Scripture reference: Isaiah 30:26 MSG; Jeremiah 30:17 NKJV; Isaiah 53:5 KJV; Mark 5:1-6 AMPC; Mark 9:17-22 AMPC; Luke 13:16 MSG; Luke 4:18-19 AMPC

Glory, glory, glory. Offerings. We bring our tithes and our offerings to the House of the Lord. Our tithes and our offerings. And they are blessed. Glory to God. We thank you, Father, You are the One that never forgets a seed sown, Lord. You’ve seen every seed that’s been sown, that’s being sown here this morning. Some of us have purposed in our hearts during the week what we’re going to bring. Some of us have just purposed in our heart right now. But it’s our offering that we bring to our King because we love You. We bring it to Your House because Your House is our house. Your House is our house, Lord. The zeal for Your House consumes us so that there may be meat in Your House. We bring our tithes and our offerings. In Jesus’ name. And we are blessed, we are blessed. Right. Thank you, thank you.

So, I’m going to just be brief, but the Lord did want me to let you know what He’s going to move here in and how He’s going to move upon certain people – just as He moved during this altar call, if that’s what we want to call it. He’s going to move on hearts. So, can we continue to reverence the Spirit of God, here? Can we continue to receive the impartation of the Holy Spirit, of the supernatural, here? Right. That’s good. We continue to reverence.

The thing that the Lord gave me for this morning, just to bring to you is; part of our crossing over is that old dead things must die. Old dead things. Right? The things of the past. This is a very graphic statement, but Satan is hate and Satan is death. He lives in and from the realm of the dead. He’s dead. He’s hate and he is death. He has no life of God. He has nothing of life. Jesus said a lot about him. He said he’s a liar, there is no truth in him and he is a murderer and he’s a thief. Right.

During the crossing, that weekend that Pastor John brought those readings from that book, the word wounds stood out to me – wounds. And the Lord began to speak to me about tombs and wounds. You don’t have to understand it with your head this morning. Just receive it in your spirit. I’m speaking to your spirit now, Heritage of Faith people.

Isaiah 30 verse 26, don’t turn there. Just listen. Let your spirit listen. Isaiah 30 verse 26, 26 On the day God heals his people of the wounds and bruises, … moonlight will flare into sunlight, and sunlight, like a whole week of sunshine at once, will flood the land. (Isaiah 30:26 MSG) Jeremiah says, 17 For I will restore your health, 30 verse 17, I heal you of your wounds,’ (Jeremiah 30:17 NKJV) Isaiah 53:5 says, 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. (Isaiah 53:5 KJV) Wounds. Right.

A wound is a breach into you and into me caused by the violence of an external force. To wound means to hurt by force. So, God is saying today He is wanting to heal us of our wounds. There’s wounds, there’s things that have come at our lives externally by violence, violent suggestions, violent situations, violent circumstances that arose in our lives that Satan brought about in our lives that wounded us – right – that hurt us because he is violent. And he is the external force.

Then tombs. Then tombs. Mark chapter 5 verses 1 to 9, just listen. This is Jesus, now. Jesus and the disciples 1 came to the other side of the sea to the region of the Gerasenes. 2 And as soon as Jesus got out of the boat, there met Him out of the tombs a man [under the power] of an unclean spirit. 3 This man continually lived among the tombs, and no one could subdue him any more, even with a chain; 4 For he had been bound often with shackles for the feet and handcuffs, but the handcuffs of chains he wrenched apart, and the shackles he rubbed and ground together… and no one had strength enough to restrain or tame him. 5 Night and day among the tombs…

So, there’s two things here. This man lived continually among the tombs because he was under the power of an unclean spirit. He lived continually among the tombs and no one could subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and when from a distance he saw Jesus, he ran and fell on his knees before Him in homage.

5 Night and day among the tombs and on the mountains he was always shrieking and screaming and beating and bruising and cutting himself with stones. 6 And when from a distance he saw Jesus, he ran and fell on his knees before Him in homage. (Mark 5:1-6 AMPC) Now, what God is addressing here, now, is not so much the physical aspect, but the spiritual work of darkness that’s been at work in His people, in people in Heritage of Faith. Right, that’s what He says.

And then in Mark 9:17, listen to this, 17 …Teacher, I brought my son to You, for he has a dumb spirit. See again, it is a demonic spirit. An external force from outside. …he has a dumb spirit. 18 And wherever it lays hold of him… So, what the Lord showed me is there are things in our lives where Satan has laid hold of us. It’s not for you to be thinking that it’s exactly like their circumstance, but it’s the principle of; there are things in your life that have been holding you, where Satan has been able to hold you.

18 And wherever it lays hold of him [so as to make him its own], it dashes him down and convulses him, …he grinds his teeth, and he [falls into a motionless stupor and] is wasting away. And 20 So they brought [the boy] to Him… 21 And [Jesus] asked his father, How long has he had this?

What the Lord has showed me, Pastor Christi, is that there are some of us where the devil has had us bound – how long? How long have there been things that have bound you? Things that Satan has bound you in. “How long?” Jesus asked the father. How long has he had this? And he answered, From the time he was a little boy. 22 And it has often thrown him both into fire and into water, intending to kill him. But if You can do anything, … help us. (Mark 9:17-22 AMPC) So, the Lord said to me the Holy Spirit is going to help this morning. The Holy Spirit, the Helper is here. He is going to help. He is going to help.

So, how are you going to know that He is wanting to help you? Because you may not be able to identify accurately, in your mind, a wound or the tombs that you’re living amongst. Well, He’s going to start knocking on your heart. And when He starts to knock on your heart and in your heart, just like these people who get born again, that come to the front, experience – you’re going to have that same experience. So the Lord told me to tell you that when you start to have that experience, it’s for you to have faith that He’s going to set you free. So that you can know it’s Him. Because I’m not going to lay hands on you. It’s got nothing to do with me this, this morning. This is a spiritual thing that the Holy Spirit is wanting to do for people, for our people. And He said, “I want to set you free. And only I am going to do it.” That’s what the Lord said to me. “Only I am going to do it. I am going to set them free.”

So, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to be sitting here and you’re going to be having the pounding of the Holy Spirit in your heart – even while I’m talking. Right. Even while I’m talking. Did you sense that presence? Hey? Just a more weighty presence of the Holy Spirit. Because He’s come to set us free this morning to a degree because this is the supernatural realm that God has brought to us now like this.

And there’s some things that must die, there’s some setting free that must happen today and only the Holy Spirit can do it. And you can know it from His work in your heart even while you’re sitting right there. When He starts in your heart then all you do is, you say in your heart to Him; I acknowledge You, Holy Spirit, in my heart. I know this is You, Holy Spirit. Just do that. When He starts just say; I know, I know this is You. It can only be You when You knock on the door of my heart like this because You want to set me free from something that I may not even be aware of. Something that I’m kind of vaguely aware of. I know that things have plagued me. Some things have plagued me for a long time, since I was maybe a little boy, you know. Some roots, some things that have grown in me and I don’t even know, Lord, and today You say, now You’re witnessing to my heart that You’re going to set me free. Today. I’m so grateful. That’s all you do, is you just say; yes, Lord. Yes, Lord, right.

I must tell you what the tombs are. The tombs. Okay. Ought not, this is another scripture, Ought not these people in Heritage of Faith whom Satan has bound all these years, ought not they to be loosed from this bond on this Sabbath day? Ought not you be loosed on this Sabbath day? That’s God’s heart. And then, untie, the Message Bible says, 16 I will untie this daughter of Abraham and lead her from the stall where Satan has had her tied these eighteen years (Luke 13:16 MSG)

So, tombs. What the Lord showed me about the tombs. This tombs is a Greek word mnéma which means it’s a monument, a memory, a burial place, a memory. So ‘walking among the tombs’ is not you go to a graveyard. It’s memories. He’s going to wipe memories clean here today, says the Lord!!! He’s going to wipe, wipe by the Blood of Jesus, memories that have been tormenting My people too long! I’m going to wipe it clean! Says the Lord! I will wipe the memories out by the power of My Spirit and My Blood. Hallelujah.

To walk among the tombs in your life means you punish yourself, you remember things, you rehearse things. To walk among the tombs is to walk in life perpetuating the memory of any person or anything, it’s a tomb, it’s a grave, it’s things you call to mind. It literally means a memorial but it is connected with dead things. It’s connected with the dead! And there are things that have to die. The dead things have to die. To walk among the tombs is to walk in the burial ground, a sinister place where the dead wander around. And these are unclean spirits that rule over the dead.

It is Satan’s throw-down tactic to cause one to convulse over and over and time and time again, he takes a walk into your mind and wants to remind an old burial ground causing you to rewind. I’m going to say that again. He takes a walk into your mind, torments you in your mind, because he wants to remind you of an old thing causing you to rewind. That’s it. That’s it. That’s all. That’s all. That’s all. Hmm. Right.

Pastor Garth, I do think we will have some beautiful chords that can be played. Not that the Holy Spirit needs it, but we do. We do. We do. Because God is going to do it this morning. He told me. He told me He’s going to go deep and He’s going to set free. Ah! One more scripture that He wanted me to read, Luke 4:18. Amplified Bible, Luke 4:18. The Spirit of the Lord is here and He is upon us. He’s upon us. 18 The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon Me… He sent Me. Jesus is here to heal the brokenhearted. Brokenhearted He said, too. Brokenhearted. So He will begin in hearts here, now, with the brokenhearted. So it’s tombs, it’s wounds, it’s broken hearts. Brokenhearted. To proclaim liberty to the captives. Oh, I must do the Amplified, that’s how He gave it to me. Alright. 18 He has anointed Me … to announce release, that’s what He sent Me here for, to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send forth as delivered those who are oppressed [who are downtrodden, bruised, crushed, and broken down by calamity]. (Luke 4:18 AMPC) Ha! Those that have been crushed and broken down by calamity. Broken down by calamity.

Sho! The healing Jesus is in the house right now to release captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send forth as delivered. So, when the Holy Spirit is finished with you this morning, you’re going to be sent forth as delivered. The work that the Holy Spirit is already doing in your heart is already evidence that He’s saying to you, “I’m going to set you free this morning. I’m going to do a work in you of setting you free and I’m going to send you forth as delivered. That from this time forth, this time forth you will find yourself free. Free.” 19 To proclaim the … year of the Lord [the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound]. (Luke 4:19 AMPC)

Today. Today this scripture is fulfilled in your ears. Today. Today this scripture is fulfilled in our ears. Today the cleansing, healing, delivering Jesus is here. He’s here. He’s here. He’s going to set you free. He’s going to set you free with His love. He’s going to set you free with His life. Let there be life. Let there be light. He’s going to set you free with His love. Free with His life and His light and His love and His life. Even right now, He’s setting you free. Memories, memories, He’s wiping the slate clean. The broken hearts, those crushed by calamity. That depression, that depression from the enemy, He sets you free. Oh, He’s setting you free right now. Oh, He’s setting you, me and you, free. He’s healing our wounds. Jesus. Hallelujah. He’s setting you free. He’s setting you free. He’s setting us free. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Precious Holy Spirit. Precious, wonderful Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Jesus. Jesus.

Do you think we can all just stand in His presence? Because I have a sense that there are some that want to come to the altar. And we’re not going to spectate. We’re just going to be with God, right? You’re coming to Jesus, to the Father and the Holy Spirit to set you free. And you just want to come to the altar.

[People kneel at the altar]

There’s a song here from the Lord. Let’s just listen.

Diane Caveney:

For about 18 months when I’ve come to church, there are some times when these words are so heavy in me and I’m almost thinking I know I’m going to be called for these words and it hasn’t happened and I’m thinking, well, what is this? But when I was standing there, Pastor Sharon, I know that this is the time for this song to go out. It’s very simple. It’s exactly what you’re saying. It’s holy. It’s holy territory, people.

Holy, holy, holy, holy territory

Step into this place with Me

Where you’ll be free

Holy, holy, holy, holy territory

Step, step into this place with Me

To be free

Come be free with Me

Oh holy, holy territory

Where you are free

Now be free

Holy, holy, holy territory

Holy, holy, holy territory

Means you are free

Free in Me

Pastor Sharon:

This is holy territory, people. We reverence Him. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us. Di, I’ve seen this anointing come on Jeanine as well, if there’s anything in your heart where you want to declare that freedom over anybody else, feel free. Feel free. If you’re done… It was the song? There we go. See, the anointing comes and goes. It was the song about holy territory. Step into this place with Him to be free. Thank you, Di. Beautiful song He brings to us. Hallelujah. Wow. Thank you. He had to sing it through someone, a vessel.

I’m sensing a release, and you, Pastor Christi? He wanted that song to finish it off so that we can have the words of that song resound for the rest of the day. Holy territory. Step into this place with Me for you to be free. All day long. All day long, now. We’re going to be strong now. I just know you’re going to walk out of here and you’re going to say something’s shifted, something’s changed, something’s just been rearranged. I’m not the same. I’m not the same. I’m not the same. Hallelujah.

Yes, free. You are sent forth as free today. And just remember when he comes with a suggestion you say; no, no, no, no. I’ve been set free by the Blood. My memory’s been wiped clean. Don’t try and come and bring that again to me when my memory’s been wiped clean. Don’t try and bring that again to me. The Blood, the Blood, the Blood. Wow. Yes, peace and love and joy. He’s healed some wounds. He’s cauterised some paths so that we don’t walk among the tombs. He’s cauterised them. He’s wiped some things clean. He’s bound up some broken hearts here. And you will go out of here with a song in your heart and a spring in your step. And he will come because he is the enemy of your soul, he is your adversary, but you’ve been made whole today. So, you deal with him. You deal with him. You say; no, no, no, no, no. Because he may be your enemy, but he’s a defeated one. He’s so defeated. He’s defeated. He’s been defeated in your life.

So, Father, I pray for Your precious people now. We’re going to leave this place considerately, considerate of one another. We’re going to leave this place and the Word and the Blood of Jesus protects you. You’re surrounded. You’re surrounded. And you’re blessed going out, blessed going out, so blessed going out. Hallelujah. You go out with joy and be led forth with peace. In Jesus’ name. Go free. And be free. Hallelujah. You are so loved by God. Loved by Him. Can’t close, we can’t close this. You just have to find your way and make your way somehow.