God is Answering Part 4 – Session 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: John 20:29 (AMPC)

Thank You, Jesus. We worship You and we praise You. We thank You that through
skilled players and music Your anointing comes and Your anointing blesses us,
oppression leaves us and our souls are uplifted. We thank You that through the
music, through praise and worship, You strengthen us, heal us, bless us. Thank You,
Lord, that for the rest of the service, as the Word is taught, that our hearts are ready
to receive, our ears will hear, our minds will be quiet and open and ready to receive
the things that You have for us. In Jesus name, and everybody said, amen. Amen.
You may be seated
Praise the Lord. I’m sure the day is arriving, sooner and sooner that we will all be
together again and we can get on aeroplanes and fly around the world and do many
different things. Praise the Lord.
I’m going to ask Nic to do this for me one more time. I’m going to ask Nic to use his
guitar for a minute. Looks good on me, don’t you think? Nic has put his guitar in my
hands. I would like him to put his hand on my shoulder and I just want you to say to
me, Nic, “Pastor John, you can have all this skill and all of what I am as a musician,
receive it…”
Pastor John, receive all the skill and all that I am as a musician.
Pastor John:
Thank you, that’s pretty cool. Hallelujah. And so now, hey, I have got the anointing.
[Pastor John strums the guitar] I can play D, I can play G… and I can play C
[singing], O gats… and I can even go for some… [funny jamming]. Thank you.
[Pastor John laughs] Don’t laugh at me, Denholm. Thank you, guys. Praise the Lord.
You see, Nic put his hands on me and said, “Receive everything I am as a musician,
and everything that I can do, receive it,” and so I receive the transfer of the gift of a
rock lead guitarist musician. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?
I showed you that even that though he laid his hands on me and he did it for me, that
doesn’t make me Nic. Right? There’s a lot of things that I would have to do in order
to become Nic, or like Nic. Now that this has come upon me and he has blessed me
with it, I would say, “Okay, Nic, what do I have to do, now that I have your talent, I
have your skill, I have your ability, what must I do next?” Nic could say to me, “Pastor
John, here’s what I need you to do; I need you to start doing exercises that can get
your fingers loose, and you can start to learn how to play the guitar.”
I can play the guitar a little bit and I can tell you that I know that if you can play the
guitar as well as Nic does and Denholm and other people, they spend lots of hours
playing music. Their fingers are hard. Because when you’re playing those steel
strings and you play them often enough, the tips of your fingers have got to get hard
otherwise it hurts. When you’re learning to play, it hurts.
He would say to me, “Okay John, for the week, this is the exercise you’ve got to do. I
want you to go do exercises that play with your fingers down the scales, the fret
neck, and then you can play C-scales, D-scales, A-scales, whatever kind of, up and
down. Play chords, play this. And so, [Pastor John imitates music scales] du-du-du-
du-du, du-du-du-du-du… What am I doing? I’m learning how to loosen my fingers up,
get them strong, and I’m teaching my fingers how to actually work on the strings.
Right? Can I play guitar even though I’ve been prayed for and even though I’ve been
magically transferred this wonderful gift? It doesn’t matter that I’ve got the gift or the
ability, I got to something with it. Right? It starts with, du-du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du-
There’s a scripture in the Book of John. In John 20 verse 29 and it says, 29 Jesus
said to him, because you have seen Me, Thomas, do you now believe (trust,
have faith)? Blessed and happy and to be envied are those who have never
seen Me and yet have believed and adhered to and trusted and relied on Me.
(John 20:29 AMPC)
Thomas is one of the twelve disciples, and as one of the 12 disciples he lived with
Jesus every day, saw what Jesus did. Then He died. Now everybody says He is
raised from the dead and Thomas says, “No, nobody gets raised from the dead. I will
see it then I will believe it.” Of course, Jesus shows up in the room, walks through
the wall, shows up in the room, He says, “Thomas, here I am. Here’s My hands,
here’s My side, this is Me.” He says, “Forgive me, Lord. I believe.” That’s when
Jesus wrote the scripture; Thomas, you’ve seen Me and you believe, blessed are
those who will never see Me, have not seen Me and they believe.
We are blessed that we believe. Agreed? Does He not say blessed and happy to be
envied of those who have never seen Me and yet have believed? Blessed. Would
you agree that if you have Jesus in you, because you’ve made Him the Lord and
Saviour of your life, even though you’ve never seen Him, you are blessed. Is that
true? You are blessed because you receive Him.
I’m going to just do this slightly differently in this service, but yesterday I went for a
bicycle ride and the bicycle ride was quite long. I was in the saddle for about four and
a half hours. Give or take, restroom break, give or take a stop to drink some water,
and have a few things like that. Our riding time was about 3 hours and fifty – in the
saddle actually. That’s a fairly long time. Stem saam? Ja nee. When I got on the
bike, all of this, because I’ve been meditating a lot on things in the Word, and things
during the week, I got on the bike. It is just like the words began to flow out of my
spirit. It just began to flow naturally out of my spirit. This is a great day, this is a
glorious day, I praise You Jesus, I bless Your name Jesus, how great You are, how
wonderful You are. It was just… and then I would stop and do it again, and I do it
again, and as the day went by it would happen quite a lot of times. It would just come
out of my spirit. Fortunately those that I was with, were with me in the spirit, so they
joined me. We had a traveling Holy Ghost party yesterday.
There was a time when we were riding on a fairly flat road, fairly good road and we
were pushing it a little bit, not excessively, we were just riding within our normal ride,
but it was a good road and we were all riding on decent bikes. I suppose we were
riding at about 25-30 kmph at the time and this truck, coming on the farm road and
he lets us know he is coming behind us. We keep watching for him, and now he is
coming closer.
So, you know these big trucks that ride on the farm roads, it’s like a sand bomb that
goes with it. It is like where the truck goes, the sand bomb goes with it. We are just
riding in our normal gear, we haven’t got face masks on and stuff like that. Now the
sand-bomb arrives. Before the sand bomb gets to us, there’s dust, because we are
riding like 30kmph on the bike at that time, so if he is riding at 40kmph and the sand
bomb comes, and it comes slowly, and before the front of the truck actually gets to
you, the sand bomb has already got to you. You are already in the dust. As it comes
next to you, it is exploding out of its wheels and out of everywhere into your face and
it’s like all over you. This bomb is going slowly and slowly, and we are just saturated
with the dust. Then the bomb is past.
But that bomb, okay, if it is only 10kmph for the next 4-5, whatever kilometres, you
are still riding in the dust bomb, because there is no wind to blow it away or anything.
You are just in the dust bomb. That’s when you get off the bike at that rest point you
look at your legs and you look at your arms and you look at your clothes and you
don’t want to look at your face because you know it looks the same as everything
else, it is just dust, you know? Anyway, the Lord just immediately began to speak to
me, I saw this in the Spirit. He said, “John this is what happens when the blessing of
God comes into your life.”
He said, “The blessing of God is in you. It is in you because if Jesus lives in you,
then the blessing is in you. The power to be like Jesus, is in you. You don’t have to
go look for it. It is in you.” Come on, that is a great revelation. Right there. The
blessing of Jesus is in you. I mean, my son Garth who is playing the piano here, he
is my son, my DNA is in him. He doesn’t have to try and make my DNA, his DNA. It’s
in him. When Jesus comes to live in your heart, blessing is part of the DNA of what
comes with it.
It is automatically there. Wow! What people need to have and what they want to
have, what they want to see is they want to see the blessing that comes upon them.
Now just watch this. We prayed about it. Made an arrangement. We are going to go
and cycle off-road. We are going to do a long morning. We were up early and we got
to where we wanted to go and ride. Where it would be safe and we had the route
planned out, so now all of our praying and our tapping into the blessing, that is in us
puts us on a road. You with me? It puts us on a road. No praying, no peace, no joy,
no asking the Lord, no blessing activated that is in me, I’m not on the road.
Praying, peace, speaking, understanding the blessings in me, puts me on a road.
When I am on that road, a dust bomb arrives because my whole morning was just
full of praises and full of glory and full of just giving God honor for everything that He
is to me. When this dust bomb arrived, it began to show me something.
He said, ”John this is how your life goes when you are, you understand the blessing
that is in you, cause the blessing that is in you, puts you on roads and puts you in
situations where dust bombs arrive.” When that dust bomb was coming towards me,
the blessing started to overtake me. It is like volumes of air clouds, dust clouds begin
to overwhelm you, before the truck even gets to you. It is just overwhelming you and
then as it gets alongside you, it gets thick and heavy and as it goes in front of you it
remains drawing you and falling upon you. He said, “The blessing in you, will position
you, for the blessing to come upon you. Hallelujah!
We kind of made a joke yesterday and we said as long as we stayed behind that
truck. We won’t get out from the blessing. Well, we were saying that in a negative
sense, because as long as we stayed behind that truck we were always going to be
in the dust, you know? We wanted to breathe clean air. That was a negative, but
from a positive point of view. If you want the blessing. You just got to stay, drafting
behind that bus and the blessing just will never leave you. You just slipstream behind
where that blessing takes you.
I don’t know if you can find a sweeter description of how God wants Christians to live
their lives. He wants you to live your life aware of Him in you and then He wants you
to be aware of how things come to you.
Now I go back to… This message right now is coming out of me very differently from
the other services. I might be finished in ten minutes because I am pretty much
saying to you what I need to say to you in a much shorter space of time. Praise the
Here is the thing. Nic put his hands on me and he said, “Receive the gift.” Okay, so
what must I do to be able to play like Nic? I come to Nic and Nic says to me, “Pastor
John, here is what you got to do. You have got to start, to get your fingers hard. You
have got to start, to get your fingers working. You got to… there are some things you
got to do. We got to teach you chord progressions. We got to teach you how to do
this and strum at the right rhythm at the same time.’’ Okay, there is quite a lot I have
got to learn, but just let us start.
Let us just make sure your fingers get harder and we get them loose and we get
them up and down the fret and we teach you what scales are… Do-do-do-do-do-do
Do-do-do-do-do-do, du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du-du. Okay, you got it, Pastor John?
Yeah, I have got it. Okay, I will see you next week. Off I go. During the week and
wouldn’t you know it, I have got all these business appointments and I have got all
these prayer meetings and I have got all this stuff that is going on. I get home on the
first night. My intention is to practice and it is now nine o’clock. I still got thing to do
and I haven’t yet practiced and ugh, that can wait until tomorrow. It is just one day,
you know? Then wouldn’t you know it. Tomorrow is the same and it is worse
actually. I could not catch up with the work and it got worse and I have got family and
I will practice tomorrow. And wouldn’t you know it, a week’s gone and I’ve got to go
visit Denholm, ugh, Nic.
I quickly pick up the guitar and do-do-do-do, do five minutes put it gone. I can tell him
I have practiced. Don’t look at me like that. I get to Nic. Nic says to me, “Pastor John
how did it go?” “Oh, alright!” Did you practice every day?” “No, but I did practice.”
“Really?” “Not every day. I will admit that. Not every day.” “How much did you
practice?” “Once.” “When?” “Ten minutes before I came here.” “Huh? Ah, okay. You
had a hard week? You had a tough week?” “Ja, it happens, hey.” “Come we have to
start from the beginning again,” “But I know that, you already taught me that last
week.” “No, you know it here [points to his head], but you don’t know it here [mimic’s
playing guitar]. “So, I got to start again.” Do-do-do-do-do-do. “This is the reason why
you do this Pastor John.” Do-do-do-do-do-do. “Now do it in front of me. Come, let us
do it together.” Do-do-do-do-do-do, but we did this last week.” “But you didn’t
practice, so I have got to remind you to start again.” Do-do-do-do-do-do.
What happens if I have got all the transferred gift? All the transferred ability of Nic
into my life and I don’t go do-do-do-do-do-do every day. It doesn’t matter how good
he is and how good I can be. It is never going to be something that I can do. It’s the
same with Jesus.
When you get born again and Jesus comes and lives in your heart. He gives you all
the ability that you need to live like Jesus on the earth. You are born with it. It is
given to you. You have all of the power, the authority, the desire, the willingness, the
passion. Everything you need to live for Jesus completely, He has given it to you. He
only says there are a few things you got to go and do. You got to go and do-do-do-
do-do-do. What does that look like for a Christian? Well, for starters. He would say,
you should go to church regularly because if you go to church regularly there are a
couple of things that happen. There is an anointing on a message that gets taught to
you. There is an anointing in worship. There is an anointing in connecting with
people that are facing the same kind of training program you are and you can share
things with them because they are all in training. Learning how to become Nic’s.
Do you understand? We are all in training to become living Jesus, and when you
hear there are stories and when they tell you what they learned and sometimes they
didn’t learn it and sometimes that did good and sometimes they didn’t do so good.
Hey, I am in that same boat. It is an inspiration. It is a motivation to keep going. Do
not quit! That is what church is meant to be and if I know that you are really tough, I
can maybe call you during the week and inspire you and motivate and help you with
your burden.
Oh, you find it difficult practicing? Come, let’s practice together in a Christian world
that might be, “Come let us pray together. Let us read a scripture together. Let us
phone each other and read on the phone.” If you are going through a hard time. You
get that at church. A good church will do good for you because then your church
people will know what to do. Other people just go to church for entertainment and
they go to church to have an experience. It doesn’t mean they know what to do.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
I can tell you, that you need to wake up in the day and begin to praise Him. That is
what I say to you: put your hand on your heart and say I am a son of God because it
immediately puts you in a spiritually legal position for your day. I’m a son of God. I
did it this morning, when I woke up. I said, “Morning.” I put my hand on my heart and
said:” I’m a son of God” and immediately I said, “I know, I do this every day, but I say
it anyway. I’m putting myself in remembrance, that I am legally positioned as a Jesus
one, on the earth. He is in me. I am a son of God. Legally you have nothing on me
today. Nobody can catch me out on an accusation. Nobody can condemn me.
Nobody can bring any guilt on me because I am legally positioned in Jesus. I am a
son of God.”
You have a problem with my lifestyle? Talk to Jesus. I am a son of God. I do that
every day. I am a son of God. Sometimes I lay in my bed. When I wake up first thing
in the morning. I put my hand on my chest and say I am a son of God. I am just
stating my legal position. Just in case anything tries to come against me. That tries to
undermine that and I will not have that happen because if it can undermine my legal
position, then all of my shame and my guilt and my condemnation, then I own it, and
then if I own it, then I can never break free of it, it binds me. I’ve got to get rid of that,
and I get rid of it in the morning before it comes and try to get hold of me in the day.
And as it tries to get hold of me in the day through my bad behaviour; “I’m a son of
God.” Legally that can’t stick to me, even my bad behaviour can’t stick to me, “I’m a
son of God.”
The minute you say that you are releasing through your will, a platform for your
worship to bring you power. The power to change. You don’t have to have a will that
creates a platform for you to worship the stuff that you like to worship that brings
more destruction to you, and releases more power of your will, and more power of
the addiction and more power of the oppression and more power into you because
you worship it, because you will created the platform. You don’t have to do that.
If your will creates a platform in the morning when you say, “I am a son of God,” and
then my worship releases the power for me to be a son of God today. This is good
preaching. Huh? Ja ne, is so, is so. And you see, what Jesus wants us to, and so let
me say; Jesus, Jesus doesn’t need your praise. The Father doesn’t need you to
praise Him. He doesn’t need you to praise Him to make Him feel better, or good. He
wants you to praise Him, because when you praise Him and worship Him, it opens
your heart for Him to pour power into.
He’s got all kinds of beings in eternity, all of eternity, flying around the heavens, the
throne room of God, worshiping Him, and praising Him and glorifying Him. All of the
saints that have gone before us, they worship Him and praise Him all the time
because He’s so wonderful, He’s so glorious, He’s so kind, He’s so gentle, He’s so
beautiful, He’s so full of justice. He is what He is and everybody just wants to praise
Him eternally because of how great He is. He doesn’t need our praise to make Him
feel good.
He wants our praise because the praise opens your heart for the power to flow, and
as you worship Him, the power flows through the worship and your will creates the
platform for you to worship. As you worship, the power flows. Do-do-do-do-do-do,
do-do-do-do-do-do. I praise You, Jesus, I’m a son of God, I worship You today.
You might find yourself driving in the car and someone cuts you off, and you give
them a finger and you do this and nah, nah, nah, nah, and all of that stuff sticks to
you like, what kind of a Christian? The devil’s accusing you, lying at you, and nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah. “I am a son of God, and legally that stuff can’t stick to me. I
refuse to let that conscience bother me. I am a son of God, make me clean in Jesus’
name.” Ah, move on, because legally he’s got no case. If you stand behind, I am a
son of God, he’s got no case. Every single time a coconut, he’s got no case. All of
his lawyers fire them. I mean that he’s got to fire all his lawyers, because your
lawyer, you only need one lawyer, His name is Jesus and He stands before the
Father all the time, making intercession for you.
Any accusation that comes with all his hundreds of people that are lawyers, of dirt
and gunk and stuff, that want to accuse you. Your own mind full of that rubbish of all
the things they put into the earth, on the sound waves from all kinds of media, and all
comes into you, all of that stuff, you fire all those lawyers.
“I’m a son of God, you can’t hold me. I’m free in Jesus, I’m done.” “Ah, but you make
mistakes and you keep doing …” “I’m a son of God”, because the power of Jesus in
me is; I’m playing the, do-do-do-do-do-do. Watch out, watch out, because my do-do-
do-do-do-do, is going to turn into music, and when I turn into music, I’m going to start
mixing with other people that are making the same music. We’re going to have an
orchestra before God, as we worship Him with our lives. As we worship Him with our
lives, do-do-do, and our music begins to play, then I’m no longer in that space where
you can attack me just because I just showed a finger at somebody, you know, in the
Now you’ll find when the oukes cut me off, “Have a go, please, enjoy this position. I
bless you with this position.” Well, what happened to showing the finger? I left that
behind because my do-do-do-do-do-do raised power inside of me, through my
praise. And now I don’t want to do that anymore, I didn’t even have to try to stop it, it
just left me. It just left me because I worshipped, and the power came in me because
I worshipped, and so it just left me.
It’s what happened to my son, Brynn. He used to smoke cigarettes, and he used to
suck them and they used to smoke. As he would smoke cigarettes he would say, “I
am free from this dirty, filthy habit”, and he would pray in the Holy Spirit and say, “I
am free, the Lord has made me free.” Because he smoked for many years, you
know. He used to smoke at least a packet a day, “I’m free from this dirty, filthy,
stinking habit. I’m free from it.”
I’m not getting into any religious question about whether smoking is a sin or not, it’s
just bad for you. It’s like, you know, I’m not going to get into a religious argument with
you about whether the Bible says you should drink alcohol or not drink alcohol. It’s
bad for you. You just see what is happening with all of the social problems we have
in our lives that come from alcohol and tell me whether it’s bad or not. The people
say, “But can’t I have a glass of wine?” I’m not going to tell you. You just go, da-da-
da-da-da, I worship You, Jesus, I praise You, Jesus, and then see whether you want
You find that the life of God is so sweet, so amazing, so amazing, “Ergh, I don’t need
that stuff.” Come on, I’m preaching good today. Hallelujah. Jesus does not want you
to focus on; Give up smoking, give up drinking, give up dancing, give up… He does
not want you to focus on that. He says, “Come, let’s go, do-do-do-do-do-do, I’m a
son of God, I’m full of the life of God, He’s living in me, empowering me to do that.”
So as you go, do-do-do-do-do-do chord progressions, here’s a song you can play.
Hey, every time you come, every time you play, you get better and you start playing
songs and the passion of as you become Jesus, the power that’s released…
What happened to all that time I was spending, just fussing about this, and fussing
about that, and worrying about that? It’s just gone. Because I’m playing the music,
I’m playing Jesus in my life. Jesus is coming out, so now, not only is the blessing in
me, the blessing starts to position me to flow with those blessing bombs that keep
coming past me because I’m always in the right place at the right time for the
blessing bomb to overwhelm me. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. That’s good teaching
today. Hallelujah.
Doesn’t it liberate you just to know that Jesus is so powerful that He died for you,
take care of your own weakness inside of you? Because He knew that the devil is
going to come at you, and the voices, there’s so many voices in the world; the
people that accuse. People at work that have got opinions, people that have got
opinions about Christians. People that have got opinions about church. People that
have got opinions about all kinds of issues of that spirituality and that spirituality, and
ancestors’ doctrines. And you know, people have got stuff to say about everything,
and all these voices in the air and a whole lot of it comes to you and then when you
behave in a way in a certain life, “Oh yeah I’m one of those, or oh I did what one of
those did.”
And so all that guilt, all that shame, all that kind of nonsense of, “Oh I can’t get free
of this because I’m…[sighs]” Do-do-do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do-do-do. That’s all
you’ve got to do. Come to church. If you can’t tithe, let someone show you how you
can get faith to tithe. Why is it important? It’s for the same reason when you praise;
God doesn’t need your praise. It opens the valve for Him to pour power into your life.
When you tithe, it opens your finances, because your energy, you can’t give God
10% of your energy every day, but what you do in your energy, is you give Him what
your energy represents, and that’s money.
What you do, is you say, “Lord, I’m counting on the faith to tithe,” and what tithe
does, it opens up the power spout for Him to pour the blessing bomb into your life.
You think God needs your money in heaven? He’s so rich, it makes all of the wealth
that existed ever on the earth look like it’s nothing. It, maybe, can fit in His piggy
bank. That’s how rich God is. I mean, He makes streets that are made of gold. He
makes these walls, the walls of the city of Jerusalem, He makes them out of precious
jewels and all kinds of things. To Him it’s not about riches, that’s about what He
makes. He just makes it. Huh
He doesn’t need our money. Our insignificant ten rand. Even if you had a hundred-
dollar, US dollar bill, He doesn’t need that. He’s saying, “Give Me your tithes.” The
Bible says this in Hebrews, He says; Here on earth men receive tithes, but in heaven
God receives them. The tithes, you can’t actually physically throw your money to
God and He sucks it out of the air and says thanks for your money. Because it
doesn’t mean anything to Him. It has no value in heaven.
What He is saying is; Give the energy source of what your money is to those on the
earth so that they can use it, so that you’ve got opportunities to flow together as a
church and learn to make an orchestra. Then I make them accountable to Me so that
what the money is supposed to do to produce the gospel, is used properly.
I’m more accountable to God than I am to you, although I have men and women that
I am accountable to. We do audits on our books every year, we do our money
properly in this ministry. That’s why I can honestly say that we’ve run the ministry for
twenty years, and in twenty years we’ve never ever had, not one issue with anybody
saying, “You mismanage your money.” Because we do it properly. Because that’s
what God expects. Amen. Hallelujah.
That’s because God holds us accountable to use the money. But what it does for
you, tithing is the blessing factor that opens the valve, if you’d like, opens that thing
so blessing can pour into your life.
That’s why tithing, for us, is a form of worship. I worship You with my time and I
worship You with my tithe. I worship You, Lord. What happens when you give
worship? Your worship creates power. Your will creates a platform. Your will gets
you to work every day, right? You’ve got to get up, your will gets you to get up.
Right? Unless you have someone that kicks you out of bed, and then you’ve still got
to will yourself to get up off the floor. [Pastor John laughs]
At some point your will has got to get involved, you know. But your will creates a
platform for you to go to work. Your worship releases power. That’s why, if I can
leave you with this last thing; if you go to work and work is like, “Neh-neh-neh I am
against my boss, neh-neh I am against the kind of work I do, neh-neh I am against
the economy, neh-neh I am against that kind of thing.” You know what is happening,
you know what you are doing? You’re actually saying; I am here against my will, and
so the platform that my will has created is not able to provide me with worship.
My negative words are worshipping myself. I don’t know if you are getting this? “My
boss is eggh.” If you say, “My boss is like… he just makes the workplace
unpleasant.” What you just said is; my will has created a platform for me to work, but
this work platform that my will has created, does not provide opportunity for me to
worship God here and release His power into my work. When I use my will to
complain, I make it more about my will, not about God making that a transition or a
place of blessing.
You might say, “How can a bad work environment be a place of blessing?” Here is
how it works; I take my will and I have a platform to exercise my will. Now when I am
at work, it does not matter how bad, I don’t like this work, I don’t like this boss, I don’t
like… But Lord, I have a job. I take my energy and I sow it a seed into this job and I
worship You, and I praise You and thank You that I have this job. I thank You, Lord,
that You bless me here regardless of the bad boss, the bad job, the things. If there is
something that You need to change in me so that I need to enjoy this job, my heart is
open for Your power to change my heart, because I worship You here. I thank You,
here. Now you cannot say; my boss is bad, you cannot say; my work is bad,
because if you do that you shut off the power.
You think that never happened to me? I worked for a boss that was really ugly, ugly!
I mean, he would… it was days before CCMA’s, you know. I mean, he literally would
grab guys by the head and shoulders and ruk them around the office. I mean, he
would slam his fists against the tables and swear at them. I mean, he was a bad
dude. And he was there to retrench a lot of the white-collar working company. Bad
What happened was is that mature dignified professional men, they can’t handle stuff
like that. “You hurt my ego, you hurt my pride. I’ll come and find you in the
marketplace one day, and one day I am going to get you back!” Hand in resignation.
Thank you, one more I don’t have to pay.
He went about it. He came in as a change agent, so he is in my face. I said to the
Lord, “I am not leaving here. I am not leaving here until I leave on my terms. He is
not chasing me.” I said, “You brought me this job, and I am going to be blessed in
this job before I leave. And before I leave, I am going to be so blessed, he is going to
not want me to leave.”
You know what I did was; there was a platform that my will was involved in and I said
I am going to worship You here, and I am going to release Your power in my worship
that You brought me this job and he can’t chase me from it.
That is what I did. Then my words changed. “I thank You for this job, let me learn
from him what I can learn from him.” Even if it’s like what a bad boss not to be. You
know, let me learn from him, that I myself can become somebody very different in
such a bad situation. How I can respond to things, and how God can grow me in this
situation. Let me learn from this. My whole attitude changed into learning, into saying
God is going to bless me in this place…
Anyway this guy, you know, he put so many processes. One of the things is he paid
sales people that put expense reports in, which I was one of them, senior sales
executive, and so you put your expense in, now you spend your money, he pays you
a month later. You know it is just not right. You already spent the money for the
company and he pays you a month later. It was his way of getting rid of people.
Anyway, and you would have to go into his office and explain every single expense
that you made. And he would phone you at any given time, I mean, he just did
terrible things.
There was a big deal on the table, and it was my customer. It was looking like we
were going to lose the deal. The one day I was in my home praising and worshipping
God and God gave me a strategy. I went to him and he already took me off the
account and I said to him, “I need two more weeks left on this account and I’ve got a strategy.” I told him what my strategy is, he said, “Okay, you have got two weeks.”

After two weeks it became clear that the strategy that I had was having an impact.
They had to reissue the tenders, reevaluate the tenders, six months later I closed
that deal. It was a massive turnaround point for our company, the company that I
worked for at that time. And for his career as a change agent, that trimmed all the
expenses to bring in a big deal like this, made the company immediately profitable.
Which was his job. Cut the expenses, make it profitable, make it a healthy
worthwhile company. He did his job. I did my job; I brought the deal in, made us
profitable. Now I am his hero. Suddenly when I came with my expense requests, we
always gave them to his PA, three, four hours later I would get a phone call from the
PA, “Please come collect your expense form, he has already signed it.”
Every now and again I had an invitation; the boss wants to see you. “Hey John,
come here, tell me what you think about this sales strategy, this deal, this deal. You
know, I need guys like you to help me on the bigger parts of the marketplace. I want
to move you to a different level of management here, so that you can help me move
the business into a better space.” “Thank you sir. It is time for me to leave.”
Prayerfully. It didn’t happen in that meeting, but when those things started to happen;
deals were closed, commissions were paid, computers were installed, the deal was
done, everything was ready. I said, “Sir, it is time for me to go.” I moved into a
company that promoted me and gave me much more, but I left on terms because my
will created a platform to worship God and release His power in a very difficult
The blessing of God was in me, and it doesn’t matter what kind of destroyers of the
blessing are around you, the blessing bomb follows you. It’s in you and it overtakes
you and as long as you stay grooving with the power bomb, no one can affect your
Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Won’t you all stand with me, please? You know, it takes
time to get your fingers done on the guitar. It takes time to get these chords working.
It takes time. And sometimes Christians think that this Christian thing happens
overnight. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes application to understand what it is
to go into situations and use your faith. It does, it takes time. In the meantime, don’t
get hard on yourself and don’t get down. We are all there to help. Hallelujah!
Did you enjoy this message this morning? Amen. Praise the Lord. Let’s make sure
you have done the first thing right. Put your hand on your heart and say; Jesus,
thank You that You are my Lord and Saviour. Thank You that You have saved me
from myself. You saved me from all my rubbish. From this day onwards I live with
You, and I live for You. And I thank You for the help to live in the blessing every day
of my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Hallelujah!
You see that prayer, if you believe it, that prayer is the beginning of a relationship
that lasts forever. There is no other thing that can happen here. You have DNA in
you that is Jesus, forever. Now you’ve just got to learn how to make it work.
I just want to pray for you that the week ahead will be blessed, you will be protected,
no weapon formed against you will prosper and I thank You, Lord, that Your angels

take charge over Your people, that You bless the work of their hands and I thank
You, Lord, that the peace of God will rule and reign in their lives. And this week, let it
be a week of praise and thanksgiving and great joy in their lives. Thank You for it,
Lord. In Jesus’ name. And everybody said, amen.
Thank you for coming to church. Tot volgende keer.