Excellence in His Power – Lockdown – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Acts 19:11-12 (NKJV); Acts 19:13 (NKJV);

Welcome to Sunday morning service. I believe this is our fourth Sunday morning together, in lockdown or partial lockdown and again, what a unique set of circumstances we find ourselves in as a church, as a people, as a nation, as a global community. If you had said two-three months ago that this would be happening. Certainly, I wouldn’t have thought about it. I was just reflecting on this the other day and it was as recently as in March time frame, that end of February beginning of March, that I was on a cycle tour doing days of cycling in serious heat in the Cape area and it was just life as usual and suddenly you can’t even leave your house to walk the dog. You have to be completely in a situation where you are in lockdown – lockdown for safety, lockdown for the protection of people.

So, I thank God, off the bat I want to say thank God for President Cyril Rhamaphosa and his team around him – that he acted decisively. He acted very properly for the threat and in every sense of the Word, he has really functioned as a really great leader in the Nation. “Thank you President Cyril Rhamaphosa and may you have the wisdom and continue to have the wisdom and understanding and supreme intelligence to continue to make the bright and proper decisions for all of the peoples of South Africa and even for Southern Africa and beyond.”

But, for us to get back to the reason we get together normally on a Sunday church, is because we are obedient to the Word of God that we leave our homes and we come together, to function together as a Body of Christ and we allow the gifts that God places in each of us individually. To be available to the other gifts in the Body of Christ; the other people in the Body of Christ and together as an assembled group of people, we are the Church, we are powerful. There are many Scriptures in the New Testament and stories in the New Testament that speak to times like these – severe threats and various things that go on.

I want to take you back to, just for a moment, to the year that the Marikana event happened, where in the beginning of that year, I believe it was 2012, January of 2012. I had a word from the Lord for South Africa. That there was a major event that was going to happen and it had the potential to destabilize the whole Nation and cause a major problem for South Africa as a community in the international community. Of course, when you prophecy something like that you don’t really know what it’s going to look like or what it’s going to be other than you speak from the Lord from something that He allows you to understand, spiritually. Sometimes you will see exactly what’s going to happen; other times He will give you a prophetic word to speak out so you can be prepared.

In that case, we were prepared because, and that prophecy came through in the Johannesburg church on that Sunday morning and we started to prepare for the event because God revealed it to us so we could pray that it would not harm South Africa. And thank God when that event did happen, it did not have the kind of impact that it could have had. That flashpoint could have become many flashpoints. That one group of a community of people could have boiled over to a mass civil unrest throughout the whole of South Africa. There are many things that could have happened as a result of that, that I believe our prayers prevented from happening.

Again, I want to take you back to January- February timeframe. I believe it was around 2015, where the Lord had a word through me, that the people in Witbank, in particular, needed to get their finances ready, pay up their creditors, save their money, start to prepare themselves financially because tough times were coming.

Well, again, I knew spiritually God had said something and wanted us to prepare for it in prayer and in other ways but financially also. And it happened to be that a month later, without my knowledge of any of that, months later – some five months later I believe – a major, major economic and employer of workers in the city went into business rescue and closed their doors and I believe it was around 5000 people lost their jobs. But it wasn’t just 5000 people that stopped working; it was all of the businesses, all of the associated service providers to that company that began to suffer and as a result of that – certainly the Witbank economy and other economies had a real year or so of difficult times. Thankfully, and I thank God for this, that in every situation God has proved Himself strong to be on our part and strong for us and He’s told us about these things in advance.

Then off course, as you know, in the staff meeting in December 6th, I had a word from the Lord that said there is a global event that is going to happen that’s going to change the way that the world does things. In my conversation with my staff members at that time I said it’s going to be as big an event as Facebook has been to media – sort of like everybody social media or it’s going to be almost like a Google event or a big thing where life won’t be as usual afterward. It’s going to fundamentally change the way we see things and the way we do things. So that was in December 6th of 2019.

Again, I didn’t receive the full details of what God was going to do but God had spoken in a way. And then early in January He began to speak to me and say to me, “You need to go on and have your voice heard on as many platforms and as many times a day, three to four times a day, every day, you need to get your voice out there.” And so, I just thought that this was the year for supernatural increase and new open doors or new doors that God was going to open. So, I had a sense that I have to pursue this because this is where God is going to bring a new door. So I started implementing that.

Thankfully I was in the right mindset; I was in the spiritual preparedness and readiness that when Corona virus happened I was ready to go with different social media platforms and television platform. I was ready to go, as a ministry we were ready to go three, four times a day, getting the voice of faith, getting the voice of hope, getting the voice of peace, getting the voice of the prophetic word that God had given us out into the airwaves.

So, that brings me to the prophetic word. The prophetic word that God gave us through Brother Jerry for 2020 was: God will open a new door and bring supernatural increase as never before. Now that word may seem like so far from coming to pass because of what’s happened to the economies. But notice a few things. The one thing is, and I began to minister on this, and supernatural increase is definitely in the area of finances, but it includes other areas too. It includes momentum and movement and increase, perhaps in the sphere of influence, perhaps in relationships, in the way you are able to increase capacity within your family or within a certain group of people. There are many things that you can experience supernatural increase and new doors can open for you.

Sometime after Brother Jerry brought this word, he brought a word that he had received from Brother Oral Roberts many, many years ago. He openly spoke about it and he talked about the point of contact and he said, “When you sow a seed (and this is what Brother Oral Roberts had taught him), when you sow a seed and mix it with faith, your faith reaches supreme expression.”

When you sow a seed and mix it with faith your faith reaches supreme expression. Now that was in him talking about the point of contact. So I want to just stay with the prophetic word for a moment. I want to say this, there are many people, there are many voices, many preachers and many of them have got large platforms and influential platforms, and they will have lots to say about what their perception, their revelation from God, what their interpretation of the Word of God has to say about this time.

For Pastor Sharon and I, we have refrained as much as possible from giving an interpretation of what is happening about this time, and neither do I want to say because I have obviously received prophetic words that have been spoken that shows, that are proven on record that God has spoken through me prophetically about events that would occur in the times ahead. That for me to say, my prophetic voice is a proven authentic prophetic voice. I could use that as a platform to prophesy and make as part of the prophetic voice, and the anointing, I could make many claims, I could have many people hear what I have to say. I say that because, it’s important for us to stick with the prophetic voices that God has already placed in our lives, that we are already connected with relationally, that we already have a part of the spiritual legacy with.

It’s important for us to be focusing on those prophetic words and not every prophetic voice, and not everybody’s voice that wants to prophesy that has a platform. So I mean this as sincerely as I can, Heritage of Faith people. I mean this as strongly as I can. It’s important for us that it doesn’t matter if there is a big named preacher, preaching in a big church service, or has a large congregation and now is speaking to an open empty auditorium. Or maybe they have resorted as I am doing to communicating mostly through digital media and or maybe television media. It doesn’t matter what level of influence they have or how far their voice can go, how big their voice is, how many people follow what their voice is. It’s important for you to know who your shepherd is and who the people are that you are connected with, because in that conversation, in those moments, you can be sure that God has got us covered.

For me and my household I am connected to the household of faith. I am connected to Doctor Jerry Savelle. I am connected to who he is connected to Brother Kenneth Copeland. I am connected to those people that surround him very closely, but primarily, where I am connected, is I want to hear what Brother Jerry has to say, because that’s the man that God has placed in our lives for us to be connected with. And his words have been that God gave him, that 2020 will be a year where new doors will be opened and we will experience supernatural increase like never before. Stick to that word, hold onto that word, it doesn’t matter what everybody else is saying. Some people are talking about their prophetic revelations of the end times, how this is a sign of the end times, and how this is significant to the church in this way and that way and that way. Well, in the timetable of God it may be so, but Jesus even said He does not know the time and the hour that the Father is going to do certain things. I would urge you and encourage you not to be distracted by all the kinds of voices and the many things that are being spoken.

Firstly, the bad news and the discouraging news about how the virus is spreading and how our economies are going to struggle and how this thing, you know? Those might be facts that are happening. It might be a reality in the world that we are experiencing right now but it is important for us to stay strong in the Word, stay strong in spirit, stay strong in the joy of the Lord, because we, connected to the Word, connected to the body of Christ, that are tithers, that are faithful people in the church, we can expect the protection of God, we can expect the blessing of God and we can expect the divine favour of God to operate for us no matter where and no matter what.

And so when he came and gave that Word, the next thing that he received a word from Brother Roberts was a point of contact. So while we’ve been in lockdown, I took an opportunity to watch a clip by Brother Richard Roberts where he preaches the message on the point of contact and pretty soon after that I watched another clip where a young boy that had been afflicted by polio and his legs were damaged and his walk was damaged and Brother Oral Roberts took him into his arms and held him in his arms. And he began to pray for his legs and right there on that video clip, obviously, it was in black and white in a tent meeting, right there in that video clip, the compassion of God was all over Brother Oral Robert. While he was praying for this boy, I think he must have been around ten years old, and the power of God came into that little boy’s body and right in front of the audience and on the video clip, the power of God touched that little boy to the point where, he got off Brother Oral Robert’s knees, he put him on the ground and he started to walk when he couldn’t walk unassisted before. There were things that he did in front of the audience that he couldn’t do before. God supernaturally touched that boy’s life and healed him when no medical science at that point could help him or heal him. God touched him and healed him.

I say that to you because Brother Oral Roberts was, had a burning quest and desire and call from God to bring faith and healing to the nations of the world and to peoples and what an amazing experience that was.

Right before lockdown happened and before coronavirus really spread around the world, we received this message of the point of contact and so he was talking about sowing a seed towards your future. The point of contact is your, and this is what was said, “The point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God. It also shows God that you truly trust Him. God will honour your point of contact. The point of contact puts the focus on God and sets the time to release your faith. Your point of contact focuses your attention on God.” Hallelujah.

It also gives you something to hold on to when doubt and unbelief tries to overwhelm you. So you need to learn to cling to your faith through the point of contact. So, at that point in time, Brother Jerry laid hands on a hanky and we took that hanky and put that hanky on many cloths that were handed out to people in a set of services that we had and people sowed their seed, their financial seed as a point of contact.

In Acts chapter 19 verse 11, the bible says this. 11 Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19:11-12 NKJV). And so, just if I have read that again to you. I think that is a very powerful scripture.

11 Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19:11-12 NKJV). I was led of the Lord today, to lead you in this conversation, number one, Don’t listen to voices around you, because the next scripture says, 13 Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists took it upon themselves to call on the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits saying, “We exorcise you by the Jesus, whom Paul preaches.” Acts 19:13 (NKJV). Then, of course, some people did that and some demon spirits actually attacked them.

I am saying there are people that will hear what’s going on in the church, they will hear what’s going on in the world, they will hear some preachers preaching they will repeat phrases, they will repeat words. And they might be in different places, from different influencers, from different spaces. It’s important for you to stay connected relationally, divinely connected to the places where God has brought you to this point, and listen to the voices that are coming to you from this point because this is where God has already established divine connections and divine voices. Messengers sent from God to speak to you so that you can walk in deliverance and you can walk free.

It is important that in these times right now, that we shut out the voices of bad news, I don’t say, “Put your head in the sand like an ostrich and hear nothing.” Obviously there are some things we have got to remain connected to, in terms of just our daily operations but at the same time don’t receive bad news into yourself. Don’t receive bad economic news into yourself, receive good news, receive hope, receive peace, receive joy. I felt led of the Holy Spirit to say these things to you today because there are many people that are going to have a lot to say about this.

I have found even in my own self there is a tendency to become introspective perhaps, I’m using this word in its broadest sense, philosophical, but I don’t want to use the word ‘philosophical’ in terms of philosophies but rather meditational, thoughtful and about what are you doing with your life, what are you doing with your time, where is your future productivity going to be, what is your assignment, what is your calling, I haven’t achieved as much as I wanted to or I have put so much work into this part of my life and now suddenly with this change everything has turned upside down, and I don’t know what my future is going to look like.

There is so certainly enough time during this lockdown period for you to begin to listen to your own voice, your own head, your own inward emotions and to begin to put things into motion and to begin to think about things and to say things and plan things and talk about things that are momentarily stimulated only for you to get out of lockdown and somewhere down the line and find out, jho that was a really challenging period and I became way too introspective about it. Number one, don’t even listen to the voice of your soul about your past and about where you’re at, at the moment and whether you got what it takes to get out of this and or to make something significant of your future based on the fact that maybe you put 10 years, 15 years or 20 years in building something in the past that suddenly you had to shut down because of Corona virus and now when you come out of it your 20 years is worth nothing.

You got to, you have to stop your thought process from going that way, when you start thinking that way, you have got to take that thought control that thought, you have to control that thought. Cause if you don’t control that thought your emotion will get involved with that thought then you will speak words, and we know that the power of life and death is in your words. So don’t speak those words, on the one hand there is opportunity to make decisions right now, that say, “You know if we buy this if we go here if we make this holiday investment we can get it at really reduced prices. And so let’s think about doing things that we can get better deals right now.”

In some cases, there might be reasonable options to do that, but I am wanting you to be cautious from the base of where you are making these decisions. Is your base coming from a negative thought pattern. Is your base coming from a scarcity thought pattern. Is your base coming, where is your thought base coming from? Your thought base should be coming from the Word. I read you that scripture, Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul because I want you to see that God has already prophesied over us that in 2020 we are going to see “Supernatural increase like never before”. That sounds like unusual miracles. Brother Jerry also said we should not forget about the previous year where Marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of God is going to be seen by us. This sounds like at the hands of Paul can I say at your hands God is going to do unusual miracles at your hands.

I want to say so that as you put the handkerchief that supernatural increased cloth that we’ve already prayed upon as you lay your hands, take your anointed hands from that piece of cloth lay hands on your business, lay hands on your accounts, lay hands on your family and begin to speak words of life to them, breathe life into them breathe your future increase into them, breathe life into them. The scripture says, 12 Were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19:12 NKJV).

I want to say if you speak words of faith and you need to be listening to Pastor Sharon over the next coming days after you’ve heard this message on this morning, the Sunday morning. In the next coming days I’ve asked Pastor Sharon to speak again about the force of faith because her last Sunday’s message was just so powerful the force of faith, is such a force that is not something you can manufacture. Just if you keep reading this passage of scripture as those Jews they called on the name of Jesus to try and rebuke demons but they were not in faith about Jesus. They thought that there was just power in the name of Jesus that they could utilize but they had no knowledge of Jesus. They were not familiar with Jesus; they were not sons of the most High God as born again servants of God. They did not have the authority to exercise themselves that way.

So, it is that if you listen to other voices that might have the same words they might say the same things they might have, they might actually be operating in the same environment and they have failures and they are unable to do what the Christians in authority are able to do. You might be able to say, “Oh, that did not happen for them, why should it happen for me.” It is important for you to stay connected to where God has called you to be connected. Right now, more than anywhere else and more than any other moment. I want to close our service today by saying, the authority is in your seed.

God has already said to you, “If you are a tither you have the rights of a tither that covenant rights of a tither” where you can agree with God that whatever is holding money from you that it’s rebuked. You can send ministering spirits the angels to go and fetch money for you to meet your needs. You can agree with God from the Word that windows of heaven are open and the blessing keeps pouring, keeps pouring, keeps pouring out upon you that there’s not room enough for you to keep handling the blessing you’ve got to keep expanding.”

I want you to understand that by your hands, by your words, by the authority that you carry that is submitted, that is received it is orchestrated, it’s ordered by the Lord that you are with and in order scripturally and spiritually in a body, in a local church under the proper authority and mantle of the Holy Spirit as God has set out the order in the church above anything else this is the order that you must follow. Anything else might be informational but you should not receive information as fact that becomes truth, you might receive information that becomes fact but it doesn’t have to become truth in your life this is the truth that you need to live in your life by and so God wants to work unusual miracles through your hands and through your words and through how you are submitted.

And in your submission you say, I am submitted to the Most High God therefore I speak. Pastor Sharon also spoke very strongly about faith gives you the opportunity to be bold, in the boldness of your faith. And I come into the presence of God boldly. This is how you do it. You are under the mantle and the banner of a word that has been spoken. Words that God has spoken about this time, about this season. Not just through me but also through Brother Jerry Savelle. And I want to encourage you to stay connected and stay tight and stay, remain focussed on those words and let those words become the words that come out of your mouth. And say this with me today – Father I believe that just as in the Apostle Paul’s life and because of his order that was in order, I pray that You work unusual miracles by my hands, by my hands in my workplace, by my hands in my family, by my hands in my future opportunities, by my hands and by my words, and by the authority of the believer that I am submitted and tither, covenant with God.

I thank You that unusual events happen, unusual things happen. Even to the point that if you need to lay hands on your own body for healing, that I lay hands and I thank You Lord for the miracle of healing that comes into my body. And I believe with you right now that healing power comes into your body, restoration power comes into your body. Where anything has been missing or broken, or diseased or discomforted, right now healing comes into your body, in the Name of Jesus. And you will be restored to a soundness of body and a soundness of mind, and a soundness in your soul, where you are not depressed, you are not defeated, you are not in any space where you are anxious or feeling the pressure of this current circumstance. I believe that in Jesus’ Name. Will you agree with me and say, I believe. I believe in Jesus’ Name that miracles are being done for me and through me right now in the Name of Jesus. And I thank You Lord that any oppressive deemed demonic forces that come on my mind and try and create fear and doubt in me, I resist them in Jesus’ Name, because I am submitted now as Your Word says I am submitted under the mighty hand of God. I am submitted into the church, I am submitted with my finances as a covenant tither. And so because I am submitted, I resist the devil and Your Word says he must flee from me. Now I command him to flee in the Name of Jesus. And the soul, my soul and mind is sound and strong and full of hope and full of joy and full of glory.

Stay strong people, stay strong. Stay in joy. Sometimes you might wake up in the day and say, “I don’t feel like being in joy, this is another day of lockdown, it’s another day of struggle. It’s another day.” Stop that. Do not let that be your thought process. It’s a moment for you to say, “This is the time when we who serve a Most High God, we are the ones that are blessed, favoured and look for the opportunities that God is opening up.”

Now I close with this, finally I close with this. If you have a need, if you have a financial need, if you have a need for prayer, if you have something that you need us to assist you with, some area of your life in this circumstances, please contact us. You can contact us on, on hofmi.net, you will see the, you will see all the things on the screen through the website. There’s a contact telephone number, please contact us. Send us a message. And if you are in this local church you will already know who to contact. Get hold of someone and say, “I’m in need of prayer, I’m in need of some, some finances that can help me get food that can help me at a very basic level to keep going.” We really want to help and if you know someone around you that maybe you can’t help but somebody needs help, please reach out to us and we really want to act in love and be the hands and the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in this season and this moment in time. Once again, I say thank you for joining us in the Sunday service and may the peace of God be upon you and may you be blessed in everything that you think, everything that you say and everything that you do, in these seasons, in this moment and in this season. God bless you and thank you for joining us in church today. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. See you again soon. I’ll be able to hug your neck again soon in Jesus’ Name. Amen.