Point of Contact Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 17:20 (TPT); 1 Timothy 1:17-19 (AMPC); 1 Timothy 6:12 (AMPC)

Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father, thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Jesus.

I pray that everything that needs to happen tonight will happen tonight. Whatever you need to hear you will hear, whatever you need to receive you will receive, whatever you need to be becoming you will become, and there will be nothing that will interfere with what you need to be, in Jesus’ Name. I want you to just turn to a couple of people around you, greet them, say welcome and then you may be seated.

How are you, sir? It’s good to see you, eventually, you made it. How are you? It’s good to see you. (Pastor John greeting and introducing the visitors from Ethiopia). Thank you, these people over here are people from Ethiopia and they’ve been waiting for visas and travel arrangements and all manner of things and eventually they made it. So, welcome, welcome, welcome. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So, I have my handwritten notes here still from Brother Jerry, with me all the time on the pulpit. Hallelujah. There is something quite awesome about what the church of the Lord Jesus is becoming. And it doesn’t matter what circumstance you find yourself in, it doesn’t matter what status find yourself in, it doesn’t matter where you, what part of your world you are inhabiting but it’s an awesome thing that the body of Christ is becoming something very, very powerful and very significant in the earth. The Church of the Lord Jesus can no longer hide behind religion, it can longer hide behind compromises with governments. It can no longer hide behind issues of morality. There are many things that the church used to be able to hide behind in terms of its innocence or its ignorance or its religious ceremony and many other things but the time has come and God has brought it to this time that the Church can’t hide behind anything anymore. Amen.

It’s got to a point where we have got to become what God has designed us to become and that is to be the most powerful institution in the universe. There is no organisation, there is no institution, there are no people that are more powerful than the Church of the Lord Jesus. And so, there are many people that think they have financial power and God will reveal to them that He is the One who controls all the money. The wealth and the silver of the world belong to Him. He is just waiting for the Church to take it back from the illegal one who is holding on to it. There is no government power that is more powerful than God. The world is beginning to find that out. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So, I know I’m dressed in my kind of Chariots outfit, you know, but that doesn’t make me preach any less, you know. So, we are just enjoying Chariots night tonight. If Brother Jerry was here, he was going to wear his Chariots outfit. Brother Joe is here and he is wearing his Chariot shirts tonight. This is my motorbike here and it still looks cool, right? I believe that the Chariots outreach is going to become one of the most significant outreaches that we have as a ministry. Hallelujah. Because it touches a group of people that otherwise, you couldn’t touch, you know. Glory to God.

So, one of the things that make the body of Christ so powerful is that we have a living God and the living God is present with us always. The living God that is present with us always is ready to act on our behalf always. There is not a moment in a day that the living God, the real God, the almighty God is not willing to act on your behalf. He is both able and willing to act on your behalf at any given moment, in any given situation. 

So, there is never a moment, a situation, a circumstance, a political power, economic force that can overwhelm you and is too big for you at any given moment because God is more powerful than that and He is able and willing to work. Now there are a number of ways that the body of Christ can react to circumstances. One of the ways that you and I can react to circumstances is if a situation happens to us, we can just accept it and try and navigate our way through it. The other way we can handle any given situation is that we can allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us internally as to what the source of this is and what its purpose is and once we know that we can then react according to the way God says we should react. That is a faith-filled, Holy Ghost led Christian. Amen. You’re allowed to say, “Amen,” tonight. I’m telling you if these leathers don’t get enough ‘Amens,’ I’ll take them off, you know. Praise the Lord. Just checking that you’re awake here tonight now, come on now. Hallelujah.

We have a word from God for this year that was given by Brother Jerry that He’s opening a new door for us and that there will be supernatural increase in 2020. Now, when we have circumstances that happen to us, we can deal with circumstances in different ways. So you know, Brother Joe and Eric and I, we have a bit of a light banter about a certain circumstance because when I was in Ethiopia, I left my passport in a safe in a hotel room, locked in a safe. Now you see by me confessing my sin publicly they can’t go at me any more. I’m nullifying any power they might have had over me by bringing it out in the open, you see. So we were in Adis Sababa and we went to Nasaret so I left my passport in a hotel safe. So when I realised this we called the security of the hotel, they have a whole procedure by which they have to send two or three security people into the hotel safe, to get the passport and put it into the hotel security safe and then when you get there you’ve got to prove who are by actually identifying certain items in your wallet, in my thing and be able to give them information. They say, “Okay, this is your passport,” and then you sign for it. I got my passport back. So I was able to leave Ethiopia otherwise I would have still been there or walking back, or doing something, you know. 

Then came along another situation last year in October where I was ready to fly to America to go and do a motorcycle tour with Brother Jerry and a whole twenty guys, twenty people, whatever, how many people it was from South Africa, go on the tour there and my passport flew with the aeroplane while I stayed in South Africa. So you can imagine from that moment onwards, what they were saying to me about me and passports. You understand? Okay. But after tonight they’ve got nothing to say because now you know all about it.

Anyway, you know what happened was that when I came home without my passport and we had switched off all the stuff when you go away for a long time but what had happened is that on that Sunday morning we had switched off the, we had a water leak, so we switched off the mains on the water pipe. We invited people to come in and fix the water mains. So what they did was, in order to check that the water mains were fixed, they went and switched on the main water pipe. Pastor Sharon, of course, had left a tap open somewhere in the top of the house, in the very farthest corner of the house. My passport is gone to America, I stay at home, and now I apply for a new passport and I come home from Home Affairs, and I walk up the stairs and I go ‘sloosh-sloosh-sloosh-sloosh-sloosh-sloosh.’ I begin to walk in water. I didn’t walk on the water, I walked in the water. ‘Sloosh-sloosh.’ It was such a big deal to me that there was so much water I grabbed a bunch of towels out of the towel cupboard, I just threw it down and I said, “I’m not even going to look at it.” It was too overwhelming for me. I’ve got to move all this furniture, fix the, and I’m supposed to be in America.

So you understand that I, immediately I could have felt like I have done something wrong that my passport is in America and I’m in South Africa. Meantime God has actually, literally saved all our furniture, saved all our curtains, saved all our carpets, because I happened to be home in that moment. Hey? And so then I phone America and through contacts, connections that are just so vaguely connected that they would never connect with each other. A phone call is made here, a phone call, they find that there is actually a pilot in Washington DC that happens to be taking the next flight home and he happens to know somebody in this church and so our people go and take my passport and give him, this pilot, my passport and he flies it back and 12, 18 hours later my passport lands back in South Africa. 

Meantime the house is saved, you understand what I’m saying? Circumstances happen to you in life and your first reaction could be, “No, man. Stupid me. I left my passport.” But they know, let me tell you, I know, the bag that it was in I looked in every single pocket of that bag not once, not twice but more than five times because I know I cannot fly without a passport. They open the bag, it’s lying right there. I’m convinced, I’m convinced of this; when I went through that bag an angel blinded my eyes. I’m convinced of that and my wife is too and that’s all that matters. You guys, you don’t need to care about that. We agree, babes. No matter what Joe or Eric says doesn’t matter, we are.

So now Joe agrees with me too because he knows I don’t lie and he repents, okay. If nothing else, this meeting has established a few things. Praise the Lord. I’m saying circumstances happen. How you approach the circumstance determines everything. If you are full of the Holy Spirit and you are full of faith; you begin to realise that everything that happens in your life, there is a reason for it, you know. So sometimes you might just have this caution in your spirit; don’t go here or go here or do this or don’t do this. Sometimes you won’t really know what could have happened because it didn’t happen. And the whole joy of it is that something that could have happened didn’t happen and you never ever found out that it didn’t happen. It’s the most glorious testimony because one day you’ll get to Heaven and you’ll find out what could have happened that didn’t happen because some angel to you not to go. Hallelujah. That doesn’t make your life boring, it just makes it in the will of God. Hallelujah. 

When we have the opportunity in this world to live according to the ways that God wants us to live then there are a few things that begin to come together because if you are a person who speaks the Word of God over your life on a regular basis, and you’re a person who prays. Then you can receive the prophetic word of God that’s spoken through a prophet of God and you can use that as a springboard of energy into whatever the word of God is declaring for you.

So, in this case, the prophetic word of God has come to us and said in 2020 a new door will open and we will experience supernatural increase like never before. So if you’re a doer of the Word and you’re a prayer of the Word and you are running with this in your life, it’s like you take one step and it springboards you, ‘whoooo’ and it just gives you this airlift right out from this position and it just jumps you way ahead a few steps like this and when you land, you’re running because the prophetic word can do that. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. 

But you’ve got to be in the Word, and you’ve got to be praying and you’ve got to be moving and you’ve got to go and when that prophetic word hits it just; ‘whoooo.’ Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. You know, you see these guys it’s like they’re running in the air like this, you know, that’s what happens when you get the prophetic word come into your life, it’s like you’re running in air. Just so smooth, it’s so beautiful and you make such progress. Hallelujah.

And so this morning and over this weekend and up to this weekend we have been sowing a seed, a contact seed, a point of contact seed and we still have some prayer cloths in the front here right next to my bike. When you fetch your prayer cloth when you need one; don’t touch my bike. You touch my bike, I’ll touch you with my bat. I’ve got a bat in my office at the back there that I bought when I was at Brother Jerry. It’s a baseball bat that I brought from Cuba and my staff know if they mess up, I bring the bat to their knee caps. My staff, my A-team are too good. I never have to take a bat to them. Praise the Lord. 

So I want to just remind you of a few things that Brother Jerry has become full of this and I share it again with you tonight and I’m just going to recap for a short while and then share some things with you. But in the Bible, the number 20 symbolises the full cycle of completion. It’s also often connected to a perfect period of waiting. So this is very significant for me because we in this ministry are celebrating 20 years of ministry this year as pastoral, as pastors in ministry. Bearing in mind that I served in a church, where I functioned as an elder, a leader, a spiritual leader for 19 years before that. So I’ve been in church all my life and serving in church all my life. But as a pastor running a church, this is 20 years of celebration. So in the year 2020 we get to celebrate 20 years; a full cycle of completion, the perfect period of waiting. We are here right now. Isn’t it interesting that the Lord put it on my heart that we should celebrate the whole year long, that we shouldn’t just have one big event of celebration, but we should have many events of celebration? Because actually I’m now beginning to see this, that actually the more we celebrate, God is going to use every one of those celebrations as another springboard, another springboard. Praise Jesus.

In Matthew 17 verse 20 in The Passion Translation, 20He told them, “It was because of your lack of faith. I promise you, if you have faith inside of you no bigger than the size of a small mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move away from here and go over there,’ and you will see it move! There is nothing you couldn’t do!” (Matthew 17:20, TPT). That’s The Passion Translation. So let’s be natural about this for a moment. To speak to a mountain and expect it to move; impossible. Hello, are you asleep? Are you awake? Are you sure? I’m just checking. You know, it’s impossible for you to speak to a mountain and it must move. So then we are not talking about what’s possible in the natural. We’re talking about something supernatural. If we’re talking about something supernatural, then it’s especially something that your mind can’t let you see, or you can’t agree with it in your mind. It’s, I mean it’s like this thing facing you and you’re speaking to it and it moving; your mind will tell you, “What are you doing even speaking to it because you can’t move it?” So your faith will say one thing, but your mind will say something else. And so now, which one are you going to believe? Are you going to believe what’s in your mind or are you going to believe what’s in your heart? So you have to believe what’s in the heart. If you try and figure something out, and try and figure out how God will do it, then you will never actually step into the faith realm, because it will always be something that you’re trying to work out in your head. Hallelujah.

So I’m going to just remind you about a few points of contact, just a few notes about a point of contact that Oral Roberts taught Brother Jerry Savelle and I’ve just condensed all of them, just straight after each other, so that I could remind you of them tonight. So Oral Roberts said; the point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God. It also shows God that you truly trust Him. God will honour your point of contact. So on this occasion, the Word of God has been spoken and we are in a place where we have sown a seed and that’s our point of contact, now this point of contact is the place where God will honour you. Amen.

So whatever it is that you’re believing God for, whatever you’re doing to make it a point of contact, that’s what God will honour in your life. Your point of contact focuses your attention on God, not on your circumstance. It focuses your attention on God because you’re wanting God to bring supernatural increase. He also said; the point of contact sets the time to release your faith. So this morning we had a moment where we all got our prayer cloth, our point of contact cloth and from this morning and this time, that becomes our set time. We are not having the supernatural when it comes to pass, we had our supernatural moment this morning. This morning was the contact point for the supernatural. The supernatural is just going to manifest now. This morning was when we put our faith out for it. Hallelujah. Glory to God. And so, I’ve written here this afternoon when I was preparing; on February, the 9th, 11 o’clock 2020 was my point of contact and I will have supernatural increase. Hallelujah.

Oral Roberts also said; it’s something you can hold on to when doubt and unbelief try to overwhelm you, and it will. It will try and overwhelm you because sometimes what God wants to do for you seems so impossible, so impossible and yet if you just stay in the right place with God, He can make it come to pass. Not only can He make it come to pass; He will. Hallelujah.

This is my last point as far as the point of contact is concerned; learn to cling to your faith, through the point of contact. And so that’s why this was the wisdom that the Lord gave me, was for it to be a prayer cloth so that you could have it with you all day, every day. You know, in other circumstances, Brother Jerry has laid hands on people, that’s the point of contact and so they can be reminded, Brother Jerry laid hands-on, especially this as he did this in his church. Brother Jerry laid hands on the people in his church and they can remind themselves that on that Sunday, I was laid hands on; that’s a point of contact. So the wisdom the Lord gave me was that if you have a cloth with you, you can always carry that cloth around and that can be your point of contact so that it’s with you all day, every day, wherever you go. Hallelujah. And it can touch many areas of your life, that point of contact. Praise the Lord.

I’ll tell you, the prayer cloth is so powerful that Brother Joe McCroskey; he’s got a prayer cloth in his wallet that he has had for a long time. How long have you had that prayer cloth, Brother Joe? Can I show the people? Will you show it? I don’t want to take it out of your wallet? I just want them to see it. 

Brother Joe McCroskey: 

It’s pieces and you can see they have even taken on the colour of the billfold but my wallet has never went dry because that’s what I did with the point of contact. We talked about finances, actually, one of your banker ladies took it and it gave her a large promotion and it was a piece of my cloth. There is no power in the cloth, it’s the point of contact. But I keep it in there all the time. It’s filthy but my billfold has never known any kind of a drought at all. It’s known fullness, it’s known, it never gets thirsty. Amen. I would give a piece of it away if God told me to but if He doesn’t, it’s mine. 

Pastor John: 

Hallelujah. And so, you know, I mean, it can do its job for as long as you have the faith and you walk with God about the way that it’s meant to be; what you’re believing God for that point of contact? Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So the word for this year has everything to do with supernatural increase. The mind has nothing to do with it so doubt must get out. Remember I said that? Doubt must get out. If you allow the doubt to be the thing that drives you then you will never get what you’re believing God for. I am going to read to you 1 Timothy chapter 1 verse 17, 17Now to the King of eternity, incorruptible and immortal, invisible, the only God, be honour and glory forever and ever (to the ages of ages). Amen (so be ti). This charge, is Paul talking to his son, Timothy, spiritual son. 18This charge and admonition I commit in trust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with prophetic intimations which I formerly received concerning you, so that inspired and aided by them you may wage the good warfare (1Timothy 1:17-18 AMPC). So this prophetic word is not just meant to make you feel good. This prophetic word is; hey, when things come against you in circumstances you are able to wage warfare with this word. What is the warfare? Certainly, the warfare is going to be in your mind. Certainly, circumstances might present themselves as something that will defeat you and it might take the form of people.

19Holding fast to faith, (that leaning of the entire human personality on God in absolute trust and confidence) and having a good (clear) conscience. Some people, By rejecting and thrusting from them [their conscience], some individuals have made shipwreck of their faith (1 Timothy 1:17-19 AMPC). So what I said to you this morning was, I was going to show you a little bit on how to hold onto this word for 2020. Now I am going to talk to you very briefly about this thing that the Bible calls ‘conscience’. 

So your conscience is your internal indicator. It’s like a monitor that goes, you know, if you’re driving a motor car and your water gets too hot and the temperature gauge gets, you know, it starts to tell you that you’ve got a problem with the radiator, that gauge goes up. So your conscience is your moral monitor if I can put it that way. And it will tell you, it will go, ‘dididididdididi,’ whether something is actually good for you or not good for you.

Now here’s the problem with the conscience; the conscience often works in tandem with what you have told yourself is acceptable. It very often has nothing to do with what the truth of the Word is; it very often has to do with what you have allowed yourself to be acceptable. So let me take for an example a very simple thing. If you are someone who’s made a rule in your life that you will not watch a movie that has got any kind of age restriction. So call it a TV movie guide that is at most PG. So it’s not PG13; it’s just PG. Do you understand what I’m saying? Parental guidance. So if you’ve made a decision; I’m not watching any movies that have got any rating higher than PG, so if it’s PG10, PG13, PG16, I’m not watching those movies. Now if you happen to find yourself watching a movie that’s a PG16 movie that’s got violence and all kinds of things going on, it will shock you. It will be shocking to you. Why? Because your conscience, based on a decision you made, your conscience, will tell you, you can’t watch that, you can’t watch that, you can’t watch that. But if you say, “Oh, I’m going to watch a PG13 and it’s got a little bit of swearing in it,” and you watch it and it’s a bit shocking to you but it’s, “Yeah, I can deal with it.” Watch me now. And you watch a PG13 and you watch a PG13 and you watch and some have got seduction in them and some they’re not explicit or anything but they’ve got these ‘atmospheres’ in the movies. Then pretty soon PG’s are just boring movies. You now must watch a PG13 movie. Then you allow yourself to watch a PG16 movie and it’s got all this bad stuff happening in it and for a while, it might make you feel uncomfortable but eventually you’re going to say, “Ah, it’s a bit more swearing and a bit more violence, it’s okay.”

Do you see what you’ve done? You’ve made a shipwreck of your conscience. And so that shipwreck happens not one day; it happens over time. Watch this now. The more you allow these things to shipwreck your conscience, the more difficult it is for you to live in the prophetic word by faith. Why? Because you have constantly allowed your soul to permit itself to give access to many things. It impacts your soul, it impacts your thinking, it impacts your emotions, and it creates a capacity for what’s going on out there in the world to begin to increase your capacity for those things; to tolerate them. I’m preaching good. You can say, “You’re preaching good, Pastor John.” So now, you know, once you’ve got to PG16 movies or whatever it is, now to go back to PG nothing movies is like, that’s so boring. Who wants to watch a PG nothing movie? That’s all about kissy-kissy, lovey-lovey, kind of romance you know; princess meets ordinary guy or, you know, the prince meets ordinary girl and, you know, romance movies or, you know, funny movies. Who wants to watch that, you know? Want to watch some real action.

So then the prophetic word of the Lord comes to you and the Word of God that comes to you says, “This is your year where God is opening doors for you and you can have supernatural breakthrough.” “I think I’ll go and watch my next PG16 movie.” Guess what happens to the Word of God that has just entered your spirit man. The soul man says, “Feed me before you feed the spirit man.” And the more you feed the soul man, the more quiet the spirit man gets. I’m just taking one example. Nobody’s telling you it’s a sin to watch a PG16 movie. Is it more of a sin to watch a PG16 movie than to gossip about someone else? Arguably I will tell you gossip is more dangerous than watching a PG16 movie. Oh, maybe I’m treading on some toes now. “Did you know what that person said about that person, and you know what that person’s doing?” It is dangerous, it makes shipwreck of your faith because what it’s doing is, it’s saying that these things about other people are so important that I must talk about that rather than talk about what God says.

So what I don’t want to do is make shipwreck of my faith by searing my conscience, by allowing my conscience to always operate in the red so that when I’m operating in the red it becomes the normal and then I don’t even want to go back to operating in the green because it’s just all about the red. Then the prophetic word is not something that I can even begin to comprehend that this is relevant for me or that I should be doing something about this word. And I don’t even want to do something about it because I don’t have the desire to do anything about this word, and I don’t want to speak this word, and I don’t want to put it in my ears, and I don’t want to put it in my mouth and I don’t want to work this word because I’d rather be watching people killing each other on action movie stations. Huh, ‘shew-wee,’ and all of you go and cancel your DSTV subscriptions right away, right?

I am just saying, you know, the Bible talks about people that make shipwreck of their faith because their conscience becomes a problem to them, and the reason their conscience is a problem to them is because your conscience is the soul meter that is going to tell you; stay with faith, stay with faith, stay with faith but if you keep feeding it other stuff then it can’t tell you to stay with faith anymore and the less it tells you to stay with faith you make shipwreck of your faith. Huh?

And so it is as you walk around life and go around life and you get into the office and people begin to talk to you about your boss and you get into agreement about how bad your boss is and how negative things are and maybe people talk to you about the economy and the corruption and the government is corrupt and how can you get anything done, through this corrupt government and you begin to talk like that. What you’re doing is feeding your conscience and your soul with stuff that when the prophetic word comes and says this is what God can do, you don’t even want to believe the prophetic word because you have filled yourself with stuff that has sheared your conscience from your faith. So your conscience can’t even help your faith because it’s so full of other nonsense. Hallelujah.

You know, I mean many of you that have been around me for some time you will know, you will know about this that when I was going for this big deal out here in Middelburg many, many years ago and my boss wanted to pull me off the deal because there was just no way I could win the deal. Everybody was telling me, “There are no ways you can win the deal the politics have won. They, all the political players have done their job, they’ve done their business, they’ve done everything and now it’s gone too far down the track of all the executives giving their rubber stamp and all of the stuff going on and so there are no ways you can win the deal.”

And so, you know, if I listened to what my boss said, I would have been, I would have just said, “Okay well that is an instruction from my boss. I must quit the deal.” But I never listened to what my boss said, I went to the higher Boss and I said, “Big Boss, heavenly Father, Dad, tell me about this deal. What must I do with this deal?” And He said, “Pray in the spirit, John. Pray in the spirit.” I said, “Yes, Sir.” (Pastor John praying in the spirit). So I went to bed praying in the spirit. I got up in the morning praying in the spirit. I went to have a bath praying in the spirit and while I am lying in the bath I see a television screen with the face of a man and his name on it. I didn’t know who that guy was; come to find out he was the biggest shaker and mover being groomed to be moved into the production plant process and everything hinged on his strategy for production in the company for the going future and I said, “Is that so?”

So I went and I found out and did some connections and I went to talk to him and I said, “I just want to find out from you if IBM has told you that they can solve your problem?” And I said, “Because the way their technology is designed they don’t have these interfaces into your production systems and there is no way that they have this technology to do what they are telling you they can do.” He said, “Are you sure about your facts?” I said, “Sir, I wouldn’t be here if I was not sure about my facts.” He said, “Give me a moment, please.” He picked up the phone and he phoned somebody and when he talked to that person it was clear that the conversation was hot. Cut a long story short they had to redo the tender and re-mark the tender process and I walked away with the commission. I won the business. I got the deal. I walked away with the commission. Hello. 

You see if I had said; in all my conscience I’d been listening to all of the negative talk about how IBM played politics and they play the power games up there and when they get a hold of your boardroom then they don’t let go until they win the account because that was all the talk all the time about how well IBM play the power politics in the boardroom. Those years ago. If I had listened to all of that, I had been on the receiving end of that a few times where I lost the deal not many, out of all my years I only lost 3 deals to IBM. That’s because I listened to the Holy Spirit, I had a prayer language, I had a faith language, I was operating in God’s economic realm and not in man’s economic realm.

There were times when IBM was going for a deal and I would be asked to come and tender and the Lord would say to me, don’t do this, you can’t win it. Don’t waste your faith here. That’s as good as anything else; is what not to go for as to things that you should go for. So rather go with the places where God can bless you. Amen. Hallelujah.

So when I talk about, and when the word of the Lord says that in 2020 there’s a new door opening for you and there will be supernatural increase like never before, you’ve got to start stirring up your conscience. You’ve got to start to let your conscience underpin your faith and your faith work with your conscience so that you don’t allow your conscience to bring you into shipwreck. Come on, this is probably some of the best teachings you have ever heard on faith in your life.

I just want to remind you that it says; 19Holding fast to faith and having a good (clear) conscience. He says, By rejecting and thrusting from them [their conscience], some individuals have made shipwreck of their faith (1Timothy 1:19 AMPC). It is interesting how the Apostle Paul makes a direct distinction about your conscience and shipwrecking your faith because your conscience is your ‘soul o’ metre’ and your faith is your ‘spirit o’ metre’. And your ‘soul o’ metre’ and your ‘spirit o’ metre’ have got to work together. Not ‘o sole mio’, it’s a ‘soul o ’metre’. 

Chapter 6 verse 12, 12Fight the good fight of faith; lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and [for which] you confessed the good confession [of faith] before many witnesses (1Timothy 6:12 AMPC). So, I finish off with a few, one or two scriptures now, but I want to say to you this; the enemy of God has been defeated. The devil has got no hold on you. You need to say, “Amen,” to this. The devil does not have a hold on you. The only thing that he can do is he can come after your mind, he can come after your soul, your conscience, and he can try and deceive you into doing something that you shouldn’t do. He will deceive you into saying something you shouldn’t say. He will deceive you into behaving in a way that you shouldn’t behave. Amen, so you don’t have to defeat the devil, he’s already defeated.

What you have got to do is; you’ve got to stand guard over your heart because out of it springs the issues of life. That heart is your soul, you got to stand guard over your soul; your ‘conscience o’ metre’. You’ve got to stand guard there and say, “No, no. Don’t allow anything to come in there and disturb this conscience. Don’t allow this to come and erode my sensitivity conscience.”

Many years ago I heard Brother Copeland and many others say; the more worldly you become the more desensitised you become to the scriptures. It works that way. I have certainly found this out for myself, for many, many years Sharon and I lived 90% raw food. Fruit and veggies and everything, 90%. In that time if I had to drink a cup of coffee it would like, it used to go like (Pastor John demonstrating having the jitters) because really your body is so clean, like that, you know, you would get the jitters. Not the Ethiopians. They drink pure coffee, I tell you. Strong, freshly roasted coffee, they do. But, you know, I mean it used to be like that and then we decided, no we are going to balance our lives out with different kinds of eating and now we are going to drink more coffee. Suddenly you find out you can drink 2, 3, 4 cups of coffee a day and it doesn’t impact you so much. What happened? It’s not a matter of the coffee is any better or worse, it’s just that you desensitised your coffee to the impact of it. The more impure your body, the more coffee you can handle… Everyone says, “No, Pastor John, you can’t take our coffee away from us.” I’m not telling you what to do, I’m not, I’m not, I’m just making a point. 

There used to be days when I was a young man, you know, I mean this was really the case when I was going through a very intensive military program in the military I used to literally drink a tin of condensed milk every day and a two-litre Coke, and then I used to take salt tablets. I mean, I would just drink salt tablets, condensed milk, Coke, anything to replace the energy and replace the salt and the minerals. Those days there wasn’t all the knowledge of what we have now. We just had to have what we could to keep ourselves going. So those days it was salt tablets and it was condensed milk and two litres of Coke, every night. Every night and we were just so grateful that we could have all the sugar because tomorrow, for the next 10 to12 hours tomorrow it was going to be heat-heat and run-run and push-ups and run-run and push-ups and sit-ups and run-run and more poles and more running and so we were just; condensed milk and Coke. You know what would happen to me now if I were to have just the condensed milk, never mind the Coke? I’ll probably fall over and go like that, you know? I probably will have to go home and jump on my bicycle and ride all night to get rid of the energy, you know. Hallelujah.

So we don’t have to fight the devil. What we have to be on guard off are these things that will come and get our conscience, just permit us to allow things into our world that hurt our faith and that stops us from getting our faith working properly. I hope this is helping you?

We have a song, Eric has a friend who did a little bit of a song like a little DJ song kind of mix, you know, and I‘m going to play it to you for a minute and I think we will put it on the website and then you can download it off the website because I think it is really outstanding. You only have to listen to 30 seconds of it or you can listen to it a minute or two minutes, it runs for three minutes. So I don’t want to hear the three minutes, okay Matt? I just want to do 30 seconds or so of this song. Just gooi it. It’s all of Brother Jerry’s preaching.

Lyrics of the song:

Hallelujah, we’re just so grateful that you hear us and this is going to be the prophetic word the Lord gave me. I kind of lean back and see and close my eyes. All of a sudden I just awaken to these words.  “In 2020, I will open a new door and cause you to experience supernatural increase as never before. Tell the people to develop 20/20 vision for 2020.”

Pastor John:

Can I have the sound guys up, the music guys up, please? Hallelujah. Yes, I want the Open door song. Hallelujah. Keep your faith strong, keep your words right, keep your mind thinking the right things. Don’t allow yourself to be desensitised by talk of government and corruption and politics and all kinds of economic stuff and when circumstances come your way and it doesn’t look like it is going your way; tell the people to get a vision for 2020, open a new door, a new door, a new door. You just play that song and get it running. I promise you, you play this song three times a day and you can’t get it out of your head. And that is the whole point. Don’t get it out of your head. Just let it come out of your heart and then before you know it, you’ll begin to see new doors and they’ll begin to open and then you can have your own kind of little dance and open this one and close this one, open this one, close this one. ‘Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa’. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus.


It’s a year of supernatural increase. It’s a year you’ve got a point of contact, let’s go get it done, church. Let’s get it done, church. Hallelujah. Glory to God. I dare you to write a song like that. I dare you, I dare you.

(Congregation worship)

Hallelujah. Brother Joe, now I need you and Eric to please come and stand in the front here. Hallelujah. I just want us to pray for them. I’m glad, grateful that they came to South Africa to come and minister to us, come and bless us and be here with us. So I just want you to stretch out your hands as they leave to go back to America tomorrow and that they will have a safe journey. And so we pray over you that you will have a safe journey. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to work out. I pray, Father, that every time they check into an airport onto an aeroplane everything will go smoothly. They will get the seats that they want, they will go through security checks unhindered, they will get unto the plane and be comfortable and there will be no hindrance and there will be nothing to stop them from getting home safely, Father.  We thank You, Lord, that Your angels are even now, we send them out to prepare the way for them, Lord, that they are protected, in Jesus’ Name. No weapon formed against them will prosper. And we thank You, Lord, that once again they will be brothers and family that will come back to us, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Hallelujah. Do you just want to say goodbye?

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. I pray that the peace of God will rest upon you, that no weapon formed against you will prosper. You are blessed going out and you are blessed coming in. I pray that the Word of God that has gone into your heart this weekend will find a home, will find a root and it will begin to produce much fruit in Jesus’ Name. I pray that a spirit of joy will be in your feet, will be in your heart, will be in your mouth and you will get your happy feet on this week, in Jesus’ Name, and that joy will come out of your mouth and the great peace of God will rest upon you, in the Name of Jesus. I speak and I say as the Word of God says; go forth and multiply, increase, produce, and have dominion over everything that you come into contact with, in Jesus’ Name. Do you agree with this prayer? Then what do you say? Thank you. God bless yo