I Will Take The Children Part 9: Trust and Faith – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture reference: Proverbs 3:5-10 AMPC; Proverbs 1:33 AMPC; Matthew 7:9-11 AMPC; Matthew 7:7-11 TPT

Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Father, that we have an opportunity to walk in light and not in darkness. I thank You, Lord, that even today as we continue in this service, that Your light would be our guide. Your anointing is resting upon every detail, every word, every action, every reaction. I thank You, Lord, that our minds are quiet so that we can hear the Word. Our ears are ready to hear, and our hearts are ready to receive from You. Thank You, Lord. We never grow tired of changing, never get tired of knowing you better and in growing in wisdom and understanding of the Most High God. Thank You, Lord, that our gathering together today allows us to do that. Yet once again. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah.

Praise the Lord. Morning y’all. There is a lot of things I would like to share with you some things that pertain to us as a congregation. As the COVID, lockdown stories come to a close, come to an end. Thank God for that. We are increasingly moving towards having church the way God wants us to have church, not the way we used to have church. And so there’s some things that God has placed on my heart, which we are busy exploring in Witbank. And, and it has partly to do with what I’m about to ask you now.

We are looking to invest in a microwave tower of sorts, we’ve got some whole lot of prices, and we’re looking at the best way of doing it. But we are wanting to bring live, praise and worship here on a Sunday morning from Witbank. So that we will be live together with whoever’s preaching here, the worship will be live together. What do you all think? So, so we want to, we want to invest a bit more in the sound system and more visuals, and we want to make the auditorium look a little better and different. So that there is more of an inclusive experience here in Johannesburg. So we have a decision to make.

For the time being, we’re running two services in Witbank. Today, at least 8h30 and 10h00. And until other restrictions are lifted, we’re going to have to do that. So in Joburg, I have to ask you which of those two services would you want to live stream, each part of inclusive because it means it has an impact on the day. You want an 8h30 service here in the morning or a 10 o’clock service.

So I’m not going to let crowd control be the way that you actually inform me but what we’re going to do is we’re going to send you some, some sms’s and some emails and stuff. And it’s really important that you respond and just give your perspective on if you wanted one time versus another time. Why, and if you say it’s just because we like to sleep in late on a Sunday morning, that’s maybe not a good enough reason. But if that is your reason, then state it.

I mean, it says valid reason as any other. You say you want to go and run 10 K’s on a Sunday morning, okay. I mean, it’s a reason. Someone’s got to make a decision. It’s not a democratic thing but I am, you know, kind of giving you a heads up here. About what we want to do. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I want to share some good news with you. The good news is that we have been declaring the Word of the Lord, that Brother Jerry has spoken to us in the beginning of the year, in fact, since the end of last year that supernatural increase is going to be ours this year, and that He’s opening new doors. And so certainly we have experienced that in some very beautiful and amazing ways as a ministry. I’m happy to report to you that we have had absolutely no decrease in our income as a ministry over all of this time, on the contrary, based on a year on year basis, it looks like as we’re heading towards the end of our calendar year, the way things stand, we may very well increase our income of the previous year.

If that’s not supernatural then I don’t know what is given the times that we are living in, hallelujah. We have, we haven’t received channels of income that have been unexpected, unexpected. And not even from people in the ministry. Not even people that come to our church. Organisations have given us money that we did not even know why. But they have, companies, organisations have given us money. Isn’t that amazing? Hallelujah. It means the Word works when you speak it, then you believe it the Word works.

So Brother Jerry has been believing God for many years that he would fly a falcon 50. Well, he’s in the process of finalising negotiations, based on the certain interiors that he wants. But he is in the process of taking over a falcon 50.

How cool is that? In a year when it didn’t seem like supernatural increase was possible so that he could go and buy a jet. God has done miracles because he believed the Word that God spoke through him. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

And so I didn’t know that all the stuff was happening in the background. But I started to get quite a number of phone calls from brother Joe and some messages from Brother Jerry suddenly they were kind of talking to me about coming to visit South Africa in January. So you know brother Joe gets on the phone to me you know the way he wants to talk to me he sends me a message because it’s early in the morning normally half past seven you know the story given him and Brother Jerry have coffee early in the morning and whatever the case might be and they phone me. So, but the way he phones me is he sends me a message says, “John call me on my mobile.” Yes, sir. Hey, you know, so then I phone him on the mobile phone wherever he is. If he is with Brother Jerry or whatever you know I call him when I can. Sometimes I’m in a meeting or whatever. But he’s on the phone to me and he says so John it looks like England’s shutting down and locking down more. I see it seems that way. You know, certainly, the Prime Minister said there’ll be no gathering on any football anything or any sporting stuff for six months. In some of the cities it looks like they’re going into more severe lockdowns. Again, certainly nobody’s doing too much flying in and out of England at this point of time. And he says, you know, Australia is in a bad way. They’re not letting hardly anybody move around in Australia. He says what’s going on in South Africa? I said, Well, we’re doing the other way.

I said we’re opening up. I said we’ve been praying and we’ve been opening up he says, yeah, we are also opening up here. Things are happening for us here in Texas. Anyway, you know, so I said, “Well, glad to hear it.”

So, you know, we had a plan. You and me and Brother Jerry that we were going to go to England in January, he was going to go visit his office there and do some ministry in England. He says, “So it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, John.” I said, okay. Well, now I think he’s telling me don’t make plans to fly to England with us. He says, “What about if we come to South Africa instead?” I said, “Come.” He said, “But what about all the stuff that’s going on there?” I said, “We’ll make sure that you can get here.” We’ve done our investigations and even if he wanted to come now, he could actually come now on his private jet, you know. So then I understood what’s happening, getting his jet he wants to fly by himself to here, first journey to an office where he has an office. And so all the other offices are closed. So we’re going to get him first. So, there’s a few things, you know, there’s a few things that are going to happen. I mean, you know, details are going to work out, then we got to do a few other things that have to happen. But I say, why not?

Why not us? Hey, praise the Lord. I mean, I would actually say, especially us. I mean we are the praying church, we are the believing church. You know, why not us? Especially us, we are favoured of God. Hallelujah.

So I want to know, how many of you are doing alright, are you? Are you, you blessed? I know that there’s been quite a lot of intense teaching coming over to y’all over the last number of weeks and months. I want to know that, that it’s, it’s bringing correction and direction. It’s not, it’s not bruising you too much. Right? Is it helping you? Is it bringing freedom? Sometimes, freedom has, needs a little bit of roughing up you know, it does. Ask a child when they get a hiding they feel free afterwards. I’m telling you, they feel free afterwards. You know, they know where the boundaries are. They got a hiding end of the story. That’s it now, now what’s next? You know? And they almost feel free because I’ve had a hiding. I’m probably not going to get one for a while to come, so I am okay now, right? You know, our Heavenly Father works with us that way too, get sorted, get sorted, are you sorted. Okay, now we can move on. So I’m hoping today is going to be a little bit of both. We’ll see how you take it. So today, I brought this leather Bible with me, which I don’t often use, I use it sometimes at home to make reference to things. It’s a New Living Translation Bible. But I wanted to bring it because I wanted to show you that this is the Holy Bible. This is the Holy Bible.

This, these words that are written in this Bible, are the words that come from the presence of God. The words that are written in this Bible are more valuable, more precious, have more energy, have more future in them. Than any housing contract that you’ve signed, whether it be a purchase agreement, or release agreement. These words have more power, more energy, more life, more future in them, than anything that anybody else, or any other written contract has in your world. Now, let me say this, if you have a contract where you purchased a car and you’re making a monthly payment on the car, and you skip a payment, they’re going to phone you and probably someone’s going to phone you you’ve never spoken to before. Right? You don’t know that person. But what they have is they have digitally a contract that has an automatic trigger. That if payment is not made against that contract, that trigger causes someone to call you.

Because even though, even though you may be enjoying what that contract has established, you don’t really know what the effect of that contract is until you skip a payment. And when then someone’s going to call you and say, “Hey, you owe money on this contract.” And then if you don’t make that payment, and you skip another payment then the telephone calls get more frequent, and they get more serious. And then by the third, or the fourth payment, you’re having conversations about you may not be driving this car very long. So that would show you that the power of words that were written, that you signed, as an agreement to what you actually said was, these words represent the future of my energy. I commit a certain amount of energy to provide finances to match the contract. Right. So even though you may think I’m writing a contract for a motor car, the fact is that you’re making a contract that is an agreement about your energy, for which the car’s going to facilitate how hopefully the facilitate the management of your energy. But if you miss managing your energy, so that you can’t make a payment on the car, these words work against you. That’s just a simple legal contract about buying a motor car. Yes, then those words that you signed on, they work against you, because you’ve now mismanaged energy, or something has happened circumstantially, where your energy is unable to provide a payment against the contract that is signed.

Do you all believe that? Yes. I mean, most of you are living in some kind of home, some kind of house, you got here today in some kind of a car. And at some point in time, you entered into a contract whether you bought the car cash, whether you made payments for the car, whether you bought the house cash or made payments on a mortgage or whether you leasing, you’ve come from someplace where a contract is being put in place. Right, and you’ve driven here because of a contract that was put in place. So you do believe in those contracts?

You believe those contracts have got power? They do. Don’t they? They’ve got teeth? Yes, they really do have teeth. Just stop paying. I mean, you know, I tell you what you do, make a payment savings for one or two months on the same equivalent of the contract. And then don’t make the payment for the contract and test what I’m saying whether it’s true or not. You’ll see very quickly that the stakes get high very quickly, in terms of the contract, right.

So do you think that this contract that God has with us has any less power? Hey? Is this contract that God has with us, because it has Old Covenant, and New Covenant, it’s written Old Testament and New Testament. So, it’s actually a contract that God has with us. Actually, it’s a contract that God has with Himself for which we are the beneficiaries. But the reality is, is that this contract has as much power, if not more power. I’m trying to actually appear, appeal to you, your human intellect when I say as much power because at this point in time, if you are thinking about someone phoning you when you miss a payment, it’s quite a lot of power. But you know, the power is actually revealed when you don’t make a payment. You don’t make a payment, you don’t make a payment, then someone arrives at your house to come and collect your car.

You might say, this is my car. They would say, it’s not actually your car. You’ve just signed a contract, which allows you to drive this car until you finished making the payments of this car. It’s not your car. You think you own this car? It’s not your car, this car belongs to the institute that you are borrowing the money from. They own the car and say if you don’t make the payments someone shows up at your house and says can I have the keys of my car please? And you say no, but it’s my car. It’s not your car. You’re just test driving this car until you finish making the payment. So hopefully you don’t have that experience.

That it’s a real experience that a lot of people have when they don’t make payments and people show up at their houses. And then often it’s been our experience. And I’ve seen, I’ve seen it. My experience I’ve heard stories about and how people dodge those guys. And they parked the cars in different places, and they don’t answer phone calls. And lots of things happen to try and keep the cars away from the guys that are trying to come and collect the cars. You know, because actually, what’s happened is that a whole legal process has happened in the background, whether in finance, in financial institutions has gone to the courts and say they meant they broke the contract. Now we are enforcing the laws of the contract, which says we must go and collect what belongs to us, because they’ve not kept their side of the contract. Whether you know it or not, that legal process has happened. And when the end of that legal process happens, they then go to a sheriff or a collection agency. And that person gets the mandate by the court to come and collect the car. And so now they have all of the forces of the court, and the authority of the governing body of the nation behind them to come and collect the car that you think is yours.

But these words that God has given us have a lot more teeth, and a lot more power than any contract that exists on this earth. Why? Because God made a contract with Himself. Between Him and Jesus, He made a contract in the death and the resurrection of Jesus. That if you believe in the words of this contract, then you can have everything that this contract says you can have. So to put it in a different way, this contract says you can have a new car, which Jesus has paid for.

So all you have to do is believe in the words that He says, and you can collect your car. Well, no Pastor John it doesn’t work like that. Well, if that’s what you say, then it won’t work like that. What am I highlighting to you today? What I’m highlighting to you today is what I’ve just said, it is 100% truth. I’m telling you now, Jesus says you can have a car, which He has paid for. You don’t have to actually go and rent one from a financial institution until it’s paid off. You can have a car and it’s paid for.

Look what’s happening to you. I’m challenging the Babylon system that is in your thinking right now. Because in your thinking, your Babylonian mindset says this is not possible that God is taking care of a motorcar for me in the Bible. Debt free.

That’s not possible. So is it possible or isn’t it possible? So what does it take? What does it take to get a car from God without paying for it? Well, first of all, you have got to believe this contract. If you don’t believe this contract, then you can never have what this contract is delivered to you. So because this contract doesn’t ask you to sign on the dotted line, and there’s nobody coming to you every week to say, have you fulfilled the terms of the contract? You don’t necessarily think this contract has as much power. But this contract has much more power to deliver. So, how do you, how do you get to that Pastor John. I’ve got a few scriptures I’m going to read to you today but more directly, I’m going to just quote Matthews, I’m going to talk about Matthew chapter six, where it talks about all the animals and the birds of the air and everything they have need of clothing and they have need food and they need a place of shelter and the Heavenly Father takes care of them. You have a need of food, you have need clothing, you have a need of shelter. How much more will the Heavenly Father not take care of you?

Is that not what Matthew six says, but seek ye first verse 33. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all of these things, what things? The things you need to eat, to wear to drink the shelter? Everything will be given to you besides, what is the besides portion? That’s just the beginning of what’s in the contract. When you get all these things that are supposed to be just given to you by the contract, then your eyes will be open to see what else is available to you. Based on that contract.

I’m already preaching very good. So does that contract become null and void with COVID-19? Certainly, the enemy of God will try and use it to bring you into the realm of thinking that this contract is less powerful than COVID-19. But this contract, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Old Covenant, and the New Covenant is more powerful than any situation and circumstance that you find yourself. The problem is that we have become so connected to the way that the Babylonian system works around us in the world. And the authenticity of it and the availability of everything that we have need of in the system, that we don’t go to God with His contract. He’s the second choice because life doesn’t move on. Life doesn’t move forward if you don’t have a car. So I’ve got to have my life, move forward. So I better go get a car from the Babylonian system, so that I can move forward. So He becomes the second choice.

I’m not deriving you or criticising you for something I’ve done myself. But just because I’ve done it myself doesn’t make this contract less real. What I chose is that I’ve been impacted by the Babylonian system myself. My own mindset has had to change and has changed and continues to change. So I’m not judging you or making any criticisms about the way you do things. I’m just saying that God has a better way for us. And so the more we give attention to this contract, and we sign on the dotted line that we accept that His contract is real for our lives. That’s when we get to start receiving what His contract has for us. Right.

So I’m going to read to you from Proverbs, chapter three, verse five to 10, out of the Amplified Bible. So this is part of the series. That Pastor Sharon and I, Pastor Christi have been ministering, I will take the children.

Can you see? Can you see that just by my talking about a contract, that the enemy of God has been after taking God’s children captive. All of us are God’s children. And he’s been hard at work to take us captive into a system so that we don’t have the freedom to follow God’s system. So if he’s captured your mind and captured your emotions and captured your thoughts about your future, then he’s captured your potential to live as a child of God. So when God says, “I will take the children,” the enemy of God says, “I want you to sacrifice yourself and your children to me.” Often doesn’t come by way of actually going laying yourself on a block where someone stands over you with a knife and says, “Are you ready to die?”

You know, it happens by signing a contract to buy cars, it happens by signing a contract to buy a car, a house, it starts by signing a contract to do things the way everybody else in the world does things on a daily basis, because that’s the way things get done. Come on.

The Scripture says, in Proverbs three, verse five, 5 Lean on, trust in and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or your own understanding. This is how plain as you can make it. Either you are going to rely on your own insight and your own understanding or you are going to rely on God’s. God contract or the world’s contract. 6 In all your ways recognize and acknowledge Him and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. He will do it. This is His contract with you. If you recognize Him, you acknowledge Him and you give Him your ways, He will make your ways plain, straight and smooth. He will, that is what the Bible says. He will make straight and plain your paths. In other words there is no confusion here. Any confusion that we experience in life does not come from God, it comes from the pull that happens between the world system of what we want, what the world wants us to say that’s the right thing to do. Versus what God says this is what you need to do, follow Me. My plan for you is what will stand eternal.

So then you people who live like, you know so much. Really not being critical or derogatory, nearly trying to make a very statement, you know. Point. You people, educated ones as you are living in wealth and comfort as you do. You people have your lives all planned out, you people. Verse seven applies to you.

7 Be not wise in your own eyes. Be not wise in your own eyes. Because if you’re wise in your own eyes, then by default, you’re not going to acknowledge Him in all your ways. You’re not going to lean on Him, you’re not going to trust in Him. Because you’re wise in your own eyes. What can God tell me that I don’t already know for my own self that I’ve chosen for myself that is quite comfortably good for me, thank you. 7 Be not wise in your own eyes, reverently, fear and worship the Lord and turn entirely away from evil. What’s the evil He’s talking about? Come on, you wise people? What’s the wise? What’s the evil He is just talking about in the same scripture? What’s the, what’s the evil, He’s talking about? Being wise in your own eyes, turn away from that evil.

This is completely contrary to what the world system will teach you. Because the world system says, “You should get more knowledge, more education, you should be more well trained more everything more everything you should too, you know, it’s what you know, it’s all this all this kind of stuff.” Be wise, and the wiser you get the better things go for you. Isn’t that what the world system says. They’re all wise in their own eyes, don’t you think? Come on now? Don’t you think everybody in the world system thinks that that system is the way to go. So who do you think they’re getting their projection plans for the future from? You think they are seeking God for how the education system should look like? Do you think they’re seeking God for what the economic plan for our nation is? No, they are all about the wisdom of their own, their own inside their own ways. I wonder what would happen if God actually could have His way? Just have His way and someone in this nation can actually have some say what God wants for the nation. I wonder what will happen to South Africa.

I’ll tell you what, God did have His say about this nation. He raised up a man, sat on an island. When he got released from prison, he held absolutely no malice, no unforgiveness, nothing in his heart because he knew God. And he knew God’s ways. And in his own eyes, he was not wise he took the wisdom of God. And he said, if I have a grudge against these people that imprisoned me, and they have stolen my whole life from me, if I have anything against them, offences, grudges or anything, then everybody else’s future will be destroyed because of me.

God raised up a man to say, walk in my way of forgiveness towards all men and embrace unity. Can you dispute that? That God was involved in that whole event? I mean, there had to be another man who was also being used by God. And he was willing to give up power, and he was willing to give up everything that the National Party had worked all those years. And he was the prime minister and everything was rosy for him. It reached the pinnacle of politics in a country that was very wealthy. Certainly, there wasn’t another African nation that could compete with South Africa at that point, he was the pinnacle of the politics and economic system of that time. And yet Fw de Klerk had God move on his heart, where silently, while he was going about accumulating power in his own party. In the back of his mind, he has never told anybody, you can read his own story. Never told anybody that God had already placed it on his heart. The only way you can get power to everybody is to be in a power, then hold a referendum with all the peoples. But you can’t even tell your national party about it, because they won’t elect you if you tell them which is why he and Nelson Mandela both got Nobel Peace Prize jointly, because it took two of them
to intervene in this nation.

We sit here today, joining the fruits, the benefits and the joy of having that. Right. I do believe that our current president Cyril Ramaphosa is a man of God, I know he is, I know he’s a believer. I know, he’s a man of God. And, and our praise for him is that he will be unrestrained by politics and by corruption and he can follow the will of God and he can put South Africa on the path that needs to be because it affects all of us.
So 7 You who are wise in your own eyes, reverently, fear and worship the Lord, and turn (entirely) away from evil. 8 It shall be health to your nerves and sinews, and marrow and moistening to your bones. 9 Honor the Lord with your capital and sufficiency [from righteous labors] and with the firstfruits of all your income; 10 So shall your storage places be filled with plenty, and your vats shall be overflowing with new wine. (Proverbs 3:6-10 AMPC)

So I’m asking you today, is this in the Bible? Did I just read you the Bible? Come on now? Are these words of contract? Really? Are these contract words? Actually, this is one of the few places that God is actually giving you the terms. Exactly. unequivocally. There is absolutely no questions about this contract. This is not Malachi 3 verse 10.

This is not, I’m not teaching you about tithes today. I’m teaching you about a contract with a world system. So if I’m reading this contract to you, how powerful is this contract compared to the contract that you have with the people that you work with or the people that you work for, or someone that you as you own a company that you sign contracts with, to provide you with income at the end of the month, how much more, which contract has more power in your life, that one or this one?

Really, so that it is a fact that this has more power. Whether it has more power for you is dependent on where your faith is. It depends on where you put your trust. Whether you trust this contract more than the other contract, can I, can I just put in terms of the contract again?

Honour the Lord with your capital, and your sufficiency, which means all of the income that comes into your life, all of the all of the money from all of the sources that you have honour God with that. The capital and sufficiency from righteous labour. In other words, there is no point in trying to give to God from somebody you crooked, sold drugs on the sides, and I’m a millionaire from drug selling. I’ll give 10% to God, I’m sure the church will take it but actually.

No, because someone in the church is believing God for income, and wherever it comes from, God’s going to bring income to certainly some of the sources of income that have come into our lives in the last six months were completely unexpected. And if you had said to me, this was going to happen in the six months gone by I would have said from that source, from that source from it’s been three or four different kinds of sources, channels, that actually people, organisations and things have put income into our, into our ministry. And not just little.

Because my, my faith is out there with Brother Jerry and I took his word seriously, that it doesn’t matter what happens with Covid supernatural increase is happening to us.

Yes, so I believe that word. But it’s because I believe this word, that, that word happens for me. And this word is; honour the Lord with the capital and sufficiency from righteous labours and with the first fruits of all your income, not just a little bit of your income, the part that is after you’ve paid this and after you’ve paid that and after you’ve paid that, then I’m left with this. And that’s what I’ll pay my tithes on. Actually, the scripture says all. All of it.

Contract. Honour me. Terms of contract. Honour me. What’s my contract? If you honour me? Come on now. So shall your storage places be filled with plenty. This is not your kitchen cupboard storage places. This is vast places of storage that shall be filled with plenty and your vat shall be overflowing with new wine. That means new harvests all the time. New wine, it means that. It’s seasonally new. Right? Come on, guys. It’s contract time.

What’s God’s contract with you? I will give you such fullness in your life, such abundance, such overflowing that you will not be able to have enough storage places that it will just keep overflowing. So when your finances overflow like that, I ask you can you go and buy your car cash. So now your contract is no longer about Babylon system. They said you got to buy your contract your car on a contract where you go to sign and pay for five years or whatever the number is. And so you pay double for the car than you actually should be paying. You know, Brother Jerry has said this. I’ve heard Brother Jerry, brother, Jerry and brother Jessy. Both of them actually teach on this. Jessey is much, much stronger about this in his teaching and Brother Jerry, like, Brother Jerry has spoken to me quite openly and honestly about it many times. And he would say when I first started to take the Word of God that Brother Copeland told me because we did cash. There are many, many things in terms of interest rates and other other issues that I don’t have to face. Because I didn’t have that issue.

Brother Jessey, I mean he talks about aeroplanes that he’s bought and he’s bought them cash. He’s just done the sums because he thinks like this, he just done the sums. If I bought the aeroplane on a contract with one of the auger and had to pay an interest rate, doesn’t matter what the interest rate, I had to pay an interest rate over so many years. That amount of extra interest cash that went into the world system, I’ve used that money for the promotion of the kingdom of God.

So you want to know, I mean, he has said this publicly, he said, if you want to know why I can do as much as I do. This is because I pay everything cash. And I don’t have to pay interest. And so because I’m paying interest, the money that’s released to me from the interest that I would have paid, I’m using that money to do the things that I am doing. I wonder if they have an understanding of this contract. So we can’t look at them and say, I’m not sure that they are a bit radical in what they believe, because the real person in real life doesn’t experience it that way. No, it’s because they’ve taken the time to make this contract so strong in their heart, that this becomes their guidance.

This becomes their guide. So Proverbs chapter one, verse 33, 33 But whoso hearkens to me [Wisdom] shall dwell securely and in confident trust and shall be quiet, without fear or dread of evil. (Proverbs 1:33 AMPC) Can I read that to you again. 33 But whoso hearkens to me, the Word of God, the wisdom of God, shall dwell securely and in confident trust. So if you are listening to the contract, you’re putting the contract in your heart and in your mind, so that anytime, anywhere, any place, the only thing that comes out of your mouth is the terms of your contract. Because why would you want anything else to come out of your mouth other than the terms of your contract? Because when the devil comes to accuse you and says you can’t do that the contract says I can. Reality circumstances say that you can’t and he sometimes speaks louder through the reality of circumstances than he does through, through anything else. And those circumstances say you can’t do that, all the while the contract is, should be what’s coming out of your mouth. Now, if you don’t know your contract, you choose not to live by your contract. Then what contract are you living by? Well, you have to live by another contract. Because otherwise your life doesn’t have momentum.

This should be a real encouragement to you today, because the reality is that God is actually being very substantive about His contract with us. He says My contract has more teeth than any other contract that you signed will, because I have declared that if you do this, then I will do that. So you can quote the contract to God every day, every hour of the day, every minute of the day, you can say, I’m a tither, I give You, I honour You, Lord, I honour You with my substance and my increase, I honour You. And because my honour is in my heart for You, and my mind, my money flows out of my honour, I command, I command that You fulfil aside of Your contract, through the blood of Jesus, I command that money to come in, and my vats to be full, and my storage places to be full. I commanded it to be so.

Now listen, I’m not making any laws or dogma out of this. I have. I have understood that sometimes there’s a transition between where your faith is now and where you want your faith to be. So if you’re in a place where your faith is I’m living in the Babylonian contract, but I really want to live in God’s contract. Then I say again, this is not a time to be, allow yourself and the enemy to lie to you and condemn you. And self criticism and self judgement to be the way that you go about things. I want to say to you, what you need to do is to say okay, this is the way my circumstances are now. I’m going to take this contract and put it in my heart and put it in my mouth so that it dominates my future. And you can start off by saying, hey, if I’ve got a four year contract to pay off a car, let me take God’s contract and pay it off in two. At the very least, you’re getting more life out of the car after the contracts have been fulfilled, then you would have after a four or five year term, well, you know, give the car back. Because now it’s kapoet. Right? And if you have to go and rent a house, and you want to purchase a house, you can put the contract in your mouth and say, God, I want to be in a position where I can get a house.

So what’s this got to do with I will take the children? Well, here’s the thing, if we have this kind of conversation in our house with our children, where we are honest with our children, that we’d be living in a Babylon system, that we need to be living in a God system. We are at least liberating them to live God’s way, rather than to perpetuate the way that we’ve lived. Come on.

Try and take my jacket off, you’re nearly finished. Make sure I don’t get any of these cables or things that allow me to speak to you over the intercom. Thank you. Praise the Lord. Wow.

It’s time for us to be able to speak to our children and say, we are partly being captured by Babylon. What we want you to do and what we need to learn to do together to say we want to live in God’s system. And let’s explore what that looks like in God. Going to finish off with this passage of Scripture in Matthew, from the passage translations, Matthew chapter seven, verse seven. 7 “Ask, and the gift is yours. Seek, and you’ll discover. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. 8 For every persistent one will get what he asks for.

So if you’re persistent about what you want, from your contract, won’t you get it? Come on, talk to me, church. If you’re persistent about what your contract says, won’t you get it?

8 For every persistent one will get what he asks for. Every persistent seeker will discover what he longs for. And everyone who knocks persistently will one day find an open door. (Matthew 7:7-8 TPT) Hallelujah.

It takes somewhat persistence, all the while the door that you’re knocking on everybody’s going to tell you it’s too late, it’s locked, it’s closed, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. You’re waking other people up in connection with this story. Shut up, man. And that’s exactly what the enemy of God has taken God’s children captive. Shut up, man. There’s no real results from your talking about your contract. So why should you tithe in a time of trouble? Why should you tithe then at all?

Maybe there’s an offence in your heart. Maybe there’s an issue that you feel like, I don’t agree with this doctrine, or someone else has got something to say about it. So well, I don’t have to give money to God, my life is all well, well, actually, God has got quite a lot to say about you. Oh, you who are wise in your own eyes? Because in Malachi He says; “Oh, so you think you’ve got it covered? And you’ve got all these words about how the world prospers.” And they don’t have God and they don’t need to see God and they’ve got all the money that they need. So why should we tithe? Oh, you who are wise in your own eyes. That’s exactly what the enemy has planned for you. Not for you all, them. He’s got that plan for them because I can capture you because you don’t understand this contract.

Okay, let’s keep going. Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child who asks for food a plate of rocks instead? Hmm. Waldus, you’ve got four of them. And I’m sure they get quite hungry quite a lot. So if they ask you for food, especially Josh there, I mean, a growing young boy. Yeah. So if he asks you for food, are you going to give him rocks because you’re a good dad. So you’re going to give him. Well, maybe Kentucky, something, but hopefully somebody else. Maybe Kentucky just once in a while, you know, but just once in a while, right.

But otherwise, you know, you’re going to give him good food because actually you need to nourish him and nurture him. And when he’s hungry, he needs food growing boy, I mean, that’s in your heart. Nobody even has to even really come and argue with you about it. On the contrary, if someone came and made that suggestion to you Waldus, feed your son rocks instead of food, what you’re going to tell them, you’re going to certainly tell them take a hike, and maybe not in such nice words. You might even say, give me those rocks. Let’s see where these rocks belong. In whose mouth? Do they belong? Right? Because they certainly don’t belong in my son’s mouth. I mean, you’re going to be quite aggressive about it. Because you know what’s best for your son? All of your kids. Right? Well, isn’t that what he’s, this is what God is saying right here.

9 “Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child, who asked for food, a plate of rocks instead? 10 Or when asked for a piece of fish, what parent would offer his child a snake who would bite him instead? 11 If you, imperfect as you are. Are you perfect people? You perfect parents? Well, of course, you’re perfect. In your own eyes, you’ve made every decision for your children perfectly.

Oh, maybe not every day. But look at the direction their lives are headed in, of course, are being perfect in my planning, my execution and the way I’ve lived in front of my kids. Of course, you do that because you have kids because you want them to look like you. You have kids because you want them to live at least a better life than you did.

So you put a plan of action in place so that they can have a better life than you. Oh, you wise ones. Huh. But the Bible says you are imperfect. I’m imperfect in the way I raise my kids. There were many times I had to face them. And I had to look in their eyes and ask them to forgive me. Because there were times in my life where I had lived in a way that was contrary to the Word of God. And as I grew in the Word of God, and I saw how I had been mistaken. And I repented before my God, I had to come and repent before my kids and I say now, I’m going to endeavour to change my life to live according to those revelations. My repentance is true in my heart. And if you see me mess up on that, don’t take it as this is the way I’m living. I’m asking you to walk with me in this life that I must change in. So then my imperfection is made perfect in Him, our weaknesses made strong in Him.

11 If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask him. (Matthew 7:9-11 TPT) If you think you got good stuff for your kids, how much more does God have good stuff in mind for your kids. It’s in the contract.

It’s right here in the contract. There is no better person that you could give your kids to, to the owner of this contract. My grandchildren, I’m working with my children. Brynn will tell you he’s not with his daughter, but Brynn will tell you that I’ve worked with him. For many years together we worked in partnership. So that mistakes that were made in the past that the blood of Jesus and redemption. We have worked together to make sure those things for his daughter and his relationship could be redeemed. And I’m working with my son and my daughter in law, so that all of the mistakes that I made and that we see in the Word of God that God desires for their lives, that we can live in a place of redemption with them, greater than what I walked in.

Because I allowed at a time, I allowed too much of my own will, my own Babylonian mindset to have too much say, life of my kids. And some of those ways I’ve been honest with you. Some of you have taken that, worked with that in your life. But I mean, I said this, you know, at the time I said that if I had it over again, I certainly would not send my kids to an institution where the world has got a say over their lives, I would want to have a, I would want my kids to have an impartation. That is the living Christ in it. More than anything else.

So I can speak along with the prophet of this house. When I say these words, on behalf of God, I will take the children. God is after the children of this house. He’s after your future. Because he’s got a much better future for you than that Babylonian system. So if you, if you wanted to have a conversation with me, and you say to me but Pastor John, how does that work? Practically? How does that work out on an everyday basis? What’s the next step? I’m willing to have conversations with you about that I might even teach on them. But the thing is, if you give God the first fruit, then the all fruit is blessed. If you don’t give God the first fruit, then it means the trust is firmly in you in what you do. And you trust you much more than you trust God. And by implication, your part in Babylonian system. And so I prayerfully and affectionately if I can say that prayerfully, affectionately, lovingly try to deliver this message to you today. Because my affection for all of you is great. My love for you is huge.

And I certainly don’t want you walking out of here feeling like you’ve been beaten. Certainly want you to walk out here, feeling like God has said something significantly you can take it. You can live by the words that have been spoken today. This is no time, not for any one of us, this is no time to live in guilt. This is no time to have any shame about anything. This is no time to walk in self accusation or self absorbed flagellation, if you don’t know what that word means go look it up. It’s no time for us to, to whip ourselves. That’s what it means. Yeah, it’s no time for us to take it out on ourselves and say we’ve been bad, bad, bad, bad, I cannot recover from the bad, bad, bad.

I’ve been, it’s time to say thank God for the Word of God that shines the light. Thank God for the power that is in the Word of God to take us to another day to the next place to the next phase. It is so strong in my heart that I want to teach it but I have to go with a way that God’s teaching me. I want to teach you the power of a message that God has imprinted in my heart. And it’s this do you want to be part of a blood borne family? Or would you rather be part of a blood bought family?

I’m about to shoot some holy cows when I get to preach that because this world system says the blood borne family has the highest status. But Jesus says the blood bought family has an eternal status that a blood borne family ceases to have in eternity. Your blood borne family lasts for 40, 50, 70, 80, 100 years, but your blood bought family is eternal.

So if you think that my familia is the highest priority in my life, you haven’t got a revelation yet of what the blood bought family power is. So if you haven’t really got it yet, you are blood bought. And so when you became blood bought, you got bought into a family that theoretically you do not have the right to choose what you want to choose for you. The rest of the church has got a say in what you do. Don’t get me started, I’ll preach a whole new sermon.

You want to hear that hey? Yeah, I can’t wait to preach it. That’s why I had to just give you a glimpse today. Because the blood bought church, the blood bought family, they tell you, it’s got power, it has a contract. And that contract has got so much authority has got so much power. It’s got so much energy, that it’s got everything it takes to change our worlds and then change the world. And how do you change the world? The same way you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Keep it in storage, and just eat a little bit at a time. Or you can have everybody take a bite? Amen. Did you get something out of this message today? Hallelujah. Please stand with me.

Praise the Lord. Don’t you want to put your hand on your heart and say this with me. I am a son of God. And I thank You, Jesus, that from this day I am free. I am free from my past and free from myself and free from my baggage and I’m free to serve You. I thank You, as a son of God, I can live in contract and you enforce the terms of the contract with the power of the Holy Spirit. I thank You Lord, I receive it today in Jesus’ name. Amen. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool. I love you all. Be happy.