I Will Take The Children Part 20 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference:  Psalm 119:130 (NKJV); Matthew 19:4 (NKJV); Jeremiah 29:11 (AMPC); 2 Corinthians 13:14 (AMPC); John 14:16-19, 26 (AMPC); John 17:17 (AMPC);John 16:6-7 (AMPC); 1 John 1:9 (NKJV)

It’s the truth that we sing when we sing the song to You, Lord Jesus. It’s from our hearts. You are the greatest love song. Your name is in lights in our hearts. Your name is in lights, Lord. Glory. We just want to thank You today for bringing to us truth, bringing to us light that the eyes of our understanding this morning will be flooded with light, flooded with light, so that we can live and walk in a manner worthy of you, Lord. So that we can be sons of light. It’s what you’ve created us to be; sons of light. We thank You for this message of light and Your Words of light come to our hearts this morning, our hearts are open to receive Your Words and as we receive and we believe these Words this morning, it will continue to exercise its superhuman power in us. We will continue to become all that You have recreated us to become and we thank You for that in the precious and mighty name of Jesus. And we all say; Amen. You may be seated, you may be seated.

Well, welcome to everybody today. It’s wonderful to see you. It’s wonderful to have each and every one of you here today and we are going to continue walking in the light. Pastor John sends his love. You know, of course, when I’m here that Pastor John is in Witbank, in our Witbank church. These songs that we sang with this morning are last Sunday morning’s songs that we sang in Witbank. It won’t be long and we’ll have live streaming. Isn’t that wonderful? It won’t be long and we’ll have live streaming and we’ll be able to sing together with them exactly what they’re singing on this morning.  Praise the Lord. But I’m very grateful anyway that we do have this facility that we can sing the songs that actually the Lord is giving us. These are our own home-grown songs. They are songs that the Lord’s been giving to Pastor Garth and of course, The time of the living God song is a prophecy that the Lord gave us in 2010.

In 2010, Pastor John brought a prophecy. And it’s in all of our hearts, those of us that have been here for some period of time, we all are aware of the words where Pastor John said, “It’s the time of the living God. The spirit is hovering. It’s not the time of power politics” – we couldn’t put all the words of the prophecy in the song – “It’s not the time of power politics. And you may see that, but it’s actually the time of God.” And so I was just speaking to Brynn, my son, in the car on the way here and saying, “You know, it really is so real to me that whatever is happening in the world now, God is at work”. It’s not the time of Covid although you may see it. It’s not the time of power politics, although you may see that. It really is the time of God. He is working so powerfully in His church among those who are listening to His voice. That’s the key here. It’s those that are listening to His voice. Where do you hear God’s voice? You hear it in your heart. If you’re born again, if you’ve made Jesus your Saviour – the way you get born again is you say, “Jesus,” the Scripture is very clear on it. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Jesus said, “You must be born again.” The question was asked to Him, “Can I enter again into my mother’s womb?” No, He said, “What is born of the flesh is flesh, but what is born of the Spirit is spirit.” So when you get born again when you call on the Name and you recognise and you acknowledge Jesus, yes, You, God sent you to earth for me to be born again and for me to be saved. Jesus, come into my heart, you know. When you receive Him then the Holy Spirit comes to do that work. He comes to do that work in your heart. He causes you to be born again. He causes you to be born again.

So we’ve been receiving a very powerful Word here. I will take the children. Right? I will take the children. We’ve had that scripture in Matthew 18 come to us again and again, and again. “Unless you become like little children,” Jesus said. We should become like a little child. You humble yourself, turn around, turn into God’s ways, you can’t enter into the kingdom of heaven. So even though you may be born again, and the Holy Spirit lives in you, you have to live your life on earth becoming like this little child. How do I do that? Well, I sit and I listen to messages where I am planted and I receive and I believe and then I speak. Right? I don’t not believe the Word that is coming to me. I receive it all the time. Pastor John said a beautiful thing to me yesterday. He said to me that repentance is just a condition of your heart that you’ll have in you for the rest of your life. Where you’re always receiving messages, you’re always receiving the Word of God, and you’re constantly receiving that light, and judging yourself in the light of that Word and making your adjustments and saying, “Yes, Lord, I see that it’s truth. Yes, Lord, yes, Lord.”

So you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. Right? You can know His voice. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice”. So you can be sitting here, in a service like today, when somebody comes to bring you the Word, and you say, “Holy Spirit, speak to me.” Right? And then that’s why when you sit there, you can go, you can sense Him moving in you, going, there we go, there we go. And you can sense yourself going, “Yes, yes. Whoa.” And sometimes when it’s tough for you to hear, you can go, “Oh, Lord, help me here. Help me here. I can see where I have not been working in this, and I am finding this tough to actually flow in this.” So that is where you connect with the Holy Spirit, and He helps you with everything. Because in a message, the Bible says, comes correction, comes reproof, comes instruction to. So when His Word comes to us, it comes multi-faceted. It comes in encouragement, it comes in comfort, but then it also comes in correction. And so we must be like little children and receive that correction. In a simple thing like this that if we see in the Bible that it says don’t neglect the assembling of yourselves together, you go, “Lord, I’ve been neglecting it.” You see, just a simple thing like that. You go, “I see that. I’m not going to neglect it.” Because that Scripture says as is the habit of some. So it can become a habit that you just think you don’t have to come. You don’t. You don’t have to be matured in the church in the ways that the Bible says, you don’t have to have an Apostle Paul in your life or a Joshua in your life that’s helping you and bringing you to maturity with the gift that’s in him. Right?

So,  we’ve been receiving messages from the Lord that He will take the little children and so He will take the children. He’s busy taking children right now. He’s busy taking children right now. How does He win your heart? With words, He wins your heart with words, His Words that He comes to bring you. His Words that you want to read on a Monday and on a Tuesday. That’s why we’ve been teaching you that when we get a message from the Lord then that’s the message that you should be looking at during the week. Either you’re taking a note of it, “Ah, Pastor John brought that scripture. I’m going to write it down, I’m going to look at it during the week.” Right? Okay.

It’s very simple, a child can do it, and our children are doing it. It’s not, you know, okay, I’m going to look at that scripture during the week. Oh, there’s that scripture, I’m just going to make a note of that scripture. Ah, look at that scripture. Become like a little child, Matthew 18 scripture – I see the Lord is bringing this over and over again. I’m going to meditate on that scripture. See, that’s what we mean when we make the statement of Put your foot in the message. It’s a word that God brought you on a Sunday, and He wants you to get it. He doesn’t want it to go in the one ear and out the other. He wants it to take root in you. He wants you to meditate on those scriptures and those important points of Pastor John because that’s the light of His Word that He brings us. That’s the light. 

The light in the book of Psalms 119, it says, 130The entrance of (His) Your words bring light (Psalm 119:130 NKJV). Right? The entrance of His words bring light and so during the week, on a Monday when you are looking at that scripture and you are looking at and becoming like a little child and just talking to the Lord about this,” I am really wanting to become like a little child, Lord”. More and more the light keeps coming. It is a simple way; the entrance of His words brings light. You are taking the children, you know the context in which we brought you that, I cannot catch up everything. This is teaching number twenty of I will take the children. You see and that is the problem when you have not listened to the whole series, you will hear one message in isolation and you might even be offended because you have not heard the context of all the messages. See? And Pastor John has said that to you and I. Please, do not take this message in isolation. You have to take it in context of everything God has been teaching us in this series. Right? It is all available for you to go back and listen if you want to, you know. It is on our website.

So, the light, the light, the light, the light. You have been receiving light of these messages. He will take us where? I will take the children – where will I take the children? 4Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me (Matthew 19:14 NKJV). “I am going to take them right into Me. I am going to bring them to Me.” You see, when God brings somebody and you come to church, you do not come, you do come to people but you actually come to Jesus. You see, I am coming because I am coming singing to Jesus and I am coming bringing to Jesus my heart, I am coming listening to Jesus speaking through the messenger. I am coming to Jesus.

It is wonderful that. It is wonderful that. I am coming to my blood-bought family. Pastor John has been ministering on the blood-bought family that how blood-bought family it actually takes precedence over blood-born family. He used that scripture of Jesus, where Jesus was busy with many people and they came to Him to say, “Your mother and Your brothers are outside waiting for You.” And He said, “Who is My mother? Who are my brothers? Who are My sisters? They who do the will of My Father.” So Jesus was saying My blood-bought family, those who do the will of My Father. Because sometimes your blood-born family are not doing the will of the Father. They are not assembling, just a basic thing, they are not assembling, you know. They are not part of the body of Christ, they are not planted where God wants them planted, you know. So then, who is my brother and who is my mother? It is those who do the will of God. Right? This is not a divisive thing to bring strife but Jesus did say, “I do not come to bring peace, I come to bring a sword. In one household there will be a daughter against a son.” Why? Because there is one doing the will of the Father and there is one not. Right? That is why God has come to speak to the children of this house, to say to the children, and all the little children are those becoming children so it is also the adults becoming little children. But He has specifically been speaking to children in this house saying, “I am not the God of your father and your mother. I am your God. I am your God.” Seth, that is what He has been saying to you, right? You have been having your own experiences with the Lord in your heart, right? He has come to say to you, “I am your God. Choose Me. Let the children come to Me. I am your God. I am your God.” Right? That is why Pastor John has been giving examples of when he was five years old. God came – seven years old – God came to say to him with the encounter he had with God, “I am your God. I am not the God of your father or mother that I baptised in the Holy Spirit. I am your God and I am baptising you in the Holy Spirit now. I am having an encounter with you.” 

This is important for us to recap on some of these things because we are going into 2021, we are going to be having tremendous encounters with God. You have already encountered God, Jess? Many of you have encountered God. I mean, Jean-Mikey, came to me three weekends ago and he had encountered God. How old is Jean-Mikey? He is seven. He had a real encounter with God that he wanted to come and tell me about. So we are already having encounters and we are going to continue to have encounters with God. What does that mean? He is going to be very personal to you, to you, to you. Right? He is going to be personal to you, in your heart where He lives. Yes, Father God is in heaven on the throne. Jesus is at the right hand, but Jesus died so that the Holy Spirit could come. The Holy Spirit is amazing, He is an amazing God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, three in one. God the Father sent God the Son to earth to die for our sins and then when He rose – Jesus told the disciples before He left, “I have to go,” because the disciples were sad that He was going. “You do not understand how important it is for Me to go because when I go I am going to send you the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is Spirit. Just because you cannot see him, does not mean to say He is not real. The Holy Spirit is amazing, He is Spirit, He is spirit. And you are body, soul and spirit. So when the Holy Spirit came that day of Pentecost, He filled. When you got born again, He came to live in you. The Holy Spirit is that part of God that can be everywhere and in every child of God. He is amazing and that is what Jesus was trying to say to His disciples, “It is advantageous, it is good, it is profitable for you that I go because when I go I am going to send you the Holy Spirit.” He knew they did not understand yet, not fully, but when He came, He came to live in them and He lives in every child of God. That is how you get born again – is when you say, “Jesus, I believe. I receive, come,” the Holy Spirit comes to do that work in your heart and you know that you are a child of God. No one can ever take that away from you. That knowing comes from the Holy Spirit. 

The devil will come and lie to you because you do this wrong and do that wrong – you are His child. You do not let him lie to you – you are His child. Just like a mother and a father have a child, even if it is a naughty child, it’s still is my child. How much more isn’t God like that? He will spend the rest of your life and His life drawing you and encouraging you, “Come on, come on. Come assemble and be mature. Come, grow up. Come out of the world. Come fully into My kingdom. Come out of the world.” He will continue to woo you and draw you. He will never ever leave you or forsake you. You are His child. That is it. That is just it. You are His child when you die you are going to spend eternity with Him. Now you might spend eternity with Him just not having done the purpose and plan of God while you’re in the earth, right? But that is what these messages have been about, they have been about saying to you; hey, God has got a plan for your life. Do not make your own plans. Seek the Lord. Seek the Lord for His plans. 11For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome and give you a future (Jeremiah 29:11 AMPC). “I know,” God says, “the thoughts and plans.” And so what these messages are all intending to do is to cause every one of us to say, “What is your plan for my life, Lord? What is it? What is it?” Not just when I am five years old do I ask it. Not just when I am ten years old or when I am twenty or thirty. I will ask it when I am forty, I ask it when I am fifty. I ask it when I am sixty, seventy. I ask it when I am eighty. I am always wanting to know what Your plan is so I can walk in it. Right? Because He has got plans. He has got a plan for my life. Your spirit came from heaven. When your mom and dad had you and you were in your mother’s womb, your spirit came into your mother’s womb from heaven. Where do you think your spirit comes from? It comes from heaven to your mother’s womb. There’s you. There’s you now. There’s you – spirit, soul and body in the womb. That’s why abortion is so heinous. It’s heinous. Heinous. (I hope I am pronouncing that word properly.) There are the spirit and the soul and body of that human being that God has formed. In Psalm 139 He says, I intricately wove you, put your parts together in your mother’s womb. I was watching your unformed substance in your mother’s womb. Before all your days were, I recorded them in My book. Right? And so, praise the Lord.

He’s making of us an inquiring, seeking people. That’s what He wants – inquiring, seeking people. People that are speaking to the Holy Spirit. That’s the only way you’re going to find out what God has for you, is because you’re developing a listening ear to His voice. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.” But I don’t hear Him. Well, you can. You can and you should be. You should be hearing His voice on a regular basis and you can begin to develop a listening ear. How? By just being with Him and taking the scriptures during the week of what was brought or you’re just opening your Bible to the book of John, or to the book of Ephesians and saying, “Holy Spirit, now I heard on Sunday, Pastor Sharon said that You live in me. So I am not accustomed to hearing Your voice. But Your Word says that I can hear Your voice, that Your sheep – and I am Your sheep, I am Your child – that I can know Your voice. So I have made a choice of my own will to begin to develop a listening ear. I want to hear Your voice.” You see, see how personal that choice is for each one of us? You see, you’re even sitting here today and going, “Well, do I want to hear His voice? Am I making that choice?” You see, every one of you have got different things going on in you when these words are coming from me. You’re having different experiences in your heart with my words, you know. And you should just be choosing to want to know His voice because the Bible says, as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. So the Holy Spirit has been sent to you to lead you, to lead you when you’re seven, to lead you when you’re five, to lead you when you’re ten, to lead you when you’re 20, to lead you when you’re 30, to lead you when you’re 40 – in your 40’s, in your 50’s in your 60’s – to lead you and guide you all of the days of your life.

Samuel was a little boy when he heard God’s voice. See? So, one of my most wonderful scriptures, one of my most wonderful scriptures and yours, it’s also one of your most wonderful scriptures. “I don’t even know which one it is, Pastor Sharon.” Well, I’m about to read it to you. It’s the last verse of Second Corinthians. I read it, I say it sometimes to God. It says here, 14The grace (favour and spiritual blessing) of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God (the Father) – there is my Lord Jesus Christ, there is my Father, and the presence and fellowship (the communion and sharing together, and participation) in the Holy Spirit be with you all (is with me) 2 Corinthians 13:14 AMPC). The grace of my Lord, the love of God my Father, and the fellowship, this says here, the communion and the sharing together with the Holy Spirit – so He’s the one, He’s the one that you have to get to know now. You will get to know the Father through the Person of the Holy Spirit. You’ll get to know the Lord Jesus, through the Person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One that’s been sent from heaven to your heart to speak to you, lead you into all truth. It says in John chapter 14, you can go and read all the wonderful things about the Holy Spirit in John chapter 14, John chapter 15, and I believe it is John chapter 16, as well. Jesus was teaching the disciples before the Holy Spirit came, exactly who He’s going to be to you. Jesus said, “I’m not going to leave you like an orphan. I am going to send another One like Me to you.” So He is the Spirit of Jesus and He’s the Spirit of God. Wow.

I know you want me to read you the things, you see, John 14, now if you could, you could make a little note now. You could make a little note, John 14, 15 and 16,  I’m going to go read that during the week and I’m going to be with the Holy Spirit while I’m reading it, and I’m going to be starting to develop my hearing Him, my communication with Him, my participation with Him. I’m going to sit and I’m going to speak to Him like I would speak to a person because He lives right here. He’s come to your heart. There is like a place in you, a space in you, where He is. He is in you in His totality. Although He is everywhere God the Holy Spirit is in You in His totality. He’s not in you a little part of Him in you and a little other part of the Holy Spirit in you. He is completely who He is in me, completely, and He’s completely who He is in you. And yet, He’s also everywhere. You see He is of a heavenly materiality. He’s the part of the Godhead, Jesus saying, “I’ve got a body now. I’ve got a resurrected body, I must go to heaven but the Holy Spirit can be completely in you. Be completely in you, in you and everywhere.” He’s wonderful. The Holy Spirit is wonderful and His name is Parakletos. He says, “I will send you another Comforter, He will comfort you. He will strengthen you. He will lead you. He will guide you into all truth. He will stand by you.” Wow.

Let me read you this. I know you want to hear it. Oh, I know you want to hear it. I’m reading from the Amplified Bible, John 14 verse 16, 16And I will ask the Father, see, this is Jesus before He died and rose. And I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper – look at the Amplified – Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you forever (John 14:16 AMPC). You see what He does? He remains with you forever. He remains with you forever. Remains with you forever. 17The Spirit of Truth (John 14:17 AMPC), you see He is truth. When you get to know Him, and His Word is truth, and you’re in scripture with Him, and He is in you, you get to know the Spirit of truth. He will open up things for you in the Bible because His Word, Jesus said in John 17, 17Your Word is Truth (John 17:17 AMPC). So you might not understand everything the way it’s written in the Bible. And so what He doesn’t open up to you, don’t worry about it if it seems complicated. Go to the parts where you hear Him talk to you. Right? 17The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive. You seem the world can’t receive the Holy Spirit. Why? Because they are not born again. The world can’t receive the Spirit of Truth because (welcome, take to its heart), because it does not see Him or know and recognize Him. But you know and recognize Him, for He lives with you [constantly] and will be in you. 18I will not leave you as orphans [comfortless, desolate, bereaved, forlorn, helpless]; I will come [back] to you (John 14:17-18 AMPC). Jesus was saying, “I will come back to you. I’m going but I’ll come back to you.” Isn’t that amazing? “I’m going to My Father, but I’ll come back to you. I’m coming back to you because the  Spirit is coming back to you. Holy Spirit is coming to you. I’m going but I’m coming back to you.” How beautiful is this? This is truth.

19Just a little while now, and the world will not see Me any more, but you will see Me; because I live, you will live also (John 14:19 AMPC). Right. So let’s go to verse 26, 26But the Comforter (Counselor, there we go again, Amplified Bible, Helper) (John 14:26 AMPC). He will help you with anything if you develop that working relationship with Him in your life. He will help you with everything, so you won’t have to do your own thing. He will help you with everything and anything. 

You may not hear His voice immediately, as quickly as you would like to if I had to say, “Melusi, can you help me with this?” And he says, “Yes, okay, let’s go and get that spare tyre, and let’s, you know, we’ll do this and this and that.” But if you develop that working, you see, you have to cultivate it. You’ve got to get to know Him just like you’d get to know a person you don’t know. Right? You have to get to know this Person of the Godhead like you would get to know anybody you don’t know. And many of you, He’s in you and you don’t know Him. Some of you know Him some. Some of you can know Him more. Right? But start to get to know Him. Let Him help you. Ask Him, ask Him to help you. It’s so wonderful. 26…the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name [in My place…] Is it up there? No, it’s not up there? Okay, that’s okay. 26…send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (He will remind you of) everything I have told you (John 14:26 AMPC). Isn’t that wonderful? And then in John 14, verse 26, He says it again to His disciples, when 26…the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby comes Whom I will send to you from the Father. The Spirit of truth who comes from the Father. Oh, there we go, there we go. As a born-again child of God, you are capable of developing a listening ear to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was telling the truth when He spoke about the Holy Spirit. You can know Him, you can commune with Him, you can participate with Him. The very last verse of Second Corinthians. 14…the love of God, the Father, the grace of your Lord Jesus Christ… and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14 AMPC). That is what the Lord wants for us more than anything else, more than anything else; is He wants you to have a personal, working, intimate relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit because He had Jesus come and die and rise again so He could send the Holy Spirit. He’s called the Promise. “The promise of the Holy Spirit I’m sending to you and to your children.” Glory to God. Isn’t this so beautiful? Isn’t this so beautiful, but it’s challenging you to your very core at the same time. It’s challenging you to your very core because you’re the only one that can say, “I will, I choose.” I can’t make that choice for you, the Holy Spirit can plead with you this morning. The Father, Jesus says, “Won’t you have that choice in your heart to want to know Me? To want to believe what My Word says about the Holy Spirit and draw near to Him and cultivate that listening ear? And let Him be your Helper, your Strengthener, your Standby?”

There’s nobody, there’s no Christian that has more than you have, we all have the same. We’ve all been given the same Holy Spirit. I don’t have some special thing that I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit more than you. No, I’m born again. I’m a child of God, Holy Spirit lives in me. When I was a young, married woman, and I didn’t know how to be a wife, I asked the Holy Spirit to help me and I went to Scripture to see how to be a wife. And then when I didn’t know how to be a mother, I went to the truth of God’s Word. I said, “Holy Spirit, help me. Show me how to be a mother.” You know? And yes, then we would have some teaching in our church too, for that, you know, but I had to stay close to the Holy Spirit to cultivate that because I knew that if I got left to myself, I’d mess it up big time. Because my greatest problem was myself and what I  thought would be good, and what I thought I could read in magazines, or learn from TV, how to be… ugh, my word… what a mess up. The world knows nothing of how to be a mother and how to be a wife and how to be a husband. The world knows nothing. Everything that I need to know is in God’s Word and in His body, and in His assembly and where I get taught how to grow and mature as a son of God. This is not about self-help, people. This is about you engaging with the Person of the Holy Spirit to help you with everything. Glory to God.

And then in John 16 verse 7 He says, 7However, I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say… because in verse 6 He’s saying here, 6because I have said these things… your sorrow has filled your hearts. 7However, I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say it is profitable (good, expedient advantageous) for you that I go away. Because if I do not go away, the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you [into close fellowship with you] (John 16:6-7 AMPC). See, this Bible is called the Amplified, I mean, I’m not punting the Amplified Bible. It’s called the Amplified because there are certain words like Comforter that it will amplify. It’ll just give the fuller Greek meaning of the word. So otherwise, if you just only read Comforter, you’ll think, “Okay, ja, I need comfort. Right? Good. Thank you.” But Strengthener, Standby, Helper, – wow. okay now I get a fuller meaning of what that one word means perhaps in the King James, you see? And so, 7…but if I go away, I will send Him to you [to be in close fellowship with you] (John 16:7 AMPC). Can it be clearer and plainer? Why did Jesus send you and me the Holy Spirit? To be in close fellowship with you, personally. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Father, for sending us God the Holy Spirit to be in close fellowship with us.

Just make a start. For those of you that have already made a start, continue, continue. Get closer if you can, you know, just want to be close with Him in you. He’s amazing. He’s like Jesus. He’s like the Father. He’s amazing. I mean, when you get to know Him, He’s so exciting. Where’s my phone? He’ll just speak to you, and He’ll reveal things to you, and He will show things to you – show you things and He’ll just give you something that will enlighten you and you’ll go, “Wow, I never saw that.” You know? And He’ll do that more and more as you develop. Glory to God.

God the Holy Spirit, is so busy in so many of your lives already. You’re so active with Him already. Wow, hey. You’re so active with Him already. Glory to God. I mean, just the Morning Moments, just the times that you’ve been with me in Psalms, Being filled with the Spirit speaking. Speaking, you see? You must be speaking to the Holy Spirit, then you’ll get to know how He speaks back to you in your inner man. See? I just want to read some things that I’ve just been receiving from Heritage people. During this moment in time, some will run while others will hide. Don’t hide. Don’t hide from the Lord just because He’s bringing light. Those that run will come to know marvels and wonders in overflow. How I long for all to see everything I have for them that is within Me. Come to Me, My Word, My light, get washed, clean, shiny and bright. I urge you to run and not to hide, for I would like all to enter in right by My side. Isn’t that beautiful? The Lord gave this to someone in our church. The Holy Spirit gave it to them. It’s just precious. Right?

And this He gave to somebody on the ninth of December sending it to me. It’s time to walk out, it’s time to be free, learn to rely only on Me. It’s fallen, it’s fallen, it’s fallen they’ll cry – that’s Babylon, right? You’ve been here long enough to know that’s one of our key scriptures where Jesus says in the Book of Revelation where Jesus says, “Come out of Babylon, it’s fallen.” That’s the world system, people, it’s fallen, because Satan is a fallen being and he is the god of this world, Babylon is in a fallen state. Come out from among her. Don’t participate in her sins or share in her plagues. Come to Me, come out of the world system, come fully into My Kingdom. Right? It’s fallen, it’s fallen they’ll cry. You rejoice, celebrate, praise the only One on high. More and more, pour me into You and the world will depart. Well, how do I pour Him into me? I’ve been speaking to you all morning about that. You pour Him into you by pouring over the scriptures and some of the points you’re making here and reading the things that I’m encouraging you to read here this morning. John 14, 15, 16 – just the things about the Holy Spirit, those are some instructions you’re getting here this morning. See now the thing is if you are not listening and you’re not going to walk in it during the week and go, “You know what, that’s the instruction I received at the assembly. I’m going to look at those scriptures to see who the Holy Spirit is to me.” If you are not going to do that then what progress can you make and then, why did you come this morning? He wanted you here today so that you can grow in Him so that you can know Him. He doesn’t want you coming here, just to tread water. He has designed this whole assembly thing so that you can grow close to Him. He loves you so much. You are His child.

You see that’s Pastor John’s and my responsibility, to make sure that we are always connecting you to Him, you and Him, you and Him. You’ve got to be with Him, He wants you. You’ve got to be with Jesus. He wants you. Hey? Right? He wants you for Himself. That’s why He says, “I am a jealous God.” It’s like, “You’re mine, I bought you with My blood, I purchased you, you’re Mine. I live in you. I am not going to stop drawing you. I’ll never leave you. You can’t run away from Me. You can’t hide from Me.” That’s what the psalmist David says, “Where can I go from Your presence?” There’s nowhere. Praise the Lord. You will always be His. You will always be His. He will always love you. Oh, but He wants you to grow. He doesn’t want you to stay like a little baby, that little baby is so cute but He wants you to learn to sit and then to learn to pull yourself up on things and then to learn to walk with Him and then to run. And then to be able to grow up in the Word and have like grown-up conversations with Him and Him with you. It’s like His best thing. It’s why He had you born again and now you’re His child and He’s like, “I got, I got, I got born-again – birth, baby. I got you – you’re perfect. You’ve got everything in you to grow. Your recreated spirit, everything in you, you can grow now.” That’s why He says, “Desire this and see a milk of the Word that you may grow thereby.” Come, come, milk of the Word, milk, milk, milk, milk, come, come.” Right? Where do I get my milk from? This environment that you come into here, if this is where the Lord is planting you, is your perfect environment for a baby Christian, a baby. I mean a baby Christian can even be 70 years old, right? You can just have got born again and you’re a baby Christian. This environment here is perfect for a baby Christian, a little bit grown-up sitting Christian, a walking Christian, a running Christian because the Word that comes to you will come to you on your level and then the Holy Spirit touches you in your heart on your level with this message because in this message today there has been milk; beautiful milk. I mean, I still desire the milk of the Word of God that I may grow thereby. But then there is meat too, there is some vegetables and broccoli in this because you’re challenged to your core by this message. Especially those of you that have never cultivated that intimacy with the Holy Spirit or especially for those of you that had that intimacy with the Holy Spirit once and now you don’t have it anymore. You’re challenged to your core. You see so there is strong stuff in this message too. Right?

You have got to bypass that stuff where the devil comes to you and says, “You should have and you could have and by now you ought to.” “No, now I walk with You. Now I walk with You. Now I come to You, every day like a little child, now.” And you know what the good news is? Did I share it with you yet? The good news is that it has nothing to do with what you feel like. “But I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like I want to talk with the Holy Spirit. I don’t feel like I want to do those scriptures every week.” The good news is that it doesn’t matter what you feel like. It’s what sons of God do. I am a son of God and it is what I do. I speak to the Holy Spirit. I go in the scripture, it’s what a son does.

For me, it’s such good news that it doesn’t matter what I feel because if I had to be a son of God based on what I feel and what I don’t feel, I’d be a yo-yo Christian. I do it because I chose it. I want to grow, I want to be pleasing to Him. He is my Father, God the Father is my Father, Jesus is my Lord. The Holy Spirit is the One living inside of me. Hallelujah. 

You have to deal with all the condemnation of the devil. The devil doesn’t want you close to the Holy Spirit. He will come and tell you you’re not worthy. “Look what you said yesterday and what you did last night.” It is especially then that I say, “I have to and I will keep coming to my Father. I will keep turning into Him, keep coming to Him cause that’s the only way that I’m going to change, is because of my own walk with Him. It’s because He is going to be my Helper and my Strengthener and my Standby. My comforter, when I missed it, especially when I missed it. Oh, Lord, I need Him as my Comforter. He is never the condemner when you miss it, never, ever, ever is the Holy Spirit a condemner. Never, ever, ever, ever is the Holy Spirit a condemner. Never, ever, ever. If you have been sinful and disobedient, never, ever is the Holy Spirit a condemner. He is always an encourager and a comforter and saying, “Okay, alright, now I get that.” “Forgive me, Father, forgive me.” 9He is faithful, 1 John 1:9 and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9 NKJV). Come, come – He is always the Comforter, He’s always the drawer, always. Even in His correction, even in His correction, that’s how you can tell whether the Lord is correcting you. He is comforting you in the correction. Yes, He may even be, I mean, jo, I tell you, the Holy Spirit has been tough on me. I remember when I was growing up and I would speak to my children in a certain way and the next morning I am in His presence you see, cause I’m developing my voice and He would say, “Don’t speak like that again to Brynn.” And you know, when you hear the Holy Spirit speak to you like that, if it’s really Him, it’s like the words of Jesus that day when He said to that woman, “Neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more.” Those words were so powerful that she went and sinned no more. She dropped her adulterous lifestyle like that so when the Holy Spirit said it to me that morning, “You don’t speak like that again.” I was like, sho, I don’t think I can, I don’t think I’ll be able to. That’s the kind of power that you can walk in when you are walking with the Holy Spirit because He can say something like that to you. And then the power of His voice in you, you just know. I just know I’m not going to speak like that again. You know what I mean? I just know I’m not going to, just know I’m not going to. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. That’s why it’s so important for you to hear His voice because my voice … okay … but when you hear His voice… my voice is here today by the Holy Spirit so that you can hear His voice. Isn’t that wonderful? Glory to God. Glory to God. 

Did you get something out of this this morning? Isn’t this very precious? It’s very precious. It’s very precious. It’s very exciting because you can embark on a brand new journey with Him. That’s why the Apostle Paul says, forgetting the things that lie behind you. Even those of you that do know His voice – I’m forgetting, I’m pressing. Every day I’m like a little child, brand new as if I’ve never heard His voice before. Eager and in anticipation of “Wonder what He’s going to say to my heart today,” you know, “because I am making time to talk to Him. I need comfort this morning.” And then He’s my Comforter, and then I can just cry and cry and cry and cry. Cry, because it’s just Him and me. So I cry and cry and cry and cry. And that’s why God made tear ducts. He made tear ducts because life and stuff can build up, you know, and then you just get into His presence and you’re like, “Oh, Lord, I’m just out of sorts. Thank you, Holy Spirit, You’re my Comforter.” You cry and cry and cry and cry. And He just lets you cry, and you cry, and He’s got His arms around you. You can feel Him inside of you. You don’t feel Him, but you know Him inside of you, that this is you and Him and He’s just letting you have a good cry because tears can wash. 

Jesus in the days of His flesh wept too. Powerful when you with the Holy Spirit, like that. Sometimes it’s just you in the Scripture, you know, and sometimes you just in those underlined Psalms, if you’ve been listening to me, Psalms that you want to say to God, the joy, rejoicing things, you know. It’s not difficult. It’s difficult on your flesh because you won’t feel like it. And this is what I say to the Witbank church, I think it was last week. I said my ‘I don’t feel like it’ is the same as yours. My ‘I don’t feel like it’ is exactly the same as yours. But to me, I disregard my feelings. I just press on to continue to cultivate intimacy with the marvellous, mighty Holy Spirit.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You, Lord Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Lord Thank You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You that we can know You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. There is no voice like His voice. When He speaks to you, and He calls you by name your heart melts. You just melt. You know, sometimes He calls me Sharon. Sometimes He calls me My girl. Oh. Oh, you know, calls you My son. Sometimes when He speaks to you, Melusi, what does He call you? Oh, my son. He knows your name. He knows you by name. Hey, Hannah, what does He call you? My daughter, sometimes. My son, sometimes, because it’s generic. Ja, and He’s tender even in His discipline of you, He’s tender with you. Nkuleko, isn’t He precious, the Holy Spirit when it comes on you? When I saw you at prayer and the tears were just rolling down your cheeks and He comes on you and sometimes you tremble. Sometimes He causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. And then your hand shakes like that, hey? Sometimes, not all the time. But you know, He’s real, and you know He’s in you and you know it’s Him. He is letting you know, “ I am real. I’m real, Nkuleko. Talk to me.” Hey? Right? In your heart, He is the Holy Spirit is He not? He loves you.  That’s the thing about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit loves you because He is the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of God and He loves you. The One who lives inside you, loves you. I’m going to let you go now. I’m going to let you go now because I think He’s emphasised what He wants to emphasise this morning. Hasn’t He? To your heart and my heart? Just to say, “Come on, come close.” I think the big thing, emphasis He wanted to make is He’s never a condemner. What were those words that I said? The Holy Spirit … ja, He’s never the condemner. Even when you miss it, He’s never the condemner. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Remember the difference? When you miss it? Satan, accuser, ja, you see. It’s a completely different sound. See, Satan can’t speak to you inside of you because he doesn’t live inside of you. The Holy Spirit lives inside of you. Satan comes from the outside with suggestions to your mind to tell you; you can’t read the Bible, you can’t talk to the Holy Spirit because look how bad you are, you still do this, after all these years, you still do this and you are like that and like that. You are the only one that can deal with the devil. You either start to plead the Blood and you ignore him and you go straight to Jesus. You go straight to the Holy Spirit, straight to Him because it’s the Blood that made you worthy to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing I can do to be worthy to have this awesome intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The Blood has paid the price so that I can have the fullness of the Holy Spirit in me. Oh.

Father, I pray today for Your precious people. Your precious people. Thank You that these words, You Holy Spirit in each of them, will encourage and comfort them with these words so that they’re encouraged and strengthened to talk to You – to talk to the Holy Spirit and engage in a deeper, more fuller, richer communion and participation with the Holy Spirit. You, Holy Spirit, who wants to so much make Yourself real to us. You who are not hiding. You’re abiding in us. Thank You that Your people will now draw near to You like never before. They’ll come to You like little children and they’ll speak to You and they’ll develop that intimacy with You in a simple way of scriptures and just beginning to talk to You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You. I bless Your people. I commit them to Your word. I commend them to Your grace, I commit them. 

I just want to read this prayer; I commit you to God. I commend you to this word that you heard this morning. This Word is able to build you up and give you your rightful inheritance among all God’s chosen ones. And that’s all of you. Your rightful inheritance to have this rich relationship with Him. In Jesus’ name, I bless you, I bless you. 

I give you all a big hug from me. Hug, hug, hug, hug. I used to do that on the phone remember, Brynn? When we were far apart, I’d go hug, hug, hug, hug and then they’d go hug, hug, hug, hug. And I would go.. (Pastor Sharon making kissing sounds) And as big as they were and as old as they were, they would have to go (Pastor Sharon making kissing sounds) back to me over the phone. So from me to you, today, hug, hug, hug, hug … (Pastor Sahorn making kissing sounds) … on your cheek. I love you all so much. Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, blessed day. And for those of you that are going away, have a great rest in Him, starting to talk to Him, in Jesus’ name. Bye-bye everybody. Love you all.