Scripture reference: Judges 7:9-21 (NKJV), Acts 1:7-8 NKJV, Acts 2:2-4 (NKJV), Acts 2:2-4 (TPT)


Pastor Sharon Bendixen:

We will be receiving this morning. Thank You for the abundance of inspired utterance that flows through Pastor John this morning to us; in revelation, Lord, because of his intimacy with you Father. Your great grace poured out upon him, Father, this morning. We receive, we receive, Lord, we receive; hearts receive. In the precious name of Jesus, we all say Amen. An abundance of inspired utterance, Pastor John.


Pastor John Bendixen: 

Hallelujah. Yes, amen. Inspired utterance and abundance. For those of you that were at least watching Friday night or participating on Friday night’s prayer meeting, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you didn’t, then you won’t. And if you don’t watch it. Do not go, do not pass go, do not collect 200, you will go to jail. Hallelujah.


I do believe and I trust that the Holy Spirit is going to minister to you this morning. Because there is an inspired utterance that comes from this vessel and there is an inspired utterance that you receive into your heart; because words that come are worthless if they’re not received. They have to be both spoken and received in order for it to have any real impact in any real change. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Are you ready today? Amen. Amen. You may be seated. Thank you.


How awesome is it how God is using sound and song in this ministry. I continue to be grateful and thankful to God for all of the goodness that He is giving us and continues to develop here in this ministry. Praise Jesus. Immediately after the service this morning, there is Message Moments. Well not immediately at 12:30. You’ve got time for lunch.  This afternoon, for those that are wanting to do some conditioning stuff. There’s a Slipstream Crit at three o’clock for one hour. And this coming week ahead we have a midday prayer from 12 to 12:45. So noon to 12:45, every day this week, including the days that Brother Jerry will already be here, Thursday and Friday, we are still going to continue that the whole week at midday. If you can’t get from your office to here, and you can make a plan, go sit in your car, if you’ve got data on your phone, or whatever, we will be streaming it LIVE, so you can join in with us at your lunchtime. Amen. Praise the Lord. The ushers are to meet directly after the service in the auditorium.


Here’s something that I’m going to address a little bit in my message this morning, but just as a headline that the Lord’s began to deal with me about the preparation that we’ve been doing last year, some of the things that we’ve had to address, some of the things that we’ve had to lay a foundation for. If we’re going to reach the maximum and the highest level, then then we’ve got to do something different. We can’t just leave it up to God. God’s giving us a word so that we can react to the word, we can act on the Word. We can’t be in a place where we just decide God’s spoken, now He must do everything. Prophetic Word never works like that. It’s always a case of God speaks, and we must do something about it. Amen. 


I have a strong sense about this. If you remember, those of you who weren’t here then, but those of you that were here, 2014 the Lord gave a word to Brother Jerry and He said, “2015 is going to be a year of visitation, manifestation, and demonstration.” And then I asked the Lord, I said, “Well, what’s our part? And what’s my part?” For me, it was 4X4X40”. For you all, it became 3X4X40. It became a significant turning point for many of us, in our lives and in the ministry.


When the Lord began to speak to us about this year, step up and step in, and the maximum the highest level, I just asked the Lord, “Well, how do I, how do I facilitate this? How do I facilitate it for us?” He has been giving me some words in my spirit, to be able to give us a framework that we can go to the maximum. One of the things that He has instructed me, I haven’t set a date to it, but we are going to do it in the month of February, Lord willing. And if we can make sure we have a weekend, a Friday and or Saturday, something like that. We might do it on a Sunday afternoon even, we’ll see how the execution of it is. But I feel strongly of the Lord that we’ve got to talk Kingdom economy, Kingdom business and facilitate business minded stuff that God wants us to change our mind about business, changing our mind about finances and income, and how to go about life in God, financially. Amen.


And so, if we’re going to reach the highest level, and we have to go to the maximum, there’s some natural things you have to prepare. And there’s some spiritual things you have to prepare. Amen. Saturday afternoon, well, we will let you know the time of the day at this point in time. I’m saying it’s going to be in the afternoon, but we’ll just see how it goes. It will be Saturday the 25th of February. Pastor Sharon and I, we are inviting the Johannesburg congregation to meet with us in the Johannesburg property. We’re going to pitch a tent there, and we’re going to have a picnic, and we’re going to have some fellowship together. There’re some things that I want to share with you that’s on my heart.


I’m going to go from this conference to be with Brother Jerry in the Ethiopia conference. I get back here on around about the 14th or 15th, somewhere around there of February. Then we’ll have a week or 10 days and then we’ll have some time together as a Joburg church. Amen. Praise the Lord.


I think I got through all of it. Pastor Christi? I think I did okay this morning. And we are going to have communion at the end of the service today, because of what the Lord’s got on my heart to minister here. Praise the Lord.


We are going to watch a video clip. This is Brother Jerry, last Sunday in the Crowley church. It’s just a short clip. Are we ready to play it? [Video of Brother Jerry playing] There is more that he said, but I don’t want to, he can come here and say it. Praise the Lord.


Come on, how good is God to us? I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord if it is possible let him come here for the very first time on his international plane, and you heard it. You heard how he can’t contain himself. Well, you know, if you just look at just the mechanics of it or the timing of it – if he gets on a plane and he chooses to fly first class, or business class, or whatever. Most airlines don’t have first class anymore, they just fly business class, and normal economy class, or whatever. He could get on a flight in America and fly direct to SA or fly one stop to Europe and be here in 22 hours. As it is, he is leaving Fort Worth or Meacham Airport where his plane is, this in about 8 hours – 9 hours from now, he is going to be leaving Texas. He arrives here Wednesday night. He is stopping over a couple of times, and it is taking him much longer to get here. You could say, well, you know, practically, it would cost less money and you could get here quicker, and he would be comfortable. But that is not what his faith requires. His faith demands that this come to a conclusion because his faith has called this and spoken this into being for many, many years. I am just glad we get to feel the first time the exercising of his faith for all those years, we are the recipients of that. We get to have the whole full picture and the joy of it. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.


He has said to me that they are going to take care of all the fuel costs upfront because they have a company that manages all of their travels, so this company will pay for all their airspace, all the fees that are for flying over every country’s airspace, all of the traffic control fees, all of the things that they need, all of the landing rights, all of the refueling in every place where they stay. There is one company that has a global footprint that they use to manage all of that and so, they pay the fuel bills on behalf of Jerry Savelle Ministries International Aviation and so at the end of the trip, they present the fuel bill to Jerry Savelle Ministries who pays them in America. Once that’s done, we will get presented with the cost and I believe that we will have what it takes to take care of all of it. At this point in time, I don’t know what the exchange rate is going to be, and I don’t know what the actual cost is going to be, neither do they, by the way, they have an estimate, but they don’t know the exact cost because the price can come down; I believe it will come down. I believe that all the cost will come down, I don’t care if it goes double the price when they leave, well I do, but anyway [Pastor John laughs] but for now it must come down, amen.


Praise the Lord. This is a privilege for us. This is a real privilege for us to be able to do that and I want to just thank you all for being so gracious in your hearts and for having such a heart of generosity, and being so willing, and being so obedient to God to be fully present in this, and fully willing, and fully obedient, and we get to partner with Brother Jerry in something that can never be repeated ever again, because there is only one first time. There is only one first time, and we get to do that with him. It could be repeated many times, but there is only one first time. And this is a moment where we are participating in something very, very special.


I’ll tell you what this means to me. It means to me, that there was a fullness of time for his expectation to be manifested. And it doesn’t matter that he is in his seventies, it matters only that God has answered – which is why this trip is so important. Because God is answering our spiritual leader, in something that he has been believing for, for many, many years. That means that we can immediately exercise our faith because he breaks a barrier. Because he breaks the barrier, we can immediately exercise our faith that there are barriers that have been long time waiting for us, that we can now break through.


That’s why, what we do here is important that we can break barriers and so, I want to say to you, this is part of what I believe God is going to do with us on the financial realm, economic realm. Some of the conversations we’re going to have is, if we’re going to go to the maximum, we’ve got to break some barriers, we got to break barriers. There are some things that have been holding us down, we got to break through them. And we can do that spiritually by some things that we can just do spiritually. Hallelujah, Glory to God. Okay.


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about different things. And I’m just going to remind you very quickly: Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to preach it. Jesus came as a fulfillment of promise, so that we can be free from performance, and in Him know the truth and live in power. Now we live promise, and we live in promise, not performance. We live in power, not personality. If you’re dependent on your personality for something, you’re limited to your personality. But if you live in power, your personality is removed out of the equation because God will always do more than your personality. He can do much more because that’s His power. This should be very good news for people that are already beginning to train themselves to live not in the power of their personality, but in the power of God. We exchange our lives for purpose and not for popular culture.


I have been speaking to you about the fact that if you live in perception instead of truth, you will open yourself to deception. Many people say well, you know, what is absolute truth? There is no such thing as absolute truth, all truth is about perception. I say to you, there is an absolute truth. His name is Jesus. His name is Father God. His name is Holy Spirit. They are the Godhead in one, absolute truth. Whatever happens in the rest of the world, they are absolute truth. Nothing else can be truth like They are truth. Whatever They say is truth is what truth is, it doesn’t matter what other men and other beings say truth may be. Whatever They say truth is, is truth. And the contest between light and dark is often around what is truth. And it started all the way back in the Garden of Eden because the devil came to Eve and his question to Eve was, “Did God say? Did God say?” He immediately questioned the validity of God being the absolute truth about anything.


If you have a mind that is exercised in intellectual gymnastics, if I can say, or analytical processes and breaking down theoretical thinking and philosophies, if you have a mind that is exercised in that, then you will obviously use your mind to question the truth, “Did God say?” Or perhaps you wouldn’t think of it that way, you would rather say, “How does God’s truth apply?” And so, the minute you say, “How does God’s truth apply?” You leave it up to you to decide how you apply it, rather than seeking what the Father says you should apply.


This is the whole thing, Jesus showed us the way He said, “I do nothing, do nothing, other than what the Father shows me I must do. I say nothing other than what the Father says I should say.”


He showed us the way of how to live in absolute truth. That means you say, and you do what the Father says. And so many people say, “Well, but God’s given you a mind and He’s given you talent and He’s given you gifts, and He’s given you all of those things so that you can behave on the earth.” Yes, He has. And people exercise those intellectual properties and those gifts and talents all the time. And for most people on the earth, a majority of people on the earth, they have nothing to do with God. 


Do we take our lead from those people, or do we take our lead from Jesus? Who’s the Saviour of your soul? The philosophy of the world or Jesus? Who’s the Saviour of your soul? And so, if Jesus is the Saviour of your soul, surely, then that truth should be the foundation truth. If that’s the foundation truth for you, then you should seek what all the other truths are. The only way out of deception is correction. Rejection of correction will enforce your perception as the highest form of self-believing truth. 


I talked about God being the Source and we are having resources. And this morning, I’m going to touch on a subject that, and I’ve been talking to you about Gideon, and how Gideon was introduced to an angel of God. And this angel came to speak to Gideon while he was busy making food for his family or providing, making provisions for the future of his family. And so, this angel comes to him, and the angel says, “I want you to go and tear down the altar of Baal, that is your father’s altar in the city. And I want you to pull it down, I want you to burn the bulls and use the wood and just burn it down and tear it down and burn it.” And of course, the city is in an uproar and so Gideon’s father quite rightly says, “Well, if Baal is such a great god, let him defend himself.” And so, they have no answer to that.


I heard some information this week that I haven’t had time to verify myself. I’m sharing it with you as a news source of information. It’s open to debate. I’m just being open with you about this. You might have a different set of facts, but I would, I would like for you to find out if you can. The information that I received that without looking into communist China and Russia and North Korea and Iran and countries that are separated from the western world, if I can use it that way – more dictatorial or theocratic nations, taking those nations out of the equation. There is only one western world country that lives and meets its budget every year. That country is Switzerland. Every other western nation, from Germany to France to America to South America, they all have astronomical debt. At the moment, America has a debt that is equal to their annual GDP. So, their debt is $31 trillion, and their annual GDP is $31 trillion.


That means, at this point in time, America is on the edge of creating more debt than their annual income can produce as a country. Up to this point, because the US dollar is, is the currency of the world. If they just print more dollars, and there is still an appetite for people to keep the value of the dollar up, they can keep printing dollars, and so, theoretically, they can print themselves out of a deficit. But economics will tell you, they can’t keep doing that for too long because you’ve got to have a budget?


Well, here’s the thing. How long can you spend money over and above your income? You can do it with an overdraft, you can do it with a credit card, you can do it with some kind of a loan. But at some point, in time people are going to say, “Well, how are you going to pay the money back?” Right? And so, if you stop having the capacity to pay the money back, you’re in trouble. They’ll come looking for you. Well, how do they do that with a nation like America? Well, every year for the last, I don’t know how many years, America has just raised the debt ceiling level. Meaning, legislation, Congress in the Senate have to pass a law that says the debt limit was this much money and we raise it, and we raise it and so it becomes a law. That’s like going back to the bank and say, “I need to increase my credit card limit. I need to increase my credit card limit. I need to increase my credit card limit.” There’s only so far you can go with increasing your credit card limit before you run out anyway.


Why am I telling you all of this? Because if that’s the truth that you trust in, “Well, I’d rather have income in mighty US dollars than in any other currency.” I’ll tell you what; I’d rather have an income in the way God says I should get it, rather than what an economic profile says I should have an income in. Because governments will fail, systems will fail, but God will never fail His people – never fail His people. And that is the story of Gideon. 


The story of Gideon is that there was this horde of people that massed every year; the Midianites and the Amalekites and others that joined in with them. They came every year at harvest time, and they came to seized the harvest of the Israelites. And here’s Gideon; his of the smallest tribe, He’s the youngest of a small family and God speaks to him. He says, “It’s time for Me, I’ve heard the cry of my people and it’s time for Me to act. But I can’t move through you, Gideon, unless you are prepared to tear down altars that have been built to other gods as close as and including your father’s god.” And so, we are faced in our own lives right now, we are faced as to whether we are going to continue with the institutionalised ways of developing our lifestyle or whether we are going to give our lives over to the Most High God and let Him direct our paths. Hey?


Following God is never a bad option. Following yourself is always a marginal option. Following your desire, following your will, following what you think is best is always going to be a marginal. Let me be clear; I’ve said this, for as long as I’ve been preaching, even before I was in a full-time ministry, I’ve said this. Wealth is not something that just belongs to the church. On the contrary, most wealth is outside of the church. That’s not a good thing because God wants the wealth to be in the church. He doesn’t want the wealth to be outside the church. He wants it to be in the church. Wealth is not something that Christians get because they are Christians. Wealth is something that comes to people who understand how to work with the system. Now if you’re a non-believer, you can work the world system and you can become wealthy. Right? If you’re a believer, you can also work the world system. But if you do it with the wisdom of God, you put Him first, He guides you, and then when you give the wealth coming into your hands, you give Him credit. When you give Him credit, and you give Him glory, then He can tell you what to do with your money. Here’s the good news. When you do that, He multiplies that, He doesn’t add to it. The world system doesn’t want to multiply it. It just wants to give you a little bit more, a little bit more. But God wants to multiply your wealth. He can only multiply it if you put Him first place.


Praise the Lord. And so, Gideon, of course, you know, he goes through this exercise, he tears down the altars. And then he starts to call 32,000 people to pitch up. And then God says this is too much less they take glory for themselves. And so, he gives them an invitation: who wants to go home? Twenty-two thousand go home. And that’s because they don’t have an appetite for it. And that, as I said last week is, “The majority of the church is that they don’t have an appetite, to move, walk away from the institution, the life of the world system, and go after God’s way. And so, he’s left with 10,000 men that are ready to fight and God says, “Still too many, because they’ll still take too much glory for themselves. And so, he gets them to drink water. And the guys that got on their belly, and they left with their tongues. He says, “That’s the 300 I will use.” And I finished last week by saying, “God’s looking for 300. He only needs 300. He doesn’t need 10,000.” I did say, “And the Bible gives a distinction between the fact that they didn’t go home, they just went to their tents. They remained in a state of readiness.”


That’s a good place to be, is instead of going home, you remain in your tent, so you’re ready if God gives you an instruction to what’s next. Amen.


I’m going to just read to you out of the book of Judges now. 9 It happened on the same night … Judges 7:9 9 It happened on the same night that the Lord said to him, “Arise, go down against the camp for I have delivered it into your hands. 10 But if you are afraid to go down to the camp, if you’re afraid to go down, go down to the camp with Phura, your servant, and you shall hear what they say; and afterward your hands shall be strengthened to go down against the camp.” (Judges 7:9-10 NKJV)


God is meeting Gideon, where he’s at. I want to make this point to you, when you are getting ready to say, “I’m ready to follow God. And I’m ready to face this huge power of institutional life. This huge power that is controlling governments and controlling the world economic system, I’m ready to go with God.” God is answering you through these messages and saying,If you are afraid. Hear the Word of the Lord, then your hands will be strengthened. There is no shame in saying, “I’m afraid.” Because such is the power of the system that your mind cannot conceive that God could use little you, or the little that you have to defeat a system. Obviously, the logic would be, I’m going to trust the system and I will go with everything that my plan has initiated for my survival and for the best options for my future. Rather than saying, “I’m going to trust in God.” It’s okay to be afraid. It’s not okay to stay afraid. Because the Word of the Lord is coming to you and saying, “I am bringing a message to you. If you’re afraid Hear the Word of the Lord, and He will strengthen you.”


If you resist this message and you reject this message, God cannot deal with your fear. There will be those that will walk in victory. They will walk in deliverance, and they will walk in the spoils of war, while the majority of people stay at home, because they didn’t engage the battle. They stay at home, they stay safe, but they never get the spoils. They never get the spoils. If you want spoils that God has for us, you got to be willing to engage. You can’t go home, you got to go at least to your tents and be ready to actually engage. 


Just watch this. 11 Then he went down with Purah his servant to the outpost of the armed men who were in the camp. 12 Now the Midianites and Amalekites, all the people of the East, were lying in the valley as numerous as locusts; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the seashore in multitude. 13 And when Gideon had come, there was a man telling a dream to his companion. So these are their enemies. This man is telling his dream, He said, “I have had a dream: To my surprise, a loaf of barley bread tumbled into the camp of Midian; it came to a tent and struck it so that it fell and overturned, and the tent collapsed.” 14 Then his companion answered and said, “This is nothing else but the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel! Into his hand God has delivered Midian and the whole camp.”


This is the enemy that has come to actually ransack all of the harvests. Where do you think that he’s getting this information from? He can’t help but speak out the will of God. Even though he is against the very people that God’s will is for, he has to speak what God says, he cannot speak against God’s people. 15 And so it was, when Gideon heard the telling of the dream and its interpretation, that he worshiped. He returned to the camp of Israel, and said, “Arise, for the Lord has delivered the camp of Midian into your hand.”  16 Then he divided the three hundred men into three companies, and he put a trumpet into every man’s hand, with empty pitchers, and torches inside the pitchers. 17 And he said to them, “Look at me and do likewise…” (Judges 7:11-17 NKJV)


Well, we have to look at Jesus, we have to look at what the Word says, we have to look at what the Holy Spirit says and do likewise. Come on, if you don’t do what God has commanded us to do, then you can’t expect to get victory.


The message of God has already proclaimed through two apostles, two prophets prophesying in their apostolic office, Brother Jerry and myself, that this year is going to be The Year of the Maximum the Highest Level, and that this year, we are going to Step Up and Step In, and there’s God’s got something really amazing for us. 


Now, if you do not accept this messenger. If you do not accept that I am a messenger of God, then of course, this word would mean nothing to you, then you cannot say I’m speaking that word over my life. You can’t selectively choose it.


Why do you think God said to Gideon, tell the people that don’t have an appetite for war, let them go home? Why do you think that was the case? Well, first of all, God wanted glory for himself. Secondly, if God tells Gideon to do something, and they don’t have an appetite for it, what do you think they’re going to do with a command of Gideon that says, “Come let’s go fight?” They’re going to say, “I don’t have to listen to you. Who you? You just Gideon, you come from your father’s household? That’s a small household and you come from Benjamin. So, who are you to tell us that we must go and do this who are you?”


They would not listen to anything that Gideon said. People that come to church and sit and listen to the messages, but they reject the authority of the messenger. They reject the authority of the messenger; they cannot receive anything the messenger says, nothing. 


Number two, they’re certainly not going to receive anything the messenger says in a time of war, where everything’s at stake. And so, your training doesn’t come when you’re at war, your training comes long before you go to war, to obey. 


I can certainly say that I consider it a privilege to have been in the military because it taught me many things and set many things on the course of good of goodness in my life, and I certainly learned when I was in the army, you do not have a choice whether you’re going to obey a command, you don’t have a choice. 


Gideon is commanding an army, is he not? He’s not just commanding the covenant people of Israel, that’s the prerequisite; that they are covenant people, but they must choose to be in the army with Gideon as the captain. They must choose it. He’s not commanding them, on the contrary, God has already made a clear line, “I’m not going to just choose people that are sitting on the fringes and on the edges, I’m going to choose people that are in it, to win it.” 


They’re in it to obey, they’re in it to do whatever Gideon commands. Please note, who’s commanding Gideon? God. In fact, God is so integrated with Gideon, that he even knows that Gideons heart will faint at the task, and He’s saying, “Because I know your heart is going to, is going to undermine your ability, I’m going to set it up so that your enemy will declare what their future is going to look like.” 


I’ll tell you, that you cannot go against – the whole world-system cannot stop what God’s going to do through His church. “Well, Pastor John, how can you be so confident about that?” Because Friday, I’ve got talking, and I’m going to move into the events that God chooses on His timetable, events; there is a prescribed event that is coming. 


It is a time when Jesus is going to come back, and He’s going to interfere in the things of men directly on the Father’s command, and He’s going to establish a new order on the earth. That time is coming, it’s not going to be waiting forever. That time is coming. There is nothing that the world-system can do about that time. The Father has proclaimed it, He has declared it, He has already established that in Himself, and prophetically spoken it out by the words of prophets that this event will occur. 


It doesn’t matter how much people want to send, you know that Elon Musk wants to go and inhabit Mars, and he wants to put a colony of people on Mars, and he wants to have colonies of people going in satellites around the thing because he wants to save the planet, and become the richest man on the earth with this vision. Neh. I Wonder if he has an agenda or not? Anyway, I don’t want to go there today. 


It doesn’t matter that people are trying to find out that there is some other life out somewhere in a planet, I can tell you this, if there is any other form of life outside of this planet, the LORD and MASTER OF Their, that life form is Jesus. It’s Jesus, it’s not some other stuff. I mean, I’m just making a logical thing, that I don’t know everything. If God in His wisdom created beings on other kind of intergalactic things, how are we going to know? But if they are out there, then Jesus is their Lord. Because Jesus only died once. He only came and occupied the Body once, that Body was killed and God the Father raised Him up from the dead and that only happened once and so there is only going to be one Lord and Master and His name is Jesus and the Bible says every name that is named above the earth, on the earth and below the earth, all of them will acknowledge and bow to the Name of Jesus. There is no other being in the whole universe that is outside the scope of bowing to the Name of Jesus. Every institution is going to bow to the power of those who know the power of the Name of Jesus. I got news for you; all of these great institutions that we have put our trust in for all these generations, they’re failing. Who’s going to end up controlling the future? Those that have the Name of Jesus?


I’ll tell you what? There is a whole bunch of Christians that run away from this message that we preach. “I don’t submit to nobody, I don’t have any preacher telling me what to do with my life or any of my family’s life, that’s not going to happen.” I got news for you; you are fairly squarely in deception. You have taken on a level of truth that is self-motivated, self-corrupted, it’s all about yourself and you want other people to do what you say, but you won’t do what God says. “My children must obey me, my wife, or my husband must obey me, but I won’t do what God says, I certainly won’t do what the pastor says.” You are corrupted. Your version of truth is corrupted. You are deceived and I’ve got news for you; the message that this pastor preaches, the Word of God, because it’s based on the Word of God, in the end, you’re going to submit anyway. Because the system you are trusting in for yourself, it’s going to fail you. Because you can do nothing against the truth. You can only everything that you do is only going to substantiate the truth.


Gideon is faced with that issue, thirty-two thousand people show up, God says, “Send the twenty thousand home. They don’t have an appetite for it. Those ten thousand, there is still too many people, but they will be ready and when the time comes, I’ll let them into the battle. I just need three hundred that are willing to do whatever it takes.” Who’s the commander? The one who’s receiving the instruction from God, not everybody. God was not talking to three hundred people. “You know, Pastor John, what are you telling me? You’re saying, we can’t hear from God?” No, you can hear from God, and you should hear from God. But when it comes to the corporate body of Christ and giving us direction, as a corporate body and bringing revelation to the church, that we must all live and change our lives by, God’s going to do it corporately and He’s going to do it through His messengers, He’s not going to leave it as a democracy as to who gets to say what. He didn’t do it in Gideon’s day, he didn’t do it in Jesus’ time, He didn’t do it with the apostles and the disciples. He hasn’t done it since. The church is not a democracy.


And so, “Well, Pastor John, Gideon could have become quite a powerful and haughty man.” No kidding. In the end, people came to him and said, “Why don’t you be the king of us?” And he said, “God didn’t call me to that. God called me to be the head of his army to deliver you. God didn’t call me to be king.” That is a great reflection on how God will use leaders in the body of Christ. We have no business in becoming things that God has not called us to be. And as a Pastor and leader, I have no business interfering with your life unless you ask me to partner with you, in your joint, in your decision making. Here’s the power of it. If you do not include my messages, and the message that God has given you, the shepherd that God has given you, if you do not include me, because of these messages, then I can do nothing. Nothing, to help you. I can only watch you as you go about your great plans for your life. I’ve done pretty well till now without you Pastor John, so why do I need you? Well, I don’t have an answer for your question. The very fact that you asked the question tells me where your heart is. Because if you say that about me, you’re also saying that about God. 


For sure people say, argh. Do you pay taxes? Well, if you don’t, you should be. Do you pay tax? Why do you pay tax? Because there’s a government. So, you don’t want to obey the government? I’ll tell you what, if you don’t pay the taxes, the government’s coming after you. O so you will obey a natural law in the government, but you won’t to obey God’s government. Yah, because there’s a consequence to the natural government if you’re not obedient. You think there’s no consequence to God’s government? Most people that have no connection to God’s government, and they are a law to themselves. Why are they a law to themselves? Because they set their own laws, they establish their own laws, they live by their own laws, and they implement their own laws, and don’t anybody dare tell me that I don’t have this under control completely. Well, I think that’s the keyword. Control. You want to be in control. You don’t want to give God control. 


So, what does Gideon say? Gideon says, “I see God, you’ve called me to lead Your army, and so I’m fearful in my heart, that I cannot, I cannot complete my assignment.” And God says, “I know that in your heart, you are, you’re conflicted because of the enormity of the forces that come against you, the sheer power of what they’ve been able to accomplish year after year after year.” And He said, “I’m going to even work with you and I’m going to let them prophesy out of their own mouth, the end result of what they’re going to do. You Gideon obey me.”


When God gets ready to act, I want to just show you what Gideon does. He understands that this enemy would not be saying what they’re saying, if God was not controlling the speech coming out of their mouths. This guy says, “This is nothing else but to sword of Gideon, the son of Joash, a man of Israel! Into his hand God has delivered Midian and the whole camp.(Judges 7:14 NKJV) 


When he speaks it, he understands this is God and he gets the execution of that because the command that he gives them is he says, You shall do as I do: 18 When I blow the trumpet, I and all who are with me, then you also blow the trumpets on every side of the whole camp, and say, ‘The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!’ (Judges 7:17-18 NKJV) This is exactly what that man said, “It’s the Sword of Gideon.” He just said, “This is not me; it’s the Sword of the Lord and Gideon.” He used the words that God put in a non-believer’s mouth as his execution. I will do that, because I recognize he would not have said that unless God put words in his mouth.


19So Gideon, and the one hundred men who were with him came to the outpost of the camp at the beginning of middle watch, just as they had posted the watch; (Judges 7:19 NKJV). Gideon, you know, he loves to do things at night [Congregation laughing]. He tore down the on the altar of Baal at night. And now he’s doing well that worked this do this one at night. And they blew the trumpets and broke the pitches that were in their hands. 20Then the three companies blew the trumpets broke the pitchers-they held their torches in their left hands and the trumpets in the right hands of blowing – and they cried, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!” 21And every man stood in his place and all around the camp; and the whole army ran and cried out and fled. ( Judges 7:20-21 NKJV)


I’ve got news for you; if you obey God, there is no institution, no financial, no political, there is nothing that can stand against you. If you will obey the way of the Lord. If you will obey the way of the Lord. It must bow to you. Otherwise, God is a liar, and the Word of God says there is no lie in Him there is no shadow of turning Him, there is not even a doubt in Him. His way is true, it is pure, it is clear. Hallelujah. I say to you today if we are going to go higher, if we are going to go to the maximum, if we are going to step up and step into the things that God has for us, we have got to be ready to obey what God tells us to do. We have to be ready what God tells us to do. Amen. Glory to God.


I’m going to give you a situation – I’m going to put two people sitting at different times in my office talking to me. Here is a person sitting in my office talking to me, they receive the messenger, they receive the message, they see the God ordained order of the church. They are educated and they have no lack of anything. But they are facing some big decisions in their lives. And they come to me, and they say to me; “Pastor John, I’m submitted to the messages, I recognize the order of God, I recognize the ways of God, and I recognize you as the spiritual leader that God has placed in my life. And I want you to, I want to share some of my things with you, and I want us to get into a spiritual agreement about what God wants for my life, and I’d like you to speak into what things are going on in my life. Do you receive the attitude of the person? It’s open, it’s interactive it’s clear. What’s God got an ability to do? He’s got an ability of an anointing of a shepherd, it’s got the anointing of someone who has to be accountable to God for every word that he speaks over someone else’s life, both here and in eternity. I am responsible. This is the spiritual order of God. If I don’t take my responsibility, spiritually, seriously, God already said that I will be judged for it. Not by you, although in time I will be judged by you, too. But I will certainly be judged by God, I fear Him more.


We have a conversation, they share their plan, the family share their plans with me. We understand what the parameters of what this choice is. We both go away. We pray about it. We come back together. And we see what the will of God is on this matter. Now, let’s say God says something that is unexpected and it’s different to the original parameters or plans that were made. God says something unexpected. What did they do? What do they do? They got a choice now. They’re either going to go with what God said or they’re going to go with what their original plan was. But why come to me? If you’re going to just go ahead with your original plan? Why come to me? The reason you would come to me is because one can put his house into flat two can put 10,000 to fly. A three-fold cord is not easily broken, which means if we get into agreement with the Father, with the Holy Spirit… Okay, you agree, we agree, we’re all in agreement that this is the way to go.


I said this to Sharon one day when I made a financial investment into a business park and Sharon said to me what if this doesn’t work? I said, Sharon, I’m a tither, I’m a giver her I obey God, I sought His face, and I said, if this is the wrong decision, God will deliver me out of it. Because I know that my three-fold cord cannot be broken. My power of agreement with God cannot be broken and because I’m submitted to His authority, first and foremost in my life, I know that He will get me out of it. Because my life is dedicated to Him, not to myself. That’s the power of redemption and restoration in God. I’m going to just contrast this, I could talk lots about that kind of thing, because there’s lots to say about that very positive stuff. But I want to put it another way.


Now someone comes and say to me, Pastor John, “I just want to tell you what I’m doing.” Okay. So, okay, you’re going to do this, you’re going to do. Yes. Okay. All right. I just wanted to let you know, I think it’s important for my spiritual leader to know. Okay. Right. I’m consider myself to be told. What have I got to say? I’ve got nothing to say. Can I get myself into agreement with him? No. Can I ask God to bless them? I can’t. Because they didn’t ask for God’s blessing. They haven’t asked for my involvement with them for that blessing. They are informing me; they are not asking me. I guess that’s the way they work with God. I’m telling You what my plans are, bless it. He says only as far as I can. Because I bless all My children. Right. But if you just look at Christians lives, it’s clear that they don’t know how to take the blessing. Why do they not know how to take the blessing because they don’t know how to hear from God because they’re always telling God.


Here is Gideon, who’s hearing everything that God says, and because he does what God says, he gets a great victory. I want to just tell you that not only did he reverse, and I’m not going to read it there, but I encourage you to read it. Not only did he reverse the wave of destruction of their harvest, not only did he reverse that process, but he goes after them as they are fleeing, and he kills them. As they are going, he kills them and, and takes all the spoils of their wealth, their camels, they’re everything that they brought with them, he takes it back. God restores in one night, it lasts a week, this whole exercise, God restores what they have taken for seven years. Doesn’t it sound like God? He restores in one, one moment, what they have been doing for seven years, he restores it like that because of obedience to God through a messenger. Hallelujah.


When we are expecting and we have ourselves prepared for Brother Jerry coming, our senior Apostle and leader, spiritual leader. Certainly, I consider him to be the man that can direct me and tell me anything about my life and ministry, and I will do what he says. Hallelujah. It’s happened before. I’ve had plans, he’s disagreed with them, I’ve put my plans on hold until he got into agreement with me or until he had something else to say about it. I’m not just saying nice words to you. I live this, I live this with Him. Amen.


Even when it comes to things that I need to execute on when I’ve heard clearly from the Lord what to do, sometimes I don’t know how. Then I will go to people that are around me that have wisdom and understanding, that are filled with faith and the Holy Spirit, and I will lean on their wisdom so that they can help me make the ‘how decision’ because I can’t possibly know everything about the how. Amen. 


God is in the process of restoration. He’s going to do it through a messenger. Brother Jerry has already said, for this year ahead, “It’s the year of maximum; we’re going to the highest level.” The Lord spoke to me and said, “Step up and step in.” We have got to be ready for something. And that harvest that’s out there that the enemy is comfortably living, is ripe for us to take the spoils of it. But it’s not going to come just because we’re sitting in our wine press at a time of grain harvest so that we can make sure that our family lives and we’re looked after and we’re okay and we’ve got the best possible solution to upcoming doom and gloom because we have a plan to manage our little harvest. 


If you’ve got that mentality that says, “I’ve just got a plan to manage my little harvest my family, my thing, and God’s going to get us out of it.” You are – I’m going to say it positively. You are ripe for an angel of the Lord to step in and say, “It’s time to move out of your comfort zone. But you need to give me an offering first out of your own heart, not out of because I say so.” Isn’t that the first thing that Gideon did? He went and he took a meal, he brought a lamb. Listen, those guys were expecting a horde to come and take all their stuff. For Gideon to even give an offering like that was a major, major thing. 


“Here’s an offering.” And then he says, “Okay, now let’s go after those things that have been controlling you, those gods, those demons’ spirits, that is in the institutions of the world, you got to go and tear that altar down in your household – in your life, then you’re ready to go and cash in on the spoils.” Hello?


We got to do something different this year, otherwise, this just becomes a nice  confession. Right? I’m not interested in a nice confession; I’m interested in a result. I’m interested in the power of God. I’m not interested in my personality getting things done, I’m wanting God to get things done. I’m also not interested in what the popular culture tells me is going to happen. Hallelujah. 


Okay, I’m nearly done today. Jesus says in Acts chapter one, verse seven. 7 And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. (Acts 1:7 NKJV) Hold on, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. The Father has all of the authority for the times and the seasons. Not the European Union, not Xi Jinping, not Vladimir Putin, not Cyril Ramaphosa. Certainly, thank God, not President Biden.


God’s times and seasons are not in their hands. They are in His hands. They are in His hands. He has declared, through human messengers, how is He ever going to make His will know on the earth? Always, He has chosen human messengers. How is He going to make His will know? He is going to speak it through humans. I have a Bible here; it is a leather Bible. But I have a Bible here, and everything that is written in this Bible was not, except for the ten commandments, that was written by the hand of God on tablets of stone. But except for the ten commandments, everything else that was written in his Bible was written by who? The hands of men. What? The hands of men. Who guided those hands? The Holy Spirit. Who told them what to speak out of their mouth? The Holy Spirit. For us to say, well, you know, I’m not going to take what the messages of men say to me, I will find my own time with God, I will hear what God says to me, and I will only do that. I don’t really care what the messages is. You already deceived to think that you can receive it all for yourself.


Oftentimes, I have to ask this question when people come to seek counsel from me for their lives. I have to ask them this question. Am I your Pastor? Or not? Am I your Pastor? Why do you think I would ask them that question? Because if you say with your mouth, I am your Pastor, then that means that you have agreed before God, you have agreed that what He is going to say is the final authority through me. That agreement, I have to sometimes establish it, because sometimes people come into my office, and they say yes, and some people have been in my life 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, before it manifests itself, because what a Pastor says, is never questioned while they’re in agreement.


The only time this really matters, am I your Pastor or not, is when we are in disagreement. Because then if I’m your Pastor, and I’m hearing something from God and you disagree with it, then you got to say, well, who is this Pastor to me? Why is he in disagreement with what I’m saying? Most people, if ultimately, when that happens, this event occurs. I don’t like what he’s saying, he doesn’t understand me, he doesn’t understand the consequences of what he’s just said. And so, I can’t, I have already made my plans, and so I can’t go with what he is saying. The power of agreement is just gone. The order of God is no longer established in your life. And you’ve just declared –  that person has just declared that their will and their ways are obviously much higher than the ways that God has planned for them. They take it upon themselves to predetermine their own ways. Amen.


It’s only when there is disagreement, actually, that this thing really comes. But the times and the seasons are in the hands of God, and He has chosen men to declare things. Right now, God has declared some things about us. Amen. Just bear with me people, I am finishing off here, got a couple of minutes left.


Jesus says, 7 It is not for you to know the times or seasons through which the Father has put in his own authority, 8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:7-8 NKJV)


Jesus is their Shepherd. He is their messenger, He is standing there giving them the message from the Father, You shall receive power, and it shall come upon you, and then you shall be witnesses.” He is declaring something for the Father. They must now choose to get into an agreement with what Jesus said. The pattern is clear. Yes? The pattern is clear. 


I go to Acts chapter two. 1 When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. (Acts 2:1 NKJV)  They were all in one accord in one place. In other words, they fully received what the message was, through the messenger that God had sent. And anybody can say, “Yeah, but,” you know, “Ahh obviously they have received Him. He is now obviously the Messiah. He is obviously the Son of God, Saviour.” Yeah, but it wasn’t always the case. They had to make a choice when Jesus was in the flesh because Jesus preached the message one day, and He said, “Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you can have no part of Me.” And everybody left Him except the 12. And Jesus looks at them, and He says, “Will you leave Me too?” And they didn’t say they wouldn’t? Their answer was, “Where else can we go, You alone have the Words of life.” 


In other words, “If there was another choice, we might go with that.” Because the message You are preaching is so hard, because it seems to go against the whole of the Old Covenant teaching. Referring to drinking blood and eating flesh, they had to make a choice back then, that the messenger and the message is what they submit to, is what they receive. That is when they chose their eternity. That is when they chose their destiny and their mission. That is when they chose to submit to the assignment of God in their life, not when they saw the resurrected Christ. 


It is back then that they made the right choice. Then when Jesus comes back as the resurrected Christ, and He says, “Now the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the times in the seasons are in God, and this is the time, and this is the season that when you go, the power will come and then you will know.” That is why they were all in one place, in one accord, because they got the message from the messenger. 


2 And suddenly, there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:2-4 (NKJV).


The scripture here in the Passion Translation says, 2 Suddenly they heard, they heard the sound of a violent blast of wind rushing into the house from out of the heavenly realm. It came from the heavenly realm to them. The roar of the wind was so overpowering it was all anyone could bear! And then, later in the verses, 4 They were all filled and equipped with the Holy Spirit, and were inspired to speak in tongues. Acts 2:2,4 (TPT)


Friday night I talked about being inspired to speak. Come on, just bear with me now. I am landing this plane. The Holy Spirit is ultimately going to come upon us with power, and we are going to speak. And when we are speaking with inspiration, we speak out the will of God. Let me tell you, it is only those that made a decision way back then, when every circumstance said, “No, no, no. Who is this guy speaking about – Eat My flesh and drink My blood? It is clear, He is a Teacher. It is clear, He is a Prophet. But everything that He is saying is not what I believe in.” They had to choose then. 


Now, as you go forward, and Jesus is the resurrected Christ, and He speaks again, He says, “The time and the season of speaking in a new tongue and having the power of the Holy Spirit is going to be there.” Now they are all in one accord, they are all in an agreement, and they get to speak inspired utterances. What happens if they didn’t get into an agreement in the beginning? Then they wouldn’t have found them place, having Jesus being the resurrected Christ speaking to them. They also wouldn’t have gone to the upper room. How many people were in the upper room? 120. How many people follow Jesus? 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s. How many people in the upper room? 120. How many people followed Jesus’ ministry? 1000s upon 1000s. What was the separation? Eat my flesh and drink my blood. It was a message nobody wanted to hear.


When Jesus comes to the time, when He’s in the Garden of Gethsemane, and He’s time has come in the order of God’s authority. Jesus even comes and He says, “I know this is Your time. I know this is the season that is My time to die on the earth”. And He is so conflicted, because He knows He’s going to be separated from the Father for the first time in eternity. He says, “if there’s any way that this thing can happen without Me, let this cup pass from Me.” “Nevertheless”, He says, “Not my will, Father, but Your will be done.”


This is the challenge of all of our lives. When God speaks, that we do not say, “I’m going to pursue my will no matter what.” Our choice is to say, “this seems like a difficult thing to do, Father, nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done.” The people that were not… that left Jesus because of, “eat My blood and drink My flesh, drink My blood and eat My flesh.” They were not in the upper room. That means they didn’t get to experience the rushing mighty wind of the Holy Spirit. They didn’t get the experience of inspired speaking. Later on, the Bible says, after the initial event took place, the Bible says there was the preaching of the gospel, and many 1000s of people came to know God and they began to speak in inspired utterances also. But God needs a 120, God needs 300 and He needs a 120. And I asked you, which number are you part of? Are you part of the 22,000? Are you part of the 10,000? Are you part of the 120 or 300?


God is always going to use people that are saying, “I’m going to kneel and I’m going to submit and I’m going to do whatever God’s will is for my life”. I finish this by saying Brother Jerry’s in a couple of hours, he’s on his way. And we’ve prayed much for him that all will be smooth. All will go well, and God is bringing him to us. Because of our hearts that have been opened, that we want to take care of all of his fuel bill. You can hear the excitement that’s in him. You can hear that this is not just another trip for him. This is a big moment in his life, and we are at the end of it.


How did we get here? Can I tell you how we got here? In 2014, he brought a message, Visitations, Manifestations and Demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. At that time, I said, “I hear the voice of a messenger. I received the voice of the message. What must I do to execute on this Lord?” He said, “4X4X40.” I said, “Yes, sir.” And I came to the church, and I said, “Church, I asked you to do one cycle of 40 days for me, with me, but if you want to let’s do three cycles together, because that’s what the wisdom of God was that Jesus died, and was in the grave for three days and asked him he said, do it three times.” And there were many people that went on that 4X40 thing, and they didn’t, ag, it’s just another thing, it’s another gimmick. It’s another thing that Pastor John is issuing. They might not have said it like that. But their lethargy in not doing it, spoke volumes as to how seriously the word was. No, don’t look at me “Squif” now. Hello?


In my separation time with God at the very last 4X4X40, in my separation time of God; God says, “You pray for Brother Jerry, you pray for Brother Jerry, you pray for Brother Jerry, you pray for Brother Jerry.” So urgent was His voice to me, where I’m asking the Lord, “I’m separating myself with You.” He says, “Forget about you and Me. You pray for Jerry Savelle.” I phone Sharon, and I said, mobilize the whole church, we have got to pray for Jerry Savelle. I did not know that he was about to have a major heart thing happen to him. And God had separated me so that we could all pray for him. He got through that heart condition. But now God has energized our whole church to keep praying for him, keep praying for him, keep praying for him as our apostolic leader.


And then, we didn’t know that someway two years down the line, he was going to have a major stroke. I know it’s his faith in God that got him through it, and all of the covenant brothers, but our prayers, were covering him all the time. And then because of my commitment to God, to obey Him to separate myself, He says to me, “I want you to go and spend time with Jerry Savelle. Go there, spend five weeks there.” Then the next year, He said, “Spend seven weeks there” and then you remember he then came here for three days. And while he was here, God said to him, “You come back and stay as long as you need to.” Is it any wonder to you that now when he’s got an international plane, his very first international trip, comes to a favoured son?


What made me a favourite son? I am a messenger; I mean, I see him as a messenger, and I receive his messages. And I do what God speaks to me to do through him. Now, hold on a minute. What if I took this attitude and said, I expect all of you to do what I’m telling you to do? But I’m not going to do anything he tells me to do. How authentic is that? What? Where’s the power, where’s the control then? It means I want to exercise control. I want to have power, but I’m not prepared to do it upwards. So, where’s the problem then? Come on, come on. Talk to me. Is the problem with Brother Jerry? Is the problem with you? Who’s got the problem? Me. Because there’s something in me that says I want you to do what I’m telling you. But I’m not prepared to do the same with someone else. I demand that you obey. But I myself, I will not. Brother Jerry can say what he likes, he can fly a kite. He’s in America, I’m in South Africa. Or he can fly his Falcon. I mean, even when I say those words it hurts me even though I’m saying it to have an effect, because my heart just can never do that. Can never do that.


Is it any wonder to you then that Brother Jerry is coming here? On his first ever trip after so many years, he’s been in the ministry, 53 years, he’s believing God all that time for that; for an international trip where he can have his own international jet. And he’s coming and the fulfillment of his faith is to South Africa, to sons. Let me tell you, this is not a small matter. This has been happening for years. This is because we chose long time ago, all of us chose, you participated with me, you participated when I said; let’s do this. Let’s pray for Brother Jerry. Let’s obey God, let’s do this. And I said, “Please release me to do five weeks”. You said, “We’re with you Pastor John”. “Please release me to do seven weeks”. “We’re with you, Pastor John.” To this day, my relationship is not dependent on whether Brother Jerry lets me speak anywhere. To this day, my relationship is not dependent on whether I have any of his friends come and minister in our church. There is no quid pro quo. There is no such thing in my heart. This is a one-way honor. It’s a one-way honor. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus.


I’m grateful that God placed this revelation in my heart, Pastor Sharon. This goes back all the way to that days when we were in Rhema, yes? All those years, people were leaving the church because they weren’t happy with what was happening in the church. And Pastor Sharon said to me, “John, it’s time for us to move. Look, this thing is not working out the way we say… And I said, “Sharon, the Lord didn’t tell me to move from this church, and I won’t move until He speaks. Until that time, Pastor Ray, he’s, my Pastor.” And people that left the church, they came and spoke to us and said, “When are you leaving the church? I mean, surely you can see these things falling apart. This thing’s not happening. Now, when are you going to leave the church?” And we said, “We’re not.” And they say, “But you guys, you can start a church, you can do this, you know.” Everybody thought we were fantastic. And so, we say, “We’re not doing that.”


And Sharon and I had this deep conversation, “Why not?” “Well, firstly, God didn’t tell me.” And I said, “Secondly, if I leave the church, I’m splitting the church.” “But it’s only one family.” It only takes one family at a time to split a church. It doesn’t need a mass exodus of 300, or 500, or 6000 people to split a church, it just takes one family at a time. And I said, “I will not be that”.” The honor for the messenger and the shepherd in my life started way back then I started making choices according to the Word of God, not according to the popular culture. It was the popular Christian culture, the popular church culture that, “That’s what you do.” My attitude and my spiritual stand have not changed from then till now. Hallelujah.


I said I was landing this plane about 20 minutes ago, I got into a holding pattern [Congregation laughing]. Flight control put me into a holding pattern. And now it’s the flight control says it’s time to land this plane. I am releasing to you today because the next time we see each other, our convention will be on its way. Brother Jerry will be here. And I’m releasing this to you today saying: Come on. Let’s be people that recognize the absolute momentous occasion that God has created for us. An event that I believe will be eternal. I truly believe this that when Brother Jerry gets to heaven, one day, he’s going to stand before God and he’s going to have silver and gold as part of his reward, his works.


The Bible says some of our works going to be burnt. And then some of it’s going to be just wood. Some of it’s going to be silver and gold. And the things that we’ve believed God for with faith and outcome of faith, it’s going to stand as silver and gold. I believe this moment; this event is going to stand for Brother Jerry as a moment for his faith as silver and gold, because he never quit for all those years believing and this is the fulfillment of it. And so, we are the partners that Apostle Paul would write to his Philippian partners and say, “Even though you partnered with me all the way through, and I cannot speak to any other partners, the way I speak to you, but to you, I can say you are my partners.” I believe, because we are partners like that with Brother Jerry, we are receiving just like the apostle Paul prayed over there, and my God shall supply all of your needs, according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus, because we are that partnering church with him. Because this is just not about money. This is about our heart condition. This is about our understanding of who he is, and what message he is bringing, it’s about the whole package.


I release it to you now, I’m saying to you, there is an event that’s happening. And this event is this, that when we get together, the power of the Holy Spirit is being released. And there is going to be a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, it will come upon you and some of you will begin to speak in inspired utterances. You may not do it publicly, but you’re going to be moved by the Holy Spirit, because of this event that’s going to happen. And the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will speak with inspired utterance, and you will begin to speak and declare forth the things of God for your life. And you may find yourself saying things like this. Yes, (Pastor John praying in tongues). And yes, I will be walking into and yes, I will be receiving by the Holy Spirit. And yes, my future is bright. And yes, my hands are going to prosper at what I touch. And yes, He’s leading me to new divine connections. And yes, there are new wells that I will be digging that will be springing forth new water. And yes, there will be miracles of turning water into wine. And yes, there could be a whole lot of inspired speaking that you begin to speak. Because God is wanting to take us to the maximum to the highest level, and we got to step up to it and step into it. Hallelujah. 


Yes, Lord, and we’re going to step into things that are not for the average people, but they are for the sons of God, the Most High God, we are His sons. We are His covenant people. Hallelujah. And He has given authority into our hands, therefore we speak, and so inspired utterances will come. 


Won’t you stand to your feet, please. We are getting some new lights this week. Praise the Lord. So, we can have another bank of lights here so that anytime Brother Jerry wants to come in the front here, we have every lighting everywhere. Praise Jesus. I believe this is a, this is a milestone in the body of Christ. I really do for South Africa. I believe the general of faith that is coming here is doing something through us, for us for South Africa. Hallelujah. 


So, I just want to say if you thought you were, you know, I’ve got busy, busy, I’m not going to make it to that meeting. I’m not going to make it. And I’m not sure about the speaker. Let me tell you, everybody that is going to be in this conference is under the leadership and the authority of Brother Jerry. That means everybody that speaking is going to be inspired by the utterances of God to say what they have to say. Don’t think it’s not Brother Jerry then it’s not worth attending.


Can the music ministry come up please? Hallelujah. And can the ushers please, you can be seated again. Because I wanted to do communion, and this is important. I forgot to do an offering also. I got my offering in my hands, in my pocket. I was touching it all the time. I was so needed to get this message out. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. But we’re going to do communion first. Praise the Lord, thank you. Praise the Lord. Just play, just play, just play is the Holy Spirit, just play.


So if you have been part of the church a long time, you will know that having communion is a celebration of the life of Jesus. It is a celebration of His death and His resurrection. It is a celebration of health and healing and blessing that He has brought to us. It is also a celebration, that no sickness or disease can exist in our lives because of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a celebration that the blood of Jesus has caused all of our goings and all of our living to be blessed. It is also the release of the power of God into our lives to overcome every sin, everything that tries to easily beset us and hold us down. The power of the blood of Jesus, and the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, gives us the grace and the power to overcome everything, every stronghold that is in our lives.


This is a celebration. This is a celebration. It is a celebration. It is a recognition. It is a wonderful thing for us to say: “Lord, You died for us, and because You died for us, You have given us all things to enjoy, freely, freely.”


You know, for many, many years, whenever we would have communion, people would get very serious. And they would feel like they have to repent from their sins. And they would go into this whole introspective thing and all of that. Well, Jesus already paid the price for our sins. And He has removed us as far from our sins as the east is from the west. And the Bible says that those sins He remembers no more. In fact, I’ll tell you what, if you said to the Lord: “Lord, I receive you as Lord and Saviour of my life. And I declare that I am a sinner and You saved me from all my sins.” He doesn’t even remember what sin you bring before Him. If you go back to Jesus now, and you say: “You remember that sin I did?” If you’ve got a memory in your mind, and you said: “Remember that one?” He says: “What one?” “But don’t You have a memory Jesus?” “No, I don’t.” “Doesn’t the Father God remember?” “No, He doesn’t.”


That is beyond your concept of human intellect, because you remember everything. But the Father doesn’t remember anything that is against Him. How can He? He has forgiven you. It has been washed. It has been washed away by the blood of Jesus. So, if you have a garment that has got a stain on it, yes? And you wash it, and the stain is gone. You might have a memory that the stain was there. But when you look at the garment, the stain is no longer there. That is the power. That is the power of the blood. It has washed away every stain of your life, anything that you are ashamed of, guilty of. Anything that you might feel – Jesus has washed. That is why we celebrate the blood. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.


Will you join me please, and take the body of the Lord Jesus, and say: “Lord, we thank You for the body that was broken for me. And I receive all of my healing. I receive all of the good things that I need to have restored in my life, I receive it now, in Jesus’ name. Anything in the material world that is mine, I receive it in Jesus’ name.”


And the blood of the Lord Jesus. We receive the blood of the Lord Jesus. And we thank You Lord, that the blood washed away our sins. The blood has removed any hindrance that we might have to have all of the good things that Jesus died for us. And we honour You and we recognize it. And we say thank You Lord, that as we step into the new things that You have for us with the week coming, that we do so remembering and celebrating the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.


Praise Jesus. Why don’t you stand with me please? Let us sing that song please.


[Sound and Song: You Redeem My Life]


Hallelujah! Praise Jesus. I pray that the Holy Spirit renews your strength like eagles. And I trust that as we go into a long weekend of extended meetings, that you will have strength to stay the distance and stay the course and be here and be ready and have the Holy Spirit fill you and strengthen you. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. 


I pray that you will be sensitive to everything that the Holy Spirit has for you and I pray that even as you have the rest of the week, that you are safe, you’re protected, your business, your income, everything is protected, that God is going to bless you and God is going to increase you. And we are fully anticipating that God is going to do something extraordinary, supernatural amongst us in the days and the week ahead and we will never be the same again. We will never be the same again. We will never, never, never be the same again. Hallelujah. 


Thank you. Bless you. I know you’ve got a short turn around for lunch. Woolworths is just down the road… and Checkers… and Kentucky… Okay, bless you all. Bye.