In The Light Of The Ecclesia Part 3 – Ps Christi Grobler (JHB)

Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 10:5,11 (NKJV); 2 Timothy 3:16 (AMPC); Joshua 14:6-7 (NKJV); Daniel 10:12 (NKJV); Joshua 14:7-9 (NKJV), Joshua 1:3 (NKJV); Joshua 14:10-15 (NKJV); Joshua 14:13-14 (AMPC); Isaiah 60:5 (AMPC); Romans 4:17; Joshua 15:13-19 (NKJV); Hebrews 4:2 (NKJV); Numbers 14:24 (NKJV); Numbers 13:30-33 (AMPC); Numbers 14:6-10 (AMPC); Numbers 14:22-24 (AMPC); Numbers 14: 29-32 (AMPC)

Surely Your goodness and unfailing love it pursues us every single day, Lord, following us, following us. Well Father this afternoon, we come straight away, in the mighty name of Jesus and we ask You, Lord, the same as we asked You in Witbank, this morning with this word that You laid upon my heart, Lord. That You will keep on transforming us inwardly by the Holy Spirit. Father, for all of us, through a total reformation of how we think, daily Lord, that You will empower us to keep on that You will help us that we can blow our minds with every message Lord as it comes that we might may discern Your will, Father by Your Word, every word that’s coming, every message that is coming total reformation of how we think. Father, let Your anointing rest on every word today, this afternoon, so that we may hear Your heart. That we may hear the sound of Your heart this afternoon, and we all say ‘Amen’. You may be seated. Well, good afternoon and it is wonderful to be here with you, all of you, Pastor Malusi and with our spiritual family here in Johannesburg, but agh you know, and we know we are one. So it is just wonderful to be here with you.

Well, I think there’s a few parents that can give me an indication Pastor John and Sharon and the interns with the whole team is almost, almost here. Not yet, but almost. And we are really, really looking forward to see them. And of course, to hear what God has done with this wonderful trip. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. Well, we are going to jump into the message this afternoon, will you open your Bibles. Pastor Malusi said he has got his paper Bible here today and we know that Pastor John is now more than often using his paper Bible. Listen, I’m working on it to use my iPad more often but oh I like the paper Bible. So Pastor Malusi, it’s wonderful that you have your Bible here.

One Corinthians chapter ten, New King James. Well, Holy Spirit thank You for, I know you all are in agreement with me for how and how this message must come out this afternoon. You know me by now. I like to stick to my notes, to say here what I had to say in Witbank. But I have this in my spirit, that there are some things that must be released here this afternoon. Like some things had to be released in Witbank this morning. So one Corinthians, I just want to go there. I have it in my notes. But there’s one or two things that I want to highlight even in my Bible. Now, in the light of the Ecclesia. I’ve shared it this morning in Witbank, and I’ve got to say it again. The Lord reminded me, the Lord reminded me of the message that Pastor Sharon brought about five years ago. And the title of that message is, ‘The spirit of Caleb.’ And the Lord said to me, “You’ve got to go there.” I said, “Yes, Sir.” Because it’s a message very dear to my heart. I know you are doing the same. This, I can tell you this afternoon. It’s one of those messages that had a very great impact in my life.

Like all the messages and I know you do the same thing, meditate on these messages. And it’s one of the messages that I’ve kept very close to my heart. So when the Holy Spirit reminded me, absolutely. I remember I was walking to my office, when the Holy Spirit said to me just before Pastor John and Sharon, and the team left. I said, “Yes, Sir. In the light of the Ecclesia. I can see where You want to go, and what You want to say through this message today.” So, praise the Lord. Just before, thank You, Holy Spirit I’ve even, it’s such a wonderful privilege to travel with Bertus and Stef, having great fellowship and stopping for lunch here in Joburg, just to enjoy the outing. So, in the car I’ve also prayed with them, knowing that the Holy Spirit wants to release some things in a certain way. Will you please say what I’ve asked the people in Witbank to say as you sit there. Mom and dad this is not for your children, children this is not for mom and dad. This is not for your husband and this is not for your wife. This is for you and this is for me. Where you are sitting will you say, “This message is for me today.” Amen. Hallelujah.

Now we can actually read one Corinthians ten, verse five to six, New King James. In the New King James and I mean, again, all the translations are a bit different. But I like the New King James in this way, even before chapter 10 is starting, it says all testament examples, examples.

So verse five says, 5 But with most of them and God is talking about the Israelites coming out of Egypt, God gives them a messenger with the message to bring to them, and what happened to them there is an example to us today. Now, 5 with most of them, God was not well pleased, for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. Look at verse 10. Now these things became our example. That’s what’s very important for us today, in what we get to see in the light of the Ecclesia. Look at verse 11, please. 11 Now all of these things, once again, I just want to emphasize what I want to focus on today. 11 Now all of these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition. (1 Corinthians 10: 5,11 NKJV)

So, God, God wants to admonish us. They were written for us to see the principles, to see the examples from the Old Testament. Right through to the New Testament. Aitsa, we’ve got competition there on the roads, praise the Lord, but no problem. Such a wonderful afternoon and we pray and we say, “He or she will come to church shortly in the name of Jesus, we call those ones to the assembly, to the Ecclesia, in the name of Jesus.” On the bike of the bike, it doesn’t matter, we call them to come. So, these and we know it, we know it a bit better even in this church, but these things were written as examples for all of us.

Now, will you please go with me to second Timothy, please? The third chapter that we love so much saying the same thing in the New Testament. Second Timothy 3:16, Amplified. 16 All every Scripture is God-breathed, given to us by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It’s profitable for you and me. Once again, this is, my ears are open, just like your ears are open today. The Scripture is given to us to profit us for instruction, for reproof, conviction of sin, for the correction of error, and for the discipline in obedience. (2 Timothy 3:16 AMPC) And listen, God is talking to us about He is looking for the ten righteous. Now, again, I’m going to say it. He is looking for the 50, He is looking for the 150 for all of us, all believers, all born again believers are children of God but not all believers live the same way for God. So that is very important.

Now, in one Corinthians 10, in what we are talking here about today, especially, we’re going to look at the spirit of Caleb today and I’ve said it in Witbank. I’m sharing what Pastor Sharon ministered. These are not my words, the Lord reminded me and He said to me, “In the light of the Ecclesia, we are believers and we are going into the promised land. This is for you.” I said “Yes, Sir.” So, we are talking about the people here that God is reminding us about, giving us an example, who never went into the promised land. Why? God made amazing promises to them. But they had a choice to obey. God is making awesome promises to us. But we have choices.

So, if you will go with me to Joshua chapter 14 today. We’re going to read quite a bit from Joshua 14. And we’re going to kick over into the book of Numbers today and let’s see what the Bible says. What happened in these cases and why it’s such powerful examples to us. Right here in Joshua 14, we’re going to start to take a closer look at Caleb, the life of Caleb, the spirit of Caleb, and like Pastor Sharon ministered so beautifully. If you go back to that message about the words that came from Caleb.

Joshua 14, verse six. 6 Then the children of Judah came to Joshua in Gilgal. And Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite said to him: “You know the word which the Lord said to Moses the man of God concerning you and me in Kadesh Barnea.” Listen to the first absolute statement of faith that’s coming from the heart of Caleb in verse seven. For 40 years, 7 I was 40 years old when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy out the land, and I brought back word to him as it was in my heart. (Joshua 14:6-7 NKJV) Wow, that says a lot. So I want to say to you today, like I said, in Witbank, God knows this afternoon, what is in my heart and in your heart and it’s going to come out, it’s going to come out. You might not speak about many of those things right now but the Lord knows and He wants to help us with this.

Please go to Daniel chapter 10, verse 12. Because now in between, and it was not the first time when Pastor Sharon ministered about this, but in Prayer Connect and in so many instances, Pastor Sharon, ministered on this, where the angel came for the words of Daniel. How important words are and we know what is in the heart is going to come out at one stage especially when there is pressure. We just know this, when there is pressure what is going on in your heart, it will come out, it is going to come out. So our words are so important and listen, it’s one of those revelations where we are going from glory to glory. We are faith people.

We’ve learned much about this. But we still have to see it on a next level, to understand what God has for us, how He has positioned us. We have come to Mount Zion, to this Ecclesia to rule and reign with God. So, God wants us to see the spirit of Caleb, what is in his heart and what kind of words is coming out of his mouth. But of course first, let’s look at what happened with Daniel and let me show it to you. 12 Then he said to me, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you have set your heart. (Daniel 10:12 NKJV) People, it’s not just the statement that I am making this afternoon that God knows my heart and He knows your heart. Because what is in your heart is going to cause you to set, be committed or not be committed.

So we see that Caleb said, “I brought that word from what was in my heart to the Lord.” What do we see from another man who chose God and to be obedient to God. 12 From the first day that you set your heart, to understand, and listen like the little children and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and the angel said, and I have come … for your words. (Daniel 10:12 NKJV) Nothing has changed in-between. God’s coming; the angels are coming for our collective greatness, in our collective greatness our words, and personally when we pray. The angels are coming.
So, let’s continue. We see it in both these great men of God in their hearts. The angels came, the angels of God came for Daniel’s words because Daniel was speaking words of faith. We are going to look at Caleb today. Caleb did not flinch. He was saying what God was saying through Moses and then later through Joshua. And that’s where we started two weeks ago in part one, In the light of the Ecclesia. If we want to be busy with what Jesus is busy with, then we listen to what He’s saying to the messenger of the church and of course, all the Ecclesias where God has them.
Please go to Joshua 14 and actually you are still there, we are going to read from verse eight this time. So, let us look at the words that Caleb spoke and let us take note today. Let us listen to the words of faith that came from his heart. I’m just going to go back to verse seven. I already read it to you. But remember the principle in the Word of God – faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the words of God. So, here is again from verse seven and then we are going to read until verse 18. Caleb says, 7 I was forty years old when Moses the servant of the LORD sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy out the land, and I brought back word to him as it was in my heart. Verse eight. 8Nevertheless my brothers who went up with me made the heart of the people melt. (Joshua 14:7, 8 NKJV) So, what was in their heart was very, very different and we are going to look at it this afternoon. They did not say the same thing.
Pastor Sharon made a very, very big statement here because the Word says, Caleb says 8 I wholly followed the Lord my God. Pastor Sharon said, “Caleb followed the Lord wholly because he wholly believed God.” People, if there’s a little bit of frustration or wavering or doubt in your heart this afternoon, it is going to come out and that’s what God wants us to see. He wants us to see that.
Verse nine, 9So Moses swore on that day, saying, ‘Surely the land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance and your children’s forever, because you have wholly followed the LORD. You can only wholly follow the Lord when you wholly believe Him. That’s very important and I’m going to show you why God wants us to get a grip on where we are with Him. Because just like Caleb and Joshua and the other people around them, they had to face giants. As if we only face the giant in the corona virus and the effects thereof. They have faced giants in their time as well. (Joshua 14: 7-9 NKJV)
But now I just want to explain something here very quickly to you. If you will go and I’m going to come back to Joshua 14 but please go to Joshua chapter one, the third verse in the Amplified. If God, and I’ve shared this with you here, that Moses said, “If you tread with your foot and where you did, you are going to get that inheritance.” So, Brother Hagin says, for you and me, “Every place upon which you and I will tread upon, God is going to give it to us.” When you read his books, and when you’re in the Bible School, you will hear Brother Hagin spoke about this quite a bit. Where is he getting that from? Brother Hagin always went to Joshua chapter one the third verse. Now, I can actually read from the second verse. But I want to highlight verse three to you. This is so important in me coming before the Lord to occupy what He has for us because Pastor John said, “It’s time to go into the promised land.” So, this and even onwards in Joshua is very big in my prayer life. Look at the third verse. 3 Every place Heritage of Faith People, upon which the sole of your foot will shall tread, that have I given to you, and as God said to us, as I promised. (Joshua 1:3 NKJV)
How do you get, how do you tread upon places? Brother Hagin says it so beautifully. You believe with the heart and you speak with the mouth. That’s it. But many people know Jesus is our healer and that we are by the stripes of Jesus, we are healed. But they do not tread upon those places. Therefore they get nothing. You have to take it. You occupy with your mouth. You tread upon healing. What God has for us in opportunities, in finances – you’ve got to tread with your mouth on those places. Praise the Lord. That is something we actively have to do and occupy and pursue in our lives.
Back to Joshua 14 verse ten. 10 And now, behold, the LORD has kept me alive, as He said, listen to all the words. Like Pastor Sharon said in that message – of how Caleb spoke. And we are now going to talk about it because you are going to see that Caleb, like you and me, had to stand for many years. Like Brother Jerry and then you still have to stand and then you still have to stand and then after one victory and you go to a new level, you again have to walk by faith. You again have to apply your faith. You again have to come by faith. As if that principle is going to stop somewhere. No Lord, no, no, no, no. 10 And now, behold, the LORD has kept me alive, as He said, as He said, these forty-five years, ever since the LORD spoke this word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness; and now, here I am this day, eighty-five years old.
Some time passed there and we are going to come back to that. Now I’m going to read it again because I want your ear to hear this. 10 And now, behold, the LORD has kept me alive, as He said these forty-five years, ever since the LORD spoke this word to Moses. Ever since God spoke to Pastor John on our behalf. Can you see where we started in part one? This is God’s pattern. This is God’s example. If we are busy with our energy in any other place except the direction and the surges that the Holy Spirit is giving to Pastor John, we are not going to inherit. We are not going to occupy. This is God’s example. That’s why it’s so wonderful to be planted. It’s so safe, it’s so – you don’t have to run after all the things. But you have to position yourself to look. Recognition is the foundation of revelation to change our current reality. Our current reality must change.
Keep on listening to the words of Caleb. Verse 11. 11 As yet I am as strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me. Pastor Sharon has ministered on this. Where she said, “My health, my strength – I am as strong this day as where we have started on assignment.” This is coming from the words of a spirit speaking like Caleb. So, once again, when Pastor Sharon brought this word, that’s why I kept it very close to my heart. And for us, having the privilege to understand more about faith today. We know this is it. There is not a different way to live, a different attitude, a little bit of faith, a little bit in frustration, a little bit wondering, a little bit in fear. There’s only one way to live. So, that’s why the messages through all these years made such a change in my life. I see the words, I take the Scripture, let it get into my heart, put those words in my mouth the same as you did and you are doing.
I’m still reading from verse 11. 11 Just as my strength was then, so now is my strength for war. Hallelujah. So, Pastor Sharon said in that message, Caleb made it very clear, “I’m up for this fight. I’m up for this fight.” And we know there’s only one fight – the good fight of faith. We know there’s only one fight to fight. But he was up. He said, “I will believe God’s Word, Caleb, as He is promising me these things concerning all the areas of my life. I’m up for this fight.” And then he says these words at the end of verse 11, 11 both for going out and for coming in. The same for our lives. Every day, both for going out and coming in. In the name of Jesus.
What did Pastor John minister in I will blow your mind? It’s time to attack. To attack with our faith, to attack with joy, to attack in the name of Jesus because God says, “I give you the promised land.” Look at verse 12. I so like these words. This is precious to my own heart for years already. Look at what Caleb said and that’s why God us to see today. People, we do not live by feelings. We live by faith and faith comes from what we are hearing. God says in His Word, it doesn’t matter if you feel on top of the world. It’s what you choose to say. Now while he was facing giants, just like all the other people, just keep that in mind, we are facing what the enemy wants to do through corona today. Caleb, Joshua, all the other people were facing giants. But look what he’s saying here.
Now, in verse 12, 12 Now therefore, after everything he went through, give me, give me, give me, give me this mountain. I like that. “Give me, Lord. I’m ready to occupy by Your leading, Holy Spirit.” There’s a difference to occupy than to come to chase. It’s two different things. “Give me, Lord.” Like Pastor Sharon said, “What You have allotted to me spiritually and naturally. In the name of Jesus, Give me.” 12 Give me this mountain of which the LORD spoke in that day; for you heard in that day how the Anakim were there, and that the cities were great and fortified. I mean, can we hear this? He did not walk into a valley and there was nothing. There were giants and we are going to talk about it. Pastor Sharon explained the Anakims. The other word that the Bible is using is Nephilim – giants in those days. No, the cities were great and fortified. 12 It may be that the LORD will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the LORD said.” (Joshua 14:10-12 NKJV) He is in attacking mode.
And when God showed this to me, I mean immediately because this word for years is in my heart. For years – this word. When God showed it to me I immediately saw, “O, yes Lord, you already said to Pastor John it’s time to attack.” I know, Caleb was in that attack mode all the time. Attack. Attack with your faith. Attack with joy. Attack him with these messages coming. Why? We spoke about it in part one or two. Their hearts are melting. God says they’re ready to give you whatever you’re going to ask. Our enemies are coming cringing before us. Get into, get off the back foot, on the front foot. Be bold and big – it’s time to attack.
Look at verse 13, 13 Then Joshua blessed him and gave him Hebron to Caleb the son of Jephunneh for as an inheritance. Hebron therefore, verse 14 14 So Hebron became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and to this day, why? because he wholly followed the Lord, God of Israel (Joshua 14:13-14 AMPC). Did he follow God without the leading first of Moses and then Joshua? No. No, this is not the example in the person we see here. He followed God by listening to Moses and we are going to see it. He’s coming to Joshua, he’s listening to the words that God says, the timing, the direction, the steps that’s coming through the messengers, and God says, “Because you wholly followed Me.”
Verse 15, 15 The name of Hebron before was Kiriath-arba. This Arba was the greatest man among of the Anakim. And the land had rest from war (Joshua 14:15 AMPC). So Pastor Sharon gives a little bit of an example here. The Anakim was also called the Nephilim. The Anakims were there in the beginning when they had to spy out the land – the giants, that is why the other leaders said, “We are like grasshoppers in their sight,” they faced him. Pastor Sharon gives just and I mean there’s a lot to say about the giants in that time. Pastor Sharon gives us a short summary. So the Anakims – great, many and tall; a nomad race of giants, violent tyrants of those days, who fell on others and caused them to fall. David, on several occasions, encountered them. They were a warlock tribe, but Caleb had a different spirit. He did not back down.
We’re not backing down because of what the enemy wants to do through Covid. We see what’s happening in the lives of people. Do you think it’s not affecting any of us that’s sitting here? It did not affect Caleb. We are not moved by what we see. We are only moved by the Word of God. Then Pastor Sharon ministered in that message, a beautiful thing. She says, “I’ve discovered what the name Caleb means. Caleb means ‘all heart’.” All heart. Isn’t that beautiful? All heart, with all his heart he believed God, with all his heart, he attacked. You can. When you really just believe what God is saying, you’re always on the forefoot, always on the forefoot, because through the self-fulfilling power of the Lord, so he was all heart.
I just want a moment, take you to Isaiah, chapter 60 here this afternoon. Because some of you, ja most of you will actually remember this when Pastor John ministered to us about, let me just get my place, Isaiah 60. You will remember and since Pastor John brought that word, it is, it is such a powerful word that I’m standing on and that I’m occupying what God has for me personally and corporately, when it comes to Isaiah 60. But Caleb, Caleb means he was all heart. So, why do I want to go there? And I’m going to show you and remind you about the highlights that came from that morning when Pastor John ministered on Isaiah 60. So Isaiah 60, verse five in the Amplified please. It’s of course talking in Isaiah 61 about ‘rise and shine for your light has come.’ And God says, “Yes, there’s a great darkness upon the people, but you are rising.” And then He says in verse five, Amplified, 5 Then you will shall see and be radiant, and your heart shall thrill and tremble with joy [at your glorious deliverance].
Your heart will be enlarged. So that is something since Pastor John ministered about that because if you see Pastor John in action, he has an enlarged heart. The capacity for every single one of us, families, giftings, callings for the body of Christ – he has an enlarged heart. So this is something that I take very seriously when I pray, that I may all the days of my life have the capacity, the capacity for what God has called me to do, and what God has called you to do.
So, Caleb is all heart, an enlarged heart. I’m going to just show you something special that Pastor John shared with us, let’s just finish verse five. You will have an enlarged heart 5 because the abundant wealth of the (Dead) Sea will shall be turned to you, and unto you shall the nations come with their treasures. (Isaiah 60:5 AMPC) Huge. Everything about Isaiah 60 and Isaiah 61. At the end we spoke about ‘we have come to Mount Zion’, the book of Isaiah, you can actually see it – is in three parts. In the beginning, the prophet is speaking to Israel and the coming of the Messiah in the middle of Isaiah. That’s why it’s such an important book in the Bible. It’s talking about the Messiah, and the last part of Isaiah is talking about Zion, it is talking to you and me, those verses are so important. So, on that morning, the 11th Sunday the 11th of August 2019 and I do think, I can’t remember if we had a Glory weekend that Saturday and Sunday Pastor Melusi? (Pastor Melusi nods a “yes”).

I thought so, thank you for confirming that. Please go back to Sunday 11th of August, for everything that you and me have to occupy, Isaiah 60, the way Pastor John gave it to us, is so important. I’m just going to share one or two sentences of what he shared with us.

‘But this morning, Pastor John said, when I was spending time with the Lord, a strong prophetic mantle dropped upon me, and I have to obey God now based on what He told me to do this morning. He told me to read this scripture over us today, and I want you to understand that when He’s talking here about camels, sheep, goats and vineyards.’ So you will see in verse six, is something that I take very seriously in my life, the multitude of camels will cover your land. So what is a camel? A camel is anything and everything, and I’ve shared that with you in the past, that is assisting you. Your car is a camel, your cell phone, your iPad, machinery that you need in your home, at work. And me and Grobbies do it, me and Grobbies do it often, we call the camels to come, to come and cover our land, we call them, that’s very, very important.

Pastor John says, “When God is talking about vineyards and He’s talking about camels in the book of Isaiah, he says, God is actually talking about business, transaction, companies, money, deals, sales and opportunities.” And we need to have an ear to hear to occupy this way. So, I pray this almost daily, to come to occupy by the leading of the Holy Spirit, not to chase. God knows what this is. And I just want to make that example and use that example, the Holy Spirit reminds me of what I used in Witbank again this morning. People, we have to call things. If we don’t call things, we will not have it. So, I’m going to do this once again. Lillian, will you please come and walk and come and stand here with me? I call you. Now I call something to come. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s very important. It’s coming. She’s here. (Lilian walks from her chair towards Pastor Christi).

You are a beautiful camel. Why is that important? If you don’t call nothing will come. Nothing will cover your land. Romans 4:17. You have to call those things which are not as though they are. And did you see why I was using those words? It’s coming. It’s coming. You cannot when we look at the spirit of Caleb, come and say the one day, I’m calling in the work opportunities, contracts, whatever it is you believing for and then two days later, say but the Word of God is not working. It’s not coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. Therefore, many times when me and Grobbies are believing for something after we have come into agreement, we now believing for it, the next day and the next day we say to one another, “It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming.” That’s very important, until those things will arrive right into your world and into your finances.

So that’s very, very important. I’m not going to say too much about this. It’s on our web page, the actual transcription plus the highlights. You want to get this, get and occupy what God has for you. I mean verse 11 says, I say it when I pray, me and Grobbies are praying, verse 11 says that men will bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles. So, now for years when Pastor John gave it, I said, “Lord, I’m calling those men.” So, it’s very great to see it here. It’s very great. People, it’s not to say when you believe in God, that you live in a covenant relationship with Him. Demons also believe in God, but they don’t live in a covenant relationship with Him. You have to take what He is giving you and me, you have to take it by faith, you have to call it. So, I say to the Lord, “Lord, you know who these men are, and I call them today to bring, you know what this is, but I’m calling them to come in the name of Jesus.” There’s of course, a lot in Isaiah 60 and then Isaiah 60 verse 17 says and now instead of bronze, I’m giving you gold, and that’s in all areas of our lives. Praise the Lord.

Well, I’m going to go back with you to Joshua, verse 14, but I just wanted to interrupt, oh, so, some of you will remember and that’s what I wanted to add, with the enlarged heart, Pastor John, that has this beautiful heart for what God has called him to be and surely, we understand that there’s an apostolic leader, for the love and how he’s walking with us as a people. But it goes for you and me too. There’s many of you that will remember when Pastor John played that insert about the wonderful horse in the 1970’s, Secretariat, you remember that day? Well, what was so special about that horse? Number one, he was the Triple Crown Champion and in two of his events, he was setting new records. But after he died when they, when they did the autopsy on him, do you know what happened? They saw that his heart was double the size of a normal horse, an enlarged heart and Caleb was all heart. I know you and me, we want to be all heart. Just like Pastor John and in our collective greatness. Praise the Lord.
So we’re going to continue with Joshua 15 now. We’re going to jump over to Joshua 15 this afternoon, 13 till 19. 13 Now to Caleb the son of Jephunneh he gave a share among the children of Judah, according to the commandment of the Lord to Joshua, namely, Kirjath Arba, which is Hebron. Verse 14, 14 Caleb drove out the three sons of Anak. Did he back down for the giants? Let’s talk about Covid in his days – the giants he saw. No, he was on the attack. What’s happening in our economy right now cannot drive you and me out of the laughing in the laughing and wealthy place that God has for us.
You know what, I, when we had lunch, I’ve said to Bertus and Stef this afternoon, I said, “You know, I take these messages and when I stand on them it’s a wonderful thing to come and fight the good fight and war with the Word that God gives us.” And every single time since Pastor John said that, many many years ago, I have this, I know the Holy Spirit is telling me, “You go Christi.” I said, “Father, You know the money is not gone.” And He goes, “That’s right, the money is not gone, call for it.” I said, “Yes Sir, here we go. Here we go.” 14 He drove out the three sons of Anak, Satan wants to drive us out of our wealthy place, out of the opportunities. People, the money is not all of a sudden gone. It’s in different hands and we know what happens sometimes, all the times when you have a depression or we’re in an economy like this. The money is not gone. God says, “Will you rise up in your authority please? Will you speak? Will you speak? Will you call those things?” “Yes Sir.” We are wealthy-ing, we are laughing, but God needs us to tread upon those places. And, this is the spirit of Caleb. He drove out these three sons of Anak. (Joshua 15:13-14 NKJV)
Look at verse 15. Oh, this is just, if you can still, and I will ask the people to put this message of Pastor Sharon back on the website, that you can go and listen to it again. I’m really using her words here. 15 Then Caleb went up, verse 15, from there to the inhabitants of Debir (formerly the name of Debir was Kirjath Sepher). 16 And Caleb said now listen to this Caleb said, “He who attacks Kirjath Sepher and takes it, to him I will give my daughter as a wife.” (Joshua 15:13-16 NKJV). So what Pastor Sharon was describing here – we see Caleb is on the attack and he was getting help, and he was getting help. Look at that attitude. Pastor John says, “We’re going to go big and bold.” We go, “Yes Pastor John.” We see what the Holy Spirit is doing, we are with you. So he was getting help.
He said, “Is there a man brave enough to help me?” Are we brave enough to say, “Pastor John, we will not let the enemy come against us.” We’ve got to fight and stand personally and therefore, as much as we’re killing the lion at home and we’re killing the bear at home and we are occupying what God has for us. When we come together in our collective greatness, we’ve got some spiritual muscle. We come, Pastor John. But in Pastor Sharon’s words – this was just magnificent, she said, “Well, Caleb said at least this is the kind of man I want for my daughter.” Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
But now listen to verse 17, and this is where it is very, it gets very close to home. I mean, we all see ourselves here – we hear what God is saying. We want to walk in the same spirit, but look at verse 17 at the daughter of Caleb. Why? Parents, what is in your hearts? Your children are hearing you. Your children are hearing you and we’re going to talk about that. 17 So Othniel the son of Kenaz, the brother of Caleb, took it; and he gave him his daughter as wife. Look at verse 18, 18 Now it was so, when she came to him, that she persuaded him to ask her father for a field. So she dismounted from her donkey, and Caleb said to her, “What do you wish?” Look at verse 19, I like this: 19 She answered, “Give me, same words as her dad, “Give me a blessing… (Joshua 15:17-19 NKJV) Same spirit, the same spirit.
That’s and I don’t want to jump ahead, but I want to flow with the Holy Spirit like Pastor Sharon said, “What you believe what is in your heart is infected people around you – affecting and infecting. So, that can be faith. God wants it to be faith like Caleb. I mean where, where do you see his daughter is coming with this kind of a spirit? “I see my dad living like this.” So, this is what God wants to show us. This attitude was even in Caleb’s daughter. “Give me, give me. I too want to occupy.” And that’s of course the way that God wants us to be stirred up today and say, “Yes Sir”. We see this is a man with a spirit, a different spirit.
So, just in short, what Pastor Sharon explained to us – what does different mean? Different means; not the same as another. Different means; unlike and then very important: poles apart and incompatible. That’s very true. You see, Joshua and Caleb were incompatible with the other ten spies. They weren’t even speaking the same language. They were incompatible, mismatched, differing from all the others. Now this is very important in our collective greatness. We cannot stay behind and not say what God is saying, not coming with the spirit to go big and bold. We cannot, we cannot. We have to make decisions. God is promising us very great promises, but we’ve got choices to make because we are going to influence one another and our ears must hear today.
The people whom God delivered from Egypt were murmuring, unbelieving hard-hearted people. Scripture, not us, Scripture calls them rebellious, disobedient and unwilling, and of course that’s not what we want to be. That’s not what we’re choosing, but we have to see it. So Hebrews 4:2 this afternoon. Again in the New Testament God is talking about what happened to them as a pattern to us as well. We love the Book of Hebrews, it’s speaking about these powerful things. Look at Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 2, 2 For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them. So, again we just have to bring it back to my life and your life. If they could miss it. Can we miss it? For sure. For sure. That’s why we’re back to part one and part two, In the light of the ecclesia. Can you be busy with something else than what Jesus is busy with? For sure. For sure. So it 2 did not profit them, not being mixed with faith for those who heard it. (Hebrews 4:2 NKJV) And that’s why we have to be alert. We’ve got to wake up. We’ve got to arise and shine – there’s the arise and shine anointing on us – to come and hear what God is saying.
Now we’re going to jump to Numbers 14, verse 24, this afternoon, because I want you now to to listen as the words is coming forth from Caleb’s heart. Caleb had a different spirit. There’s so much that I want to say about this in the light that we have come to Mount Zion and I just want to say this very shortly. It is a big thing. When you see in the Bible, in the Word of God, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, where God testifies on behalf of people. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s what we want to do. We talked about the blood of sprinkling last Sunday, that’s speaking for us, that’s very, very powerful. Not only of forgiveness, but the things that is written in the Book, according to Psalm 139. It’s speaking about forgiveness, but it’s speaking about the promises and the things that God has for us. And that’s why, you know, every time now that God is showing me personally this, I mean, I look at this and I say, “Lord, this person lived, he made choices and now You speak for him?”
Do you remember when we looked at the example that your our money has a voice? What happened when the accuser came in that court case before God about Job? God was speaking about him, a man blameless and upright. That’s a beautiful thing, when God speaks and testify about your life like this and this is absolute ecclesia. So, look what God is saying in Numbers 14:24. 24 But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land where he went, and his descendants will shall inherit it. (Numbers 14:24 NKJV)
You know, while we were coming here, me and Grobbies and Bertus and Steph and we were talking about, we’re looking forward to see Pastor John and Sharon and the interns and one-by-one we mentioned their names, because we just know that God impacted them so these two weeks. We just know it. That one day when I was speaking to Pastor John, like I shared with you, he said to me, “Christi, everything is blessed, and supernatural, and the moments I know that God had planned for them.” We are really eagerly waiting to hear and see what God did here. But you know what is so big about this? Again, because God is a relational God and Pastor John is a relational apostle, everything is about relationship.
If God, if we did not, number one, Pastor John and Sharon not give God crucial obediences, then us as a people with him, if we could not be here. What do we want to achieve at the end of our lives if God is not taking the next generation? Well done, Caleb, yes, you’ve got a different spirit. You make choices for the Lord, but God says, “I will take him into and his descendants with him.” This thing that’s happening with the interns is God. It’s God. God is granting us to occupy. The obediences that Pastor John gave, is putting us in a position – we have qualified after these 20 years, God is taking the children. Thank You Lord, for the gifts of Pastor John and Sharon, to have trained us, ministered to us, bringing us to this place. But I’ve said to Bertus and Stef, this thing about Caleb, and God says, “And I’m taking the children.” Hallelujah, hallelujah. Generation after generation after generation, not to build a big fancy church, not to look smart somehow. This is massive what’s happening here, when we see the spirit of Caleb in action, and God is taking the children. Praise the Lord.
Then Numbers 13 verse 30, the Amplified, here Caleb starts to speak before the people. It’s a scripture that we love. It’s a scripture that I’ve loved ever since I can remember it as a little girl. 30 Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once and possess it; because we are well able to conquer it. (Numbers 13:30 AMPC) People those words every single time actually when we pray Tuesday evenings in our prayer connect. I want to shout out those words. We are able, let’s go up at once. Let’s press in for our president. Let’s press in for Pastor John and Sharon as we pray for us as a people. Why does Pastor John know all the steps? No, but it’s in the self-fulfilling power of the Word. God just wants us to say like Caleb, ‘Yes, let’s go up. Let’s go up and do business. Let’s go up and pray for our president. Let’s go up and occupy the land. Let me go up in this thing in my personal life at once, just by the way at once.’ Why? While giants are looking me straight in the face, let’s go up at once we are well able, full stop. And then the Holy Spirit leads us in. He leads us into those things.
Numbers 13 and I’m going to continue from verse 31, to verse 33, amplified,31 But his fellow scouts said, the other spy says We are not able. We know what people are currently saying, in our economy right now. Again the example is there because in principle, every generation will face this somehow. 31 But his fellow scouts said, We are not able to go up against the people [of Canaan], for they are stronger than we are. Remember what we said last, well it was in part 2. That God said to us and I’ve mentioned it here this afternoon. Their hearts are melting. Why? Why? Why? Why? Because then God said to Canaan, Canaan, you think those houses and business right now is yours. I’m giving it to them. It doesn’t belong to you anymore. Their hearts are melting just because God says it’s now ours.
It’s not something funny you and me have to go and do. It’s in the self fulfilling power of the Word. I’m giving it to you. People right now there in the world thinks things are still belonging to them. It’s not. It belongs to us. But we have to, we have to work at our hearts. Look at our hearts; repent, as we come out of Babylon, self correct with every message, adjust, change, change, keep on changing, come bold and big. When Pastor John says this thing we come, when he says that thing we come. Why? Because God says, “I’m giving you the promised land.” And because I’ve said that word they are hearing. They’re hearing the sound and song. They’re hearing our prayers. They’re hearing the testimonies we overcome by the blood of sprinkling that speaks for us. Their hearing and their hearts are melting, full stop. Full stop. We can go and we can go and occupy. Many others around us will complain and say “Well, another strand is coming. And maybe the President is going to say this tonight or is going to do that.” No, God already spoke. God spoke.
Verse 32 says, 32 So they brought the Israelites an evil report of the land which they had scouted out, saying, because people you see and I see, we scout every single day. We see what’s going on. But now it’s not up to me. I say what my Father is saying. How He’s going to do that, He will give us the strategy for. So, they brought an evil report in verse 33. There we saw the Nephilim [or giants], the sons of Anak, who came from the giants; and they said, the evil report, the other ten in our own sight we were like as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. (Numbers 13:31-33 AMPC)
That’s why I come back. That’s why I come back today this, this is for me and this is for you. Do you know that sometimes your husband and your wife don’t know what’s actually in your heart? What’s actually in your heart. When you face people at work another time and again speaking about Covid. Do you start to become weak, because we are being bombarded again and again? Or do we have the spirit like Caleb? Why? Pastor John said, “We have Caleb in our hearts and Joshua in our blood.” But the question is, what’s happening to you and me daily? I mean, Caleb said 45 years past, and we are still going to get there again. Are you 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and you think nothing is going to happen for you? Everything. God is positioning you for everything, for everything, for everything. He is not only taking the interns. He says, “I’m taking all the little children.” And that’s that’s the heart of what the Lord said to me. There’s not one here that can lose their grip on what God promised. This is the spirit of Caleb, 85 years old; Give me this mountain. Can I have, give me, give me and God says, “This is what’s pleasing Me.” 60 Years old. 80 Years old today. 70 Years old in between. That is what God wants us to see.
Numbers 14 verse 16 to 10 we are jumping to the next chapter. 6 And Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among the scouts who had searched the land, and they rent their clothes. And that’s what Pastor John said, sometimes, when people among us are saying something that they are not supposed to say. Pastor John says; When you receive a prophet, you will receive a Prophet’s reward. But also when you receive a righteous man standing in front of you, you receive a righteous man’s rewards coming out of his heart. But sometimes when someone is saying something, the only thing you can do, and Pastor John said, you will find that the one choosing to live righteous will go quiet. I’ve got nothing to say here. Why are you saying that? I’m renting my clothes on the inside. Why are you saying what God is not saying here to this church. This is just really, really important for us to understand verse seven.
7 And they said to all the company of Israelites, The land through which we passed as scouts is an exceedingly great good land. 8 If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land flowing with milk and honey. 9 Only do not rebel against the Lord, neither fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us. Full stop, once again, what God is saying and not what you are thinking. So, let me and the reason I brought this book today, because today, I’ve got books and files, but for all these years, the messages that came Sunday by Sunday. I just chose to put it in a book. Listen to what Pastor John said a few years ago, again, that I kept close to my heart. It’s not the first time, I’m declaring and speaking this into my life.
Listen to what Pastor John said, “The giants are bread to me. I’m consuming them so easily, and it will make them part of my testimony.” Full stop. I’m declaring this for years. And I say, “Well, Lord, You are leading us with Pastor John and You are preparing us and we are going to face these giants. But we are going to take Jericho, and we’re going to take the cities.” And then Pastor John ministered “They are like nothing before us.” He said this Numbers 14:9, 9 Their defense and the shadow [of protection] is removed from over them, but the Lord is with me us. Fear them not. Full stop. Not sometimes, all the time, all the time, this attitude, the spirit of Caleb, he had a different spirit. People for us living by faith, you cannot live by faith or fear in the same moment.
You just cannot, I cannot do it, you cannot do it. And here’s the thing and we will see it right now, how your children are hearing you and you are hearing your children, husbands with wives, wives with husbands. Do you, do you think it’s okay to speak a little frustration, wavering doubt, and just tell your partner how difficult it is out there. That’s not good. That’s not the spirit of Caleb. That’s not what God is saying. God said, “They are bread to us.” Now that’s all I say. Until I face one, then the Holy Spirit will say to me, “You do this and you do that.” And it will become part of my testimony. The Holy Spirit will lead us. But that’s now all I have to say and I cannot. I’m not compatible. I don’t want to be compatible with the other ten that say “Yah, but do you understand it is a little bit hard?” No, we cannot talk that way. Words, words, words, even if I’m standing here and you are sitting there and you think you’ve got the revelation about how important words is. It’s all about words, the angels are coming for our words, my words, your words, is determining next week, next month, and the things that you can occupy or not occupy. That’s all. That’s all. Verse 10, 10 But all the congregation said to stone [Joshua and Caleb] with stones. But the glory of the Lord appeared at the Tent of Meeting before all the Israelites. (Numbers 14:6-10 AMPC).
And then Pastor Sharon in that message said and this is true because people I see you see, we see and we hear what’s going on. You have to deal with fear in your life, or you will not get your Promised Land. Why? They had to face the giants. We have to face the giants. Do you think David, Pastor Sharon said, “Was not experiencing fear when he went for Goliath in his humanity. He dealt with that fear to his covenant faith.” How? He came with words at the giant. He came with words when he approached him. “You come against me. You uncircumcised Philistine. I come against you in the name of the Almighty and with my covenant.” And that’s another, I’ve got so many notes here, I thought that I was going to talk to you about just an angle that I want to show you about what it means for us to grow in covenant and be in covenant with God. But the closer it came to the weekend and I’ve said it in Witbank. I’ve said to the Lord, He said to me, “I’m reminding you about that message of Pastor Sharon, I’m reminding you of that message of Pastor Sharon.” I said, “Yes, Lord.” He said, “I just want to encourage my people. I just want to show them in the light of the Ecclesia.” There is not a little bit of wavering.
There is an attitude. Caleb in our heart, Joshua in our blood that is the way we walk by faith. So, we will still talk about that. So, the others of course did yield to the fear. Joshua and Caleb did not, they did not. Numbers 14:9, we just read that I am not going to read it again, and then Numbers 14:22-24. 22 Because of all those men God says who have seen My Glory and My (miraculous) signs which I performed in Egypt and in the wilderness, yet have tested and proved Me. When we started two weeks ago in part one and part two, what I want to show you coming back to be busy with what God is busy. To be busy with what Jesus the Head of the church is busy with this Ecclesia and that is what we have said. Jesus speaks to Pastor John and we hear it and we are involved with those surges and those directions. Why?
God shows again because all these men in verse 22 who have seen My Glory and My miraculous signs which I performed in Egypt, he used Moses and later later He used Joshua, but God says, yet they have tasted and proved me. If we do not come according to God’s pattern and we know it, we are actually coming against God. We just again and again have to understand that in our fellowship with God, especially in our collective greatness. There’s not another way of becoming but to be all in with Jesus and to keep our eyes fixed on what Jesus is showing Pastor John. And of course, that will cause the shift of momentum in our personal lives, to go into the directions that He has for us very personally.
So, I’ve said this in Witbank, verse twenty three, 23 Surely they shall not see the land which I swore to give to their fathers; I mean, He swore He said, “I am giving you this land.” He’s making these promises to us as Heritage of Faith. I mean, since Pastor John came and then the Lord said, Nor shall any who provoked and (spurned and despised Me. Despise God’s sin? And then I’ve just shared with them in Witbank, what is the greater honor that we can give God. Is to believe in Him. It’s the greatest Honor we can give God. Really. That is so important, verse twenty four, 24 But My servant Caleb, because he is a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land in which he went and his descendants shall will possess it. Praise the Lord. (Numbers 14:22-24 AMPC)

Can you again see in the light, like Pastor Sharon said, “God came in barreling with I will take the children, and what is your more for?” I mean, it is for the next generation to hear the Word of God because, obedience is given by parents. But how many of you? How many of you? Like I’ve said to you, those fights were as big in the beginning to be planted. You had to fight all the lawlessness like me did in my heart. How? Yes, here sit all the parents today. God is taking the children. Why? I just sometimes call it, “They made the Abraham move.” To go from this place to that place. But that is significant. If Abraham did not do that, Isaac in the way that Abraham obeyed God, Isaac and then Jacob could not come. So, here’s the parents today for big fights and all of our lives being lawless for so many years. We said, “Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.” And now, after crucial obedience has given, the children God is taking them and what do they say? “Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.” Praise the Lord today. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Joshua fourteen verse twenty nine to thirty two in closing this afternoon. God says, 29 Your dead bodies shall will fall in this the wilderness – of for all who were murmured of you, from twenty years old and upwards. Why? Because you have murmured against me. Now we’ve got a total new revelation in God is taking the children on this word that God brought us. Verse thirty 30 Surely none of you will shall enter come into the land in which I swore to make you dwell, except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun. 31 But your little ones whom you have said would become a prey, them I will bring in and they shall know the land which you have despised and rejected. Choices, choices the whole time.

You know, just in the car again. Thank You, Holy Spirit. We were talking about Peter, and that great catch when God wanted to lead him. You know, the Lord said to me, “Christi, this spirit of Caleb was so awake.” The Lord said to me, “Do you understand because of Peter’s attitude that day, like Pastor John said beautifully. “Well Lord, You don’t know much about my trade, we try to fish the fish, You are not going to get anything”. Right there, the great wealth transfer was happening, and he could have missed it. He could have missed it. Caleb was awake 45 years with the Lord. So just by the way, if you think you have done this for a few years. Caleb says, “I’m staying with God, and with Moses and with Joshua, because I’m going to take it. Give me and give me.”

That’s what God really in the light of the Ecclesia says, “You have come to this place. Stay with Me.” Not a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit in business, a little bit here, a little bit there. All the way. All the way. All the way. Because Pastor John also ministered about this. When we get the word suddenly. It is something that you and me believing for a long time, and then suddenly, it’s not really suddenly. It’s like Caleb. You come to that point where it’s breaking loose. So, these things that God has for us; I want to give you the power to get wealth to establish my covenant. Covenant. Again, it’s very, very important. It’s because we believe God, day in and day out. We have this attitude, we have this attitude to believe God. But God says, “For those who despise and reject what I have for you, but I promise you.” 32 But as for you, your dead bodies shall will fall in the wilderness. (Numbers 14:29-32 AMPC)

Now this is in closing, very important, where I want to end today. And this is what God is saying to you and me today. Joshua fourteen thirty six. I think it’s our last scripture for this afternoon. And this is what we must really hear today. Because God says, “Blow your mind.” But let me tell you, we’ve got to blow our minds together. Husband and wife, mom and dad with the kids, the kids with mom and dad, with one another. Why? Verse thirty six, 36 And the men whom Moses sent to search out the land, who returned and made all the congregation grumble and complain. They came back and they affected them.

So, that’s why Pastor John ministered on that Pastor Sharon minister on that, you’ve got to blow your mind and you’ve got to say to your husband and your wife and to your child, no, my husband, no, my wife, no, my child, you cannot speak like that. No, what you’re doing right now, no, you cannot do it. You’ve got to lead. You’ve got to hate father, mother, brother, sister, husband and wife. I’m not going to divorce you but what you are doing right now. I hate that. I follow Jesus. Pick up your cross and that’s why I said this afternoon’s message is for me and it’s for you. We have to make these choices. Otherwise we will come. Pastor Sharon says, “Your unbelief will affect your family. You will infect people around you with your unbelief, with your lawlessness, with your hard heart.” Even just if you want to come into a conversation to tell them how it is a little bit hard. You cannot do that. That’s not what God says.

God says, “Drive them out.” No, we’ve got the Word of God. We cannot tolerate that. Caleb did not. He was incompatible and that’s really what God and then God said to me, “And Christi, you’ve got to go there.” What are you saying to your family members? Are you talking fear? Are you still grumbling? Is there frustration in your life? And then the Lord said to me, “Ask the parents, what are you saying to your son and your daughter? What are you saying to your son and your daughter? And are you saying something else to your children that Pastor John is not saying to them?” Remember, we spoke about this big thing. God is training us as parents in this house. You are the parents of your child but then they become of age where God says, “Now you submit to those. Be submissive to your spiritual leaders because they must give account of these people’s souls.”

There comes a day when your children are growing up when they’ve got to listen to Pastor John and by the Holy Spirit like you and me. You are not going to give account for their souls. Pastor John is going to do that. So, children, what are you saying to one another? What are we saying to one another? We have to take note today. This is very serious. This is very serious and if you want to talk that way, we are incompatible. We are incompatible. I want to receive the gift of a righteous man standing in front of me. Yes, let’s go in. Let’s trust God, let’s take the land. So, this is what and then Pastor Sharon ended beautifully in that message five years ago, where she said, “That’s why we come like little children.”

The Bible says Daniel when he set his heart, he humbled himself. Why? We come like little children. Pastor John. Tell me again. Pastor Sharon, tell me again. Please tell me that story again. Please, Pastor Sharon, remind me. That’s what is happening here today. I said to the Lord, “Lord, I can just give them the message to go and listen to it.” He says, “No. Tell them. Tell them what Pastor John said. Tell them what Pastor Sharon is saying.” Because we love Your Word Lord. Pastor Sharon said a while ago, “Joshua did not all of a sudden have new messages when they started to take city after city.” The same thing that they said, was still standing and they were living about it. But they come with hearts to say, “Tell me again.” And I’m putting my foot in the sound and song and I’m putting my foot in the message. Because this is how God is leading us into the promised land and we all say ‘Amen. Amen.’ Let’s pray.

Father, we want to say thank You. We come like little children to church. Because we say to You tell us again. Tell us again, the stories about Pastor John’s life. The stories about Pastor John and Sharon, message after message. Remind us again. Yes, Lord, the little children and the big little children here this afternoon. We say we’ve got Caleb in our hearts. We are all heart, every single talent, every single gift and anointing in this church, Lord, and we’ve got Joshua in our blood. We are a new now generation that’s going in Lord. Thank You. Once again. You’ve said that You are going to get us out of that sleep walking mode Lord. We praise You. You are so good. And thank You, Lord. Next Sunday when Pastor John and Sharon are back. We will sit here and say, tell us again Lord, tell us again. We love Your Word. We love Your Word. And Father, we are blessed. We are blessed going from this place this afternoon. We are blessed when we are sleeping, we are empowered to prosper. And now Lord, again, thank You for Your servants, the prophets. We believe what the prophets are saying, and we prosper. Father, for every single one of us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Psalm 91. Father, we are stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty. No evil shall befall us in the name of Jesus. No evil shall befall our health, our wealth, our children, our families. And Father, we want to say thank You, You are doing miracle after miracle in us, for us and around us. And we are experiencing Your goodness and Your power. And we all say, ‘Amen.’

It’s been a privilege to be here with you. With you guys, I’m looking forward to see Pastor John and Sharon. Have a blessed, blessed evening, and see you soon. Thank you, Pastor Melusi. Thank you, all of you this afternoon. Bye bye.