Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration (Part 3) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Guten morgen. How are you all today? Are you blessed? I’m blessed, thank you very much, Pastor Christi. Very blessed. The life of God is a wonderful place to be. I sometimes have these thoughts what it must be like to actually have a great deal of turmoil, conflict, emotional ups and downs in your life, facing catastrophic events, relationship problems that just you can’t overcome you know, how you would face them without Jesus. So, you know, it’s one of those things. I thank God I’ve got Jesus. So off course the world, they always say, “Well, you know, Jesus is a crutch, and only weak people need crutches”, Ja, nê. Show me a strong person that gets through life without needing somebody, something, somewhere, sometime. Hey? Hallelujah. I choose to believe in Jesus. Praise the Lord. Thank you for praying for us in the beginning of the service, before the service. I believe God is going to do amazing, wonderful, special things today. Amen? Are you ready for that? God is going to do amazing, special, wonderful things today. He is going to do things in your heart; He is busy doing things in my heart I know. He is doing things in my life and I know He is going to be doing things in your life.

I really love the revelation that God gave me not so long ago and I want to just declare it again today that today is a day where you came to church and because you’re here, at this time, in this moment, with these group of people, with this message coming out; it can never be repeated. It is completely unique. It doesn’t matter if someone listens to it via electronic format afterwards, this moment in this time; the way that the anointing of God is unique in His presence here today cannot be repeated. Not even if you listen to it on the airwaves or on a digital format. It cannot be repeated. It’s unique because God’s presence is uniquely with us because we came. And so, you know, that’s why I don’t find it difficult to say, in this world of the digital it’s all good to encourage your faith on a day to day basis by receiving from a digital format. But there’s nothing like coming together where everybody comes with their anointings and their gifts and their callings and their supply of the Spirit, and there uniquely God can touch us.

So, you might be in a situation, you know, where, I don’t know if you’ve discovered this; this is why Brother Jerry and I have learned from him, and Pastor Sharon is much better at this than I do. I use notes on my phone but sometimes I’m in a place and God will reveal something to me and I must quickly make a note of it because in my meditation in that moment with God right there that time, God revealed something to me. And so, when my focus, I mean sometimes it can happen I’m walking in a mall or I’m driving in the car, then I must stop at a traffic light or pull over, make a note of it or make a voice memo of it or something, you know. It can happen at any moment that God speaks to you. If you don’t record it, it can be lost. Right? How many times have you thought about something, “What was it that God showed me?” And you forgot it. Well, that didn’t just happen by coincidence; that happened because He wanted to tell you something. And so, if you make a record of it, then you can go back to it, meditate on it and let the fullness of it come to you. And that’s what we do with our messages. That’s why we preach, and then we teach, and then you get the message and you read through it and you can listen to it again. And because all of that is designed to inspire, encourage, motivate and strengthen you spiritually. Hallelujah. But there’s nothing like when God gives it to you in the moment. And sometimes, if it’s a one-on-one revelation, He may never repeat Himself. He expects you actually to do something with what you get. It is part of your faithfulness. Praise the Lord.

I’m very delighted to be able to speak to you today because of the timeframe that we’re in and what God is doing. And so it’s incumbent upon me to share some very vital, pertinent and important things with you about Brother Jerry’s visit. I’m going to just start off by reading two scriptures that we’ve been speaking about over the last two times I have ministered. And Ephesians 6 verse 10 says, 10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  11Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13Therefore take up the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand (Ephesians 6:10-13 NKJV).

Now, you know, if anybody has been around Brother Jerry long enough, you will know that that’s like one of his motto scriptures. It’s like an engrafted value that he stands for in his life and off course he’s preached the very famous message and some of the pictures where a lady made him an armour of foil or aluminium or whatever and it’s a famous thing, you know, where there’s pictures of him dressed in the armour because he believes in standing and never quitting, you know. And so, you know, this is a revelation to me, especially in the recent years that I’ve been around him a lot more, it’s a revelation to me that if you receive a message of faith, if you receive a message from God, and that message becomes a revelation to you, and you give up on that message somewhere down the line in your life, you give up on the fruit and the value that that message can bring to you. It doesn’t diminish the revelation. It doesn’t change the fact that actually God used that message to actually touch your life. If you let go of it, its value will diminish, its power in your life will diminish.

So when you listen to Brother Jerry and you get around him and you see what God has brought into his life and what God has done through his life, it’s because he never quit using the message and the revelation that God gave him. He never quit being connected to the people that God gave him. So, therefore, he receives and continues to receive the full benefit of what God gave him. Because he recognised that throughout his life when he’s confronted by people situations, financial situations, when he’s confronted with ministry organisation situations, he always realises that his fight is not against flesh and blood. It is against forces that will use natural circumstances, to kind of bring him down.

So when he confronts people, circumstances, organisational matters, ministry matters, financial matters, he doesn’t look at it as this person is against me; or this organisation is against me; or there’s not enough money that’s coming through. He sees it as a spiritual problem. And so when you see it as a spiritual problem you go after it with a spiritual solution. Yes? So, you know, I mean, Pastor Lynn is sitting on the front row and because of whom he is and who we are together I can use this example, you know. And because there has never been a cross word that has passed between Pastor Lynn and I, ever. Ten years, how many years is it? Fifteen years? Ja, with me and before. I’ve known you, I mean, 25, 30 years. But it’s 14 years we’ve been together in ministry. We haven’t had a cross word together. But if Pastor Lynn happened to come and suddenly became really difficult with me. and every time I had to speak to him, he became difficult, and, you know, it’s not in his nature to be aggressive, he would just become stubborn, it would be more like him, you know. He would just throw a wall up at you, like, and an argument like, you know, he would just become stubborn and argumentative and he, “No, but you can’t do that because of this and show me where it says this.” I mean, I’ve never seen that negative side of him but, because he’s phlegmatic that’s the way he would have operated in the negative. Right, Pastor Lynn? Probably right.

I mean, you know, so maybe he would stand his ground more firmly and he would become quite strong but I know in his personality he would rather withdraw from a situation than confront it, you know. So if he didn’t become obnoxious I just probably wouldn’t hear from him for about a month, you know. He’ll just go quiet and drift off and do something. So if I had to say, “Pastor Lynn, what’s the problem?” and he didn’t want to tell me the problem, I’ve got one of two choices. I can see that he is actually attacking me or I can say that there is something that is harassing him; it is some kind of force that is using his human, natural, carnal man and it is hurting him and now he is putting the hurt out on me.

So what I’ve got to do for him is, I’ve got to start to pray for him and say, “Father, I pray that whatever is hurting him, remove it. Whatever is blinding him, take it away from him. Let him see; let him experience the love of God, the glory of God, the things of God, the deliverance of God. Let him see it.” Now because he is a spiritual man, if I pray that just once or twice, pretty soon I’ll get a call from him, “Pastor John, sorry man. I’ve been really difficult or I haven’t spoken to you for a while,” because he is a spiritual man. If he is a much more carnal, carnal, carnal person, it is very difficult to get through to a carnal person because they just throw up barriers of their self-will all the time.

So what does that mean to me? It means to me that, and I have observed this with Brother Jerry, Brother Jerry wants to keep his world free of carnal people. It is not like he doesn’t mind going into a group of people where there is a lot of carnality going on and he goes for the purpose of ministry. That’s very different. But when he is in his world, he wants to keep himself free of carnal people. Why? Because carnality, you can’t talk to carnality and expect them to receive it. They’re just full of themselves, right? So their natural thought process is always about themselves. So for me, what I’ve got to do there, this is important because of the things I’m about to tell you during the course of the morning, this morning. It is important for me because I have to be constantly aware that when there is something happening, I’ve got to discern whether there is a carnal, natural man problem here or whether and/or how the forces of darkness are using that against me because my fight is not against flesh and blood. My fight is against all of the forces of darkness that will use anything to get to me. And that’s you too.

So when you’re in business and business is not coming through, you’re not getting those deals, you may be tempted to think it is because of the economy. So what is happening is; dark forces have used people in this economy to misappropriate funds in the state-owned enterprises like SAA and Eskom and Transnet and all of these places and so we might blame our economic circumstances on carnal people that abuse their status. So that might be the natural order but if we don’t see the fact that those circumstances are beneath me, those circumstances do not have to touch me. I may touch them wherever I go but it doesn’t change that if God’s got to send ravens to feed me, He’s got to send me to people to feed me with brooks and things that seem to have run out, God will always feed you if you obey Him. There is nobody, no organisation, no government, no wilful force, no personality power that can stop God from bringing His life to you; if you stay in faith.

So that is why I preached, the last time I preached, I said to you, “How real is God to you, really? How real is God to you? Where does the real God meet you? Where really is the real God to you?” And so if the real God to you is a moment where He’s got to shine a glory light on me before I believe Him, well, probably you are not going to experience Him because actually, you’ve made the real God, you’ve pushed him so far from you, and like doubting Thomas, and that’s what I used. Doubting Thomas, he says, “I don’t believe what any of you told me. Jesus rose from the dead? I don’t believe any of you, I don’t believe if I can’t touch Him and see Him.” So well, if that’s the reality of God to you, then it’s going to take a lot for God to come and actually touch you. And in Thomas’s part, it actually took him walking through a physical barrier. He didn’t walk through the door of the room. He walked through a physical barrier, maybe it was the door, and I spoke about that, but He had to walk through it. He walked straight to Thomas. He didn’t even go to all those because He had to deal with the doubt and unbelief in the room before He could actually go any further. And so He had to go to Thomas and say, “Thomas, here I am. All these words you’ve been saying against Me, here I am, Thomas. Do you believe now?” And then He goes on and says, “You, blessed are you that see Me and believe, but those that come, blessed are they that never will see Me and believe”. Hallelujah. 

So it is believing time. This is believing time. It is believing time. We have to believe that there are dark forces out there that are trying to stop God getting His stuff to us. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

1 Timothy chapter 1 verse 18 in the Message Bible, 18I’m passing this work on to you, my son Timothy. The prophetic word that was directed to you prepared us for this. All those prayers are coming together now so you will do this well, fearless in your struggle, keeping a firm grip on your faith and on yourself. After all, this is a fight we’re in (1 Timothy 1:18 MSG). What are we fighting? We’re fighting the fight of faith. You’ve got to keep your faith in God alive. Hallelujah. So it is again incumbent on me this morning to just share this with you. I’m so glad that when I got to preach last Sunday morning that I was preaching eight hours ahead of Fort Worth, Texas, if they started their service at the same time. So they started the early morning service a half an hour before we started our service time but I’m so glad that I preached the message to you eight hours before they woke up because this week I went to listen to Brother Jerry’s message that he preached on Sunday morning in his church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Now, I’m going to ask you; don’t go on YouTube and listen to that message, please don’t do that because he’s got part 2 preaching this next coming Sunday which I’m going to listen to. The reason I am asking you not to go and listen to it, if you have, you have, but the reason I’m asking you not to go and listen to it is because what he was preaching that Sunday morning in America is exactly what I was preaching, just in a different, just different scriptures, different but exactly the same message I preached to you here, eight hours before he even got into his pulpit. And everything I said to you about God has given me Project Strike, He’s given me Celebration and He’s given me Conditioning this year that’s our ministry’s way of connecting to the Word of God for 2020. So, hallelujah.

I’m going to share with you today, quite a bit of what he said in his message last Sunday that confirms what I preached but it also adds some value to it. Amen. So we are preparing, partly for the year but also, partly for his coming. So you remember that he heard these words from the Holy Spirit, “2019, a year of marvels, wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God such as has never been seen before in the earth. Don’t stop believing this just because 2019 comes to an end. The Lord impressed upon me to tell the people, ‘add and beyond’. So, I’m still pressing for that”. Then he said, “In 2020 I will open a new door and I will cause you to experience supernatural increase like never before”.

So this morning you would have got a card when you came in. Did you get it? No? Have we got it to give to them when we leave? Huh? Do you have it? If you didn’t get it, get one before you live. I am releasing my faith in 2020 for supernatural increase beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before, according to the prophetic word spoken by Brother Jerry. And I will get back to the card in a minute.

So it’s beyond anything I can think of. It’s beyond anything I can do and it’s beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. So then, you know, we were in Washington and we went to a Brother Copeland conference because I wanted to be with Brother Jerry under the direction of the Holy Spirit to be with him and Brother Copeland in Brother Jerry’s 50th year of ministry in the very first service that he served Brother Copeland with and then in the very last service that he was going to serve Brother Copeland in. So we were in Washington in that conference. And in that conference, he had a prophetic Word for 2020. And he said, I mean he read it just right at the end and subsequently it has come a few times and a bit more but basically he said, “2020 yields itself to new visions. 2020 is a time of great increase in dreams and visions.” And he began to speak that 2020 is a time of great change in the Kingdom of God and there will be great insights, there will be great ideas, there will be great concepts that will be born and birthed in God’s Kingdom.

So I want to just say for a moment that you can be a born again Christian and you may not be living in His Kingdom, because being a Christian says; I’m born again and just again because you are a born again Christian does not make you spiritual. It gives you the capability to be spiritual. Being in the Kingdom of God or part of the Kingdom of God means you can be in the Kingdom but not live according to the Kingdom’s ways. Right? So, I mean it’s like me having my own children. I mean Garth is my son who has a wife and he’s got children and he lives down the road from me but living down the road from me doesn’t make it living in the house with me. So, he’s living in his own kingdom and I’m living in my own kingdom. So, in the Kingdom of God, you got to make a decision to live in God’s Kingdom, not live in your own kingdom connected to God. There’s a very big difference; I’m the king of me and everything I do, God’s got nothing to say about it. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So, remember the Lord told me in the month of December coming into January, He’s begun to deal with me in the same way that God had a word for us in 2014. Demonstrations, Manifestations and Visitations. He began to tell me that in 2020 when the new door is going to open and there’s going to be supernatural increase that part of the way we’re going to get through that new door is to engage in Project Strike. So, I’ve already struck the ground seven times with seven seeds that I’ve sown and there are some of you among you that have taken that word for yourself and participated in that. Project Conditioning; spiritual, natural which is faith and physical and Project Celebration because we are celebrating 20 years this year, Pastor Sharon and I, this year as pastors in the church; we’re celebrating 20 years. So, we’re going to have an amazing time this year. We’re going to have happy feet this year. We’re going to have an awesome, amazing, fun, spiritual, glorious breakthrough, victory, celebration because God is going to do this next twelve months, God is going to do in one year what is done in another ten years. So, we have already made up ground one year for 10, last year. Now, this is the second year of one year in twenty. But we’ve already got through a whole lot of progress so this progress in this year is built on the previous year’s progress. So, we’re not redoing the same ten years again, this is now escalation upon escalation. It’s like one will put a thousand to flight and two will not put two thousand to flight but will put ten thousand to flight; that’s what’s going to happen this year. Hallelujah.

So, when Brother Jerry preached part 2 of his message for 2020 which was in December, the Lord impressed upon Him in prayer to receive that morning a point of contact offering. Doctor Savelle said every year he and Mrs. Savelle sow a seed above their tithes and offering towards the fulfilment of the prophetic word their life. He made this statement, “When you sow a seed and mix it with faith, your faith reaches supreme expression.” Doctor Savelle would like to encourage you to receive a point of contact offering at your church towards the prophetic word in 2020 which is; God will open a new door and bring supernatural increase as never before. So please let us know the date that you choose to receive the offering and Doctor Savelle will pray over every seed sown.

Now we are in a blessed place because that letter was written to all people that are connected to his ministry, pastors and everyone else. But we’ve got him coming here in a couple of weeks. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Now, there are some things that have happened in the meantime that are very important things that you need to know about. Brother Copeland called Brother Jerry Savelle in the month of December and he referred to an event and a meeting that happened in a word, a word that he had for Brother Jerry in a Believers Conference, South West Believers Conference in Fort Worth some years ago. I don’t know how many years ago but it was some years ago. Brother Copeland had a word for Brother Jerry and in that word, he prophesied over Brother Jerry that there will be an increase in his life of the spirit of seeing and knowing and that there will be an increase of the prophetic mantle that would be becoming upon his life. Amen. So, there was a spiritual recognition that there was a new anointing and a new office that was coming upon Brother Jerry. My thought process on how long ago this was, was at least ten years ago. I’m not sure though, it’s just a personal observation in thinking when could that have happened because I know the language that Brother Jerry has spoken over all the years and when he started to speak the language when he started to share things and I’d say it is at least ten years ago, maybe longer.

So, but Brother Copeland said this to Brother Jerry on the phone call in December. He said, “You know, Jerry, I never laid hands on you and officially imparted that word to you.” He said, “That would be correct.” He said, “Just like Kenneth Hagin has always laid hands on people when God spoke to him and wanted him to impart mantles and offices to people, I need to do that for you, Jerry.” Here’s an 83 year old man speaking to a 73 year old man that has walked together for 50 years. And this is what he said, he said, “I need to do it now by the Spirit of God; let’s believe God for the right timing for it to be done this year.” So, has Brother Jerry been operating in that word that he received from Brother Copeland? He has. Why did Brother Copeland be in prayer impresses by God to lay hands on him now in the year of the new door and supernatural increase? That means already whatever Brother Jerry has been speaking and declaring by his mouth has already had an impact in the spirit realm where Kenneth Copeland is praying and God comes and says, “There is a new level of anointings that’s got to be transferred.” Praise the Lord.

So, when he is talking about sowing a seed to have a point of contact for this, for your seed of faith; he’s bringing with him a special understanding of what 2020 is going to bring. So. I want to say if you don’t believe this and I’m going to talk about this in a moment, if you don’t believe this that’s because you’ve become so familiar with the faith message. You’ve become so familiar with the powerful group of people that we are connected to. You may have become so familiar with what happens every year by the prophetic word and you may even be in a position and say, “Well, I’ve never done any of those words and my life is quite fine, thank you.” If that’s where you are coming from this is not for you, because then today, you are going to have the same response you’ve always had. Then you will never believe anything that I say. I’m glad you’re at church and you keep coming to church and I’m probably not talking to anyone of y’all, you know. But for those that are not here, those that are maybe watching on live stream or whatever the case might be, you know, if you don’t believe this then you won’t ever believe it. And so then it will never touch your heart, it will never change your actions, it’ll never change what you do because been there, done that, you know, burnt the t-shirt already. But the fact of the matter is that Pastor Sharon and I have been living this all of our lives, we take it so seriously and we keep seeing results. The reason Brother Jerry keeps seeing results that he keeps seeing is because he takes it that seriously. So, he had some words to say about this which I’m going to share with you later this morning but he had quite a lot to say about it and it’s possible that he may share some of that with us when he comes. But I’m not, I’m not, I don’t think he has a need to share it with us because we have a different attitude towards Brother Jerry. But a large part of what he said to his church last Sunday was this gift that has been operating in me, the gift of seeing and knowing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that have been operating in me all these years; very, very seldom do they operate in this Heritage of Faith church of which I am the founding pastor.

So he said the reason for it is because you are too familiar with me. I am Jerry Savelle, I’m the founding pastor, you see me all this time and every time and we’re in this church and so when I come here you don’t expect me to function in the fullness of what I’ve got. Have I been saying that sometime already about him? That applies to me too but let me just keep talking about what he said. So he said, “When I go out of this church and I go to other churches I am much more active spiritually in the gifts of the Spirit than in my own church.” So he made a declaration that in his own church he is going to start operating in the spirit of seeing and knowing.  He said part of it is like this, he said, “Because I know many of you,” he says even though he is not the pastor and there are a lot of people he doesn’t know because he is not always there, and people come and go in the church. He said, “I am reluctant to have a word from God for somebody that I do know.” So for example; I am standing with Bertus that he will have a full restoration of his eyesight. If I came off the pulpit because God came upon me to bring a word to Bertus and to say to Bertus today, “Bertus, the Word of the Lord says you are healed, right now.” There is a danger that he doesn’t receive it as a Word from God because he knows that I know that he’s got an eye problem. And so he might just think that I am just speaking it out by my natural, human faith that’s connecting my faith with his faith – spiritual man to spiritual man. Right? And so he might just receive it as a faith exercise between us. But what if the gifts of the Holy Spirit are actually operating and his eyesight deliverance is right now because of the Word? He may be tempted, “I know Pastor John and he knows the problem that I have, therefore, I’m just going to keep flowing normally. So I am not going to really receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of healings that are at work right now – the gifts of miracles – because I don’t know Pastor John like that”. This is what Brother Jerry confronts in his church.

Bearing in mind that before Kenneth Hagin died, and before Oral Roberts died, they all prophesied and Brother Copeland which is why I believe it is about ten years ago. They all prophesied at about the same time within the same short period of time over Brother Jerry Savelle that he would have a spirit of seeing and knowing and operating in the gifts coming upon him as a new mantle. And yet, not that much of that have been received, certainly not by his own church. And I believe that applies to other churches that have had him come and preach and teach at their churches for many years. So now, you have to say, “Well done Pastor John,” because, for the last couple of years where he’s been visiting us, I have been saying to you, “I don’t just want his teaching gift, I want all of the gifts and every mantle that is on him to be operating in our church.” Which is why we prepared the way we prepared; so we could raise our expectation to make a pull on the Holy Spirit for the gift that operates in him. Well done Pastor John. And I thank God that once again God has got us sitting here preparing that when Brother Jerry comes we are ready to receive everything that he’s got for us – not just a good message- but all the gifts and callings that flow through him that we can get all those things. Hallelujah.

So, he talked about this, 1 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 1 in the Amplified it says, 1Now about the spiritual gifts (the special endowments of supernatural energy), brethren, I do not want you to be misinformed (1 Corinthians 12:1 AMPC). The Message translations reads, 1What I want to talk about now is the various ways God’s Spirit gets worked into our lives. This is complex and often misunderstood, but I want you to be informed and knowledgeable (1 Corinthians 12:1 MSG), about these gifts.

So, that is when he said I don’t operate in my church under these gifts because of the familiarity. Well, he is not new in it.  Jesus had the same problem. I mean Jesus went back to His own home town of Nazareth and the Bible says He could do no mighty miracles there because of their unbelief. Because they never saw Him as a prophet, very few people saw Him as Messiah at that point, but certainly others saw Him as a great teacher, and a Rabbi and a prophet at the very least. But they didn’t even see Him as a prophet. They saw Him as Joseph’s son, the carpenter boy. So then they couldn’t receive it.

I am about to go after a devil right now that works in your minds. Are you ready for it? One of the greatest tricks of the devil is to do this to you; when you live your life in a certain condition, there are moments in your life that you live in that certain condition where you can also be spiritual. So let’s assume for a minute that you are a horrible, terrible, habitual gossiper. You’ve got a critical mouth; you’ve got an insulting, sharp, critical tongue. I was going to talk about alcohol, drugs or something, but this came out of my spirit. If I am like that, does that stop me from having a moment where I can be, where I can actually have something from God come from me and I can speak it out? No. I mean, I can be both very critical, judgemental, harsh words to say, I can have a sharp tongue, I can run people down, I can criticise people and then I can also hear something from God and I can speak it out. Here is the problem though; you know that you have a critical problem; you have a mouth on you. Let’s just call it like that. You have a mouth on you. You also know that you can be spiritual in a moment. When you come into church and you listen to this messenger, you are tempted to say, “This messenger is just like me. And this is his moment to be spiritual but every other time he is not like me.” So what I mean to say is that this is my moment to be spiritual but whenever he is not like this he actually has a bad mouth syndrome on him whatever his problem is. So when you have that attitude, you then judge the messenger, which is, in this case, be me, by the familiarity of yourself, as both a natural being that has some moments of spirituality. And when you do that, you tend to judge everything by your lack of spirituality but I have moments of spirituality. So everybody around you is just like you. So you know what that does? That means you may not treat me per say with familiarity because maybe you’ve been taught and maybe you’ve been observed that you know, I’ve got to be respectful of Pastor John and not be around him. But the familiarity is not just about the way you interact with me. The familiarity is inside of you and the familiarity of your unspirituality and then your moments of spirituality and then you think everybody else is like that.

So when I tell you that years ago people – when I used to teach about the quality of marriage that Pastor Sharon and I have – and people actually, there was a time when people in our church said, “It is not possible for you to have a marriage like that.” The reason why they said that and why some people started those criticisms is because they had learnt that in public I can display and have a show of what a good marriage looks like. And you Pastor John are not doing anything different to what I am doing because what I show in public is not what I’m really and I know that you are not really like this at home because, like me, you’re just doing a public display. That was a spirit of familiarity and not true spirituality. That’s why the Bible says a spiritual man is judged by no man, but he himself judges all things. Because when you’re spiritual you can see through the haze of someone’s behaviour pattern and you can see directly into what God’s wanting you to see. He doesn’t always show me everything about everybody’s life, but sometimes He does. Sometimes He shows Pastor Sharon. We can see. You can’t fool God. I don’t care if you are so private in your chamber and you have thoughts and you start to plot and scheme about things. God knows what’s in your heart; you can’t hide it from Him. And this is what the Bible says; what you speak in your bedchamber will be broadcast in the earth because you think you’re doing it in private but God’s hearing all the while and things get out that God wants to get out. You can’t fake godliness. You might get away with it for a time, but God knows what’s going on.

I’m talking about, Brother Jerry actually goes into his church and he says, “I can’t be of any good; spiritually I can’t bring my gifts of the Spirit that God has caused to operate through me because of familiarity.” So that familiarity is two-fold. It is because they also know him as a person, in the natural, and they know him as the man that gets on the Chariots of Light bike and he goes and he rides with them and they see his humanity, and they say, “He’s just the same man like we’re a man.” So then they see him operate spiritually, and they say, “Well, we also operate spiritually.” So, then they put themselves on the same level as him.

Now when it comes brother to brother, Christian to Christian, there is no difference between us, but then you ignore the office that God’s called you to. But there is a difference between brothers that are in the spirit and the way they apply themselves. This is why I used to say to you there’s no one in this church that has a better marriage than me and Pastor Sharon. And then the Lord, one day the Lord said to me, “You are speaking against your own standard and your own teaching because you’re saying no one can reach the standard that you have.” So I changed my confession over you and I say, “Well you can’t have it better, but you can have it just as good.” Why could I say that? Because my, this thing here is not fake. This thing here has been 37 years in the making, 38 in a couple of days. For 38 years I’ve lived one day at a time. In the Word of God; one day at a time.

Even this morning, sitting in the backroom after prayer time between prayer and this message that I’m preaching. I know this girl for a long time and she just went and sat on the couch and I walked; now I’m ready to preach, I got the anointing of God on me today, in case you hadn’t noticed. But I noticed her, I noticed something. I went straight into the room where she was sitting privately by herself and I took her by the hand and I just looked at her and I said, “Are you okay, baby? What’s going on?” You know, she didn’t tell me. She just made a spiritual confession, but she said, “I’m good, I’m okay.” But in that moment we both knew that she just needed me to reach to her and just show my love to her because maybe there’s something the devil’s lying to her about. That takes 37 years’ worth of moment-by-moment awareness; I’m here to serve her. I’m here to love her, serve and meet every one of her needs. Not just when it’s convenient for me. Not just when it is good for me. So when I say we have a good marriage, we have a great marriage. The Word of God has created an outstanding great marriage here. So when somebody comes and says, “You’re just faking it for the sake of the people,” listen, they don’t know me and they have no spiritual discernment. Their discernment comes from their natural reasoning, their natural argument; anybody can fake something.

So when people come to listen to Brother Jerry and he wants to let his gifts come and operate, it’s not just a familiarity of the person that gets on the bike with him, it’s the condition of who they are in their soul that resists the gifts of the spirit coming towards them because in their own familiarity of themselves, they bring their own condition to that space and it resists the messenger because how can you speak because you’re the same as me.

That’s why, if you remember in 2014, the Lord gave me 4X4X40 to do something with the Word. I said, “I have a full expectation that in 3 years’ time you will not recognise me.” And that thing will come because you will be able to say, “Pastor John, you have grown. You have changed. You have become a different spiritual leader.” Because it wasn’t just good enough for you to recognise that I’d lost weight and I was now fit, I needed you to see that I’d become a different man, because I wanted the Word of God to work in me and change me. It didn’t matter that I’d served God all my life and that I’d lived for God all my life, and that I’d never done any major bad heavy sins like some people had done. That’s not the sin. The sin was; my sin was the potential sin of stagnating because I was in a comfortable place in God. So I don’t need to push for that much more because I’m already pretty good. I wonder how many of us are in that space. Huh? Come on now. Not for 2020, hey? For 2020 we’re going into a new door and we are going to experience supernatural increase like never before. 2020 is going to be a year of change. It’s going to be a year of visions and dreams. It’s going to be a year of divine impartation of concepts, designs, ideas, creativity and touching things we haven’t been able to touch before. Hallelujah.

So, he read that scripture in Ephesians 1:17. I read it out of the Amplified Bible, 17[For I always pray to] the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation, [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him (Ephesians 1:17 AMPC)

You want these deep, intimate secrets that God’s got? Ideas, go forward in the knowledge of Him in 2020? I’m going to tell you this right now, there are some of you that are going to get this Word, some of you already have been living this way, that you are going to be extravagant in your giving, you’re going to be extravagant in your boldness, you’re going to be extravagant in the way that you walk through a new door, you are going to be extravagant in the way that you allow God to minister to you and just boldly walk through it, and in 2020 people are going to watch you run like so far in the spirit, and many of them who are not prepared to do the same thing are going to marvel and wonder at what you are doing; how did you get to that space? Hallelujah.

I feel to use an example for you. Excuse me if I use cycling but I watched a world cyclocross championship race that was raced in Holland or Belgium. I just got to see a part of it. But it’s, they race for round about an hour. So, in this particular race, it was very, very cold like minus degrees centigrade. The course was; so it was a cyclocross. So if you don’t know what a cyclocross is, it’s a bicycle that looks like a road racing bike with drop handles but they run on disk brakes and they have fatter tyres and different things, but they’re designed actually to ride through mud and through all kinds of conditions. So a typical cyclocross race, very often they would be riding, and then there would be a hill that they can’t ride up with a bike, so they jump off the bike, throw it over their shoulder and run up the hill with the bike on their shoulder. When they get to the top of the hill, put it down, ride on the bike, go down the hill, around a corner, through a mud bath, through a water bath, through and so the word cyclocross meaning cross activities.

So, I’m watching these two guys racing in the front of the race. The guys that are racing are last year’s World Champion and the guy that’s racing with him is the guy that won the previous race and beat him in that previous race – beat the World Champion. Are you with me? But the World Champion is a two or three-time World Champion in cyclocross. Here’s what happened; these guys for; I think they ride seven laps or eight laps, somewhere around there, I don’t remember exactly but they’re racing and they’re neck and neck. And so the guy who is not the World Champion looks like he’s pulling away from this guy; looks like he’s pulling away. And so, on the next lap; and apparently the rules of cyclocross they are allowed to do this. In the next lap they come into the pit lane and he throws the bike at them, takes a new bike, jumps on the new bike and starts going, wasting more time. It didn’t take him more than a lap and he was on the wheels of the next guy. So through the commentator, it comes out that the reason he changed bikes was that his front wheel was going flat, so he was working heavier.

So for another lap, he’s sitting behind the number two guy. And so everybody’s talking, the commentators, “We haven’t seen a race like this in a long time.” Because normally the world champion after the second lap is so far ahead the guys can’t catch him. They haven’t seen a tight race like this in a long time. So next thing they go up this hill and on the uphill in this muddy grove the world champion just puts his foot down. Five, I want to say five pedal strokes – wa, wa, wa, wa, wa – five pedal strokes, he just nails it. In five pedal strokes, he puts a distance of half this front row between him and number two. He kept that distance down the hill, round the corner, till they got to the place where they ran. On the run he’s got it on, five steps – wa wa wa – he nails it. By the time he’s on the bike coming around the corner, he’s now the length of this whole front row in front of number two. Guess what happened to number two? Can’t catch this boy. The end of the race the world champion won by 45 seconds, which is massive in that category. Here’s, here’s what I saw in the spirit; there are people that are going to watch some of you, and they’re going to not know how it is that you got to progress and you got such, so far ahead as you are far ahead, but it’s not going to happen because suddenly they become aware of it because, in the time that those guys were racing, the guy that was number two wasn’t aware that right now I’m going to put in an extra 100 watts on these pedals.

And so he didn’t think, because he only did it for five pedals but those five pedals put a, but then those guys are thinking but I can make up that, I can make that up. Not when you come around a corner and I’m going to do five more runs, cha, cha, cha, cha and now there’s a, and he is still thinking maybe I can make it, but he did that every lap and then the guy lost heart. I mean listen, he’s a professional so he’s was never going to quit but he knows; I don’t have the power to catch him. Right?

And that’s how it works. It just takes five pedal strokes in one area of your life. I’m going to give a little bit here, I’m going to go to Church, I’m not going to miss prayer, I’m not going to do and you just do a few basic things and then the next minute everybody’s looking at you, “Well, how did you get all this blessing that’s coming your way? How did you make all these contacts? How did you make all this, all this, this, this profitability? How did you get connected with that person? How did, how did you get uh?” And suddenly people say, “Shew, your whole life has changed.” Ja, because it didn’t happen one big shot. It happened five strokes – wa, wa – in the right moment, in the right time, the right season. 

So, I’ve got news for you; 2020 is a five-stroke, in our world a seven-stroke year. It’s a seven-stroke year. This is the year to push. Everybody is saying, “Ja, no, no, no economy, na, na, na.” No, this is the year to push in faith, this is the year, this is the year. If you believe in the Word of God; this is the year. “Ah but Pastor John, I’ve done this and I’ve done this and I haven’t seen the rewards of it and I haven’t seen all the benefits.” So you can believe in the lies of what you haven’t seen or you can believe in what the Word says now and say, “It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before I’m going now.” Because the next part of that scripture says, 18By having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones) (Ephesians 1:18 AMPC). Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So, I’m going to just briefly say this to you because this is what Brother Jerry preached that these two gifts; the gifts of the knowledge and the gift of wisdom, Kenneth Hagin said, “These two revelation gifts would become more and more frequent and significant as time goes by.” In fact, he said, “They would become more significant and more relevant the closer the time comes to the Lord coming back.” So I don’t know when the Lord is going to come back, so for me, I take it as every year that goes by it’s going to become more relevant and more significant. This is what, this is what he said, “They provide strategies and insights that only God can give. They also give; they are also given to assist God’s people in continuing to go in the right direction.”

So I know that from, from the 90ies, 80ies, and 90ies when we started to receive prophetic direction from God, we have taken it all and we have lived it. That’s why we are where we are. But if I just have to look at the last four or five years – a whole bunch of us came together we went to sit in front of Brother Jerry’s office and I said, “Brother Jerry, these are my people, my people are your people. If you need resources, my people are your people.” He said a few things that day, one of the things he said is, “John, I just want to tell you, never, never, never walk away from the faith. Never walk away from the message of faith and never walk away from the heritage of faith.” I am not going to do that. And we all walked out of there and he took us up into his private loft, private room and in that day he had sat there with his left hand and wrote Demonstrations, Visitation and Manifestation. The three words that God gave him and he showed us.

So when I went to Canada I asked the Lord, “What must I do with this word?” You see that’s the first thing that I did that most people do not do, is they don’t ask when they receive a word, “What does it mean to me and how can I use it, how must I apply it?” It just becomes a good word, “I’ll take it. Praise the Lord.” And then they don’t speak it again.

And that’s when we did 4x4x40 and that’s when a lot of, a lot of changes began to happen in my life and certainly in my relationship with Brother Jerry. I separated myself and He just kept saying to me, “Pray for Brother Jerry, pray for Brother Jerry.” And some of the most grave attacks on Brother Jerry’s life happened after the Lord said, “Pray for him, pray for him, pray for him.” And now the fulfilment of that obedience is that we get called to Heritage of Faith Crowley; come help teach us to pray corporately. Who would have thought when I separated myself to obey God that it would end up with that?

So, you understand what I’m trying to tell you? What I’m trying to tell you is that prophetic words that God gives us and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow, they provide strategies and insights that only God can give and they are also given to assist God’s people in continuing to go in the right direction.  So let me ask you this. If you don’t hear the Word of God and you don’t do the Word of God, the written Word of God, and then you ignore the interpreted word of God through the prophets; what’s going to happen to your life and the direction that you are going in versus the direction that God wants you to be in?

Just recently someone interviewed a young man that has made a move to be more integrated and part of the ministry and he lived in another city and he said, he said, “Well, you know, Pastor John I was listening to your messages and I was and I was connecting with prayer and I was, and I, you know, I thought I was making real progress.” He said, “And then and then God began to speak to me that I must,  and I kept finding myself being in Jo’burg more and more, coming to Witbank, being connected more and more.” And then before very long he’s totally integrated in the ministry. And so part of his testimony is that, “I couldn’t have imagined how much growth I’ve had since I came in the full scope of what God had for me.” He said, “When I was away doing, listening to the messages, doing,” he thought, “I was actually doing very good.” He said, “Until I fully integrated, now I realise just how futile that very good was and how far away from being in the sweet spot of God’s will, being good was.” There is a big difference between just being a Christian and being a Christian that’s following straight after God. Hallelujah.

How long have I been preaching? An hour, right? I think we should take a break. Let’s take a 15-minute break and then I’ll continue with the message after that. Amen. Amen, Pastor John. Hey, you’ve got to come back; you can’t go away now, hey. I’ll send my angels to come and get you.