Scripture reference: 2 Peter 1:3,4 (AMPC); 1 Peter 1:4 (AMPC); Hebrews 11:33 (KJV); Hebrews 6:11-14 (NKJV); Hebrews 6:12-15 (TPT); Hebrews 6:18-19 (TPT); Romans 4:16-17 (TPT); Romans 4:18-24 (TPT); 1 Peter 2:7 (AMPC); 2 Peter 1:1 (KJV)


Well, hello again. We’ve been together all this time. Right? Isn’t it wonderful that we can be in His presence like this together. It’s wonderful. Praise the Lord. And we are a people that have learned to reverence His presence, to reverence His presence. Well, let me just see here what I’ve got on my, on my printed notes. Okay. Will somebody remind me, we’ll do the offering at the end. We’ll do the offering at the end. Thank you. And then lots of love from Pastor John. He phoned me this morning, his night time and our morning and he said, “Don’t forget to send my love to everybody.” So that’s warm love from Pastor John, where he is now. He is now in California with Pastor Josh. Right, very wonderful friend of Pastor John’s in the last, I would say, 3 or 4 years. Ever since Pastor John’s been doing motorcycling. Right?


And so today there will be no message moments because there’s a cycling crit this afternoon. And, well, it seems a little bit strange for me to be saying it now since he is with us, but I was gonna say to you this morning, the Lord is with you. Because I’ve been listening to Pastor John’s reach for the dream. I was going to say to you the Lord is with you. But He is with us and has been with us in a most wonderful way. Right? Glory to God. 


So this morning, I’m going to be ministering to you about His promises. So the last time I ministered to you, I’m not talking about last Sunday. Last Sunday, God did housekeeping here in the most marvelous way that He does it. He got some things settled in His own heart about us, about this church. And, it was very personal and it was very powerful and it stands before God. There’s quite a lot of accounts of what happened on Sunday that you will find in the Bible when God comes to speak in the Old Testament through a messenger of His and says well, you know. He’ll speak and then the people will come to Joshua or to Moses or to the king or whatever and say “No, we will. We will.” And there’s even an account of the people of Israel that wrote it down in a, like a transaction with God. A transaction with God. That this day we all said this. 


And so, then the Lord says, “Let this be a witness against you. You know, let this be a witness between you and Me.” So God, He is the Judge of the whole earth and these are some of the Biblical legal terms. So, He got some things settled. He got glory and He got a great breaking loose for Himself. And I want to give Him all the honour and the glory publicly today. I recognize what He did last week. And it stands. We gave God our yes to Him. That we welcome His Holy Fire. Right. Amen. 


So, the last time I spoke to you was about accumulation and culmination, but it seems like all these words have taken so long to come to pass, you know. But then He said to me, “Sharon, I want you to tell My people that all of these words from 2010 to 2024 have been accumulating and culminating, and now they’re being, they’re consummating in Jesus for you. For you.” That was a most wonderful thing for me. And, I went to write down all the words in my new Bible that I’m still breaking in. I wrote it at the beginning all the headings of all the prophetic words from 2010 to 2014 and I praise Him just with it.


I praise Him with it and thank Him with it. I thank you. I did that this morning. I thank you, Lord today the over and beyond over the top blessing. Thank you. Thank you, Lord, that today, You’re supernatural and divine fulfillment. Today, Your unprecedented favour and today is a greater day. It’s a great day, it’s a greater day. Today, Lord, You visit me, You manifest Yourself to me, You demonstrate Yourself to me. I experience visitations, manifestations, and demonstrations today, Lord. Today, I’m flourishing and I’m faithful. Today is the day of heaven on earth. Today is a day of glory, of flourishing and abounding. Father, marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God. It is in the message. I believe it is in the message of the 26th of May. But just at the front of my bible, so I don’t let it go in my one ear and out my other ear. Right? And then gone. Gone. And forgotten.


And, I say to Him again today, Lord, marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of Your greatness today, Lord. Supernatural increase and abundant overflow. Thank you today Your hand is open, and I’m experiencing unusual, extraordinary supernatural provision. Your maximum, the highest level attainable for me today, today, I’m making progress and I’m advancing. I’m experiencing promotion and my highest expectations are being fulfilled.


“What are you doing, Pastor Sharon?” I’m doing the word. Because the word says that faith comes by hearing. Faith comes by hearing. Faith comes by hearing, Romans chapter 10, and hearing by the word of God. Glory to God. 


Every day my expectation is there, and then I also say the scripture He gave us that day. Father things are happening so fast. One thing fast on the heels of the other. Everything’s happening at once and everywhere I look, blessings blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. You’re making everything right for me. Hallelujah! Everywhere I look, blessings, blessings, blessings.


“And so, Pastor Sharon, what if I am looking and looking and I’m not seeing blessings there, I’m not seeing blessings there?” I say what God says. Because that is God’s way to create my world with my words, with His words. I am creating my world with His words. God did that. He said, “Light be” and light was.


So, it speaks in the Bible about Abraham who believed God, that called things that were not as though they were. So this is what God does, and this is what He has taught me to do, to be like Him. Hallelujah. And it’s too late for anybody to tell me that it doesn’t work, because I remember Pastor John and I, we were newly married. I don’t think we’d even had Garth yet. He may have been a baby, but we were standing in our place and we had no food. We had no food. I’m not talking about something, dry bread somewhere in the cupboard, I’m talking about no food. And John and I learned at church to call things that be not as though they are. And we would stand at our empty cupboards and our empty fridge and say, “Be full, light be, food be, food be, food be.” Hallelujah.


If you’re in a place today where you have no employment, “Job be. Employment be. Thank you Father. Thank you Father, that You are creating employment for me today. Thank you Lord, that that employment, I’m going to find it. The right place at the right time. Thank you Lord.”


If you have sickness in your body then you will be saying, “Body, be healed in Jesus’ name.” But I don’t feel healed! What’s that got to do with it? Go, if you need to, go to the doctor. That doesn’t mean you don’t have faith in your heart and you don’t believe God’s word that says, “By the stripes of Jesus, you were healed.” You’re just going for temporary relief for your symptoms. But by His stripes, I was healed. That is what I say. That is what I say. Hallelujah. 

How long must I wait? My faith doesn’t tell the time. Real faith does not tell the time. Real faith, real trust in God doesn’t say, “It’s been long already, Lord. It’s been months, it’s been years, Lord.” I put my trust in You, Lord. I put my trust in You. Glory to God.


So this morning, God wants me to speak to you because He wants you to access all of this that I’ve read this morning. He wants you with your faith to access it, and you access it–faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. So I’m hearing it every day. I’m hearing it every day. 


So what happened with your cupboards, Pastor Sharon? Well, we, we had somebody come and drop groceries or fit our front door and then the Lord asked us to take half of it and bless a family down the road with it that we knew also was coming to our church and also were in faith and saying, “Cupboards be full, fridge be full in Jesus’ name.” Don’t let the devil say to you, “But you’re lying because it’s not full.” No. I’m creating with God’s Word. Not my own words. I’m creating with God’s words. Hallelujah. Oh, glory to God. Glory to God. And from then onwards it was different things that how it manifested when we were in a desperate situation. I remember once Pastor John had to go to work and he had no petrol in the car so he got in his car because he’s going to work, and the car wouldn’t start because it was empty. No, I think the car did start, the car did start, but the needle was on empty and then he put his visor down and somebody had put a hundred rand in the visor and in those days a hundred rand went a long way. Right? Glory to God. And you know the story of when we went and it was, my son’s birthday and he was, I think he was two, and we went into the bookshop at the church, and there was this beautiful little telephone and, we were going home that day to no food and very little petrol in the car. And, somebody at the end of the service came and slipped R100 in our hand, “The Lord told me just to give this to you.” How wonderful it is to be obedient to God like that. You could be paying for their next meal. They didn’t know that. We didn’t look like we weren’t going home to food, but we were not going home to lunch.


Where was I going? There was this beautiful little toy in the bookshop and when you push the buttons it was one of those telephones that you could pick up the receiver, it was a little blue kidney-shaped telephone with little buttons on and every time you push the button it says, “By stripes I’m healed.” You push another little button it says, “He’s my Provider.” And you push another little button and it says, like in a kiddie’s voice, whatever. You know, just confessions of faith.


Pastor John and I were standing there, we were looking at it, and we just we put it down, and we looked around at the shop and looked at a few other things, and we walked out. And the gentleman who was managing the shop said, “Excuse me, but the Lord told me to give you this.” Hallelujah.


What am I doing back home? I’m speaking His Word. I’m believing His Word. Is it all happening overnight? No. I’m creating. I’m creating. I’m in the process. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


And so with many testimonies like that I can testify of the goodness of God. So all of this blessing, blessing, blessing is what God has for each and every one of you. He has blessing. And He wants you to access it with your faith, and you access it with your words. I’m going to just go here with you. I’m going to show you some very beautiful things about His promises.

We’re going to go to the Amplified Bible, Second Peter chapter 1 verse 2. Hallelujah. Praise you, Jesus. Praise you, Jesus. Here we are at the Amplified Bible. Please will you stay with this scripture with me? We’re not going to look at a lot of scripture this morning, but this scripture is in the Amplified Bible. And it’s how the Lord wants you to see it. 


Right, Let’s go. Let’s go. 2 May grace this is what the Lord is saying to you and I this morning. 2 May grace and peace (which is perfect well-being, all necessary good, all spiritual prosperity, all freedom from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts) be multiplied to you today in [the full, personal, precise, and correct] knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. So what is the full, precise, correct, knowledge of God? It’s what I told you just now. God has created you to speak and create your world with His words. That’s quite a full, precise, accurate, knowledge of Jesus. That is quite a full, accurate, precise, knowledge of Jesus. Hallelujah. Jesus. Hallelujah. 


He’s with us. He’s with us. He’s with us. A precise knowledge of God. And so, look at verse 3. 3 For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are required and suited] to life. 3 For His divine power has bestowed upon you and me all things that [are requisite and suited] to my life, to your life, and to godliness. Again He says through the [full personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence.


Well, what is that, Pastor Sharon? Well, we’re in it now. We’re in His glory, and we’re in His excellence. It’s not a thing that you don’t know about. This is His glory. This is His excellence. Just who He is, who He is with you, who He is with us together, and who He is with you personally. Now this is the verse we’re gonna look at. 4 So by means of His glory and excellence, by means of His glory and excellence, He has bestowed on us His precious and exceedingly great promises. His glory and His excellence bestowed, gives, has given to you. He has given to us His exceedingly great and precious promises. What does God call His promises? Exceedingly great and precious. For every area and aspect of your life, there is a promise in God’s Word. His exceedingly great and precious promises.


Do you know that God’s promises that He has given to us is precious to Him? Right. He gave us precious promises.  4 … So that through them, through them, you may escape [by flight] from the moral decay and the [rottenness and the corruption] that is in the world (2 Peter 1:3,4 AMPC). Through His promises that He’s bestowed upon you, you can escape. Every promise is your escape route from every situation that you might find yourself in. Every promise says, “Oh, this is your circumstances. Here is the escape route. Here’s the escape. Here’s the promise for you. Escape the rottenness and the corruption that’s in the world system. Lack, sickness, strife, enmity, all the things, the corruption that’s in, the rottenness.” I’m telling you this world is rotten. It’s rotten. It’s corrupt. So by means of these let’s go to verse 4 again. 4 By means of these promises, by means of his glory and excellence, he has bestowed on you and me his precious and exceedingly great promises so that through them you made you may escape” (1 Peter 1:4 AMPC). 


What happened when we had no food? I had an escape plan. I had His promise that He is He’s he is called Jehovah Jireh. He is my provider. That’s my escape that He’s given me His escape promise. I escape the corruption that’s in the world that says there’s lack. You’re never gonna have enough. You’re always gonna be poor. No. I have an escape plan. I have the promise. You’re sick, you’re in pain. It’s just one of those things. No. He is my Jehovah Rapha. He is the Lord that heals me. He’s my physician. He’s my doctor. He’s my doctor. He does checkups on me. I say that. You do checkups on me, Lord. There’s a phrase that I’ve used now for 30, 35 years. He is the stream. God in me is the stream of divine life that flows through my members, through my body, through my heart, through my kidneys, through my liver, through my muscles, through my blood corpuscles, through my cells, through every part of my being. He is the stream of divine light that flows through my nerves. He flows through my organs. He flows through my systems, my skeletal system, my reproductive system, my lymphatic system, my He flows through me. Overwhelming, He is the stream of divine life that flows through me. Overwhelming the law, overwhelming the law of sin and death. 


Coursing through me. C-o-u-r-s-i-n-g, coursing through me with power and virtue from on high. Sickness and disease comes on me, I say, “I forbid sickness and disease to come on this blood bought covenant body.” But then nothing changes and I’m still in pain and I will go.  I will do what I need to do in the natural, but you can’t get me off His promise. That’s my escape route. That’s where my trust is. That’s where my trust is, that He is my Jehovah, my Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals me. My Jehovah. Yeah. Glory to God. 


So, so He’s bestowed on us, on me, on you, His precious and exceedingly great promises, so that through them, through each and every one of them, you can escape [by flight] from anything that’s in the world. Sickness that’s in the world. I mean God, when God told Israel, I am the Lord who heals you, He was saying, “I am Rapha. I am. I am your physician. I’m the Lord that heals you.” It was when they were in the wilderness, He was saying, “I am. That’s My Name.” And He said, “And you, you just walk with Me and walk in My commandments and none of the evil diseases that are upon the Egyptians shall be upon you.” Hallelujah. Glory to God. 


You have to contend to live by faith. You can’t just be passive. You can’t just think because I’m telling you about His promises that you’re going to have them. You’re going to have to lay hold of God’s promises for yourself. You’re gonna have to take the promise of God. You’re going to have to put it in your mouth. You’re going to have to stand with it and stand on it. Faith is real spirit work. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to, whatever you tolerate is what you’re gonna have to live with. Glory. God. Okay. 


So, so He wants you to 4 escape [by flight] from the decay and the (rottenness and corruption) that is in the world because of covetousness and (lust and greed), and become a (partaker) of His divine nature (2 Peter 1:4 AMPC). Never a sick day has God had in His life. Never a broke day, never a down day has He ever had in His eternal existence. Ever. And I’ve been created in His image, I’m contending for that every day of my life. I’m contending.


I’ve been contending for that ever since I was a young woman, ever since I saw the promises of God. I was a very strong young woman, very healthy young woman. Pastor John will tell you the story. That he doesn’t know another woman that’s as healthy and as strong as me. My son, Ernest, will tell you that. And, I just- if Jesus took my pain and my weakness on Him, I will just not have it on me. All through the years, a little symptom here, a little symptom there, I attack it. I attack it with the word of God. I attack it. And it doesn’t change and it doesn’t change, and I attack it. And it doesn’t change and it doesn’t change, and I attack it.


That’s what I had to do with our lack too. Lack, lack, lack, lack. I attack. I attack my lack. I attack it. I attack it. And I don’t quit. Not yet, not yet, I don’t quit. And I tell you all through the years some symptoms would come on my body and I would call them, you lying symptoms, you lying symptoms, you lying symptoms. I remember the one day, I was in my forties, and he said, “Now that that you’re experiencing in your joints, that’s you getting rheumatism now.” I went, what? I mean, I got taught that when sickness comes to knock at your door, you don’t, you turn it, you turn him away. You don’t let him in. You don’t let him in. You don’t let him in. I said, “No, oh no, oh no, oh no. These joints are free, they’re clear of any… I thank you Father. You take care. You’re the stream of divine life that flows through all my joints. You flow through all my joints. Overwhelming the law of sin and death that wants to come on me, I’ve been redeemed from sickness. I’ve been redeemed.” Hallelujah. I’m telling you, all through my life, little symptoms like that would come and he’d say, now you’re getting this, now you’re getting that, that’s this now that’s happening to you. You know what I do? I really do laugh at him. I really do laugh at him. And I, I can really say to you, I have been diseased and pain free now, virtually all of my faith life. Have I had symptoms? Yeah, but then it comes off. This week anyway, I’m not going to. It’s gone. It’s gone already. Actually, it’s really gone even in the natural. Glory to God.


So, becoming a partaker of His divine nature because He doesn’t get sick, and He’s never broke. Right? So, My promises, He said to me, “I expect you to obtain them. I expect you to obtain them, Sharon.” Can we read Hebrews 11 verse 33 King James version? I expect you to obtain them. What does it mean to obtain? Get them. Have them. Get them. Get them. Look at this. 33 Who through faith He’s talking here about, people in faith. Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness and obtained promises. Obtained promises (Hebrews 11:33 KJV). Obtain them, Sharon. Obtain them. Get them. Take My promises, My precious and exceeding great and precious promises, and put them in your mouth and put them in your heart and put them in your mouth and put them in your heart and speak them and believe them. Right?


Abraham said, “Obtain the promise.” The promises are your inheritance from Jesus, and we’re going to go to Hebrews 6, from verse 11. From verse 11. Look at it. Obtain. Obtain promises. So what does God desire for each one of us? 11 He desires that each one of us shows the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, 12 that you do not become sluggish… Don’t become sluggish, …but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. You’re supposed to imitate Me. I, through faith and patience, have been and am continually inheriting the promises. Hallelujah. 12 … imitate them. Right. … imitate them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. So he says they’re your inheritance. So you must obtain them, because they’re your inheritance. Verse 13. 13 For when God made a promise… 13 For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself 14 saying, “Surely… I will bless you.” 14Surely blessing I will bless you.14Surely blessing I will bless you.” Blessing pouring off the mountains like wine and all over the hills everywhere I look. Blessings, blessings, blessings, blessings. God said to Abraham, “I will bless you.” 14Surely blessing I will bless you.14Surely blessing I will bless you.

God has blessed us with all blessings. Every blessing in the Book is yours and mine. Every promise in the Book is yours and mine. So it says here, 13 …when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself 14 saying blessing, Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying, I will multiply you.” (Hebrews 6:11-14 NKJV). 


That’s exactly the blessing that Adam and Eve got in the garden, people. God created you and I in His image to bless us. That was His original idea, His original intent, His original determination, and He’s never changed His mind. He said to Adam and Eve, “I bless you. I bless you. Be blessed. Be empowered to prosper. Be empowered to have good success in every area of your life. Bless you. Blessing, I will bless you. Multiplying, I will multiply you. Not decreasing, I will decrease you. No. Multiplying, I will multiply you.


So now I’m just going to read this scripture. Let me just see where I’m gonna go. Hebrews 6. God wants the scripture to speak to you this morning. Let the scripture speak to your heart this morning. Here, I’m not going to ask you to pull it up. I want to just read it. Right? I want you just to, your heart to listen. 12 So don’t allow your hearts to grow dull or lose your enthusiasm, but follow the example of those who fully received what God has promised because of their strong faith and patient endurance. 13 Now when God made a promise to Abraham, since there was no one greater than himself, he swore an oath on his own integrity to keep the promise as sure as God exists! God keeps His promise. As sure as He exists, He keeps His promise. As sure as He exists, He keeps His promise. 14 So he said, “Have no doubt, I promise to bless you over and over. That’s what He said to Abraham. I promise to bless you over and over and over and over, and I will bless you over and over and over and over and give you a son and multiply you without measure! 15 So Abraham waited patiently in faith and succeeding in seeing the promise fulfilled (Hebrews 6:12-15 TPT). Fulfilled. It’s my time of fulfillment. Hallelujah. Glory to God. 


So it says, 18  It is impossible for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will never change! And now we have to run into his heart to hide ourselves in his faithfulness. This is where we find his strength and comfort, for He empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time—an unshakable hope! 19 We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God Himself. Our anchor of hope is fastened to the mercy seat in the heavenly realm (Hebrews 6:18-19 TPT). Oh glory, glory, glory. It’s impossible for God to lie. Right? 


So now I’m going to go to Romans 4 and I’m going to read to you about Abraham out of the The Passion Translation. We’re going to look at Abraham’s faith because I’m imitating him. Right? He’s my father of faith. Romans 4 from verse 16, let me see here. Oh, I’m in three, sorry. Romans 4:16. Right. 16 The promise,  we’re looking at God’s exceeding great and precious promises. The promise depends on faith so that it can be experienced as a grace-gift, and now it extends to all the descendants of Abraham. If you’re born again, you’re a descendant of Abraham. This promise is not only meant for those who obey the law, but also to those who enter into the faith of Abraham, the father of us all. 17 That’s what the Scripture means when it says: “I have made you the father of many nations.” He is our example and father, for in God’s presence he believed that God can raise the dead and call into being things that don’t even exist yet (Romans 4:16-17 TPT). That’s what I do when I’m speaking God’s promise, I’m calling into being things that don’t even exist yet. And I’m calling them into being just in case the devil wants to come and steal from me and change my condition of promise-fulfilled. I will say it again, and I will say it again. So he never stopped. 


Okay. 18 … He took God at his word, verse … He took God … No, no, no, no, let’s go to verse 18. 18 Against all odds, when it looked hopeless, Abraham believed the promise. What promise? The promise you need. The promise you need for your circumstance. The promise you need. He took God at his word, and as a result he became the father of many nations. God’s promise or declaration over him came to pass. Look at verse 19. 19 In spite of being nearly one hundred years old when the promise of having a son was made, his faith was so strong that it could not be undermined by the fact that he and Sarah  were incapable of conceiving a child. 20-21 He never stopped believing God’s promise, for he was made strong in his faith. And because he was mighty in faith. 


How do you become mighty in faith? You’re mighty in faith when you don’t quit. That’s how you get mighty in faith. How do you get weak in faith? Well, you quit. You said this doesn’t work. Or this is really, I’ve got to press like this for the promises? Nah, not so much. But you’re weak. But when you’re strong in faith is when you’re steadfast and enduring. Yeah? And because he was mighty in faith and convinced that God had all the power needed to fulfill his promises, Abraham glorified God! 22 So now you can see why Abraham’s faith was credited to his account as righteousness before God.  23 And this declaration was not just spoken over Abraham, 24 but also over us (Romans 4:18-24 TPT).


There we go. This declaration was spoken over us too. So, this is what the Lord said to me, to speak to you and to my heart. Press for the fulfilment of the promises. With faith, receiving afar off like Abraham, say yes to them. I’ve already said yes to my promises. Say amen to each one, believing, declaring, giving glory, and praise. Be persistent. Have fearless confidence. Do not draw back in fear and doubt concerning my promises. Do not be double-minded. Be single-minded on my promises. Press for what you do not yet have manifest. Press for what you do not yet have manifest. Press for what you do not yet have manifest. Press for what you do not yet have manifest.


Jesus precious Cornerstone, precious promises, precious faith, overwhelming preciousness. Press. Press. Press. Press. I’m going to just read this. 1 Peter 2 verse 7, Amplified Bible. I want to show you how precious Jesus is. God has given us His exceeding great and precious promises. I want you to see how precious Jesus is and that you have precious faith. 7 To you then who believe is the preciousness, (1 Peter 2:7 AMPC). To you then who believe the promise is the preciousness.


Okay. 2 Peter 1, 1. 1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith (2 Peter 1:1 KJV). There’s your precious faith. Your faith is precious. God gave you faith. He gave me faith. He gave us all faith. What we do with it, is to us who believe is the preciousness. To me who believes is the preciousness. So, I will experience Him because I take hold of His promises. His exceeding great and precious promises, I will experience the preciousness of it because I believe, to me who believes is the preciousness. Because it’s my precious faith, my faith is precious to me. Because it’s exceeding great and precious to God, so it’s exceeding great and precious to me. My faith is precious to me, to me who believes is the preciousness. What preciousness? The preciousness of when I opened my front door and there were the groceries. To me was the preciousness. To me, when I walked out of that bookstore and the Lord told somebody to come and give that little blue phone to me, to me was the preciousness because I believed. 


To me was the preciousness. I was on faith’s journey, not going to quit, not going to give up, on faith’s journey. I’m going to believe the promises, I’m going to take all the promises of God, they’re all mine. I’m going to stand on His Word and stand on His Word and that’s just the journey of our lives. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory. I’m not going to consider my circumstances that are dead like Abraham’s. They’re dead. They’re dead. They’re dead. I’m not even considering it. To me is the preciousness. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Oh, praise His name. To me is the preciousness of the promises of health, and strength and healing. To me is the preciousness. So you may say, “Well I didn’t have to believe God’s promises, I’m very well anyway. I’m a very healthy person.” Well I’m glad that I give God all the glory for my health and my strength. I acknowledge and I confess, and glorify His name. Hallelujah. That I have my health and my strength that comes from Him because He is my doctor.


So here it is. Precious promises. He said, “Press, exert your precious faith. Put pressure on My great and precious promises. Precious faith pressure. Precious faith pressure.” Every time I’m in my faith process and nothing’s changed, it’s precious to God when He sees me taking His Word and believing Him. He’s with me in it. He’s saying, “Don’t quit because it’s your faith that’s going to work, Sharon. It’s your faith.” That’s what Jesus said many times. “Your faith has made you whole.” “Your faith’s going to get you this.” Your faith, your faith, your faith, your faith, your precious faith that God has given you. He’s given you precious faith for you to obtain promises, not for you to be a sluggard. Hallelujah. That’s part of my fruit that God wants me to bear. Exert your precious faith pressure on My great and precious promises. Precious faith pressure. I’m not holding out against you. He’s not holding out against you. He’s the one who’s given the promises, and said, “Yes.” And given you like precious faith, exert faith pressure, joy pressure, obtain the promises, obtain all promises. Let My promises be exceedingly precious to you. 


To you, believe My promises, the preciousness. The price was paid by the Blood so that you could obtain. Little child, be humble. Humble yourself to believe to receive My promises. Cross over from unbelief to belief, from doubt to fully persuaded to certainty. Focus, focus, focus, focus on My promises. Focus. Focus on My promises, He says to us today. Focus on His promises, people. Focus. Focus on My promises. My promises for your spirit life. My promises for your spirit life. Your spirit life. He’s redeemed you from death, sickness, and poverty. 


Death, the death that He’s redeemed you from is not physical death. That’s not, it’s part of it, but the death that He’s redeemed you from is spiritual death. If you are not experiencing spirit life, then you are experiencing spirit death. What is spirit life? Spirit is everything that you have with the Holy Spirit. This is spirit life that we’re experiencing this morning together. Spirit life is everything that you have and experience with the Holy Spirit. It’s Him leading and guiding you into all truth. It’s Him showing you things to come. It’s Him revealing, declaring, disclosing things to you. He speaks to you. You speak to Him. That’s spirit life, people. If you don’t have, God is a Spirit and those who connect with Him must connect with Him in spirit. He doesn’t connect with you in your head. He connects with you in your spirit. It says God is a Spirit and those who worship Him. It’s not singing slow songs on a Sunday morning, people. To worship Him is to intimately connect with Him. Will intimately connect with Him, with Me in Spirit and in truth. So you’ve got His Word, you’ve got His Spirit, you’ve got His Word that is truth, you’ve got His Holy Spirit Who’s leading you into the Truth. So you connect with Him. You and I connect with our spirits to God. Spirit to spirit. 


He’s called the father of our spirits. He’s not the father of my head, of my mind. He’s the father of my spirit. It’s that part of me that’s been born again, that looks just like Him, that can speak to Him and He can speak to me in my spirit. So spirit life is everything you have that the Bible, the New Testament talks about what you can have. Out of your spirit, innermost spirit being will flow rivers of living water. Hallelujah. Be filled with His spirit, speaking to yourself. Be filled with His spirit. Praying in the Spirit is part of that. The words He speaks to us are spirit and life. Right? So He’s redeemed us. That’s what He said to Me. My promise is for your spirit life. Hallelujah. My promises for your provision. My promises for your protection. My promises for your health and healing. Look unto Me. The promise maker, the promise keeper. I am the Promiser. I am promise keeper. Speak My promises to the mountain. It’s your choice to believe My promises. It’s not difficult. It’s not hard. My promise is near you in your mouth and in your heart and close to you. Day and night meditation for persuasion.


Do not, do not, do not let my promises depart from your mouth, Joshua 1,8. Do not let my promises depart from your mouth. Meditate in them day and night so that you can make your way prosperous and have good success. Hallelujah. It’s God’s way. It’s God’s way for us to live. He’s given us His exceeding great and precious promises that through them we can escape our flight. Everything that we’ve got, that’s death from the world. Praise the Lord. He’s really wanting to persuade us this morning. Alright. I’m going on now. I’m almost done. I’m gonna finish. Okay. Speak my promises to the mountain. It’s your choice. My promise is near you in your mouth and in your heart close to you. Do not let my promises depart from your mouth. This is how you cross over. The cross, the tree, I hung on. The cross, the tree, I hung on My covenant bloodshed for each and every promise to be secured. For everyone, forevermore, once and for all, I who promised am faithful. Glory to God. Shall we lift up our hands and thank God for this? Thank you, Lord, for Your exceeding great and precious promises, Father. We focus.


We are encouraged this morning to focus and take Your promises so that we can escape, Father. Hallelujah. And become a partaker of Your divine nature. We take Your promises, Lord. Your precious and exceeding great promises. We are those who believe unto us is the preciousness, Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 


We will not forget Your promises. We will not forget Your promises. Hallelujah. No. We won’t. We won’t. We won’t forget Your promises, Lord. Hallelujah. We’ll obtain promises. We’ll get them. We’ll get them, Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. There’s a rising up on our inside now, Lord, that when we get in our car to go home, we’re going to keep the rising up in us, Lord. We’re not going to forget tomorrow morning when we wake up. We’re going to find the promise. We’re going to find the promise, and we’re going to speak the promise. Is Prudence here? Are you here? Prudence? Why don’t you come and share here? Why don’t you come and share here? I mean, you were without employment, weren’t you? Do you have a testimony of what God has done for you? 


Prudence: Yes. I do. 


Pastor Sharon: Come. Come. Come. Testify. Alright. 


Pastor Sharon: Yeah. 


Prudence: Hi, everyone. So, it was my first time coming here to church. And just like Pastor Sharon will say, in your spirit, you have that thing that says, “Go.” But it was my first time here. And after church, I came to her and I was like, “I’m currently working, but I’m not sure that I’m supposed to be there. Can you please pray with me to trust God for another job?” She prays with me, and I think the following Sunday, the Holy Spirit says to me to resign. I’m like, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. But the Holy Spirit told me to resign, and I was obedient. I did resign. And I heard her very specifically when she said to me when she was praying for me, she said, “Lord, give her a job that will provide for her. All her needs. Give her a place where You will grow her. Give her a place where You want her to be.” And then it was last year, July. 


Pastor Sharon: It was quite a while though. It was quite a while. You were without employment? 


Prudence: I was without employment. I was faithful in coming to church and everything. And during the crossover, they started to say we must, the same thing that you are talking about. 


Pastor Sharon: That I’m talking about now. Yeah. The same thing. The same thing. 


Prudence: To say to God… So I would praise. I’ll be like, thank You Father that my office is ready. I thank You that I now work. I thank You that I’m expectant of my job. And, guys, let me tell you, I do have my own office. Yes. It was for me, and God has just been so faithful that the position that I was hired for is not even what I have studied for. So God has been so good. 


Pastor Sharon: You know Prudence, just stay here with me. Now I want you, if you are currently trusting God for employment, just where you’re sitting, just put up your hand. Just put up your hand. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Keep your hand up, please. Keep your hand up. Hallelujah. You’re trusting God for employment. Praise You. Praise You. Praise You. Hallelujah. Okay. Father, in the Name of Jesus, just put your hand out towards them, Prudence. In the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. We thank You for creating the perfect opportunity for them for employment, Father. The right place, the right space, at the right time. Thank You that their eyes will see and their ears will hear. In Jesus’ name, they will see it. They will know it. You will bring it in Jesus’ name, Father. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 


We praise You now, Father, for that place of employment, that right place, that right place. We praise You together with our brothers and sisters here this morning for that right place, for that right place, Lord, that place that You can see, You have it in mind for them, Father. In Jesus’ precious name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Come. Let’s praise. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Yes. We praise You. We praise You. We praise You for that right place of employment, Lord. For all our precious brothers and sisters. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. In Jesus’ name. Thank you, Prudence. Hallelujah. I bless you, going out. You’re blessed going out and coming in. Oh, the offering…


Praise You. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. 


So, now, those of you that put up your hands; I know some of you are already in that faith place with God, but keep pressing with that. Don’t quit. Keep praising. Put faith pressure on it. Say, “Thank you, Lord, this is Your will for me. This is the way that You provide for me is that whatever I put my hands to, that my hands are going to get put to something, Lord.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. In Jesus’ name. Glory. 


Okay, I’ve gone over today. Haven’t I? Oh, I’ve gone over. Alright. I’ve still got a job. I don’t think Pastor John will fire me. [Pastor Sharon and congregation laugh] Hallelujah. Hallelujah. But God was wonderful with us this morning, wasn’t He? So precious to us. To us, was the preciousness today. And I will pray over that offering, I’ll pray over it like Pastor John always likes to do. Glory to God. Julle mense het baie geld gegee vanmôre. Kontant. Kontant. Pastor John told you that joke, hey? About what they wrote in the newspapers, the Sunday Times, in those days that if you go to ‘HyperRhema’ – that was our church – then they had offering baskets that have got such big holes you can’t even put coins in. Well, we were there for 19 years and we never saw those baskets. Really. Well, these do not have holes in them. 


Let’s pray over the offering. Father, we thank You that this offering is blessed. We thank You for the return on this harvest, in Jesus’ name. And we all say, amen. Thank you.


Alright, everybody, you’re blessed going out, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed. Everywhere you look, blessings, right? Press with the promises this week. Okay, bye-bye, everybody.