement. I’ll pass sentences, sentence, I’ll get damages, I’ll see to it that you get overflow, compensation and add to your prayer, Now God, stretch forth Your hand against him. Appoint me to punish him and to penalize him for what he has put you through and I will force him to compensate you for the damage he has caused. Satan is a thief. He’s been let off too lightly. Make him pay”, this is all scripture, “back seven times and he shall have to give all of his substance in this house and if you’ll command me at the works of my hands, that is a scripture, I’ll throw the book at your adversary. I’ll throw the book at him”.

And so since 2008, I’ve been striking the ground for the restoration of my family and He made me. He made me. And so this piece of paper here is from 2008, full of writing over the years that I’ve been striking the ground. He said to me, “Now write down the things that he stole, how you were robbed and how you were plundered”. And I said, “Our growth, our spiritual growth, our spirituality we were supposed to have in that time that we didn’t have, our prosperity, stuff that was stolen from us at that time financially. Our maturity, our physically, physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally, intellectually”. I mean, we went through such mental anguish. I want restoration on that. 

Our productivity, our ministry, personally, ministry, people he stole, delayed, people he prevented, people, no, things he delayed, things he prevented. People he stole. Prayers  I was supposed to pray at that time. You know? I wasn’t supposed to have that time warp of four years, five years, where all I could do was just keep my head above water. I was supposed to make tremendous progress in those years. So I strike the ground for all of that. Recompense, Hallelujah, in every area, finances, Hallelujah. Glory to God. 

So this is all that I wrote out in 2008. I call out, I call in. I’ve added some of the messages onto it. I see Brynn and Garth free. I see everyone bond burst, I see every yoke broke, I, You have my faith, You have my praise, You have my prayer, You have my mind,  my mouth on this matter. They owe their birth to you. They were born to me by Your will. He gave me Words to declare. I chose them to come, I will win with them. They will escape from all the hold of the enemy and the practices of their self-nature. He just kept, as I kept striking the ground, He gave me Words. He gave me Words and I spoke the Words and I didn’t look at the circumstances and I didn’t care but I spoke the Words and I spoke the Words and I strike the ground and just, you know, when things started looking good, I said, “Lord, what about it, I still strike the ground”? He said, “It is not enough. It’s not enough. I’ve got still a lot. It is not enough. I’ve still got a lot of compensation coming to you. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” And to this day, I don’t stop and the restoration has been glorious. But I struck the ground and I had victory. Glory to God.

So He wanted me to quickly share that with you. Okay. Moving right along now. Share that with them quickly, Sharon. Okay. Powerfully share your personal testimony. Alright. This is very important. So speak to the different categories of people here before you today. We’ve all been on a specific journey with the Lord. I’ve highlighted some from 2010. It’s good for your ears to hear to see where we come from and who we are. Some of you may be here for the first time today, some of you have just recently come. Take your time. I mean, not in a casual way but take time with the Lord to make sure this is the place He wants to plant you. This is not a place for you to just come. You’re not planted just because you listen to the message. It doesn’t mean that you are planted just because you come to listen to the message. You’re planted when you allow that Word to be seed in your life and grow deep into you that you become a plant, you become a plant otherwise you just come to church to be here. What’s next good thing that I can take notes of. You are planted in the very fabric of your being, saturated with the ways of this house, with the ways of this house under authority to be in authority. Planted your foot in every message with seeds coming into your heart, cause you speaking and growing, you growing and sowing and watering and waiting and weeding and then you harvesting. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Hallelujah!

And so some of you who are here for the first time today and some of you have recently come some of you came after 4x4x40 after you even came after brother Jerry came with bag of seeds. There are those of you that have been with us from the beginning, those of you who came shortly afterwards you were here with us from 2010, where I picked up our journey from. To those who have come to join us recently you have touched us, if you are hearing the Holy Spirit say to you, “This is where you should be,” then you must learn to integrate into the ways that we flow with God in this house. The Lord is building this house and it is for the Lord. In order to mature be faithful, be planted, be teachable come to church keep, your foot in the messages in your mouth and in your heart. Come to corporate prayer, this redemptive revelation of  2020 new open door, marvels, wonders and manifestations of His extraordinary greatness of our God, Supernatural increase is for you. You qualify because you are born again, and the blood qualifies you. So, some of you that have been with us since 2010 that’s ten of years now, many of you have done so well you’ve chosen well this is the Lord speaking to me to speak to you. Many of you have done so well have chosen well, some of you even now you do not integrate into the ways of God in this house, you haven’t done much to develop spiritually. You look spiritual you sound spiritual even like one of us but your heart is far from God. You haven’t even done what the new born baby should do, 1 Peter 2:2 like new born babies, 1Peter 2:2” Like new born babies you should crave first of all pure unadulterated spiritual milk, and that by it you may be nurtured and grow unto complete salvation. Glory to God!

Some of you were here when Ps John had the word about 4x4x40 and you were casual. The definition of familiarity is casual behavior. I looked it up that was the most excellent dictionary definition I could find of familiarity is casual behavior. Some of you were here when we were preparing in special ways with special meetings that the Lord prompted  Ps John to help you be ready and you didn’t come, some of you still don’t come to corporate prayer even though you know better. Some of you came to Brother Jerry’s meetings in 2018, some of you came you asked me to do this, what’s been growing in your heart in two years since he was last here. What have you been sowing, what have you been growing? It’s a big question what is different now for you, when he comes now and you did not and you did not and you did not   and you could have when he comes now what would be different for you, this is what Ps John said. Let me just read this; this is what he said; “When God is pulling you and you should go because it will be harder after that, because all the same reasons you gave him not to go will still be there.”

Now it’s project strike, conditioning and celebration, you didn’t even do 4x4x40 when you were here. Why now will you do this project? Whatever your last reason or excuse for justification was to not do it is the same reason why you will not do this. I’ve heard that before, I’ve heard that before, I’ve done that before, some didn’t really work much for me. So, it’s quite a serious thing that if you had not been sowing  for example when brother Jerry comes to minister on finances and he’s going to minister on supernatural increase in finances, when he comes to minister these are the seeds he gave us to sow in our hearts. “The purpose for my prosperity is so that I can get to a place where I live to give”. If you did not put that in your heart you’re gonna sit and listen to brother Jerry on finance and go yes, yes, yes, I’ll have that, but you never sowed this into your heart. My heart is pure before You, these are all seeds that I gave you. “My heart is pure before You, that’s the reason that I’m asking You for prosperity, that’s the reason I’m sowing seed is so that I can have seed to sow. You will multiply my seed sown and I’m a candidate for unlimited prosperity”. And then he said, say this; “Lord, send Your glory on my house, I believe You are doing it. I’m not in this for the money, I don’t live for the money I live to give, it’s the greatest motivation in my life. I want to prosper; I want to go to a higher level because that means I’ll have more to give”. Hallelujah!

So, and then there were much else that if you did not go in your heart and it is not growing in your heart then there is something else there. There will be some other thing there and then you will wonder why you didn’t not receive the supernatural increase; you understand that. I mean you may still do fine financially but Ps John said, “If you are not going the way of our journey together then you got your increase your way, you didn’t get it God’s way, you got it the way you always get it. By yourself for yourself to yourself,” right. And so now project strike; he talks about familiarity is inside of you Ps John said and the familiarity of your unspirituality and then your moments of spirituality and you think everybody else is like that, because you have the ability to have moments of spirituality and then you have all these other moments and then you think everybody else is like that. Okay!

Your familiarity; It is a condition of who you are in your soul that resists the gifts coming towards you because in your own familiarity of yourself you bring your own condition to the space and you resist the messenger so how can you speak because you are the same as me.

So, I called Brynn to give his testimony this morning in Witbank, because he did not do 4x4x40 he was quite indifferent and casual about it, he came to give his testimony in church, he said; he didn’t think that it applied to him, cause he was being quite spiritual according to his own estimation in his own estimation for himself, he was  already quite okay spiritually thank you very much. So not applicable, not applicable. And, so, he didn’t participate in it very half heartedly and perhaps a little hypocritically too because you would never have known that he is really not participating because he would make the same right noises at the right time. Mmmm, ja! Mmmm! We would all talk about it, ja, Mmmm, Mmmm. But there was a time later then the Lord said this to him, He said “Brynn you had an opportunity to make tremendous spiritual progress you are a fool,” Brynn told me that, he said he wept God said you a fool. You’ve been behaving like a fool. So then he repented, he said Lord I’m gonna do it now, then you must ask him how hard it was for him to do it all by himself, just with him and God , it was much harder, much harder. So Ps Sharon I’m one of those Ps Sharon so what must I do, well you can continue to harden your heart and  justify all your choices to yourself, you can continue in your rightfulness that these things are after are not applicable to you because you do enough or you can take this opportunity today to humble yourself before Brother Jerry comes , if you didn’t do this with all your all heart because you love Jesus , if you didn’t do this with all your heart because you love Jesus and love Jesus you didn’t do it, you have to acknowledge that today.  

You have to be honest with God before you can make progress, going forward and say, “I didn’t do it Lord. I didn’t do it. I was very casual about it.” So, that’s what the Lord said I must tell you, that you can say to God, Luke 18:13. You can say to God, you can strike your chest in humility and repentance. Luke 18 verse 13, this is what the Lord said I can give you today. You can strike your chest. God knows whether your heart is real or not. You can strike your chest in humility and repentance, saying, “God be merciful and gracious to me.” (Luke 18:13 AMPC). 

Isn’t that God’s mercy? He’s merciful. He’s merciful. “I was casual about that Lord, but no more. No more.” This Project Conditioning, Project Strike, Project Celebration is going right into the children’s church, it’s going into the very fabric of our children, of all of us. We are going together this time, people. And then He said this to me. He said, “Sharon, I want you to speak to the rich people. I want you to charge the rich people from My Word.” And then He said, “Read what Brother Jerry said about money and finances”; which I have already done for you. And then He said I want you to charge the rich people today.

1 Timothy 6:17 Amplified, “17As for the rich in this world,” He’s talking to the congregation, right. It’s not the worldly rich people. “17As for the rich in this world, charge them.” We’re not going to go out to other rich people outside of the church and charge them with these things, no. So, this is Paul saying to Timothy, You speak to the rich people in your congregation. What is a rich person? You have more than others. “charge them not to be proud and arrogant and contemptuous of others, nor to set their hopes on uncertain riches, but on God, Who richly and ceaselessly provides us with everything for [our] enjoyment.” (Luke 18:13 AMPC)

The Passion Translation, 1 Timothy 6:9, “9But those who crave the wealth of this world slip into spiritual snares. They become trapped by the troubles that come through their foolish and harmful desires, driven by greed …” (1 Timothy 6:9-10 AMPC) What’s greed? I just want more. I just need more and more. I want. It’s that because you didn’t sow in your heart, that my whole purpose for prosperity is so that I can have to give, Lord. It’s more blessed to give than to receive. Right. Because I believe in the Law of Sowing and Reaping and I’m going to live by my faith not by my own academic smarts and wits. What I’ve learned how to do things. So, it says, “9 … They become trapped by the troubles that come …” and they do, they will, and they do come, “… through their foolish and harmful desires, driven by greed and drowning in their own twisted pleasures.” I want money because I want to do this. I need money because I want to do that. I want to have that, I want to do that. I want to have that, and I want to do that. “9And they take others down with them into their corruption and eventual destruction. 10Loving money is the first step toward all kinds of trouble. Some people run after it so much that they have given up their faith. Craving more money pushes them away from the faith into error,” This is truth, this, people, “compounding misery in their lives!” (1 Timothy 6:9-10 TPT)

17To all the rich of this world,” (or in this congregation,) “I command you not to be wrapped in thoughts of pride over your prosperity, or rely on your wealth, for your riches are unreliable and nothing compared to the living God.” Your riches are unreliable, God says. Your riches are unreliable. That’s it, it’s truth.  You can do nothing against the truth, only for it. “Your riches are unreliable and nothing compared to the living God. Trust instead in the one who has lavished upon us all good things, fulfilling our every need. 18Remind the wealthy to be rich in good works of extravagant generosity,” Remind the rich,18Remind the wealthy to be rich in good works of extravagant generosity, willing to share with others. 19This will provide a beautiful foundation for their lives and secure for them a great future, as they lay their hands upon the meaning of true life.” 1 Timothy 6:17-19 TPT)

Alright, I’m going to just continue to read you this scripture, I’m almost done. Psalm 52:7, these are scriptures He told me to read aloud. “7See, this is the man who made not God his strength (his stronghold and high tower) but trusted in and confidently relied on the abundance of his riches, seeking refuge and security for himself through his wickedness.” (Psalm 52:7 AMPC)

Psalm 62:10 “if riches increase, set not your heart on them.” (Psalm 62:10 AMPC)

Proverbs 11:28, “He who leans on, trusts in, and is confident in his riches shall fall, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall flourish like a green bough.” (Proverbs 11:28 AMPC)

Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in). (Matthew 6:24 AMPC)

I have delivered that which I received from the Lord to give you. I got through a lot more this afternoon than I did this morning. Thank you. Thank you for being attentive and listening and hearing what the Spirit of God is saying to us now, especially before Brother Jerry comes. Because this prepares our hearts even further, even more. So that when he comes and speaks about all of this financial, supernatural increase because he comes with his gift, that you understand where he’s coming from and what he brought to us before. Glory to God. This is my final exhortation that the Lord, God’s final exhortation to you.  He gave me this morning, just to read. For us for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I received a phone call from Pastor John this morning, flying high as a kite. Really, that’s all I can say. Because I know his voice when he’s like … Brother Jerry says he’s got such special things, he could not hardly wait to get to South Africa. He’s got such special things. Please tell the people he’s got special things for us that he’s bringing. And please tell the people not to miss it. Not to miss. Not to miss. Johannesburg people, come through. Do whatever you can. There was a time when the Witbank people had to come through to everything in Joburg. Do you remember. And they did. This is a now time. Things are going to change, things will change. But for now, this is how it is with us. Right. Glory to God. Just do whatever you can. Call each other. Come with each other. Give lifts, be generous with that kind of thing with each other.

Okay. This is what the Lord says. I leave this with you. He will use this human vessel to touch your life this time as you humble yourself as a little child. He longs to walk again amidst His children. The Father, the Son, by the Person of the Holy Spirit. The anointing that will be… The anointing that will be is for one thing only – His great love to touch people. He longs to touch each and every one. Whatever are you going to be doing in your heart when Brother Jerry ministers in ways you have not experienced before. Whatever are you going to be doing in your heart when he ministers to people that you know so well. Are you going to have that familiarity in your heart. I know that person. This is very important. I was quite shocked when the Lord revealed this to me today. See that familiarity goes everywhere. It prevents God from doing mighty works there, because it’s unbelief that you don’t think that God can touch someone you know so well, who has been the same way for so long and now what has God to minister to him for, you can’t do that. It is my sister, it is wife, it is my brother, it is the person I have been seeing coming to church. Whatever will we do.

Whatever we are going to be doing in our heart, when Brother Jerry comes to minister to people that we do know so well. Will you let your heart go as far as it can to flow in the love of God for those people, for that person you know? And that person you don’t know? Will you take hold of your intellect and reduce it to love and say I’m cooperating with you here this evening, this morning, Lord so that you may do here today mighty works. I’m not going to be the one sitting, fighting with my intellect I doubt it, what, I’ve seen this before. No Lord, no Lord, I’m like a little child, I just, when those things start to come, when they start to creep I say no. On my insides, no no no, on my inside it’s easy to do that,  you can do that and be very quiet and sit there and go no no no. say no to yourself and to your intellect, quietly on your inside. No Lord, this is not going to be found in me, I’m not going any further with these stupid thoughts and this dishonour.

So will you take hold of your intellect and reduce it to love and say “I’m cooperating with you here this evening, this morning Lord that you may have freedom. The Holy Spirit He is a person, He is God, He is the God the Spirit of Glory, He on Thursday night, on Friday on Saturday, on Sunday morning and Sunday night, the Holy Spirit will not be acting through his human vessel through of his own accord, he the Holy Spirit, is just like Jesus, He will do what He sees the Father doing. Whatever the Holy Spirit sees the Father doing, He will be moving in Brother Jerry with. Do you understand that? Holy Spirit yes, Father yes, go Holy Spirit. He’ll be moving in Brother Jerry with that. Do you understand how beautifully we are prepared this time? How different are we as a people. He will be moving like this go like this my precious messenger that I have sent to these people that I love at Heritage of Faith and we’ll be recognising that ahhh that’s the Holy Spirit moving inside of Brother Jerry. Wow. Glory, it’s God, it’s God, hallelujah.

So He will do what he sees the Father doing in Brother Jerry, He will say through Brother Jerry what he, Holy Spirit is hearing the Father say. don’t make a soul pull for yourself when the Holy Spirit moves to touch people with power, just be like a little child and then every moment of every meeting will be your moment and our moment, together. Don’t miss your encounter with God right where you are standing. Right where you are praising and ministering to the Lord in song. Right where you are sitting listening, sitting watching with awe, don’t miss your moment. The Holy Spirit knows how to let power flow, His power flow to everyone all the time, okay, as we touch together the hem of his garment. After all He lives in every child of God so the Holy Spirit is in you, in you, the Holy Spirit is in you. So He knows how to touch us all the time, in every meeting with every message, because He is in all of us. So be watching, be watchful spiritually of how he’s surging and moving in you with your moments that you’re going to have with Him. Ah because that’s what you’re coming for then that’s what you’re going to receive. Be sitting like that, be mindful that He’s, that I’m not missing my moment here. Here where I’m sitting, here where I’m worshipping, here where I’m watching in awe, Brother Jerry ministering to that person to that person, I’m not missing my moment here, because he‘s moving in Brother Jerry there but He’s also in me and He’s moving here in me, how beautiful He knows how to move in everyone, He may move in you in mercy and compassion when you see Brother Jerry ministering to someone and you may be moved and you may just sit and weep and weep because He’ll use your tears that you cry for that person. Hallelujah. Who may have been stuck and stubborn and rebellious for years and years and years then will someone shed their tears, hallelujah. Glory to God. Glory to God on this time that Brother Jerry comes, yokes, bondage broken, yokes broke, by the anointing, broken hearted will be bound up, blind will see. Hallelujah, all of the wonderful things that God wants to do.

Let us tap the flow of God together, let’s flow in song and sound together, let’s rejoice in the Lord, let’s worship in Spirit, let’s flow in how the Lord directs through Brother Jerry together. Let’s flow together. let’s be at one. If you’re at one with the Holy Spirit while you’re there then we’ll all be one. And we’re watching why, because we’re watching to hook up with Brother Jerry, is this a time that the Joy of the Lord is going to break out I’m not stonewalling this, I’m participating here. Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, You’re the One in me here at this time. You see?  Glory to God, so and is this the time to be reverent, is this the time, we flow together as one.

Lets flow in how the Lord directs Brother Jerry together, let him move us with every word. You move me with every word. In this heart of mine. Let him move, let’s let him move us, with every word, with every action. With every movement, let’s let him move our hearts. Hallelujah. Enjoy God.

We’re beautifully prepared people, we are wonderfully, beautifully prepared. We’re ready, we’re ready for Brother Jerry to come, we know how to behave, we know what to do when things come up, we know what to do with our hearts we know how to flow together, it’s wonderful. We’re all going to be there like little children. Can I pray for you please?

Father, I just pray for each and everyone, every precious one here Lord. As they even continue with their preparation this year, this week Lord, as they come with hearts like a little child, that Lord it doesn’t matter what happened before, it doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before I’m going now Lord. I’m going, I’m coming Lord, I’m coming like a little child, hallelujah. I’m coming, and Father I pray that you would remind them of all these beautiful things that you spoke to us about today, that Your mercy is here for everyone. Who says Lord have mercy on me I’ve missed it, I’ve been casual, I’ve been familiar, I’ve stagnated Lord. His Mercy, Your mercy is here for everyone Lord. Thank You Lord that You will hover over every person this whole week long. Hover, hover, Holy Spirit, cover, cover, protection, supernatural; protection. Provision Father for everything that they need to be able to come through Father, the Word and the blood of Jesus works in their lives so that they can come be, so that we can come be together Lord. All the journeys to Witbank and all the journeys back from Witbank, the blood of Jesus surrounds and protects, covers, covers and hovers, covers and hovers, in Jesus’ precious name, Your people are blessed and we say, Amen. Thank you everybody, did I do good for God? Think He’s pleased with me? Thank you, have a wonderful evening, please don’t mind if we just leave quickly I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow morning and get everything ready for Brother Jerry. So I’m leaving with Stephanie and Bertus, I love you all very much, Pastor John also sends his Love. Bye-bye everybody.