Power of Resurrection – Session 1 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

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Scripture reference: Philippians 3:10-11 (NKJV); Romans 1:16-27 (NLT); Philippians 3:8-9 (MSG)

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Thank You. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord, that You are our Saviour and we bless Your name and we ask You to be part of everything that is said and done in this meeting today, as You already have through the music and the praise and worship of Your people. I thank You, Lord, for a demonstration of the Living Life that You are today. First in the hearts of people. Secondly, by touching their minds, their souls, and their physical bodies in healing. I ask You, Father, that today is a day where restoration begins and new growth begins and we are changed into life, greater, abundant life. In Jesus’ name. And everybody said, amen. You may be seated.

Welcome you all. It’s good to have you in church today. You can say; yes, you’re happy to be in church today. Jah. Good. I don’t think any of us like to be defeated. Who of us likes to be defeated? So I mean, if you’ve started anything in your life, you wouldn’t start it with defeat in mind, would you? Anything that you start in life, you would start with success and achievement and potential to be realized. Nobody starts, on purpose, does anything with defeat in mind.

I suppose there are people, and I know this is true, that people get into such a dark place emotionally that sometimes they want to end their life and in that case, I suppose, even then they’re looking for success. They’re not looking for failure, I suppose. Maybe some people are just crying for help and so they don’t want to succeed and they just cry for help. But nobody really starts out in life on anything, really wanting to fail and to be defeated.

I thank God that we are a people, that if we entrust our lives into the life of God, we make the first decision to not be defeated. That is a first choice that you make in not being defeated; is by having Jesus live in your heart.

You’ve heard me ask this question many times and I do feel led from time to time to ask the question, even of those people that know me well and they’ve been here for a long time. The question is; what’s the point of being a Christian? Well, the point of being a Christian is not so that you can stop yourself from going to hell and making heaven your home. Although that’s a good thing. Nobody really wants to go to hell. You really do want to go to heaven. Really, really.

Many years ago, we heard somebody make a statement about marriage. The statement went like this; for many, many people on the earth that are married, the closest they’re going to get to hell, is their marriage. On the other hand, there are some people on the earth that the closest they can get to heaven on the earth, is their marriage. Whichever part you fit in, the fact of the matter is that as a Christian, you, living on the earth, this is the closest you will ever touch anything that has got remotely anything to do with death and anything that hell would stand for, which is separateness from God. This is as bad as it gets for you. When you make Jesus Lord and Saviour of your life, you start a journey. You start your journey for everything to become better. Hallelujah.

So, now it’s all about leaving the baggage of the past behind and preparing yourself to walk into the future of goodness. I’m going to read to you Philippians 3 verse 10, 10That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, 11 if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead (Philippians 3:10-11 NKJV). The point of any Christian being a Christian is so that you can become spiritual. If you’re a Christian and you’re not spiritual, you’re touching the lowest form of heavenly life that you can only just touch while you’re on the earth. The minute you become spiritual in everything that you think, everything that you say, everything that you do, you enter into the realm of having the life of heaven become part of your life.

What’s the point of being spiritual? Because the spiritual ones are the only ones that can bring life from heaven to the earth. It cannot be anyone else. It doesn’t matter how clever they are, it doesn’t matter how well talented they are. No one else can bring heaven to earth other than spiritual Christians. I mean spiritual Christians, not just Christians. If you’re a Christian that doesn’t know God, you may not be going to hell, but you may not know how to bring heaven to earth and change your world.

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, is not something I’m ashamed of. I stand alongside the Apostle Paul, who says in Romans chapter 1 verse 15, 16For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile. 17This Good News tells us how God makes us right in his sight. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. Not by knowledge, but by faith, although knowledge helps. As the Scriptures say, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life.” (Romans 1:16-17 NLT)

So, in this meeting today, none of us want to actually fail at anything, we always have been made by God, we have been structured, we have been, our very DNA is to succeed and to have life and enjoy life and have a fulfilled life. The more we live in Him, the greater our capacity to live, in Jesus. I am not ashamed to preach the Gospel, I am not ashamed to live in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel includes three parts; it includes the cross, it includes the resurrection from the dead, and it includes the infilling of the Holy Spirit. If the cross, if there was only the cross, sin would still win, because if there was only the cross and Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, then sin would still win because it would have killed Jesus’ Body and there would be no resurrection life. We could not live in grace. The power of grace and the real future is in the power God used for the resurrection of Jesus.

So when Jesus died on the cross, He had to put His trust in God completely because He could not raise Himself from the dead. Even though He was perfect, even though He had not sinned, while He was on the earth and He was made to be sin, for our sin, even though He was divine in His being, the humanity part of Him would have restricted Him to death forever; meaning separated from God, forever. Jesus did not have the power to raise Himself from the dead. The only being in the whole universe that had the power to raise Jesus from the dead was the Father, God and He needed to have an authority that was His life previously established, authority to raise Him from the dead. Hallelujah.

That same power that He used to raise Him from the dead, He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to help us every day. The Holy Spirit partners with us, in our new life with the same power, that same power that causes something that is dead, separated from God, has no future, has completely got nothing going for it, there is nothing that can establish it as anything good or valuable to you; that power can take that dead thing and raise it to life. Hallelujah.

Part of my encouragement to you today is, you need to tap into the power of God that raised Jesus from the dead for everything that you do in life. I cannot beat myself, I cannot defeat my human nature that is within me. My human nature was born into separatedness from God, as a sin nature. I cannot overcome my own weaknesses. I cannot defeat my humanity, my humanity by its very self has got its own weakness built into it, and because it is, weakness built into it there is no way that I can actually defeat that weakness. I have to depend on Jesus. I have to depend on the very power that raised Jesus from the dead, I have to count on it. Hallelujah.

I want to just, for a moment, talk about how you have, how the global economic shutdown, separation, isolation, how all of that has affected you. Can I say it this way? That in recent, the last couple of months, and I believe that yesterday we were day hundred in South Africa, and other countries have reached that milestone in different times. In a hundred days of lockdown, how much has your life been impacted? Let’s make it simple. There has been uncertainty about what the future holds, right? There has been uncertainty, I mean even in the first month or six weeks or however long that time was, people said don’t go and panic buy, and it’s like everybody went and bought all the toilet paper. I don’t know why toilet paper, but they tended to buy the toilet paper first. People still bought and went into panic buying because there was uncertainty about the future. Yes?

Everybody had to stop working and or at least their businesses would work from home, and there was a transition of uncertainty about business and your job and whether it is going to exist or not exist. Suddenly, some people had to find themselves living with each other night and day, night and day, night and day, when they weren’t used to living with each other, night and day, night and day, night and day. All kinds of cracks began to appear where there were no previous cracks. Don’t shout me down because I’m preaching the truth now, and because you’re behind a mask you think you can’t say, amen.

I want you to understand that the whole earth is in a pressure cooker, it’s under stress, it’s under angst, there is an anxiety and a stress in the whole earth. For me, some of the greatest stress that I discovered, for me, was my right to make decisions for myself was taken away. Isn’t that right? I mean, I wanted to wake up in the morning and get onto my bicycle and go ride someplace and whoops, sorry you can’t. I want to get outside and go and have a walk, sorry you can’t. You had to literally stay indoors, by yourself. And so those early days that restriction, was quite impactful. Although you might not have felt the stress of a lot of other things, certainly there was a pressure cooker happening waiting to happen because some of your choices were taken away from you. So you were unable to make choices that you would normally make. Right?

Well, let me tell you, this is the whole plan of the devil from the beginning to manipulate your choices and make you make choices. That the choices that you make limit your power, limit your freedom and limit your capacity in Christ Jesus. He does not want you to know, what the full power of resurrection life is like, because if you know what the full power of resurrection life is, that same power that raised Jesus from the dead, if you ever find that out, then you will bust every wicked thing, every twisted way that tries to bring and takes your choice away, you will bust it in the chops every time.

So, he comes with deceiving things that make it look good for you to choose things that actually are so bad for you, but in the moment they look good for you, but ultimately it takes away your choice. It is so simple, ne?

I mean you can get in your car and go down the highway and you feel good in your car and your engines and you just have a feel-good moment, and you put your foot on the gas, before you know it, you’re doing a 150. You’re not even thinking, “Ja” you are just thinking, this feels good then this guy jumps out. Hey, stop ‘n bietjie, pull over. Then you say, What was I doing? When he writes out that ticket R1 500 because you were doing 140. Right?

So, when you make those kinds of choices, you’re deceived into thinking that there is no consequence, but in the moment you make the choice to put your foot flat on the petrol, if you knew the consequences was a R1500 and someone would standing there shouting at you, “You got to pay R1500.” You would say, Haal bietjie daai voet af, nou! Right?

I’m trying to make that simple, in our everyday life where you think you have a freedom of choice, but the freedom of choice that compromises the law that is supposed to protect you. There is a consequence, and sometimes you don’t feel it ,but you do later. Hallelujah.

Philippians chapter 3 verse 8 to 11 in the Message Bible says 8-9Yes, all the things I once thought were so important are gone from my life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing Christ Jesus as my Master, firsthand, everything I once thought I had going for me is insignificant, say again, everything I once thought I had going for me is insignificant. That means, he was born into a high born family in the Jewish nation. You must understand, he was born for example into a family that he got the highest Ivy League, education of those days. He stayed in the best areas of town. He’s mom and dad were connected to all the best, all the highest, wealthiest people in the area. He wouldn’t have had this start in life that he could have had if he didn’t have those privileges. And yet he says, “Everything that I could have had that actually would have done good for me is insignificant compared to the knowledge I have of Christ Jesus.”

So, I’m not writing this, the New Message Translation is writing this. Everything I once thought I had going for me is insignificant – dog dung. In other words, like poop. There are other words for it, too. And then the next verse is rather unfortunate in the way it starts cause it says I’ve dumped it all in the trash so that I could embrace Christ and be embraced by him. I didn’t want some petty, inferior brand of righteousness, which is about rules and regulation, about do’s and don’ts, that comes from keeping a list of rules when I could get the robust kind that comes from trusting Christ—God’s righteousness (Philippians 3:8-11 MSG).

Trust in Christ, that’s what it’s all about, that’s how we release the power of the resurrection. The cross has taken care of our sin. Without the cross we wouldn’t be able to have resurrection. Without the cross you would still have no capacity to overcome any sin in your life. With the cross your sin was nailed, but by the resurrection you receive the power to live life in abundance. Because through the resurrection, the same power that raised Christ from the dead, now becomes your portion and the Holy Spirit helps you to use that power every day. This is a daily walk of power to be free.

I want to close with this and say, there are many things that many people can say about religions. There are many things that people can say about philosophies and ideologies and things that people want to talk about, that they believe this and they believe that, and this is the right thing and that’s not the right thing. One of the favorite things that people like to talk about is, how can you say that Christianity or Christ is the only way, is the only religion available to all men.

Well, it’s very simple. He’s the only One that is ever, been raised from the dead. You see resurrection makes Christianity the difference. I’m not trying to run anybody else’s religion down, but I am saying to you this, that there is no other religion whether it been the Hindu’s or the Muslims or whether it be any other kind of religion that you follow, that any one of their gods, that they so called, was raised from the dead and now lives forever. He lives in the heavenly realm and He lives in your heart, and in your heart you have this cry, I know I belong to Christ Jesus. And in any given moment you should have say: Because of the power that Christ is in my heart, I use that power to overcome my own thoughts, I use the power to overcome things that oppress me, I use that power to overcome things that want to hold my economic future, and hold my family and hold my things in this restricted space.

There’s one thing that I am going to keep reminding us, as time goes by; the devil wants to restrict you. If the coronavirus showed us anything, it showed us, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the devil really wants to do to the human race. This is the tip of the iceberg. Believe me, if the devil could have had his way, this would have been a far more serious thing than it is, and this is pretty serious. The world has not yet really felt the impact of what this has on people’s lives. But the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is a time for us to stand up, it is a time for us to raise up, it is a time for us to be counted as ones who believe in the resurrection of life, so that He can resurrect each of us in our hearts. As we are resurrected life beings, Christians, we can bring heaven and the order of heaven into the earth. Hallelujah, praise Jesus, glory to God.

I make a declaration over you today, that as I am standing preaching this message, the order of heaven comes into your finances today, in Jesus Name. The order of heaven comes into your bodies for health and healing, in Jesus Name. The order of heaven comes into your relationships, with your children, with your partner, with other siblings, with other people, the order of heaven comes into your home, comes into your life, into relationships, in Jesus Name.

I declare the order of heaven comes into your mind and into your thought life, and that the power of the resurrection light begins to overwhelm you, and come inside of you and bring peace to you, because that’s what the Bible says: “The peace of God will rule and reign in your mind and in your heart, it is a peace that passes all understanding, because it is not based on what you experience in the world around you, it is experienced by the resurrection life of Christ that is raising up inside of you, it brings you peace.

And may His peace be upon you, may His peace rest upon you day and night, may it rise up inside of you, and may your joy be full. It doesn’t matter what the lockdown is, may your joy be full. I tell you what, get home and do a lap around the kitchen or do a lap around something, just do a lap and just say I have the joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my portion today, in Jesus Name. Hallelujah.

This is a, I’m telling you, I am not lying down and playing dead because the world wants me to, or some virus wants me to. I am tapping into the resurrection life of Christ, that is strong inside of me. Hallelujah, glory to Jesus. Hallelujah. I cannot be defeated, not because of my strength of will, but because of who is inside of me, I can’t be defeated.

Won’t you stand up on your feet, and now you look at your feet and say, I cannot be defeated. Listen this is a good thing you know, when you walk and you look at your feet and oftentimes when you walk down the passage or something, you walk down and you look, you remember, You can’t be defeated.

Come on, that’s cool hey? I can’t be defeated. The very fact that I have my feet on me, means I can’t be defeated. As you walk down the passage, get into your car: I can’t be defeated, I can’t be defeated, the Greater One lives in me, His resurrection power has raised me up from my humanity into something spiritual. And even if you mess up, and if you just look at your own self and you say: Jis, I didn’t think that I could be so bad, you know, even that I could be a strong Christian. I could say those words or lose my temper, or do whatever you do that makes you feel like….neh, neh…..you know…. The moment you feel like… neh neh, you say: I still can’t be defeated, because it is not about me, it is about the life of Christ in me. Hallelujah.

Won’t you put your hand on your chest like this and say with me today, I am a son of God, because I know Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus that You cleansed me from all my wrong doings, and You wiped them out in my life, and from today I live free from everything that has held me back, from my past, and from today, I live in a resurrected state of the power and the life of Christ, in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, glory to God, praise Jesus, praise Jesus, glory to God.

I want to encourage you when you get out there into the world this week, put a smile on your dial, put a spring in your feet and tell people: I’ve got a smile and I cannot be defeated. If they ask you, What does that mean? You say, Well, I’ve got happy feet you know, I’ve got happy feet.

Well, what does that mean? I’ve got Christ inside of me, what must I be afraid of? What must I feel down about? Hallelujah. If God is for me, then who on this planet and what on this planet can be against me?” Azikho, nothing, nill, niks, zulch. Hallelujah.

May your week be blessed, blessed going out, blessed coming in, whatever you put your hands to will prosper, wherever your feet go, God gives you that territory to bring His power to being, bring His power wherever you go, bring His power wherever you go. Make that statement: Wherever you go, I’m bringing His power with me, I’m bringing His power, it’s in me, it’s around me, I’m bringing His power, I’m bringing His power, I’m bringing His power, I’m bringing His power. It’s not my power, it’s His power, I’m bringing His power. When I sit down in a business meeting, I’m bringing His power, when you sit down and oh, I got a seer keel, or maybe maybe… No! I’m bringing His power.

Hallelujah, I better shut up now so you can go and others can come in. Thank you for coming to church, God bless you all.

05 July 2020 Power of Resurrection – Session 2 Pastor John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: Romans 1:16 (NLT); Philippians 3:10-11 (NKJV); Philippians 3:8-9 (MSG)

Praise the Lord. Glory to God. Just raise your hands and say, Thank you to Jesus for your Word today, that changes me, in Jesus’ Name. Father, I ask you that your Word be blessed this morning. Amen. Thank you, you may be seated.

I want to tell you about a story of something that happened to me many years ago. I was arriving here in Witbank. It must be about fifteen years ago, maybe twelve years ago. I was arriving here in Witbank, and as I was arriving you know, I got a telephone call from a lady, mother of a son, and she asked me for help. She said, “I don’t know where you are, but I need help.”

As it turned out, her husband was having a physical, physical fight encounter with their son, who was about 28 years old. He’d lost his job, suffered with depression, and had been taking medication for it. He was fighting with his father because he had, he had wanted to get to the safe that housed a weapon, a gun. Because he was fully intent on killing himself, and his father was physically fighting with him to keep him away from the safe in the house.

When I arrived at the home, I mean literally, I was walking into the bedroom and the father and son were still wrestling on the bed and my presence coming into the room separated them and they were both perspiring and sweaty, and it was a bad situation. The young man was in a rage, you could see it in his eyes. He was determined and in a rage and he was, he was desperately wanting to get to that gun because he said, “There is no reason for me to live. I don’t have a job, I can’t take care of my wife, I don’t have a future.” A lot of, he had a lot to say at that time.

I asked where the safe was? They said, “It’s just over here,” and I walked and I stood in front of the safe. Now, I became the target of the son’s aggression and the son’s anger, because now, and his father had said, “I couldn’t fight anymore. Didn’t matter how much I wanted to stop him, my strength was gone. He’s young, he’s stronger than me, able to endure further than me, and I’m done. If you hadn’t come, I couldn’t stop him anymore.”

All I did was, I stood in front of the safe, and he got up, and he sort of came and he stood right in front of me and he was now assessing me. Can I take him too? You know. I just said to him, and I called him by name, and I said to him, “You cannot come past me, in Jesus’ Name. You cannot come past me, in Jesus’ Name. You will not come to this safe today, in Jesus’ Name.”

So, now he had a confrontation, where he was like, looking at me like; I still want to take him physically, but he’s just called upon the Name of Jesus. The end result of it is, he left me and he went for a minute and he stood on the other side of the bed, in the bedroom and then he went crazy. He just went absolutely bananas, he had a very, very, very expensive hi-fi set in the room. He had a tall mirror. He smashed the mirror, he smashed the hi-fi set. I mean, he went on a five minute rampage around his room, just tearing everything apart.

When he was done, he went and sat down on his bed, he put his head down like this and he just started shaking his head like that [Pastor John shaking his head]. What happened was, all I did was, I didn’t use any physical strength. I just used the authority of the power of God that was in me, by the Name of Jesus. I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to twitch a muscle. I let the power of God do all the work. Wow.

When he was seated at the end of the table, at the end of the bed. I went and I sat next to him and I put my arm around his shoulder like this [Pastor John demonstrating with his arm] and I said, “It’s going to be alright, Jesus is going to help you in your life. The same power that stopped you from getting to the safe, the same power is going to work in your life, and it’s going to change you on the inside and it’s going to change your future.”

As far as I know, he went on to have two kids. Holds down a job, and has a successful, relatively successful life compared to what could have happened that day. I want to tell you that the resurrection power of Jesus is more real than money, it’s more real than a job, it’s more real than sickness and disease, it’s more real than government power, it’s more real than anything else. The resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

There is not one of us that actually starts anywhere with the end goal in mind of being a failure; or you do anything that says, I’m doing this because I want to, I don’t want to succeed. Right? I mean, anything that you do, actually what you’re looking for is you’re, you’re looking for success. You want the potential to achieve. You’re looking for opportunities and often times when we do things in our lives we are, we are wanting to access the opportunity.

Well, I’ve got news for you. If you have never made Jesus, Lord, and Saviour of your life, there is no, there is absolutely no guarantee that anything in your life can be successful. No guarantee. You may meet people, you may maximize opportunities, you may actually think you’ve got your life in control. Until something actually happens to show you how out of control you really are. Certainly, a worldwide virus that comes into our world, has shown us that you can go from in control to out of control in a very short space of time.

And certainly, for me, when lockdown South Africa was started, I can say that for me one of the greatest things that impacted me the most is that; I was almost; how many of you felt that you were under house arrest? I mean actually, that’s what we were. Our government actually made a house arrest and said everybody’s got to stay at home. They stopped short of putting an ankle bracelet around your ankle and make sure you stayed in the house, right? I am under house arrest.

And actually, you did nothing to deserve that. You did nothing to promote a reason why you should stay in your house under house arrest. Somebody, somewhere, in a far distant land somewhere, released the virus that actually had an impact on the world. If you think this is the last one that is going to happen; and if you think this is the worst that is going to happen, I’ve got news for you; the devil’s plotting and planning against humanity because humanity represents God.

Every human being that is born into the earth, represents the potential for God to get worshiped from that being. So being an enemy of God must come against every human being to stop them from worshiping God. If he can do that first, by not getting you saved, or preventing you from getting you saved, that’s his first thing. Once you are saved, he is going to try in every other way, to prevent you from worshipping God.

“What is the point of being a Christian?” I Ask. The point of being a Christian is not so that you can go to heaven, although that’s a good thing. You all know me. I have said it many times. The point of being a Christian is so that you can become spiritual. So, that you can be more like Christ on the earth because when you do that you worship Him with everything that is your life. When you worship Him with everything that is your life, you begin to say like the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans, he says, God promised the Good News long ago. Hallelujah.

He says; I am not ashamed of the Gospel of the Good News of Jesus, because it is the power to save us. It is the power to save us, so that we are not in a place where we are living by rules, but we are living by His righteousness, by His resurrection power that He has brought into our lives.

So, I want to read to you from Philippians 3 verse 10 in the New King James Version it says, 10That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, 11That if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead (Philippians 3:10-11 NKJV). In other words, He is saying; I have received the power of God, I know the power of God is working so strongly inside of me that I am pressing to live a resurrected life, like Jesus, even though I’m living in my humanity. This is a very powerful scripture, because He is indicating how free you can live life.

Okay, thank You Lord for reminding me when I was sitting there earlier on. The Lord said, I didn’t do it in the first service, but the Lord said, “I want you to talk about freedom for a little bit.” I didn’t prepare this part of the message, but how many of you would like to be as free as you can be in your life? Freedom means what? Freedom means anything that you can be away from, or delivered from, or live away from oppression, right?

Because if you are oppressed, or you are bound up, or you are under house arrest, let’s call it you under house arrest. If you’re under house arrest, then you are not free. You’re not free. So, people live their lives to have different levels of freedom. Sometimes your freedom is limited by how much money you have. Sometimes your freedom is limited about, dependent on how much health you have. Sometimes your freedom is limited by circumstances in life, perhaps relationships.
I asked you to define for me what freedom is? So, you might have a version of freedom in your own mind. You might have a version of what freedom is, and that freedom could be this, anything I want to do, when I want to do it, right?

Anything I want to do, when I want to do it. Freedom, but even when you start to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it, you still have to obey rules of the land. Then you are not truly free, right? Come on. I mean, I feel like going to shoot someone with the gun. You can’t do that. You land in jail. Jy gaan tronk toe. For a long time. So, you are not really free to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. There are rules that apply. Come on, and so you might say, “Oh boy I’m free, if I earn a million a month.” That might be good, that you earn a million a month, but you are still bound by the tax laws, which means you are going to pay tax. I wish I was free from the tax-man then you wouldn’t have roads to ride on. You wouldn’t have water points coming to your house.

So, if I say what is freedom to you? You may have a version of freedom, but you are still restrained in some ways. So, you are never really free. There are always restraints and yet there are restraints that you are willing to live with, because those restraints provide a lifestyle of freedom, that is acceptable to you. Yes? So, then freedom is a different measure from different people. Yet when it comes to our walk with God, you who provides the ultimate’s freedom. Well what are you talking about?
Well, you are free from the power of sin in your life. You are free from the power of sickness in your life. You are free from the power of poverty in your life. You are free from the power of relationship failure in your life. There is everything that you can be free, but there are some rules.

What are the rules? Believe in Jesus, that you are free. These are not rules of do’s and don’ts. This is, I believe He is the life. So, the Gospel includes the cross, where Jesus died for us and all of our sins, were nailed to the cross with Him.Then He had to go and leave and go to the place where all spirits, that had lived on the earth, that couldn’t measure up to the life of God, all spirits went to that place.

Call it hades, call it hell, call it whatever you want to call it. Separated from the life of God. So, Jesus went there. When Jesus went there, He had no power to raise Himself from the dead. He had no power to do that. He had to trust in the power of the Father to raise Him from the dead.

That power that raised Jesus from the dead, is the same power that is inside of you and me, that causes us to be Christians. So, the cross is powerful, but the resurrection makes the power available, by the presence in the person of the Holy Spirit. So, if there was only the cross, sin would win, and we could not live in grace. The power of grace and real future, is the power of God used for resurrection, and then sending the Holy Spirit to partner with us, in our new life with the same power.

As it turns out, that young man that I put my arm around, and then I said to him it is going to all right. The Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to try and get a job for him,” because he had been, three or six months, whatever. Some people would say well, why did he try to do all that, he still had a house to stay in, him and his wife were staying with his parents?

Let me tell you, the battle of depression and oppression in your mind is a greater battle than you could ever imagine. If you haven’t had that kind of oppression and depression, you might wonder how it happened, but the devil knows where to put a trigger point, to every one of your live’s and it might be different for every one of you.

I went and started speaking to acquaintances of mine and we found him a job, and it meant that for a period of time, he had to drive through to Jo’burg everyday from Witbank, and they paid his petrol to get him to the job. As he was working in that job, what happened was that his soul began to get restored. His confidence began to return, he began to see himself, as a man that could provide. A man that had a future, and so in Witbank, he went out looking for a job. He found a job, because he had a job, because he carried that confidence to the job, and so, now he has got a couple of kids. He lives a life and I haven’t seen him in many, many years, but I assume that his life is good. What happened was that God used a spiritual being, who understood the power of resurrection and authority of God, to prevent that family from having a devastating experience.

I got news for you. Jesus lives inside of you, and day by day His authority and His power and His resurrection life is available to you, and what you need to do is let that resurrection life come into your world, and everything that you touch in your world, let it be that resurrection life that, Holy Spirit power, let it touch you. Let it touch your world and watch how He changes. It begins to change your confidence. It begins to change your authority. It begins to change the way you see your future.

Jesus is your future. There is no other future that you can be guaranteed from, but Jesus. I’m going to finish with this scripture, in Philippians 3 verse 8 to 11 in the Message Translation, 8Yes, all things I once thought was so important, are gone from my life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing Christ Jesus as my Master. First hand, everything I once thought I had going for me was insignificant – dog dung, poop (Philippians 3:8 MSG), there are other words you can use for it, smelly stuff. In other words he is saying, I want you to understand, that he was born to a high, a high born family he had a status family who had wealth, who had connections, politically, organisationally, in the religious circles of the city, his folks were well off, they were well established, good high born people, they were a upper class family. He says; I had everything going for me, but none of that stuff that was going for me was worth anything. I consider it smelly stuff, compared to the knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ, my Saviour.

Because when you know Him with that power, there is nothing in this earth that can oppress you and keep you down. Your freedom is truly in Him. If there are any things that you need to be restricted by, it will be the guidance of the life of Christ that says; Don’t do that it’s going to hurt you. I am not saying stop doing that because you can’t do that or because you have the right to do that, as a human being, you have the right to do anything. I am saying don’t do that, because it will hurt you in your future.
You might say, “Pastor John, I feel like. One day I wanted to just get drunk.” Why, I’ve told you that story? One day, I had just finished school, I went out to see if I could get drunk and have a thing with a woman. Sitting in a bar somewhere, trying to do that and the very life of God, that resurrection life that was in me, and I couldn’t drink anything, and I couldn’t get to a girl, and I went home almost miserable.

Because of what I set out to do, was to have an experience that I could have a testimony about that God saved me. I only realised later that God saved me already because I was sitting in the bar and I couldn’t do anything, because the very life that I was grown up with, was the life that shielded me and protected me. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

8I’ve dumped all that good stuff in the trash, so that I could embrace Christ. 9And be embraced by him. I didn’t want some petty, inferior brand of righteousness that comes from keeping a list of rules when I could get the robust kind that comes from trusting Christ – God’s righteousness (Philippians 3:8-9 MSG). Let me tell you, if you have a walk with God that is about do’s and don’ts, it is a very limited experience. I’ll tell you, when I was raising my kids, I discovered that the more rules I put in place, the more they were going to be likely to break it.

Because actually in the unique experience of a teenager growing up, they want to express their uniqueness, and if you put a rule in place, they are almost certainly wanting to show you how I am going to express my uniqueness by breaking the rule. Don’t look at me like this like it never happened to you. Huh? I have discovered actually that my relationship with my kids was much bigger than the set of rules, and so I always used to say to them, when they did something wrong, “I will always be there to bail you out, because my love for you and our relationship is much bigger than you messing up or you doing something wrong.” Hey!

Jesus stands there, and He says; I’m not wanting to set a whole lot of rules in place for you. What I am wanting you to do, is experience the freedom of the life that I have, the freedom of life that I have is so full of joy, so full of power, so full of all possibilities, all potential, all good stuff that comes your way. You will never lack for anything, there’s nothing that you won’t be able to say, I want to do it and you can’t go and do it, because He’s grace says, if you want to do something I will give you the desires of your heart, just ask Me, and if you have that kind of relationship then you are free completely free, free, free, free. Completely free.

Freedom is not doing what you want to do whenever you want to do it. Freedom is doing what bursts in your heart and out of relationship with God and sometimes that freedom for me says; it is time to go to the bush. And God says, “When were you going to ask Me?” “Ja, but, Lord.” “No, no, when are you going to ask Me? I will organise it for you.”

Sometimes that freedom might be, Ahh, I want to go, go and do something and the Lord says, “I don’t want you to do that, John. I want you to stay at home and pray.” Then you say, “Shjeesh, what a boring thing God asks me to do, stay at home and pray.” No. That is real freedom, because if He is asking me to stay at home and pray, then He is preparing something in my future or touching someone else’s future, that I am praying for, and I am creating freedom because of my obedience to Him, and when I create freedom because I obey Him, He makes all good things come to me, and no one can stop it, because He makes it come. No one can stop it.

People think they have power over me. I’ve got news for you, they don’t. Pontius Pilate stands by Jesus and he says, “Don’t you know I have the power to take your life?” Jesus looked him square in the eyeballs, in the Afrikaans South African version is, “Nee boet, no boet, you have got no idea, I lay My life down, you can’t take it from Me, you can’t take Me, even if you tried, even if you tried, you can’t take Me.” This is one of the most powerful men in the whole region, he was treated almost as a king, Pontius Pilate, the only one he used to report to was Caesar. Power, real military power. You have got no power, because I call on a legion of angels. They will decimate the whole place around you, just to keep Me alive, if I have to, but I choose to lay down My life. Why? So that I can take your sins and God can resurrect Me from the dead and that same resurrection power becomes yours.

That same resurrection is my resurrection power and I live my daily life by. Hallelujah. How can you get a better life than that? How can you get it better than that? The only thing that the devil will try and do now, is try to make you believe that it is not so. He will use circumstances, he will use people’s words, he will use other peoples experiences, he will use churches, rules and regulations put in there by churches, ceremonies, all kinds of things in churches that will try to say, that’s what Christian relationship is? It is not like that. It is about a living relationship with Jesus.

Won’t you all stand with me, please? You know, I am so glad I can get to see you all, and I am so glad I can talk to you this way. But it is just way too short. I’ve got so much to talk to you about. Praise the Lord. So, you better watch out, there’s going to be more TV time coming your way, digital stuff coming your way. Because I‘ve got things to say about the resurrection life of God. Glory to God.

Put your hand on your chest like this and say, Jesus, thank You for saving me, thank You for giving me new life. I believe in You, Lord, and I ask you to cleanse me from all of the bad things of myself, from today, I walk in resurrection power, free from twisted ways, free to live for You, in Jesus Name. Amen.

I bless you, I ask the Father to bless you, in the Name of Jesus, that whatever you put your hands to this week will prosper, wherever your feet go, you take power, resurrection power with you, in order to take the power of God to where you need it to be when you need it to be there, in Jesus Name. I pray that you will have the peace of God resting upon your mind, and in your heart and that no anxiety, oppression, depression or any kind of thing that is happening around the world, that is hindering us and putting us in some form of lockdown will depress you, oppress you, or keep you down, in Jesus Name be free, in Jesus Name be prosperous, in Jesus Name be elevated out of your circumstances and live the high life of Jesus Christ.

Do you agree? Amen. Okay baai julle. Thanks for coming to church.

05 July 2020 Power of Resurrection – Session 3 Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture References: Romans 1:16-17 (NLT); Philippians 3:10 (NKJV)

Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord, that Your Word is blessed today. You bless Your Word that is spoken and that is received in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Please be seated.

I would like to tell you a story, when I was in my military days I was fortunate enough to have been a member and part of a military unit that was airborne, parachute, battalion and about 18, 19 months into, maybe 20 months into the legal requirements of my having to going to the military service, I was transferred to a head office function and to do some things that the military wanted me to do. So of course I was in those days you had to wear step outs when you went in a head office function like that, had my step outs, had my maroon beret on and I came first time I came to those particular set of headquarters. I came walking down the path way and something was happening inside the building that I had not no idea was happening, but there were two men sitting in the office doing administrative duties. They were watching me walk up that pathway. Never met them, they knew nothing about me other than the fact that I was now walking that they could see me with their eyes. One of the guys turned to the other man and said, “This man is walking down the pathway. He is a born again Christian and I’m going to kill him.”

Now the man that was making this threat I later came to find out was a very brutal and very violent man. He was the kind of guy that if you were in the pub somewhere and he just looked at you, you looked at him and he thought that there was an attitude in your look he will just get up and go and smash your face or do something bad to you, he was just, he was like that you know. He had no reason to know I was a Christian but there was a life inside of me that was a light that shines that the darkness in him immediately recognized there’s a light that is coming. This light is a threat to me and I need to stop this light otherwise the light is going to be a threat to me. So, it was on occasion on where it was my chance to stand as officer on duty and there was an opportunity for me to make sure that everybody that’s standing guard that night was in the proper position and so I was doing the rounds and I walked up to him and he was standing and I called to him. I went and I stood right next to him and I called him by name. I said, “Wayne, you want to make Jesus the Lord of your life, don’t you?” He said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “Let’s pray right now.” So, we made a few adjustments to where we were actually present at the time and we prayed together, and he asked Jesus into his heart. He made Jesus the Lord and Savior of his life.

The next morning, I used to run a prayer meeting in a little room that could seat probably no more than ten people. It was just a little room that they allocated to me that anybody who wanted to join me for morning prayers could join me for a prayer meeting. Normally there were just two people, three people at the most. A lot of the time it’s just me and one other guy you know but there were a couple of people sometimes. That morning I walked into the room and the people were sitting on the floor. It was packed, packed you know. I mean even people were standing outside waiting to get in and so then I walked in and I said, “Now what are all you doing here?” They said, “When Wayne finished his beat last night he woke everybody up and told everybody what happened to him and demanded that all of them come to the prayer meeting the next day otherwise he was going to beat them.” So fair enough they all showed up at the prayer meeting but that’s defeating the point you don’t come here out of fear because someone is going to beat you. You come here because God wants you here. You know but there was an opportunity for me to tell them about Jesus and they all heard about Jesus and some of them gave their heart to the Lord that day. Hallelujah.

See the power that is Jesus Christ that is in you is much greater than any power that is in the world and it doesn’t matter that someone has earmarked you for death and destruction in any form or shape or area of your life. Jesus is much greater than that and Jesus is wanting all of us to have a wonderful experience in meeting Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives.

I agree with the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 1 verse 16, it says “16 For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work”. As I share a testimony with you about Wayne, the power of God is at work in your heart that you may have the same encounter with God that he had. Because in one moment when I prayed for him, he was a man that was violent, he was oppressed, he was a man that had no future, no possibility of a future. He grew up in the south of Joburg, where mob rule and power and anger and violence was the only way, gangs was the only way to actually save yourself. And uh when he met Jesus he found a power much greater than himself. He found a power much greater than gang warfare, he found power that was much greater than anything else that he could ever experience. That is an enormous power that you and I have. I want to say this, you know, everybody talks about nuclear energy as being a way to give energy to everybody and but yet it’s got to be controlled because it’s so dangerous. It’s that kind of nuclear spiritual power energy we have inside of us. It’s called the resurrection power of Christ. The resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead, is that same power that lives in you and me.

“16 I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile. 17 This Good News tells us how God makes us right in his sight. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the Scriptures say, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life.” (Rom 1:16-17 NLT). You and I have life because we have faith in Jesus. We have life. Uh, all, all my years that I grew up in high school I was a Christian, I was a born-again Christian and I made Jesus the Lord and Saviour of my life. And then when I realised I had to go do military service I said to the Lord, “I want You to show Yourself great. I want Your power to be available, and strength to be available to me. And so I’m going to go and get the best training, in the best unit that I can possibly go. Not that I’m able to make it.” And therein is where my faith came. “That where I might be physically inferior, incapable of actually doing and completing my course, that You would actually make up the difference in me.” And I’ll tell you the power of God is so great that when I was weak in my mental ability, when I was weak in my physical ability, when I was weak in many different fears that come upon you when you are in that circumstance, the great power of God which was His Word that I would read every day and consume it into my life, made the difference for me. And when I found myself in life and death confrontations with the enemy it was His life that shielded me and protected me.

And I’ll tell you there is a life and death situation going on in the world right now. The enemy of God has brought sickness and disease to all of humanity. He’s brought economic failure and economic, and poverty to everybody’s doorstep. But this is not the end of this because the enemy of God would seek to bring all humanity under his subjugation, under his rule because if he can live, cause humanity to live by fear and to live in a secluded isolated view of life, then he can prevent you from worshipping God for all of the goodness that God is. I’ll tell you what I do, is that in these moments I keep on giving thanks to God. Recently the Lord led me to give a thanksgiving seed to some people.

And the reason why I wanted to give a thanksgiving seed to Him is because we are three months into lockdown and there’s nothing that this ministry has ever needed in three months. Nothing. There is nothing that I have needed in three months. God has met every one of our needs. God continues to meet all of my, our needs and my thanksgiving seed that, that the Lord wanted me to give is a thanksgiving seed to Him, that we are going to not just be where we are, but we are going to increase where we are. We are going to defeat the enemy in his own game. Where he thought he can isolate us, we’re going to get stronger with thanksgiving and with joy and with grace. Hallelujah. Because no weapon formed against you or me can prosper. If we give God our lives then His power releases us and delivers us from the stuff that he tries to bring us under his rule.

Philippians 3 verse 10 says, “10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, 11 if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. (Phil 3:10 NKJV). I’ll tell you this is a very real thing to me. And the very real thing is my revelation and my walk with God grows. I understand more and more what the Apostle Paul was writing here. And his writing was that when you have the power of the resurrection power of Christ inside of you, you know you have the strength, you have that eternal power that actually can cause you to live in such a place of freedom that you actually do not even experience what the world brings to you.

There’s a scripture in the Bible, I don’t have time to read it to you today, it’s in my message but I don’t have time to get to it today but he talks about I have learned in whatever situation to be content, whether I have abundance, or nothing. None of these things – not sickness, not any persecution and Paul, the Apostle Paul he was beaten so many times to death. Where he was actually whipped on his back so many times that they left him for dead. You know I have thought about this in detail recently, that when somebody puts you on a pole and they whip your back and they whip your back, and they whip your back with 39 stripes so that you are just mushed mincemeat on your back. They were not allowed to hit you with 40 stripes, because that was death. That’s how close they beat him every time to death. And he wasn’t beaten like that once, he was beaten like that many times and then the next time he got beat he got beaten over the scars that healed from the last time. How much time do you think it takes for a man’s back to heal from the scars of a beating like that? Long time. Then he would go into a town and he would say, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it is the power of God to salvation”.

You can’t say that – we’re going to beat you, and they’d beat him again. And when he is healed, he gets up and he walks to another town and “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, because it is the power of God unto salvation”. Oh no, this time, we are going to stone you and leave you for dead. You know how many wounds you’ve got to have in your body to be left for dead? That literally your own people around you think you are dead, because you are not breathing. And maybe he was, and maybe they had to lay hands on him to bring him back to life. But none of those things could cause him to quit. He could say, “There is nothing on this earth that can hold me. Because I realised that actually this body is just a temporary body and whether this body has got a lot of stuff to keep me happy or no stuff to keep me happy – the life of Christ inside me keeps me going. Everything that is the resurrection life and power of God – there is nothing the devil can do to me to stop me from worshipping Him and raising His Name high. Because He died for me, He was raised from the dead for me – what else do I have to complain about?”

The Gospel that he is not ashamed of, is the gospel of the cross of Jesus Christ where all of our weaknesses, all of our sicknesses, all of our things that we struggle with were all nailed to the cross with Him. But if there was only the cross, then sin would win, because then Jesus would still be dead today. But He put His trust in the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Father had to raise Him from the dead. Had to raise Him from being separated from the Life of God. Sin would win, and we could not live by grace and in grace and we have this power to live free from those things that would keep us oppressed. Hallelujah. The power of grace and the real future is in the power God used for resurrection and then sending the Holy Spirit to partner with us in our new life with the same power so that we could live with that power every day.

I want to tell you another story about Wayne. When we left the army, eventually after a number of years we reconnected. I invited him to the church that I was attending at the time and he started to come to that church, he began to grow spiritually, and he got to know more things about God. Eventually he left that church and moved back into the South where he had a job opportunity and started a family there. He met a girl from that neighbourhood and then he started going to a church there. One day the Pastor of the church came to him and said, “Wayne, I’d like for you to go and sort out a problem for me please.” He said, “Yes Sir.” He said, “There is a man whose wife has complained to us and she’s actually gone to the police and laid a complaint against her husband, because he is violent and abusing her physically. So I would like for you to go and represent the church and help them.” So Wayne said, “Yes sir, I’ll do that.” So he went to the door, the door opened, and there was a burglar gate there between him and the man. He asked the man, are you so and so? He said, yes. When he said yes, he hit him. He hit him as hard as he can through the gate like that, he just hit him. That man took off from his feet and on his backside and nose bleeding. He said, you touch her again, I am back, and he walked away. Well, that was the wrong power.

That’s not the resurrection power but the good news is he never hit her again. But that was the wrong power you see, if we want to and try fix problems in our life because we’ve got natural power that we think we can use to fix problems, that’s not the way to go about it. We have the power of Christ that’s inside of us that can fix those kind of problems without having to hit somebody in the face. It’s the power to deliver that man from the weakness, the inferiority, the insecurities, the violence, the failures, the things that hold him in bondage. The power of God can touch that man so he doesn’t have to beat a wife to prove something to himself, or to be released from something that he thinks he needs to be released from. That’s the resurrection power that we’re talking about.

Praise the Lord. Today I want to just leave you with this acknowledgement. That the enemy of God is after your worship, the enemy of God is after your energy, the enemy of God is after your capacity, your talent, your vitality of life of every human being. He’s not just after the Christians he’s after everybody’s life because he himself cannot create life. All life is created in God. So any human being that is born is evidence that God is alive. And every human being that is born the first cry that a baby gives, that cry, that wah, is a worship sound to God because only God can bring life to that child. And from the moment a child, even before a child gives its first wah the enemy of God is trying to stop that child from being born in abortion clinics around the globe. Because he can only get the worship from men when men give into their fear, when men give into their lust, when men give in to things that make them weak. But Jesus died and the power that raised Jesus from the dead, that same power that raised him from the dead is now living inside of you and as you are faced with all of your human weakness and the energy that God has given you, He says, worship me. Give me thanks. Give me praise. Give me something that comes out of your mouth that’s My language, that’s My life, just give me that and you will see how My power goes to work to change you. To change your future. Overcome your weakness, overcome your limitation, overcome everything that you need to make you go after success in your life.

I know none of you ever do anything with failure in mind, do you? I mean if you do anything you want it to succeed. You want to have the fullness, the joy, the greatness of life. And so you should, God created you for that. I really want to minister much more on business and finance, and I want to tell you that in this earth the enemy wants you to believe that there is a limited amount of resource because if he can get you to think with limitation then he can captivate you or capture you in your future because if there is only limited resources then there is only so much that can go round, but I got news for you Jesus showed us that He can turn water into wine. Jesus showed us that He can multiply bread in His hands. Jesus showed us that He can do things like walk on water. That same power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power that can turn things around for you. And if He’s got to create more gold on the earth He’ll create more gold on the earth. How will He do it? I don’t know He’ll speak it and it will just be there. If He’s got to create more anything on the earth He’ll create it, if we need it. Hallelujah. That same resurrection power of God that is in us, that raised Christ from the dead is in us. And this is our moment, this is our time that we need to be overcoming in our thinking. We need to be experiencing the glory and the greatness and the wonder of how great He is because certainly as for me and Pastor Sharon, we will not be defeated. As for us we are not going down, we are going over. As for us, no weapon formed against me is going to prosper, no sickness, or disease or plague will prevent me. I’m going to finish off with a testimony of something that happened to me this last week.

So some of you may know that actually I’ve had an on and off lower back injury for about a month, three weeks to a month. And I had an injury, then I thought I had recovered from it and then I started running again and the injury came back worse to the point where my left leg was quite numb and I struggled to walk properly and I certainly couldn’t walk up stairs, I had to walk up one step at a time with my right leg so I was having days of quite a lot of pain. I was at the chiropractor and doing a lot of stuff with my legs, my lower back. Sunday afternoon the Lord spoke to me in my spirit as loud, it’s one the loudest He has spoken to me in a long time, just like a foghorn almost. He said, “so, you like this pain hey?” I said, “No Lord.” He said, “You want to put up with this sickness in your back, this disease in your back.” I said, “No Lord.” He said, “Do something about it.” I said, “Yes, sir.”

I laid my hands on my back like this and I said, “I command this pain and this disease to leave my body right now, in the name of Jesus’.” And from that moment on I just began to praise Him and thank Him. He said to me, He said this to me, He said “John, if you don’t actually take this authority over your pain it is going to continue to plague you.” So I said, “Yes, sir.” I can tell you for the last six days I have had no pain, no pain. The next morning, Monday morning I got out of bed and I said, Ha, Glory to Jesus, Glory to Jesus, because I would get out of that bed and I would literally stand there waiting for the wave of pain to hit me every time, and then the first ten minutes would be, like I would crawl into the bathroom and hold onto my leg and as my blood flowed and muscles warmed up and stuff like that I would begin to feel a bit better. I am pain free. I am healed. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus.

So on Thursday I did a bike ride, yesterday I did a bike ride, today I am doing a bike ride. Hallelujah. Because the resurrection power of Christ, see the devil wants to make you think all the time, the doctors got the answer, and certainly doctors have answers for you and I am grateful for the help the doctors gave me, but only God knows exactly what is going on in my body hundred percent, and His healing resurrection power has touched my back. I still have a bit of stiffness but that is leaving my body too. It can’t stay, Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Yes, the power of God is here for us for everything we need, every day, every way. Hallelujah. Won’t you stand up please. Glory to God. This is the best news kind of message you can have. It is the best news because if you are a Christian then the life of God lives in you. If you are not a Christian then this is the best news that you have got because you are about to become one. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. So let’s pray together, put your right hand on your heart like this, and just say, “Jesus, I thank You that You live in my heart, that You are my Lord, You are my Saviour. I thank You Lord that the resurrection life of Christ is in me, and that You save me now from all my weakness, all of my twisted ways, and I thank You Lord that I am free to live with the power of God in my life, in Jesus name. Amen.” Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. That is a good day, that is a good pray on this holy day. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus.

Let me tell you this is not a complicated life to live, if you believe in your heart that the Lord Jesus is your Saviour, then He is in you, He is inside of you, this is not so complicated, this is not about how many do’s and don’ts you do or don’t, this is not about complicated ways of trying to live, this is just about, live in Him. Glory to Jesus. Praise the Lord. I just want to pray for you and declare the peace of God over you, the peace of God that passes your mind and understanding, it just rises up and protects you and covers you so no matter what the circumstances, this week you will live in peace. I pray that you will be blessed going out whatever you put your hands to will prosper, where your feet go you take the power of God there with you to overcome and to be there for you, to create and to be powerful wherever you are. Hallelujah. I ask the Heavenly Father to send His ministering spirits, the angels out, into your life on your behalf so that they can go and find finances and things that you may need to make your life better, in Jesus name. Do you agree with this prayer today? Then say, “Amen.” Have a blessed week. Glory to God. Thank you for coming to church.

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