I Will Take The Children Part 13: Calling – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Exodus 4:25 (KJV); Joshua 5:2, 13, 15 (AMPC); Joshua 5:14 (TLB); John 8:11 (NKJV); John 20:17 (KJV); Psalm 9:1 (APMC); Isa:iah 9:6 (AMPC); 1 John 3:1 (KJV); 1 John 3:1 (TPT); 1 John 3:2 (YLT); Romans 8:19 (KJV); Romans 8:19 (NCV); Romans 8:19 (NIRV); Romans 8:19 (NLV); Romans 8:19 (TPT); Romans 8:19 (YLT); Luke 1:15-17 (AMPC); Luke 1:17 (CEV); Luke 1:17 (TLB); Isaiah 30:1-5, 18 (NLT)

Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Lord. Glory to You, Father. Hallowed be Your name our Father, hallowed be Your name. That is what is transpiring at the moment, is that Your Kingdom is coming into our hearts because Your Kingdom is within us, Father. It’s within us and it is among us. Your Kingdom is coming again today through the words that You speak to us; You speak Kingdom words from Your Kingdom, words from heaven so that Your will can be done in these earthen vessels today, Father, as it is in heaven, Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We thank You for that today in Jesus’ name. Amen. Hallelujah. You may be seated. (I’m going to just switch this off. Is that okay? Thanks, Melusi. Just the sound of it.) Glory, glory God. Praise You. Glory.

Well, good morning, everybody. Is it school holidays or a long weekend or something? Is it? I didn’t know that. All right. Glory. So, people, we are in quite amazing times now. Aren’t we? It’s an amazing time. And I was just sharing with Brynn in the car on the way here this morning that there has been a very big shift. (Can we close that one at the back there too? Can we switch it off? Thank you so much, Charles. I mean, it’s not that hot. It’s not that hot, right? That’s better, it’s better for me.) So, I was just sharing with Pastor John and with Brynn, in fact, I’ve been saying it so over and over because it’s really a recognition of the present time, of what is happening to Pastor John and I. If it’s happening to Pastor John and I, then those that are aligned with us, and that is assigned with us, that is with us and with us in the messages and with us in the recognition of the time, then it will impact those as well. But in 2020 when we got the meaning of the word 20, that it’s the perfect period of waiting and it’s a completion of a cycle – I did not have, I knew it was significant but I did not have the revelation of it as I have now because this month of October is our month that I received it in my heart, from the Holy Spirit, it’s our month. It certainly is Pastor John and our month because in 2000 we began in our full-time ministry, and in this month it is over; the perfect period of waiting. We’ve been in a perfect period of waiting for many things but I know it’s now that it’s over. The waiting for many things that Pastor John has been waiting for, that I’ve been waiting for, that God has been waiting for is over; the perfect period. It was a perfect period because God did many things and He said many things, imparted many things. There’s been a holy weave. Pastor John’s given obedience to many things and many messages have come to us to get us to this place and this point in time. The perfect period of waiting for anything now that Got wants is done and that He needs is over. It is over. The completed cycle is complete.

I was just sharing with Brynn it’s no coincidence to me, the Lord shows me that we’ve been married for 40 years. 2020, it’s just no coincidence that Jeduthun was born 5/10/2020. It’s just no coincidence that the perfect period of waiting was for Moses to go to Pharaoh was 40 years, 20-20, and that the Israelites wandered around for 40, 20-20 years. And that the perfect period of waiting for that was over and there came a time where there was a transition from a perfect period of waiting, and a completed cycle into the next. And Joshua and the people came to that place of a perfect period of waiting being over 20-20. Hallelujah. At that time of transition from that period of waiting into the next period, from that cycle of completion into the next period, we are right there between the two. So, if you can see, as I see that cycle of completion, that perfect period of waiting, and here is a period awaiting us. We’re right they, we’re right there. Things in transition are messy as Pastor John said it in Witbank. They’re messy but they’re marvellous. And they were messy at the time of Moses when his perfect period of waiting was over. It was God’s perfect period of waiting that was over, more than man’s. It was God’s perfect period of waiting because He said after 40-40; now I call you, Moses. Now it’s My perfect time to go, now, and you’re going to go and bring them out and you’re going to bring them in.

It was God’s perfect period of waiting for 40 years, wandering around in the wilderness because they were so messy, they messed up completely. It was over now, Joshua, the birth, the next period awaits you. The next cycle awaits you. At those transition points, things were messy because Moses, after receiving the call from God took his son and his wife, he hadn’t even got to Egypt yet. He hadn’t even got to have his first audience with Pharoah yet and he was dying. He was dying. He was busy physically dying. And his wife knew exactly what was going on, that was because things were out of order going into the next cycle. Things became messy because things had to be fixed and things had to be seen that had been out of order. He hadn’t wanted to circumcise the sons because it wasn’t his wife’s custom. It wasn’t his wife’s tradition. It wasn’t his wife’s custom. So he didn’t circumcise his sons. He was dying, so, fortunately, Zipporah, his wife recognised. She circumcised her son, threw the part of flesh at Moses and said, 25Surely a bloody husband art thou to me (Exodus 4:25 KJV). You are a bloody husband, messy, but marvellous in the outcome. Because immediately through her obedience with her children, she came into a place of not only her coming into the covenant, but also her son coming into the covenant, the son of Moses, being completely vulnerable to anything the enemy might want to come and do, not being part of the covenant. So, of Moses goes.

Right, then comes the time for Joshua to be entering into the Promised Land. And the first thing that happens is that – it’s very important to note that at the time when God was bringing His people out of, into, He personally came down. He said, “Now I’m come down to do this. I’m come down to do this.” Right? He was present with them, very present with them in all of His dealings with them; very personal and very powerful in all His dealings with them. They started off marvellous, they started off rather marvellous coming. “Yes, we’re going, we put the blood out.” Yes, raise the Lord. He opened the Red Sea but they messed up so many times so badly that God said, “You’re not going in anymore.” They didn’t stay in the marvellous, they went to very badly messed up with God, revoking Him, deliberately choosing hardness of heart, actually being very calculated in the way that they’ve decided to not trust God anymore, not believing anymore. Very calculated in their decision to say, “We will choose a new leader and we will go back to Egypt because we don’t remember how powerful and mighty God was in bringing us out. We don’t choose to remember that, we choose to remember Egypt. We’re going to appoint a leader now and we’re going back. And what’s more, we take our children with us.” They started off marvellous, and they messed up time and time and time again.

We’re speaking about this period in time now where we are in the perfect period of waiting. I just was saying to Pastor John yesterday morning, and I said to Brynn in the car, I know it, I know it, I know it – we are right there at that time, a moment in time where Joshua was with the people, knowing they’re going. Knowing, knowing they’re going. They’re right there and they’re not yet but they’re right there, they’re not yet.

What happens is there Joshua sees a man and his sword is drawn. He looks up, he’s busy preparing people – we’re all getting ready, we’re going, you know. And he sees a man with his sword drawn. This man puts himself right in Joshua’s sightline. Joshua moves to him and says,13Are you for us or (for our adversaries) against us? He says, 14“I am” (Joshua 5:14 TLB). He says, “I Am.” Joshua fells to His feet. I Am says to him, take your shoes off for the place whereon thou standest is holy. (Joshua 1:15 AMPC). Same God, 40 years later that came 40 years earlier to Moses to say to Moses – the burning bush experience – “Take off your shoes.” This was the same God, Jesus showing up, His sword drawn and ready. I know Jesus is right there with us in that same place right now. He is come, now, this month, He is come. Perfect period of waiting over. Now, this month, our October, our October. I said to the Lord, “What does that mean? What do I do? You are come.” And then He said to me, “Just hold Me, just hold Me, just hold Me.”

And I am going there again Brynn, I know you heard all of this in the car, but I am going there. And He said those words to me on the basis of a revelation that He gave me, so He knew I knew what He was talking about – hold Me. Because of Mary Magdalene, that woman that Jesus had such power words to speak to her. His words were so powerful that He could say to Mary, say to her, 11go and sin no more (John 8:11 NKJV) She went and sinned no more, so powerful were His Words, carried such power to carry her to sin no more. That same Mary came looking for Jesus at the tomb, she weeping, weeping. She thought it was the gardener, she didn’t know it was Jesus and she says, “Where have you laid my Lord?” And He just says, all He has to say to her is, “Mary,” just call her by name. And she says, “Master.” He says to her, “Don’t hold Me.” I know the King James says 17Touch Me not (John 20:17 KJV). But the Lord said to me people have got very weird ideas about that, like oh, don’t touch me, don’t touch me. Because three days later He says to Thomas, “Touch Me, handle Me, put your fingers into the holes of my hands. Put your hand in my side.” He says to Thomas, “Touch Me, handle Me.” So what was that He was doing? He said, study that word and it means, “Mary, don’t hold Me here with your love. You’re holding Me here because I love you, and you love Me. Don’t hold Me. I’ve got to go to My Father. There’s going to come a time that the Holy Spirit is going to come to you and you can hold Me all the time. You can hold Me all you like and all you want.” So when I said to Him, “Lord, what do I do? You are come now.” He said, “Just hold Me. Just hold Me.”

We are right there. Jesus is there and then after that, in Joshua chapter 5 it says and the Lord spoke to Joshua and said, circumcise everyone. Circumcision time. Make flint, make a flint. I am giving you a recognition of our time people. Glory to You Lord. 2At that time the Lord said to Joshua, Make knives of flint and circumcise the [new generation of] Israelites as before (Joshua 5:2 AMPC). The book of Isaiah talks about circumcising the foreskin of your hearts. This is a heart thing that God is doing with us now as a people, Heritage of Faith people because we are right there. We are right there between the perfect cycle of completion, perfect period of waiting. We are going now. Circumcise the new generation that is why God is circumcising the hearts of children here. He is endeavouring. He is endeavouring to circumcise the hearts of the children. His anointing is certainly here for it. He is saying; I will take the children. Glory.

So Joshua made knives of flint and circumcised. This is the reason he circumcised them because they’ve come, the Israelites walked 40 years in the wilderness until they all perished because they did not hearken unto the voice of the Lord. They messed up. 7So it was their uncircumcised children whom He raised up in their stead whom Joshua circumcised, because the rite had not been performed on the way. 8When they finished circumcising all the males of the nation, they remained in their places in the camp till they were healed. Messy, but for a marvellous time that they were going to enter into. 9And the Lord said to Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you. 11And on that same day, that is where we are, they ate the produce of the land: unleavened cakes and parched grain. 12And the manna ceased … and the Israelites had manna no more, but they ate of the fruit of the land (Joshua 5:7-9, 11-12 AMPC) Oh, sorry, the sequence is this; then when Joshua looked up, and behold, a Man (Joshua 5:13 AMPC). That’s what the Lord said; with circumcision, with dedication will come visitation. Look when the covenant between us and God is a sure thing and we’re adhering to all of the requirements of the covenant from our side, then there’ll come a visitation.
13When Joshua was by Jericho, he looked up, and behold, a Man (capital M) stood near him with His drawn sword in His hand. And Joshua went to Him and said to Him, Are you for us or for our adversaries? 14And He said, No [neither], but as Prince (capital P) of the Lord’s host have I now come (Joshua 5:13-14 AMPC). I have now come. 14And Joshua fell on his face … What says my Lord to His servant? 15And the Prince of the Lord’s host said to Joshua, Loose your shoes from off your feet (Joshua 5:14-15 AMPC) So, that’s where we are, people. And I am coming to you today to share with you these messages, I will take the Children, Part 13. I am going to begin to introduce Calling. I am going to begin to speak to you about calling because God is calling. God is calling. And before I do this, I just want to recap just some of the things – some of the words from Pastor John’s messages to us here in Johannesburg.
On the 6th of September was a message about Turn-Around. I am calling for you today to turn around and repent in your heart. I am here today to call for your repentance which means a turnaround, it means you understand that your life must live in the purpose that God wants you and your living lifestyle must follow the purpose. Repentance doesn’ happen because I say something, this turn around happens because you receive something. You receive this into your heart and this will change your future. It will bring you to your purpose. It will cost you your current life. But if your current life doesn’t bring you to the purposes that God called you to, then what is the point of any other life? It is just doing the next thing and the next thing. And Saul said, “Who are You, Lord?” And He said, “I am Jesus Who you are persecuting.” It is dangerous, it will turn out badly for you to keep kicking against the goad.
I tell you this, you see, Moses kicked against the goad of God’s covenant instruction to rather go with the culture of his wife, the culture of family, the culture of society, the ways of the world. It was dangerous for him. It says here; It will turn out badly for you. You see, at this time, it will turn out badly for us to kick against what God is saying to us now. Achan kicked against what God had to say. It turned out badly for him. This is a time like no other. It’s a defining moment in time, just as Jesus told Brother Jerry – what you decide now, how you respond now, what you say now, and what you do now, will determine your future. It turned out badly for the Israelites who wandered around for 40 years, it turned out badly. This is a time where it will turn out badly for us to not think that God is serious here. You could find yourself wandering around for forty years and wondering what anything is about in life, if we do not go now with God and what He is saying.

I tell you this, this is Pastor John still, this message that I am preaching to you today is a message that God inspired me to bring to you today and if you resist Jesus after this day it will not go well for you. It cannot go well because God has got a life for you that is so superior to anything that any of us could ever encounter, until this point. Right. Your lifestyle choices will tell the story of what is in your heart, I ask you today, I ask you, please, will you turn around? Still Pastor John here, the Holy Spirit is asking you, please, will you turn around? Ask Him what it is that He desires for you. Ask Him what it is that He wants you to do with your life because that is what the Apostle Paul said, “What should I do? What should I do?” Ask Him, what it is He wants you to do with your life, these moments can be quiet. Moments, moments, moments, this word is coming up all the time. Moments can be quiet, they can be very deep. They can be loud, they can also be full of wailing if you want. They can be full of words that you have to say to God if you want. But in your heart, you get back to what He has for your future. In your heart, you must be true in your desire. I am not saying that when you make this decision that everything is going to be perfect tomorrow. You see there is the messy; the devil. You know why it will be messy? Because the devil will mess with your mind. Because you are still living with habituation. But I assure you that when you do this, when you are true to your desire, God will help you, with the strength to unhabituate you from the stuff that you got used to doing in the past. This is your moment for you parents to repent. Turn around from holding on to your children and saying, “They’re my children and their achievements are important to me.” You have no ownership of what happens to their lives you are only a manager of their lives for a very short period of time.

11th of October he brought us this message; Unexpected outcome. God is speaking to us as a church. He is saying; I will take the children. If we as parents say we must push our children to be first, they could very well end up finding themselves last, but if we allow them to come in the moments of God – and that is for all us children, all of us that are becoming like little children. Matthew 18, allow them, let the little children come unto Me says Jesus, unless you become like little children. But then if you become like little children then let the little children come to Me. Let them come hold Me at this time. Allow them to come into the moments of God and they decide that they want to put God first, then God has the power, then God has the authority to transfer into their lives, moments with Him. Glorious moments of encounters with Him that do not just change this thing of whether I should go here or go there or this place or that place, but their encounters establish them on a foundation of truth in the moments of God, that when they enter into wherever God chooses to show them that they must flow in the future of their lives, He is always with them, every moment. And never will they be wanting once to push themselves into the first place they will always take the last place and God will put them in the first place. This is a moment. This is why I called this message God and our moments. This is a moment where God is talking to you like Peter. We are having a moment here right now, church. If you do not let me wash your feet we cannot be part of each other. The Lord wants me to do this, He said this morning, “I want to be clear about this, this is not about your future decisions this is about a walk with God.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

I want to say to the adults and parents here; God had me spring the children because He is taking the children. I want to make this statement so that you know; I am the pastor of the children. Even though you may be the parents of the children, there is a big difference. If they are in this church, I am their spiritual shepherd and their leader so the Lord has instructed me to do this today. He is saying; I will take the children.” But to you, adults and parents, this is the day. And then he went on to say, I had an encounter with God when I was 32 years old. God chose my move and he said, “I called you from the foundation of the earth, so I am telling you that your time in the corporate world is over. It is time to come follow Me, son. Since I have called you, it’s time to come follow Me.” So I said, “I am ready, Lord.” I said, “Lord, why did you interject this into everything, Lord?” And He said, “Because I am not just speaking to the children that are children of age but I am speaking to all those that are becoming like little children now because they’re becoming like little children now, they are saying, “What do you want me to do now, Lord, in my life? Lord, I am dedicating my whole life to You. Lord, I am surrendering everything that I am to You. I am being like Paul now who was not a little child but he was being like a little child and saying, ‘What do you want me to do?’ when God changed the whole direction of his life.” God is saying that is the environment that I have got people in, I want people in now, in this environment that My Word is creating, My messages are creating, this environment because I will call, I will call, I will call, I will call.

That is, I am introducing to you today, part 13; Calling. And then he spoke to you, he said on the 18th of October; big rock moments. Big rock moments. We as a ministry, with the young children and the people and the young adults that are among us that God has been speaking; we are in a big rock moment. A big rock moment. He says, there is a bigger blessing, a more accurate way of living that God wants because really that is where the real future lies. “Abraham, offer up to Me your son whom you love.” What kind of God does this? I have to say, it is a God with a great plan, with a grand plan. It is a God with a grand plan that you can’t see until you are obedient. And only when you are obedient can you start the next phase of the grand plan. But God has got the plan that you need. That is all plans that do everything beyond your wildest imagination that He has got the grand plan, not you. Hallelujah.

What was powerful for me was he made that, 33Who are My mother and My brothers? 34And looking around on those who sat in a circle about Him. because the crowd was saying, 32Your mother and Your brothers and Your sisters are outside asking for You. 33And He replied, Who are My mother and My brothers? 34And looking around on those who sat in a circle about Him, He said, See! Here, here are My mother and My brothers and My sisters. 35For whoever does the things God wills is My brother and sister and mother! (Mark 3:32-35 AMPC). I ask you; was Jesus making a distinction? There is a level of relationship with Jesus that is about to become about the Father’s will that there will be a difference between a blood-born family relationship versus the blood-bought family relationship. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Some big rock moments, you just got to take it, you just got to go with it. Hallelujah.

Then I just wanted a few things of a message that he ministered in Witbank, you have heard me speak a lot of messy but marvellous. I wanted to just bring a few points out here because it pertains to this time that we are in. The reason I named my message, Life and Liberty, Messy and Marvellous is because the transition from living in the world system, under society and cultural and expectations to be free of that is a messy process, but it is marvellous in the outcome and we are in the messy. It is the way we are living now, we live messy because we are transitioning. It might be messy to reach the marvellous but it is okay to be messy as long as we give love to each other and give each other scope to be messy and not judge each other for the messy stuff that we have done and that we are doing along the way. It might be a bit, so it is a messy business but it is marvellous in what God is trying to get us to become because He wants us to be like Him. He wants us to live like him.

And then He talks here about we have to take off, take all of our measurements of judgement, all of the things that we do in our normal way of life that we have brought with us culturally, that we brought with us through society, that we’ve brought with us through our parents and our family, we bring it into the way, that we don’t bring it into the way that we measure our Christianity. God is saying, “I don’t want you to measure anything. Just let the people be messy. I will let My marvellous life shine, I will let My marvellous light be in them, and as they are growing they will have less and less messy stuff and they will become less and less messy.”

So we’ve got to give place for each other’s messiness so we can all be marvellous together because that’s the true life and liberty that’s in Jesus. He doesn’t come down on us because we’re a bit messy and we didn’t quite hit the mark and live perfectly all the time. You’ve got the Holy Spirit inside of you, inside of us, that’s drawing us and He says, “I’m not going to live with you by demanding things from the outside. I’m going to live with you from the inside out.” That’s why you have to hold Him, to hold Him close. You’ve got to let Him hold you close. So instead of trying to adhere to a set of rules, let the pure life of God, the desire of God’s love drive you. Let it come out of you in words, let it come out of you in spirit, let it come out of you in the glory of light and so life and liberty, sometimes it’s messy, but it leads to marvellous things and we’re not to be afraid of the messy and back off of it. Glory to God.

I have got a definition here that I wanted to just briefly give you of messy. It’s not neat and tidy. It’s not neat and tidy. It’s a bit topsy-turvy. It’s as if you’ve had your world turned upside down. There are complications. It can get complicated and it’s inelegant. It’s fiddly, it’s testy, it’s stormy. It can be a bit hectic. It’s imperfect.

But then we get to the marvellous, which is the same Hebrew word for wonderful. Marvellous is to be wonderful, to be surpassing, to be extraordinary, to be beyond one’s power, to do an extraordinary difficult, hard thing, an especially abnormal character of defence. Strikes mean force, forcibly as a clear impression of God’s care. So abnormal as to be unexplainable, except showing God’s care. It’s imperative to declare God’s wonders at this time. That’s what the Bible Dictionary said – it’s imperative. 1I will show forth (recount and tell aloud) all Your marvellous works and wonderful deeds! (Psalm 9:1 AMPC). Marvellous and wonderful.

Isaiah says, 6His name shall be called, same word here that’s marvellous. His name shall be called Marvellous, Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6 AMPC). His name shall be called Marvelous, Wonderful. His name shall be called Wonderful. His name shall be called Marvelous. His name shall be called Remarkable. His name shall be called Astonishing. His name shall be called Amazing. His name shall be called Wonderful. His name shall be called Marvelous. It’s the same Hebrew word. Glory. Hallelujah

I’m going to introduce you now to calling and it is now five to eleven. We’ve been going since ten o’clock. I am just going to be introducing calling because He’s calling. What is the high calling? 1 John 3 verse 1, 1Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God (1 John 3:1 KJV). That we should be called. We are called to be sons of God. That is the high calling. That is the high calling – to be a son of God as Jesus was a Son of God. I’m going to read that Scripture again, 1Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not (1 John 3:1 KJV). I’m just going to give you the last part of that verse out of The Passion, 1…The reason the world doesn’t recognise who we are, is that they didn’t recognise Him (1 John 3:1 TPT).

This word called here is the word for calling and called that runs mostly throughout the New Testament when God speaks about call. It’s a Greek word kaléō which means to call forth. Listen to this, to call by name at the annunciation in which the future of a child is revealed; his or her unique destiny in history. It’s what the Strongs says. Called, called, called to be sons of God. Then as a son of God, called to be a son first and then He will give you the other parts that call to be a son of God. Hallelujah. It’s the high call.

The Youngs, 1 John 3, verse 2 says, 2Beloved, now, children of God are we, and it was not yet manifested what we shall be, and we have known that if he may be manifested, like Him we shall be, because we shall see Him as He is (1 John 3:2 YLT). You see, He is come. When you hold Him, you will see Him as He is and you will become. In these messages now, because you’re holding Him, you see in these messages you are holding Him very tight in your heart. You know that you’re doing that. You’re holding Him tight in your heart. You actually don’t care who’s standing up here bringing this message as long as it’s God’s words. Right? Right. You’re holding Him in your heart and you’re becoming like Him. You’re becoming like Him in the moment. He’s changing you, in the moments He is changing you. And that is what that one message of Pastor John was about; moments. If you had to go to that message and count how many times he used the word moments in that message, the 11th of October – this month’s message, our month – you would be amazed.

Moments, moments, moments, moment, in the moment – doesn’t want you living in a moment of three weeks ago. In the moment He moves you forward now. I looked up the word moments because we are having moments with God now. In fact, the Lord told me from this month onwards, because this is our moment, from this month onwards, we are going to have moments with God; personally, powerfully, privately, corporately too. Moments are big with God now. We’re going to have moments, moments with God, moments with God and you ought to hold Him, hold Him, hold Him in your heart, hold Him. You know that’s Who He is. The Holy Spirit is real in you. He is the Spirit of our Father. He is the Spirit of Jesus. You hold Him like that because He’s holding you. Glory to God.

This word moment, the root word meaning of this word moment means – it comes from Latin, momentum – and means movement. So a moment is for movement. A moment is for movement. So when there was a big rock moment for Moses for example – he hadn’t had a big rock moment for movement for 40 years – and now here’s a big rock moment for movement; come now. It’s unmistakable, it’s unmistakable. God announces Himself. I’m telling you this morning God is announcing Himself to us. He’s telling us this is our big rock moment in always and when He comes, then there was movement for Moses. He began to move and so as he was moving, God fixed up the messy. See? The moment came. Big rock moment, big for Joshua. It’s come. You’re going, three days, oh my word, we’re going, He’s here. Jesus is here. We’re moving. They started to move into what God had always promised them, into a time of blessing and abundance. A time of very, very, very big, big, big blessing. A big, big, big, big blessing.

Moment – from Latin – movement. Listen to what Webster (Webster’s Dictionary) says here about moment. He says here it’s a noun contracted from a radical verb which signifies to move, which sense gives that of force, power, important in influence or effect. What’s been influencing, impacting and imprinting us? The world system. God is come now to influence us with His Person. He has come to influence us from this month onwards in a way we’ve not been influenced, impacted, imprinted ever before in our lives. I am here to announce this to you today, Heritage of Faith Church. Right? Important in influence or effect, consequence and weight, an essential element, moment, an essential element, a deciding point, an essential influential circumstance. Ha. A particular period of importance and significance in a series of developments as in a great moment in history, a brief interval of time, indefinite, a specific point in time but it can also be here and now; present moment. Glory to God.

Moments, moments, moments. So, God, we are going to be seeing Him now, expect to be seeing Him and becoming like Him. For you will see Him as He truly is. There is a great calling to son-ship. He is here and now to bring us personally, very personally. He is coming to your house. He is coming to this House. He is coming to your house. That was a big rock moment for Zacchaeus – today I’m coming to your house. This is that – He has come to Heritage of Faith House. He has come to the houses of all the people. He has come to your house where you live. He has come to your house now to bring you personally into glory because the King James version Romans 8:9 says, 19For the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19 KJV). Sons of God. There is a strong call, great calling to son-ship. It’s huge right now. But please, just listen because you won’t see it up here now. I’m reading to you out of other translations.

19Everything God made is waiting with excitement for God to show his (sons) children’s glory completely (Romans 18:9 NCV). 19Everything God created looks forward to the time when His children appear in their full final glory (Romans 8:19 NIRV). 19Everything that has been made in the world is waiting for the day when God will make His sons known (Romans 8:19 NLV). 19The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters! (Romans 8:19 TPT). Youngs says this 19for the earnest looking out of the creation doth expect the revelation of the sons of God, when God will resurrect His sons. (Romans 8:19 YLT). We have had that message in 2020; the resurrection life of Christ.

Part of our anointing on us is for this very thing. Pastor John and I are anointed by God to bring messages now that carry resurrection life in them. You’ve got to get your foot and put your foot in the message. You’ve got to be holding Him now, you’ve got to be paying close attention to your own personal intimacy with your Lord and your saviour, your Father and your Holy Spirit now. Make the switch – now. Right, because the anointing is on us and on you. He has called us. He told me to tell you this. He has called us so He can call you all. It’s the only reason He has called Pastor John and I. What other reason should there be if He doesn’t call us to call you all? He called us so He could call you all. That’s all. God calls a few, just a few five-fold ministers so that He can call all. He called Moses to call all out of Egypt. He called Joshua to take all in. It’s the ‘all’ that’s important to God. All people are all important to God. He called a few so that He can call all. He has a destiny. He has a destiny in every person’s life that He wants to unfold and it has been too long, it has been too long and it is over. In this House, it’s over because we have killed that thing in the last perfect period of waiting. We killed it. You better make sure it’s dead in you that it’s not the five-fold calling ministry that is the high calling. It is the call to sonship that is the high calling because you have been predestined to become like the Son, to be in the House of your Father being about His business, to have zeal for the things in the Kingdom, things of God. It’s not for the five-fold ministry to have that just, it’s for every son of God to have a zeal for the House of the Lord. Every son of God to be going, “It’s my Father. What’s He doing in the earth? Where is my involvement? Where’s my participation in it? What’s my part in it? My part is vital. I’m a cog in this machinery. I’m a part of the Body. I bring my supply of the Spirit, my part is vital to God.”

It’s our calling, it’s our calling. The Amplified Bible, I want to show you our calling. Amplified, Luke 1, verse 15. I want you to see a calling, what it can do, what it should be doing. It’s not just something you are getting from a man. If your life has been turned upside down now by these messages and you have come into messy, it’s because God is sending the messages. The messages are causing the messy to bring it into the marvellous. So that is why He will send a messenger with a particular anointing. I shared with the Johannesburg church, He has not released me to share it with the Witbank church. He had me immediately share my calling on the 23rd of June, I had that experience in my room, in the morning at 6 am. He visited me in my prayer room and told me, “A new mantle comes on you now, now, right now.” It was a moment, the big rock moment. “It comes on you now and you will go to the children of my people and you will tell them what I have told you to say to them.”

And so as Pastor John said, you’ll have a big rock moment and then He will leave you – not because He leaves you alone – but because maybe you couldn’t handle the intensity of that moment so then you can’t fill your life with granules and little rocks. You’ve got to have that big rock moment, you have got to have your eyes on that big rock all the time. All the time, since the 23rd June I’m walking around like this with big eyes going, “What does it mean, what does it mean?” He keeps saying to me, “Just speak it forth, just pray it out, just pray in the Holy Ghost.” I say, “Thank You, Lord. I go to the children of my people, (Pastor Sharon praying in the Spirit.)” I’m praying it out, I speak it forth. “Whatever does this mean, whatever is this mantle, whatever will it be?” I can’t say, I can’t see but what He will show, that’s how I’ll flow. It’s brand new. I wasn’t expecting it. It came out of the blue, out of the blue, out of the third Heaven where God lives, right into my prayer room and the Lord said as I’ve been meditating on this phenomenon – what happened to me? I can’t stop meditating on it because it’s on me, this mantle and I have to fully cooperate with God for it to do everything that it’s supposed to do, here for you because He calls you all. The more I have been meditating on it then the Lord gave me a word. So that’s why I am introducing you to calling today because God wants this word, calling to go out because He has called us to be sons but He has also got callings and it is not… Listen, it’s callings that we don’t even, never even seen, we don’t have words for those callings and those mantles yet because they’re through the new open door mantles and callings. I can only go, there’s new mantles, callings, giftings, anointings – particular, peculiar, specific, special callings. I can just go … (Pastor Sharon praying in the Spirit).

And He said they’re coming, they’re coming to my people in this House. And all I did was, I used this as a sign for my people, especially in Jo’burg right now. I used it as a sign that fell on her at her stage and life, Pastor John says. And now adults I want to speak to you. I was 32, well, I have to speak to you now at 65. I had a mantle get put on me out of the blue, fell on me and so God told me then, “There are particular, peculiar, special, specific, strategic mantles that I want, people I want. They’re going to come on people, they are going to know, they are going to encounter Me in a way, they are going to have moments with Me where they are going to know.” Oh, oh my, oh this is what happened to Pastor Sharon, it’s happened to me. Oh, God, God. I told you, didn’t I tell you? While I was having that calling, while God was calling me, in that calling I said, “Is this that mantle?” Did I share this with you, Jo’burg church? That lady, I got born again under her, evangelist, child evangelist. I said, “Is this that mantle coming on me?” Because He said, “A new mantle comes on you and now you go to the children.” “Is it that on?” And then I knew it wasn’t exactly but there’s that one still around and then I said, “Oh God,” and I began to weep because I began to realise because a young vivacious Yorkshire lass got called in a church, Inglegate, in Yorkshire and many received their call at that time. And God called them, and I said, “Oh God, where are the parents that will let You call their children to go, to go and where? Where are the parents that will let You call their children for You to show?” Then He settled me and then He said, “No, I am giving Pastor John all of the strategies. They will not be alone.” Glory to God.

He called us. Here is a calling of John the Baptist, and He gave me some examples of some mantles. Like this Sharon, He said, like that. You think I don’t still have something similar to this? Something like that, like a call to John the Baptist? I thought which parent will allow their child to be called and to go and eat honey and to be alone with God, in the mountains, until the day He comes for His ministry? I thought it takes a particular kind of parent to dedicate a particular kind of dedication for God to be able to come and have permission – even though that child is his. He sent the spirit of that child to the earth, had the birth for a purpose.

15For he will, this is calling about John the Baptist, he will be great and distinguished in the sight of the Lord. And he must drink no wine nor strong drink, and he will be filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit even in and from his mother’s womb (Luke 1:15 AMPC). There will be those too, there will be those who will get peculiar particular strategic anointings that they will flow in but there will also be those that will be called to call all. There will be fivefold mantles that will come. They will come on children and they will come on people and God will call them. God will have His way here. Everything that should be will be and everything that should not be will not be. Right, and look at His purpose here; 16And he will turn back and cause to return many of the sons of God. I’m putting God there in place of Israel because in Galatians chapter six we are the true Israel. Many of the son’s of God (Israel) to the Lord their God, 17And he will [himself], that’s John the Baptist, will go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn back the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient and incredulous and unpersuadable to the wisdom of the upright [which is the knowledge and holy love of the will of God] (Luke 1:16-17 AMPC).

Elijah had a mantle and a calling upon him to turn, to call all to the holy love of the will of God for their own lives. Listen to the Christian English version (it won’t go up there but I want you to listen). 17He will go ahead, so this is the anointing that has come on Pastor John and I. It’s on Pastor Christi, it is on this House right now. To go ahead of the Lord with the same power and spirit that Elijah had. And because of John the Baptist, because of Pastor John and Sharon, parents will be more thoughtful of their children. And people who now disobey God will begin to think as they ought to. That is how John will get people ready for the Lord (Luke 1:17 CEV).

See, that’s the anointing and the Living Bible says, 17He will be a man of rugged spirit and power like Elijah, the prophet of old; and he will precede the coming of the Messiah, preparing the people for his arrival. He will soften adult hearts to become like little children’s (Luke 1:17 TLB). That’s interesting; he will soften adults’ hearts to become like little children. So this is the anointing that’s upon Pastor John and I even to soften adults’ hearts to become like little children. Glory to God.

May the fear of God be upon us. May the holy love of God’s will be within us. God calls all His own. Many are called but few choose to give their all. They go their own way. They make their own plans. Narrow and constricted with pressure is the way that leads to real-life and few there are that find it. For few, there are that even look for it. Wide and broad is the way that leads to nothing. Wide and broad is the way that leads to nothing. Because if it’s not the will of God, it’s nothing. It’s a nothing. I found that word in The Message Bible. There was a Psalm that I’ve been speaking that all the idols, all their gods, You’re the only true God. Their other gods are idols. Message Bible says all the other gods are nothing. They’re nothings. So if it’s not the will of God, that’s why Jesus said, “Who’s my mother, who’s my father?” It’s nothing. If it’s not the will of God, if you don’t do the will of God, it’s nothing. It’s the big nothing. It’s just a big thing of nothingness. And your whole life is just a nothingness.

The New Living Translation, I’m finishing with this now. Isaiah 30:1-5, New Living Translation. Isaiah 30 verses 1 to 5, He recently spoke to me this week. 1“What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,” says the Lord. “You make plans that are contrary to mine. You make alliances not directed by my Spirit, thus piling up your sins. 2For without consulting me, you have gone down to Egypt for help. You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection. You have tried to hide in his shade. 3But by trusting Pharaoh, the nothingness, you will be humiliated, and by depending on him, you will be disgraced. This is not God who is humiliating and disgracing you, you’ll be because it is nothing. God is everything. 4For though his power extends to Zoan and his officials have arrived in Hanes, 5all who trust in him will be ashamed. He will not help you. Instead, he will disgrace you.” (Isaiah 30:1-5 NLT). And then verse 18 says, 18So the Lord must wait for you to come to him, verse 18, New Living Translation. 18So the Lord must wait for you to come to him (Isaiah 30:18 NLT).

Go through the humiliation, go through the disgrace, go through the nothingness, the void of any kind of purpose. 18So the Lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help (Isaiah 30:18 NLT). Blessed are those who wait for His help. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Father, we thank You that we had these moments with You today. Precious moments with You today, Father. It’s moved us; these moments in Your Word and with Your words You have spoken to us, it’s moved us. We have momentum, Lord. We are moving, Lord. We are moving and we thank You, Father, for speaking to our hearts. These words are now embedded in our hearts. We hold them in our hearts. We hold You, we hold Your words. By holding Your words, we hold You. We hold You, Lord. We hold You precious and dear to us. And I pray for your people, Lord. You are helping us in all this messy in this transition, Lord, to the marvellous.

I thank You, Father, you are with each and every one of your children, Lord, who has chosen You with them – You first, Lord. You are helping us in our messy. We thank You, Lord, You are with us to transition us in our messy from our messy to the marvellous, Lord. You are helping us with the circumcision of our hearts, Holy Spirit, very personally now. You are in our homes with us, You’re in our cars with us, Lord. As we meditate and ponder on these things You are saying to us, You are calling us, You are calling us all. I bless Your people. The Word and the blood of Jesus surround them and protect them each and everyone, in Jesus’ name. And we all say; Amen. God bless you all. God bless you all.