Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration Part 9 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: Isaiah 55:8-9 (AMPC), Matthew 6:16-18 (KJ21), 1 Corinthians 14:15 (KJ21); Hebrews 12:18-25 (NLT)

Pastor Sharon:

Isn’t that amazing? Let’s just thank the Lord for the privilege we have of going Cross Borders and being able to touch precious children’s lives, and older people’s lives and everything in between that. Father, thank You, thank You, Father. Thank You that we can, and we know now when our next Missions Trip comes up, how important our contributions are, and our prayer support is to make the way smoother for them.

Well, I have just asked Pastor John now, and he just wanted me to share with you about the church fast. I’m just going to share with you, to help you about the church fast. The church fast is in preparation, to prepare ourselves spiritually for Brother Jerry’s visit. I want to just read this to you, what Pastor John shared on the 1st of September 2019. He said this, You can’t grasp My ways because you are stuck in a three-dimensional world. He read us that Scripture in Isaiah that says 8For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9 AMPC)

Forsake your thoughts and your ways. Walk in My ways and think My thoughts. And it so impacted me. He said, “In our finite thinking, in our three-dimensional thinking, we cannot think. What man is trying to do, is to take a three-dimensional being and three-dimensional thinking and three-dimensional consideration and intelligence and trying to figure out a fourth-dimension God. You can’t. It is not possible. All the collective thinking in the world can only think three-dimensionally. It requires a spiritual being to connect into the spiritual realm.”

God has given us a spiritual apparatus, or a spiritual doing like fasting. He’s given us a spiritual tool of prayer, that’s fourth-dimensional. Fasting, proper Bible fasting is fourth-dimensional. I would just like to read to you, how I’m approaching the fast. I’m just giving you some help now of what my prayer fast, is going to be looking like. If that can just help you.

This Scripture in Matthew, actually it would be very good for the people to see it. Its Matthew chapter 6 verses 16 to 18, because Jesus is talking here about fasting. Matthew 6 verses 16 to 18. Jesus says here, 16 Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Why? Their reward is they wanted people to see, “Oh what’s wrong?” “No I’m fasting.” That’s their reward. You see? What Jesus says here, 17 But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; 18 That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly. (Matthew 6:16-18 KJ21)

Your fast and my fast is going to be, to prepare ourselves spiritually, to be ready for fourth-dimensional services, people. Brother Jerry is a fourth-dimensional man. He’s a man of prayer and fasting. He flows in the fourth-dimensional with the fourth-dimensional person of the Holy Spirit. So we’ve got to be fourth-dimensional to connect with when he flows. That’s why we are fasting and praying.

How to fast. Fasting and praying are spiritual. God is a spirit. What is my fasting going to look like? My fasting is going to be fasting and praying, because Jesus, and for the sake of time, Jesus on a few occasions says, “This doesn’t come out, this kind of unbelief doesn’t come out of you, except by prayer and fasting.”

This is what Pastor John’s been ministering out, is the spirit of familiarity, that we develop in us, and then we have unbelief to the place where even Jesus Himself could do, there no mighty works because they were saying, “Who’s He? He’s only the carpenter. He’s only the carpenter’s son.” This is what we are come, fasting and praying now, so that we don’t find ourselves, with Brother Jerry in a fourth-dimensional service and not being able to have a clue of what’s actually going on and possibly stonewalling and preventing the Lord, Jesus from flowing through Brother Jerry, the way that He wants to. That’s what we are fasting, is to be spiritual.

Fasting doesn’t change God. Fasting changes me. It sensitizes me spiritually because I’m taking the time to pray. I’m taking the time to put our, Pastor John and I rough notes on for you. We just got some rough notes of some of our own studies. You’ll find it on the website tomorrow, and you’ll be able to look at all those Scriptures.

This is what my fast is going to look like, if it can help you. One Corinthians 14. This is what my fast is going to look like. 14 verse 15. My favourite one. One of my favourite. This is my favourite. This is the Book in my life, but it says here, 15What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding (1 Corinthians 14:15 KJ21). That’s what my fast is going to look like. You can, you will be connecting with me tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening, just three to four minutes. Throughout the whole fast, you’re going to be able to connect with me. Pastor John asked me to connect with you every day of the fast, on Facebook.

What I am going to do is, this is what my fast is going to look like. I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with my understanding, I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding. That is how I’m going to do it, even though I have got so much to do next week people. Just like many of you, my days are filled with activities that are necessary, but I’m going to be doing intermittent praying, intermittent. I’m going to just make a concerted effort, actioning, being in touch with Him all day long, praying with the spirit. What is that? You know. We’ve taught you. I’m going to be praying with the spirit throughout the day, in my car, when I’m cooking some food. I’m going to be praying with my heavenly language, I’m going to be … [Praying in the spirit] Letting my spirit pray, that’s my fourth-dimensional language. [Praying in the spirit] That’s it right, and then what am I also going to be doing? I’m going to be singing with the spirit. I’m going to be singing. [Singing in the spirit] I’m going to be doing that, throughout my day intermittently. Then I’m going to be declaring things and saying, “Thank You Holy Spirit that all of that familiarity, and all of the things that would possibly stonewall you, it’s just being dematerialized this week during my fast, Lord. Thank You, Father, for that.

Then we’ve got some declarations up, that I have given you. That’s what I’m going to be doing, but then I’m going to pray with my understanding, too. I’m going to sing with my understanding, I’m going to have, Walk in the Light Album and I will play it in my car when I’m travelling, I’m going to play it, in my home. For those of you that have not received the baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, that you have not, with the evidence of speaking in your fourth-dimensional language, well you speak with the language and you speak the Words of God and you can sing with the songs that we have been so blessed with, sounds of Heaven.

Does it help you a bit? Glory to God “But Pastor John I’ve never done, Pastor Sharon I’ve never done this before.” It’s not difficult, it’s very easy, you just do it. I just gave you a demonstration of how to do it. Just do it and let sensitize ourselves together spiritually for our fourth-dimensional meetings we are going to have. Can the worship group come up, please? Thank you. We’re going to have a wonderful time, now in His presence. Glory to God.

(Praise and Worship)

Pastor John:

Praise You, Jesus. You are a Majestic, Wonderful, Amazing, Awesome, Glorious, Loving, Wonderful, Almighty God. Father, it is with joy and gratitude that we can praise You. We can raise high and exalt high the Name of Jesus. We can praise Your name, we can glorify Your name, and we can shout into the heavens that Jesus is our Lord. Hallelujah. Praise You Lord, praise You Lord. Hallelujah. I, thank You, Father that Your Holy Spirit is present here to heal, to deliver, to strengthen, to guide and direct us. Thank You Lord, that You are here to bless us, for You are the true living God. Thank You, Jesus. Even the rest of the words that will be spoken this morning are anointed by You, so that we will be changed to become more like You, in Jesus Name. Are you in agreement with that? Say, Amen. You may be seated. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Glory to God. Wow, what a day to be in church. It’s a good day to be in church.

Yesterday, truly the Lord took us in a direction and gave me an opportunity to minister in such a way that I believe that I established a good platform last Saturday, last weekend, yesterday, today. Pastor Sharon’s going to be ministering next week because I’ll be away with Brother Jerry in Ghana and then we go to Kenya and then we come here and I believe that we are creating a proper atmosphere and a proper platform for our spiritual leader to come and flow the way he needs to be able to flow. Amen. Hallelujah.

I’m not going to preach for very long this morning, but I am going to start off with the way I started off yesterday. The way I started off yesterday morning, is I’m going to ask you, the same rhetorical question and make the same statement that I made yesterday.

Who is this God? Who is this God that demands or requires that we actually serve Him, and that we worship Him? Who is this God? Who is this God that wants us to worship Him? What is it that He demands and why is it that He would require that you and I give our time, give our resources, give our energy to worship Him? Who is this God? Why is this God, like this? Why is He? Why does He require that we actually have anything to do with Him? Who is this God that has such boldness, that He would declare that there is no one else like Him, there is no other God in the universe like Him? there is no one like Him, there is no one that is like Him and He stands by Himself in all of His splendour, all of His glory and all of His, who He is, He is alone in Heaven’s, and who is this God that we serve?

Yesterday, I made a declaration to you, and I said, “Who is this God that has permitted you to be here?” You think that you have the talent to make money and that you choose to give a little bit of it to God and that it’s your choice. Who is this God that you serve that says, and He gives you the right to say, “I have all my energy for all of my days and I have my intellect, and I have all my gifting’s and my talents and I am just really amazing, awesome human being that has got the ability to do anything I want to do. I can do anything I want to do. I have this whole life ahead of me and I can do anything I want to do, and this God actually makes a demand on my time and my skill.”

Who is this God? I’ll tell you who this God is. He’s the God who you wouldn’t be here if He didn’t permit you to be here. You are not here because of the biology reason. You are not here because of a man and a woman and you are the offspring of a man and a woman. That’s not the reason you are here. You are here because God in His eternal wisdom, used the biology of men and women to breathe His life into you, and you exist because He permitted it. You exist because He permitted you to be on this earth, in this place, in this space, in this time. That’s the reason you are here; because He permitted it.

You are not here, if He didn’t breathe life into you. So how much of you, that is in this earth, how much of you, is your stuff? How much of you is here without Him? Come on now. There is none of you that is here without Him. You don’t have a brain, if it wasn’t for Him. You don’t have lungs to breathe if it wasn’t for Him. You might argue and you might say, well its biology that I exist here, and it is because of a natural reason. That’s not why you are here. He just used that as a vehicle which He has spoken to the earth, which He said, as long as there is night and day, as long as there is summer and winter, as long as there is seedtime and harvest remain, this is the way it’s going to be. As long as a man and a woman come together, people will get born. He didn’t make us have food on a daily basis because He said today I’m going to speak food into being. He said this is the pattern that is going to work, it’s My pattern. So, you don’t exist if it was not for Him. You don’t get to breathe, tomorrow if it’s not for Him. You don’t wake up tomorrow if it is not for Him. You have got absolutely nothing on this earth if it is not for Him.

You think you can go to work tomorrow and go and make money and earn an income, and think that it is me that is doing it? You got nothing if it is not for Him. You think that you are smart and intelligent? You got no brain if it is not for Him. You think you are good looking, huh? (Check me out) You got no good looks, or any looks, at all, if it’s not for Him. You exist, because He allowed you to exist.

Do you think you have the right to anything? Come on now. Actually, you have a right to nothing, except for one thing. He says, I made you to exist because I actually want you to be like Me, and the only way I can know that you want to be like Me, is to give you a choice in life. I am still going to let you breathe, I am still going to give you all your intellect. I’m still going to give you all your talents. Now, I’m going to let you choose. Now, I’m going to let you choose. You choose. What do you want to use your brain for? You choose, what do you want to use your skill to make money for. You choose what you want to use your physical conditioning for. You get to choose. It’s only in your choosing that you become like God. It’s not because you breathe. The breathing is God’s gift. Your intelligence is God’s gift. Whatever you can do on the earth is God’s gift. What you do with that gift now, gives God an insight as to what you are actually thinking about Him.

If you say, well, I will tell you what, I will slice God into a little bit of my time, and I will just give Him a little bit of my time because that is all that He is worthy of. He looks at you and He says, “Really, you think that you can breathe without Me? Do you think that you can earn a living without Me? You think you can go on holidays without Me? You think that anything on this earth exists without Me?”

Men in the earth, they think, wow we are so powerful. Look at us, we can split atoms and make atomic bombs, and look at us, we can send people to the moon, and look at us, we can do so many things, we can control so much of nature through our intelligence and through our intellect, and none of it will exist if God did not permit it. Men give out Nobel Peace prize awards, and they give out all kinds of different awards, and all kinds of glittering accolades to what men achieve and accomplish amongst men, and whatever they have accomplished, not one of those things is possible unless God permitted it.

It is time for us to recognize that actually we should be giving everything we have got to God. Well, you know, they have got this, and I don’t like it, and it seems to have kind of fizzled away a little bit, or maybe just in my circles, but they have got this app thing that you can get on a phone where you know, if you are 20 years old, you can make yourself look like you are 50. I don’t know why anybody wants to do that. You take a picture of yourself and then you do this app, and then it makes you look 50 and you are 20.

I got to be thinking about that, and I thought, that’s how quickly life really goes in eternity. Now you are beautiful and young in 20, and as quickly as that app makes you look 50, in eternal time that’s how quickly you get old. In eternity time. In real-time you think you got all the time in the world, but in eternity time, it’s actually nothing, and whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not, whether how much you give credit to it or not, you are going to stand before God, and He’s going to say, “Now, I have breathed you into earth and I gave you these gifts, and I gave you these talents, and I gave you these callings, and I’m not measuring you by how much money you made, I’m not measuring you by how much success men said you had. I’m measuring you by why I breathed you into the earth.” There’s no other measurement that matters.

Come on. In God’s world, the reason you are here is because He wanted you here, yes? If He wanted you here, there was a reason that you needed to fulfil things and accomplish things on the earth, while you are on the earth. He gave you gifts, He gave you callings, He gave you talents and He gave you an assignment. Those things are the things you will be measured by, not by what you think you should have done with your time.

Wow. Well, Pastor John, you started preaching quite heavy this morning. Not really though, it’s just the truth; it’s just the truth. You might not like what I’m telling because the truth is actually quite punchy. That’s just the way I have always been, I don’t back off the truth. I hate religion, I hate religion and I hate a religious spirit, that wants to cover up the reasons why we’re supposed to be on earth, and all that kind of stuff. You know me, I have always been this way. I just say it as the Lord wants me to say it. Amen. Come on, all sing it with me; Amen. Okay, that was a little low for you, let’s sing it again; Amen. I hate religious spirits.

I’m going to read you a passage of scripture from the New Living Translation, from the book of Hebrews, and I’m starting from verse 18, and when I’m done with this, I will be done today. 18You have not come to a physical… New Living Translation, book of Hebrews chapter 12 verse 18, 18You have not come to a physical mountain, to a place of flaming fire, darkness, gloom, and whirlwind, as the Israelites did at Mount Sinai (Hebrews 12:18, NLT). Remember, they came out of Egypt, they’re on their way to the Promised Land and God wants to meet with His people and He wants to talk to them. They all come to the mountain, and all these hundreds and thousands, and millions of people are standing around the mountain, and God comes to speak to them from the mountain.

He warns them though, and He says, “If anybody comes and touches this mountain, they die instantly.” Why? Because God’s presence is so pure and so powerful that when anything that is corrupted comes into His presence, it cannot exist. The purity and the holiness of God burns everything that is corrupted. He says, “You have not come to such a mountain.” 19For they heard an awesome trumpet blast and a voice so terrible that they begged God to stop speaking (Hebrews 12:19, NLT). God speaks to His people. Why is it that they say, and they use the language that they begged God to stop speaking because a voice so terrible? What was terrible about it? It was terrible in that the very sound of His holiness, had caused them within themselves to fear for their very existence, because they came face-to-face with the beginning of the existence Himself.

When they realised actually, that this is the very beginning of existence, and that everything exists because of His voice. When they heard that, it was so terrible to hear, they begged Him to stop speaking, because they were afraid that they would cease to exist because the corruption that was in them, not that they were purposefully sinful, it’s just that they were born into sin, and the world, and that thing that you are born into cannot even stand in the presence of God.

20They staggered back under God’s command: “If even an animal touches the mountain, it must be stoned to death.” (Hebrews 12:20, NLT), Because nothing could exist in the glory and the holiness of God. 21Moses himself was so frightened at the sight that he said, “I am terrified and trembling.” (Hebrews 12:21, NLT). This is the same Moses that went up the mountain later, and spent 40 days, twice, in the presence of God, as he got the commandment of God. I will tell you church, this is the same God that you and I serve now. This is the same holy, awesome, amazing God that we serve right now, and we think that we have the right to choose our path in life? He says, “You do, I give it to you, but one day you will stand an account for all of your choices that are not in service of Me.”

If this confronts your very essence of your own self-will, to do what our own-self wants to do, then that’s the very part of you that needs confrontation. Hallelujah. 22No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless… we have through the person of Jesus, through the blood of Jesus, we have passed all that terribleness and all of that awesomeness, we have passed it through the blood. The blood of Jesus presents us to the Father as though we were in-corrupted or uncorrupted. Now, we don’t have to stand before this terrible fearsome voice and be afraid. We can come into the presence of God with boldness, because He no longer sees our corruption, He sees the blood of Jesus. 22 No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering.

I will tell you, that’s why, I just love the way that the musicians play their instruments, and the way God has been giving things to us, because I want to tell you, we get to praise God and we can be joyful. We can be joyful and we can praise Him. 23 You have come to the Assembly of God’s firstborn children, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God himself, who is the judge over all things. When you are born again and you have the right to come into the presence, you become aware actually, that He’s the Judge over all things. Wow. He has given that judgement over to His Son Jesus, but I’m going to just keep reading.

You have come to the spirits of the righteous ones in heaven who have now been made perfect. 24 You have come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel. 25 Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking. For if the people of Israel did not escape when they refused to listen to Moses, the earthly messenger, we will certainly not escape if we reject the One who speaks to us from heaven! (Hebrews 12:18-25, NLT)

Hello. There’s a few reasons why I wanted to conclude my part of the message that I have been speaking, to prepare us for Brother Jerry’s coming, because Brother Jerry is a messenger. I am a messenger of God, I am privileged by God to be a messenger, a vehicle through which God will speak. We have another messenger who’s coming, and he is coming to bring a message from God. Indeed he has already had a message, which he has brought to us from God and that message is that, in 2020 there will be a New Door that’ll be opened for you and that you will experience Supernatural Increase like never before.

Now, if we fail to listen to the messenger of God, if we fail to listen to that, and we fail to do what He’s asked us to do, then we are in a place where we can’t stand before God and say, “I demand that You bless me,” because He sent messengers into your life. Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

I finish off today. 25 Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking. He has said, we must bring a seed as a contact point for God to bless us supernaturally in 2020 and that we will have a new door, and we will see the new, and walk through the new door, that God is going to open for us. Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

When I was seven years old, I came into a service, where my dad was preaching. At the end of the service was, it was a night time service, and those times, those years the evening service was normally a very short service. It was Sunday night, 6 o’clock and it was normally done by 7 o’clock, sometimes it would start at 5 o’clock, and it was an old Assemblies of God, little church, tabernacle, kind of thing, with wooden pews and all of that kind of stuff. I’m dating myself here, but I was seven years old. My dad preached a very short message that night, and he made an alter call for people to come to the front of the church and just dedicate their lives to God.

I was sitting in the front row with my mom, and as the people came to the front of the church and the front of the church began to fill up, I moved into the second row. I sat on the second row on the corner of the second row, so I could just watch the things that were going on. As I watched people come to the front, I began to see people having an encounter with God. They would just give their hearts to God and they would begin to speak to God and begin to pray and dedicate their lives to God. As they were beginning to dedicate their lives, some of them would be crying, some of them would be quite, some of them would be just reacting in different ways.

I was sitting on the second row, and as I sat on the second row, suddenly this powerful anointing fell upon me. As it fell upon me, I began without any signs or symptoms or any kind of knowledge that this was going to happen to me. Suddenly I began to speak out of my mouth, in a different language, and I got baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, at 7 years old and these words begin to fall out of, come out of my mouth. As they came out of my mouth, the next time I knew about anything natural, was when I opened my eyes and I was laying on the pew, and all these older people were looking at me, my mom included. They were standing looking at me and they were just kind of amazed and just looking at me in wonderment, that this 7 year old boy was laying on this pew praying in tongues and speaking in tongues. Being filled by the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah!

I want to tell you, if you put yourself into a position and you go to places where God can meet with you, like this church, you can find yourself in any given day, making an encounter and having an encounter with the living God, that is so real, that is so powerful, that is so awesome, that is so amazing, because you can’t fake a 7 year old. You can’t fake a 7 year old, either they are going to meet with God or they not, because they are not intellectual enough as a 7 year old, to say I think I act like this and then… That was when I was seven. Hallelujah.

When I was round about my fifteenth birthday, one day, so I used to go into town, Hillbrow those days, I used to go into town with my guitar and I would and stand on the street corner. I play my guitar and I would sing Christian songs and then I would preach, to anybody who would listen, and I preach the gospel and when I finished preaching the gospel, I would do an alter call. People standing around the corner, people in that space, wherever it was, I just said, anybody want to give their lives to Jesus, come and bow your heads now. Come and stand around me and I will pray with you and lead you to Jesus.

Low and behold people used to just come, and they used to stand there, they used to have this fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year old boy come and lay hands on them pray for them and lead them into a prayer with Jesus, and then I used to invite them to church. Let me tell you, Jesus was so real in my heart, Jesus was so alive to me, that when I was fourteen, fifteen and sixteen there wasn’t alcohol, drugs, sex, rock and roll that was important to me. I wanted to serve Jesus, because when I was 7 years old I encounter God!

When I was around about twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight years old, somewhere around about there, I was privileged enough, and I’m going to conclude with this story. I was privileged enough to go with my wife to a Kenneth Hagen Camp meeting. We going to have our own camp meeting in Clarens in the end of March. They call it camp meeting in America, and I was privileged to go to Tulsa Oklahoma into an arena, where they had about fifteen thousand people that would come from around the country, and they would come to this camp meeting.

Brother Kenneth Hagen was standing there, and he was preaching and as he was preaching, he stopped in the middle of his message, and he looked at a line of wheelchairs that were lined up at the special space there for people in wheelchairs. He looked at these people sitting in wheelchairs, and he looked at the person sitting right on the end. If I am on the pulpit like this, I just want to give you an idea. It was almost like a church, like a school stage and the whole auditorium was there and they had these, like a basketball arena, you know people sitting on these sides like that, and the wheelchairs where on his left, and we were sitting about five or ten rows up a little bit further back on the left hand side in the same area that the wheelchairs were sitting.

What happened was, he stopped in the middle of his message, he said, the Lord shows me, right now, and he pointed to the lady that was sitting in the wheelchair that was closest to where we were sitting on the edge. He said, the Lord shows me that you have the faith to get out of your wheelchair and walk, right now. He said, get up and walk. He never touched her, there wasn’t any hype, there wasn’t anything else other than he was busy preaching his message. Just then he saw by the Holy Spirit that faith had come into her heart, to get out of that wheelchair and walk. He commanded her and said, “Get up and walk.” That lady without any support began to put her arms on that wheelchair like that, and she began to push herself up out of that wheelchair. As she got onto her legs, and then her legs began to get stronger and stronger, and then she just made one move like this, and then another move like this. Then she started to walk out of her wheelchair and she began to walk very slowly, very, very slowly she just began to walk. One step at a time. I don’t know how long she hadn’t walked for in her life. Whatever the circumstances were, but as she started to walk like this, she would just make one movement after the other, and the power of God began to strengthen her physical muscles, and strengthen her physical body. As she began to walk, she began to walk a little bit faster, and a little bit more sure as her brain was kicking in and all the working parts, that hadn’t worked for ages. She began to walk, and she began to walk, and she began to walk, and she began to walk a bit faster, and then she turned around at the edge of the stage which was quite a long stage, and then she began to walk back. As she was walking, she got stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger. By the time she got to the end of the second walk, she was praising God. She was glorifying God, she was worshiping God. Guess what happened to all the people in the auditorium?

They went crazy, crazy. Then Brother Hagen said there is a woman, all you people sitting, God shows me faith is increasing in your hearts right now, and if you’ll access that faith and you walk in that faith, get out of your wheelchairs and start walking. I think there were four or five and about three of them were ended up walking in different degrees, two of them sort of got out of their wheelchairs and kind of made a movement but didn’t quite make it. Different degrees of healing hit them based on their faith. What do you think happened to the people in the auditorium? They went crazy, they went crazy.

Now, I want to point out to you, at that time of my life, I did not wear the kind of jacket I am wearing today, or pink shirts. I was not as flamboyant as I am today. Those days I was a very conservative dude. I had come out of the military, and I had been serving God all my life, I was a conservative person. I was very creative, but I was very conservative. If you couple that together with my personality, which is a phlegmatic, I am more logical, I am more analytical, I am more naturally speaking. And of course I grew up in South Africa, where South Africa was a very conservative place. 

Those years when I grew up, men did not ever hug each other. You understand what I am saying? It was like, and Broeder Bond was a real thing. You get me? You feel me? I am sitting in the rafters there, and I am looking down at all of these Americans, who are flamboyant, many of us in those days, South Africans would have called Americans artificial, superficial, you know like there is no real substance to them, they are just out there, oooh hoo hoo hoo hoo. But I am sitting there and I am watching these guys down there, and I am watching them I mean literally they throwing things in the air they throwing their seats in the air, I mean, picking up their chairs and running around the auditorium and they are going crazy. They are going mad, with absolute joy of what God has done as a miracle in front of our very eyes.

This conservative South African boy, young man, already has two children, I am looking at this whole deal going on here. I mean when I say I was conservative, I mean listen, I would praise and I would you know I would sing to the Lord, and you know I was exuberant. I wasn’t that conservative but I would consider myself compared to them very conservative. You would not catch me running around in the auditorium in a church. No chance, never mind with a chair in my hand or anything like that, no ways, you are going to catch me doing that. 

In my heart, I said to the Lord, I wish I could have a freedom in You, the way these people are expressing their freedom, because I am aware that my conservative nature is holding me back from experiencing something in God that these people are experiencing. As I said that, I didn’t even say it aloud, it was just in my inner man communication with God. I said it, and in my inner man, He spoke back to me and He said, “You can do it right now.” I took one step into the isle, just like this. I took one step in isle, so that I was one step away from Sharon, and I threw my hands in the air like that and I shouted and I screamed at the top of my voice. I praised Jesus with everything that I had. When my lungs were empty of breath, I did it again. I shouted with everything that I had within me, and when my lungs were empty of breath again, I did it again, and I shouted with everything.

When I did it, it was like God put His hand into my spirit man and like a champagne cork, He pulled something out of my soul, and out of my spirit man rivers of living joy, just living life began to flow out of me like this, and the next minute I was jumping up and down, and I was turning around and I was shouting and screaming. I was upstairs, so I could not run around with a chair in my hand, but I was quite ready to do it. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

You see, I got to realise and I got to learn that God is so real, that He is so awesome, that actually He breathed me into life. Everything that I have got to live my life for, is to give it back to Him. Take my breath and let it worship You God. Take the energy of my life and let it worship You God, take all of my skill and all of my intellect and all of my abilities to do whatever You called me to do. Take it all and let it worship You back, because what am I without You God. What am I to do on this earth, without You God? You are the living God. You are the Mighty God. I am here because of You. I am here because of Him. I am here because of Him, everything I have got, belongs to Him. 

Let me tell you, this is a fact. The day my body ceases to be alive, there is nothing that is going to be on this earth, that remains on this earth, that is worth anything where I am going. Nothing. I use this as a general example. Ask Steve Jobs.

Still today his family Trust is worth billions, and do you think it means anything where he is at? Zilch. Okay sorry, I wonder about real guys that are like, have made a difference in the earth, you know. They discovered penicillin or they discovered a cure for something. Let me tell you something, if they didn’t give Jesus glory and honour before they died whatever they did, all their honour belongs on the earth. It never went with them. Unless you come to a recognition that everything that God gave you, belongs to Him. It belongs to Him. He caused you to be here so that while you are here you can give everything that you’ve got to Him, you can bless Him, you can glorify Him, hallelujah.

Won’t you all stand with me please? This is a great moment, this is a great moment, because it doesn’t matter what your emotions tell you, you can just make a decision like this. Right now I want you to make a decision which you’ve all made before, that you are a son of God.

I am a son of God, come on say it with me. I am a son of God and there is nothing in my past that can prevent me from walking into the presence of God, and fulfilling everything that God has designed me to do, while I’m on this earth. I am a son of God. I have the ability to speak to Him boldly, to speak to Him without hindrance, without fear, without looking back, because today I am washed by the blood of Jesus. I am a son of God. Hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah. Praise Jesus, praise Jesus, praise Jesus, hallelujah. Glory to God.

How many of you here, feel a great sense of the anointing of God, here this morning? How many of you feel this great sense of destiny, this great sense of something weighty has happened? Even from yesterday’s messages to this morning, something weighty has happened in the spirit. I want to encourage you, don’t ignore what has happened here. Don’t ignore what has happened between last weekend, this weekend and the fast this week.

I need my phone actually, my phone is in there. I want to just encourage you, that to fast something. I’ve always said to you, you don’t have to fast everything when you fast this week. Pastor Sharon said, When you fast, you are giving up something, so that you can give that time, that you would normally do that something, to be prayerful and meditative before God, okay?

I want to tell you what I’ve been doing for the last 10 days. What I’ve been doing for the last ten days is, I’ve been fasting 18 hours a day. What that means is that I have my last meal at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I fast till 10 o’clock the next morning. Sometimes that varies, but there is an app.

I was hoping that I could show it to you but it’s not going to… It’s just called Body Fast, and it helps you to regulate, if you want to fast. I want to suggest, if you want to you can fast 12 hours a day, you can fast 15. You should fast something where it’s actually giving you more time to do stuff. I mean connect with God. If you want to fast coffee, if you want to fast TV, if you want to fast something, fast something and give that time to God.

Again, it’s not so that God has a greater anointing, so that you prepare your sensitivity, so that when Brother Jerry comes and we all come together that you’re ready to step into a higher level of what God wants for you. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. This body fast app, it helps you, it’s like when it gets to 9 o’clock in the morning and you’re hungry, it sends you a little message on your cell phone “One hour to go to the end of your fast, keep going”, and when you hit the fast period it says “Congratulations you completed your fast.” It’s just a little tool that you can use. You don’t have to buy the version that they want you to buy, just download the free version, it’s good enough. It works well enough. Amen, praise the Lord.

Can I pray for you? Father, I pray that this week ahead, your people will just have a sensitivity, and that they will be in a place where they will just want to daily, get up and touch You with their words, touch You with their time, touch You with their gifts and callings. I pray that You will bless them, that no weapon formed against them will prosper. They’ll be blessed coming in and out of their house. I, thank you Lord, that you protect them by Your Word and the blood of Jesus. No weapon formed against Your people will prosper.

I want to just say and I declare this over you right now. That all of the distractions and all of the little hurdles that are going to try and come in your way to prevent you to come to our services, the special services that you will not respond to them, that you’ll have the wisdom and understanding, and you’ll get around them, you’ll get past them and that you will accomplish and fulfil all of the things that are in your heart to do when Brother Jerry’s here. From Thursday night to Sunday morning, Sunday night. In Jesus name. And you all agree with me, and you all say, Amen. Thank you for coming, God bless you