Power of Resurrection Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture reference: Romans 5:10 (AMPC); Colossians 3:1-4 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4:7 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4: 11-12 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4: 13-14 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4:15 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 4:16 (TPT); Romans 8:11-12

Hallelujah. Praise You, Lord. Praise You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, for Your goodness, Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You, for Your life that you provide us, daily with benefits. You love us with all that You are. Hallelujah. Praise You, Jesus. Praise You, Jesus. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Yes, Lord, I pray and I ask that as we continue today, that the things that I must say, and the things that You want to reveal to Your people – that it would do the job because the Holy Spirit rests on these words, rests on Your people, their ears and their hearts and makes the Word a living force in their lives. That this is not just merely human speech and human wisdom but that this is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is the good news of salvation. It is all of the things that You have prepared for us. So, I thank You, Lord that we grow stronger from Glory to Glory every single time we hear Your Word, glory to Jesus. Thank You, Father. If you agree with it say, “Amen”. Amen. You may be seated.

Praise the Lord. Hello there everybody. How’s it all going? Are you all doing all right? There’s a few ‘Witbankers wat ek hierso sien. Mooi man, welkom julle’. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Apologies for being late. There was a big, big accident on the highway near Edenvale and all I can say is thank God for WAZE because WAZE took us another way. Otherwise, we would probably still be sitting on the highway. So my apologies for that. Hallelujah.

This morning Pastor Sharon was up early and the Lord began to speak to her about the month of November and how did you get here, Mia? Did you come with them? Ah, I see, there’s a whole concoction of things going on here. So, the Lord is moving by His Spirit and He’s ramping things up. This is what He said to her this morning. He’s ramping things up for the month of November because there are heavenly things that He wants to impart to us. And so this might be and it might seem like this is a time for people to be slowing down because the year is getting to an end – exams and all the kinds of things that happen in the natural world. But I have said this before and it seems like God’s at it again, that He is not driven by human timetables. He’s driven by what He wants to get done. Amen. Hallelujah.

On Thursday evenings you can log into the website. If you haven’t logged, if you haven’t registered on the website, you should because you got access to all the messages and all the notes and all the stuff that you can get on the website. And we got some interesting news for you coming soon. Watch this space but in the meantime please log o to the website, register yourself there so that you can join us on online Bible School for this year. It’s free and so, Thursday night you will be able to join us teaching on Ecclesia, ancient paths, divine alignments, divine assignments and the things that God has given us and shown us over the years that, about relationships and the way relationships have an impact on the way we live our lives and our future. And so the whole thing comes together in the ecclesia. So, we are starting this week to teach on that subject and so Thursday night you’ll be able to join us listening and having that impartation. Amen. 

Leadership Development is still happening on Wednesday nights. So if you haven’t registered, I’m still busy with that and so you will then know that on this previous Wednesday, I talked about what values are and that values are the things that are very valuable. And so whatever is most valuable to you in your life, is what becomes your value system, until something else competes with it, that might be more valuable, then that becomes your value system. Anyway, I don’t want to teach all of that now. You got to log onto the website to find out what that is. Amen.

The Holy Spirit obviously is working and He’s desiring that we make ourselves available for Him to do something in our heart and do something in our lives, between now and the end of the year, between now and January. So she wanted me to say to you, that the assembly, the assembly of the Body of Christ, traditionally, is Sunday. But actually an equally important assembly of people of the Body of Christ, is also other assembly meetings that should happen on other days and one of the assembly of God’s people is to pray together. And, you know, she and I’ve talked about this a lot and we, when we were seeking the Lord about what to do with the ministry in terms of home cells and having people have a connection, it was, I was under quite a lot of pressure because of the churches system that had been created to have home cells and I was under pressure at that time to have home cell systems in order for us to have people have relationships in the Church. 

I just couldn’t come to terms with that and eventually the Lord said, “I want you to build Me a House of Prayer”. And so your home cell system should be prayer connect groups so you go there to pray, you don’t go there to socialize. You go there to pray because prayer is the best form of glue in relationships in the Church, than almost anything else can be. You know, even people have said this for a long time about marriage, those who pray together, stay together. Ja, because the essence of it is that you include God in the relationship. If you exclude God from the relationship then it’s just like any other relationship, but what can happen there. And so those who pray together, stay together. A Church that prays together is a Church that stays and grows together. It’s a church that God can use and you can become an important part of that. Please don’t consider the assembly of yourselves, together on a Sunday, as the assembly, prayer meetings and other things that God might want you to do become important. Amen. Praise the Lord. 

I think, I think she would be proud of me having told you what I need to tell you from her side. Hallelujah. So we are evaluating what prayer connect groups should look like in Johannesburg. We have a strong sense of change that must happen in Johannesburg, prayer connect groups. What happened before Covid, it doesn’t mean to say it has to happen after Covid and fundamentally we have a sense that God is wanting to change the arrangement of things. In some, in some cases it’s because the Holy Spirit wants new prayer connect groups to be in different places. In other instances, it’s because God is leading other people into different things. And so I’m asking you to not see a motive in what we are doing, other than we are actively seeking God about what we should be doing on prayer connect groups in and around the Johannesburg metroplex. Amen. 

We want more prayer connect groups, we want more prayer going out, and we want more consistent assembling together. And so we wanted to be more distributed and have more places where the people can go to, rather than just two or three places where lots of people go to, because then we might as well have prayer here. And so the reason in Joburg, we don’t have prayer here is because it’s on a, during the week, it’s difficult to get through the traffic, get away from business and come here. 

In Witbank we have prayer as a single prayer connect group there because it doesn’t matter. Even if there’s traffic over the bridge there, it still only takes you about 20 minutes to get to the Church in Witbank, you know. But here it’s a little different, it’s a little different. So that’s why we meet in homes. But if you’re driving 20/25 minutes to get to someone else’s home because it’s a comfortable relationship for you, maybe it’s time for you to change and go and find something else and by the Holy Spirit we’re going to be led that maybe you’re going to be doing something else that He’s leading you to do not because it’s comfortable for you to do. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Some of you are looking, “What’s going to happen here?” Yeah, God is doing something. Praise Jesus.

I’m preaching on the power of resurrection. I’m going to read to you from Colossians. First, I’m going to read to you from Romans chapter five verse 10 out of the Amplified, 10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, it is much more [certain], now that we are reconciled, that we shall be saved (daily delivered from sin’s dominion) through His [resurrection] life (Romans 5:10 AMPC). So daily, daily, you have the power of resurrection living in you to deliver you from the things that your natural body wants to control. Praise God for that. We are reconciled to Him.

Colossians chapter three verse 1-4 in the passion translation. I’m just reading a few scriptures here and then I’ll get to talk to you. So it could be you know, in the way that things were done in the Old Testament is that someone would get up, and they would just read scriptures, and someone would just read scriptures in the synagogue. And then if you were a Jewish, if you were a leader or a rabbi or a teacher, then you would be able to expound on what you thought the scriptures meant. You know, but oftentimes, we just read scriptures, morning prayers, evening prayers that would go pray and they would just read scriptures and then they would pray, according to the Scriptures, it was a Jewish tradition. You don’t always need explanation. The Word of God has power in itself to change you. Amen. But stick with me.

Colossians three, verse one. 1 Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection. Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection. This is why we are to yearn for all that is above, for that’s where Christ sits enthroned at the place of all power, honour, and authority! 2 Yes, feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, and not with the distractions of the natural realm. 3 Your crucifixion with Christ has severed ties to this life, and now your true life is hidden away in God in Christ. 4 And as Christ himself is seen for who he really is, you who really are will also be revealed, for you are now one with him in his glory! (Colossians 3:1-4, TPT)

You are now one with him in his glory and we are to yearn for the things that are above and not the things that are in the natural world because Christ’s resurrection is my resurrection. Okay, so what has resurrection power got to do with my everyday life? So you just have to hang with me if you watch the video, if you watched this morning’s message, I can’t help it if you want to do it twice, you’re just going to have to hear it twice, you know. But I’m going to just describe a typical day to you of a typical person, yours might differ a little bit but this is a typical day. A typical day would be, you wake up in the morning, get out of bed, you may put on a casual set of clothes, brush your teeth, maybe go make a cup of tea, maybe you have a devotional time, maybe you make breakfast, maybe your job requires you to dress with a tie and suit, maybe formal dress, maybe it doesn’t so you can be casually dressed from when you get up in the morning. 

You will prepare to go to wherever it is that you have to go to, you go get in your car. And if you’re going to work and you go to work every day, you can put your car on autopilot, you don’t even think about it you just know when to turn left, when to turn right and where to go. And you will find yourself getting there almost without thinking. Right? And so you will then begin the activities of your day, and so you will have work that you have to do. Might be administrative things, you write down stuff, maybe you, writing doesn’t happen too much anymore, it’s all about easy stuff, you know, type some stuff, speak into a computer, speak into a phone I don’t know whatever else you do, you know, might be speaking to people on the telephone. And well you might have a body break, you might have a food break, lunch break. 

You might have a few breaks during the day, but you will find that your job gets you to a time of the day where it’s time to go home, and you will come kind of close up shop and you’ll go home. And when you get home depending on whether you have children or you don’t have children, depending on what kind of you’re single or married, or whatever the case might be, you’ll find yourself in a routine of doing things. When you get home, you might take your work clothes off, you might want to exercise, you might want to shower, you might want to do a few things around the house, have something to eat and then you might find yourself working again, a lot of people work at home into the night. You might find yourself providing yourself with some entertainment, however, whatever form that might take until you get to the point where you’re ready to go to sleep again. And so we know that you got to do this because your natural body requires you to keep it alive. Yes? Your body needs things and so depending on if you’re at school, at college, at work, wherever you are in your life, you have a routine, things that are going to happen to you. And as you go about these normal normalized things in life, you might ask yourself the question, well what has the resurrection power of God got to do with this because this is where my real life is? Huh?

Come on now. I know it’s Sunday afternoon. It is possible that maybe you had a big meal at lunchtime. And you know there is an Afrikaans saying “Magie vol ogies toe” Don’t fall asleep on me here. Stay with me this afternoon now. Come on. Are you with me?

So as you go about your natural life, you may be convinced, you may be convinced that actually your life is all about these natural activities. So then how do I live all these natural activities and say, “But Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection too”? What is the resurrection power of God got to do with me while I’m living my everyday life? Hey? I’m going to answer that question for you in a few minutes.

I’m going to go to second Corinthians chapter four, verse seven. Again, this is the passion translation. 7 We are like common clay jars that carry this glorious treasure within, so that this extraordinary overflow of power will be seen as God’s, not ours. (2 Corinthians 4:7 TPT) So there’s a glory and a treasure in you that must flow out of you. So as it flows out of you, it will not be seen to be not your glory, but God’s glory. 8 Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option. 9 We are persecuted by others, but God has not forsaken us. We may be knocked down, but not out. 10 We continually share in the death of Jesus in our own bodies so that the resurrection life of Jesus will be revealed through our humanity. I’m going to say that again, we continually share in the death of Jesus, we continually share in the death of Jesus in our own bodies, so that the resurrection life of Jesus will be revealed through our humanity. (2 Corinthians 4:8-9 TPT)

We want to share in the death of Jesus constantly, so that the resurrection life of Jesus can be revealed through our humanity. That means that you; born again person one, are not just like every human. When you received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour into your life, you became a completely different being. So let’s be clear, when Jesus comes to live in your heart as your personal Lord and Saviour, it doesn’t change the colour of your eyes. It doesn’t change the slant of your nose and alone behold, it also doesn’t stop the aging process. Right? So there is something that happens on the inside of you that is far more powerful than what’s happening on the outside of you. And so the Scripture in the way the Apostle Paul is speaking is he’s saying, the things that are happening to you on the outside, let, you should identify with the death of Jesus, so that His resurrection power might be revealed through your humanity. So, what this means is, whatever habits you have in your life, whatever troubles you have in your life, whatever things are happening into your natural world where you’re living in, the resurrection life of Christ, as it is released out of your spirit, will actually be revealed in your humanity. Wow.

So this is, this is something this is really something special because, because I don’t have to live according to whatever my desires, whatever my motivations, whatever my instincts my human instincts want me to do. I can live every day with the death of Jesus, identifying with the death of Jesus. So verse 12 says, Well, I think let’s read from verse 11. 11 We consider living to mean that we are constantly being handed over to death for Jesus’ sake so that the life of Jesus will be revealed through our humanity. 12 So, then, death is at work in us but it releases life in you. (2 Corinthians 4:11-12 TPT) So death is at work in you so life can be released through you and to others. 13 We have the same Spirit of faith that is described in the Scriptures when it says, “First I believed, then I spoke in faith.” So we also first believe then speak in faith. 14 We do this because we are convinced that he who raised Jesus will raise us up with him, and together we will all be brought into his presence. (2 Corinthians 4:13-14 TPT)

A lot of people see that as a future tense thing. This is a very present tense thing that we will be brought into His presence daily. If we identify with the death and the resurrection power of God, how do I know that? It’s in the rest of the Scripture. 15 Yes, all things work for your enrichment so that more of God’s marvelous grace will be spread to more and more people, resulting in an even greater increase of praise to God, bringing him even more glory! (2 Corinthians 4:15 TPT) So we know that He’s giving us access to His presence, so that we can identify more and more with the death of Jesus so that we can have more of the resurrection power of God in us.

Stay with me here. This might sound like, I got a lot of Scripture, that seems a bit like heavy scripture. It’s not too heavy. Hold on, hold on. 16So no wonder we don’t give up. For even though our outer person gradually wears out, our inner being is renewed every single day. (2 Cor 4:16 TPT) There’s two distinct things happening here at the moment. My outer person is busy dying. And it doesn’t matter how old your child is, little ones, when they are born, they start dying. They will grow first. But even in their growth, they are busy dying. Because you can’t live until you’re born. When you’re born, you instantly start aging. Even though for the first 30 years of your life, your growth is youthful strength building. Eventually that tide turns. And the thing that was now your strength now becomes something different. And your clay jar, the aging process doesn’t stop – it continues. 

It’s an amazing thing that even though our clay jars that we live in, our bodies, are decaying and aging, our inner man is renewed every day. You’ve got two separate forces that are at work at the same time. At the same time that your body’s decaying, you got an inner man that is increasing in life, is growing in life. It is getting more powerful and stronger. This is why, one of the reasons why, when Pastor Lynn… How old were you when you actually joined me in the ministry, Pastor Lynn? Sixty? I think you were 60/61 – somewhere roundabout there. Pastor Lynn joined me in the ministry when he was 60/61 and then immediately started thinking about, “Five or seven years I’ll be with you and then I’m gonna retire.” It was like, something like that, you know, at those times. Your mindset changed later because I kept speaking to him. I don’t believe in retirement. I don’t. I don’t believe in retirement. The world says you must retire. I don’t believe in retirement. 

I began to speak to Pastor Lynn and I said, “Pastor Lynn, you can’t think about retirement. Because actually, the Christ that’s in you is becoming more and more valuable to the church as you get older.” Isn’t that what we started to talk about Pastor Lynn? And so, now he’s 77, you’re already 77? And to speak, like Kenneth Copeland, you know, he was talking recently. I watched him and he was saying, “I’m not 84, I already hit 84. I’m now almost going to 85. So don’t call me 84, I’m nearly 85. And I’m heading to 120.” That’s what he said. So he’s not 77, he’s already hit 77. He’s on his 78th year. 

But I said to Pastor Lynn, “You can’t retire because the value of the inner man that has grown day by day in you becomes more valuable to the body of Christ than the outward man that is decaying.” As your outward man is decaying, if you are living in the resurrection power of Christ, that resurrection is strengthening the inner man, which means the power that you have access to is more than when you were younger. This is not a time to say, and this is a very common statement: “This is the age of the young people”. Well, it might be but let me tell you, God has a way and His ways, the way that’s going to stand – that the renewed man that is grown increasingly renewed in your natural body is getting stronger. The younger people, they might have the energy and they might have the passion and they might be and they say, you know, we want to serve God. But there’s stuff that’s happening, older people that’s got to be tapped into because they have a renewed life, a stronger life, identifying with the resurrection power of God. Hallelujah. 

This process can begin any time of your life. Hallelujah. Because we don’t focus our attention on what is seen but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary but the unseen realm is eternal. What is the resurrection power of God got to do with the person that brushes their teeth every morning? You got to do the best you can to keep your clay jar body in the best condition that you can. And that might vary from different groups of people. Yes? But you should keep your clay jar body in as good a condition as you can. Well, how do I say that? Because the Bible says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Your body no longer belongs to you. It was bought with a price and so you have a responsibility to keep it good. Amen. 

I abused my body yesterday, I made it ride nearly 70 kilometers and I’m paying the price for it today. Hallelujah. Along with a few other people that did that with me. Praise the Lord. But it’s a part of our life that we – you cannot get away from the fact that you have to eat some food. You can’t get away from the fact that you should brush your teeth otherwise they will fall out. And then we have to call on some dental technicians to put false ones in so that we can keep going. Right? But it is a fact that we actually need to take care of these clay jars. So what do these clay jars need? These clay jars need an environment where it can thrive. Come on. Stay with me here. Your clay jar needs an environment where it can thrive. What do we do without the resurrection power of Christ?

Take someone who’s not born again, doesn’t know Jesus. Let’s assume as far as they are concerned, they grew up in a place where they were never taught about Jesus. They were never taught about Muhammad. They were never taught about any other kind of God. They just grew up in an environment where there was no God. What is required of them for their jars of clay? What is required, it doesn’t matter what environment it is, even if you go into the jungles of Brazil, right? And you find groups of people there. They are doing things to preserve their jars of clay. They’re catching fish, they’re killing animals, they’re eating roots, they’re doing things. You will find that they’ve even found in herbalistic things, things that can clean their teeth; things that can keep their bodily functions working normally and properly. You will find that their bodies have adapted to drinking the waters that they are living in the environment in. Because if you’re born, you’re born with a jar of clay and it requires an environment for it to thrive in. 

To be honest, we have the most advanced and the most spectacular environment in all of human history that human jars of clay are currently living in across the world. There has never been less poverty in the world than there is today, although it’s still there’s a lot of poverty. People lived years and years ago, people lived with day to day life on a daily basis and their lives were threatened by other tribes and other places, people that were stronger, fitter, wanted to come and war, wanted to take stuff away from them. I mean, there’s been, even in the times of Jesus, the Jewish people, they were dominated by another group of people. And they were forced to actually in many cases be slaves to the Roman soldiers. Come on now. Your jar of clay needs an environment that it can thrive in, that it can operate in. So, that’s true whether you’re a Christian or not a Christian. 

Then what is it that makes the Christian different from the non-Christian? It’s not just the fact that you got born again. Born again is important. That means receiving Jesus into your heart, making Him the Lord of your life. And that’s the key thing, making Him the Lord of your life. Because you’ve heard me say this many times, I’ll say it again. If I have to teach, preach to you about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I say, “You need to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life, otherwise, you’re going to go to hell.” The minute I say that, I’m just making an assumption that you already believe in hell and heaven. That means you then already a heartbeat away from receiving Jesus as the Lord and Savior and may already have done so. Because how can you believe that there’s a hell and heaven and not have made a decision at some point already? I want to go to heaven not hell. Right? 

Even though it may be beneficial in a given service and in given environments to teach on heaven and hell, so that people can understand that actually it is better to go to heaven. The calling that God has called me to is to teach you that God didn’t, so if you’re saved, you’re not just saved to go to heaven. And then I must live like everybody else. God saved you so that you can become spiritual. So, what’s the point of being a Christian? The point of being a Christian is so you can become spiritual? Come on, you guys know this about me a long time already. What’s the point of being spiritual? Only spiritual people can bring heaven to earth. Humanity’s trying to take earth to heaven. They’re sending people to Mars and to the moon and all those other places and they are trying to put photographs into the other galaxies, and they’re looking for holes that they think some other civilization can be in that hole somewhere there because they don’t want to be alone, the only beings on the universe. They’re trying to find a purpose and a meaning. They’re trying to send earth to get to heaven. But actually, heaven – it’s our job to bring heaven to earth. 

If I’m going to live as a Christian, that is like everybody else – I’m glad you’re going to heaven. But you have no value to God, or to the body of Christ, if you’re living like everybody else. Because you were not designed to live like everybody else. The minute you invited Jesus into your spirit, and He occupied your spirit man, the Bible says you became a new creature. A whole new creature. 

It wasn’t just a new beginning for you, it’s a whole new creation beginning for you. Old things have passed away, all things have become new. You’re a new creature, because Christ lives in your spirit. The real Christ that is in you, is wanting to reveal the resurrection power of the Father through you. I said this to you last week, bear with me again as I share it with you again. If I fell down right now in this pulpit dead, boom! My body just crumbles. My spirit man will still be standing and my soul and my spirit man will probably be watching you all go crazy, trying to revive me or do something. My spirit man and my soul will be watching you, but in the meantime, I will probably have my eyes fixed on glory and the heavenly realm that is only just a matter of a visual experience close to us. Heaven is not some far away journey that I have got to take that’s going to take me a long time to get there. It’s just that you can’t see the realm of the spirit because we can’t live there in our three-dimensional being. 

So, Pastor John, how do you know this? How do you get this information? Well, there’s a story of Elijah and the armies that were surrounding them, and his servant said, you know, “We’re done for.” And so, he asked the Father and said, “Lord, open his eyes and let him see.” And the Lord opened his eyes and he saw all the armies and the chariots of God all in the heavenly realm waiting, ready to be available to the prophet Elijah, like this in a heartbeat. He saw in the heavenly realm all of God’s capabilities. So, the heavenly realm is not something that is a far a thing far away. It’s right close to us. The angels are here around us. Devils try to come and creep in and make nonsense with us too, say things to your head, and make you feel emotions. 

The spiritual dimension is not something that is far away, it’s right here. If I had to die, my clay body had to die, I would instantly be recognised by the angels and probably my own angel that is delegated to me would probably grab my spirit and immediately start ushering me into the presence of God and the throne of God where we would have something happen there. I don’t know what would happen, but I know something will happen, there will be a recognition that another saved one has entered into the glory of God. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. 

It is exactly right Ps Lynn, in a (Ps. John clicks fingers) in a twinkling of an eye – just like that, you won’t even blink and I will be gone. Glory, that is why we don’t have to struggle with death. We are alive eternally. So, you have this life that is in you, this eternal Christ, resurrected Christ is living in you. Now, I ask you the question – why would you want to live in the realm of your senses, and fix everything with your intelligence, and with your education, and with your opportunities, when you could rely on the resurrection life of Christ? This takes a whole different kind of thinking for us to depend on working with the resurrection life of Christ in us.  Hallelujah. 

If God’s Word is at work in you, if God’s Word is at work in you, then Jesus’ resurrection is your resurrection. This to me is one of the greatest things that I can share with you, that is becoming a greater revelation in me, because as my jar of clay is decaying, so, my spiritual life is increasing. The revelations that I can share with you today, are not because I wasn’t pursuing God years ago, it was because revelations that I needed to have as a foundation needs to be established so that more revelation could come. The good news is that as I have increased in revelation, and I am a messenger of God to you, God can make these revelations alive to you quicker than I had to learn them. Partly, because as we learn what this power is that’s in this community, we will learn together.  

If we are living the resurrection power of God, we have something that others don’t have. Just bear with me for a minute if I say to you that Jesus was living in the power of God that was going to resurrect him. And if you stick with me for the next couple of weeks, I will prove this to you. Because if you read in the book of John, He talks about His death and He talks about that He is going to go to the Father, but that the Father is going to be glorified in the Son and that the Father is going to honour the Son. He was already talking about the power of the resurrection that was to come.  In a little while you will see me, anyway. He was talking about His resurrection. He knew the power of God was going to be there to resurrect Him. 

Now, the power of God was already working in His clay jar – His jar of clay that He was living in and that power that is the resurrection power, elevated Him out of the normal environmental controls that dominated everybody else’s life. If you don’t believe me, go and walk on water tomorrow or tonight. Go to a swimming pool and start walking on the water. Jesus was able to tap into the resurrection power and I am just using that for a moment, because I am talking about the power of the resurrection. But it is the same power of God that was working on the body of Jesus, that allowed Jesus to overcome an environmental thing and walk with a human body that is naturally impossible to walk on water. He was able to walk on water because the power of God was resting on His natural body that came from where? The unity of spirit life that was in Him that He had with His Father. He was able to tap into the life of the Father, the power of the Father, by the Father’s will, in the appropriate time. Because Jesus didn’t walk on the water every time He wanted to go someplace. But in that moment, in that time, it was the will of God that He tapped into the power of God so that He could come walking on water. 

Ok, what about this? Why don’t you go and lay hands on the next bottle of water and turn it into wine and start your own winery? So, what happened was that Jesus tapped into a power of the Father that took a process.  Listen, there’s a lot said about the process of seeds that are planted, and grapes that are grown and it’s a seven-year cycle to get grapes, that come to bring them to maturity wine. But listen, at the end of it He took water and made it into the finest wine. The power of God, His Father that was working in Him allowed Him to be dominating His environment. He was never dominated by His environment. 

Oh, we’ve got to go to the other side, the Father wants me on the shores of the sea, let’s get in a boat and go boys, come on. So, while they are on the boat, this big storm comes. Hey, this storm is too big for us, wake Jesus up. Jesus, don’t You care that we are dying? He says, “Where’s your faith boys?” Go read it for yourself. He says, “Where’s your faith?” What’s He telling them? If you’re hanging around Me, then the Father’s life that is on Me, is available to you. You can take care of the storm as well as I can, if you believe in the Father’s power that is upon Him. Hey, wind, be quiet, waves, calm down. What manner of Man is this, that He can speak to the weather, and it will obey Him? 

These are the same disciples that cast out demons. These are the same disciples that laid hands on the sick and went from city to city under the authority of Jesus – same disciples. What manner of Man is this that the winds and the storm obey Him? Jesus understood the power of God that elevated Him out of His natural environment in the time that the Father needed or permitted for that to happen. Have I convinced you enough? There’s a lot of other examples that I can give you. Have I convinced you enough that Jesus was not dominated by His environment but He dominated the environment? There was nothing about His environment that could control Him. 

One more point – the whole might of the Roman empire was against Jesus when He stood in front of Pontius Pilot and Pontius Pilot says, “Don’t you know that I have the power to take your life?” Jesus said, “No, no, no, you don’t understand. You can’t take My life, I give it freely, because that’s the way it’s got to be. But if I needed to call on legions of angels to come and rescue Me they would obey Me in a second. You don’t have power over me.” Nothing in the environment had power over Jesus.

Jesus’ resurrection is my resurrection. Didn’t I read that to you out of the Bible? Jesus’ resurrection is my resurrection. I am here to tell you today, it’s time for you to be lifted up out of your environmental circumstances, and stop behaving like other human beings, and behave like Jesus Christ. Behave like a resurrected one, behave like Christs’ life – the power of the resurrected life of Christ is in you. 

Is it not Jesus who said to His disciples after He cursed the tree or He just spoke to the tree and said, “No one’s going to eat of your fruit again” and the next day? The tree is dead. And they are making a comment to Jesus, and because it has died from the roots. Just one word from Jesus and in 24 hours, a tree that probably took 10 years to grow or longer, is dead in 24 hours. And so they start talking to Jesus and Jesus says to them, “So listen, boys, if you have faith, and you do not doubt in your heart, but you believe that those things that you say you can have them, you can speak to this mountain, command it to be removed in it will obey you.”

What is Jesus saying? The life that you have in Me, that you are about to experience as the Holy Spirit comes upon you, that resurrection life is so powerful that your environment will have no control over you. You can speak to your environment and it will obey you. Hallelujah.

What kind of, what manner of speech is this? Well, I will tell you that when you begin to understand the resurrection power of God, when you begin to understand it, you begin to see that you might not have a, you might not have a full picture of things that are going to come about in your life going forward. But what you can have confidence in is that whatever comes into your life going forward, you have what it takes to control it. Hallelujah.

Like I said last week, I’ve got a lot of messages I have got to preach here. So you cannot just take one message, and say, this is, you know, this is right, or this is wrong about what Pastor John is saying. I have got lots of scriptures that I have got to teach you on. Why, why am I teaching you on this? On this resurrection, well the power of resurrection, life of God that is in you? Because chaos is going to increase in this world. I am telling you now, in the next 12 months, 24 months, chaos is going to increase in this world and you better have the life of Christ, the resurrection power of God in you to deal with it. Hallelujah.

God has got stuff for you and me, He has got stuff for you and me. There is stuff out here in the spirit realm, according to His will, according to your gifts, your callings, your divine plan that He had planned and purposed for you, that you should walk in them. From before you were even born, He has a plan for your life. He is about to reveal things to you about the plan that God has for your life. He is about to reveal things to you how you can accomplish the plans that God has for your life. And you are going to need the power of God to get it done. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus.

So I have a final comment to make to you and it is just in the form of a caution and here is the caution. The caution is that when when we preach and teach faith, and we teach this kind of power that is available, you may be tempted to tap into it, and start speaking Bible words into your future, because how do you get the resurrection power into your life? Speaking the words of power. So you may be tempted to release that and say, I speak this and I speak that, I just want to caution you that it takes a time for your mind and your soul to adjust to the Spirit of God Power that is in you, because this is not just as I have said many times, this is not a formula for success, this is a relationship for victory. It is a relationship for victory. Faith is not a formula, faith is about a walk with God. Faith is about living with Jesus. So it is not a formula that you apply and you get a result. This is something that develops in you. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I was listening to Brother Jerry recently and he said this. He said “I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging”. He used the word braggadocious “I don’t want to sound braggadocious” he said, “but I’ve been in the ministry serving God for 54 years,” and he says, “I’m becoming more like Him. I’m much more like Him now than I was before.” Well, that is an accurate statement, he should be because his inner man is renewed day by day, even though his outerman is decaying day by day. That is why the Bible is so clear about, you got to honor the elders amongst you. Because it is not about the grey hair. And our modern day teenagers and young people, they do not want to identify with old people, because the old people have to put glasses on and type with one finger on the cell phone. And suddenly that makes them like, you know, you are not with the groove here. 

So because you are not with it, you got to use a single finger to tap out your message or text message. And you do not know what Snapchat is, and you do not know what you know, Tik Tok is, and you do not know what all these other things are, you know, and because you cannot use them instantaneously, and you post things in you post things and you want to post it, I have got six posts today, if you are not posting six times a day, then you are not with the young generation. So you are one of those guys a bit older. I might be exaggerating a little bit but not too much. And so that generation of people find their, these young people find their identity where? 

They find their identity in what is being said on the Ethernet, the Ethernet, you know that the whole cyberspace thing, and they are living their lives based on identities of people that they don’t even know that are fake and false. And they have no idea what those people actually believe or don’t believe. But suddenly, but because they are out there in Facebook and YouTube and wherever that becomes more important than someone like Pastor Lynn who’s grown his and spent his life serving God, and he’s got stuff to share about God. “I do not want to listen to Pastor Lynne because he cannot work a cell phone properly.” Well, he can, with limited value. I mean, I’ve watched him text with his finger, you know. But the reason Pastor Lynn is with us is because I recognized that he has value spiritually that he’s renewed day by day. He is getting stronger, he’s getting stronger. That’s why our ministry retirement is not a word we speak about. How do you retire from your purpose? How do you retire from God’s assignment on your life? How do you retire from relationships that God has divinely connected to you that are supposed to be there forever? You can’t retire from that. Maybe you would end up retiring from a formal career function. But you can’t retire from your purpose and your assignment and your divine connections and the place where God’s got you. Hallelujah. So my caution to you is, keep meditating on these words. Keep meditating on the Bible, let this revelation grow in you. Hallelujah.

One more thing that I said this morning that I feel I should say this afternoon. Maybe two things. Whatever environment you find yourself in right now, you have to start saying this environment is subject to change. It is subject to change. This environment is not going to dominate my future. I’m going to live completely for Jesus. Whatever things may have happened in the past. Those things are past. Did you eat yesterday? Most of you, right? Did you do things yesterday? Please go back and change them. What happened yesterday is impossible. What happens right now and tomorrow is in your control, by the Word of God. It’s the control that God wants you to exercise on your emotions, on your intellect, on your walk with Him, release the life of Christ. Release that resurrection power through words, through the things that you get yourself busy with, release it. Start with little things. I start thinking about hey this thing that, that’s really hurt me, that’s really bad for me. “Shut up, mind. I take authority over what you’re thinking. You may not think like that, because you can’t change what you’re thinking about”. That’s where you start using the resurrection power of God. By the very thoughts that you have of some things that you may have done wrong or done right or done, whatever in the past, you can’t change that. Why go back there? Leave it buried. If you go in and had to stand before the throne room of God and say, “Hey, Lord, do you remember what I did yesterday?” He’d say, “No.” “Do you remember that we testified about Your name to that person?” that I remember. The other garbage stuff, I don’t remember it.

This is real power. This is the real resurrection power of God. This is what Jesus has resurrected you from. He has resurrection power working in us. We don’t have to be poor anymore. He came to bring good news to us. That you poor don’t have to be poor anymore. You don’t have to be held captive anymore. You don’t have to be blind anymore. You don’t have to be somebody that is in bondage anymore. I have come, I’m anointed to bring deliverance to you is what Jesus said. That’s the resurrection power that now works in you. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

So just quickly want to say I had a brief chat to Brynn and Miranda in the car. Because mostly I was doing my own thing sitting in the backseat and a few moments, I actually had some time to speak to them. I said, “You know, it has been taught to me by certain spiritual leaders that power is guarded by problems and so the people that have more power are the people that solve problems.” So just work with me here. The president of our country has been appointed as the president to do what? Solve problems. What problems have the people voted him in to solve? They voted him in to solve poverty problems. They voted him in to solve economic problems, security problems, all manner of problems that exist in the nation. Right? So people become appointed as directors of listed stock exchange companies around the world and they earn millions and millions. Why? Because they have identified that through their training, through their experience, through the talent that they have. They’re going to solve a problem in the company. “Set a new vision, downsize, break up, put together,” any kind of economic model, you want to think, “Okay, you’re the guy, you can do this. We’ll pay you millions to get this done.” Problem Solving. In itself, that’s correct. But how do you become? 

How do you become the person that solves problems? You. You don’t have to wait for somebody to appoint you or vote for you; you become a problem solver because you’re connected to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ that lives in your heart. The first set of problems you’re supposed to solve are yours. Solve them. “How do I solve them?” “I’ve got to get with this resurrection power that’s available to me. I use this power.” Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 

I’m going to use, I’m going to use my son Brynn. I talked to him a bit about this in the car. I’ve been talking to him about it for some time. Some time ago, I began to speak to Brynn. I started to begin to speak words into his life, that he should learn to live by, I set a vision for him if you like. It came out of my spirit and I said to him, “Brynn, I want you to start doing this, I want you to start pressing in for this kind of activity that should be in your life.” So here’s what happened, I stopped looking at Brynn. For all the years that he’s lived his life, all the good decisions he made, and all the bad decisions he made. None of those things matter. When God shows me something about someone’s life, then I must speak that into their life; and none of the past matters. None of the past matters. Something happened. Brynn began to share with me that it was on his heart that a large percentage of his income, a large percentage of his personal income; he wanted to give it away. As it happened, he would share the numbers with me, as it happened. You know, what happened? God began to see that he was tapping into the resurrection power of God when it came to finances. He made himself available to become a vessel for financial execution. When God saw a faithful, a faithful channel, that was ready to, the Bible calls it, “Steward the minor things in life.” Money. Jesus talks about money a lot. And He says, “How can I make you steward of the greater things in life of the Spirit when you can’t steward the things of money, smaller things of life.” 

As I began to, the Lord began to show me a different Brynn that is emerging to the one that I knew in my natural man, I began to see in the spirit realm, a different Brynn. So we’ve had this conversation a lot, because I am two things to him, at least. I am his natural father, blood father, but I’m also his spiritual authority and when he deals with me on the matters of finance and other things in his life, he doesn’t deal with me as his father; he’s talking to me as a spiritual authority. 

There are some people here in this audience today, I’m not going to mention names, with the Lord directly spoken to me, in their spirit, walk with God in their life, or walk with God, where the Lord have said to me, “Tell them they have to sow a significant seed and things are going to happen in their lives that seem impossible.” And they’ve sown that seed and the impossible things have happened. Can I use your example, Hanna? I mean, it was a long time ago, we were in this very auditorium here. You were all witness to it. I had a prophetic word over her. I said, “God is going to bless you beyond anything.” I don’t remember the exact word but like, it’s going to be a big blessing and it’s just coming around the corner. God’s going to bless you and it happened, what 30 days or something? I don’t know. It was a month from then, that a supernatural blessing hit her life financially. But she has made it clear to me and she’s made herself a vessel available to God, through the anointing that rests on her to be a channel for financial blessing. She has a vision for what God wants to do in the kingdom with money. So when I had that word from God, I had to speak what I saw. I’m not looking to have words for all of you. I only hear when if God speaks to me, and He shouts it in my ear, then I speak. I speak. Hello. 

You don’t know what your future is going to look like if you don’t obey that word that God speaks to you and it doesn’t have to come from me. In that case, it did come from me Hanna, but it doesn’t have to come from me, it can come as word from God to you personally. Where God can speak to you and say “Do this.” And things change. God can change things because the resurrection power of Christ defies the human environment. It defies it, you no longer have to be controlled by it. It’s the whole point of being spiritual is that you bring heaven solutions to the earth. People that are not spiritual can’t bring heaven to earth. Even if you’re a Christian, you can’t bring heaven to earth, because you don’t understand the power mechanism, that is the resurrection life of Christ working in you that can speak to storms and tell them to be quiet, and you can command things to happen, and they happen. You can be like Isaac and say, “Oh, my God spoke to me that is the God of my father. And He said, do not do what your father does and go into the hand of Egypt, when there’s a famine, you stay here because right here in famine I’m going to bless you.” And he says, “Well, if that’s the case, then I must live here like I’m supposed to live here.” And in that year, he sowed his harvest, he put his seed in the ground, that year he received a hundredfold return when everybody else… That single thing, that single thing that he obeyed God in made him so wealthy that the people asked him to leave because they were afraid of his power. 

In the young generation, they got a thing, right now “I can drop the mic.” Enough said. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Let me tell you when you tap into the resurrection power of God, it’s “Drop your nets on the other side.” “But you don’t understand, we’ve been fishing all night Rabbi…” “Drop your nets on the other side.” God’s resurrection power, the power that is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. That same power that rested on His life said, “All the fish in the sea come and swim to these nets. Right now.” Remember, the whole night those fish were swimming away from the nets. They were,  wherever they were going with their nets and their boats the fish swam in the other direction because they came with niks. Nothing. Hallelujah. “Oh, but what do you know about fishing, but at Your Word, but at Your Word, we’re going to tap into a power that we…” They didn’t even know the power was there. “But at Your Word.” Hallelujah. 

I’ll tell you what I’m believing God for, I’m believing that as we go through this message of the power of resurrection life that is in Christ that we have access to, that the same power is going to grow faith in you. We are going to release the power of God in the right time. And I’ll tell you, people are going to get healed in their bodies. They’re going to get healed in their souls. They’re going to get healed from financial problems. They’re going to get healed in relationships, the healing power of God, the power of God’s resurrection, power of Jesus is going to work in you and it’s going to come upon you and it’s going to uproot things in your life. It’s going to rebuild things in your life. It’s going to restore things in your life. That’s why God’s got me preaching this because in a moment of chaos in the world God is wanting to reveal His glory through people that will believe Him, that will receive His power, that will receive His Word for their lives. 

We are not supposed to be normal people. Don’t be normal. Please, don’t be normal. Please, don’t be normal. Do something abnormal that is spiritual. From today just do something abnormal that you would not normally do. Say if you’re at home and you’re in in the bathroom and you’re, you know, having a private moment, bathroom moment. That might be something you know, obviously, everybody does have a private moment. Use the private moment to sing praises to God. “But, I’m in the bathroom does God come there too?” He says He will never leave you or forsake you.

He doesn’t leave your life when you go into the toilet. His Spirit lives inside of you, release it in a moment where you wouldn’t normally… “Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah.” Get in your car and praise Him. Get into your… walk down the passage in the malls, or do whatever, and you speak life to your body, you speak life to your world. You speak life, you just speak the life of Christ. You just keep speaking life. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 

This message is not about the bondage of bad patterns and bad behaviors and bad decisions that are made. This is a message of life that you can tap into, in Christ. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. My son here, he’s been through some dark days. But none of those dark days are on him anymore. They don’t exist in his life anymore. God’s power of resurrection has pulled him out of his state of misery and elevated him into a place where God is saying, “It’s time to use you for what you were initially born to do, son.” It’s what happened to him. I am a true witness, more than anyone else of the power of God that’s happened to his life in his heart, the way God’s worked on him and now he lives with Miranda. She’s the next most powerful witness. Probably besides his mom. Hallelujah. She’s living with a resurrected Brynn every day. The power of resurrection – she’s living with him every day. Hallelujah. 

You want more out of a relationship? Don’t be normal please. Speak life into it. Speak life into you. I receive life, because if I can receive that life, then I can be life to someone else. Hallelujah. Please stand with me. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Praise You Lord. Praise You Lord. Praise You Lord. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah. 

I’m not moved by what’s in the temporary realm, I’m moved by what is unseen. I’m moved by the very power of God – the resurrection life of God. Hallelujah. That’s what moves me. That’s what motivates me. That’s what drives me. Hallelujah. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Lord. Hallelujah. I do not lose hope on anything. I have a hope that’s in the power of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Glory to Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I can tell you, based on what’s happening in my spirit, the Word… just the Word that I’ve spoken in the last two weeks, it’s already having its dynamic working power effect on you. The resurrection power of God is already at work on individuals that are in here. Hallelujah. And the anointing of God is getting stronger in every service. It’s what I’m praying for. It’s what I’m believing for. It’s what I’m expecting – that the power of His resurrection, that life is going to be in our meetings. Glory to God. And if you find yourself not being able to stand that’s okay. Someone help them if they fall. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Expect the extraordinary power of God to start to work. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise You Jesus.

I speak healing to you. I speak healing to you. I speak healing to you. Spirit, soul, and body. I speak healing to you. I speak health to you. I speak healing to you. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. I’m asking You, Father, that Your anointing will rest upon these people that are here today, rest upon their every being, that they will be alive to You day and night. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank You Jesus. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Come on, you can all know. You know, the weighty presence and the anointing of God is right here. It’s right here. It’s resting upon us right now. The realm of the Spirit is right here. It’s in you and upon you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. He’s rising up on the inside of you and He’s coming down upon you. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Glory to Your name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory, glory. His name is above every other name. There is not a name of a problem, there is not a name in your environment that you cannot speak to. And it must obey you in the name of Jesus. You name it, you can control it and have authority over it in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory to God. 

Ha, there might be people here in this meeting that are not used to praying or speaking in tongues. Please don’t worry about it. We’re going to do it now, because I believe this is what the Holy Spirit wants us to do – right now, is to pray in the Spirit. [Pastor John and congregation speaking in tongues.] Thank You Lord. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to Your name. Glory to Your name. Glory to Your name, Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Thank You. 

Yes, Lord, I pray that as these people go about their daily lives this week, that Your anointing rests upon them. They will experience Your presence. They will speak Your Word. They will live in the authority that You’ve given them, and the power will be released into their lives for their salvation. I want us to do something together right now. Let’s just put our hand on, put your hand on your heart like this. We’ve done this before. We’re all going to say this together. Right? If you believe this in your heart, then this becomes real to you.

Say: Jesus, You’re my Lord and Saviour. I receive You, as my Lord. Everything in my life, I declare, You are Lord, over my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

You know, that’s a powerful prayer to pray. And I suggest that you wake up in the morning, and the first thing that you begin to say, “I am the righteousness of Christ, and You are Lord of my life. Today Jesus, You are Lord of my life.” If you have those first words, when you wake up in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for a great day. Even if your environment sort of turns sour on you. No, no, no, no. Jesus. Righteousness. Jesus is my Lord, not the environment. 

Pastor Lynn, come and stand by me please, sir. I just felt in my heart that I should close the service by asking you to say a short prayer. Because I know if I ask you to pray, you can say long prayers. Short winded. It’s just in my heart that this elder in the Body of Christ, just prays. [Pastor Lynn goes back to get his Bible.] You want to pray the Word? Okay. Hallelujah. That this elder in the Body of Christ, should just come and just pray a prayer over us as a whole congregation. Because I have honour for this man, because he’s older than me. And the Bible says I must have honour for him. Hallelujah. But also because he’s spiritual. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus.

Pastor Lynn: Well, as Pastor John was ministering this wonderful Word tonight, I was reminded of Romans 8:11. So you should know that off by heart. 11But if the same Spirit… that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, dwells in you, in me… then He will quicken your mortal body… He, who raised Christ from the dead, will also give resurrection life to your mortal body. This is the prayer we’re praying right? 11…through His Spirit who dwells in you. And then verse 12, is really, really powerful. He says, 12Therefore, brethren, you are not obliged to, or a debtor to your flesh. I’m not obliged to or a debtor to my flesh. Hallelujah. But I live according to the Spirit, not in the flesh. For to live according to the flesh, you will die. But if by the Spirit, you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live (Romans 8:11-12). So I have no debts. You have no debts, like you’ve said to Brynn. You have no debts, those were done in the flesh. Those are finished. I’m not obliged to it in any way or form. Hallelujah. That’s my prayer for you today. Thank you, Pastor John.

Pastor John: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. What value does a spiritual man that has age of resurrection life renewed in him. Just in a short moment I ask him to pray, and there’s a sweet presence of peace that comes upon you with that prayer. Hallelujah. Go in peace.