Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration (Part 5) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 54:17 (KJV); Isaiah 55:8-13 (KJV)

Come on everybody, come on everybody. (Dancing) Listen if a penguin can do it, then you can do it. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Listen, it’s that easy and like if you’re not quite up to it, hold on to somebody next door to you and just tap a foot at least, like a grumpy old man. I am a grumpy old man. So, I will just tap a foot. Even grumpy old men have got music in them and all the grumpy old men said, “Amen.”

I want to tell you, the Lord has really given me that the word that for 2020 we are going to do a lot of celebrating. We’re going to do a lot of praising, we’re going to do a lot of extravagant music events, we’re going to do a lot of things because it’s twenty years of Pastor Sharon and I being in the ministry, but it’s not just that, it’s because 2020, God has declared there’s new doors, there is supernatural increase and I know that the way you get it, is that you got to do spiritual things, to get the spiritual results. So, if you are looking for supernatural results, you got to do spiritual things, to get supernatural results. One of the things I know, is to be a strong Christian, is to be a joyful, praising, Christian. Hallelujah.

You get nothing done by having a long heavy face and you got to wrap your lip up every morning and then you know, before you walk on it, kind of thing. We are going to do, Happy Feet. I believe my son, Garth, has written a song about Happy Feet. Oh, he is getting something from the Lord. Busy getting something. I have to get the words exactly right, the way my wife wants me to say it. He’s busy getting the words, when it’s ready, we will play it to you. Hallelujah.

Children you may be dismissed and big children you may be seated. Praise the Lord.

Yesterday we had quite an awesome, amazing, wonderful service yesterday morning. We started early and thought we would go till afternoon, but such was the nature of the way God spoke to us yesterday, that we decided to close the service at around 12 o’clock or 12:30. I sense that I am that there are still some more things that God wants to say about the subject, but I suspect also that Brother Jerry’s got some things to say about it and so I am not going to say much, much more about it. I believe God is doing in your hearts, things that need to get done based on what the Word was, that got spoken.

Something that really, I mean, I was prepared for many things yesterday and the one thing that I said to Pastor Sharon, I had some of those things ready to talk about, but the one thing that the Lord really, I had no idea that I was going to speak about that. That if you have familiarity with yourself and yourself become so familiar to you, that you become comfortable with your own familiarity about yourself and about the way that you live with God. Then your own familiarity, that own spirit of familiarity, will keep you from serving God in a different way. That familiarity is what I’ve always done, that’s where I am and often it’s got to do with your weaknesses and your strengths. You say, well it’s always been a weak thing like for example, If you have a familiarity about yourself, that you struggle to get up in the morning to pray and you just decide you are never going to get up in the morning to pray because you are familiar with yourself, that you don’t have the strong willpower and that’s not something that you want to do.

Well, if you allow that familiarity to stop you from going forward in God, then you’ll never spend time with God. If that’s your weakness, then find another time of the day to spend with God, but don’t have a familiarity that says, “I am never going to spend time with God, because I don’t wake up in the morning.” I know, I mean, certainly, I am not a bad morning wake-up, but I am certainly not as good as Pastor Sharon.

When Pastor Sharon wakes up in the morning, I don’t know. I don’t know if she feels something different, but certainly, what I perceive is, when she’s up she’s like, “Let’s go, let’s go, it’s like, the day has begun, let’s go.” I am like, “It’s too radical, just easy, easy.” No, she’s like, “Let’s go.” “Easy babe, easy.” It takes me a bit of a half an hour to get to, “Let’s go, let’s go.” For her it’s like, her first leg is out of the bed, it’s, “Let’s go.” She’s going before her foot hits the floor.

Some of you relate to that. Some of you relate to just give me half an hour, please. Sometimes, there are people that, like you talk to them early in the morning and they go, aarrhhh [growl]. What’s wrong with you? I am not awake yet, I need a coffee. Coffee. Morning, coffee.

Those are familiar things about us as a people, but if you let that familiarity stop you from growing in God, then you’re never going to overcome that. Rather use the strength somewhere else in the day, to get you close to God. Then when you are close to God, then God’s strength will help you get rid of the familiar things that you need to get rid of. Amen. Hallelujah.

I got to share yesterday and I encourage the people that weren’t here yesterday. I encourage you to get the messages from yesterday, because they were very, very significant. I can’t quite rightly say exactly how powerful the work is that God did in us, but I think it reset the spiritual climate for many things in the ministry. It was that important yesterday. Praise the Lord.

I am not going to, because I said to Pastor Sharon this morning. I said to her, “I got to go back and listen to those messages because even though I had prepared some of the things that I was going to say, it came out of my spirit in such a different way than I thought it was going to come out by the Holy Spirit. Words came out and things came out and I had to say things under the authority of the Holy Spirit, that I don’t even remember some of the things that I said yesterday. I have got to go back and listen to what I said, to be able to fully understand, for myself exactly what it was that the Holy Spirit said yesterday.” It was really quite an amazing service.

I just want to rephrase or re-say some of the things that I said yesterday. Doctor Jerry Savelle got a phone call from Brother Kenneth Copeland in December and they talked about a spiritual mantle that had been placed on him for many years by words and that Brother Kenneth Copeland was going to use a moment in 2020 to lay hands on him and impart the mantle to him. Although the words were spoken over him, he had not had hands laid on him, for the mantle to come upon him. Now, one of the things that had been spoken to him, was that he was going to operate more strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gifts of seeing and knowing.

He has spoken about this, and I know for many many years, there have been many things that have happened in Brother Jerry’s life, that are very powerful in the spirit. He himself has said, I have withheld my function in those spiritual gifts. I have not allowed them to operate as strongly as they should and could, because there is so many flaky people out there, and there are so many people that have abused the gifts of the spirit. There are so many people that try and make a name for themselves and try and become the next best so-called prophet, Kathryn Kuhlman or whoever else you want to put out there as a name. Maybe Elijah or somebody like that. He was aware that he didn’t want that, the integrity of his ministry be undermined by his gift operating, and then people associating his gift with the flaky people.

He admits that he made a decision to withdraw and what that really looks like, is you operate and you function in other gifts, and he has spoken about this, not just once, but a number of times. He has spoken about this, that he flows in a very strong teaching gift most of the time because the teaching mantle is upon him. He very seldom lets the prophetic gift go in the spirit of seeing and knowing, the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge because he can be so accurate.

He gave an example of a service that he went to, and when he walked into the service, he specifically put a certain amount of money in his pocket. Before he went into the service, the Lord had shown him a lady that had wanted to put her children through school, a special kind of school, you know he uses words that describe an America School that I didn’t understand, but it was a special kind of school, and she wanted all her kids to go in there. This is many many years ago. Probably thirty years ago, and you will see why now, but she wanted her kids to go. She didn’t have enough money to send all three the kids, to go to that school. She was actually not going to send any of the kids to that school, because she didn’t want to give two kids an advantage over the third kid. You can understand how a parent would do that.

She really wanted her kids to go to this special school, but she just didn’t have the money, and I think it is related to registration fees, and first-quarter payments, something, I don’t know exactly what it was. At that time, she lacked 186 dollars and some cents. What Brother Jerry did was, he took a 186 dollars and cents, and he put it in his pocket. He walked into the auditorium, when it was his time to speak, and he said, “The Lord told me that there is a lady in here, that was wanting to send her kids to school and she doesn’t have money. She is short of the amount of money. Is that lady in the service?” She put up her hand, and he said, “The Lord told me that you are short of a certain amount of money”. She said “Yes, sir”. He said “How much is that money?” She said, ”A hundred and eighty-six dollars, and let’s say its twenty cents”. He said, “Please come up here, mam”. As she came up, he took out the 186 dollars and twenty cents, and he put it in her hand. Now, only God can show you something like that. That’s for His glory, that’s not for man’s glory, right?

That is God showing, that He can show you something supernaturally, that you can operate in, and then sets somebody free and everybody gets to rejoice in the power of God that is at work. I have said to you previously, when Brother Jerry came to visit us, I even said to you, I know he operates in this. I even said to you that sometimes he sees things like on television screens. He has told me before, and I have heard him even minister it before, that sometimes he can be standing in an auditorium and he could be looking at someone and there would be like a TV screen above his head and on his head, and he can see some of his life playing out like a TV. He can see like maybe he went to his neighbour’s door and asked for a cup of coffee or something. I am just using a stupid, silly thing and he asks for a cup of coffee and his neighbour punched him in his face, because he is angry with him. Then it offended him, whatever. He can see that, in colour. Praise the Lord.

Well, I am telling you that now, because Brother Jerry is going to be here in a couple of weeks, and evidently Brother Copeland has spoken to him and said, “You have got to go and use that gift, to the point where God has instructed me to lay hands on you to stimulate that, reactivate it and make sure that those gifts that God has given you are working.” Hallelujah.

I am wanting us to be ready for it, and I don’t want familiarity of his teaching gift and the familiarity of what we know about Brother Jerry and all the years we’ve walked with him, to prevent us from receiving everything God has given him. To that end, we can become familiar every year when we have the word from God that helps us live life more successfully. We can have a word from God, and every year we might say, “Oh that’s just another word, that’s just another word.” Maybe you might even think that he made up that word, you know, that he just kind of made up that word. It is a nice saying you know, in 2020 there will be a New Door that will open for you and you will experience supernatural increase like never before.

Some people that have a familiarity about church life, and a familiarity about preachers and leaders, they might turn around and say, “Well, I am not really going to take that seriously, because it is not that serious, if I don’t do it, it’s not so serious.” Well, it is that serious, because God has given us those gifts in the body of Christ, through authentic people, that spend time hearing from God, and God is speaking to them. That it will give us direction and guidance in our Christian walk, so that we can live life successfully. Right? You can say, amen.

I used yesterday, to even describe that about myself, that even though I know you all very well and you know me very well, there have been times when God has called me to prophesy. I used a couple of prophetic words yesterday, like the one time I was prophesying in the Jo’burg church, in the early part of the year, I don’t remember, well I think it as in 2012 when Marikana happened, I think. I don’t remember exactly what year it was, but I think it was 2012 in January and I said, “There’s an event that’s going to happen in our country later this year and it has the potential to destabilize this Nation and we’ve got to pray and ask God that whatever that event is going to happen, that it will not destabilize our Nation and it will not cause this Nation undue problems.” Later that year, I think it was in the month of April or May or June or somewhere around there, Marikana happened and people got shot and killed and there was a lot of mayhem, about that. It could very well have been that the world that was looking on at that time, could have done a lot of things and we know it had an impact on the platinum price and it had an impact on strikers and there was violence and aggression and stuff in the nation, but we had been praying and so I believe that the result of that, although it was catastrophic, it really didn’t end up hurting the nation as much as it could have hurt the Nation.

I have said, I have had time, when I have had the spirit of prophecy come on me and say, “There’s a hard time coming economically, so start paying up your debts, start putting cash together and make sure you’ve got cash in reserve because if you’re just going to do nothing about it, it’s going to catch you and hurt you.” There are other things that I have prophesied about; that the Nation would shift and change and that there would be a time of God and that things would be happening and all those things I have said would happen have happened.

Even yesterday I said, “If ever,” and I believe this with all my heart; if you’re going to stand any place and speak for God, then you should be judged by what you speak. You don’t stand up and say, “I am speaking for God,” and then it doesn’t come to pass and then you’ve got something else to say for God. No, now you’re not talking for God, You are just talking, something else.

You all know that I am very cautious when I get up here and I say, “Thus says the Lord,” or, “God’s speaking now,” because I am aware that I am representing the mouthpiece of God. There is another function that happens much more regularly with me and that is that, there are the gifts of the spirit that often operate and function in me, when it comes to people in our ministry and sometimes they’re not that open and they’re not that public. Sometimes they’re just private. When I talk to people in private, I don’t go to them and say, “God says…” I don’t do that.

Where is Miranda? Can I use some of your testimony? You sure? You don’t have to have peer pressure here. You are alright? Miranda was third year, fourth year, somewhere roundabout there, medical student… University… Doing a degree. She had grown up all her life, so-called wanting to study medicine. I am just doing my normal prayer time and I am just spending time with God and I am just having a moment with the Lord and the Lord impresses upon my heart that I have got to go and spend some time with her father, Bertus. He is the Missions Director of the ministry.

We know each other quite well. I mean, I know she’s in the university and I know a bit about their family’s life. The Lord says, “Go and spend a day with him and go and visit his business, his sites where he does all the installations.” I said, “Yes, Sir.” So, I called him up. I said, “Bertus, when the day’s convenient, I’d like to come and spend the day with you.” I mean, he was very kind to me and he set up a day where there was hardly any work going on, it was just inspections. I didn’t have to hang around while he worked and just sit in the hot sun with a “hoedjie” on and watch him work. So, that day happened.

While we were travelling around I began to ask him questions about his daughter and about her life and all of that. Now we were on our way back and we’re probably about an hour and a half’s drive back from Witbank, we were coming from Hazyview. I said, “Bertus, I have to just say to you now, I can’t wait anymore. I have to talk to you about your daughter and I believe that Miranda’s got to come and hang out with us in the ministry for a while.” I said, I think this was November, October timeframe, somewhere around there. Stef, can you remember? October. It was about October of that year. I said, “Even if it’s got to do with just the December holidays, January holidays when she’s got a break from university. I believe she’s got to come and hang out with us.” He said, “Okay, alright, Pastor.” I said, “You need to talk to Stef and you guys need to pray about it and then talk to Miranda and then see if it would be okay with her. My part is, I have got to extend the offer.”

While we are driving in the car, his phone rings and at that moment, Miranda was in a rather emotional, quite significant emotional state of mind and she was having an experience, “I don’t know that I can carry on doing what I am doing at university. It’s getting too much for me.” So, lot’s of spiritual attack on her life. While I am driving in the car, my words are hardly out three minutes. In fact, we’re still busy talking about it, Stef calls Bertus and says, “Bertus, you won’t believe what’s happening right now to Miranda.”

One week later we all had a meeting. “Miranda, come spend December holidays in the office.” After December holidays she came and she said, “In my medical degree I can take a one year sabbatical and then continue the degree after I have taken a year, but you may not take more than a year because after that you can’t go back and study medicine anymore. After at least three years, you can take a year sabbatical and then you can go back. I am going to take a year sabbatical.” “What are you going to do?” “If you’ll have me, I want to stay in the ministry.” She hasn’t left. She’s still here. She’s part of my A-Team. Hallelujah. She’s a wonderful asset to this ministry. I don’t know that she’ll ever leave. In fact, I am pretty sure she won’t.

I didn’t go to them and say, “Thus says the Lord.” Thank God, they didn’t treat it as a familiarity. They treated it with a respect that this is something God’s doing. God was very sure for us to do it, because the timing in eternity couldn’t have been more correct and accurate that at the moment, I am speaking to Bertus, in that very moment, his daughter needs help. To the fact that mom calls dad and says, “Our daughter needs help.” “Funny, I have got help in the car with me.” Hallelujah. God orchestrated that.

I am just trying to say that if there was some level of familiarity involved in something like that, it could have put a spoke in the works and nothing could have ever happened, right? So, having familiarity is a dangerous thing. I want to separate that from the fact that I am, you guys all know me. I am very happy to go running with you, to go cycling with you, to get on a hot, on a bike, on a motorbike on a hot day and go and sweat with you and do lots of things with you guys and, and hang out with you. You understand, I am not in a space where I am expecting, where I am trying to teach you that familiarity means separation from me.

I am saying that there’s a familiarity that we all can have about our attitude towards the vessel that God’s used to preach, the vessel that God uses to make changes, that if we keep seeing the vessel as a human vessel and not a God vessel, then we can’t receive from God through that vessel. I am encouraging you as I did yesterday, I am encouraging you that when Brother Jerry comes, I want us all to make, to increase our faith and to get our expectation up there, that we are going to, to press in, not make a demand on him the person, but make a demand on gift that operates through him as a person, that we can have everything that God has put in him. Hallelujah.

I am speaking because I am wanting to increase your expectation. You remember that when Brother Jerry came, and he came for this prolonged special meetings. Afterwards, we did the Glory Book, the Holy Weave book, you remember that? Basically what we did was, we took seeds out of every message that he did, and we put it into this book, and now we use this book as, as a point of contact for declaration, because this book was words that he spoke to us, that he left us with a bag of seeds, word seeds. That if we will use that word seeds, we can continue to grow in all of the harvest that he dropped here. He dropped seeds, it’s our job to water them, to grow them and then to harvest them.

It’s not his job to that. He came and he dropped the seeds. If you’ve let go of the Holy Weave book, or those confessions, pick it up and get it going now, it’s a good time to do it. Don’t you think? I have a manual one, and I have electronic ones, one’s on my phone, one’s on my iPad, one’s on my computer. I have got Holy Weave books and I have got confession things all over my computers because that’s where I roll most of the time, is I am an electronic guy. It’s what I do. Praise the Lord.

When Brother Jerry, I mean, you understand that years ago now, years ago now, he had a word over him that he was going to operate more strongly in the gifts, the spiritual gifts of seeing and knowing. When he has prophesied about things that God wants to do in a year, like 2019 was going to be a year of Marvels and Wonders, and Extraordinary Manifestations of the Greatness of our God, I took that seriously. He said, “God can do in one year, what would normally take ten years.” Let me just give you an example; on Friday afternoon, we’re standing in the auditorium talking here to the supplier, that supplied us with our cameras, and understand, he works with much bigger churches that has much bigger budgets, and they do much bigger things.

He came in here on Friday, to enquire from my staff, what we have done to get the kind of quality that we’ve got at the cost that we got it at. Because he considers us at the cutting edge of innovation. To the point where there are churches enquiring from him, how to do what we’ve done because it hasn’t been done before. In fact, his words were, “You guys could make a business out of consulting to churches, to get them to do what you’ve done in this church.” Audiovisual wise. Wow. To the extent, you know, that a very large church, I am not inclined to give names, spent literally millions of rands on two cameras, that are like television studio-level cameras, like SuperSport kind of cameras. You get me? They’re ready to turf them out and go with the solution that we have in this auditorium. Literally the church has come to him and asked him, “Please can you try and sell these cameras that we can do this solution,” because the quality and clarity that we are getting in this solution is not as good as what they’re getting on those expensive cameras. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I am telling you that, why? Because when the Lord said, Marvels and Wonders, and Extraordinary, God is going to show us the extraordinary manifestation, what? Extraordinary Manifestation of the Greatness of our God, when He’s going to show us that; the part of the way He shows us that, is that He gives us part of His supreme intelligence. We get things done, that others haven’t even thought of how they can get things done. This is the person who supplies, this equipment; he’s the supplier, he’s the importer and he supply the equipment. He is coming to us, to get advice from us on how we put the technology together, because the church that he attends, had all their camera equipment stolen. Now they are having to buy new equipment. What they want to do is install a system that we’ve installed.

You see, God can do in one year what would normally take ten years. Truly, God is doing amazing things. Truly. Truly. You see if I didn’t believe that word, I wouldn’t have made the progress, and we wouldn’t have made the progress that we did last year. Now we’ve got a chance to make progress this coming year, based on the progress we made last year. You know, it’s like when somebody makes a lot of progress, how can I put it? If you’re very, very, very, very unfit and you can’t walk around the block, because you’re unfit. When you do get to walk around the block, it’s like, “Yeah!”

I was thinking about it the other day, and someone even made the comment to me about it. The very first time I rode a bicycle, I went on that bicycle, I rode ten kilometres, and half of it was downhill. I rode ten kilometres, and after ten kilometres of riding that bicycle, I got off the bicycle, I threw it on the side of the ground and I said, “I have to rest, I have to rest, I have to rest, I have to rest.” I rested, I don’t know, five minutes, drink water. Now I have got to ride the bike back. I wanted them to go fetch the car to come fetch me, he said, “No, no, you got to ride the bike back.” I rode the bike back; I couldn’t even help him put the bicycle on the back of the van. I sat in the car, drove me home and I went and slept for the rest of the day. I was whacked, twenty kilometers.

Now I am in a place, and then for a year or two or three afterwards, I would say, “Hey, I am going to go and do the Argus”. Then I did the Argus in six hours and forty-seven minutes, and it was the very first one and it was like everybody was, “You made it, Pastor John, first time ever. You made it, you made it.” I felt like I was like this superhero, you know.

Now it’s like, if I don’t do the Argus and or the 94.7 or any of those, under three and a half or three hours fifteen, that they don’t even want to talk to me anymore. It’s like, please can somebody recognize that I have become pretty good, you know at this cycling. I am cycling at a reasonable level, “phah” you do that all the time, I don’t have to talk to you. Now I got to go and do something really superhuman effort, for everybody even says, “Okay you did something good.” You know what I mean?

We are not operating off the base of someone who’s just cycled twenty kilometres.  We are now operating off a base of somebody that’s been cycling for many years that, of the greatest thing he ever did, that would be me; was ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town in eight days, 200 odd kilometres a day. That’s the base we are working off in the spiritual now, this year. You understand? So where are we going next, so after last year. This year; I mean how good are we going to get by the end of this year.  We’re not trying to duplicate last year, we’re building on last year to get to where we have got to go this year. Amen.

I took His Word seriously and His Word is that; 2020 will be a year of New Doors and Supernatural Increase.  He was in Hawaii on holiday and the Lord began to lead him and he decided to and that’s why you should have all had a copy of this card when you came in, or if you don’t have one, you get one. I am releasing my faith in 2020 for supernatural increase, beyond anything I have ever experienced before, according to the prophetic words spoken by Brother Jerry. He had a Word from the Lord, which he sent to all of his churches around the world; that if you will take up an offering in the church, he wants to pray for the offering to release the blessing on your life.

The execution for us, is that I told you, the Lord had shown me that the execution for 2020 of this Word is that we will have Project Strike, Project Celebration and Project Conditioning.  When you start to sow your seed between now and the time that Brother Jerry comes.  We are blessed beyond measure, because he’s got a church, for example in Australia, and he’s only going to go to Australia in about May, I think of this year or somewhere around there. He’s coming here in two weeks, so he gets to lay hands on our seeds. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. I know I am talking about spiritual things here, but this is powerful things. These are life-changing moments.

I want to read this passage of Scripture to you. It’s Isaiah 54, verse 17 and I am going to read from the King James Bible. 17No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord (Isaiah 54:17 KJV). Isaiah 55:8 (KJV). I am just saying don’t speak against what God says, don’t speak against what God says, because if you speak against what God says, you can’t get what God says.  Amen. 

I just feel led, excuse me, that I want to just share this with you again. I am very much aware and I, you know I have said to you, I think this works as well in business as it works for any kind of relationship. There are five levels to relationships. This is what the Lord showed me. The first level of relationship is the level of touch. The next level of relationship is integration of ways. The next level of relationship is strategic intentions. The fourth level of relationship is divine productivity. The last level of relationship is covenant.

So, what happens in the world system out there, especially when it comes to matters of male and female relations? Often times people want to go from a touch connection to an intimacy connection without establishing any of the other things, because they wanted to be physical. They just blow all of the strategic, all of the good qualities of the relationship out of the water. If you are in, if you are in a position right now, where I am talking to you and you are being touched by God, or have been touched by God, you may be in a level of relationship with God where you are just touching who He is and you’re touching what He is.

You can’t have a relationship without touch. You touch with words, you touch with your mind, you touch with social activities and sometimes you may touch with affection, touch a hand. Touch is very important. Very often out there in the world people say, you haven’t touched properly, unless you’ve had physical intimacy, complete intimacy. The answer to that is no.  If you’re touching with physical intimacy in order to establish whether you can actually go to the next level of the relationship, you got it all wrong. The way it needs to work is, you need to have a touch of heart, a touch of where your lives are at, a touch of who you are as people, a touch of who you are each with God. There’s many things where you have got to touch each other.

Then you go to integration of ways, which is the next level of commitment and the integration of ways is; I see who you are, you see who I am and we start managing our different ways, so that we can operate together. Operating is, together is not like this. It’s not like you live your life, I live my life and when it’s convenient we will touch. That’s not marriage, that’s not a good relationship, that’s a one-way relationship. That doesn’t mean you have a relationship. That actually might mean you’re just living together or you just might be working together.

A typical relationship like that is a work relationship because a work relationship often is a contract and so you touch each other’s value systems to a lesser extent. You touch each other’s skill level to a very higher extent, but you can go to work every day and go and do what you have to do, say you’re a computer programmer or you’re an accounts person and you can sit and work on a computer all day and you don’t have to hardly talk to anybody, right? That means you are touching your employer, but you’re not integrating necessarily the ways. There’s a certain amount of integrations that’s required, like here’s your key card, this is the time you got to clock in, this is the time you got to clock out and this is the time you will have lunch and this when you have to talk to your boss and you can have a whole level of integration, but it can be a very low level of integration.

The better the integration of ways, the more you can get to the next level, which is strategic intentions. When you get to the level of strategic intentions, now you are beginning to have a relationship that’s very powerful, because strategic intentions is what’s the quality that you have got, what’s the quality I have got and what’s the two qualities we can bring together, that can make something better, which ends up with outstanding productivity. In this case, I am using divine productivity and once you have this divine momentum, you have covenant. Hallelujah.

I am just reminding you about this, because whatever level you are receiving this message today, I am wanting you to use that level of faith that you’ve got to get something from God for 2020. I am saying to you, that if you want more from God in 2020, you’ve got to set about, with your head, say I am going to integrate ways more with God and with the church. If you say, I am going to take the Word that God’s got, but I am going to stand on the outside, then you’re not going to get what God wants for you. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I wonder if it’s got anything to do with this. Brother Jerry decided he was going to give up a whole year of his ministry and he was going to travel with Brother Copeland and serve Brother Copeland for a whole year and all of the major ministry meetings that he does. I wonder if it’s got anything, that the end of that year in December, Kenneth Copeland calls him and says, “You know that that word that I had over you all those years, I didn’t lay hands on you and actually imparted unto you because there’s a new level of authority that you’re about to step into and you need the laying on hands of that anointing.” I wonder if he’s giving himself to Brother Copeland for a whole year had anything to do with that. 

What did he do? He spent the year integrating his ways, he has already done that many times, but in a very specific way, integrating his ways. I am convinced they had strategic intention conversations, which they did, I know because he’s doing it again this year with Brother Copeland. They’ve talked about it, as been doing this for the rest of their lives together. Strategic intentions was definitely on the table. Their traveling together was, is a divine productivity because now you’ve got two people doing something for God, in unity together. One puts a thousand to flight and two put ten thousand to flight. There is no question that divine productivity is in the mix. Do they function in divine covenant? Out of both their mouths, over the last fifty years they have talked about their covenant together. Ja, I am preaching good. 

You can take that into a marriage. If your marriage is just about touch, then that’s all you’re going to have. If your marriage is about integration of ways, you’ll find the sweetness there because you can flow. If your marriage is about strategic intentions, you start to find out what purpose and what assignment and what calling God’s got for you. On the basis of that you begin to function on a much higher level. Then divine productivity can kick in and you can get hundredfold return because you’re operating in the divine operation, productivity level. Then God makes covenant with you, that if you give me yours and I’ll make you the father of many nations. 

You have got to go through the process. Isaiah 55, verse 8, 8For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” saith the Lord. 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts. 10For as the rain cometh down and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, 11So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void (Isaiah 55:8-11 KJV). He is saying as sure as a summer and winter and as sure as there’s seed time and harvest, My Word will never come back to Me without productivity.

If we understand that God has His Word, then He has His special messengers speak words into the earth at strategic times, to get the job done, then we’ve got to believe those words. Not look at the messenger and say; “Ag, well that’s just another word. I’ve been in church.” Listen, people, I grew up in church as a kid. I’ve been in church my whole life. I know how many words have been spoken. I’ve been around. Listen, I’ve been around a guy one time, one of the big names, I won’t say who it was. He wrote a book, I predict the end of the world and the coming of Jesus in 1984. He sold millions of books. 1984 I predict Jesus is coming back and 95 came round, then he launched another book, “I am sorry I got the prediction wrong.” You understand? I’ve been around Church a long time to understand that not everything works out and is above board.

I could take this view, that I’ve become so familiar with these patterns in the church that I don’t let it work and impact me. I see the humanity oftentimes display itself and people using it for profit. I could take a very narcissistic view of it, and I could say, “I am going to get very critical about this.” I know the people that I am connected to and I know those guys. Listen not one of us is perfect and we don’t hear perfectly from God all the time, but a lot of us have been around God a long time and we know pretty much when God is speaking. We might get a phrase wrong, we might get an intent wrong or we might have something that’s not quite 100% what God gave, but I certainly am and I know Brother Jerry and Brother Copeland are both. We’re mature enough and strong enough people to say, if I got it wrong, I am going to say sorry. There’s no point in me trying to make it right when it’s wrong, yes.

Now we find ourselves in an opportunity, we have an opportunity, Project Strike. We have an opportunity where Brother Jerry, God gave Brother Jerry, at the same time God gave me Project Strike, Project Celebration and Project Conditioning, God gave Brother Jerry, the word that there will be the supernatural increase and you need a point of contact financially, to make this thing come through. Hallelujah.

The reason the Lord gave me Project Strike is because I am walking in the Word that God gave me, 18 months ago when I sowed my seed into Brother Jerry for Project Strike. So if you ask me; “Am I going to do it again?” The answer is, yes. Why? Because the season has come where God has said, listen, be sure this money is not going to Brother Jerry, this money is not going to Brother Jerry. Whatever seed you sow is going to stay here with us in the ministry and we will use it for our work of the ministry. He’s not looking for money for himself. This is not about money for him, this is about getting money to you. The only thing I can say about that, is he who sows sparingly, he who sows sparingly, then the supernatural increase comes on the sparingly given. Praise the Lord. 

11So shall be my that word goeth forth out of mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. 12For ye shall go out with joy. There’s the celebration part. 12And you will be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. 13Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off. (Isaiah 55:11-13 KJV). Let me tell you what is happening here is that God is busy doing something among us, that is going to be an everlasting established work that He’s doing in our lives. Already the work that He did in our lives last year, is already standing as a monument about what God can do supernaturally. I am looking for a much greater supernatural increase in this next year. Hallelujah, hallelujah. 

I really wanted to get into Project Strike and Project Celebration and I wanted to get into Project Conditioning yesterday already, and then I thought I was and I was working towards getting it done this morning, but I just want to read to you, the definitions of what Project Strike is and what these are and then I’ll talk to you about the practicalities about it next Sunday, before I go and meet Brother Jerry in Ghana. 

So strike, the etymology or the foundation or the root of the word strike is to deal a blow, to collide, to hit with a missile, to cancel or expunge go toward or come upon.  The Webster’s 1928 Dictionary says, to touch or hit with some force, either with the hand or an instrument, to give a blow. Webster’s 1913 says, to make a sudden impression as by a blow, to take forcibly, to advance, to proceed, to strike with effect.  Hallelujah! 

I am, I have already had a very effective strike in 2018, November 2018 when I sowed extravagant seed into Brother Jerry’s ministry in seven area’s, and I am wanting you to come up with seven areas that you want God to advance, to strike with force, so that you change the direction, the momentum of things that you need and want changed in your life. Hallelujah.

I want to make this clear, God has never observed, has never been a person impressed with how much you give. God is only worried about how much you keep. Hey? You know He already made that, He already made that argument the disciples watching a rich man and he took a whole big bag and he said to everybody, “Watch how much money I give to the church.” Jesus looking at that, He said, “That man, he’s got all the thanks, he is ever going to get because he got his thanks from men on earth.” Meantime there was a little bent over widow woman, who took two coins and it is all the money that she had and she took all of her money and put in the offering and she considered herself to be unworthy because the money was so little. Jesus said, “Great is this woman’s reward because she will get her thanks in heaven because she is not doing it to make a statement, she’s doing it and she is given everything that she’s got.”

I am wanting to tell  you,that if you come with a seed and ten rand is all that you got, that is a marvellous seed to give, that is a spectacular seed to give, because if you’re given what in your heart and that’s all you got then give the ten rand. It’s a spectacular seed. Don’t think that it has to be hundreds of thousands of rands if you don’t have it. Or you know whatever the number is.

A good measure, a good measure is, Brother Copeland often speaks about he has in the past not so much anymore but the thing really touched us was he talked about the choke point in your life and if there is something that you want to do that you want supernatural increase in, find out what is your choke point. Uhhh, if I do that, uhh, uhh, I don’t know if I can do that, uhh, uhh, just saying, just saying. 

Project Conditioning. Conditioning the word of origin of conditioning is a process of training that results in fitness, oh my word. The process, this is what I like the most, the process that modifies a person’s behaviour. A learning process by which a subject develops consistent response to a previously unrelated stimulus by association of the stimulus with another stimulus.

So, in other words, my previous stimulus, just hear me now. My previous stimulus was, when I want to do, change my eating habits or I want to change some habits in my life, there is a stimulus. So, my stimulus might be when I come home I am always used to having a sandwich and a cup of tea before I have dinner later and the stimulus will be when you walk through the door, it’s like I am home and when I am home, I got to have my sandwich and my coffee before I have dinner an hour later. Just for example.

Conditioning for you might be, I am not going to be stimulated by that. So, a practise that I have to practice, that I do practice is that I found in my body even though I love coffee, I really enjoy coffee very much, I discovered that if drink too much coffee to regularly then it begins to impact my body negatively.  That is just something that it happened to me in recent years, in the last year or two or so, that it impacts my body negatively. I feel bad. It is not like I fall over or do stupid things. It’s just I don’t feel so good. What do you think stimulates my drinking coffee, smell?

What I have got to do is, I have got to say, “I am going to take a previous stimulus and I am not going to let that stimulus, stimulate me.” Rather what I am going to do is have another stimulus and that stimulus might be, every time I smell coffee, I am going to say, “I am a child of God, conditioning myself physically and spiritually, so that I can change my behaviour for the glory of God.” Now I am going to eventually start responding to my words rather than the smell. You want to be free of something? You got to take drastic action. Conditioning.           

That’s why I have been conditioning you already, since last year. You put your hand on your heart like this and say, “I am a child of God.” Come on do it with me, “I am a child of God, I am a son of God, I am a child of God and because I am a child of God, I can be free of anything and everything in my life that’s holding me back.” You see, I have been trying to condition you, that if you kept doing this everyday, I am a child of God. You are driving in your car, you’re all by yourself, even if you got the radio on, you put your hand here, and say, “I am a child of God, I am a child of God, I am a child of God, I am a child of God.” What’s going to happen, is that you are going to condition yourself spiritually. I am a child of God, now you can go into the next level.  I am a child of God that can get rid of a bad eating-habit. I am a child of God because I have power through the fact that I am a child of God. Now I am not accessing my humanity child, I am accessing my spiritual child. Hallelujah.

I am finished and I am finishing off with this. Project Celebration is the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable typical social activity. The celebration of something is praise and appreciation, which is given to it, a joyful diversion, a joyful occasion for special festivities. I don’t know about you, but this year I intend to celebrate. I already told Brother Jerry, we are in celebration mode, and we are going to, we are going to do some awesome things this year. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I trust that you are increased in your expectation. That some of what we’ve said yesterday and today, is giving you an understanding, that that Brother Jerry is, is trusting the Lord, quite frankly that they have a ministers conference in Fort Worth happening this next coming week, Tuesday to Thursday. He is trusting that Brother Copeland’s going to lay his hands on him and impart this mantle to him at this conference, if it doesn’t happen now, it’s likely to happen at the Fort Worth, SouthWest Believers Conference in July, but that’s the words that he spoke. I am trusting with him that it will happen now. Cause he comes here right after that. Hallelujah.

Either way that mantle is upon him, I mean those gifts are working through him, but I am just looking for the supernatural increase of it. Hallelujah. Glory to God, glory to God, praise Jesus.

I want to just make a declaration to you today, that the Government of the United States, has had a significant project underway which I wasn’t aware of until this last week. They have had a significant project underway, for the last three years, and what they have done is that they have had a focus on all Chinese imports, that are coming into America and they have been literally at random, inspecting a minimum of ten percent of all the Chinese goods that are shipped into America. That’s a big job. Here’s what they did by just inspecting ten present of Chinese goods, here’s what they discovered.

That there are billions of dollars of fake and dangerous products being shipped from China into America. For example, fake bags Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel bags, fake watches, but more than anything, bad products like Fentanyl and drugs and prescription drugs, that are not manufactured in the best conditions, but are sold as proper medication at much lower costs. The reason I am telling you that is that there is an authentic market that is available to people that costs a higher price to obtain those goods. Then there are people that come into that market place with the fake stuff and make a lot of profit at selling it at much cheaper stuff because they use the quality of the real stuff to sell the fake stuff.

I am just making a statement of spiritual intent. We have always said that Pastor Sharon and I will never do anything spiritual that is fake. I am happy to say that Pastor Sharon and I are reconnected to spiritual leaders who are also not fake. They only are high quality spiritual people. Brother Jerry has drawn the line in the sand and I take that same stand with him, that just because there are other leaders, other churches, other people that do fake things, it’s not going to prevent me from the authentic person of God that God has called me to be. Amen. That means all of us.

Let’s not ever compromise certain things in our lives, just to get some extra goods, and walk around with the fake Louis. If you got a fake Louis, I am happy for you, but I am just saying, I mean if you want to walk around with a fake Louis, that’s up to you, but I’d rather believe God and get the real thing. Some people will say, Ja, but that costs too much money. Well, whatever is of real value, you always going to pay a price of something that’s of real value, if something doesn’t have any real value, then you are not going to pay that much price, anyway. I just wanted to make that statement.

Are you all with me this morning? Do you all still love me after this weekend? Huh? Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. After yesterday’s meeting, I went home and I had to sleep for an hour and a half, because I thought, ohhh I preached serious stuff, yesterday. It was a serious thing, that shifted us, I think forever, really. I really do it was a very very significant day yesterday. Praise the Lord, why don’t you all stand with me please.

Put your hand on your heart. I am a child of God, I am free from everything that holds me back, all my weaknesses, all my twisted ways, all my bad habits, that keep me back from God. I am free from them, in Jesus’ Name, because I am a son of God. I can hear His voice, and I can live for Him, and I can be an authentic Christian in everything I do, In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Well, I pray that you will be blessed, no weapon formed against you will prosper, the peace of God rests upon you, and that you will have happy feet for the whole week, and when you feel like you wake up grumpy, think about Mr Penguin Grumpy, all it takes is just a little bit of tapping of the foot and then you can enjoy. Be blessed and have fun and have a wonderful week, God bless you.