I Will Take The Children Part 17 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 6:12 (TPT); Ephesians 2:1-2 (AMPC); Hebrews 11:8 (AMPC); Deuteronomy 28:32, 41, 45, 48 (AMPC); Jeremiah 9:17-21 (AMPC)

Praise You, praise You, praise You. Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that church. We acknowledge it, Lord. We know it, we know it, we know it, we know it, Lord. We know it. We, Your sons know it. Despite what’s happening in the world, we know it’s Your time. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. That word that you brought to us in 2010 through Pastor John has immunised us from this time. Hallelujah, Lord. We know it’s Your time, Father. We know it’s Your time, Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Glory. It’s a time that You have orchestrated for Your power and Your glory to come and to be seen in the earth, Father. Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory. And it’s not happening in ways that people – that’s spectacular – that people had anything to do with it, Lord, because it’s happening in our hearts, by Your Spirit, by Your Spirit. It’s happening in our hearts, Father. Hallelujah. We’re becoming, Father and we’re rising, Lord. Glory, because of Your Word, because of Your Word, Father. Hallelujah. And Your words that You keep giving us, Father. In Jesus’ name, we thank You for the words that You will speak to us today that are changing us. Holy Spirit. You are wonderful with us. You are wonderful within each one of us, and You are wonderful with us and among us. We thank You that You will have Your say and You will have Your way here this morning, in the name of Jesus. And we all say; Amen. You may be seated. Glory to God. Hallelujah.

Well, God, you know, is just Supreme Intelligence. There’s nothing that takes Him by surprise that He doesn’t know about. And He has declared that it is His time and it is His time. That’s the great thing about what’s happening here is that the true church is going to see that it’s God’s time and everybody else is going to be in a frenzy and wonder what’s happening. But the church, the true church of the Lord Jesus knows exactly what’s going on. I mean, we know exactly what’s happening here. We know that God is turning this thing. It’s one of those things, Heritage of Faith people, that if Satan had known, he would never have. Because God is busy all the time. He keeps telling me, He keeps telling Pastor John and if you’ve got ears to hear, He’ll keep telling you, “You actually have to know what all I’m doing in the earth right now. What an opportunity this is for Me to reset things. Resets things in My church. Resets things in the body of Christ so that a shift can come in the body of Christ. I’m using this as an opportunity to do everything that is My time.” Glory to God. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

It’s a good time, it’s a good time to be alive. It’s a time when the church is going to make tremendous, tremendous progress. The true church. The true church. The disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, those who like Jesus said in Matthew 18, who is going to become like little children, who are going to humble themselves, and repent and turn around right now and come out of Babylon, come out of the world system. Allow these messages that God’s been bringing us to take it out of us. Oh, I had such an amazing psalm that came from somebody. I had them actually read it last week. Let me just see if I can find it. I hope I can. Do you have it? Oh, she’s already shared it. Well, I’ll tell you, it says, I’m giving Him my all so that everything of Babylon in me may fall. Glory. Unreservedly I give God now my all for all in Babylon in my life to fall. Circumcision of the foreskin of my heart. I choose Jesus, my only part from the start. Wow. Praise the Lord. Glory to God. All right, you already got it? Well, it’s just already working in me because that was inspired by who? The Holy Spirit in her,
listening to Morning Moments, being activated in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. The Holy Spirit has inspired, is inspiring these things in us. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. That’s how His Word is changing us.

On the first of January 2017, Pastor John brought a message that the Lord pegged in me or He just nailed it in my heart. He said, “This will be part of your life now, going forward,” as He has done with many, in my heart, with many of PastorJohn’s messages. Especially when he brings it in point form. The Holy Spirit says to me, “Now you get those points, because I gave him those points, so you get them.” And so these were points where it says that what we have to do is we have to have recognition of the term that we were living in. Number one, we have to have recognition of the time that we’re living in. Number 1; we have to have recognition of the time. Who does God give recognition of the time to? He will speak to His apostles, and He will speak to His prophets. He will speak to His sons. Hallelujah. His sons that are planted. His sons that are planted in the house of the Lord where they are supposed to be planted. Because every child of God has got the environment that God has perfectly made for them to go to. The new creature, the new creation, when you get born again, the very next thing God desires to do is to lead you and guide you to the place that he has for you where you can grow. At that place will be the Ephesians chapter four gifts that will bring you to maturity as a son of God, will be the messages, will be everything that you and your family and your children will ever need in your life. That is the Garden of Eden that God has created for the new creature.

You heard Pastor John – some of you – minister on the environment and the creature. Well, the new creature’s environment is planted in the house of the Lord. Glory to God. Planted, not attending church, people, it’s a big difference. To be planted a plant puts its roots down into the soil and draws the nourishment up from the water and from the nutrients that are in the soil of that place, of every message, of every sound. You grow by the Word of God. That’s how you grow and that’s how I grow. You don’t have a different way to grow than me. I don’t find some mysterious way that I grow as a Christian, and you find some mysterious way. We all grow the same way. God is very clear in His Word about that. He plants You. Planted, it says, the psalmist David says in the house of the Lord. Planted in the house of the Lord you will bear fruit. Why? Because there comes the Word of God that must come to you for you to take because the Word is seed. You take it and you put it in your heart and you put it in your mouth and you believe it and you receive it. Then it exercises, second Thessalonians, it exercises its superhuman power in you who believe. The only reason why we’ve gotten to the place where we are now is because of the words that we receive. That’s why God’s setting a standard now to go further. Right.

So, have recognition of the time. We must have recognition of the time. Right, together. The second point was; we need to receive instruction from the Lord. We need to receive instruction from the Lord. The third point was that then we have to be bold in our obedience to those instructions. All the instructions are in all the messages, people. We’re receiving instructions fast and furious right now. We receive the instructions. Right? And then we activate our boldness in obedience to that. And then if we need to be the ones to give instruction, then no matter how way out it may seem, we have to give that instruction. So as parents right now, in our families, if I was a plant planted here in this house now, I’d be having conversations now. Lifestyle changes now. Right now speaking to my children as a parent and saying, “We’re not going to do that anymore. You have to know that mom and dad have repented. You have to know that we’ve impacted you, we’ve influenced you, we’ve infiltrated you, we’ve imprinted ourselves on you. And we repent from that. Now we are going to be seeking the Lord for your life. Now we are going to be inquiring of the Lord. We are not going to be doing it the way we used to do because the Word of the Lord has come to us that we have to enquire of the Lord and we have to follow God’s plans for our life and not the way that the world says are our plans.” Those are the conversations. I will be giving instruction no matter how ludicrous it may seem, no matter how way out it may seem.

Jesus really brought messages to His people that shocked them. He said to the rich young ruler, “Okay now if you are asking Me what to do, I am telling you to sell everything and come follow Me. It says in The Passion Translation he was shocked that Jesus would even ask him that. But you know why Jesus is coming now with a shock because it’s like that heart thing when you’re half asleep and you’re half dead and He has to put some things on your heart to go, “Wake up, wake up. I’ve got a plan for your life. Wake up. Don’t follow your own plans for your life.” Hallelujah. There are some things here that have got to come out today. Be alert and be awake today.

I want to share something with you. That’s activating your boldness, giving instruction where you need to be giving, having conversations where you need to be having conversations. And then it says, the other point five; the law of attraction kicks in. Who do you attract? You attract God, you attract His voice to you. He can speak to you now, whereas before you were… I go the way of the world, I go the way my father taught me and his father taught him. Traditions of men denying the power of God. God says, “I will take the children.” This December, this December something is happening this December. Something is happening this December for people whose hearts are awake and are listening to God. Something is up. This December God is going to speak to some of you. He is going to speak and speak and speak and He is going to speak. There is such an excitement. All the disciples that I am speaking to are going, “Oh, December, December December.” All of the people that have got the messages in their hearts are going, “December, December, December.” Why? Because it is a defining moment time that we are in, people. We have to be awake. We have to be awake. I said to some of the people in Witbank, when they said, “This December, Pastor Sharon. This December.” I said, “Yes, me too. Me too” What, what? I don’t have to know what. I just have to know it’s God and it’s something big and it’s big. It’s big for me and it’s big for my brothers and sisters in the church. He wants to speak and He wants to say something. He wants to shift some things – be awake. He is wanting to tell you some things that concern your children. He is wanting you to hear from Him about this month of December, not to do what you think you want to do in this month of December or what conversations you think you must have in this month of December. He is wanting you to have the conversations you must have in this month of December because it could be a matter of life and death for some people. Hanging in the balance, hanging in the balance are things. Hanging in the balance are destinies. Hanging in the balance are destinies for children, destinies for men and for women. Destinies, hanging in the balance are mantles that God is wanting to bring. Hanging in the balance are callings, giftings and anointings. Hanging in the balance of the people of Heritage of Faith’s lives are plans of God that He wants to have come to pass and He wants to do some things in the month of December to set some things right. Be awake, be awake. Be awake and be alert. Be spiritually awake and alert in this month of December. God’s time is not our time. He is not on vacation and having Christmas. He is celebrating the birth and the resurrection of His Son in this way. The plans of Jesus, the plans of God the Father that must come to pass now. Glory to God.

So that I just threw in there to tell you this is the excitement of God that is in us. In case you haven’t had it, have it now. Have it now, have it now. Be expectant now for what God is going to show you in the month of December – things you have to see, things that you have to say, things that you have to pray, things that you have to say. All of it – the law of attraction. Then point number six was; when the law of attraction begins to happen, don’t get lifted up in pride, start all over again with the recognition of the time – receiving instruction, giving instruction, activating your boldness and your obedience with boldness, knowing that you are obeying God. The law of attraction attracting all of God’s fullness, all of God’s fulfilment, all of God’s blessing, all of God’s promises fulfilled in your life. Glory to God. Glory, glory, glory. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

This is God. And so, before I just read you a few things that the Lord said I just want you to read this. This morning’s service is going to be different, this morning’s assembly is going to be different. It’s going to be different. We all sit here waiting upon the Lord to see and hear what He will say. There are times I know exactly what to say because my preparation is always the same. It’s very intense with the Lord but when He doesn’t give me exactly, then I know something else is up. Something else is up. Glory, glory, glory. We are awake this morning and we are alert, Lord. Hallelujah.

But I did have this experience with the Lord as I was going through Pastor John’s message that he brought here last Sunday and he said this, he said this… I have told Daniel he doesn’t have to put the scriptures up this morning because your ears are going to hear and your eyes are going to see. Right? Spiritual ears and spiritual eyes. Do you know in the days of Ezra, when he would stand up in the pulpit and he would just read scripture and read scripture they didn’t have something to look at? They didn’t have their own Bibles but they heard and they saw and they wept. Many of them wept. There was a response from the message. There are some things that God just wants your ear to catch and hear about the time that we are in now and where we are going. Glory to God. Because no man can stop Him. No man can stop us, nothing can stop us, we are moving. God has brought us to this place in 2020; perfect period of waiting is over. A cycle has been completed not only for Pastor John and I and all of us but for God, for God. God is at the place now where He is not waiting for things anymore. He is very active and He is moving in the earth. Moving in the hearts of men, moving in the body of Christ. Remember that prophecy said it’s a shift for this nation but it is a shift for the body of Christ. God has brought about a shift. That’s why you are shifting all the time – you who are listening to these messages. You are shifting all the time. Shift, shift, shift and in this shift it is messy but it’s marvellous. Glory. We know it’s God like never before. We know we are in the grip of the mighty God. Us, Heritage of Faith people, we know it. Glory to God.

So, he said this, put on God’s complete armour and he read Ephesians six. 12For they are a powerful class of demon-gods and evil spirits that hold this dark world in bondage. Ephesians six. So can I just read that again? 12For they are a powerful class of demon-gods and evil spirits that hold this dark world in bondage (Ephesians 6:12 TPT). Here comes the thing that I experienced with God; where do they get their power from? That exploded in me – from the will of men. They have no power if they cannot operate through the will of human beings. They have no power. They have no authority unless they are given it. Shew, that shook me to my core. It moved me forward in the light. Where do they get their power from? The will of men. It is only the will of men that allows them to operate on the earth. They have no other power. Do you understand? They have to cooperate, they have to operate through the will of men. So where is the contest? God says, “Give Me your will so that I might consume the will of your children because if you give Me your will, I can have the will of your children and I will perpetuate My powerful influence on the earth for generations.” That’s why He chose Abraham for blessings because He knew that Abraham would command his sons after God, not after himself.

That is why God is making such a big shift with us here, people. If we make this dedication properly, the visitation will be proper. God will have His full way here if we listen to this Word and we obey it. So, that’s why the Bible says, He said here that the sins of the fathers will be passed on for up to three generations. The most important thing is the behaviour of the fathers are passed on to the children which are, “I live by my self-will and I give the enemy power to control my future.’ But I think I am doing it. I think I am in charge. Meantime the god of this world is imprinting you and your mind all the time with attitudes, thought processes, emotions, and the whole world system through connections, people, colleagues, friends, all kinds of things. All these ideas he is planting into you – you’ve got to go the way that everybody else goes, you’ve got to go with the system. Powerful gods that are controlling the lives of men through their will. You can’t fight that on your own. You need the will of God and the purpose and the plan of God to be able to fight that. All the power we need is in the messages that God is bringing us now. All the power is in the messages. We fight that, we fight that. Hallelujah. With the Word of God. The Word of God is our only defence against the enemy.

The Lord said this to me this morning; I wrote here, they get their power from the will of men, through the will of men. They have no other power. Right? So this is how I wrote it down because people, you did not choose this word that God is bringing now, you have no defence. You are defenceless and the enemy has got you. He’s got the inroad into you and he will run your life now. If you through these messages have not chosen the will of God for your life and only the will of God, he has already got an inroad into you and he’s got your life and he is controlling your life, even though you think you are in control – you are not. So this is what He said here; if you are making your own plans, don’t be fooled that they are your own. You are making the plans of the god of this world for your life. There are only two wills in the universe, ok, three – man’s. But your will can not submit independently, saying, well, I am not in the will of Satan and I am not in the will of God. I am like in my own little will here. No, you are deceived. You are in the will of God or you are in the will of Satan. You have chosen life, and God’s plans going forward or you have chosen death and going the way of the world. There is no middle ground here. God is very clear; I set before you My plans or your plans; choose My plans. I set before you life and death; choose life. It’s the same thing. I set before you, you choose My plans or your plans. So when you choose your own plans, you think they’re your own and you think you’re so smart because you’re making your own plans but they are the plans of Satan for your life. The will of God is there, and the will of the god of this world that works all the time in the sons of disobedience.

And Daniel, I am going to ask you to put up Ephesians 2 from verse 2 from the Amplified Bible, please. I want the people this morning, God wants them to see this with their own eyes. So, there’s not some other thing that you can do. Can you see that? There’s no middle ground here. You either choose God’s will, or you choose whatever he wills, the god of this world wills for your life.

Ephesians 2 is a scripture that He has been speaking to my heart for quite a while. Ok, if we go here, 2In which at one time… Verse one says, 1And you [He made alive], when you were dead (slain) by [your] trespasses and sins. In which at one time you walked [habitually]. You were following the course and fashion of this world. That doesn’t mean fashion with jackets and jeans. You were following the way the world does things. You have been fashioned after the world. You were following the course and fashion of this world [were under the sway of the tendency of this present age], following the prince of the power of the air. That’s Satan. [You were obedient to and under the control of] the [demon] spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience [the careless, the rebellious, and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of God] (Ephesians 2:1-2 AMPC). That’s it, that is all you need to see there. He is constantly still working in the sons of disobedience. So then, when you don’t receive the words that God is bringing you, because God brings the words, then you are a son of disobedience and you are constantly under the influence and sway of Satan. There is not some other influence in between the god of this world and God Almighty. There’s not some other influence. There is no neutral. So, that was something very powerful to me.

There is no light in this world system. It’s always only perpetual darkness. Everything in this world system is always only darkness because Satan is the god of it. Now, when you think there’s light, it’s because Satan has transformed himself into an angel of light in the dark world system. How does he do that? Through the will of men. He cannot arrive unannounced on his own as an angel of light. He has to appear as an angel of light through the will of men. He can only operate as an angel of light through the will of men and come and present something light to you in the world system. This is light, this is wonderful, this is good, this is wonderful. He knew how to do that in the garden of Eden. “You don’t have to listen to God, listen to me.” He was transforming and he needed to find a vessel and he found Eve. And still today, he finds men and women, Christians that say, “Yes, I see that is good. That fruit in the world is good. Wow, it can’t be so bad. I think I am going to eat it. I’m going to partake of it.” See? And so, that was very interesting to me too – he has always and does transform himself into an angel of light through the will of men and women. He can’t do this except through the will of a man and a woman. I thought about all of the pop idols. It is as if light comes from them because they sing so beautifully, it is as if light comes from them. It is not the light of God. And all of the glory of mankind, all of the accolades and things and all of the people that win and they won this, and they came first at that, and they win it. That is not the light of God, that is the light of Satan presenting to you an alternative to what God’s plan is for your life. God is really wanting that – what are these things they put on your heart? Defibrillator; He is really putting His defibrillator on our hearts, people. Right?

We are right there, where God has got us where we enter in, we’re going in. But we’ve got a while. We’ve got a while here between the perfect period of waiting that is over and this is a defining moment. It’s going to, whatever any of us now at Heritage of Faith choose now, or do not choose now – you think you do not choose but you are actually choosing because you are not choosing, so you are choosing – is going to define your future now. This while is not going to come again for you. This light that God is bringing now, He is bringing now. He is not going to bring you this light at another time. Why? Because it is a defining moment time. He is bringing this light big and strong now. He is going to have it come, and have it come until He is satisfied that every heart has heard it and understood everything perfectly. He knows exactly who has hardened their hearts and He knows exactly who has got it and He knows exactly who has flowed with it and He will go, “Right, now we move on.” Because He is in a hurry to get things done and to move us all into our Promised Land.

This is a while of God. This defining moment time is not like the days that we have had before, where it will come again and come around at another time. This is a five-foolish-virgin and five-wise-virgin moment. All ten virgins, all ten belonging to the Lord were asleep. Then they heard Jesus call, they heard Jesus call. They knew Jesus is come, something is happening, something is up here, something is up. Then the five wise were the ones that had the oil, they had what they had with the messages and with the Holy Spirit personally in the inner recesses, they had with the messages in the inner recesses of their own hearts. They already had that knowing of being led by the Holy Spirit because they had been taught, and they had been taught, and they took it and they took it. They were ready, even though they had been asleep with the other. Then the other five realised that something is wrong here for me. I have not got what I need to actually, I am not ready. I am not ready. They said to the other five, “Give us some of yours.” And they said, “We can’t.” I got what I got because I got. I got it with God because I purposed to get it with God. I can’t give you, you have to go buy it. You have to go buy it. There are some things that you have to sell out to. There are some things, changes, that you have got to make and the best thing that I can do for you my sister and my brother is say; see if you can get it in time and if you can still make it to come in with us. It is the best I can do, but I am going in. I am going in, I am going in. Now, I am going in. I am at that same time that I was at when I was at Grace Fellowship and the Lord gave me those messages; Alignment for Blessing. I have a heritage, I have a pedigree, I have a spiritual family tree. If you do not have one, come with me. People left on mass, they were so shocked. I am at that same place now, where I made this statement. I said; I am not a preacher to preach to wilderness people. I am preaching to Promised Land entering people and some more people left. Put it up on all the websites; I will stay with all the wilderness people. I will minister to the wilderness people. Cruel, cruel, Pastor Sharon, cruel, cruel. I am at that place now. I am at that place now. I am so grateful that I am one of the five virgins and I am just saying, I am just saying; do everything you can do to get ready. Do everything you can.

In my understanding and realisations of this, I said to the Lord, “What about the babies? What about the babies, Lord? The ones that have been joining us most recently? They have just been with us in the last two or three years and they are still little babies.” He said, “They hold on and they keep going and they hold on to the more mature ones around them and they keep putting their foot in the message too. They keep believing and keep having a heart like a little child too. They will be stronger and they will go in with you. But those that have been sitting for years and years, and hardening their hearts and having every excuse to not listen to the Word, having every justification, those are the ones that I do not know. I do not know. I do not know.” Only God knows. I am not judging, I dare not. I dare not judge. Because in this house there will be lots, God will send lots of little children to this house. Lots of little children because God knows who they are. They are going to come with hearts that God knows already. They are going to listen, they are going to listen. They are going to hold on, they are going to know that God is here. This is still the perfect environment for a baby Christian to come to. But for those that have been listening for years and years and years and years – I do not know. I do not know. Only God knows. Only God knows. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

It is that kind of defining moment time. I understand now the call of God that He called me to on the 22nd of June, in the same month that Jesus said to Brother Jerry, it is a life-defining moment now. Whatever you say, whatever you do, however you respond now and how you act now – with what you are going through with these messages, I want to add, with these messages and the way God is speaking to us through Pastor John, through Pastor Sharon and through Pastor Christi – will determine your future. But you will never be able to say, “God, I did not know.” Never, you will never. There is a scripture in the Bible that says; you will know that a prophecy has been given, whether you responded or not because when you do not recognise the time of your visitation when Jesus comes with certain things to set you free when you do not recognise the time of visitation when Jesus comes with messages to you, the Message Bible says then the enemy will come and he will have the run of your life. Jesus wept. Luke 18:44, I believe it is when He wept over people and He said, “The enemy is coming now and he is going to dash you. He is going to surround you, he is going to hit you. All because you did not come to know the visitation when I came to you to visit you with certain things.” This is that time of visitation, right now. Right now it is that time. We are on the cusp and we are going in.

God gave Joshua when they came out of the wilderness, He said, “Okay I am going to give you a time period here to get right. Messy but marvellous before we go in. I am going to give everyone the opportunity to have their hearts circumcised. I am going to give everybody the chance to circumcise their own hearts with the Word of God. To allow their hearts to be cut. To allow their hearts to be pierced by the messages. I am going to give everybody more than enough time.” I do not know what that time is. God said, “I am giving it a while.” I said, “How long is it?” He said, “It is My while. It is My while. When I know it is enough, because I told you I am going to rub it in and rub it in and rub in these messages. It is going to be a time block and a time period that nobody in this church of Heritage of Faith will ever be able to ever forget.” Throughout eternity, you will stand on the day of judgement before the Lord Jesus and He will say to you, “I gave you those messages. I gave you that while. I gave you that time. I gave you that opportunity to repent, to have a complete lifestyle change. What did you do? What did you do? How did you act? How did you respond? What did you say? In your heart, what did you say in your hearts?”

For those who do choose; my, my, my, my, my, my, my. You will enter in if you’re becoming like little children. You’re humbling, you’re repenting, you’re entering in. You are entering in. You are entering in and you will know what it is like because when God calls you – listen to this people, very precious what this word said; when God calls you, you know everything and you know nothing. That is exactly what it did to Abraham. It says God called Abraham, and he knew everything and he knew nothing. You have called me, Lord. I know everything. How do you know everything? I know He called me. I know He is speaking to my heart. What are the details? I know nothing. That is the depth of covenant that you enter into with God. He takes note of that. “Oh, you are not troubling your mind. You just are going to follow Me. You just are going to trust Me. You just are going to. I credit it to you as righteousness.” It’s how you seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness. You follow me like Abraham; I call you. Where am I going? I don’t know. But I know You call. I know everything. And I know nothing. And I don’t care, because he’s calling me and I know everything and I know nothing. I don’t care because He is calling me. I know everything and I know nothing.

You can put that up for me, Hebrews 11, please, Daniel. The Lord wants people to see Hebrews 11 out of the Amplified Bible, it’s verse eight. 8[Urged on] by faith, Hebrews 11, verse eight, just how he called Abraham. That’s how Abraham’s blessings get to be yours because you know God’s calling you and you’re not going to trouble your mind. [Urged on] by faith, Abraham, when he was called. You know God’s calling you, -many of you – all of you, actually, God’s calling you. When he was called obeyed and went forth to a place. You see, there’s the place and Pastor Christi ministered powerfully on it. About a father who did not take his family to the right place because he was rich. There was a famine and he didn’t want God knocking on the door of his heart in case God might ask him to give something. [Urged on] by faith when he was called obeyed and went forth to a place which he was destined to receive as an inheritance (Hebrews 11:8 AMPC). You see, when you’re in the place that God has planted you, you will receive the inheritance destined for you, destined for you. Because in that place, your call is your inheritance. Your spiritual leader is your inheritance. The people in that place are your inheritance. The food and the Word of God and the messages in that place are your inheritance. The gifts and callings that are in that place – do you know what a powerful anointing is upon Pastor John that God is waiting to unloose and unleash because he is anointed to recognise gifts and callings in the people that are around him? He’s anointed for that. It’s the work of an apostle. It’s all over the New Testament but parents have thought they can be their child’s shepherd and their spiritual leader. So what’s happened up until this message is that Pastor John’s been unable to even see anything because parents eclipse. I’ve already decided, we’ve already had conversations. But now that gift that’s in Pastor John is going to come out. Jesus is going to come out of Pastor John through the anointing that’s on the apostle to say, “I see that, yes, Lord, yes, Lord. That one and that one. Yes, Lord, like this and like that. Yes, Lord.” That one because these children have been truly dedicated to Me.

I want to read you, okay, so by faith was destined to receive as an inheritance; and he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go (Hebrews 11:8 AMPC).

So does that make sense that when Abraham, can you see now if I make that statement when God calls you you know everything because you know He’s called you because you know His voice inside of you? When God calls you, you know everything and then you know nothing. At the same time, all at the same time, you know everything and you know nothing and you don’t care. You don’t trouble your mind because you’re responding to this call of Him in you. When you get to that place where you don’t trouble your mind and you don’t care, you’re just coming. I tell you, God goes, “Yes, like Abraham. Yes, like Abraham. Come.” Hallelujah.

Right, I think I’m almost done here now. Even this morning is being different, right? It’s different in my heart maybe not different to you. There’s a difference here this morning, there’s a difference here. The Lord wanted me to show you what part of the curse is in Deuteronomy. Let me just read it to you, Deuteronomy 28:32. 32Your sons and daughters shall be given to another people, and your eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all the day; and there shall be no power in your hands to prevent it. 41You shall beget sons and daughters but shall not enjoy them, for they shall go into captivity. 45Because you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God … 46They shall be upon you for a sign [of warning to other nations] and for a wonder, and upon your descendants forever. 47Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness of [mind and] heart [in gratitude] for the abundance of all [with which He had blessed you], 48Therefore you shall serve your enemies (Deuteronomy 28:32, 41, 45, 48 AMPC). You shall serve your enemies. Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people. People are so proud when they say, “No, my children are living overseas.” They are so proud of it. “Oh no, they’ve got a degree, they’ve got a this and that,” and they’re gone. It’s under the curse. It’s under the curse.

32Your sons and daughters shall be given to another people, and your eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all the day. 41You shall beget sons and daughters but shall not enjoy them, for they shall go. 45Because you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 28:32, 41, 45 AMPC). So there we go. Right, right. Interesting, the pride that the world system has. They send their sons here and their sons there and they do this and they do that and they’ve accomplished this and they’ve accomplished that. And grandchildren be born and they meet wives, they marry women they’re not supposed to marry and meet people they’re not supposed to. And they’re not because that’s how the world does it. So, God, that’s the world that happens in His body and it happens to His church, to His people that He loves. God is grieved. God is grieved. He does grieve, God does grieve. He was grieved with those whose carcasses fell in the wilderness. He was grieved. Is that a bit of a paradigm shift that, hey, Kit? Isn’t that massive? Do you understand that now how that works – you’re in business and how parents talk like that? You get it? How that imprints us, it impacts. Things like that, it looks like light. Ghee. I mean, I want to do the best for my child.

Hannah, come stand here.

You know even just that word, ‘I’m so proud’, when you brought it you said we’re only blessed, we’re not impressed but that thing, “I’m so proud, my child. I’m so proud of you,” but the Lord says God resists the proud. So if you want to position yourself to be resisted by God, even if you are a born-again believer, then do that – we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved. We’re so proud of this one, so proud of that. Whereas it should actually be that humility attitude, “Lord, just You. Just You and what You have done,” you know. I’ve also been in Psalm 106. You know, you gave us that scripture years ago where it says they did not wait for God’s plans concerning them to fully develop. And so they were running off and made up their own plans, but then two verses later it says He sent leanness in their souls. So they were going on and they were going on with their own plans and you know even in our prosperity message, if this attitude what you’ve taught us over these months now if that doesn’t come into place, we’re still just like a lot of the charismatic people. We are after the money and it looks lovely, but there is leanness in the souls of the people because the humility and the God’s way and the Abraham way, it’s not there, you know. So what we walk in is, yes, we might have some stuff to display that looks impressive to the world and it’s part of that pride thing and all you’ve got the money and you’ve got the boat and you’ve got the house and you’ve got the this and the that but there’s no submission to God and there’s no humility and there’s no life of an honour to God, you know. Then there’s just the lean soul and it’s so empty. And then you hit stuff in your life and you think, sho, I’m not getting through to God and whatever but doesn’t really matter because I’ve got this stuff but there’s this leanness in your soul, it’s just such a lean – it’s a poor, poor, poor life. (Hannah praying in tongues)

If you will, if you will just allow Him, just allow Him, just allow Him, you know. It’s so simple. He gave me this – it just stuck with me a while back – these words, He just said, “I’m come. I stand before you now. What will you do with Me? How will you choose?” It’s that simple, you know. I don’t know what it’s going to look like. None of us knows exactly, but all you need to do is just in your heart say, “Lord, I choose You.” Because I tell you, this stuff is so much, we don’t even know what we need to get rid of and we don’t even know what there is. There are so many layers of the world that’s in us, you know – just because of the way we’ve been in the world, you know, even in the church, and still in the world, you know. But if we just say, “Yes, Lord, You just do it.” That’s all – that’s all that He expects and He will work it out. He will work it out. He knows how to bring us through every layer and just get those resistances off, get us rid out of the stuff, open our eyes, what we need to see. But it’s just the, “Yes, Lord”. Even if you can’t do it in your heart with your emotions, just say with your mind, “Yes, Lord,” and He will come, and He will do because He’s here before us now. He’s here. Now if you can close your eyes and imagine and see that because that’s what I saw – Him, right before us now, “I’m come, I stand before you now. What will you do with Me? How will you respond?” So, Lord, we respond. We say, “Yes, Lord, have Your way. Have Your way. Have Your way. Have Your say.”

Pastor Sharon:
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Do you have something, Charles?

Thank you, Pastor Sharon. I’ve been so challenged over the last few months. Every time you bring up the rich young ruler it challenges me. I’ll tell you why it challenges me because when I did a study of this scripture I find that he sat in church. He got his wealth through the church. So he’s a very rich man, sitting in the church, listening to every message that’s coming from the pulpit. And yet when Jesus challenges him, he chooses to walk away from something that can change his life forever. One of the things that struck me was that when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ if this young, rich ruler had taken up the mantle, guess who would have been the twelfth disciple immediately? He would have been sitting in the throne room, ruling with the rest of the apostles. Isn’t that’s something to think about? I felt this morning quite strongly, I hope I don’t step on toes but there are some people sitting in this place that is resisting what you’ve said, instead of taking it on as a challenge. Take it up as a challenge. We’re going to a new level. I felt so strong when Debs and I were praying the other day that the next year, we’ve been praying, striking in victory, but this next year, God said to us it’s strike and conquer 2021. There’s stuff that we’re going to conquer. There are things that are going to happen to people in this place, and they’re never going to be the same ever again. How can we be with all the words that are coming, the powerful words that are coming from this platform? How can we be the same? Let us be challenged by this. Wow.

Pastor Sharon:
Challenged to draw near to God in this, in your challenge. Yeah, yeah. Everything’s shifting and changing now. Everything. God is shifting it. And the only instrument He has to change things in our hearts is His Word that’s His sword. It’s the only instrument. It’s His Word that He brings through human, earthen vessels. It’s why God had to deal with us about familiarity. Mmm? Lilian, what do you say? Come, come.

Yes. (Lilian ailing, a cry) Yes, you yield to that, Lilian. It’s the cry of God. It’s the cry of God. There’s a Scripture in Jeremiah, where God says; call for the wailing women, because death has crept into our homes. Yeah.

Pat, Pat. We have to yield to the Holy Spirit. Yeah, yeah. (Pat wailing, a cry) It’s a sign. This is God. This is the Holy Spirit. This is the Holy Spirit. This is not their emotion. Jesus wept to bring forth life. Just yield to that where you’re sitting. If that’s stirring in you, yield to that. Yeah. Yeah. If you don’t understand this, please, don’t judge it. Just allow God to be God to you.

This is the first time this has happened in our church. It’s the first time and it is prayer. It is intercession. It’s normally done in private. Okay? If you don’t understand it, just stay with it because some of this weeping is also for you – for things to change in your life. Okay. So I’m just, I see there are some new people here, okay. Yes, Mari.
(Crying / wailing for a few minutes) Ja, ja. Yes, yes. Yes.

For those that are new here, these are women that have been known to me for many years, okay. These are faithful daughters of Zion. Faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, what do you sense? The roar must come from her. Okay. You see the roar is the Lion of Judah. He roars over us because He wants all of us. (Crying / wailing for a few minutes)

Ja, ja, ja. Thank you. You think you’re done, Lilian? You think you’re done? Okay. Thank You, Lord. Thank you, Lillian, for yielding to the Holy Spirit. I knew something was different this morning. If anybody can just look up that scripture for me, just in the Amplified Bible, if you have got Olive Tree on your I-pad, call for the wailing women. If you look up dirge, d-i-r-g-e, in the Amplified, it will take you straight there. I just want to read it to give you some explanation of what has happened here. Right? Jesus, when Lazarus was dead, it says; Jesus wept. He wasn’t weeping because He was sad Lazarus had died. His weeping and His tears brought Lazarus back from the dead. These tears here this morning – God is going to work with them. He says, “I put your prayers in the bowls of heaven but I put your tears in a bottle,” and He works with the tears. That word when He says, “I will wipe away your tears,” means, “I will anoint your tears.” The word, wipe away is smear. I will use your tears; I will use these tears to bring life to somebody, right? Just to explain. Okay.

Where is that scripture, Tarryn? Thank you, yes. There it is. And this is a scripture the Lord has long worked with me. We don’t do this on a Sunday morning. This is the first time but this is a defining moment time. I knew something different. There was a sound of something different today. Jeremiah 9, this is what He says here, He says 17Thus says the Lord of hosts, “Consider and call for the mourning (m-o-u-r-n-i-n-g), the mourning women to come.” Daniel, Jeremiah 9:17 up, thank you. 17Thus says the Lord of hosts, “Consider and call for the mourning women to come; send for the skilful women to come. 18 Let them make haste and raise a wailing over us. It’s what you heard, it’s a wailing. A wailing over us and for us that our eyes may run down with tears and our eyelids gush with water. 19 For a sound of wailing is heard [coming] out of Zion: How we are plundered and ruined! We are greatly confounded and utterly put to shame. Then it says in verse 20, 20Yet hear the word of the Lord, O you women, and let your ears receive the word of His mouth; teach your daughters a lament, and each one [teach] her neighbour a dirge. 21For death has come up into our windows; it has entered into our palaces (our homes), cutting off the children from outdoors and the young men from the streets (Jeremiah 9:17-21 AMPC.) Cutting off children and young men from the plans of God from their lives. You see. So, there is a time this morning, was a time for that. Have you got something, Angie? Just words? Come, read them. They are words for us right from the Holy Spirit, yes? Well, then we want to hear them, don’t we? Don’t we, Heritage of Faith family? We want to hear all these sounds and words from God to us this morning.

Resuscitate, resuscitate, don’t let this in your heart be fake.
Resuscitate, Resuscitate. We must awake.
Resuscitate, Resuscitate from the very depths within.
Awake oh Zion, awake
Awake oh Zion, awake and you, I will make.
Awake oh Zion, awake. Awake, oh Zion awake and you, I will make.
Your best is pathetic; a toil pandemic.
Awake, make haste. Get ready and see
The glory of the Lord is upon us.

Pastor Sharon:
Thanks, Angie. Yes, Angie. Ja. And that is what Pastor John started to hear from Jesus. We are like sleepwalkers, we are like sleepwalkers; sleepwalking. This is the word that the Lord gave Pastor John – sleepwalking. How awake we are still going to be and this is part of Him waking us up like this. It is part of His ‘wow’ and His process for us to wake while He is doing everything that He can in the way that He does to see who can wake up. Who will wake up? Who will?

Charles. Yes, Charles. Yes, Charles. Yes. I will wake up. I am sleepwalking, compared to the awakeness that Jesus wants me to have. Yes, I will. Yes, Charles. Yes. I will wake up. I will receive every defibrillating shock that He wants to bring to me. I will receive every defibrillating shock, shocking word that He wants to bring to me to shock me into awakening. Hallelujah.

That reminds me of a prophecy that Kenneth Copeland had in 2009. The great awakening that is hanging heavy over us in many nations, the great awakening. And those churches that have been teaching their people and training their people to pray – will happen there first. We didn’t know this was going to happen to us, what’s happening to us now. But we’ve been teaching and training our people to pray. He says, and people will say; my this and that has broken out over there. No, answered prayer has broken out over there. Hallelujah.

We are beginning to experience this. We didn’t know it would be like this. But it is what it is and we know it’s God. We are beside ourselves. We’re saying, “Don’t stop, Lord, until we get it all. Don’t stop until it’s done.” Yes. Hallelujah. Ja. Yes. Yes. That’s right. It’s part of what God promised us as a people, that new people that will come to be with us now – God will do in one year in your life what normally would take ten years for Him to do. He will do in one year – that was the prophecy that came through Brother Jerry and we’ve taken that word. God has really done it and He will do it if you’ll believe it. For the new people that will come, that will hear God’s call and say, “I’ve got to be here. I’ve got to be in this place.” Because that’s part of that prophecy. People will come into that place and say, “Oh, to be clean, to be clean.” And I will cleanse them with My blood from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. And My Word will take root in them.

Yes. Shaun? Yes. Yes. When we’re like this with God we know everything, don’t we? We do. We just do know it’s Him. I don’t have to tell you anymore it’s Him. That’s that promise of that beautiful scripture where it says; they will all know Me, from the greatest to the smallest, they will all know Me. This is happening now. Hey, Simon? Does anybody want to say something? Does anybody want to say something? Yes. Yes. Where else do we go? Yes. We’re not going to leave now because Jesus says, “Now you have to eat My flesh and drink My blood. We’re not going to leave now. Unless you take of Me like that, you can have no part of Me.” You see? And then it says, most of His disciples left. All of them, actually. Because the words were so shocking to everybody. “You mean we have to partake of You to that degree? You mean we can so partake of You, we can be so like You, we can be so like You?” Yes. And that’s what the disciples said. He said, “Are you also leaving?” And they said, “No, You alone have the words of life. We all know these are words of life and they’re bringing death.” These are words of life, and they’re bringing about death; death to our self-will, our self-thinking, our self-plans, our self-will – causing us to be able to surrender to Him. Which is something we all long to do as children of God. We all want to surrender completely to Him. But now, He’s come, He’s here and He’s taking us. He’s come, He’s here, He’s taking us now and we’re going. We really are. We really are. This is a safe place. Yes, yes.

It’s that time when you find a pearl of great price and you sell all that you have and that’s what you go after – this is that time.

Pastor Sharon:
That’s exactly, that’s exactly – this is that time. It’s to go all-in with God. Knowing everything and knowing nothing. But at Your Word, Lord, nevertheless, at Your Word we’re coming. Praise the Lord.

Do you think we’re done, Hanna? Do you think we’re done now? Do you think the Lord is satisfied? You think so? The Lord is done now? Hey? Think He is, hey? He’s had His way here this morning. He’s been wonderful. Different. Hey, Daniel? He’s awesome, isn’t He? He’s come to take us all. Come to call us all. Come to call us all. Hey, Paul, Jacinta? Think it’s settled now? Is it good? Just checking with the body. Peace now? Good now? You’re good now? You’re okay? Okay? Right.

Let me pray for you all. Father, I commit every one of these precious ones that You had here by Your design. It was Your plan for them to be here. I commit each and everyone – child, boy, girl, teenager, and every other adult, Lord, to Your grace. I commit them to Your grace. And I commend them to these words that happened here this morning. Because it’s able to build them up and cause them to get their rightful inheritance at this time, Lord. Everything good that You have for them, Father. Everything good. Everything that You promised in the Promised Land, Father. Those promises are all yes and amen in Jesus. I thank You that the Word and the blood of Jesus surround each and every single one, Lord. Protects and guards and keeps them, Lord. Make Your face shine upon everyone. You give them peace, Lord. You give them all peace, Father. Not like the world gives, do You give. Peace that passes understanding guards their hearts and their minds in Christ Jesus. I say all this and we pray all this in Jesus’ name and we all say; Amen. God bless you all, everybody. Hallelujah.