05 February 2023 Highest Level Conference Part 6

Dr Jerry Savelle (WTB)


Scripture reference: Joel 2:28 KJ21, John 10:10, Genesis 12 & 13, Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Psalm 8:4; Genesis 1:26, 29, Psalm 33:11 (MSG), (Genesis 1:31), Genesis 1:26 (AMPC), Genesis 3:6 KJ21, Genesis 3:17-19 KN21, Genesis 12:2, Genesis 13:2, Ephesians 1:22-23 KJ21 


Pastor John Bendixen:

Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus. Praise You, Jesus. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, thank You, thank You. We choose to love You, Lord. We choose to worship You, praise You, and give you all. All of our lives, all of our heart, all of our choices. We choose to follow You and Your will in our lives, Lord. Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus. You may be seated. Glory to God.


Well, you know, these set of meetings that we’ve been having, since Thursday night, starting with the graduation, largely, we have determined to have the meetings as simple and as uncluttered as they could be. We haven’t been making announcements. We haven’t been doing offerings all the time. I firmly believe that if giving is in your heart, and the Word of God has changed your heart, then giving becomes a practice. It becomes something that you determine in your heart. This is a Sunday morning, and it’s time for us to take up an offering. The Word of God has been working in our heart and we need to obey the Word of God on this too. Amen. Amen. Underscore. If the ushers are ready, then we can just take up an offering, please. Thanks. Praise the Lord.


Well, while we’re taking up the offering, let’s review what is happening. God is working. God has been working in our ministry for some time now. What’s happening with Brother Jerry coming here, and the team that has come with him for this time. It’s God’s afterburners, He is giving us a thrust, He’s giving us an injection of fuel and extra thrust of what God is doing here and where He’s taking us. Because sometimes, God needs to have the Apostolic figure that God has given us to come speak a word. Because we know, I mean, we declare the word all the time.


Every year, Brother Jerry brings a word, we declare it, we speak it, we do everything we need to do to make sure that it’s part of our ministry and part of our lives. Amen. We accept what role he plays in our lives. I’m grateful that this year he’s here in the beginning of the year so that he can bring this, himself, to us. Even though we know the headlines, I’m grateful that God has brought him to us, so that he cannot just bring us the word, but he can bring us the Spirit of God that’s resting upon him. We can respond in kind with a spirit that’s in us, and together we bring this great unity and this great thrust that God is doing in the ministry. Hallelujah.


Without this order of God, without the order of God, you cannot achieve the fullness of God without this structural order of God. God has always worked with this order. From the beginning. He said, the Apostle said we will pray and give ourselves to the Word and then they appointed people to work on tables because the ministry requires both; requires the order of God to make the work of God work. We’re grateful to have Brother Jerry here.


We declare that the offering that you have put in today, that it brings back the harvest, that you’re believing God for. There is not one cent that you put into the offering that is not sacred and blessed and holy to the Lord Jesus. We receive it and we take it, and we are responsible with your tithes and with your offerings and what you give to the Lord, we don’t waste money. We are very careful in what we do and how we spend money. Hallelujah. Our job is to steward it and your job is to release it. Because here men receive tithes but there, He, in heaven, receives them, in Jesus’ name, hallelujah.


Our giving is blessed. Our giving is blessed. If you want to sow extra, we’ll take up another offering tonight. Then that’ll be up to you what you want to sow extra. But God has blessed this ministry and we are blessed in everything that we do. Amen. Well, I don’t want to take up more time, our Apostle’s in the house, and I want to give him as much time – we give him as much time as he wants to take, and the Holy Spirit wants to give him today. Amen. Brother, Jerry, please, sir.


Brother Jerry:

Good morning, everybody. Everybody rest well last night? Well, I was up all night. My goodness, after a service like last night, it’s hard to go to sleep. But eventually, He gave His beloved sleep. Amen. And I am ready and excited about what God has in store for us today. Amen. Every day with Jesus is a wonderful day. Amen.


I want you to open your Bibles first of all this morning, to the book of Joel chapter 2. Joel chapter 2. I had this on my mind last night, when I got back to where we’re staying, and it took me a while just getting out from under the residue of the Glory that we were experiencing last night. Then when I kind of settled down a little bit, just beginning to listen to the Lord. And He led me to the book of Joel and He said something to me. In every generation, God desires to raise up an army of young people that are passionate about God. In the book of Joel, He reveals this, and He says in verse 28, “²⁸And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:” (Joel 2:28 KJ21)


Notice it mentions young people twice in that verse. They will have visions, they’ll prophesy. I like to say it like this where the Holy Spirit’s said it to me. I desire to have influence in young people’s lives. By inspiring them to prophesy to speak in my behalf and giving them visions of things to come. I remember in 1969 when I surrendered my life to the Lord. There was a young evangelist who came from Canada. His name was Brian Roode. Just before I had surrendered my life, he came to the church Carolyn grew up in. I had an automotive business in those days. Carolyn was asking me to come and hear this man. He was different. And she would come home telling me that. She said, “Jerry, I’ve never seen anybody like him.” He doesn’t dress like preachers. He doesn’t talk like preachers. He doesn’t have the background of preachers that I’m grown up under. He had been a drug addict, a drug dealer. He was in prison in Canada and met the Lord in prison. God supernaturally got him out of prison, and he became an evangelist, began traveling not only Canada, but all-over North America. He came to Shreveport, where Carolyn I grew up and came to her church. Her Pastor was Jack Moore. Jack Moore was very well known in Pentecostal circles. In fact, many of you probably heard the name William Branham. William Branham was Jack Morris’ best friend. Jack Moore travelled with William Branham. And along with Gordon Lindsey, they all three were best friends. And if you ever see a picture of William Branham, usually in that picture is Jack Moore, and Gordon Lindsay, and then one tall Native American man, his name was Young Brown, and that was my wife’s uncle, and he travelled with William Branham.


Carolyn grew up under those ministries, all the great healing evangelists. Back in that day, they all came to Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, Jack Moore knew them all. And when they heard about this, Brian Rudd, and the impact that he was having on young people, they invited him to come. He was there for several nights. Finally, Carolyn asked me to come. I really didn’t want to, but she kept asking me to come. Finally, one night I went with her. I owned an automotive business, and back in those days I wasn’t living for God. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God, I can’t remember a day that I didn’t believe in God, I mean, I was raised in a Christian home, but it is one thing to believe in God, but it’s something else to make Jesus the Lord of your life, Amen. I was fully aware that God existed. I’d had experiences with God as a young boy, but I’d never surrender my life to the Lord.


I went that night and off course back in those days I was smoking, and I had my Winston cigarettes in my pocket when we went to church. And Carolyn said, please don’t take those in the church. I said, why not? She said, I don’t want those people to know my husband smokes. I said, Carolyn, I don’t care what these people think, and I really didn’t – I didn’t care what they thought. I said, nothing is going to change – I mean, I smoke now, I smoke when I get out of the service. She said, just don’t take the cigarettes in the church. So, I took them out of my pocket and laid them on the dash of my car. Went into the service there, and she was right. I have never seen anything like him. He came out there, he had a blond afro. I mean it was out to here. (Brother Jerry shows with his hands besides his head the size of the afro.) Had on these white bellbottom hip hugger slacks and this wild lavender shirt, and a cowbell hanging around his neck. I said, you finally told the truth, I’ve never seen a preacher like this.


He began giving his testimony. That night, I mean, during his testimony, the church – he had a way of drawing young people. They gravitated toward him. Many of them came that night that I knew and had gone to high school with. And they had become, many of them drug addicts, living a hippy lifestyle, but this man drew them. I saw some of them that I knew, get up and go forward and surrender their life to the Lord, and he’d pray for them, and they got delivered of drugs.


Before he finished preaching, he just stopped and walked off the platform and pointed at my direction and said, you young man, stand up. God is going to deliver you of smoking tonight. I turned to my wife with this sarcastic look. I said, “That is why you wanted me to come. You’ve been telling him about me.” She said, “I never met the man. I haven’t told him a thing about you.” I said, “Well, how would he know that?” She said, “God told him.” I said, “God talks to him about me?”


The man said, “Get out into the aisle young man.” So, I got out in the aisle, not really wanting to. And he said, “What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?” I said, “Winston’s.” He said, “Do you have them on you?” I said, “No, she made me leave them in the car.” Now, can you believe I was that ugly? Well, look at me now, the sweet young man I am, you know. Oh, back then… back then…


Anyway, he said, “Does anyone in here smoke Winston’s?” About 25 hands went up. “Did anyone bring a pack of Winston’s?” About 15 hands went up. And she’s concerned about what these people would think about me! And he said, “Does anybody have a fresh pack that’s never been opened?” One man lifted his hands. “Bring them here.” He brought them up there – Brian told me to tear the wrapper off, put them in my hands, and break them in half, throw them on the floor, stomp on them and say out loud, “I will never smoke again.” I didn’t want to say that. I fully intended to smoke as soon as I got out that service, you know.


I smoked, I mean, my dad – I never remember my dad working on a car and didn’t have a cigarette hanging out his mouth. I thought that was part of the trade. How can you repair a car without a cigarette hanging out your mouth? In my tool chest, in the top left-hand drawer, I kept all my cigarettes. You know, I never ran dry. And so, I’d go to the shop and light up a cigarette and work on a car and get through with that and light up another – smoked all day, you know. Now I never smoked at home, and I didn’t smoke around Carolyn, she hated it. I was thinking about her, so didn’t smoke at home. But when he said throw them on the floor and stomp on them and say, I’ll never smoke again. I really didn’t want to do that, but I did. The reason I did is simply because of this. I’d been taught as a young boy, that if you disobeyed God, He’s allowed to strike you with lightning. Anybody ever heard that? I thought, Man, I’m standing in front of all these people in church and the preacher said, “Stomp on them and say I’ll never smoke again.” If I didn’t do that God would strike me dead before I got out of the building. And that’s the only reason I did what I did. I put them on the floor, stomped on them and said, “I’ll never smoke again.”


And he said, “You’re delivered from smoking,” but I didn’t feel any different, you know. Then he turned around to go back to the platform. Then he turned back around before I could be seated. He said, “Hey, wait a minute. You’re called to preach.” I looked at Carolyn again. “You tell him I was called to preach?” “No, I don’t know the man. Never talked to him.” I said, “Why would he know that?” “God told him.” “Why would God talk to him about me?” I was madder than a wet hen. That’s a good Texas phrase, okay. And he said, “Wait a minute, you’re called to preach, come back up here.” He laid his hands on me. And he started to the platform again. And then he turned around one more time and said,” Young man, you were worth my entire trip to the United States. I was here for you.” And then he went back and kept preaching.


When he got through preaching, the altar was filled with young people. Many of whom, as I said, I knew, I went to school with. We went home that night, got up the next morning, go to the shop. Cigarettes are still on the dash of the car. Boy, I wanted one bad. And once again I thought, “Man, if I light that thing God will kill me before I get to the shop.


I got to the shop, and a man that worked for me, who had worked for my dad when I was a kid. He was a painter. His name was Auriel Diggs. He’s a black gentleman, and I’d known him since I was a little boy. He was like part of our family. Auriel smoked, but he never had cigarettes. He bummed cigarettes off my dad all of my dad’s life, and when I got older, he bummed cigarettes off me. He’d come in the shop, and he’d called me Bubba, Mr. Bubba. Because my dad called me Bubba. He said, “Mr. Bubba, you got a cigarette?” I said, “Auriel, you know I got a cigarette.” He said, “Can I borrow one? I’ll pay you back.” He told my dad that for 40 years. I said, “You know where they are.”


He went over there and got those cigarettes, you know. But that morning, that morning, the night after I got prayed for, Auriel comes in the shop with a box this big, full of cartons of cigarettes. “Mister Bubba, I came to pay you back.” Aren’t that just like the devil? I mean, you know, trying to tempt me. I said, “Auriel, where did you get all those cigarettes?” He said, “They fell off a truck.” I said, “Yeah, all right.” He said, “I’ve come to pay you back, and you daddy back.” I said, “Well Auriel, I don’t smoke anymore.” I couldn’t believe I said that. I said, “Auriel, I don’t smoke anymore.” “What?” I said, “No, I got delivered last night.” Amen. And I never smoked again, praise God. Never, never, never even desired it. In fact, I don’t even like to be around cigarette smoke. It’s detesting to me, you know. And, but anyway, that’s the impact that this man had on my life.


We had a rock and roll station in Shreveport that began in about 1954. And all of us young people listened to it, because it’s the only rock and roll station we had. And everybody listened to it, especially the young people. Brian Rudd had such an impact in our city, that this radio station was a secular station, ask him to come to the studio, and preach live on the radio, and invited all the young people that wanted to gather up around the studio to come. The parking lot was packed with cars. And they turned their radios on and hear Brian Rudd preach. And then he’d come out of the studio, out in the parking lot and get all these young people delivered from drugs and get them, you know, as he would say, turned on to Jesus. You know, it was amazing. Amazing.


Now, I’ve noticed that in every generation, where there’s a major move of God, many times it affects the young people first. And the reason being is because older people get stuck in their ways. Okay. Now, I surrendered my life to the ministry. I’d never done drugs in my life. I didn’t know one drug from another. I was never attracted to that. The next thing I know, God has thrust me into a ministry with young people, in particular drug addicts. My ministry started in the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana. Not in a church, no church wanted me. I was too radical, and I was going against the grain, religious grain. I started my ministry in the streets, ministering to alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, going to the jails and preach, going to the prison preaching, having miracles everywhere I went. It was amazing! Then churches started inviting me to come and teach their young people how to become soul-winners. I’d go to churches, and some of those churches might have 15-20 young people and in less than a week’s time we’d have 80 young people. We’d win them in the street and bring them to the church. The only problem was, I’d bring all these, you know, fresh bodies so to speak, into the church and the church didn’t want them, they didn’t smell good, they didn’t look nice, they didn’t talk like religious people talk, and they didn’t want them. 


That great move began to subside. Sharon was talking to me this morning about the vision she had, the word from the Lord she had about the young people, and it had an impact in here last night with the young people. That’s the fulfilment of the book of Joel. Now, notice he said: And it should come to pass afterwards, in the last days. The last days actually began on the day of Pentecost when those 120 got filled with the Holy Ghost and Peter stood up and said: “This is that which the prophet Joel spoke.” So, the day of Pentecost introduced the beginning of the last days. Now we’ve had a long-time pass since the day of Pentecost, so we are no longer in the beginning of the last days, we are in the last of the last days. In the last of the last days, one of the major signs that will take place on planet earth is that there is going to be a move among young people like we have never seen before. Never seen before. Hallelujah! 


With that in mind, my instruction from the Lord last night, and I didn’t know that Sharon and I would get into this conversation this morning, but my instructions from the Lord, and I wasn’t in here at the last of that meeting. I was told about what happened, you know, after I went back to the back room. But my instruction from the Lord was this, He said: “I want you to call up all the young people, lay hands on them, and believe…” Let me say it this way. Years ago, I was in Toronto, and I went for one night, never met the pastor there, never been in that church before, and I’m flying up there and I was supposed to be in Toronto one night, the next night I was to be in Riverside, California, and the next night someplace else, out in California. On the way up there, the Lord said: “Would you be willing to stay here as long as I want you to?” I said, “Lord, I’ll do anything You want me to.” He said: “Would you stay as long as I tell you to?” I said: “Lord, I’ll do anything You want me to.” I said, “However, You know that I’m supposed to be in Riverside tomorrow night.” He said: “Yes.” I said, “Well, pastors don’t like you cancelling meetings one day in advance. And I’m supposed to be in another church the next night, and if I stay as long as You want me to stay, these pastors are going to be mad at me. Now if You could take care of that, I’ll stay as long as You want me to stay.” 


I got to Toronto, got in my room, telephone rang. It was the pastor I was supposed to be with the next night, Riverside. He said: “Brother Jerry, I was praying today, God told me to release you from your commitment, that He had other plans for you.” And he said, “You just come when your schedule will allow.” I said, “Thank you, sir.” Got off the phone with him, phone rang again, it’s the next pastor. God dealt with every pastor that I was supposed to be at, so it could clear my schedule. I went to that meeting that night, walked up the steps of that church, pastor met me out on the front step and the first words were: “Brother Jerry, I have a question for you, would you stay here as long as God would ask you.” I said, “Well sir, I’ve already answered that, God talked to me about that flying up here.” He said, “Wonderful, then how long will you stay?” I said, “Until the Lord tells me to leave.”


How else can you schedule something like that? He said, “Can I tell the people?” I said, “Well, let’s just go in there and just see what the Lord will do. See if the Lord is in this. And then we’ll tell the people.” Well, man, we had a move of God that night. I’m telling you, was a move of God. I turned around to the Pastor, I said, “Tell them.” He said, “Brother Jerry has agreed to stay here for as long as God wants him to stay.” I stayed 21 nights. No two services were like, I’d never been in anything quite like it. Up to that point. I’ve been into some things since then. That superseded that. But I’d never been anything like it at that time and at that point. It was amazing.


One of the things that happened at that meeting – it impacted the young people. One night, I was praying or one afternoon I was praying, and the Lord said, “I’m going to move on the young people tonight. When you go to the service, all I want you to say is, young people get ready. God’s going to come on you tonight.” The moment I’ve said that, I mean, the power of God hit the young people. I just stood back with my arms folded like this. They just went around the place praying for people, people getting healed, people falling out on the power. The young people, I mean, they were beside themselves. I just stood there the whole night watching. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.


The next afternoon, I heard the Lord say this. He showed it to me, in the spirit.” He said, “Tonight, people are going to get so drunk in the Holy Ghost, many of them will have to be carried to their cars. And we won’t even be able to leave. They’ll just sit in their cars drunk in the Holy Ghost until it lifts.” Little did I know, I’d be the first one they carried out. I got so drunk in the Holy Ghost, knocked me out. The next thing I knew, I was at the apartment we were staying in, and I don’t know how I got there. It was an amazing thing. 21 nights. The Lord said, “Now, go home and rest.” I went home. In about a week, He said, “Go back.” I went back and stayed another… What was it, Joe? 12, 15 days, something like that. Then He said, “Go home and rest.”


When I went back after those first 21 nights, it was like no time had passed, we just took up where we left off. No two services alike. I stayed another 10 or 12 nights. The Lord said, “Go home and rest.” I went home and rest. He said, “Go back.” I went back. I spent another 9 nights. We just took up where we left off. But it had such an impact on the young people. Amen. Had a tremendous impact on the young people.


When I finally went home, about a month later, the Toronto Blessing broke out. And many of you heard about that are aware of that. I mean it was a move of God that lasted for a long time. Every time there is a major move of God, somebody tries to control it. I’m talking about religious people. It just began to subside. I told Pastor John, was it last night or this morning? Talking about the impact that it had in here last night with many of the young people. Make them feel welcome. I was told one time, “Put up and tolerate with a little wildfire.” Because it’s easier to deal with wildfire than it is dead. Some churches are dead. Amen. These young people, all of them, they just yield to God. You don’t know what they will do next. Third flips, do push-ups in church, on stage in front of everybody. Feel like a nut. Don’t try to control it. Don’t try to confine it. God knows how to deal with young people. He knows how to deal with wildfire. Amen.


With that in mind, I want all the young people, I’ve said young people. If you consider yourself a young people, come up here quick.


Pastor John:

Can I just ask? First of all, the MiXchangers. First, the MiXchangers to come up. Then the second wave if it can be the rest of the young people to come up. All right, MiXchangers, get up here. Then the rest of the young people and the staff that work with me please.

Brother Jerry:

It may take a couple of lines there to give me some space between them. Bring them up here as close as you can, so we can put another line behind them. Hallelujah.


I commend you, young men and women, for being passionate about God. This is what it’s going to take in our generation to change the conditions of our generation. Amen. 


All right, they’re still coming. [young people coming up to the front]. Don’t you love it when we have church that is not the usual? Amen. Praise God. I want all of you to lift your hands and say this with me; In the name of Jesus, I submit myself to God, to be used by Him in any way that He desires. I desire to be everything He wants me to be. I want to be His vessel to affect my generation. And according to the book of Joel, I fit in the category of young men and women. And I receive what the prophet Joel said, by the utterance of the Holy Spirit, that I will prophesy, that I will have visions, that I will be influenced by God. And in the name of Jesus, today, when hands are laid upon me, I believe something very significant is going to take place in my life and that I will never be the same. And I give God praise for it now. So, let’s just go ahead and praise Him. Hallelujah. 


[Brother Jerry continues to lay hands on people].


[Brother Jerry to Tarryn] Prophesy right now.



Thank You, Lord. Glory. Yes, Father, I will follow You all of my days Father, in all of Your ways Lord Jesus. I thank You Father that I will be a mighty woman of valour Father, serving Your plans and Your purposes. Praise You, Jesus. Hallelujah.


Brother Jerry:

[Brother Jerry lays hand on Mine] Hey, who needs healing in their body? Raise your hand. Right there. Go lay your hands on her. The healing power is in your hands right now [Mine goes and lays hands on Zelda-Mari]. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. [Brother Jerry continues to lay hands on the young people]. Thank You, Father, for influencing all these young people all the days of their lives. In the name of Jesus. Thank You, Father. Thank you for it, Father. Hallelujah. Come on, let’s give the Lord a good shout of praise. [Congregation praises]


[Brother Jerry hugs young congregant] You know, you know, the hand of the Lord is on you, young lady, and you too, (Pointing towards other young children) and you too. Glory to God. [Brother Jerry to a young girl] I love you. Praise God. You going to serve Him all the days of your life? Let Him use you? Okay, I’m counting on you. He’s counting on you. Amen. [To another young child] Hey, young man, what’s your name? You’re a good-looking young man. Thank You, Father. Oh, hallelujah, for Your anointing on this young man. In Jesus’ name.

[Brother Jerry continues to lay hands on people].


May they prophesy, may they have visions that will impact and, and touch in a powerful way those with whom they come in contact with, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Glory to God, in the name of Jesus, hallelujah. Thank You, Father. 

Thank You, Father, in Jesus mighty name. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Never ever to be the same. In the name of Jesus. Lord, thank You for godly parents, who can train these young people to be servants of the Most High God. Amen. Hallelujah. 


[Brother Jerry to Carmen] Well, you’ve asked, and God’s telling you again, “No, I’m not done with you, no you haven’t disappointed Me. The best is yet to come.” Hallelujah. In the name of Jesus. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank You, Lord, in the name of Jesus. 

[Brother Jerry continues to lay hands on people].


Hallelujah. I don’t know if I can control this. My Cherokee heritage is about to come over me, Hallelujah. Hey! [Cherokee cry] Come on shout somebody. Glory to God, hallelujah. What a way to start church. Glory, glory, glory. Hallelujah. All right, I think you can be seated. Glory to God. 


In flying here a few days ago, from the beginning of our trip, one of our stops, when we were in our own aircraft, was Cairo Egypt. And we’re to spend the night there and then come on to Nairobi, from there in from Nairobi to here. That night, while I was in my room, I received some revelation, in fact, I told the guys, Eric, who was travelling with us, and the pilots. I said, “When I got back to the room after dinner.” I said, “Man, the presence of the Lord was in my room, and it just engulfed me.” I thought it is something, Moses had experienced in Egypt. Now, I’ve had an experience in Egypt. Hallelujah. Wasn’t in a burning bush it was in a hot hotel. Glory to God.


The Lord began to talk to me about this prophetic word for 2023, about living in the maximum and the highest level attainable. And He said, “Son, that was my plan from the very beginning. That man would live in the realm of the maximum and experience the highest level attainable. That was My plan then, and it’s never changed it’s My plan now.” Going back to the book of Genesis, open your Bibles, if you will, to Genesis chapter one. Genesis chapter one. While you’re turning there, I want to make a few statements. God’s original intention for how a man should live was the abundant life. The abundant life. Man was created to enjoy abundance. Man was created to enjoy the goodness of God all the days of his life. That’s why God blessed man. One of the first things God did after giving him dominion and authority, He blessed him, which means He empowered him to prosper. Why would God empower someone to prosper if it were not his intention to live the abundant life to live the maximum or live in the maximum and the highest level attainable? That’s why once again, He bestowed His blessing on man so that he would be empowered to prosper to the point that he lacked or wanted nothing. What a way to live, lack a want nothing. God provided everything that men needed. God provided it in such a way that success was guaranteed. God wanted man to reflect his likeness, and the manifest is nature. And the nature of God is abundance. I said, no the nature of God is miraculous. Well, God does miracles for sure, but that’s not his nature. His nature is abundance. Miracles only happen when there’s lack. Amen.


God’s nature is abundance. And that’s what he wanted man to reflect in the earth. His nature, His likeness, live in abundance. You do know that God’s doing okay. Okay. It didn’t say in my Father’s house are many shacks I go to repair one for thee. Says it my Father’s house are many mansions, I go to prepare one for thee. How many of you have a gate out front carved out a one pearl? Go read about the throne room. Somebody says, “God loves poverty.” Well, if He loves poverty so much, why don’t He live that way? Set the example. Amen. No, that’s religious. They put it into stinking thinking. Amen.


God is the is the author of abundance. It was only when man disobeyed Him and committed high treason. Is when man forfeited the kind of lifestyle that God originally intended for him to live. Now later, we find that God blessed Noah and even though the ability to prosper was on Noah, it was limited because sin had come into the earth through Adam’s transgression. The word sin, in its literal form means to miss the mark. When sin came, because of Adam and Eve, being able to live the maximum lifestyle, and the abundant life, man forfeited that privilege through sin, and it caused him to miss the mark, and the mark was maximum abundance.


But God had a plan. Satan will never get the upper hand on God. He had a plan in the making. He went to Noah, and blessed him and obviously, even though the man was blessed, he still was limited in being able to live the kind of life that God wanted Adam to live, and what He wanted man to live. Then He introduced Himself to a man by the name of Abram. The first thing He did to him was blessing. “I blessed thee, thou shall be a blessing.” Once again, He empowered Abram to prosper. We have evidence that it worked, because He tells him in Genesis, chapter 12, I will bless thee. One chapter later, Genesis chapter 13, it says, And Abram was rich and cattle, he was rich in gold and silver, the Lord had blessed him. But even Abram lived limited because the price had not been paid for man’s transgression yet.


And then God raised up Moses, and through Moses came the law. And it was God’s demonstrating His desire to bring man back into the place where Adam had once lived, and to have that lifestyle restored to man. It instituted the law. But no one could meet all the law’s requirements, and all the laws demands. But it did provide for them a limited way or a glimpse of that lifestyle that God had originally intended for man to live. Deuteronomy chapter 28, we find what is commonly referred to as the blessings of the covenant. The first 14 verses, blessed coming in, bless going out blessed in the city, blessed in the field, everything you said you had to do, prosper. The enemy comes against you one way God cause to flee seven ways. All these wonderful blessings even though they were available, but most of the people, could not meet all the requirements of the law.


Even though they were available, the people were still limited, but it was just God’s way of showing, I’m working on something. Okay! He was working on something. And then of course we understand that in the fullness of time, God sent His Son, Jesus. And Jesus said that His primary reason for coming was to destroy the works of the devil, and to provide, remember John 10:10, I am come, that they might have life, and have it abundantly.


In the Amplified, it says, I have come that they might not only have life but enjoy life to the fullest. (John 10:10 AMPC) He is saying, I have come to give back for you, the kind of life that Adam forfeited, and that life was the abundant life, that life was the maximum life, that life was the highest level attainable! Come on, give the Lord a shout, if you believe it. Praise God. Amen. God always had man on His mind. In fact, the Psalmist says in Psalm 8:4, 4what is man that Thou art mindful of him? (Psalm 8:4 KJV) What is man that You are mindful of him? In other words, why do You still love man after how he failed You? Why would You even have him on Your mind? The Message Translation says, why do You even bother? Why do You even give a second look to man? He did so because His mercy endures forever. He did so because His love is everlasting. Amen. He didn’t want man for generations to come, to not enjoy the kind of life that he originally had planned for men to live. And through Jesus, that kind of living was restored. You and I have the ability through Christ to live what He called the abundant life. Amen. How many of you are living the abundant life? Well, let me ask you this, how many of you like to live the abundant life?


Well, it’s now available. It’s now available. Jesus redeemed us. And the word redeemed means, purchased back. He took us out of the hands of Satan, He took us out of the spirit of darkness, He took us out of the control of an evil adversary. And He provided the ability to be born again, born of God, just like Adam was. Amen. And to restore unto us the kind of life that God originally intended for Adam and Eve to live. We can live that life again, praise God. We can live that life again. It’s all because of the mercy of God that never fails, endures forever, and His love is everlasting.


Jesus, provided once again, that abundant life, that life in the maximum realm. How do we, first of all, understand we received Christ and we’re born again – That’s just the starting point. But how do we enter into that life that Adam forfeited? The same way that God said in the very beginning. Go with me to Genesis chapter one. Genesis chapter one, and let’s begin in verse twenty-six. 26And God said, let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So, God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. And God blessed them. (Genesis 1:26 KJV)


Genesis means the beginning. This is the beginning. This is what God had on His mind from the very beginning when He created man. When He created him from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. He intended for men to have his life sustained by giving him dominion and authority, by blessing him, empowering him to prosper, and most people don’t see this part.


I was sitting in Bournemouth, England with Brother Copeland. We were doing a believer’s convention there. I believe it was 1992. Brother Copeland opened the meeting that first night, and he was preaching, and he wasn’t preaching on what the Lord just said to me. Usually, I’m so focused on what Brother Copeland is preaching, but the Lord said to me; “When I created man, what were the first three gifts I gave him?” Well, I immediately responded, not audibly or out loud, just Spirit to Spirit. I said, “Well, the first gift You gave men was dominion and authority. The second gift You gave man was the blessing.” He said, “What was number three?” Well, I’d never thought of it in terms of first three gifts. I said, “I don’t know, Lord.” He said, “Where did you find the first two?” I said, “In Genesis chapter one.” He said, “If you keep reading, do you think you might find the third?” Isn’t God’s smart. That might be the greatest revelation you ever get; God is smarter than you. And, He said, “Keep reading.” So, I did. And remember we just read; God gave them dominion and authority. The second thing He gave them was the blessing, the empowerment to prosper. And then in verse 29; 29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed… (Genesis 1:29 KJV) That’s the third gift God gave man. First of all, dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed. Say this with me: Dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed. Remember at the close of verse 29 it says, …It shall be to you for meat. In other translations it says provision. In other words, God gave man seed for provision. Or you could say it like this; That he might have his life sustained through the seeds that he sows. See you and I determine our own destiny by the seeds that we sow. Let me try this side of the auditorium.


You and I determine our own destiny through the seeds that we sow. That’s the reason why God gave man seed from the very beginning. And every seed produces after its own kind. That’s the law of Genesis. You plant cotton, you get cotton, you plant corn, you get corn, you plant apples, you get apples. You don’t plant oranges and you get strawberries. No, every seed produces after its own kind. Amen. 


You plant finances, you get finances. In the New Testament, particularly in 2 Corinthians, and Galatians, Paul considers and talks about finances, money as being seed. Amen. These are the three things that God gave man so that he could live the abundant life and he could enter into the realm of the maximum, the highest level attainable.


Now, let me read this scripture to you before we go any further. Let me find it really quick. Let’s see, in Psalm 33:1 it says, 11 God’s designs are made to last. (Psalm 33:11 MSG) God’s designs are made to last. God is a God of patterns. There is a law in Bible interpretation that’s called the law of first mention. Which simply means when you find it mentioned for the first time, because God is a God of patterns, you will see it carried through throughout. Okay. The psalmist says that God’s ways and God’s plans, and purposes, they were designed to last. You could say this – It wasn’t God’s fault that man forfeited the abundant life, it was man’s fault. Because God’s plans are perfect. Amen. His purpose, His counsel is perfect. Now, what we need to do, is if we found a promise of God and we assumed the position of standing on that promise, and it doesn’t come to pass, then we are never to question God’s ways. 


In the book of Haggai, when you don’t see something, God said coming to pass, then here’s what He says to you; “Consider your ways.” Once again, I know we don’t want it to be our fault, but if God’s promises are not being fulfilled in your life, it’s never His fault. Settle that once and for all. It’s not God’s fault, it’s your ways that are preventing Him from doing what He desires to do. Once again if we desire, and I desire, and I trust you do. If we desire to live in the maximum realm at the highest level attainable then it only stands to reason, go back to God’s original way for making it happen. And what was that way? Dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed. Dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed. Hallelujah! I’ve already preached myself happy. How about you? 


Now let’s talk about that for a little bit, and we’re going to continue with it tonight in the closing service. I wrote in my notes in Cairo, Egypt, hallelujah! I always put the date that God speaks to me and where I was when He said it.


Through having the blessing on man’s life, God gave him the ability, or the empowerment to prosper, and to increase – to excel, and to rise above what would hold everybody else down. That’s what the blessing is designed to do. It was designed to enable man to have no limits. The blessing would enable him to reach the highest level attainable in life. And along with the blessing, man was given dominion and authority, which gave him the assurance that nothing could hold him back. Nothing. When you have dominion and authority over everything, God said you had dominion and authority over, then that dominion and authority was designed by God to prevent you from being held back. So that you could enjoy the abundant life, the glorious life, the good life, the maximum! Hallelujah. And with seed to sow, you could determine your own destiny. 


The Bible says in Genesis chapter one verse 31, that after God had created all these things that He created in the first chapter of Genesis, it said, 31And God saw everything that He had made, and it was good. (Genesis 1:31 KJV) It was good. I preached a message a number of years ago, in Miami Florida, at Pastor Stan Moore’s church, and I know this is not good English, but it’s the way the Lord told me to say it, “If it ain’t good, it ain’t God.” Amen. That’s poor English. And the first time Brother Roberts’ darling wife Evelyn heard me say that she was a former schoolteacher, and she walked right up to me and said, “Jerry, you’re more educated than what you’re letting on. Don’t say ain’t, it’s not proper.” Brother Roberts smiled, he said, “Now she’s got you to pick on.” And Richard said, “Hey, she started picking on me before she ever met you.” So, she’d make sure you’d say proper English, okay. But anyway, if it’s not good, then God’s not behind it, because he’s the author of good. Amen. 


And once again, it says, 31God saw everything that He had made, and it was good. The Amplified says, “…and He approved it completely.” (Genesis 1:25 AMPC). I like that. He approved it completely. When He made man, and He bestowed on him those three gifts, He approved it completely. In other words, He could stand back and say, “Man can now live the way I designed for him to live, because he got all the tools that are necessary. Dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed.” Hallelujah. I think let we lift our hands and just bless the Lord. Hallelujah. Isn’t that wonderful? Hallelujah. He approved it completely. Everything was in place so that man could live life in the realm of the maximum.


The maximum literally means the greatest level, the greatest degree, the utmost and the best possible. That’s what the maximum means. To the greatest degree or level, the utmost, the best possible. That’s the kind of life God designed for man to live in the beginning. Man forfeited it. Jesus got it back, and we could live it today. Hallelujah. Give the Lord a good shout if you appreciate it. Amen. Everything was in order for man to live this kind of life that Paul talked about as the glorious life, the good life, the maximum life. Life would be perfect if only man would obey. That’s all he had to do, is obey. 


The instructions God gave him were very simple. You know, you can eat of every tree, fruit of the tree of the garden, except this one tree. Don’t eat of it. Now, how hard is that? And then a lot of Christians think that when Eve was beguiled or deceived by the serpent that Adam was off somewhere in the garden, naming bugs or something? No, he was standing right there with her, the Bible says. He was standing right there with her. He could have stopped it. How? With the dominion and authority that God had given him. He could have walked right up to that serpent and said, “How dare you? You have no authority here. We have the authority, we have dominion. I take authority over you now.” And he could have stopped that. But the Bible says, Eve did eat and turn to her husband with her – he wasn’t off in the garden somewhere – turned to her husband with her and he did eat. Amen.


But it could have been stopped. In fact, we could have been living all this time in the maximum if Adam had stopped that. Amen. We would have never known anything about sin. We would have never known anything about lack or want. We would have never known anything about sickness and disease. We would have never known anything about sadness and sorrow. If Adam had only exercised the dominion and authority that God had given him, but he didn’t. Amen. He didn’t and once again, it wasn’t God’s plan that failed. It was man’s actions. Are you still here?


All right now listen to this. Genesis chapter 3, verse 6, as I just quoted, 6 she took of the fruit thereof and ate and gave also unto her husband with her; and he ate. (Genesis 3:6 KJV) Once again, he had the authority to stop that. But because he didn’t and he was disobedient, then sin entered. Once again, sin literally means, to miss the mark. From that moment, Adam was incapable of living the lifestyle that God had originally designed for him to live. Why? Because sin caused him to miss the mark. Amen. Everything changed. The Book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 17 through 19 says, 17cursed is the ground… 18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth… 19 In the sweat of thy face… (Genesis 3:17-19 KJV). The Amplified says, the earth is cursed, 17 …is under a curse because of you; Adam. The earth is under a curse.


Everything had changed. Later in Genesis, chapter 6, verse 8, God visits a man by the name of Noah and blesses him, but even though he was blessed, and even though he walked with God, he still had limitations. He couldn’t experience that kind of life that God had established for man in the beginning. Why? Because sin prevented it. That sin nature prevented it. But God was not finished. Hallelujah.


He later introduced Himself to a man by the name of Abraham, and promised to bless him in an attempt to show mankind what kind of life was available in the beginning. The blessing, Deuteronomy chapter 28, the blessing of the Old Covenant. And it’s referred to many times as the blessing of Abraham. It was like an umbrella of protection. Once again, the people were not capable of fulfilling the law. They weren’t born again. That covenant provided an umbrella of protection. It was limited, but at least it gave them a glimpse of what could have been, and what can be in the days ahead. When Jesus comes. Amen.


Genesis 12:2, God blessed Abraham. Empowered him to prosper. Genesis 13:2, Abraham was rich in cattle and gold and silver. So that Blessing is working. Yet it still wasn’t totally what God had desired and wanted for humanity. Later, God reveals to Moses the law. In an attempt once again, if thou shalt do this, then this is what will happen. But they couldn’t fulfil the “thou shalt’s”. They were incapable of fulfilling the law. The only person under the Old Testament who completely fulfilled the law was Jesus. No other human being was capable of doing it. They could get to a certain level and that’s all they could do. But Jesus completely fulfilled the law. Amen. The reason being, is because He’s on a mission, and His mission was to destroy the works of the devil, and to restore back to man, his original position, and the life that God had originally designed for him.


When Jesus came, and He gave His life, and He redeemed us, He also restored our ability to enter into the realm of the maximum. Hallelujah. Does that make anybody happy? Hallelujah. We can now enjoy what the Apostle Paul referred to as the fullness of the blessing. They lived under the Old Testament, under a limited blessing. But we have the right to live under the fullness of the blessing. Hallelujah. Glory to God. We are now capable to live in the realm of the maximum, and we’re also capable of reaching the highest level attainable, all because of what Jesus did. Hallelujah. Can you say, Amen? With dominion and authority, and with the blessing, and with seed, we can enter into that realm. That’s what it’s going to take this year, the year 2023 is going to be a year for the maximum, and a year of achieving or experiencing the highest level attainable. You’re going to have to use your dominion and authority. You’re going to have to rely upon the blessing, and you’re going to sow seed like never before. Hallelujah. Come on, give the Lord shouts. Praise God. Hallelujah.


Paul prayed for the Church. In Ephesians, chapter 1 and verse 22, and 23. He says that 22He hath put all things under His feet, and hath given Him to be the head over all things… 23 which is His body… (Ephesians 1:22-23 KJV). God, through what Jesus did at Calvary, put all things under Jesus’ feet, and then gave Him to be the head of the church or the body. And today we are the Body of Christ. Jesus didn’t take all that authority to Heaven. In fact, one of the last things He said to His disciples before entering the portals of Heaven, “Behold, I give you power. I give you authority over all the of the enemy. You lay hands on the sick, now recover.” Amen. “You cast out devils. Any deadly thing that might come into your body will not harm you.” Praise God. Amen. What’s He saying? “I got the dominion and authority back, and now I’m giving it to you where it rightfully belongs.” So, I just say, “I just wish God would do something about this…” while He’s waiting on you to do something about it. You have the dominion; you have the authority. That’s just like the apostle Paul when he dealt with that thorn in the flesh. He said, “I went to God three times,” and I’m paraphrasing, “Get this thorn in the flesh off of me.” And God responded each time, “My grace is sufficient. My grace is sufficient.” In other words, “I’m not getting this off of you. I’ve given you the authority through the grace of God, to do it yourself.” Amen. Paul finally grasped that and dealt with it. Praise God. Amen.


When are we going to grasp that? That we don’t have to live under Satan’s dominion. We don’t have to live under his authority. His power has been broken. Amen. I love the way the Book of Hebrews says, that when Jesus came and destroyed the works of the devil, it says Jesus was highly exalted. And one translation says, and the devil was reduced to zero. Hallelujah. Glory to God. I said, Glory to God!


I’ve used this illustration before, I might have used it here, but it’s my sermon, I want to hear it again anyway. You know, in Mike Tyson’s heyday, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. Man, he’d knocking everybody out. I went to see Tyson fight several times. Meadowlark Lemon and I, the famous Harlem Globetrotter. Meadowlark was a son in the Lord to me. When he came to the Lord, he asked me to mentor him. He lived with Carolyn and I for a year, where I could mentor him. Then he entered into full-time ministry. Meadowlark and I went to see Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks’ fight. Man, the place was electric. I mean the crowd. They’re excited about this. And Meadowlark says to me. “I am so thirsty.” He said, “I don’t know if I could endure this fight. I’m so thirsty.” I said, “Meadowlark, you better not leave. This thing is about to start.” He said, “Well, everybody’s in here, nobody’s at the concession stand. I’ll just run and get us a Coke, and I’ll be right back.” The fight started. Ninety-one seconds later, it was over, and Meadowlark comes into the arena with two Cokes. Everybody’s on their feet screaming. He said, “What happened?” I said, “You missed the fight. It lasted 91 seconds.”


I watched Spinks – I used to go to all of these big championship matches. I had a friend who used to be a professional boxer, he was our Olympic hope for the bantamweight class in the Olympics when Jimmy Carter was president. Jimmy Carter boycotted the Olympics, so he didn’t get to go. This guy was considered as the one who would win the gold medal. But he didn’t get to go, so he turned a pro. And I met him about that time, and he invited me, he’d come to my meetings in California, he invited me to go to training camp with him. So, I’d go to training camp with him and, well when he wasn’t training, I’d teach Bible to him. In a short time, he’d won a world championship in that class. Then he decided to go up to another class, only five or six pounds heavier, but it makes a difference, these guys are bigger, they are more powerful. He went up to this other class, only about six pounds heavier. He fought a boy from Corpus Christi Texas who was a champion, and that boy beat him up so bad, he wound up in the hospital and almost died.


Anyway, he had to retire from boxing. Well, then he went to work for Bob Arum, the famous promoter. When he went to work for Bob Arum, he would call me and he would say, “There is a major, major fight coming up. Are you home?” I looked at the calendar, I said, “Yeah.” He said, “I got you ring-side seats. Free.” Sounds like God to me [Congregation laughing]. I’d get to go these major championship fights, and most of the times I’d be sitting behind Muhammed Ali, and the camera always got on Ali and showed the people watching, you know, Ali’s in the stadium. And sometimes I’d be right behind him and lean over him [Brother Jerry indicating a wave to the camera] you know. In fact, when, who was it? No, it wasn’t George. Anyway, there was one fight that was coming on and I had been in South Africa in Joburg and preaching in Ray McCauley’s camp meeting. After that camp meeting I’m going home, and this major fight was coming on. Oh, I know which one it was, it was Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard in the super dome in New Orleans, and I had ring side seats. I told Ray, I said, “Ray, can you pick up that fight over here?” He said, “Yeah, it comes on about three o’clock in the morning.” I said, “Well I’m going to be there, I got a ring side seat.” And I said, “When they show the camera on Ali, I’ll lean around and I’ll say, hey Ray.”


He had a bunch of guys at his house, and they were all watching that fight, and here comes the camera on Ali and I lean around and say, “Hey Ray” [Brother Jerry waving at the camera] and Ray jumped up and said, “That’s Jerry, that’s Jerry!’ [Congregation laughing]. I called Ray after the fight was over with, that’s the fight where Duran quit. No Mas fight, the place went crazy. In fact, the best fights started when Duran quit. I mean, people were fighting in there. I mean, they got a lot of money on this thing, you know, and when he quit, the place went crazy. The cops came in there with billy clubs, beating on people. I thought, “Dear Lord, this is dangerous.” So, I got up and I went up next to the ring apron and just watched all this fighting going on. And then I look and I’m standing next to Howard Cosell, everybody hates Cosell. I thought, this is not a good place to be [Brother Jerry walking away from Cosell] [Congregation laughing].


Anyway, my point was that if somebody came to me and said, “We’ll give you thirty million dollars to fight Mike Tyson, and we promise you he’ll be already beat up before you get in the ring. I’m taking that, I’m signing that contract. Only if I know he’s already been beat up. He’s incapable of being the baddest man on the planet because he’s already been beat up. I’m signing that contract; I’m making that thirty million. I think I can beat someone that has already been beat up. Now, if they were lying to me and Tyson would come in there with that look on his face, man you’d never seen someone run as fast in your life is how I would run out of there. No, he isn’t beat up yet.


But if he’s beat up and they had to carry him in the ring and set him in the corner and he cannot even get out of the corner, I’m going to beat him up. I’m taking my thirty million. It’s like when Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson fought the first time. I was friends with Evander, I went to see Evander try out for the Olympics. I went to the Olympics in Los Angeles to watch Evander fight, and then I went to a lot of his fights and got to know him. And when Mike Tyson bit Evander’s ear in that first fight, they had – I didn’t go to the fight, but I saw it on big screen – I couldn’t believe it. I’d never seen anything like that in my life. I’ve been around boxing all my life. Never seen another boxer, professional, bite another one’s ear. And after that Evander was going with me to Tulsa Oklahoma to do a meeting. I was going to have to give his testimony. And I picked him up in Atlanta on our plane. I deliberately put Evander on the left side. Took the front seats out were given plenty of room. I sat on his right side, so I could look at that ear. Boy, as we say in Texas, “Mike bit a chunk out of him.” I mean, you know, you could see where the part of that ear was missing. I said, “Evander, what did you think when Tyson bit your ear?” He said, “It made me so mad.” He said, “I couldn’t believe he bit my ear.” He said, “I wanted to bite him back.” He said, “But I figured they’d probably disqualify him.” And boy, his corner, Tyson’s Corner. It was turmoil in that corner. They finally let the fight continue and Tyson bit him again, and Evander jumped up. He was so mad. He said, “I wanted to kill the guy.” He said, “But then I stopped, and I turned to go back to my corner, and I thought surely, they will disqualify him now. And I went back to my corner. And I thought, that’s the quickest 30 million I’ve ever made in my life. I think I’ll let him bite me again.” If you can’t beat somebody that’s already been beat up Satan has been reduced to zero. Jesus already beat him up. Hallelujah.


The Bible says that he stripped him of his authority and his power. Amen. Stripped him of his power and authority, and then gave it back to man where it rightfully belongs. We have dominion, we have authority, we have the blessing, and we have seed, that is all it takes to live the maximum, to experience the highest level attainable. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to God. I think somebody ought to shout in here. Praise God. 


Say this with me. Lift your right hand and say this with me, “In the name of Jesus, I have been redeemed. I’ve been restored. I have dominion, I have authority. I have the blessing of God. And I have seed, and with these three I am capable of living the abundant life, living in the realm of the maximum. And I can go to the highest level attainable. And I am not going to let the devil or people, or religion prevent me from getting there. I am on my way.”


Here’s what I like to do, lift his hand, and say what Jesus said to His disciples, “Let us go to the other side.” Hey, come on, give the Lord another shout of praise. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise God. Amen, amen.


Tonight, we’re going to talk about seed. God gave man seed, that he might determine his own destiny and his own outcome. And tonight, I want to talk to you about never underestimate the power of a seed. Never underestimate the power of a seed. You don’t want to miss it. Now, I’m going to ask you to pray about something. Carolyn and I learned a long time ago, that when we received the prophetic word for the new year. First of all, we receive it by faith before we ever see it happen. We receive it by faith, and the next thing we do is we sow a significant seed toward the fulfilment of it. The first thing we do is lift our hands and say, “Lord, we receive that, we will live in the maximum; we will arrive at the highest level attainable. And to assure us of that, we’re sowing our seed toward it, the fulfilment of it.” 


See what you do first, matters to God. Amen. Amen. Don’t wait. Say well as soon as I get into this abundance and this maximum then I’m really going to sow. No, that’s backwards. That’s like walking up to the fireplace and say, give me some heat and I will throw in some wood. No, you throw in the wood first, then you get some heat. Amen. So don’t wait. It is like a lot of people back home – I don’t know if you use this phrase over here – a lot of people back home say, “As soon as my ship comes in, I am really going to give to God.” And most people that say that, never send a ship out – they can’t expect the ship to come back.


Tonight, we are going to talk about Never underestimate the power of a seed, and we are going to sow a significant seed toward the fulfilment of this Prophetic Word of 2023. Your assignment is to pray this afternoon about the seed that you are going to sow, amen. Really give some thought and some prayer to it. Don’t just come in here and just pluck a Rand in the offering. I mean, if that is all you got, then that is significant, and God will honour it. Amen. But you know what you are believing for, and you know what it will take to get there. Get ready for tonight. It’s going to be “mm-mm-mm.” I said, it is going to be “mm-mm-mm”, hallelujah!


I am going to lay hands on everybody in here, because the spirit of increase is on my life. Amen. The spirit of increase is on my life. I laid hands on five thousand people at Mac Hammonds’ church, after preaching along these lines. I laid hands on five thousand people that night, went home, and Mac called me a few days later and said, “Brother Jerry, I got a testimony for you.” Now, I’m not promising this for everybody in here, but this is what happened just a few days later.


This man called Brother Mac’s office and asked if he could meet with him. And he knew the man. The man and his family got saved in the church and got filled with the Holy Spirit, he knew him well. He said, Brother Mac, I need to talk to you. I want to share with you what God just did. He came to the office, and he said, “Pastor Mac, when Brother Jerry laid hands on me and spoke over me supernatural increase,” he said, “I went home believing that God was going to make that happen in some way.” He said, and the Lord reminded me of some, what would you call it? Some funds, not trust funds, but investment stocks. Yeah, some stocks that his parents had bought years ago, and they passed it on to him. And they had already died and gone to heaven. He said: “I hadn’t thought of those in years.” He said, “The Lord said go get them.” So, he went and got them, and he said, “Now take it to such and such a place and sell them.” And he did. And he said, “Brother Mac, here is my tithe from the sale of those stocks.” And he held a cheque up and it said, “1.2 million dollars.” That was his tithe.


So, if 10% represents the tithe, what kind of harvest did he get? 12 million dollars. And notice the first thing he did was bring the tithe to the church. Now most Christians, if they came in to 12 million dollars, you know what the church would get? A postcard from the Bahamas. “I got mine and wish you had yours. Your faithful member.”


Now the first thing that man did was bring the tithe to the church. I said, “Mac, would you send me a copy of that, so I can use it as a testimony?” I said, “You can blot the name, I don’t want to know the name, I don’t want to know the address. Just blot that out and send me a copy of it.” I took it and I put it in my office in one of my areas of study. I put it on the wall, and I would walk by there and say, “God, I want something even better than a 1.2 million dollar offering into my ministry. I want to be the one who gives 1.2 million.” And I’ve done it. Hallelujah! And I’ve done it, Praise God! Hallelujah. Now I’m not promising you a harvest of 12 million dollars, but God is the God of surprises. Who knows what He might do for you? You are establishing these three biblical concepts – dominion and authority, the blessing, and seed.


Stand with me. Hallelujah. Did you get anything out of this today? Glory to God. Let’s just lift our hands and bless the Lord. Father, we thank You in the Name of Jesus, for Your presence in this place. We thank You for revelation that You have imparted into each of us today. I’m praying that not one person came here today as a hearer only, but a doer of the Word. The book of James says, “The doer of the Word shall be blessed in his deeds.” So, Father as we act upon these principles that You’ve revealed to us from Your Word, then we fully expect to be blessed in all our deeds. Lord, we want You to know in advance, You could count on us whatever You have in store in the days ahead, regarding our financial future, then You can count on us, we will not hoard it up, we will not use it all on ourselves, we will consider continue to honor God with our substance and Your promises, our barns will be overflowing, never lacking. Hallelujah. We thank You for it in Jesus’ name, amen and amen.

Give the Lord one more great shout.


Pastor John Bendixen: 

Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus, glory to Jesus. Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord. I’m going to give Brother Jerry a chance to just make his way to the back there, just otherwise he gets caught up and we have another service to go. Amen. Hallelujah.


I know, you’ll want to shake his hand, but it’s better for him to put his hand on your head. He’s going to touch you all tonight. So don’t worry about it, you’ll get to touch him. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 


Well, it goes without saying that Brother Jerry and I don’t talk about money or about seed. I didn’t tell him about what’s going on in the finances of the church. He doesn’t ask me. If he’s led of the Lord to take an offering tonight, that’s not because of anything I told him, or anything that he knows about, or doesn’t know about what’s going on in the church. That’s because God’s instructed him to do something for you, so that there can be movement for you to go to the maximum and to the highest level attainable. I just want you to understand this is got nothing to do between conversations between him and I. This is purely the Lord leading him in this way, tonight. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Glory to Jesus. 


Again, I have to say, I’m so grateful that 1996 – So we’re 27 years away. 1996, the Lord told me to be connected to Brother Jerry, and I haven’t left him since and he hasn’t left me since and I thank God that the way the word says, you dance with the one who brung you. Here I am, and here we are. We’re still dancing, we’re still dancing together. Praise Jesus. And how rich is our lives because we have this legacy in our world. Man, get ready for an explosion of young people and it’s the young ones that are going to lead us into the place that we would go, because the older people get stuck, we get stuck. I don’t get stuck. That’s my conversation, my declaration, I’m not stuck in my old ways, I’m ready to move. I’m ready to move wherever God wants me to go. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 


Just put your hand on your chest here like this and say, I am a son of God. Jesus lives in my heart. I love Him, I serve Him, I put Him first place, I honor Him. He is my Lord and Saviour. I thank You for that Lord, in Jesus’ name.


Now, if you’ve never been saved or born again and you did that, and you believe that with your heart and you’ve just spoken that with your mouth, today, you changed. Today, Jesus is the Lord of your life. Hallelujah. If you have done that, well, it’s good to confirm how you serve Him and love Him and honor Him anyway. Hallelujah.


I thank you for coming to church today. May your afternoon be blessed. May you walk in peace. May you walk in joy. May you have the fullness of God resting upon you. May the healing power of God even continue to flow through your body and bring restoration wherever you need restoration in your body, tonight. Relationships are taking a turn. Relationships are coming back, being better, and better than ever before. God is bringing all things new to us, and we’re taking authority because we can, and we’re sowing seed because we have the blessing of God to do that. So, we can live the higher life and the maximum life. Enjoy your lunch and we’ll see you this evening. Hallelujah. Bring your wonderful selves to church tonight. Amen, bye-bye everybody.